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    WayV as Kinds of Pining

    -> Kun. The mature kind. Tries to casually get more involved in your daily life. Asking you how your day was. Picking you up from work randomly and treat you to simple and cheap dinners in cozy little places. Holds his jacket over your heads to shield you two from rain. Insists on walking you home even if it’s not far. Texts “Did you eat?” Every other day but not everyday because he knows you’re busy.

    -> Winwin. The kind were he forgets how to function. You ask him about his birthday and he simply forgets. Starts telling a bad joke and notices in the middle of it how bad it is and kind of just mumbles the rest. “Never mind...” and laughs embarrassedly. Really wants to text you in the evenings but doesn’t know what to say so he sends you pictures about the pets a lot. Will eventually ask you if you want to take Bella for a walk together.

    -> Lucas. The obvious kind. Tries to make sure you notice because he doesn’t hide it. Asks you a lot if you come pick him up from practice or just want to hang out at the practice room. Calls your name to get your attention and when you look up he just smiles at you. Corners you in the crowded subway to shield you from other people. Takes your bag with force from you if necessary to carry it for you. Walks you to your classes a lot.

    -> Ten. The shameless kind. Won’t exactly tell you what’s going on but you will figure it out. Lots of compliments about your style. Will ask if you could wear a certain dress he likes on you. Teases you by making you reach for things he hands to you until you tiptoe and almost fall. But he got you. Laughs with you a lot. Talks about other couples with you as if you two would already be a thing.

    -> Hendery. The friends-to-lovers kind. Will take advantage of how well he knows you. Will ask you out a couple of times sneakily to find out if yo feel the same way. He will reach for your hand when leaving the crowded subway so you don’t get disconnected. His hand on your back when it’s windy outside. Cheekily replying with a smiley “I know.” when the barista says you two make a beautiful couple.

    -> Xiaojun. The denying kind. The kind were he wouldn’t admit it. Suddenly turning away when you take off your hoodie and the shirt beneath gets pulled up along with it. Not making fun of you anymore for trying a new hairstyle but it’s not working for you as well as you thought. He brings extra buns for you when he goes to the store and let you have the last potato chips at movie night without making you fight for it.

    -> Yangyang. A shy mess pretending to be fine. You see right through him. Nervous laughter and awkward pauses in your usually so smooth talks. Constant fiddling with the hem of his shirts. Carefully asking you to go to the movies being afraid you could refuse.


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    kun bf material lockscreens!! please like or reblog if you save it! 🌿

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    𝙎𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙮 𝙆𝙞𝙙𝙨 & 𝙉𝘾𝙏 [EN PAUSE]

    Auteur: KimiNager

    Catégorie: K-Pop

    Style: Réactions (et autres)

    Pairing: X

    Résumé: ᶻᵒᵈⁱᵃᶜ/ʳéᵃᶜᵗⁱᵒⁿ/ᵍᵃᵐᵉ… // ʲᵉ ᶠᵃⁱˢ ᵗᵒᵘᵗ ᵈᵉᵈᵃⁿˢ ᵖᵃʳ ᶜᵒⁿᵗʳᵉ ʲᵉ ᶠᵃⁱˢ ᵖᵃˢ ˡᵉˢ ⁿᵒᵘᵛᵉᵃᵘˣ ᵐᵉᵐᵇʳᵉ ᵈᵉ ⁿᶜᵗ ʲᵉ ⁿᵉ ˡᵉˢ ᶜᵒⁿⁿᵃⁱˢ ᵖᵃˢ ᵉⁿᶜᵒʳᵉ ᵗʳèˢ ᵇⁱᵉⁿ

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    old sketches

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    Treacherous 01.

    Treacherous (adj.)  guilty of or involving betrayal or deception.
    Warnings: vulgar foreign language/ foul language, sexual and suggestive themes, betrayal/ betrayal between Johnjae, Illegal drug dealing, mention of blood and wounds, use of gun, smoking, mention of death/ murder, minor character death. This is my first time writing a kind of detailed smut and it`s badly written I`m sorry. I don`t know much about law but I tried since this is kind of Vincenzo au a little far from it but kind of like that and I`m amateur when it come`s to writing again I`m sorry. All Italian/foreign words came from google translate.
    Word Count: 10.1k 
    Disclaimer: All characters and events in this story even those based on real people are entirely fictional.

    "Envious causes jealousy and jealousy causes hatred, hatred turns Treacherous causing sins to one another,"  you said letting out a sarcastic chortle.

     "Revenge, you said you want your revenge and I`m more than happy and dreadful to help you" his eyes are flaming and burning fire the beast inside him threatening to come out as anger forms and creeps inside him.

    "I`m still not satisfied" you retorted emphasizing each word that is coming out of your lips. 

    Takara Nakajima is one of the most corrupted Lawyers under Gongpyeong law firm has the dirtiest secret and dirt under their family`s name, the enemy of Ferrante`s. One of the cases you need to solve without any of your relatives knowing except for your one adopted cousin Johnny Jun Suh also distinguished as John Ivano Ferrante American/Korean, an Italian citizen.

    "Where are you at 10:00 PM when the victim is rape?" His lawyer asked pacing back in forth waiting for the employer to answer.

    "Again I will ask you where are you at exactly 10:00 PM when the victim is rape?" the lawyer questioned the employer again you can see that the employer is fidgeting his fingers and his eyes wandering the room one of the signs that he can be guilty.

    "I-I`m home that night I didn`t do anything I didn`t put drugs in her drinks," the employer asserted.

    "Objection your honor, Under sexual violence prevention and victims protection act, article 36 any person who dismisses a victim from employment or takes any other measure unfavorable to a victim, in violation of Article 8, shall be punished by imprisonment with labor. In the sexual violence prevention and victims protection act, article 8 No employer shall dismiss any victim or take any other unfavorable measure against him or her on the ground that he or she is the victim of sexual violence and this is what exactly what the employer doing now" you glance at the employer who is accused of doing sexual assault and attempted rape still contradicting what he has done.

    "And let me ask one question please allow me your honor" you face the judge waiting for his approval.

    "Let`s hear it" the judge simply said and you bow at him.

    "No one, not even the police or anyone talks about you putting drugs on her drink, or perhaps you really did?" you ask the employer with anticipation waiting for him to reveal the truth and justice will be served.

    "I didn`t, I said I didn`t! byeongsin saekki" the employer said and you glare at him for swearing.

    "Your honor this footage from the witness will prove that he's guilty of the accusation that he`s getting" you fight back and you give the flash drive to them and insert it.

    "Your honor we decline to accept this evidence!" the lawyer of the defendant said.

    "It`s still evidence from the witness you have no choice," you said crossing your arms.

    "Quiet! let`s watch the evidence" the judge proclaims making you all stop.

    They watch the video of the girl being hauled in a dark place and how the employer does something very unpleasant and the video finishes again and now you still have the victory.

    "Employer 5890 will be punished with imprisonment with labor for not more than three years" the judge announces and finalize it with the victim's family crying for winning the case. You walk out of the court with the cold aura you have going back to your office again.

    "Congratulations Y/n or should I say, Chiara Allesandra Ferrante," the person said sarcastically you look at your mortal enemy worst of the worst Takara Nakajima daughter of Nakajima Hiroto owner of Nakajima Enterprises.

    "Shut it Nakajima Takara" you rolled your eyes at her purposely bumping your shoulder to hers making her huff.

    "Just accept it that you can`t win a single case without bribing the judge how pathetic of you Na.Ka.Ji.Ma" you emphasize her surname with a mocking tone making sure she heard it even though you`re not facing her.

    "What did you just say? Apologize now!" Takara is a partner in the Gongpyeong law firm and one of the bossiest ones.

    "Mi dispiace, patetico moccioso" you purposely said it since she`s Japanese and she won`t be able to understand that you say "I`m sorry you pathetic brat." you leave her with a teasing grin tainted in your lips.

    "What did you just say!?" Takara said stomping her feet to the ground.

    "Goodbye," you sing while walking away from her.

    You open the door of your office startled by Johnny who is admiring your office, you promptly ran in his direction and hug him as tight as you could. Johnny Suh or John Ivano is not just someone who is adopted for you, you see him as an older brother and a best friend. He is one of the best lawyers in the country and also known worldwide, renowned, and acknowledge as John Ivano Ferrante. Raised by two Italian couples at the age of 3, his parents died in a car accident the cause is still not solved after years of striving for justice to be served. But there is one saying in the Ferrante clan; Never trust anybody because you can find faults and sin even in the most righteous person.

    "Ivano!" you jumped to him making him carry you in his arms while you`re clinging to him like a koala.

    "Johnny, just call me Johnny" he let out a breathy chortle removing you from his tight grasp shuffling your hair the height difference didn`t help at all.

    "Don`t mess up my hair my hairstylist is not available right now, you know Ivano" you emphasize his name teasingly because he doesn`t like to be called Ivano in private unless you called him John.

    "Then stop calling me Ivano I`m Johnny okay? want me to spell it out for you?" Johnny raised his eyebrows at you while crossing his arms.

    "Fine, fine sorry" you grin at him and shove him off of your chair to sit in it comfortably.

    "So? when did you come back? you should have told me you know" you rant at him opening your laptop to explicate to him the new plan that you two have been plotting for approximately 5 years.

    "I just got here yesterday night, what`s with the change of plan?" Johnny asked, making his self comfortable on the couch in front of you.

    " We can`t stick to the old plan it might affect the others if we continue it so I change it, here look" Johnny stood up from his seat to move to your table and check the new plan.

    "Illegal drugs transaction to sexual attraction?" Johnny read it with a furrowed eyebrows analyzing all of the pictures.

    "Yes, Nakajima has been selling and importing drugs tricking their clients to buy it by using sexual attraction it`s been going on since the 2000s there are 5 lawyers who fight for this case but Nakajima is always playing the game dirty" you explain to him solemnly, showing him different files and pictures.

    "I did some research about them last week the drug dealing is still going on around, we`re still finding Tajimamori Yamamoto one of their oldest lawyer and the most trusted. In the year 1998 Tajimamori fight for the Nakajima case until in the year 2000, Tajimamori just suddenly disappear out of nowhere without any traces. He`s the ace card that we need to find" Johnny explains tapping his fingers on the table, eyebrows furrowed.

    "We don`t have much time left, we need to finish this within 6 months we can`t afford to lose this time" you lean back to your chair pinching your nose bridge.

    Once this case opens up and once you win the case the Nakajima will fall, Takara Nakajima, you better get ready.

    "Revenge is a dish best served cold," you said while clasping your hands together.

    "Va servito freddo, that`s the spirit Y/n" Johnny smirk and so did you, without Johnny, this thing will be absurdity and nothing.

    "Since you win a new case today lunch is on me c`mon let`s go," Johnny said and you take your purse and clung your arms to his, flashing him a bright smile.

    Johnny drives into a nearby restaurant pulling up his car to the parking area when your phone opens by itself with a vibrate. Sign that someone is calling you, you look at Johnny and he nods at you as a gesture to answer the phone. He still didn`t turn off the ignition so you stay in the car and answer the phone.

    "Hello? who is this?" you stated through the phone pretending that you don`t know the person calling you.

    "Hi, I`m the Information hacker that you`ve called last week I just landed in Korea, can you tell me where I can meet you? I`m in your office right now." the person answered you playing along with your silly joke.

    "Oh yeah, I`m in a nearby restaurant I`ll send you the address please feel free to join us for lunch," you said politely to the phone and ended it, you send the address and you go in with Johnny.

    "Is that the Information hacker?" Johnny asked with a little off tone in his voice.

    "Yeah, I invited him for lunch" you answered him and he only nodded.

    "Ms. Ferrante?" you and Johnny heard someone called your name and you stood up from your sit to greet the person.

    "It was nice to meet you" you greet him and he gives you a smile showing his whites pearly.

    "The pleasure is mine," the guy said back and you smile at him.

    "My name is..." the guy was about to Introduced himself when Johnny hastily cut him off.

    "Ten Adriano Rossi" Johnny said while wiping his lips with a napkin.

    "How did you know him?" you look at Johnny curiously, gesturing Ten to seat with a jaunty grin.

    "Don`t you recognize him? he`s ten!" Johnny said calmly.

    "Ten lee!?" you exclaimed acting like you don`t know him and he smiled at you opening his arms for you to hug him.

    "I`m still here you know?" Johnny cleared his throat and rolled his eyes at you and Ten.

    "Okay, okay no more funny business and let`s proceed to the plan," Ten said.

    Johnny explained all of the new plans to Ten including the outline of the goals, objectives, measurements, action steps, and responsibilities for each step and negotiation.

    "Here`s the information that you need about Tajimamori Yamamoto, he`s seen last week at Osaka and Tokyo and he soon flies to Toronto, Canada." Ten spoke and he settled the brown envelope on the table making sure no one is listening or looking at your conversation.

    "Also, yesterday I was hacking the system of Nakajima enterprises but when this confidential file suddenly showed up, I think it`s the record of the money they have been Illegally pocketing," Ten said, sipping the coffee from the cup. The serious look never fading from his face.

    "We should keep all of this evidence in a private place where we can easily find it but no one can, once we puzzled this informations and evidence we can open up the case against them with solid evidence that can make them fall," Johnny responded.

    Get ready Nakajima the person who will destroy you is already plotting your worst nightmare, Il karma è un boomerang, il mio amato nemico; "karma is a boomerang, my beloved enemy."

    Johnny and Ten excuses themselves for a minute to talk about something more private leaving you alone to clear your mind, when renjun`s number pops up on your phone screen. You didn`t answer it at first maybe he was just gonna ask you to buy something on your way home, it`s the 5th time he`s been calling you and it`s like he doesn`t want to stop until you answer. So, you finally answer the phone.

    "Y/n!? what the fuck!? I`ve been calling you!" Renjun said through the phone the stress and nervousness in his voice are obvious.

    "Watch your language Renjun, what is this time?" you asked him with a stern voice.

    "Y/n, you need to get home we have a problem it`s hard to explain just go home right now okay?" Renjun said and he quickly cut the call.

    You texted Johnny that you will go home first and he replied "Drive safe" that`s enough for you, you quickly drive to your home it`s a minute drive from the restaurant to home but you could care less how fast you`re driving right now. You know Renjun more than anyone, by just the tone of his voice you already know that something is off. Getting out of the car, you open the door of your house with Renjun behind Doyoung while pacing back and forth biting the tip of his finger.

    "What`s going on!?" you asked them, sitting on the couch with heavy breathing.

    "Doyoung, Hyung accidentally hack our own system, and the tax evasion record of Tremblay corp is locked and can`t be open" Renjun explained while Doyoung is fully focusing on the computer his finger tapping it so fast.

    "What!? Kim Doyoung!" you said his name a little louder making him face you.

    "Eojjeorago!? If Haechan is not being an ass and if he didn`t annoy me earlier I wouldn't have accidentally hacked our system!" Doyoung said, asking you what do you want him to do about it a little louder than yours.

    "Geuraeso mwo!? I was telling you about the codes but you keep shoving me off!" Haechan fight back and Renjun and you sit there pinching your nose bridge in unison.

    "Yah! you two come here now!" you exclaimed a little higher and louder than usual, the two of them stand in front of you and you stood up from your sit grabbing your handbag. At first, you calmly smile at them before hitting them lightly with your bag making them ran away and you chase them.

    "Kim Doyoung! Lee Haechan! get your ass in here!" you yelled at them and their playful laugh is only what you heard.

    "Y/n, calm down!" Renjun yelled while the three of you, Doyoung, and Haechan is running around the living room.

    "Wait, let me explain okay!? Mianhe" Doyoung stops running holding his hands to his chest breathing heavily with Haechan. While Renjun is just standing there his hands resting on his hips stifling his laughter.

    "Fine! and you two Johnny and Ten!" you glare at them, Johnny gulps and so did Ten awkwardly scratching their neck.

    "You said that you`re just gonna talk in private but why are you two here!?  you two went here first leaving me there!" you grab the pillow and throw it at them luckily they dodge it.

    "Now explain" you sat back on the couch a sigh escaping your lips while rubbing your temple softly.

    Doyoung explained everything about the system and how he can claim it back in just a few minutes and that`s enough to ease your worries. Of course, you trust Doyoung so much he`s like your sibling but losing all of the confidential files is different.

    "Yun-o, this is the information we gathered about Chiara Allesandra Ferrante she`s also known as Y/n," Yuta said and he leaves the office when another person enters the door.

    "Stop investigating her, you will get nothing" Johnny glares at Yun-o who is peacefully sipping the wine.

    "Why? is it because she`s your cousin or maybe something else?" Yun-o dropped the envelope on the table chuckling at his response at Johnny.

    "Stop putting any malice about me being protective to her will you? Jaehyun il ragazzo innamorato" Johnny tease him by calling him il ragazzo innamorato;"The lover boy"

    "Well, stai zitto Ivano" Jaehyun tease back making Johnny glared at him again. stai zitto Ivano; "Shut up Ivano"

    Jaehyun or Yun-o owner of Neo tech enterprises, one of the most successful men in South Korea, a pile of girls ready to get in his pants and ready to risk everything just for him. Jaehyun has a visual like Goddess if you`re gonna describe perfection many will use him as an example. Looks, style, professionalism, maturity you can see it all in him.

    "I`m warning you Jaehyun," Johnny said seriously taking another sip of wine from his glass.

    "I won`t do anything I swear" Jaehyun patted his best friend's shoulder going back to his seat.

    "How`s the branch in New york going?" Jaehyun brought up the conversation about their joint company.

    "It`s doing good, nothing bad so far but we might get ready we don`t know what will happen. I guess you know what I`m talking about since you`re investigating Y/n" Johnny responded, leaning to his seat with eyes shut. A lot is going on in his mind these days, and half of it is you.

    "Well, we are well prepared for that. Just tell me whenever you need my help and by the way, I met Mr. Tremblay last week he seems like he`s in a hurry so we don`t have much time to talk" Jaehyun said staring into a space in his room going deep in his thoughts.

    "Yeah, and I heard that his son is hitting on Y/n, his son is an amateur piece of shit," Johnny said letting out a "tsk" gulping down the wine he's drinking making Jaehyun sneer at Johnny.

    "Jealousy, dude" Jaehyun tantalized.

    "Shut up!" Johnny groaned.

    "Ms. Ferrante you need to go with us!" The door of your office suddenly opens with a loud bang making you jolt in your sit and so did Kun.

    "What!? this is absurd" Kun defended you holding your wrist preventing the officer from dragging you away.

    "No, Kun it`s okay just call Johnny it`ll be fine," you said calmly before grabbing your bag, the police officer assisting you to follow them.

    "I`ll come with you," Kun said keeping up with your pace of the walk.

    Everyone outside the building is looking at you, sparing you one glance whispering to their partner's ears. Is gossiping a new trend now? it`s funny how people will talk about you and judge you easily when you just show them the part of you that you want them to see and they will act like they know the whole story of your life.

    Arriving at the station the officer asked you to sit down so the interview will start.

    "We`ll go straight to the point Ms. Ferrante, someone pointed out that you have been selling drugs and there`s one found in your car yesterday. We can finish this up if you cooperated with us" the police interrogated you, showing the evidence.

    "I don`t sell drugs, I don`t do drugs, I never keep one," you said rolling your eyes.

    "Then what is this then? a laundry powder?" the police ask sarcastically.

    "Guarda, I`m not here so just you can tell and ask your not so lame jokes I said what I said, and can I possibly know who reported this bullshit?" you ask squinting your eyes at the officer, you`re not really like this but since you`re stress and for a woman who has a lot of works to do. This interview is a burden.

    "Pick up, pick up, fucking pick up!" Kun grew impatient when Johnny is not answering his calls and messages after trying and trying Johnny finally answered the phone.

    "Kun take it easy I`m with Jaehyun right now" and Johnny can feel that Kun has an irritated emotion written on his face right now.

    "Yeah, you`re with Jaehyun right now while Y/n and I are in the police station right now uhuh," Kun said.

    "Come here right now we need you" and then he ends the call waiting outside until the interview ends.

    Hours have passed and the interrogating is still going on and Kun is still waiting for you. Johnny finally arrived, fixing the suit that he`s wearing he asked Kun where you are and he assists Johnny inside.

    "John Ivano Ferrante, I`m Y/n`s lawyer," Johnny said full of professionalism.

    They settled the problem after almost another 1 hour they finally let you leave. Out of curiosity and frustration wondering who decided to frame you. Of course, Takara is one of the options but maybe there is someone else.

    "Can I ask who reported me?" letting out a hiss you ask the officer that arrested you.

    "No" the officer simply responded to your question and Johnny holds your right arms. Johnny and you are ready to leave but you still want to know who it is so you turn around again.

    "won`t you really gonna tell me?" you ask one more time and that`s enough for Johnny to drag you along with him.

    "C`mon let`s go" Johnny drag you along with him but you keep removing his grip.

    "One last question, please?" you look at Johnny with puppy eyes but it didn`t work so you stop it and stand straight walking out by yourself but before that, you punch his arms lightly enough for him to hold his arms before walking out.

    "I hate you" and Johnny only smiles at himself like a fool before following you outside.

    You walk outside and took a deep breath, you look for Kun only to see him leaning in Johnny`s car. You walk to him and he smiles at you.

    "Thank you," you said at him.

    "Kun, can you drive Y/n home for me? I gotta go somewhere," Johnny said giving Kun the key car. Sparing you a glance but you didn`t bother looking at him back, as if he`s not in front of you.

    You go home with Kun the two of you use Johnny`s car and you`re worried about him you really do. The rain keeps pouring and it`s getting darker, more hours pass and you grew more worried the rain is getting heavy. You`re thinking how Johnny will get home in this weather, you lean your head against the windowpane the raindrops sliding outside of the pane when you see a glimpse of a familiar figure.

    You ran downstairs as fast as you could grabbing a soft towel with you before opening the door. It`s Johnny, Johnny is soaked wet his hair sticking out in every direction possible, a cut in the lips, and bleeding knuckles. You look up at him with worried eyes and he smiled at you. You don`t know what to say but your next action makes him feel at ease, you hug him your chest touching his. The skin contact that makes him feel comfort.

    "What happened?" you asked, you don`t know why you are tearing up when he`s the one in pain. He caressed your face softly and he still didn`t say anything. You invited him inside because it`s his home too. You hold his wrist guiding him in one of the rooms, you don`t know if it`s your room but you could care less until you put an ointment and bandage in his wounds. You make Johnny sit on the bed and handed him a towel while you go in the bathroom to get the things you needed.

    You slowly applied the ointment on Johnny`s lips where the cut is while your hands are slightly shaking, not minding the tears that are brimming out of your eyes. You next hold his hands to yours softly and more tear brim in your eyes, you`re so weak when it comes to Johnny and you don`t know what to feel about it.

    "I-I`ll do it," Johnny said removing his hands from yours before you grab it again.

    "No! I`ll do it!" you said through your sobs, wiping your tears away.

    "I can do..." you didn`t let Johnny what he was about to say because you know what it is.

    "No! I`ll do it, you said you`re just gonna go somewhere but why do you have this cut and wounds in your body!? I hate it!" you said letting it out as your sobs get louder and Johnny only stayed silent. You covered his knuckles with a bandage softly while he let out a loud hiss.

    "You`re strong but why do you let your body take all of this!? you know I hate it when something like this happens to you" you exclaimed tears are still falling from your eyes, you touch the cut on his lips again making him hiss.

    The two of you stare at each other for a brief moment and Johnny brushes away the strands of hair that are covering your face when your emotion took over you. Your lips landed on his soft ones with your eyes closed he didn`t kiss back, you`re about to pull away when he holds your nape kissing you back. The two of you stay like that for a fleeting moment.

    The two of you pulled away forehead resting on one another when the bedsheet cover suddenly moves revealing Ten with a teasing grin making you pull away from Johnny.

    "Is it necessary to make out in my room?" Ten asked still wearing the annoying teasing grin on his face.

    "S-shut up!" you said and you walk out of the room leaving Johnny and Ten alone.

    "How is it?" Ten didn`t stop teasing Johnny so he grabs the pillow and throws it at ten softly before plopping down at the bed letting his body sink in it.

    You open the door of your room and you straightly go to your bed burying your face at the pillow out of embarrassment, tossing around the bed messing it up.

    "Did you just kiss your cousin? did you just kiss Johnny Suh? It`s okay, right? the two of us are not blood-related anyways so nothing to worry about yes? no?" burying your face on the pillow once again letting out a muffled scream.

    The boys decided to have dinner all at once at home so they ordered food for all of you they start calling you, you just keep answering "Okay" so they decided to stop when your stomach makes a grumbling noise. You open the door of your room only to see Johnny`s fist in the air may be to knock? and you look down.

    "A-about earlier" you`re about to apologize to Johnny when he cuts you off.

    "It`s okay don`t flutter yourself," Johnny said with a smile and you go downstairs with him.

    "Don`t Flutter? who said I`m fluttering myself!?" you scoffed and walk past him closing your eyes for a moment from embarrassment.

    "Hey, wait up!" Johnny said grabbing your shoulders.

    "Let me walk with you" he added.

    The rest of you gathered in the dining room. Laughter, warmth, comfort, are filling up the whole room. Oh, gosh you know how much you miss this after almost a year of not being complete you on the times where you only have Renjun, Jaemin, and Haechan besides you.

    "This pizza tastes delicious don`t you think so?" you nodded and giggled, your cheeks stuffed with pizza. All of you are laughing that you didn`t even realize who`s the person beside you, you stay silent for a moment before y`all turn your head once again to the person beside you.

    "Mark Lee!" you exclaimed locking him with a tight hug.

    "Dude, I can`t breath," Mark said tapping your back lightly and you back away.

    "Sorry I got carried away" you beam at him and every one of them hugs him what a beautiful and pleasant event.  

    "Announcement! we`re all having a party tomorrow so don`t miss out, I`ll tell y`all the location" Mark happily announced, and y`all cheered stuffing your mouth with food.

    You excuse yourself to talk with Mark in private, the two of you sat in the living room looking around before proceeding to talk. Mark looks at you with confused eyes.

    "So, what`s going on with Mr. Tremblay?" You asked Mark and now he finally understands.

    "About that, he`s company is not doing well plus his son keeps asking me about you that I can`t even go on with a day without him asking me things about you since I sign a partnership with them," Mark answered with a sigh before pulling you into a hug and you rest your head to his arms.

    "Is Takara invited to the party?" you ask him while you stare at the ceiling and he plays with your hair.

    "Yes, she`s Invited" Mark simply responded.

    "Can I ask you a favor for tomorrow?" you asked while looking back up at him.

    "Sure, what is it?" you smiled at him for agreeing at first he didn`t buy the idea but there`s no way he can say no to you.

    "Thank you, Mark!" you cheered.

    "Papà! you should`ve decline! out of all people why Takara!?" you barged in your father`s office throwing a tantrum as soon as you go face to face with him.

    "Don`t raise voice at me Y/n! I`m still your father" your father defends which makes you more frustrated.

    "Papà! you know that we can`t have any connection with them when it comes to running a company! this might ruin my plan why did you let them sign the contract!" you can`t help but raise your voice frustration is creeping inside you and you can`t help but let it out.

    "Trust me Y/n this will help you sooner or later you will realize it," your father said. How can he be so calm when you`re out here in front of him letting your frustration out.

    "Cazzo! this is ridiculous!" you fight back.

    "Watch your language Y/n!" you had enough and you don`t think you can go on with this conversation.

    "I`m done okay? I`m done!" you left your father`s office angrily closing the door walking fast not caring if anyone is looking.

    Your father just makes a contract of partnership with Nakajima`s that makes you infuriated early in the morning. How can he sign an agreement with them?

    "Did I just mention the plan to my father!? No, don`t worry Y/n he won`t get it" you talk to yourself taking a deep breath before entering your car, you called Johnny and tell him to meet you in your office in an hour.

    "Why did you call me here?" Johnny asked while leaning in the doorway.

    "Nice timing let`s go and help me find a dress to wear" you dragged him with you.

    Johnny keeps whining about how you can ask for Wendy`s help but you keep shutting him from talking, you tried so many dresses and he keeps saying no which makes you pissed off. You choose a dress a long one and a short one for an option you bought it, it was color red you choose the long one with a deep sidecut that shows the skin of your legs.

    Arriving at the party it`s fabulous and it`s full of people around your age mid-20s and the ones in their 20s you spend the whole night drinking when this beautiful handsome man approaches you.

    "Pleasure to meet you I`m Jung Jaehyun," He said offering his hands for you to shake it.

    "Ciara Allessandra Ferrante but I`m more comfortable being called Y/n plus don`t act dumb I know you. I`m not a fool I know you hire someone to follow me and investigate me, I know by this time you know all of my plans but don`t worry I know you're trustworthy, and you`re friends with my friends." you took his hands to yours and you gladly shake it.

    "Jaehyun? I`ve been looking for you" you heard a familiar voice and you`re completely sure it`s Johnny.

    "Chill," Jaehyun said with a smile.

    "Ciao Y/n I hope you will like my April fools surprise," she said slipping away the wine your holding.

    Takara already left and the whole place gets full and crowded with businessmen, suddenly everyone becomes quiet when the news starts playing.

    "Breaking news the well-known CEO and Founder of Phoenix corporation have been found dead at exactly 8:30 PM in his house there`s still no answer what is the cause of death" everyone gasp and you can feel a tear escaping your eyes.

    "Papà, this is not real!" you said and you walk out of the party going to your dad but Johnny prevented you from doing so.

    "Let go!" you said removing his grasp and he holds you tight to his embrace.

    "Your father asked me a favor to not make you see him, he wants you to see him when he`s in the coffin" you didn`t hug him back but you keep crying.

    "He`s still my father Johnny I want to see him!" you fight back pushing him through his chest but he won't budge. Of course, he`s stronger than you.

    "Let`s go home tomorrow you`ll see him" Johnny whispered at you and you can see Jaehyun looking at you with pity in his eyes.

    "You!" you point at Jaehyun.

    "Me?" he answered.

    "Yes, you who else?" you talk.

    "I want you to join us I know that`s your whole point of investigating me anyway," you said sternly and they all look at you.

    "What?" you rolled your eyes at them.

    "Tomorrow we have something to do, we`ll make our first move of the plan starting tomorrow I can`t tolerate this anymore after what Nakajimas do to my father.

    You throw the glass of wine you`re holding in the wall staining it red, your hands holding tight the table with fire eyes in your eyes throwing daggers anger, guilt, and sorrow that`s all you can feel right now.

    "It`s hard to enter that place unless you`re a guess they will let you in mostly couples. So, we need you and Jaehyun to pretend like the two of you are a couple" Jeno spoke you`re about to complain but Johnny already did.

    "Couple!? them!?" he exclaimed.

    "Yeah, anything wrong with that?" Jeno questioned.

    "Nothing" he responded almost whining.

    The whole planning already finishes and you`re in your room with Johnny laying in your bed comfortably tossing around.

    "I don`t get it out of all people in this house why you and Jaehyun?" Johnny complains while you dry your hair.

    "There`s nothing wrong with that plus I think Jaehyun kinda look handsome" you try to test the water and how he would react.

    "Yeah, right whatever do whatever you want"  Johnny rolled his eyes and you giggled at his response.

    "Jealous now are we?" you teased.

    "Me Jealous? no way" he said facing the other side of the bed.

    "How about we date? I mean it`s not like we`re blood-related we can easily cut ties and we can announce it for the world to know after we make the Nakajimas fall. Sounds good yeah? no?" you ask him seriously and he faces you.

    "Really? like for real? but I`m 2 years older than you thought" he said caressing your face softly.

    "It`s not like we have a big age gap, why don`t we try it?" you talked scooting closer to him.

    "I don`t see why not?" he replied and you smiled at him.

    "Does this mean we`re official?" Johnny asks you.

    "Yes, baby," you said teasingly.

    "Call me that again," he said back.

    "No way" you replied and he hugs you, you spend the whole night with Johnny and the two of you surely have fun. It`s doing okay until Kun decided to barge in your room without even knocking.

    "We found Tajimamori Yamamoto he`s currently in Tokyo right now, Johnny we need to fly to Tokyo this might be the last chance that we have to find him," Kun said showing the taken picture of Tajimamori leaving his car.

    "We`ll fly tomorrow morning we need Jungwoo to come with us, get everything ready" Johnny responds as you stay quiet.

    "Go and pack your things, Kun I`ll book you a flight" you talk and Johnny looks at you before standing up.

    "I`ll help you pack your things" you added and he gave you a peck on the lips.

    "How many days do you think you will stay there?" you ask him.

    "For at least 5 days or 7," he answered.

    "Take care make sure you come back without any scars I don`t want to lose you like my dad" you softly said, caressing his face to your hands.

    You helped Johnny pack his things and you already book them a flight that will leave tomorrow morning. You slept in Johnny`s room and you make sure to embrace him because you can`t see him personally for at least 5 days or 7.

    You wake up without Johnny by your side instead you wake up with Doyoung and Haechan bickering outside the room door, you tried to cover your ears with the pillow but you decided that it`ll be better if you stand up and stop them.

    "Finally you wake up! go and take a bath we have a lot of things to do today" Ten said pushing you to your room as you watch the house gets chaotic every second.

    "Tax evasion, Illegal drug dealing, murder, sexual assault. We can sue them by using this plus we have Tajimamori as a witness" you explain, gripping the marker your holding too hard that it makes your palms white.

    "I can`t hack the system of Nakajima the file that holds their tax evasion can`t be open I need to be somewhere close to them," Ten said along with Doyoung, all of you think of a way to hack their system.

    "Tremblay, Tremblay corp! we can enter Mr. Tremblay's office easily since he`s in Canada I heard that he will be back this Saturday. Mark, you can help us right? you're the only one who is closest to him" you talk as you wait for Mark`s answer.

    "Yes, that`ll be easy since his secretary knows me. After that, we can finally file the case and go on, but the only problem is that Jungwoo texted me that they`re having a hard time since they land in Japan. Tajimamori seems to notice that they`re following him" Mark let out a sigh and so did you.

    "Can we stop this for a moment there`s nothing but a problem here since I arrived," Mark said which makes you slightly offended at his statement?

    "What did you just say?" you asked him with a stern voice.

    "Look, Im tired okay?" Mark groaned.

    "Neither am I but did you ever hear me complain!?" you fight back.

    "Everything is not about you! not everything revolves around you so please if you don`t mind I`ll excuse myself for a moment" Mark leaves the room frustrated, he doesn`t know what`s wrong with him but he knows it`s wrong to let out his anger and frustration at you when you feel just the same way as him. He`s not been himself this fast few days because of what happened to your late father who treats him like he is his own son.

    "Y`all can rest if you want, you can leave too if you want to, just say it you all know that I`m not forcing y`all into this," you speak softly before leaving the room with a small smile but deep inside you`re hurt.

    You took a deep breath after leaving the room you saw Mark in the living room, you tried avoiding his gaze scared that he`s still not in the mood to talk. He`s watching the TV and you stop in your track when you heard the news, you look at the TV and you can see Wendy`s house and they blurred the body, you know it`s Wendy just by the body you know it`s her out of all people why does the world decide to be cruel to you.

    "No, no, not her please tell me it`s not her" you broke down in tears as Mark catches you in his arms, you fell to your knees as your sobs et louder while Mark tries to comfort you. Jaehyun watch what`s happening in front of him, he does feel bad for you. You ran upstairs and grab your keys going outside with others trying to prevent you from leaving.

    "Y/n, stop!" Mark`s hold your wrist while you look at him with teary eyes.

    "No, Mark I have to see my best friend please, please let go" you remove his grip and he stays quiet as he watches your small figure enter your car.

    You arrived at the hospital where you see your best friend's cold and pale body.

    "How can they be so heinous!? why do they have to kill you!?" you cry in front of your best friend`s lifeless body.

    "Just let it out" you look at the person beside you and it`s Jaehyun, did he follow you? you wiped your tears away standing back up.

    "Why did you follow me?" you asked.

    "Because you`re not in the right condition right now and I know there`s a lot more going on in your minds" you look at him, his side profile is surely attractive and also comforting.

    "Thank you Jaehyun I know I just met you personally last week but I mean it" you spoke softly and he smiled, facing you, he holds you by your shoulders crouching down a little making an eye to eye level.

    "It`s okay, I know you for a year now because of the investigation thingy I hope that doesn`t make you uncomfortable that I brought that up," He said showing his attractive smile.

    "Forget about the couple thingy that we have to pretend I already talk to Mark, just like what he said earlier we can easily enter Mr. Tremblay`s office so try to worry less okay?" Jaehyun tries to comfort you as much as he can. The two of you go around the town making you forget about everything, you wish you can be with Johnny at a time like this but you know he`s in Japan.

    Three days have passed and you grew closer with Jaehyun, you expect Johnny to arrive tonight because they finally persuade Tajimamori to be the witness.

    It`s past midnight and still no sign of Johnny so you decided to wait a little more until you just decided to go to bed and welcome him tomorrow morning.

    "Babe? baby wake up" you slightly open your eyes because you feel someone poking your cheeks, your eyes are still blurry so can`t see the person clearly.

    "Johnny?" you whispered.

    "Yeah, it`s me sorry for waking you up I just need to hear your voice" you smile at his sweetness before going back to sleep.

    "Go inside I`ll wait here," Mark said, looking left to the right to check if anyone sees you and Jaehyun entering.

    "Doyoung, Ten? we`re in" you said connecting the device they gave you to the pc. They started doing what they have to do as you watch closely when you can feel the cold metal in your neck.

    "Jaehyun, what are you doing?" freezing at your position.

    "Nothing, it`s just so funny how you trust me so easily Y/n" He let out a chortle.

    "What do you really want?" you question with your eyes close.

    "I`m the one who should ask you that, you said you want revenge but your revenge is too boring why don`t we spice it up a bit hmm?" Jaehyun spoke while you stay still.

    "What do you want me to do then? Kill Takara?" you don`t where you get that kind of braveness because these days you`ve been down.

    "Exactly, how about we do that just the two of us?" Jaehyun removes the blade that threatening to cut your skin.

    Doyoung and Ten finish what they`re doing and you leave the building along with Mark, everyone that there`s something very different from how you`re acting since you leave the building but they didn`t mention it.

    "Make sure to keep your promise" you whispered at Jaehyun.

    "I love you" Johnny whispered at you.

    "I love you too," you said back.

    "I want the world to know that you`re mine, you want that too baby?" Johnny said kissing your neck, softly marking you.

    "Johnny please," you said with temptation in your voice.

    "Please what baby?" Johnny asked you with a seductive voice.

    "I want you inside me, I want you to touch me and make me feel so good" you whine making him let out a breathy chuckle at your eagerness.

    "Will do princess" he answered.

    That night you and Johnny take your time with feeling each other as if there`s no tomorrow for it.

    After that night you have been very distant to Johnny and almost everyone in the house can perceive it. You want to distance yourself because you don`t want him to be hurt so it`ll be better this way, it`s better this way. You keep convincing your day every single day that almost every day you argue with him because that`s the only way you can push him away, you want him not to love you anymore.

    Today you saw Johnny with a girl and you can`t help but get jealous but what can you do? he`s still your boyfriend. Of course, you will get jealous but why now when you`re pushing him away.

    "I told you already she`s an old colleague! nothing more!" Johnny said with a pissed voice.

    "Yeah right, an old colleague who loves touching you did you even see yourself earlier you just let her!" you fight back with a loud voice that the boys outside can hear the two of you arguing.

    "What kind of boyfriend do that!?" you continued.

    "Woah, then what kind of girlfriend accused his own boyfriend of cheating when it`s not even real!" Johnny retorted making you quiet because it`s true and you don`t have anything about that.

    "See? I`m right you keep pushing me off! you can`t even look me in the eyes these days and it`s making me sick, thinking what I have done to make you act like this. It`s so fucking tiring!" he retorted as he slammed the door when he leaves your room.

    Everyone keeps themselves busy as if they never heard the argument between you and Johnny. Yes, they`re shocked about the relationship between you and him but it`s not their business to interfere.

    You cry yourself to sleep while Johnny gets drunk to sleep, tomorrow is the day where you`re gonna meet up with Jaehyun in the place where the two of you talked about.

    "I don`t get it! she keeps pushing me away and it hurts! do you know what I`m fucking saying Jaehyun!?" He said drinking beer to beer nonstop as Jaehyun watch his friend get drunk not even stopping him but why?

    "Just give her some time maybe she`s tired" Jaehyun responded.

    "I always do that but why is it not enough!?" Johnny cried out.

    "Envious causes jealousy and jealousy causes hatred, hatred turns Treacherous causing sins to one another," you said letting out a sarcastic chortle. 

    "Revenge, you said you want your revenge and I`m more than happy and dreadful to help you" his eyes are flaming and burning fire the beast inside him threatening to come out as anger forms and creeps inside him.

    "I`m still not satisfied" you retorted emphasizing each word that is coming out of your lips. 

    "You drag me into this, this heinous sin that you`ve started is burning inside me. Now, everything doesn`t satisfy me anymore" you yelled the tension getting thicker and thicker. 

    "Even though you`re gonna kill me you will get nothing, justice is in my palms in this accursed world," Takara intruded your arguing with Jaehyun, writhing her tied body on the chair. 

    "Kill me!" Takara said shooting you a bloodshot glare that only makes your enjoyment alive as you slowly walk towards her with a gun in your hand. 

    "Takara, Takara, Takara, you see this? this Russian pistol is what I`m going to use to kill you so don`t try me. Now, what part of your body should I shoot first? back of the head, chest, or maybe your mouth it`ll be more enjoyable that way honey. Oh, another idea maybe I should just strangle you to death" you give her face a few taps on her cheeks the leer in your eyes never leaving hers while she hitches her breath scared that any minute you can pull the trigger on her. 

    "You have no conscience, do you?" Takara spoke again with a smirk forming on her lips making you more annoyed and tempted to kill her. 

    "Of course I don`t, because you know what? It`s a pity the law doesn`t allow me to be merciful that`s what Javert said in Les Miserables and that`s literally me right now you Figlio di puttana!" you cursed breathily giving her a devilish grin making her slap you with her one free hand holding your face you glare at her, anger building up inside you. 

    "Merde! do that again and I`ll kill you!" you hold her side to side eyes widening but Takara only laughs at you and you slap her too before you turn your back at her. 

    "fuzakeru na! kill me so you can live longer and live in sorrow, happiness doesn`t exist in the world we`re born but the pain does" she shout with anger in her voice and now she reaches your limit.

    "I know, want me to end your pain? then I will, I`ll make sure you suffer and Roth in hell! I will let you know what it feels like to be ripped every single day just like what you did to my best friend when she`s the only one who can understand me in this accursed world! you won`t be here if isn`t for your family`s greed, jealousy, and hatred towards mine!" You shout back pointing the gun at her turning back around to face her.

    "A fanabla! Takara" you pull the trigger and shoot her straight at her chest making you fell on your knees with tears brimming in your eyes.

    "Why am I even crying?" you wiped your tears away as you slowly stood up and spit to your side. 

    "You want it, you get it. Ciao Takara" you laugh smirk is drawn on your lips as you walk out of the abandoned place with Jaehyun while whistling like a psycho.

    "Nice shoot out there" you`re startled by Jaehyun`s voice you thought Johnny was the one using your bathroom but when you turned around you`re eye to eye with Jaehyun water droplets falling from his abs with a towel covering his torso down.

    "What the fuck are you doing here!?" you said eyes widening.

    "Using your bathroom obviously" he answered coming closer to you.

    "and who permitted you to use it!? get out!" you pushed him away but he put his shirt back on luckily his wearing his shorts under his towel only to come closer dangerously close that you can feel his hot breath panning to yours.

    You back away until the back of your knees hit the bed making you fall with Jaehyun hovering above you, you know this is wrong and you need to stop Jaehyun.

    "Stop!" you keep moving away from him but before you can push him the door suddenly burst open with Johnny looking at the two of you his eyes screaming anger, jealousy, hate, and sadness he feels betrayed. He drops the bouquet on the floor grabbing Jaehyun by his collar.

    "I trusted you, you bastard!" Johnny was about to throw a punch on Jaehyun when you stop him.

    "Baby no it`s not like that, it`s not what you think it is" you plead, holding his arms.

    "So, this is the reason why you`ve been so distant to me lately huh?" Johnny glares at you, this is the first time you see him this fuming mad.

    "What the fuck!? of course not!" you defended.

    Within a second he throws a punch at Jaehyun which Jaehyun gives back at him you tried to stop them but they are much stronger compared to you.

    "Johnny please stop" you shout at them making them stop from gripping each other.

    Johnny fixes his clothes giving you a painful glance before leaving, why the fuck are you crying when Johnny is the one in pain right now. You quickly follow him not giving a fuck about Jaehyun.

    "Johnny please wait, listen to me please, just please" you plead as you grab a hold of his wrist there`s also a tear escaping his eyes which breaks you more.

    "Stop! stop okay? I don`t need any of your explanation" he said coldly before shutting the door of his room.

    You stand there dumbfounded with your eyes brimming in tears you go back to your room Jaehyun is trying to apologize but it angers you more, irritating you more, hurting you more.

    "Get the fuck out of my sight!" you exclaimed as you push him away.

    "I don`t want your apology, your sorry won`t fix anything okay!? now live me the fuck alone!" you`re livid and you`re in your pain. Why are you always the one receiving the pain?

    Jaehyun doesn`t say anything anymore leaving you alone, you cried your eyes out. You lost your father, you lost wendy, you lost Johnny. What else do they want to take away from you? sometimes you just wanna sleep and get deep in it so you will never wake up in this realm.

    "Johnny listen to me! what you saw there is nothing I swear please, just please at least talk to her. I`m sorry" Jaehyun rub his face using his palms out of stress and frustration while guilt is creeping up in his body.

    "Quit with your bullshits! what do you want me to do? believe you after you deceive me by using Y/n? do you think I didn`t know that the two of you killing Takara? Well, fuck this because Y/n didn`t really kill her! It`s Kun" Johnny retorted. Well, Jaehyun is not shocked about Kun killing Takara since he`s an International agent. He glares at Jaehyun who`s speechless at his older friend's outburst.

    "Okay, that shit is on me but don`t let it out on her for fuck sake Johnny the one you witness earlier is not what you think it is! I use her bathroom and decided to tease her not seduce her" A sigh escape Johnny`s lips throwing his head back out of mixed emotion.

    "Get out I need some time alone" Johnny spoke without looking at his friend, he let his body fall on the mattress running his hands to his face.

    You`ve been lying in your bed for a few hours now and so did Johnny making everyone worried and they didn`t even see a single glimpse of Jaehyun. You`re ashamed so ashamed to talk and face them, you`re the one who plans this revenge but you end up ruining it. Of course, you know it`s not you who kill Takara, you heard it from Johnny and there`s nothing more to deny it.

    You really want to see him, you really want to feel him, you really want to apologize. Gathering your courage getting a little bit shameless you got up from your bed opening the door you flinch slightly when you see Johnny standing in front of you, his fist in the air maybe he's about to knock? there`s an awkward tension between the two of you. His eyes that full of love every day is now emotionless.

    "D-do you want to come in?" you manage to let out but he didn`t say anything.

    He cups your face landing his soft lips on yours pulling you back inside your room. He closes the door using his feet, you pull away from him avoiding his intense gaze. He softly touches your chin making you look at him before kissing you again this time it`s passionate and slow. You want him to stop, you really do but you can`t resist him. Within a moment you`re kissing him back too.

    A soft moan escapes your lips as you and Johnny let your body fall on the mattress. Johnny hovering above you makes you feel small underneath him it awaken your inner desires. Johnny leaves traces of wet kisses on your neck making you yearn for his touch. He removes his shirt and so did you, throwing it somewhere in the room.

    Tongues pressed together in a hot open-mouthed kiss as he kneaded your breast his other hands slowly making it`s way to your clothed core slowly removing it he rub your sensitive clit.

    He stops for a moment before pulling away making you whine lightly at the sudden loss of contact. He removes his pants and boxer tossing it somewhere in the room again before positioning himself in between your legs, pushing in slowly his thrust is deep and slow making you moan in pleasure.

    "I-I`m sorry" you let out breathily.

    His thrust getting a little bit faster making you grip the sheets as he buried his face at the crook of your neck. You know this will be the last time you can feel him this close to you, the last time you can feel his love for you, the last time he will make you feel loved.

    "D-don`t stop please" you stuttered out as tears fall from your eyes.

    "Don`t cry you know it hurts me too" he kisses your tears away, his thrust getting sloppy as you can feel yourself about to reach your orgasm.

    "Baby I`m gonna cum" you moaned gripping him tightly throwing your head back.

    "Neither am I, cum for me," he said softly.

    He goes to the bathroom to clean you up and getting a shirt in your closet which is his shirt.

    "Is this the last time?" you asked him as he slid the shirt in your body before covering you with the blanket.

    "Please, I`m sorry. I`ll do anything for you just please don`t leave me you know you`re the only one I have" you cried. You know you still have the others who treat you like their own sister but Johnny is different.

    "Y/n our love it`s not just about holding on sometimes it`s about letting go too it`s treacherous if we love each other in this time it can lead to something else" He manages to speak despite of the lump forming in his throat. You sob in his shoulder clutching his shirt not wanting to let go.

    "You need to rest, I want you to close your eyes until you heard the door close. Promise me to not open it" you nodded removing your grip on his shirt, you softly lay in your bed. Johnny kissed you on the forehead, you cry more when you can`t feel his warmth close to you anymore.

    You heard the soft click of the door closing, you keep your promise you didn`t open your eyes. The memories you made with him flashes in your mind as you fall asleep.

    Johnny stops midway before getting his luggage in his room "I love you" he whispered while looking at your room`s door. Proceeding to do his thing with tears brimming out of his eyes.

    It`s currently 2:00 AM now and Jaehyun is accompanying Johnny to the airport.

    "I`m sorry for what I`ve done I didn`t mean it as that" Jaehyun asks for forgiveness which Johnny gives back with a smile.

    "It`s really not your fault and not Y/n`s fault I really have to do this" Johnny said but Jaehyun didn`t get it.

    "Do you really have to leave?" Jaehyun asks once again Johnny nodded before leaving his friend alone the smile on his face quickly fades away as sadness took over it.

    “I let go because I want you to hold on a little more longer I`ll promise to be back” Johnny said while tears slowly fall from his eyes, looking at the picture the two of you took together.

    ‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves’ - William Shakespeare

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    kun, hendery, and yangyang for dazed korea april 2021
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    When will I get the kun dilf/sugar daddy smut that I deserve

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    Kun: Yangyang what are you doing under the table?

    Yangyang: Nothing.

    Kun: Get from under the table.

    Yangyang: Fine. One second.

    Hendery: What were you doing?

    Yangyang: You'll see.

    *thirty minutes later*

    Kun: *stands up and trips over his laces that are tied together* YANGYANG!What are you? An evil little brother from a 90s sitcom.

    Yangyang: Yes.

    #nct incorrect quotes #nct #nct incorrect texts #wayv #wayv incorrect texts #wayv incorrect quotes #yangyang#liu yangyang#hendery#kun#wong kunhaung#qian kun#kunhang
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    Set Up My Heart Pt. 9

    PT.8 - PT.9 - PT. 10

    College volleyball player!Johnny Suh x reader


    Fluff and angst

    Synopsis: Ever since that fateful day Sophomore year of high school, Johnny Suh had been an insufferable thorn in your side. Once you made it to college you thought the two of you would never have to see each other again. That is, until a sudden school transfer has the entire university buzzing.

    Warnings!!!: Mentioned divorce and adult topics. Some strong language. Please don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or may be detrimental to you.


    We’ve been seeing Y/n’s story in college, but how did she and Johnny become so combative with each other? Will Johnny’s high school story tell all?

    Second half to Johnny’s side of the story.


    "Nervous?" Johnny asked as he leaned over the wall separating the court from the bleachers. 

    Y/n grunted as she continued warming up, "Why would I be nervous?" A ball flew her direction as the opposite team started on warm up drills. She swatted it back toward the girl who chased after it. "I've been to a state championship before." 

    Johnny shrugged, "But with a completely different team, with a completely different record. Plus, this time you're going against said team." 

    Y/n set the ball to herself as she mulled over Johnny's words. Johnny couldn't help but watch her. If they asked him, she was the strongest player on the team. A true all team player. It wouldn't matter where they placed her, Y/n would thrive in any position, "I don't think that's going to be a downfall for us. If anything, that makes me more confident."

    "Oh," Johnny raised an eyebrow. 

    Y/n grinned, "I may have moved schools, but they didn't change teams." She gave him a slight wave as her coach called everyone in. He sighed as she ran away. He had full confidence in the team, but something didn't sit right with him. Why were you so confident? Did you know something about RVHS that maybe no one else did? 

    Johnny watched as the RVHS team sent looks to his school’s team. More importantly, he noticed that the glances landed on Y/n a majority of the time. 

    "It's going to be an interesting match," Kun slid into the seat next to him. "RVHS has been undefeated for the past 3 years."

    "They are a foundationally strong team," Johnny nods as he watches the teams serving balls across the net. "But they don't take risks. They only play well because the opposing team plays well."

    "Meaning," Kun handed a camera over to Johnny. 

    "Meaning, that when they come across a team that doesn't always play to perfection," he took a picture of the net trying to focus the camera correctly. "They can't make strong plays, which then leads them to not being able to convert points." 

    "So," Kun hesitated. He tapped his pen against the notebook sitting in his lap as he watched the court. "We actually have a chance at winning." Johnny nodded his camera clicking. "All because we play less fundamentally?" 

    "Not just because of that," Johnny flipped through the pictures he'd taken. "but also because we are able to take fundamentals and convert them into scrappy plays." 

    "What? How?" Kun furrowed his eyes at Johnny. Johnny set his camera on Kun's lap shrugging before standing and stating he was going to the bathroom. Kun looked down to see a picture of Y/n shining up at him. She smiled at the camera through the net. He grabbed the piece of paper sitting on the bench next to him. If they were going to win, then everyone was going to want to know about the prodigy that is, Y/n.


    He held his breath as the ball came down the side of the net. The setter lunged for it getting it in the air so the libero could set it to the outside hitter. Johnny felt a little disgruntled. The play was messy, but in a way that could have worked to the team's much needed advantage. Had they set it up for Y/n or the libero to kill there is a higher chance that they would have won the point. Instead, the volley continued. 

    The fourth set of the match had Johnny on edge. He could see the tension stirring through both teams. RVHD had won the second and third set, but SJHS had won the first and now had a two point lead and was about to take the fourth. Johnny had watched the entire time trying to write down and follow plays as well as take some shots. RVHS was playing just how he thought they would. With precision and not taking unnecessary risks. It seems that SJHS was following their lead, and it wasn’t working greatly for their benefit. A cheer went up from his bench as SJHS scored the final point. Johnny cheered as he watched the score change and teams switch courts. Whoever won this set was going to be named state champions.

    Johnny glanced over at Kun staring at the court, “It’s going to be a miracle if we pull this off.” He scratched a note onto the paper sitting in his lap. 

    “There’s still a chance,” Johnny noted. “If we can take this set then we win.”

    “What are the chances we take this set?” 

    He watched as the team captains were called back to the refs stand. The clock read 3 minutes before the next set. “If we start playing like we should then,” Johnny plopped down in his seat, “If we were playing to our ability and strengths, we would actually have a chance of winning. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.” He watched as the teams settled on their respective sides of the court. Johnny trailed off and the stands went quiet as RVHS’s setter served the ball. “They are really going to have to find something deep down inside of them, fast. Skills alone are not going to allow them to win.” He scoffed as RVHS put a second point on the board.

    Kun shrugged his eyes not glancing away from the court, “It’s hard to believe that we could come so far after all the years of never even making it to the final tournament.” He tapped his fingers on the bench watching as SJHS scored a point and was finally moving up on the scoreboard. 

    Johnny narrowed his eyes, “Are you feeling okay?” He tilted his head trying to get a clear view of Kun’s face. 

    “Yeah, why,” Kun jolted as Johnny came into his line of view. 

    Johnny shrugged, “You just seem a little jittery. Is the game that exciting to you?” Johnny glanced at the court noticing that SJHS had caught up to RVHS at 5 points for each team. 

    Kun crossed his arms across his chest, “I’m just trying to figure out how we got this far. Just because we got Y/n L/n? She is a great player, but a team is only as strong as their weakest player. So it doesn’t make sense. Plus, nobody even knows why she transferred here.” 

    Johnny frowned at him, “At this point, I don’t think that matters right now.” He couldn’t help the way his words came out harsh and short, “Y/n has obviously become a big part of the team and pretty much everyone at school likes her.” 

    “I didn’t say that she wasn’t,” Kun hissed. “I’m just saying it’s weird.” He rolled his eyes, “Let’s just watch the game.”

    Johnny let out an exasperated sigh and tried to focus on the game. The teams were in a 30 second timeout and Johnny could see the heated discussion coming from SJHS’s bench. Y/n had her hands on her hips listening as the coach was waving his clipboard around. The ref blew the whistle as the time out ended and the teams were back on the court. Johnny narrowed his eyes as he watched Y/n say something to the setter. The setter looked confused and apprehensive, but nodded along to whatever she said. Johnny felt himself getting antsy as the ball was served to the other side of the net. With a score of 10 to 11, there was desperation to make up those points and win this set. 

    He held his breath as the opposing teams setter dove for the ball but missed it as it hit the outside line. SJHS only needed 5 more points to go to take the set and win the state championships. He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t surprised that the next 2 points came easy. RVHS had seemed to give up. They were not moving as fast and they hesitated before making an attack. Another point was scored off a deep float server, and excitement rose in his chest, they were going to win this set, they were going to win the State Championship. 

    The ball flew over the net and the opposing team finally made an attack. Y/n dived for the ball and watched as it shanked away from the setter. Johnny pulled his bottom lip between his teeth as the outside hitter set the ball up to the center  of the front row. The outside and opposite attackers jumped at the net as the setter hit the ball over the net. The other team scrambled as it shot towards them, landing at the corner before bouncing out of the court. Johnny was on his feet as he listened to the ref announce game point. He watched as the setter moved to serve the next ball. It flew over the net with precision, but instead of landing on the floor or shanking off an arm. RVHS’s libero delivered the served ball directly to their setter. The middle hitter was in the air before the ball left the setter's hands and they sent the ball over the net, trying to convert the point. 

    SJHS’s opposite hitter dove for the ball as it clipped the tips of the blockers fingers. “It’s up. Go ten!” Y/n backed up the court as the setter drove the ball to the middle of the court. 

    Johnny's breath caught as she jumped through the air. The ball connected with her palm before shooting back across the net. The team dove for the ball putting it up in the air before the SJHS defense sent it down just out of reach of RVHS’s front row. 

    Johnny jumped up with a cheer as the ref called the point and the teams dispersed. He watched as the teams shook hands before turning to cheer or slouch back to their locker rooms. He grabbed his camera snapping pictures of the excited team. His lens landed on Y/n as a teammate scooped her up in a hug. He could help but grin at the sight as his camera clicked. Her eyes looked up and again her gaze caught his through the lens. Johnny snapped another picture before pulling the camera down and sending her a thumbs up. She smiled at him before jerking her back head towards the locker room. She gave a motion that said 15 minutes and he nodded in agreement. 

    “Well this was unexpected,” He couldn’t stop smiling as he turned to where Kun was sitting. He froze as he noticed Kun, along with all of his stuff, was gone. “Kun?” He glanced around the stands not seeing the shorter boy anywhere. Gathering his things he rushed out of the gym and down the hall. He wandered the halls for 5 minutes before moving back towards the locker rooms.

     Voices met his ears as he turned the corner to the back hallway. “Her parents were going through a nasty divorce. She was talking to lawyers every week, sometimes multiple times a week. Her mother was the one making all the money. Her dad was laid off from his job and spent all her mom made on alcohol and porn.” Johnny’s eyes widened as he saw Kun standing across from a shorter girl. Her hands dropped to rest on her hips the letters RVHS flashed down the dim hall. “Her mom got custody and the two of them moved here to get away from her dad.”

    Kun nodded as he scribbled down words on his pad of paper, “That’s it? What about Y/n’s volleyball career? Did any of this affect the season last year.” Johnny leaned closer as Kun’s voice dropped off. 

    “None that I know of. Y/n was always a private person. She never spoke to us about her home life. I don’t even think she had very close friends,” the girl sighed obviously done with the conversation. “It doesn’t really matter. Ask her about it if you’re so curious. Make sure you don’t mention my name.” 

    “Of course,” Kun closed the notepad. “Thanks for your time.” she gave him a nod before turning into a room behind her. Kun sighed and walked down the hall towards Johnny. “Oh,” he stopped as he came face-to-face with Johnny. “Hey, going to get some comments from the team?” 

    “Yup,” Johnny fiddled with his camera. “It should only take a few minutes.” Kun nodded before stepping around him. 

    “Great try to get your articles to me by Monday evening so we can release them on Wednesday.” Kun called from his place down the hall. 

    Johnny sat outside the room. He could hear laughter and excitement from inside the room. He heard the door click before it was pulled open and laughter spilled into the hall. “I thought you said 15 minutes?” He teased as he stood from the bench watching as Y/n slipped out of the room. He glanced down at his watch, “It's been 17 minutes.”

    “I’m sorry that you can’t be patient,” she grinned at him as she combed a hand through her hair. 

    Johnny smiled back as he pulled out his small pad of paper, “I’m on a tight schedule. You see, I have to interview this girl that just led her team to their first state championship in over 5 years. I don’t see why it’s so important but.”

    “Get on with it, Suh,” you give him a light shove before sitting on the bench he had just stood from. “What do you need to pick my brain about?” 

    “You were great out there,” he threw her a smile before clicking his pen and resting the tip on the paper. “I just need some remarks on the game.” 

    Y/n leaned back against the wall, her head tipped sideways to watch him write, “I’m really proud of the team first of all. We worked really hard this year to make it to the state championships. I am so lucky to know all of them and to be able to grow with them. Every team is unique and has their own stories and personalities. I am blessed to have such an open and welcoming community with these girls. Initially we did not fit together very well. Coming from a team that is very fundamentally based to a team that really does play to have fun was such a big change. I didn’t enjoy it at first, it was all so new, but the team really helped me out!” 

    Johnny nodded along as he tried to jot down her words as she spoke them, “Great! And then do you have anything to say about the tournament or the game?” 

    “I really loved playing all these great teams. They all worked so hard and played so well. I look forward to competing against them again.” She smiled at Johnny as his hair flopped in his eyes. Johnny would have never thought that having to write for the school paper sport section would make you two closer. Both had been skeptical when Johnny started to follow the team around to games, but the two found that it worked to their favor as they started to work on Chemistry together and eventually other classes. Johnny helped Y/n with english, while Y/n carried his geometry grade. The two fell into a rhythm outside of school, but in school, peers would think the two hated each other. “My dad tried to call again.” Her voice changed tones. It went from happy to timid. “He left a message saying that he wanted to see me and congratulate me on the state championship.”

    Johnny closed his notepad, “Would you like some advice? Do you need me to talk to him?” 

    She shook her head, “Just sit here until the team comes out.” Johnny nodded leaning back to rest beside her. 


    “ With a Successful Season, Volleyball Prodigy Turns Out to be a Fraud” by Qian Kun and Johnny Suh

    Johnny had to reread the sentence over and over again. “What the hell is this.” He turned sharply to the editor sitting at the large table sitting at the front of the computer lab. “I never allowed you to put my name on this.”

    Kun glanced up to peer at Johnny’s screen, “Oh we were running out of room on the sports page. Between your article on the volleyball tournament, Wooyoung’s on the soccer tournament, and my own summarizing the two seasons we had to condense. So we took bits and pieces from each article and made four articles. Two on the tournaments and two on the season summary. So some of your articles replaced mine.” 

    “But why didn’t you tell me,” Johnny pleaded with him. “And how did you even come to this conclusion. Absolutely nothing I said ever pointed to that and I didn’t give you permission!” Johnny could feel his face heating up as spoke to Kun’s uncaring figure. 

    Kun glanced at him through the glasses perched on his nose, “Johnny, this story is what the paper needs. It’ll get people reading and we can get permission to do the paper again next year. I thought you of all people would want this.” He sighed as he shuffled a couple papers next to the computer screen, “Besides the teacher approved it. If they thought that it wasn’t okay they would have said something.”

    “Kun,” Johnny threw his hands up. “We both know that they don’t care about the student body. They are just trying to look out for themselves. If this comes back to bite us, you know they will throw us under the bus.” 

    Kun didn’t look up at him, “That’s not going to happen.” 

    “We are spreading false reports.”

    “No, we are telling people the truth.”

    “About someone’s private, personal life. We can’t do that, Kun. She never agreed to sharing that information. 

    “She did,” Kun gave Johnny a once over. “She shouldn't have told a reporter her secrets if she didn't want them told. It’s our job to find the skeletons hiding in people's closets.” 

    “I can’t believe you,” Johnny spun as he heard the small voice. Y/n stood in the doorway to the lab her phone clutched to her chest. Her eyes shone with unshed tears, “You were using me for some shitty story in a HS paper.” Her face darkened as she stormed into the room, “I trusted you. I told you things that no one else in this school knew, and you turned and blabbed it for the entire school to see.” 

    “Y/n I never-” 

    “Save it,” she held a hand up. “You’ve said your piece. You’ve said what you think loud and clear. You twisted my words. Made me sound like a stuck up bitch. ‘Y/n spoke briefly on the season stating, “Every team is unique and has their own stories and personalities. Initially we did not fit together very well. Coming from a team that is very fundamentally based to a team that really plays to have fun was such a big change. I didn’t enjoy it.” Y/n showed contempt for her teammates and school as a result of her parents recent splitting and her forced departure from RVHS.’ Believe me I get the message.” A tear slipped down her cheek, “I hope your happy and you get whatever fucking promtion this article was for.” Johnny reached for her arm as she pulled away from him. “Don’t you dare.” She sent a glare at him before turning out of the room and storming down the hall. 

    Sadness and anger coursed through Johnny as he turned to Kun, “Take my name off of that article, now.” Kun rolled his eyes as he watched Johnny race out of the room after Y/n. 

    Jonny had almost caught up to her when a group of his teammates stopped him. They had agreed to a friendly tournament against the girls volleyball team. They said that the competition would be fun and that it would boost student morale. Johnny didn’t feel convinced and he tried to listen as they told him about other events they were trying to set up. He glanced around trying to find Y/n, but she had disappeared and so did his chance to make things right. 


    The cafeteria was busy the next week as the school buzzed with gossip, drama, and the upcoming student council events. Johnny was trying to weave his way through crowds of students as he searched for the table his friends were sitting at. As he caught sight of them he felt a body run into his as his tray flew up landing square in his chest. 

    “Oh, I’m so sorry,” Johnny looked up into the eyes he had been wanting to see all week. Y/n stood in front of him, hands raised with napkins sitting in them. Her eyes hardened as she realized who she ran into. “Here,” she shoved the napkins into his hand before spinning on her heel and walking away. 

    Johnny followed after her, “Wait, Y/n, can you let me explain.”

    “Explain what, Johnny?” She turned to him, fire in her eyes, “Why you used my story for your personal gain? Why you let me think that you actually enjoyed being around me? Why everything I told you in confidentiality was just stewing for the enjoyment of our peers? Why you let start to like you?” Johnny gaped at her as she yelled at him. “I don’t want to hear excuses. I don’t want to hear an explanation from you. Any respect I had for you, is gone.” 

    Johnny felt anger course through him as she spewed words at him. She never let him speak. She thought she knew what was going on, but she didn’t. He did not work so hard to get Kun to let him release a new article refuting the previous statements, for her to yell at him and doubt his actions towards her. “You’re right. You won’t listen so I won’t talk. We’ll just forget all about everything that happened before. You are a stranger to me.” His voice was cold and his words clipped. 

    “Perfect,” he could see her walls grow higher and higher. She turned away from him and stepped up to her own table. “Just so you know,” she turned to look at the food staining his shirt. “Food isn’t a good look for you.” Johnny scowled as she rolled her eyes and turned to her table of friends. He brushed the food off his chest before turning away from the table, turning away from Y/n. If she didn’t want to listen to him, he was done trying to make her. His heart gave a tug as he glanced back and she stared back at him, but instead of her face falling into a small smile it tightened into a familiar glare.  


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