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    #BYE. #I'LL PROVIDE SCREENCAPS ONCE I GET MY BRAIN TOGETHER #grogu#din djarin#kuiil#luke skywalker#the mandalorian
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    Someone wanted to add a Kuiil to their The Mandalorian plushie collection.

    Took a few tries to figure out how to plushify him, but I think he’s quite adorable 😍

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    It has officially became my daily routine to wake up in the morning, think about these two, and start crying like a fucking baby. Thank you

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    Mando was really just running on absolutely no sleep for the first three episodes of The Mandalorian

    #someone let that man NAP #he spent one night awake guarding grogu #then another traveling to the jawas with kuiil #then ANOTHER fixing his ship #that's THREE NIGHTS WITH NO SLEEP #din djarin#the mandalorian
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    Part 5 of The Whispers of Fate (A Rey Djarin fic)

    Summary: Din learns the importance of his new responsibilities, and finds it’s creating an unwanted conflict in him regarding the fate of his new bounty. Meanwhile, Rey’s beginning to feel the concealed aftershocks of the child’s latest display of his abilities and it creates a surprising tension in their relationship.

    Rating: Gen (Platonic)

    Word Count: 4.6k

    Previous Chapter ~ Masterlist ~ Next Chapter

    After his rather unpleasant runin with the mudhorn, Din finds himself at the peak of exhaustion. His armor has been wrecked and he can feel the heat of bruises beginning to swelter along his back and arms. But he’s satisfied and relieved that he survived, and the children made it out relatively unharmed. Physically speaking at least.

    The baby saved him, using some sort of sorcery to lift the 20-ton beast right off its feet. It had drained the child of all his energy and he still lay there dozing quietly in the pram floating alongside them like all life had been sucked from his tiny body. It was proving to be rather worrying, considering the kid still hadn’t shown any signs of waking up after several hours of travelling. Din tells himself the worry he feels is just a matter of earning less pay for not bringing the promised bounty in alive, but he’s never been all that great of a liar. Even when he first encountered the child in that bunker, he’s felt conflicted. He’d never encountered a bounty quite like him and it fed into the culturally ingrained partiality he holds towards children. Children were sacred. And now… after he quite literally owes his life to the small thing, there’s a sense of honor and duty aggravating the conflict.

    So, he refuses to acknowledge it, preferring to condition his feelings as he would for a simple business transaction, because that’s all it was. There was no attachment necessary; child or not. This was a bounty.

    But then he looks down at Rey, sitting beside him on the trunk, and he feels a sharp twist of guilt in his chest which causes him to stir uncomfortably in his seat.

    She’d fallen quiet ever since the incident, silently staring out at the desert landscape through the orange tint of her visor as she again wore the oversized helmet on her head. Her clothes were crusted in dried mud, as was her face beneath the helmet, and some had even dried in her hair, but he knew that wasn’t what was bothering her. She’d been radiating a nervous energy ever since the incident, and she was skittish. Din never thought he would see the day where he witnessed the strong and eager young girl to act so shy and hesitant, continuously toying with the folds of his cloak that she’d gathered in her lap. She refused to speak or meet anyone’s gaze despite Kuiil’s numerous attempts to coax her into a conversation.

    Din has seen this happen before… she was in shock. His near miss with the wooly beast had startled her, and she’d been in hysterics at his side trying to pull him away from its corpse after he’d driven his vibroblade into its meaty neck. And she damn near devolved into a sobbing fit when he told her he had to go back in that cave to retrieve the egg for the Jawas. She refused to stray more than even a foot from his side, practically glued to his hip as they had walked, and even now as they sat on the drag trailer led by Kuiil and his blurg, they sat hip to hip.

    He never should have allowed her to convince him into letting her tag along.

    The heavy silence continued to follow them on their journey and neither child looked to be snapping out of their trances anytime soon. Once the sun began to set and they’d been travelling for a good few hours, it was easy to see Rey was finally beginning to fall prey to her exhaustion. She swayed from side to side, eyes blinking lethargically as she continued to nod herself back awake. Din looked at the other kid then, still sleeping peacefully in his pram, deciding to check on him and let Rey succumb to her sleepiness in her own time.

    “Is it still sleeping?” Kuiil asked.

    The question peaked Rey’s attention and she quickly blinked awake to turn and look over at the baby floating along on Din’s other side.

    “Yes,” Din responds, reaching out to grab for the cradle. He adjusts one of the blankets while he’s at it, then pulls back before he could do any more.

    “Was it injured?”

    Rey turns her head up to look up at him, eyes red and wide with question.

    “I don’t think so. Not physically.”

    “Is he going to be okay?” Rey squeaks, speaking up for the first time since they’d left the Jawas. She drops his cloak and lays her palm on his leg with a question in her eyes. And Din places his gloved hand atop of hers to offer a small pat of reassurance.

    He found that he didn’t like it when she was scared or upset. Particularly when it was his fault.

    “I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Kuill answered for him when Din hesitated to answer her. “Explain it to me again… I still don’t understand what happened.”

    “Neither do I.” He mutters.

    He turns back to Rey, and she’s staring down at her lap now, where his cloak remained draped over her legs like a blanket. Her eyes drooped once more and he could see the tears trailing down her face through her visor, which had cleared a path through the dried dirt on her cheeks.

    “Why don’t you get some rest, kid.” He told her. He thought she would fight him, but she didn’t. She just turns over her palm beneath his and grabs his hand, gripping two of his larger fingers in her fist tightly as she shuffles even closer. He glances down at their hands and his head cocks slightly to the side in confusion. Her helmet hits against the metal of his armor with a sharp click, and she grunts as she tries to situate herself in a position that wasn’t uncomfortable while wearing the helmet. Then he feels the soft weight of her head press against his upper arm as she lies against the dirty fabric of his tunic sleeve just beneath his right pauldron. Din could feel the warmth radiate from her tiny body and he knew this time she wasn’t sitting close just because she was cold…

    So, he curled his other fingers loosely around her smaller ones, thumb gently stroking back and forth over the back of her mud-stained hand.

    She made a soft contented noise, which near startled him, but then she sagged against him with relief and immediately her breathing evened out to small puffs, and just like that she was asleep.

    He waited for a few more moments just to make sure she was asleep before he so much as twitched, body stiff and tense in his uncertainty. And when nothing terrible happened he relaxed, easing the tension in his shoulders. Then he reached over with his left arm to pull her a little closer so she wouldn’t end up slipping off the crate. When he did this, she jostled just a bit and he froze in place while she shifted against him. She ended up pulling her knees up towards her chest and turning further into him, but otherwise she remained asleep. The bend of her knees draping over one of his legs.

    Her neck was bent at an odd angle, so he reaches up slowly to remove the large helmet from her head, setting it aside so she could rest comfortably without it. He pushes back the mess of hair that’s disrupted once he removes it, clearing it out of her face with gentle fingers and he moves his arm to wrap it around her back as her head falls into the crevice of his arm. He tells himself it’s just a matter of making her more comfortable or preventing her from slipping off the swaying sled as she slept, but he knew better. A primal sense of protectiveness flushed through him, and whether it was misdirected worry for the baby in the pram, or just the inevitable development of adoration he felt for his new Foundling, he couldn’t tell. All he knows is now there’s something new here besides the sense of duty to his creed.

    He’s spent his life following that call of his creed. Every decision and whim, every choice he’s had to make and everything he’s ever learned has been in an effort to fulfill his duty to his tribe and the Mandalorian creed. There’s never been anything else, or anything more. He wears his armor, he speaks the language, and he provides for his tribe. He sacrificed the menial appeals of living to lead a life of honor and order. He’s always prepared to die, walking into every battle or conflict knowing that only two outcomes will ever come out of it. He’ll win… or he’ll die. And he’s always been at peace with knowing that one day his life will end by satisfying the wish of every Mandalorian; the honor of a warriors death. He’s come close more times than he could count, and never had It fazed him to dread over what ‘could have been’ if he hadn’t sensed the knife aimed at his back, or the sniper lurking along the dark roofs through the night. He was prepared to die at every moment… yet this time was different … For the first time, he was tempted to run away. He was afraid. His hand had shook as he lifted his blade and, kriff Rey’s screams called out for him to run, to move, to do anything but kneel there and wait for death.

    And Maker he was tempted. He didn’t want to die; not yet. Not now that he has something new to live for, but he never lowered the damn blade.

    Then the kid saved him… And Rey ran to him, collapsing right on top of his body to cling to him as she sobbed, tugging and pulling at his arm and clothes in an attempt to move him away from the downed creature.

    She worried for him. And she trusted him-- depended on him to protect her and take care of her. It was a startling realization he came to while he lifted her the best he could and limped away from the corpse because she refused to let go. He’s been alone for so long; he hadn’t encountered these things so potently since he was a child… before the Mandalorians, and even then he was the one who depended on his parents and, later, the Mandalorians. Sure, the tribe depended on him to bring back currency and other essentials to survive in the covert, and they worried for his safety, but none would bat an eye at another loss to add to the long list of dead warriors written along the hall of memories of Mandalor.

    And now he sees her here, sitting beside him, looking to him for comfort and trusting he will watch over her as she slept. It provoked an instinctive blaze of determination in his belly that had not been there before, and he holds her closer.

    He can sense Kuiil staring back at him, and he looks up to lock his gaze with the Ugnaught.

    “She told me your story.” He says, turning back to face the path. “It is surprising to see such a strong attachment after only a few days.”

    Din nods his head, looking out at the horizon as the sun finally slips past the orange rocks. “My tribe said the same about her.”

    Kuiil pauses. “… I was not speaking about her… she is a child; it is expected. Yet you… a Mandalorian of your nature? Now that is a surprise… and yet you do not tell her you are as her father?”

    Din stiffens slightly in his seat. It’s a notion he hasn’t acknowledged since the kid had been pushed into his care. It was one thing to be a caretaker, another thing entirely to be a father.

    “I’m not… on either counts.”

    “But she is your Foundling?”

    “I am not her father. She has a family that I’ve promised her I’d look for.”

    “Do you intend to?”


    Kuill turns back around to look at him, then nods towards the pram floating alongside him. “And what of that one?”

    “What about it?” Din growls.

    “According to your creed… he is a Foundling as well. Is he not?”

    And that was exactly the line of thinking Din had been refusing to trail down.

    “It is also according to my creed to honor my word and provide for my tribe. This child is a bounty, and will bring honor and resources back to the Mandalorians… I already have one too many Foundlings as is.”

    “Well, honor your word you must,” Kuiil mutters. “I have spoken.”


    Rey proved to be an invaluable asset in rebuilding the Crest.

    Din hadn’t intended to wake her when they came upon the ship. He had laid her down on the trunk and draped his cloak over her as a blanket, but soon the loud clang of metal woke her from her slumber, and she was insistent on helping.

    Her understanding for such a young child was impressive. Of course, there were several holes in her overall knowledge which she would get frustrated by, but Kuiil was there to patiently walk her through whatever it was she struggled with. She sat right beside him on the ground, leaning against the Ugnaught as she watched him explain and rewire the device in his lap. Din watches them as discretely as he could, happy to find that Rey found a friend she trusted and admired.

    That’s when he decides he needs to accept every aspect of this new responsibility. Protecting her from the dangers of the galaxy isn’t his only job… it’s also his job to teach her about the universe, the different languages and cultures, and the history of his own people. She needs training on how to defend herself, and how to survive when he’s no longer around for her to depend on. So many things… but he thinks this particular interest of hers is a good place to start. Kuiil was much more knowledgeable regarding mechanics, but Din knew enough, and he intended to teach Rey whatever it was she wanted to know. And if he couldn’t provide the knowledge… then he’d do his best to find someone that could. The kid was smart and had so much potential. He didn’t want her to be held back because of him.

    Soon they’re all three standing in the threshold of the hull, the closed pram parked snuggly near the ladder rungs, and Rey has Kuiil wrapped up in a tight hug. The Ugnaught gladly hugs her back just as tightly.

    “I wish you would come with us.” She mutters into his cowl after he turned down Din’s offer.

    “Don’t fret child. I’m sure we will see each other again.” He holds her by the shoulders and pulls her back so he can look down at her. “I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for and know you will always have a place to stay if you ever find your way back here.”

    She nods sadly. “I’ll miss you though.”

    “Don’t waste your woes missing me little one. You have a long life of adventure awaiting you, and there is no need to look back. One day you shall return, and we will pick up where we left off, there will be nothing to miss, only something to look forward to.”

    Rey’s nose puckers cutely. “I’ll still miss you though.”

    Kuiil chuckles and Din smirks beneath the helmet. “And I, you.”

    He looks up at Din. “Take good care of her Mandalorian,” then he looks back down to Rey, “and you take care of him. He will need you more than you think.”

    He lets go of Rey, giving her a gentle nudge closer to Din, and he lifts a hand to rest on her shoulder as they watch Kuiil leave. He gives Rey one last wave and walks down the ramp, mounting his blurg.

    “Good luck with the child,” he says with a final wave to Din. “May it survive and bring you and your tribe a handsome reward… I have spoken.”

    Din nods goodbye, and Rey’s left arm rises to wave at him enthusiastically.

    The ramp slowly rises at Din’s command from his vambrace, and he uses the hand on her shoulder to steer her towards the ladder rungs leading up to the cockpit. The pram follows them up, and he situates it in the seat opposite where Rey usually sat.

    The girl was at the control panel, peering out the viewport, down to Kuiil who was waving up at her with a smile on his face.

    “Take a seat,” Din tells her, as he begins powering up the engines.

    She does as he says and scrambles for her seat, eager to help with liftoff, which mostly consisted of pressing a few buttons and flipping a few switches that didn’t do much of anything Din couldn’t do himself up front, but it kept her happy and satisfied her eagerness to help fly the ship.

    From what he’s seen though, she’s good at following instructions which is a very important skill in his opinion, and she knows her fair share of ship mechanics, so he makes a bit of a spontaneous decision that he’ll know he’ll grow to regret.

    Maker knows she’ll never leave him alone about it after this.

    “Would you like to pilot the ship?” He asks her, tilting his head to the side just a bit in acknowledgement.

    She jumps from her seat with a wide grin on her face. And Din was happy to see that her worry and fear seemed to be gone and she was back to her happy, hyper self. “Really?!”

    He nods, a small smirk growing beneath his helmet. He pats his leg in invitation.

    She jumps at the opportunity, rushing up to his side. She just about launches herself into his lap, but then hesitates after she has both hands braced against the metal plate on his thigh. She looks up at him nervously, like she was making sure she had permission.

    “C’mon,” Din coaxed gently. He grabs her arm and lifts, helping her climb onto his knee.

    She knew quite a bit already, but Din still walked her through the process and kept a steadying hand on the yoke and throttle as she lifted the ship off the ground. It was a bit of a shaky start, but Din couldn’t really expect anything more of her when she’s had little to no practice. Once they were in the air, hovering slightly above the muddy ground beneath the ship, she grinned, waving at Kuiil again to show off what she was doing, but Din quickly grabbed her hand and guided it back down.

    “Don’t take your hands off the controls, kid. Don’t need you to crash once we just fixed her.”

    “Oops, sorry.” She apologized, gripping the control in both hands again.

    The ride was still a little bumpy as she guided them out of the atmosphere, even with Din’s help, but otherwise it was pretty damn good for her first try. Of course, he won’t be letting her fly on her own anytime in the near future, but with some practice and some time she’ll make a mighty fine pilot. He’s sure of that.

    He sets the coordinates and soon they’re cruising in the right direction.

    “Why don’t you go down to the hull and get cleaned up?” He suggests to Rey, already beginning to lift her off his lap. “I’ll come down and prepare food, then you should get some sleep. It’s been a long couple days.”

    “I’m not tired anymore though!” She exclaimed. Her feet hit the floor as he places her down and she grunts in irritation.

    Din knows better.

    “You need to sleep.” He argues.

    “But I wanna play with the baby when he wakes up!”

    Din stands. He towers over her in the small space. He doesn’t mean to, but he does.

    “He’s not waking up anytime soon. Now it’s time for bed.”

    “Can’t I at least say goodnight?”

    Din nods and waits for her. Rey approaches the pram, grasping the sides of the round cradle as she tries to rock him awake.

    “Baby,” she whispers softly, “Baby.” She frowns and reaches out to touch him. “Are you sure he’s okay?” She asks Mando with a worried crease between her brows.

    Her palm rests for just a moment over the baby’s forehead and Din hears her gasp sharply in terror. He stumbles forward a couple steps in worry, trying to find the danger that had her so panicked.  

    “What? What is it?!”

    Her hand doesn’t move; she doesn’t move. Her face is partially concealed by the dimness in the cabin, but her eyes are open wide and welling with tears, the stars and tiny lights reflecting almost perfectly in the dark. Din reaches out to touch her, but as soon as he does she snaps her hand away from the pram, cradling it against her chest like it’d been burned. She breathed heavy and stumbled backwards as quickly as she could manage without tearing her fearful eyes from the baby. She collides right into him.

    “What’s wrong?” He still didn’t know what had happened, and now Rey began to cry, full with ugly sobs and strained keens of fear. She turns abruptly and reaches her arms up in the air towards him, eyes squeezed shut as the tears leaked from them.

    Din doesn’t know why he thinks to do it, or why he does, but he lifts her off the ground by the underarms and holds her against his chest. “What is it? What happened?” He asks again. He didn’t like not knowing what was bothering her so severely. Had the baby hurt her with his sorcery? Was it something else in the cradle that she had touched? Was it the baby himself?

    He frowned and looked over at the child in the pram. He didn’t look to have any thorns or quills… but Din had only ever touched him with gloved hands so he couldn’t have known.

    Her arms begin to wrap around his neck, but he grabs the hand that had touched the baby and pulled it around so he could examine it for any wounds or lingering slivers.

    There was nothing.

    Maybe the baby’s skin was poisonous to the touch… he’s seen it before… but hadn’t Rey touched him before now? And, again, there was no rash or inflammation on her hand. Then again, it was dark.

    He was helpless with no clue as to what had Rey so upset.

    He soothed his thumb over the unharmed skin and turned his head to turn his gaze back onto the sobbing girl. He lifted his hand to clear away the loose hair that had matted to her face due to the tears, and when he pulls his hand away her arms loop around his neck and her face drops into his cowl. He braces one hand against her back, completely clueless.

    “Why did he make me see that?” She sobbed into his collar.

    “See what?”

    “I don’t know! T-That!” She emphasizes, “An-and now I feel weird and hurted all at the same time!”

    Din frowns then looks down at the baby. He reaches beneath the rim of his helmet and tugs off his glove with his teeth then reaches out to place a few fingers on the baby’s forehead.


    “Where does it hurt?”

    “Everywhere!” She curls further into him, grunting in discomfort as she shifts to try and get situated against his cuirass. Now, unwrapping her arms from around his neck to clamp her hands over her ears and whine.

    “Ok, well let’s go down and get cleaned up, and I’ll check you out, alright?”

    She nods but doesn’t relinquish her hold where she’d wrapped her legs around his waist tight to compensate for the lack of her arms around his neck. So he carries her down the ladder and bends down to place her on her feet in front of the fresher. It takes some coaxing and a few minutes for her to calm down, but soon she’s apologizing and wiping her tears away quickly before disappearing behind the door.

    She comes out with freshly cleaned hair, looking down at her hands. She sits down on a crate he pulled out for her across from his, and she held out her hand towards him, palm up, to examine.

    He takes it gently and looks closer for any sign of injury or inflammation that he might have missed in the dim lighting earlier.

    “It doesn’t hurt no more. Just tingles a little. An-and I feel weird.”

    He drops her hand and holds out the small plate he prepared for her, consisting of some jerky and freeze-dried greens he’d stocked up on last he was on Nevarro.

    “Weird how?”

    She shrugs and gnaws on the jerky. “I don’t know. It makes me feel all floaty,” she places a hand over her stomach, “but in a nice way, but also bad.”

    And that didn’t make a lick of sense. So, Din just sighs, writing off the incident as a minor accident.

    He notices she’s staring at him.

    “You’re hungry,” she states definitively, tilting her head slightly to the side then holding out her half-eaten piece of jerky.

    As endearing as it was for her to constantly try and care for him by offering portions of her food, he holds up his palm to decline and begins to stand. “I’m fine. You finish eating and go to bed.”

    “Are you going to bed too?”

    “No,” he shakes his head.

    And she stands from her crate with a frustrated guffaw. “But you’re tired and hungry! You gotta sleep.”

    Din mutters in frustration, because, yes, he was well aware that he was tired and hungry, but there was a time and place for everything and now wasn’t the time to rest or eat. Not for him at least. For her, it was most definitely bedtime as soon as she finished her meal.

    “I’m not hungry or tired. I’m perfectly fine.”

    “You are! I can feel it!” She continues to object with a sharp glare.

    Din sighs and gently takes the now empty plate from her hands and guides her towards her blanket nest.

    “Well, you continue feeling whatever it is you want, but for now you need to rest.” She grumbles something nonsensical as she crawls beneath the covers he was holding up for her.

    “You’re stressed. What are we doing tomorrow? Is it dangerous?”

    Din sighs and situates the covers beneath her chin. “You are filled with many assumptions this evening, aren’t you?”

    She stares up at him, waiting for a proper answer and he relents. “I’ll tell you what we’re doing when the time comes. Now… go to sleep.” He places his hand over her entire face in an effort to silence her and make her close her eyes, but she only giggles. He might huff out a small laugh too after he removed his hand to reveal her wide eyes staring up at him in delight and her grinning mouth, but no one needed to know.

    He turned out the lights and headed back up to the cockpit, only to find the baby had awoken. The baby stares at him and watches closely as Din takes his seat.

    “Nice to see you’re still alive, kid.”

    ~ Next Chapter ~

    A/N: Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts :)

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    Im rewatching the Mandalorian a third time and Mando's monkey dad is still one of my favorites

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    The Mandalorian

    Chapter 1: The Mandalorian // Chapter 9: The Marshal
    #swedit#themandalorianedit#star wars#the mandalorian#din djarin#cobb vanth#kuiil #cobb vanth has been in all my four latest gif sets sorry not sorry #mine: gifs #mine: the mandalorian gifs
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    All I want from Season 3 is more Peli Moto. That's all. I dont care what else happens. I just need more of her chaotic aunt energy.

    #please Favreau #i need more of her #you already did kuiil dirty #shes such an underrated character 😭 #i love her so much #the mandalorian#lexi rambles#peil moto #would help if i can spell her name 😭 #stupid dyslexia#peli moto
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    Action Jaxxon--Original 1970s Star Wars mercenary smuggler finally gets his own action figure, plus Bo-Katan, Ahsoka and more

    Action Jaxxon–Original 1970s Star Wars mercenary smuggler finally gets his own action figure, plus Bo-Katan, Ahsoka and more

      The Star Wars vintage Kenner action figures changed toys and franchising forever.  Sales of this line were so successful that it’s no surprise the fan nostalgia for these 3.75-inch figures in new packages is still as great as ever, 44 years after their first appearance in a pre-order campaign for Christmas 1977.  Disney’s line of six-inch “Black Series” has quickly caught up to the original…

    View On WordPress

    #Action Jaxxon #Ahsoka Tano figure #Asajj Ventress figure #Black Series Star Wars figures #Bo-Katan figure#Cara Dune#Din Djarin#Entertainment Earth #Entertainment Earth Star Wars vintage #Greef Karga#IG-11#Jaxxon #Jaxxon action figure #Jaxxon appearances#Jaxxon pre-order#Kenner #Kenner vintage action figures 2019 #Kuiil#Luke Ysalamiri #Mandalorian action figures #Moff Gideon#Retro Fix#Star Wars
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    im fucking losing it. I'm losing it. the troopers keep hitting the child and I'm losing it. why did nobody tell me the mandalorian was so good.

    #the mandalorian #kuiil did not die for this jesus fucking crhistjsbwjfnjs #i didnt even get to stop tearing up and they assault the fucking child LEAVE HIM ALONE
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    The Child

    Part 4 of The Whispers of Fate (A Rey Djarin fic)

    Summary: Rey makes yet another friend. Two, if she counts the new baby. 

    Rating: Gen (Platonic)

    Word Count: 5.4k

    Previous Chapter ~ Masterlist ~ Next Chapter

    They spend the night in Kuiil’s little home on his farm, and Rey was immediately enraptured. There had been a few known moisture farmers on Jakku, but they were really strict when it came to scrappers trespassing on their land, especially her. So, she’d never got a good look at one up close before, and she has to say it was just as fascinating as she had expected it would be. Maybe even more so.

    It was different from knowing scrap; the opposite really. Instead of each little screw and cell worth only a bit of something on its own, the farm and machines functioned together. Each little screw was important, just like on the Razor Crest, and she was eager to learn as much as she could.

    She asked Kuiil several questions after Mando wandered off outside to eat the dinner he was offered. She bounced around the small home, quizzing the amused Ugnaught on everything she’d ever wondered, most of which were not even remotely related to moisture farming. Kuiil happily answered each question though without anything more than an amused chuckle and several praises towards her raving curiosity. He was patient and kind, and he treated every question she asked just like the first, explaining with care and with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that he’d acquired through his many years of living.

    Then Mando had to come in and ruin her fun by announcing it was time for bed.

    Rey grunted in frustration and shot him a rebellious glare then looked towards her new friend in hopes he would argue on her behalf, but he only shrugged his shoulders and turned away to finish tidying up his kitchen. Despite her best effort to explain that she wasn’t at all tired, she was sent off to bed, tucked in on a comfy cot set up in Kuiil’s storage room. It was much nicer than the floor of the Razor Crest, but not quite as nice as being cuddled up underneath all her blankets.

    She fought off sleep as long as she could, trying her very best to hold in her yawns keep awake just to prove to Mando that she wasn’t tired and she didn’t need to go to bed. It was harder than she thought it was going to be, because apparently she was tired after all, and the hushed undertones of Mando and Kuiil talking in the next room served as a quiet hum of reassurance enveloping her in a warm cloak to remind her that she wasn’t alone. It made her smile. Eventually she drifted to sleep to the low whisps of the turbine just outside the hut and the synchronized chirp of the frogs outside. It didn’t take long at all, and she was already lost in a deep slumber by the time Mando came to check on her and adjust her blankets carefully before he went off to rest himself in preparation for the day to come.

    The next morning, while they were waiting for Mando to emerge from his quarters, Kuiil gave her a small tour of the farm, pointing out the machines and parts of the farm he’d explained to her the night before during her incessant quiz of questions.

    After Mando woke and came from his room, they all three sat at the breakfast table together while she ate the bowl of porridge provided to her. She chattered throughout breakfast, excited about the things to be done that day. After breakfast she darted outside ahead of the other two, aiming right for the blurg pen. She’d been waiting for it all morning after Kuiil told her the plan he and Mando had discussed the night before. It was a completely foreign wealth of excitement she had only felt one other time in her life. That being when Mando promised to show her his ship.

    And she was happy to say it was just as exciting as she hoped it would be. She stood on the makeshift rails of the rounded fence as they watched Mando try and fail to stay atop the stubborn blurg. She giggled repeatedly every time he landed on the ground in an ungraceful lump of metal. Once his cape fell over his helmet as he sat in the dirt and even Kuiil chuckled under his breath at the frustrated Mandalorian. She asked if she could try once, but Mando said it was too dangerous and Kuill agreed with him. She, of course, didn’t agree at all considering she’d climbed on top of that same blurg just yesterday in her effort to save Mando, but she didn’t dare argue and test the man’s patience today. She didn’t want him getting upset with her again and perhaps leaving her behind with Kuiil this time… he was nice and all, but it seemed kind of pointless to escape one desert planet to end up stranded on another, and this time without any hope of being reunited with her parents. So, she passively sat by the fence, chin resting atop her hand, and continued to watch.

    Her patience paid off too! When Mando did eventually tame the blurg after much trial and error, he trotted it around in a circle in the small pasture a while. Then he looked up at Rey, and he must have seen the crestfallen look on her face because he lifted a heavy hand to wave her into the pen. She vaulted over the wood she was perched on and ran towards him with an eager smile, and he hoisted her up onto the blurg in front of him. He even let her hold the reins and guide the fish faced monster around the large circle. It was so fun!

    Afterwards, things progressed rather quickly. Kuiil had Rey help him saddle up the newly tamed blurg while Mando went to fetch his rifle he left inside, and then they were off.

    Rey rode with Mando, squished between him and the bar at the front of the saddle. He let her hold onto the reins to offer her the small illusion of control, but he was sure to hold on loosely with one hand as well, keeping his other arm wrapped around her waist so she didn’t end up flying off during the very bouncy ride. She was small, and even with Mando’s arm keeping her in the saddle, she felt like she could very well take a tumble right off the blurg with every downstep of the large, ungraceful creature. She didn’t know how Kuiil was able to stay on like he was.

    It was a long ride, and after the first hour passed, she’d grown tired of the repetitive journey, slumping back against Mando and letting him take the reins from her. She swears she saw that exact same rock formation an hour ago…

    Then they stopped.

    “That is where you’ll find your quarry,” Kuiil announced, pointing at a small outpost beyond the rocks. Rey strains her eyes to get a good look as Mando and Kuiil begin to converse, but she’s a tad too short to see over the rocks.  

    Kuiil mentions the turmoil plagued on his land because of that outpost down there and she turns to avert her interest, looking back and forth between her Mando and Kuiil, paying rapt attention to their discussion.

    “—Then why do you help?” Mando asked him.

    Kuiil looks at her that time before glancing up at Mando. “I have never met a Mandalorian. I’ve only heard the stories.” Rey cranes her head backwards to look at Mando, and then turns back to Kuill with wide eyes as he begins to speak again. “If they are true, you two will make quick work of it. And then there will again be peace.” Kuiil begins to turn away with his blurg, but Mando holds a hand up to stop him quickly.

    “Wait,” he insists, “I have one more favor to ask you.”

    Kuiil turns a questioning gaze onto him.

    “Take her back to your farm until I return for her.” He nods down at Rey, who squawks indignantly by the prospect of being left behind yet again.

    “No,” she replies fervently. “You said you wouldn’t leave me behind. You shook on it!”

    Mando slowly dismounts the blurg and looks at her straight on and she could feel the burn of his gaze even through the black visor of his helmet. “I said I would not leave you behind on the Crest. I will return for you as quick as possible.”

    Rey scrambles, trying to dismount the blurg before he had a chance to stop her, because she was not going to let Mando do this to her again. But he’s too quick for her and he pushes her back onto the creature, placing his hand on her leg to keep her from trying again. “I am not leaving you behind. I am keeping you safe.”

    She turns to Kuiil for help, but he’s only looking on passively as an innocent bystander. “But-but Kuiil says everyone dies who goes in there. You’re going to need help!”

    “Which is exactly why I don’t want you coming. If something happens to me, you’ll be safe with Kuiil.” He turns to Kuiil then, grabbing the reins of the blurg she still sits on and handing them over to the Ugnaught.

    “No!” Rey exclaims again. “I’m going with you.”

    “No,” Mando gripes firmly, “You’re not.”

    She glares at him, desperate to express her anger for the situation, but unsure how to properly execute. What more can she do?

    “You behave,” he points his gloved finger at her, “I’ll be back soon enough. It won’t be long.” He pats her knee gently as reassurance and Rey feels the sting behind her eyes returning yet again. And she doesn’t dare open her mouth in fear it’ll break the supports holding her composure together. So, instead she holds out her hand to him to shake, using her other to wipe away the moisture from her eyes before the tears could fall.

    “Promise?” She squeaks.

    He grabs her hand gently, holding it tight in his larger one as he slowly shakes their joined hands to finalize his promise. “I promise I will do my best.”

    He lets go and steps away, as hers falls limply to the side while she watches him turn his back to her and approach the overhang. Her blurg lurches forward to follow Kuiil’s and she grapples for purchase on the large saddle, keeping her eye on Mando the entire time in hopes he would suddenly turn around and declare a change of heart.

    “Come little one. Your father has much work to do.” Kuiil turns to wave at Mando who had finally turned back around to watch them leave. “Fair well Mandalorian. Your child will be in safe hands. I have spoken.”

    Rey mopes while they rode back to Kuiil’s farm, and the Ugnaught was not ignorant of the fact. She held tightly to the saddle so she didn’t fall off because this time Mando wasn’t there to keep her safe and steady.

    “Your father will be fine little one. There’s no need to worry.”

    “He’s not my father,” Rey sniffles, swiping at her nose. Kuiil gives her an odd look.

    “Then who is he?”

    And Rey herself didn’t quite know the answer to that one and she had to pause, scrunching her nose in thought while she contemplated their odd predicament.

    “I-I don’t know really… I’m his Foundling. That’s all I know.”

    “So, he is as your father,” Kuiil discerns.

    “No,” Rey argues petulantly, “my Mama and Papa left me behind on Jakku when I was little. And I know my Papa wasn’t a Mandalorian.”

    Kuiil makes an amused sound. “That is not what I meant, little one.” She looks at Kuiil and raises a brow in question. “How long have you been with your Mandalorian?”

    Rey shrugs. “Not long. Just a few days.”

    “Hmm,” Kuiil hums, “So I suppose that means you haven’t learned of their creed. Why do you think he took you in?”

    Rey shrugs again, this time with a small grunt. “I don’t know! When I asked him, he just said ‘This is the Way’ and walked away!”

    “From what I’ve witnessed of him, that seems very in character for your Mandalorian,” Kuiil jokes with her, casting her an amused smile which makes her giggle in return. “But by that creed they follow, a Mandalorian could not leave an abandoned child behind.”

    Rey frowns. “But I’m not abandoned! My parents were going to come back for me one day! They promised they would!”

    Something sad crossed Kuiil’s face and he turned away from her. “There are different forms of abandonment, child… and your Mandalorian saw you, wherever it was you came from, and saw that you were in need of a home. Will you deny that?”

    Rey frowns and pulls her arms across her chest, nearly falling off the blurg as it leapt over a crack in the rocks.

    “Now it is up to him to care for you just as a father would. It is the way they follow.”

    Rey looks up to stare at him. “How do you know so much about the Mandalorians?”

    Kuiil doesn’t look at her this time as he speaks. “I was sold as an Imperial slave. Several of my companions had come across captured Mandalorian’s in the time when their homeworld was destroyed by the Empire. I had many years to listen to the varying stories relating back to the Mandalorians and their ways of living. Their people are rare now, and they are known to be some of the fiercest warriors in the galaxy. That is the only way their kind has survived.”

    “What happened to the ones caught by the Empire?” Rey had only heard stories about the Empire. When she heard it had fallen, all she remembers is a loud celebration near Niima. All she knows is the Empire was bad, and they did bad things, and the stories she had heard were bad enough to give her nightmares for days.

    “They died when they refused to betray their brothers and sisters. As did most who were captured by the Empire.”

    Rey frowns and she slumps her shoulders while rocking side to side to the sharp rhythm of the blurgs steps. Another bad thing the Empire did… It was so sad to think about.

    “And after all these years of waiting,” Kuiil begins with a small smile, “I finally met a Mandalorian for myself. And he did not disappoint.”


    Rey struggled to sleep that night, her rest plagued with nightmares from the day her parents left her behind in the hands of Unkar Plutt himself, intermixed with her awoken fears of the Empire. Flashes of blood red light flickering the horizon surrounding the silhouette of her parents as their bodies slowly dispersed into an ashy wind fading into the mountainous landscape. Darkness… black… and then Mando surrounded by the dark aura which she knew he couldn’t see. A danger to him that only she could witness, but her mouth unable to open to warn and plead with him to run away. And soon red plunged from the darkness, pulling him from the ground and lifting him into the sky where he too became nothing more than ash billowing into the dark atmosphere… more darkness, more red, and more ash. She awoke in tears, cradling her knees close to her chest as she sat up in the small cot she slept in the night before.

    It was still dark when she rose, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. It was not dark like in her dream, she couldn’t feel it, and now the stars acted as a source of light in the dark sky, and she loved the stars. So, she wandered outside the house and sat up against the tall tower just outside the door, looking out in the direction they had went the day earlier on blurg, watching for the now familiar glint of beskar to break out across the horizon.

    There was none.

    The sun eventually rises, and she hadn’t moved, eyes now dry like they had been on Jakku. She hears Kuiil exit the hut, and she looks over her shoulder at him.

    “There you are. Come,” he waves his arm for her to follow him inside, “it is time to eat.”

    She follows. She tries eating as much as she could only to prevent the familiar pangs of hunger, but now her stomach was in knots. She could barely choke down the watery milk, all she felt was sick.

    “Are you alright?” Kuiil questions her when she was barely able to finish her porridge.

    She nods slowly, one hand braced on her stomach. She was afraid to open her mouth.

    “When you are finished come outside, I have chores that will keep you busy.” He moves to place his dishes on a countertop beside the cooling chamber. “I have spoken.” And with that he leaves the hut.

    Rey finds her way outside after her stomach calms down and she places her dishes beside the others, and Kuiil is true to his word. He had plenty of work for her to do. She started the day by caring for the blurgs which she had quickly grown an attachment to despite them trying to kill her and Mando upon their arrival. She petted them as they ate, and she refilled their water trough. Kuiil had a garden of edible plants as well, which he instructed her to go through and check for ripened fruits or vegetables. It was fun work, and afterwards he had let her have a taste of whichever ones she wanted to for lunch. Her favorites were deep orange, they were so sweet and juicy it had startled her! She had never tasted anything so sweet in her life; she didn’t even know things could be so full of taste. Kuiil must have enjoyed watching her enjoy the fruit because he offered her as many as her tiny tummy could eat.

    Then she’d saddled up the blurg like Kuiil had taught her, and rode them around the small pasture for exercise. She was so busy, she almost forgot about Mando being gone! But then she unsaddled the last blurg, and wondered if there was anything for her to do next. She looked out at the empty landscape of sand and mountains, and it was like an immediate switch had been flipped…

    She frowned, and sat on the ground, slumping sadly against one of the fence posts.

    It wasn’t until the sun began to set that she began to really worry. Mando should’ve been back by now! It’d already been more than an entire day since she and Kuiil dropped him off. What if he died in there like all the others had?

    Just as she began to contemplate running out into the desert to go and find him herself, Kuiil called out to her. “Little one! I need your assistance.” She followed his voice back to the front of the house, making sure to glance every which way into the desert just in case Mando appeared.

    He stood at the top of the tall vapor spire she had been leaning against that morning.

    “I will talk you through checking the cistern.” Kuill calls down to her. “I must remain up here to adjust the chilling bars.”

    She listens and goes through the motions of checking the cistern and reporting back what she saw on the display to Kuiil. They were at this for a while, the sun almost having fully set. She tells herself that if Mando doesn’t return tonight… then that’s that and she’ll have to accept it. It made her sad to think, but she had to be strong!

    At least this time around she had a friend. And a fun job that didn’t involve scrounging the hilly dunes of a barren desert and fighting off fellow scrappers just to earn half a portion.

    “I believe someone is here for you.” Kuiil muttered from the top of the tower, still fully concentrated on his work. Rey tweaks a brow as she looked up at him, then looks to the side, off into the desert to find who he was speaking of.

    A familiar silhouette breached the horizon, his new shoulder pauldron glinting in the little remaining sunlight, and an odd cylindrical case following at his side. Rey takes off at a sprint, relieved tears springing from her eyes which sting against the dry air as she runs.

    She was so happy he wasn’t dead!

    When she launches herself at him, she wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, pressing her face against the soft padding just beneath his cuirass, and she squeezes him with all the strength she could muster.

    He halts in his step, remaining stiff and awkward as she hugged him, never making move to reciprocate the affection other than the odd pat on her shoulder. All too soon she realizes what it was she was doing, and she jumps away from him in a flurry of panic. “Sorry-sorry-sorry,” she whispered repeatedly, terrified she had hurt him or upset him in some way.

    She sees skin… skin surrounding a recently cauterized wound. The fabric of his sleeve had been ripped and she gasped as she grabbed his arm to tug him down and examine the wound. “You got hurt!”

    “It’s okay, I’m okay,” he affirms her with a tired sigh, quickly curtailing any further inquiries or panic regarding the small injury. He tugs his arm out of her grip and places that hand on her shoulder to turn her around and urge her back towards Kuiil’s camp. She was barely able to catch a glimpse at the closed pram and prepare a question when Kuiil himself spoke up, sounding somber.

    “I thought you were dead.” He turns to look down at them, a frown prominent on his face, and Mando drops his head with a sigh. Turns out there was quite a bit of explaining to do.


    Rey was instantly fascinated by the young creature in the pram. As soon as Mando opened it and placed the tiny thing on the ground to stretch its little legs, Rey was right at its side to examine him. Mando worked on fixing his vambrace, and she follows the child around, watching aptly as it chased after a small frog hopping along the ground. She could sense Mando watching them, but she didn’t bother to look his way.

    There was something odd about the child, a weird but comforting aura she could feel emanating from him and which gave her funny little tingles in her tummy.

    She listens with mild interest as Kuiil and Mando discuss the Jawas and what had happened at the ship when Mando went to fetch it in order to come pick her up, she was much more interested in the baby who had seemed to just now notice her. He coos at her, reaching out a hand as if to wave with a wide baby-ish smile then turns back to chasing after the frog.

    Rey laughs outright when he catches it, barely able to grasp it in his tiny little claws, and stuffs it right into his mouth. She cringes with an amused chant of ‘ew’ as she squeezed one eye shut at the sight of the child trying to eat the poor frog.

    “Hey!” Mando scolds. “Spit that out.”

    The child doesn’t listen and swallows it whole, and Rey giggles excitedly, especially when the baby has the audacity to gurgle innocently up at Mando as if he’d done nothing wrong. Rey has a feeling they’ll end up having a lot of fun together. She assumes this must be another Foundling… he was a child after all. So hopefully Mando would let him stick around.

    “Child,” Kuiil calls for her. “Go saddle a blurg. We shall leave soon.”

    And that they do. They travel through the night to reach the Jawas.

    It rained too! She’d never been in rain before and it soaked right through her clothes almost instantly, but she didn’t care. She sat in the back of the drag sled, arms outstretched and mouth open as she caught the small water droplets in her mouth. It was like taking a cold shower in the fresher!

    The rain eventually dissipated and she was able to sleep a bit despite the bumpy ride. Come morning the child joins her on the back of the trailer where they play with a few rocks together, sliding them back and forth across the metal floor. They laugh and squeal, especially when things start to get a bit rambunctious, and Rey ends up nearly tumbling right out of the sled to get away from the child in the midst of a spontaneous game of tag. Thankfully Mando was there to grab her around the collar and haul her back onto the vessel before she could face plant into the dirt.

    “Calm down,” He snaps from his mount at the front.

    “Sorry,” Rey replies meekly, shoulders pulling up to her ears in a shy manner.

    The baby taps her leg, hitting it repeatedly with an eager giggle, staring up at her with his big eyes and a wide smile. “Maybe we should go back to playing rocks.” She suggests softly, sitting back down on the metal floor, hoping that if she emitted a calm aura the baby would follow her lead and calm as well.

    It seemed to work, and they pass the rest of the ride playing silently in the back. Rey could still feel the slight tingle emanating from the baby ever so often. It tickled and made her teeth itch, but there wasn’t much she could do to fix it. Nor much she wanted to do to fix it, it was like a magnet almost, dare she say an addicting feeling.

    Neither of them really looked up from the little game they were playing until Mando slowly leaned down to grab his rifle without moving his gaze from the towering metal box coming into view. She’d never encountered the Jawa sandcrawler in person! She’d read about it once on a datapad she’d swiped, but wow! It was so much bigger in person.

    Rey scrambles to her feet, standing up behind Mando as she stared up at the large ship, then down at the hooded Jawas. She’d never seen so many all at once before!

    “They really don’t like you for some reason,” Kuiil states in response to the Jawa’s passionate chattering and aimed blasters.

    “Well, I did disintegrate a few of them,” Mando mumbled.

    Rey grabbed at the folds of his cape around his shoulders. “You did?” She whispered in awe. “How’d you do that?”

    Instead of answering her, Mando looked up and she followed his gaze to see even more Jawas beginning to peak out from the ship. Rey huddled back a bit, hiding behind Mando’s larger frame.

    “You need to drop your rifle.”

    “I’m a Mandalorian,” Mando grunted, “weapons are a part of my reliegion.”

    The blurg came to a stop beside the large sandcrawler, and Din sighed as he moved to set the blaster down. That’s when Rey saw it… lying there on one of the large tarps spread out on the ground.

    It was her helmet! The one she had left back on Mando’s ship!

    “Hey!” She shouted, face heating with anger as she jumped down form the drag sled with her staff in hand. Mando grabs the back of her clothes, halting her angry approach with so much ease it only angered her more.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” He scolded.

    She fought against his grip, tossing her arms and twisting every way to try and break from his hold, but she only ends up caught in the fabric of her own tunic. He yanks her back, even further from her most prized possession, then steps in front of her which effectively blocks her view of it completely. She’s too worked up to see the blasters several Jawas had pointed at her head, and Kuiil trying to calm them down with placating gestures.

    “Let go of me,” Rey shouts at him, now kicking her legs when Mando lifts her up to place her back on the trailer. The angry tears run rampant down her cheeks. That helmet was one of her most prized possessions… the only thing she had to remind her of her parents, and the Jawas stole it from her.

    “What is it?” Mando reiterates with an irritated snap in his tone.

    He finally releases her when she gives up the fight and falls back on her rump beside the child with a defeated frown. Then she points out towards the far tarp behind the huddle of Jawas. Mando looks to where she’s pointing. It gives him a few moments, but he pieces it together and gives her knee a firm pat. “Give me one moment.”

    Rey wipes her eyes along the sleeve of her shirt as Mando pulls away and begins his approach.

    The Jawas begin pitching yet another fit and Kuiil stops Mando again, gesturing to his side. “Your blaster.” And Rey can see Mando pause in frustration before pulling out the blaster from its holster and dropping it onto the floor of the sled with a careless thump.

    He turns and points his finger at Rey sternly then nods at the blaster. “Don’t touch.”

    Then he approaches. He looked much more stiff than before, and most definitely angry.

    He and Kuiil eventually sit down across from the Jawas, but they were too far away for Rey to hear any of the negotiations. She sat on her knees, hands braced against the sides of the tow so she can lean forward and strain to hear the conversation.

    She takes it wasn’t going well when Mando tries lighting them on fire. Which… awesome… by the way.

    And when a few Jawas creeped up on her and the baby, she frowned, nostrils flaring in anger at their audacity to approach when they’d stolen from her. She reached behind her for her staff just in case they tried to hurt the baby or anything else she might find distasteful. They spoke a few words she couldn’t understand, and she lifted her staff threateningly just in time to hear Mando’s angry roar at them to get away.

    They quickly scuttled away from the sled, but Rey pulled the baby onto her lap and held the staff tightly in her hands just in case. The baby only cooed at her and played with the fabric of her vest.

    It didn’t take long before the Jawas seemed happy with some sort of decision and began their loud chanting.

    Soon they all quiet and start packing up their things to bring back into their ship. Rey’s heart leaps into her throat as one of them reaches for the helmet. But Mando stands and calls out to them, pointing at her helmet in the tiny Jawa’s hands.

    It was a quick fold. She doesn’t know what he said, but they eagerly ran up to hand the helmet over to him. Kuiil stares at the helmet with an odd look, but Mando doesn’t speak to rectify his confusion as he turns to approach her and the child still waiting at the sled.

    Rey grins up at him in relief. And when he’s close enough he places the oversized helmet onto her head and gives it a small pat. She places each hand on either side to secure it in place for a moment then throws her arms around the Mandalorian in thanks. She wasn’t so scared to upset him this time, especially when he was much quicker to return her affection with that awkward, yet familiar, pat on the back.

    Then he lifts her off the sled and onto the ground, then turns to the child to transfer him to the pram. “We’re going with the Jawas. Stick close to me.”

    She obeyed, grabbing the fringe of his cape and following him towards the large box on wheels.

    ~ Next Chapter ~

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