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  • soranihimawari
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hide & Seek

    “Find me,” the strange knight in your maritime dream says, pressing a piece of paper in your palm. He is bound by chains up to his neck and you don’t even get to hear his name. No. You hear his crimes over and over again. Glancing back at the authorities who for lack of better words, sit on a jade throne, you hear a woman’s voice say off to the depths of the sea for you have touched what is not yours. The realization hits you like a wave in slow motion: the man bound glances at you with an understanding devotion, he mouths out a final declaration of love before he is struck unconscious and thrown into the murky sea. You turn your back toward who you presume are older reincarnations of your parental figure and before their guards lay a finger on your finer silks, you head straight for the starboard side and plunge hands first into the ocean.

    Vividly dreaming is one thing, but keeping a lucid dream journal was another. You write down what you witnessed in said dreamland. The man of the hour in your dream has hair the color of straw, burgundy and black clothing, and a commoner’s prayer beads on his wrist. Apparently your lover from the dream died when you too were about to meet your premature demise.

    Today, of all days, is the celebration of the coming of age. It’s a crisp morning when you don your pair of high heels and a powerful statement of a white and ivory pants suit. Your neighbor is a hair stylist and she comes over around nine that morning to adorn your hair with flowers and trinkets. A small blue bird barett holds your bangs in place, a phone rings, and before you could bat an eye, you thank “Saeko-one chan” for leaving you the small flower wreath for your head. Being a botanist for the local tower gardens in the concrete jungle makes your peers seem a bit suspicious of the ‘mad scientist from 332 W.’

    After swiping your metro card, you’re finally in the city square. Families are all smiles, taking photos of their grown children. Some cry when they see their young adult take over their family shops (or trades); others with more blue collar jobs nearly jump for joy seeing that their success is based on talent and merit (like the doctors and lawyers aiding the vox populi.) then there’s you. You’ve been on your own for as long as you can remember, so when an old friend from high school spots you in the crowd, you brace yourself for a loud welcome.

    “Ya came?!” the familiar voice exclaims. The person who owns that voice makes way toward where you stand by the roasted yams. For a brief moment, you take a whiff of the sweet, sweet potatoes, then in the next, your feet don’t touch the ground. A pair of sturdy arms raises you into a tight hug.

    “O’course I did,” you smirk, patting their arms to drop you. “Wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

    When he places you on the ground, his brother waves in the distance. Although this kid brother is only seven thanks in part of your friend’s father remarrying shortly after they had begun dating. You don’t make such a fuss over family dynamics, although your friend gripes with his father remarrying six months after the ink had dried, but you don’t challenge it when you see the stepmother show up to your place when the shouting begun.

    “You can talk to Tetsu, ok? He’ll listen to you,” she frowns, patting her four month swollen stomach. “I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

    She holds your hand, a nervous teary smile graces her face when she lays her hand atop your head. You agree to talk to your friend the moment the final insult was thrown from his father to his son.

    A door slams, and you glance at the woman who mouths a thank you before she walks back to her new home.

    Your friend rolls his eyes at her when she greets him kindness in her tone, but he pays it no mind. Surely at eighteen, his mind is still dealing with this development. You sit in the living room of your own home and grab a hold of your phone from the charging stand. You scroll the contacts and while you don’t hesitate toward pressing the call button, you’re weary of the acidity on the other end.

    “Do you want to come over?”

    You had listened to what he had to say, clearly those walls aren’t thin enough anymore. He hesitates before you end the call and you open your door. Carmel glossed eyes stare back at you before he hugs your shorter frame tightly. You don’t have a chance to hug him back because of how tightly he clings to you. You take a few steps back, he loosens his grip, inviting him inside. He lets you hold his hand as you walk toward the couch facing the entertainment center now. When you sit down first, he lays himself down on your lap. A haughty sigh escapes his lips as you run a hand through his stubborn hair.

    “You need to forgive them,” you say after ten minutes of tensed silence.

    “How can I? Nimia-san isn’t my mother,” his voice is childish, earning him a pinch on his cheek by you. He yelps, rubbing the reddening area.

    “She may not be your mother, but your father adores her,” you remind him. The wedding was in the spring, the reception was held in a swank ballroom in downtown Tokyo. You find your friend nursing a cider while your own parents congratulate their neighbor in finding true happiness. Your sapphire colored dress sways when you feel someone pull you backwards until you hear a familiar, “oof.” There is laughter and pain behind those eyes, but you make no comment on them tonight (or any night before this fight).

    “I know,” he grumbles.

    “…so you want to talk about it?”

    You stop carding your hand through the ebony soft spikes for a moment. He shakes goes head, asking you to keep the ministrations going…

    “Ne-chan!” The little boy runs up to you at full speed when you kneel down with arms wide.

    “Hi there,” you greet when he pulls you into a hug. “You’re a lot stronger than last time, kid.”

    The little one laughs just like his much older brother. The three of you walk together to where the other youths are gathering. Kuroo is to your right and you’re on the left, meaning a seven year old half brother walks between you.

    “Hey wanna hear something funny Tetsu-ni ?” his voice reaches your ears when he holds your hand.

    “Sure kiddo,” your friend replies.

    “I’m gonna marry yn-onee-san one day!”

    You blink thrice times before computing what was said aloud.

    “Excuse me?” your voice finds you way before either of them continue.

    You nearly shriek at such a bold statement, yet you also almost pass out when Kuroo suddenly scolds his brother because apparently, “Ya can’t do that squirt.”

    “Aww why not? S’not like you’re gonna marry her.”

    Little Kuroo decides to stick his tongue out in rebellion.

    “As a matter of fact, I am,” Kuroo sticks his tongue out too. “I just have to ask.”

    You pat your friend’s kid brother on the shoulder when you walk past a sea of proud parents. Your heart was hammering in your chest so loudly you thought the younger one would ask you if you got a bomb attached to you somewhere. The breeze makes your bangs sway in the warm air, when your friend truthfully tells you he wasn’t joking.

    “I’d just have to date the fuck out of you while we’re married then, huh?” you chide before he presses his forehead against yours. A Cheshire like grin on both your faces are photographed by a few familiar colleagues while the presenters comprised of your new bosses and some teachers as well congratulate the sea of former students.

    Later on that evening, with your flower wreath of a crown resting on the counter in your apartment, you make a call to your house back in Osaka. Your landline is currently being used, so your phone chime goes off several times as you say your good nights and such. When you have a second, you look at your phone to see Kuroo’s message to you:

    Suffice to say, you don’t wind up marrying the Argentine man, but he does fly out two years later when he hears an old friend is getting married.

    #🌻— flying around collecting pollen—queue #sora after hours #haikyuu x reader #kuroo tetsuro x reader #sora scribbles
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  • animekit
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Love on the Battlefield

    -Haikyuu! Military AU

    -Reader X Kuroo

    Pt 3: Mission Begins


    A week passed since you met your team, and the mission was finally underway. Normally, you’d the calm, cool, collected officer that all the enlisted men would go to if they had any issues. But this was not the case this time.

    You’re not used to overseas missions, so this was your first time riding in a plane. Needless to say, you looked rough. And the Captain definitely noticed.

    “What’s wrong, Lieutenant? Cat got your tongue?”

    His joke did not make you laugh, you didn’t even show the slightest bit of amusement.

    He put his hand on your shoulder. “Don’t tell me this is your first time flying?”

    You nod. “All my assignments have always been at home. I’m really not used to this. Are plane rides always like this?”

    “More or less. If you don’t feel well, we can always find a better spot for you.”

    You groan. “That wouldn’t be showing a good example to the enlisted men.”

    He chuckled. “You’re not exactly a good example right now either way. The men think you’re gonna be sick.”

    That helped you regain your composure. You elbowed the Captain in the gut. You pretended not to notice his pained groan.

    The enlisted men watched as you moved away from Kuroo, making yourself just as composed as you always were back at the base.

    Private Nakamura decided to sit next to. “Lieutenant Y/N, are you alright?”

    “Never better.” Yeah, I feel much better after hitting Kuroo.

    The Private fumbled with his hands, obviously nervous about being near you, let alone speak with you. “Oh, that’s great. I though something was wrong.”

    “I’m just fine, no need to worry about me. What about you? This is your first mission, isn’t it?”

    “Um, yes, it is. I’m a little nervous, but with you here I think everything will be fine.”

    You know everyone heard his comment. You laugh it off. “It’s not just me. It’s the whole team.”

    “Maybe, but it’s only gonna go well since you’re leading!”

    “Well… technically Captain Kuroo is leading the team. I’m kind of like his assistant.”

    “No way! You’re the strongest soldier! I heard other soldiers talking about it! You were an enlisted soldier, then after your first assignment on you became a 2nd Lieutenant ok your first day! And then you got promoted to 1st Lieutenant last year at the age of 19! You’re the youngest enlisted person to ever get promoted to an officer rank! Your first mission when you were 18 made such a heavy impact on the rest of your military career! And now you’re only 20!”

    You had almost forgotten that you had turned 20 a few months ago. And all those rumors that floated around you seemed to be taken way out of proportion.

    “Well… yes I did have a mission on my first day, but I technically didn’t get promoted until my 2nd day in the military.”

    “Still! It’s so cool! You are easily the best soldier in the military, maybe even the entire world! All those rumors about you can’t even compare to being with you in person!”

    You turn to all the other men, who quickly looked away, clearly aware of your reputation and the current situation. To your surprise, even Kuroo had looked away. It was true, those rumors that starts your reputation were known by everyone.

    You decided to use this against Kuroo. “Yes, it seems that my reputation can exceed even the Captain’s. He went through military school and started off as an officer. The only thing that people would find truly incredible about that is that he’s only a year older than me.”

    That was enough to get him involved with the conversation. He scooted over to you, almost completely pressed up against you.

    “That’s true. But the Lieutenant’s skills can just barely rival mine. She’s still young and inexperienced.”

    You remain calm. “You’re only a year older than me, you’re young too. And I have just as much experience as you, Captain.”

    “Oh, but not nearly enough with traveling overseas. That’s where I’ve got ya beat, Lieutenant.”

    The Private decided to intervene. “The Lieutenant is more famous than you are, Captain. The rumors say she single-handedly took down an entire wave of enemy soldiers, twice!”

    “I’ve heard that as well, that’s why she kept getting those promotions. But that doesn’t mean she’s better than her commanding officers.”

    You turned to him. “I never said I was better. And I’d appreciate it if we end this conversation. I really don’t want to think about the past. It’s better to live in the present. And presently, we have a mission to focus on.”

    For the rest of the plane ride, everyone was dead silent.

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  • haikyuu-wonderland
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Haikyuu!! captain Christmas headcannons

    anime # Haikyuu!!

    genre # crack/fluff

    pairing # Daichi x Kuroo x Oikawa x Bokuto (NON-ROMANTIC)

    age range # given age in anime/manga

    warnings # mentions of swearing, dark humour and ugly Christmas sweaters.

    # Kuroo had invited the three other captains over for Christmas movies at his house, knowing his parents were out for the weekend

    # Daichi had first said no because his own team had planned a Christmas party same night

    # but after he heard that it was Nishinoya, Tanaka and Hinata who were planning it, taking the train to Tokyo didn't bother him too much

    # Oikawa was the first to arrive, having brought along his humongous jar of home baked Christmas cookies

    # he hadn't baked it of course, his mom had

    # Bokuto had caught a cold a few days before and even though Daichi had told him not come over, he did anyways, of coure

    # it's Bokuto, what did you expect?


    # boktuo bought Christmas sweaters.

    # for. every. single. one.

    # Daichi gets the fluffy one with the reindeer and button, so if you press that it plays jingle bells

    # Kuroo got the big red one with a grumpy cat that says "meow Christmas"

    # Bokuto had most defiantly chosen that for obvious reasons

    # Oikawa had brought his own and simply refused to wear the one Bokuto had gotten for him

    # Oikawas own sweater that said "pretty boy Christmas"

    # the one Bokuto had gotten for him was a bunch of Christmas ordainments with glitter

    # Bokuto had said it was to "finally give Oikawa some balls"

    # Oikawa was very offended and had refused to even look at the sweater from that moment on

    # emo Bokuto : unlocked

    # Bokuto was wearing his own Christmas sweater with a giant penguin on

    # throughout the night, Bokuto had managed to pass the cold on to Kuroo

    # after having eaten takeout and watched the grinch like 500 times

    # it was cookie time

    # Daichi was in charge for the cookies because-

    # Kuroo can only cook soup. and maybe rice. but that's it.

    # Oikawa can MAX bake a milk bread on 10th try

    # and Bokuto can make his way all the way to the convince store, buy ramen and pour hot water in

    # so Daichi found a cookie recipe Sugawara send him last year

    # he ordered around with the others and did his best to save the cookies if they fucked it up

    # he had to use a strainer to get out the eggshells after Oikawa smashed it

    # it went alright though

    # Bokuto barely did anything, he was busy finding the perfect playlist

    # he was mostly singing along

    # Daichi only sang under his breath

    # but Kuroo and Bokuto really just sang their soul out

    # but when Oikawa got his fingers on the music, I'm sorry, but Beyoncés playing


    # "Oikawa, please shut up-"

    # Bokuto was so sad about it

    # "It's not even a Christmas music :<"

    # nonetheless

    # it was fun

    # very.

    # after baking and decorating the cookies (Oikawa having over bedazzled his, if you have teeth intact after eating, you're lucky)

    # the clock was like 2am when Oikawa was shaking everyone like crazy

    # "GUYS WAKE UP"



    # "DAICHI"

    # "IT'S. SNOWING."

    # Bokuto has never been up so fast in his whole life

    # to be honest, Daichi and Kuroo was tired as fuck

    # but.

    # they got up anyways, to look out for Bokuto and Oikawa

    # Oikawa and Bokuto was already running around and throwing snow at each other

    # "I'm gonna freeze my dick off."

    # "I don't swear, but so is mine."

    # Kuroo and Daichi was honestly just standing still for some time, tightly wrapped up in their sweater, jacket, hats, socks, scarfs, gloves, and multiple shirts underneath

    # as they were still mumbling, slowly slipping out of their dazed sleep, Oikawa and Bokuto were sneaking up on them from behind

    # they absolute fucking jumped them, dumping giant snowballs on both of them

    # "Oh it's on-"

    # it's now officially Kuroo and Daichi against Oikawa and Bokuto

    # not even 3 minutes passed before it was everybody against everybody

    # Kuroo accidentally hit a passing stranger in the face with a snowball

    # Kuroo got scared and started running, Bokuto and Oikawa just followed

    # Daichi had to apologise

    # poor stranger to be honest

    # you know those kids who'd either pour water to make ice or put stones in their snowballs?

    # yeah.

    # that kid's Bokuto

    # Oikawa started sobbing

    # after Daichi (once again) solved that they decided to built an igloo

    # "n- no, no Kuroo that's not how- make them square! SQUARE."

    # ket's all have a moment of silence for Daichi

    # he decided to test it and crawled in.

    # it didn't hold

    # the whole roof and top of the walls fell down over him

    # after having poked his head out, all three of his fellow captains were staring

    # a solid 5 seconds passed before Daichi started smiling

    # it ended up in laughter before Bokuto laid down on the pile of snow

    # Kuroo and Oikawa pretty quickly followed, laying down beside the two

    # they laid there for a solid hour looking at the snow and cracking a few jokes

    # until Oikawa noticed Daichi's lips were turning a blue-ish purple

    # "Daichi look, your lips are gonna match my teams colors!"

    # they went back inside pretty quickly

    # watched Home Alone before heading back to bed

    # the next morning, Daichi was off before any of the others woke up

    # Bokuto laughed silently with Kuroo as the took some "charming" pictures of Oikawa

    # they also had a fun time rewatching their stories


    I hope you all liked this <3

    I really found this fun :) if you have any requests, feel free to ask <33

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  • redriottrash
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Haikyuu Boys x Reader

    I don't even know how to title this one, it's the one tiktok texting trend where someone accuses their s/o of being in someone else's car and sends them a pic of a cockroach instead. That's literally it.

    Featuring: Tanaka, Bokuto, Tsukishima, Tendou, Ushijima, Kenma, Kuroo, Oikawa, Nishinoya and Iwaizumi

    #haikyu x reader #haikyuu!! #haikyuu boys#haikyuu tanaka#oikawa#hq iwaizumi#kenma kuzome #kenma x reader #kuroo testuro #kuroo x reader #iwaizumi x reader #haikyuu kenma#tendou satori #tendou x reader #ushijima x reader #bokuto x reader #bokuto #oikawa toru x reader #tanaka ryuu x reader #nishinoya x reader #tsukishima kei #tsukishima x reader
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  • mindblnk7
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago


    When you go shopping with them but it turns emotional Characters: Bokuto, Akaashi. Type: Fluff Warnings: Pregnant Reader. (a/n): I hope this is up to your standards. Please let me know if you find any mistakes, or have any feedback/requests OR if you want more of this. Thank you for reading.


    You and Bokuto had decided to go to the new mall for some furniture shopping. You both had to buy some cribs, toys, more furniture which is baby proof.

    Bokuto couldn't help but be overjoyed. He got extremely lucky with you and was over the moon when he started dating you. During High school, he had love and admiration in his eyes whenever he saw you. Now, years after, he still had the same love and admiration, maybe more.

    The news of you having his children in your stomach was a moment he always is proud of. You were not only pregnant with one, but three children! Yes! He was going to be a proud father of three in only 2 months!!

    You were waddling and doing your best to keep up with your husband. He was jumping from one aisle to another.

    " 'Taro, honey slow down, please" you pleaded with puppy dog eyes. He was a sucker for your puppy eyes. "BUT PRETTY OWL, THEY HAVE SO MANY CRIBS!!"

    "Keep it down 'Taro! I will leave you here." you threatened. He immediately fell silent and matched your steps. With your belly so huge, your back was not happy whenever you stood up. Wandering some more, you came across a massage chair. Curious and kind of tired you sat down. Bokuto started to look for the remote, he couldn't find it, so an assistant came to help with it.

    You were not paying attention to them, but focused on relaxing. The assistant pressed the switch button and the massage chair turned on. It had this feature of a back massage, there were rollers moving up and down on your back and you never ever felt this good.

    Your body relaxed to the point where you couldn't help but cry a little, you started sniffling.(blame the hormones)

    "BABY OWL! IS SOMETHING WRONG? SHOULD I SWITCH OFF THE CHAIR!!! WAHHH! TURN IT OFF!! " he kept yelling at the assistant as he fumbled with the device. Bokuto knelt down next to you, grabbed your hand and kissed it multiple times, "Shhh...baby, I got you..I got you. I'm here "

    "It feels so good...*sniff* my back doesn't ache anymore.." you replied.

    oh...Bokuto always took extra care of you, but nowadays he couldn't give you the extra care that you needed and wanted. His smile drooped and he got sulky, " Baby owl, I'm sorry, I PROMISE TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOU! We will buy this chair!" he turned to the very confused assistant.

    "But 'Taro we don't ne-"

    "Shush! You are enjoying the massage SO we WILL be buying it! My baby owl deserves the BEST!!!" he bent down and pressed more kisses on your forehead. You smiled.

    He really is the man of your dreams.


    Akaashi took a day off specifically for you. When you told him that you needed more baby proof furniture and some more toys, he looked up the new Home Centre shop. The shop had everything that you wanted.

    Surprisingly, Akaashi had tricked Bokuto into thinking that you were going next week, otherwise, Bokuto also would've tagged along. He was excited for the girl even more than both of you. ( 'I am the greatest and the coolest uncle she'll ever have'- Bokuto's exact words)

    So here you were, walking next to your husband. Being pregnant with a healthy baby girl was very new to Akaashi, so he took very special care of you. He had one hand on the small of your back and you were holding his arm for support.

    You kept browsing until you reached a section where they sell home accessories. An Assistant immediately made her way to you, ready to make some sales. You really didn't want to handle her so you left Akaashi behind. Going a little further you found a black leather chair, your feet were sore, so you waddled over there. There was a machine kept in front of that chair.

    "Ah! I see that you have found our bestseller, the foot massager. It is upgraded in such a way that it is space-friendly, budget friendly and a foot pleaser." The assistant turned on the massager.

    The slow vibrations, the correct amount of pressure on the underside, ankle, toes...it was so relaxing. You sighed and relaxed a little. Eucalyptus smell hit you within a second, it was so comforting, the fatigue washed away from your body in second. The amount of pain and how stiff your body was earlier was astonishing, the relaxation became so joyful you started tearing up a bit. (blame the hormones again)

    On hearing your sniffling Akaashi was next to you in a flash.

    "Love, is it hurting?", he rest his hand on your stomach, " shh darling, I'm here , a little bit more, do you want the machine to stop.." he already had his hand on the remote.

    "No...it...my foot is no longer sore...it's so good....and it smells so beautiful " you sniffled more.

    Akaashi smiled and ran a hand through your hair, pregnancy was never easy, you had all his respect and love. He will do anything keep you comfortable.

    "We will buy it, along with the Eucalyptus air freshener. " He said.

    "Of course sir!" the assistant giddily walked away.

    "But Keiji we came for cribs ..." you reasoned.

    "My love, you may not want it, but my little darling inside you surely wants her mama to relax a little. " he bent down and pecked your stomach.

    "So, both my girls need to sleep and be comfortable".

    How ..how did you end up with this sweetheart?

    #akaashi keji x reader #akaashi x reader #haikyuu x reader #haiykuu!! #haikyuu fluff #bokuto x reader #Bokuto x reader #akaashi keiji#kuroo testuro#koutarou fluff #koutarou x reader #koutaro x reader #akaashi x y/n #akaashi x you #haikyuu!! #haikyu x reader #haikyū!!
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    #⋯ ♡⃕📸 #⋯ aliens! #⋯ @tetsuro kuroo #⋯ haikyuu exotics! #⋯ erotic! #⋯ groovy! #⌦ {gang}#⌦ {fem}#⌦ {sub} #tw gun play #tw mafia #tw consensual noncon #tw noncon
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    u: wait guys it’s almost winter also it’s 2 in the morning? lol

    bokuto: y/n :(

    kuroo: y/n you better watch your back you made my boy said.


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  • lealartgallery
    29.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Superstar Oikawa and his bodyguards 😎

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  • sunkeiji
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #YOU’RE SO SWEET #kuroo anon <3 #from the stars
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  • sartetsu
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago


    characters. multi-characters

    authors note. i just thought of this and decided to write it;)

    DOESN’T EVEN THINK TWICE... you were certain he said it in one breath. He cornered you somewhere and basically shouted what sounded like a confession at you. Now you don’t understand most of what he said, but there was definitely an “i like you” somewhere in there. You were shocked that he managed to not run away.

    ➞ hinata, nishinoya, yamaguchi, bokuto, kindaichi, goshiki, yamamoto, inuoka 

    PLANS IT OUT PERFECTLY FOR WEEKS, EVEN HAS A SPEECH PREPARED AND GOES AS PLANNED... He was 99.9% sure he was in love with you. Everything went according to plan, probably the most romantic and sweet thing that has ever happened to you. He went all out there were flowers, chocolate even took you out for dinner afterwards. Pretty sure you almost cried.

    ➞ daichi, sugawara, yaku, tendou, ennoshita

    EVERYTHING DOESN’T GO AS PLANNED… Gets too nervous, so he forgets his speech and stumbles on his words, almost fell a few times. He showed up late because he got lost and things came up on the last minute. Forgot to make a dinner reservation and you thought this was some joke on you. 

    ➞ tanaka, kuroo, lev, kageyama, oikawa, 

    WAS NEVER PLANNING ON TELLING YOU BUT SAYS IT ACCIDENTALLY… He was shocked, you were shocked. He was frozen in place, and you just stared at him in confusion. You made some dumb joke, and he asked himself why did he like you so much. It took him a few moments to realize he said that out loud. 

    ➞ asahi, kenma, tsukishima, iwaizumi, akaashi,

    “I LIKE YOU…” Simple, straight to the point, and doesn’t hesitate. He doesn’t see why it should be a big deal and thinks you may like him back, sees no point in holding in his feelings. 

    ➞ ushijima, aone, kyoutani, kunimi

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  • kuroosweakness
    29.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    kuroo when his s/o is on their period

    ╰ he’d have a period tracker app on his phone to help you keep track of your period and period symptoms! sometimes, his phone would buzz when a period notification pops up and his coworkers/friends would send him questioning looks, “your period’s almost here?” he’d wave them off with an amused smile and inform them that it’s in fact, not for him, but for his s/o! 

    ╰ he’d double check to make sure you have the period products you need! whether it may be tampons, pads made especially for nighttime, cups, etc. i personally can’t see him openly and/or explicitly talk about periods because in a way, it’s still an enigmatic subject to him, not a subject he’s confident on, but he’ll for sure be willing to learn more about them! 

    ╰ when a strong and quick-passing cramp hits you, he’d pause to watch as your body stiffens, face scrunching in pain. when the cramp passes and your body relaxes, he’d ask a light-hearted “you okay?” 

    ╰  if you were to accidentally stain the bed sheets, he’d help you wash them with no problem! even in the middle of the night, he’d send you off to the bathroom while he takes care off the bed sheets “so i don’t became a murder suspect,” he’d joke with a small, sleepy smile. it doesn’t take long before the two of you are tucked under the warm and cozy blankets again. 

    ╰  if heat packs and painkillers are commonly used by you, he’d have those items stashed in the front role of cupboards/storage areas where they’re easy to find and access. 

    ╰ when you need alone time, he’d be sure to busy himself and give you time alone. once in a while, he’d throw a petty but harmless remark here and there. “oh? guess who needs me again,” he’d joke when you sling your arms around him after napping by yourself for the half-of-the/whole day. 

    ╰  he definitely mellows down a bit when you’re on your period...maybe out of fear ahahaha his teasing and feisty remarks barely, just barely, become softer and more loving ones 

    #Kuroo Tetsurou #this is dedicated to my kuroo stans who're on their period :')) #lia misses kuroo #kuroo x reader #hq kuroo
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    #kuroo anon <3 #from the stars
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  • sleepy-moons
    29.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    thinkin about the guys who mumble “I know, I know” in your ear when you whine about it being too much, about him being too big.

    #bonus points when they add your pet name afterward #‘I know pretty girl I know’ #wet coochie noises #draken shinso daichi kuroo mitsuya
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  • oolongmilkteaaddict
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    characters: oikawa, daichi & kuroo x f!reader

    genre: fluff/romance

    warnings: none

    a/n: hey everyone ! i haven’t written in this blog in forever but with the cold weather and holiday season happening i am in the mood to write ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ

    OIKAWA .⋆。⋆ ୭

    Oikawa was always confident in everything he did. Whether it was volleyball, a math test or simply just walking, he overflowed in confidence. That was until he laid eyes on you. How could he talk to every single girl that batted their pretty eyes at him except for you. Whenever you were near the words ready to come out of his mouth would force their way back down his throat leaving him a flustering mess. These feelings were something foreign to him. Unknown. New. Sure he knew what it was like to be attracted to someone but to genuinely care for someone and to want that someone to be his was what surprised the volleyball player the most. He found himself hesitating to talk to you. There were days he was feeling good, feeling ready to really start a conversation with you but the sparkle in your eyes once they met his took all of that away. How could this be? Why is this happening? He’d ask himself those questions every night. In his eyes you were beautiful. The beauty marks on your face, the stray hair on your head or the mismatched socks were all beautiful, all perfect to him. And he wanted you to know that. He wanted you to know everything he felt for you. It was killing him everyday knowing that you didn’t know. Oikawa expressed this everyday to Iwaizumi. “Why don’t you just tell her? Hm? It can’t be that hard—” “But it is! It is that hard? Everyday I feel intimidated. And I’ve never felt this way before. Tell me Iwai, why am I feeling this?” The poor boy looked into his best friend’s eyes hoping he would have the answer. “You’re in love my friend.” He patted Oikawa’s back, “The more you conceal these feelings the worse it’ll get.” During that conversation Oikawa realized he was in love. A class A player in love? This happened in the mangas he read. Now this is happening to him.

    DAICHI .⋆。⋆ ୭

    It was always so easy for Daichi to talk to you. The words would just flow out of his mouth as if you guys have been talking for decades, centuries even. There was something so natural between the two of you. Everyone saw the way he looked at you. Everyone saw how you two clicked. Sugawara would always mention it to the oblivious captain. “You should tell her. When are you going to ask her out? I bet she’s waiting. You should tell her Daichi before it’s too late—” “What do you mean? We’re just friends.” “Sure Daichi. Sure.” Of course Daichi him self would wonder late at night whether or not there was something between the two of you. But in the end he’s brush it off, why would he want to ruin something that was already so perfect? Right? The chemistry between you two was something many didn’t see in others. He saw it, and he loves it. He loves how you laugh at his jokes his team mates never laugh at. He loves it when you wave at him from afar. He loves it when you show up at his house with medicine when he’s sick. He…loves…you…This sudden realization made him sit straight up in his bed. “I love her.” He whispered.

    KUROO .⋆。⋆ ୭

    Everyday Kuroo would greet you before school started. It was just one of those things you two did. Nothing weird just a simple hello. It was nice, Kuroo was always nice to his friends. Except you weren’t just a friend in his eyes. He really liked you, and no matter how much he wished he could make it known he was too shy to. Sure he’s the captain of the boys volleyball team, gaining a lot of popularity and was definitely noticed by the girls, at the end of the day he was just a high school student who enjoyed the sciences. He didn’t have the courage to tell you how much he wished he would give you hugs without making it weird. Of course Kenma knew he was in love before the bed headed fool knew himself. But Kenma never said anything to Kuroo, he needed to figure it out himself. One morning Kuroo went to your locker to say his daily hello to you. To his surprise Kenma has beat him to it. He watched as his friend made you laugh and smile. He wasn’t mad no, he felt this bitter feeling in his chest. But why? It was only Kenma talking to you. Nothing harmful, just a simple conversation. Later that day Kuroo questioned Kenma, “Hey you don’t usually talk to Y/N in the mornings…why now?” “I’m not sure, she just seems pretty cool. Y’a know?” This was all part of the bleach haired boys plan. He had set the gears in Kuroo’s mind turning. “Oh. Okay! That’s cool…” The two sat there eating lunch until it was interrupted. “Why do you think she’s cool Kenma? I mean it is a little odd that you happen to just know taken in interest in her.” “Well what if I do have an interest in her?” This caused the dark haired boy to look at his friend straight in the eyes. “Oh really? Ha! Okay!” Kuroo smiled a not so friendly smile. “If you don’t want me to be interested I can do that.” Kenma said continuing to eat his food. “Well maybe…” “Ok then, give me a reason to stop.” “Wha—” “Give me a reason Kuroo.” “Well I can’t possibly give you one.” “Yes you can.” “No I can’t.” “Ok, I’ll ask her out then, after all she is pretty cool—” “NO!” This time he shouted. Causing beads to turn. “No.” He muttered. “It’s because I—well I…” “You what? “I love her okay? There I said it, and I’m already planning on asking her out.” “Thank you, that’s what I wanted to hear.” Lunch ended with a satisfied Kenma and a love struck Kuroo.

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  • mysterystarz
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    #cosmic mailbox #jack! #i have kuroo’s name as the hashtag #though i may change it to keijis
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    #kuroo anon <3 #from the stars
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  • kuroosweakness
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    comments like “kuroo is so respectful here”

    KUROO IS RESPECTFUL EVERYWHERE! (especially canon kuroo he’s had respect and consideration for others since day one)

    “he can’t be perfect he has to have flaws”

    and then the flaws people give him are “emotionally abusive” “homophobic” “sexist” “have little regard for others’ feelings” “only cares about his passion and not others’”

    those are not flaws 😭 that’s just being horrible person rhdjsjwjdjdbsa

    #lia convos #i feeel the need to defend kuroo until the very end :’
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  • haikyuuwaifu
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    Genre: Humor

    Warnings: Swearing



    Humming a little tune, Y/N made her way toward her new favorite café. She’d had a good nap, and now she wanted something filling. Making her way toward the shop, she sighed as she noticed the line. Making her way further down, she squeezed by a few eager women, gossiping about the one of the employees. “I hear he’s got a boyfriend, but they like to share.” one woman whispered, her eye brows in her hairline. Another woman simpered, as she giggled with her friend. “I hear he’s impossible to talk to, and he rejects every confession that comes his way!” Y/N simply made her way down the line, humming her toon and paying the other women no mind.

    Walking inside, she was greeted by a frantically waving Atsumu, as he tried in vain to hold Kyoutani down. Across from Atsumu, sat his crush Kiyoomi, who looked slightly disturbed. “Did I miss the show?” she mumbled cheekily, digging around in her bag. When she found what she had been looking for, she set it down in front of him. It was a mini sanitizer clip that he could attach to his gym bag. “You mentioned something about your old one breaking off right?” she asked, taking a sip of Atsumu’s drink.

    Her face scrunched up, as she shook her head. “Too much sugar tsumu!” Atsumu paid her no mind, as he tried to sit on the grumbling blonde he had in his grasp. A loud cackle, broke it’s way through the café, as a man with the craziest hair Y/N had ever seen made his way toward them. Tilting her head, she watched, as his long legs practically floated him toward their table. Mentally, she was cursing Akaashi and Kenma, for being 100% right on her type. The smell of Udon hit Y/n’s nose, and she felt herself salivating at the thought of having a taste. Luckily for her, Kuroo had stopped right in front of their table, mischevious grin spread over his face. “I was just kidding puppy-chan.” He cooed, wiggling his finger in Kyoutani’s face. The blonde made to bite it, only for Y/N to lodge her bag into his mouth. “Simmer down doggy, I’m starving and the nice man might not feed me if you’re being a dick.” Y/N whispered, eyeing the tray of food in front of them. “Oh, these are for you cutie. Kenma let me know you were coming! You’re Y/N right?” Kuroo asked, taking the plates of food and setting them out in front of her. Y/N could only nod, her eyes closed as she took in the mix of scents. “I’m Kuroo! Kuroo Tetsuro, the best barista around.” he declared, crossing his arms over his chest. Sakusa could only scoff, as he pulled his phone out to show Y/N an incriminating photo. “This was him just last week after we watched Banana Fish.” he stated. The picture was of Kuroo, cheeks red as tears streamed down his face. “Oi! That’s a doctored photo!” he hissed, trying to reach out for Omi’s phone. Y/N couldn’t help but laugh as she slurped up her noodles, the warm food reminding her of home.

    -Kuroo is a simp. Send twt. He and Y/N hit it off better than he thought they would. He will not admit that he was kind of nervous to meet her in person. Omi and Atsumu didn’t really say much after Y/N showed up. Both men were too nervous, and later decided group gatherings might be best until they can find the nerve to say more than two sentences.

    -Iwaizumi DID IN FACT remember Y/N. He had seen her around campus a lot. In the library, the abandoned hallways, the rooftops. Whenever he wanted to get a little bit of piece and quiet he always ended up in the same area as her. Iwaizumi didn’t witness the bullying first hand, but he had been there when she would cry later. He didn’t think she would want a complete stranger saying something to her, so he tried to steer it away from her when he wasn’t busy with volleyball and his other obligations. He always thought she was pretty, and he was secretly glad that his Kouhai reached out and made friends with her their second year. 

    -Kuroo can understand where Iwaizumi is coming from. They met in college, but they’ve been friends so long that they know each other very well. Even if it wasn’t Iwaizumi’s fault, Kuroo knows he still needs time to process everything. Kentarou has Oikawa’s arrival date marked for a beating.

    -Y/N gave Kuroo her number after the shop had closed, and everyoneo had gone out for ice cream. They were arguing the merits of Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. Y/N found out later, that Kuroo didn’t charge her for her meal, and is dead set on paying for it.(She’s not a freeloader). She’s also pleased she has an inside man to get her more ghibli merch.


    a/n: there are no taglists

    #merrygoroundoflife #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu kuroo#haikyuu#haikyuu smau#smau#kuroo imagine#kuroo imagines #kuroo x reader #Iwaizumi Hajime #iwaizumi x reader #iwazumi x reader #iwazumi imagines#iwazumi hajime
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    castles in the air: chapter 1

    chapters: one.// two.// three.// four.// five.// six.// seven.// eight.// nine.// ten.//

    pairing: kuroo tetsuro x f! reader  genre: university romantic dramedy, mild angst, fluff wc: 4.2k  summary: kuroo tetsuro is your pain in the ass classmate. that’s all. really. 

    Kuroo Tetsuro is many things. 

    A top student, appearing on the dean’s list from his very first semester, to the envy of his peers. A starting player in Waseda University’s volleyball team, his reputation as a solid middle blocker that anchored a team all the way to Nationals preceding him. A filial son and grandson, visiting his grandparents every weekend, a bouquet of flowers in hand for his obaa-san. 

    Kuroo Tetsuro is also falling asleep in Finance 102. 

    He slips in and out of strange, exhaustion fuelled dreams, of long haired girls in cat ears, of cats in funny hats, of the Nekoma team scurrying around Tokyo to find Fukunaga when he disappears yet again on one of his many adventures, of Coach Nekomata lowering the net down and raising it back up again, as he switches in between his younger and older self - 

    “Oi”, a hissed whisper. “The Prof said this topic is going to come out in finals, you better stay awake!” 

    He forces a bleary eye to open. The professor’s screen swims before him, the old man’s voice droning on and on about the time value of money, the calculation of bonds. His mind is no match for the sagging exhaustion in his bones, the soreness in his sinews. Yesterday, his captain made the entire team run around the track until dusk is swallowed by the night, all that after countless diving drills and weight training and - he probably should’ve brought toothpicks to class, if only to prop his eyelids up, because he’s really fighting a losing battle right here. 

    The human alarm clock behind him decides to resort to violence, jabs him sharply in the soft spot between his shoulder blades. That, at least, jolts him awake. He topples from the castles in his dreams into the cruel, harsh reality that he’s in a lecture hall and not his nice, soft bed. 

    (wait a minute. alarm clocks don’t resort to violence.)

    He straightens in his chair, whipping his head around to meet your unimpressed eyes. Oh, he knows you - you caught his eye immediately during the spring semester, neutral expression on your face as you crunched through pink and white blossoms to make your way through class. He’d passed you in the dorm hallways, seen you disappear with your basket of neatly pressed laundry into your room, just a few doors from him. But you weren’t one of his classmates within his orbit, mostly content with your own company, so he only truly pays you any notice when he sees your name appear next to his on the dean’s list, one of the few girls to impress the notoriously parochial finance professors enough to garner top scores.

    “Thanks”, he whispers, shooting you (what he hopes is) a charming smirk. 

    It evidently isn’t. 

    You glance at him flatly, eyes swivelling back to the professor’s screen. Your fingers don’t stop moving, typing furiously. He gathers himself, wills the exhaustion away before trying to follow your lead, takes some useful notes down in a bid to maintain his place at the front of the pack. It works somewhat, he can say with some confidence that he’s managed to absorb most of what’s being taught, and he turns back to thank you, his human alarm clock (or so he dubs you, in his head), when he realises you’ve already scurried off, slipping through the door. 


    A bevy of classmates descend upon him, mistakenly assuming he’s calling them over to accompany him for lunch. He lets them sweep him away, but resolves to find an opportunity to speak with you. 

    You’re surprising. He kinda likes that. 

    He doesn’t have to wait terribly long. 

    After all, he stays in the same dorm as you, so it’s only a matter of time before he spots you in the cafeteria, laptop perched in front of a plate of garlic fried rice. He’s already had dinner with his teammates after practice, so he swipes a bottle of tea from the vending machine, an excuse to slide into the seat across from you. 

    “Hi”, he says, with yet another smirk. 

    He’s trying his best to be as suave as people assume he is, but fails miserably as he struggles to open the cap. You stay silent, watching him fight the plastic bottle until you reach over, and with dry hands, you twist it open, hand it back to him.  

    “Thanks”, he says, this time with a sheepish smile. You just watch him silently. “And thanks for - y’know - keeping me awake in class.” 

    “No problem”, you shrug. In a clear act of dismissal, you turn your attention back to your screen. 

    Kuroo has plenty of manners drilled into him by his obaa-san, his ojii-san, his stern father especially giving no ground to any childhood mischief. Memories of slippers and rolled up newspapers are still seared into his brain, but time spent amongst his teammates in Nekoma has instilled an appreciation for chaos, for playfulness that makes him steal a piece of katsu from your plate, drop it into his mouth. 

    It’s childish, he knows. But for a reason he can’t really articulate right now, he really, really wants you to pay him some attention, wants you to lift your eyes from the screen, possibly scold him with girlish outrage, squawk at him. That’s how he used to bond with his team, after all - roughhousing and playing pranks and mocking each other. 

    But you’re different. His mistake is to cross a maiden who wields her sword without hesitation. A flash of silver, glinting in the light, and you stab his hand with your fork.

    “What the - “ he clutches his wrist to his chest, scowling indignantly at the pinprick of pain. “It’s just one piece of food!”

    “I don’t even know you, asshole!” You wave your fork accusingly at him, a threat that you have no qualms about attacking him again. He rears back. “Spit it out!” 

    “It’s already in my stomach!” His eyes widen as you point your fork towards his belly. “Okay, okay - sheesh. I’ll buy you dinner tomorrow!” 

    Your annoyance seems to bleed away at the offer of food. 

    “Fine”, you retract your deadly weapon. “What time?” 

    “7pm. You’re so demanding, woman”, he grumbles, nursing his wounded pride. 

    You twirl your fork in your hand with a menacing frown. He scuttles away, a bottle of tea held aloft like a shield. 

    He does his research before dinner the next day. 

    The campus is huge, and so is the cohort of business students, so it’s little wonder that your circles and his don’t overlap. But Sato from his team was in your project group in Finance 101 in the previous semester, and smirks when he mentions your name - even though Kuroo thinks he definitely has no ground for looking so smug, not when he’s a second year student having to pretty much retake his entire first year due to crappy grades. 

    “Easiest project ever”, he grins, with a thumbs up that Kuroo’s tempted to shove up his ass. “She pretty much did the whole thing herself and gave us scripts to read off. She’s a frigid bitch but at least she didn’t complain much about it.” 

    “Of course”, Kuroo says. “I’m sure that’d help you out when Finance 102 rolls around again.” 

    He leaves Sato puzzling over his remark, papering his snark over with a friendly, genial smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. 

    There’s little else he can find out about you. His neighbour next door mentions off-hand that you’ve lent her 100 yen coins at the laundromat, giggles when she whispers that your nose was buried in a romance manga of some kind, too engrossed in it to pay her much attention at all. His deskmate confirms what he already knows, that you were so close to topping the cohort, missing out on the best grades by just a hair. 

    So when 7pm rolls around, he’s curious, even though he knows curiosity killed the cat. You’re already there, eyes still perennially on your laptop screen. You shriek when he tugs it away from you. 


    Your reflexes are whip-fast, palm landing a stinging slap to his wrist. The girls’ volleyball team would be lucky to have you. 

    “Relax”, he drawls, pushing your laptop back. You hug it to your chest, glaring at him like an affronted kitten. “I’m just saying hi.”

    “You’re supposed to be buying me dinner, not attempt to steal my things again”, you snap, nostrils flaring. “Though maybe I should just buy my own dinner and eat it in my room, maybe I’ll get some peace and quiet that way - “

    “Sit tight, princess - let your loyal squire serve you your food - ”

    He leaves you mouthing at him indignantly princess?! as he trots off, returning with two trays heavy with food. You stare at the plate he sets before you, before finally retracting your claws to grasp a fork. 

    “Thanks”, you mutter, scowling when he refuses to let you open your laptop in a bid to distance yourself from him. 

    “Uh uh”, he chides you, grinning when you snarl at him, a wildcat. “C’mon, I bought you dinner - “

    “Cos you stole mine - “ 

    “Hey, princess, that’s cos you asked me too -” 

    “For the love of - could you not call me princess? I barely know you -” 

    He continues, undeterred. “Princess”, he smirks mockingly. “I stole one piece of katsu, could you not exaggerate? Making me sound like a greedy pig - “ 

    You chew on your food angrily as he chuckles. 

    “Oh, cos you are - I’m gonna let you sleep through classes from now on - “ 

    “Ah, that”, he lets his lips tilt upwards, eyes curving into crescents. “I was wondering why you did that, considering how anti-social you seem. Was it cos you felt sorry for me - or, is it cos’ you find me - “ 

    “I just thought I’d be bored if one of my few competitors decided to sleep on his chances.” You stare at him defiantly, letting your own mouth slant into a smirk that mirrors his own. “It makes topping the class a lot less sweet - don’t you think? Don’t flatter yourself, Kuroo Tetsuro.” 

    He gapes at you as you swallow your last mouthful of food, doesn’t shut his mouth as you give him a two fingered salute, disappearing from his view. 

    Kenma stays silent throughout his tirade about you. And oh, does he rant.

    “She’s so stuck-up, that stick in the mud. Just constantly studying and looking down from her ivory tower at us- c’mon I didn’t even score that much lower than her last semester, and if I did that’s cos unlike her I was actually busy having - y’know - an actual life outside of school, not that she’d know one if it smacked her in her face -” 

    There’s no sound from the other side of the phone. 

    “Kenma - did you mute me? What the hell, I call you once a week, and this is how you treat your best friend?” 

    "Who says I'm your best friend?" 


    A cool click, tongue against teeth. "Is this one of those things that people do when they have a crush? Pretend to dislike each other?" 

    "Did you listen to anything I've been saying for the past ten minutes -" 

    "I guess it's like my dating sims", Kenma continues ponderously, as if Kuroo hadn't interrupted. "Using insults to hide their attraction towards each other -" 

    "I'm not attracted to this - this hostile, grumpy woman?! She's rude and crabby to everyone -" 

    "You probably deserve it. Weren't you rude to her first?"

    "I was teasing her!" 

    A shuffle, a soft sigh. "Same difference." 

    It's Kuroo’s turn to sigh. "Fine. I definitely provoked her." He frowns at the knowing silence hanging over the line. "Fine, I should try to play nice." 

    Kenma snorts, static stuttering. "You came to that conclusion on your own." 

    A sly grin creeps onto his face. "Well, playing nice does have its benefits…" 

    So he finds himself tracking you down, but you're surprisingly slippery, ducking away from lectures before he can catch hold of you, avoiding the cafeteria as if you know his schedule, and you're nowhere to be found in the crowded library, where you should be hiding out, along with the multitude of stressed out university students, praying at the altar of good grades. 

    But he uses his eyes, and watches, and waits, and adopts a direct approach, knocking on your dorm door when he knows you’ve returned after a late night run to the library, long after dinner. The back of his shirt is damp from the murky humidity of the dying summer night, but he persists, hammering the wood with his fist when polite knocking fails to draw you out from your cave. 

    “Oi, princess!” 

    The door remains stubbornly shut. It might take a battering ram to get through to you. But at least there remains a malevolent human presence behind it, as a muffled "what d'you want?" leaks through the wood. You’re stubborn as hell, he’ll add that to the list of your attributes.  

    He presses his hand to his chest, affecting sincerity. "I'm here to apologise."

    The door cracks open. He can just about make out your eye, glaring at him fiercely.

    (here, kitty, kitty.) 

    "For what?" 

    You’re definitely not making this easy for him. "For stealing your food? For teasing you."

    A second, a beat. He grins when the crack to your fortress widens, ever so slightly. 

    "Apology accepted. Is that all?" 

    He catches the door easily, leans his weight open to force it open, at least so he can see your face. "Well, there'd be more if you actually opened your door and talked to me, like a normal person -" 

    "Insults aren't gonna make me want to talk to you", you complain, but you open the door anyway. He wants to laugh, eyes sweeping up and down your form, amused to find out that you look far more approachable in adorable pyjamas with colourful cartoon prints. 

    "Eyes up here, Kuroo-san", you snap your fingers at him. "If there's nothing else, I'll see you in class tomorrow."

    He wedges his foot in before you can close the door on his face. “No! Learn some patience, won’t you?” You look as if you’re considering whether to punch his face, and he’d really like to avoid any internal bleeding, so he presses on. “Look - I was wondering if you’d like to partner up for the projects this semester with me.”

    “With you?” you echo, shock evident on your face before you school it back into its usual deadpan expression, folding her arms. “You could partner up with anyone else -” 

    “Yeah, but any team with both of us would be unstoppable.”

    Your frown deepens. “Any team with me would already be unstoppable -” 

    “But it’s a win-win for both of us, isn’t it? You wouldn’t have to carry your whole team by yourself - doesn’t your back ache from doing that? And you’d have more time to study, your favourite pastime.” 

    He thinks you’re definitely about to clock him when your frown darkens into a full blown scowl, but you surprise him yet again by sticking your hand out at him. 

    “Fine. It’s a deal. But I’ll kill you if you drag me down, or worse - make me a laughing stock in front of our class.” 

    “Won’t happen. You won’t regret teaming up with me, princess.”

    “Could you stop calling me that?! I swear - I’m going to let you fall asleep in class and fail all your exams.”

    “That doesn’t make sense if you’re going to need me to work with you, is it?”

    He can’t help smirking down at you, before grabbing your hand, throwing his back in laughter when you yank your hand back in disgust, slamming the door in his face. His grades are definitely secure, and this semester might prove to be far more interesting than the last, if you’re around to provide some entertainment. 

    The class groans when the time for project work rolls around, and he swivels in his chair to grin triumphantly at you. You give him a defeated nod, which he takes as his cue to put his name down next to yours.

    “Don’t look like that, princess”, he chuckles, inching his chair closer to you. “That way you don’t have to lug around deadweight anymore - I’d never ask you to write my script for presentations at least.”

    “Yeah”, you wrinkle your nose, fingers flying even faster across your keyboard until it becomes a blur. “But that means I have to deal with you.”

    “You make it sound like such a chore.”

    “It is!” 

    Hand to heart, he tries to pout, even though he just wants to belly laugh at the disgruntled look on your face. 

    “C’mon, I’d never let you down - “ 

    “You better not, it’s your grade on the line too”, you say before flouncing off. 

    His classmates start taking notice when you and he pair up twice more in your other classes. 

    “Give the rest of us a shot”, Sato complains during practice. “You two are gonna wreck the bell curve at this rate.” 

    A sly, curling smirk spreads on his face. “That’s kind of the point of working with her”, he says, bouncing the ball on his arms.

    Sato huffs, crossing his arms. “Yeah, that makes sense. Wouldn’t want to spend any more time with her than necessary, no thank you to that!”

    Kuroo only throws his head back and laughs. 

    As much as Sato complains, you’ve been nothing but a breeze to work with, churning out reports and powerpoint decks like a machine. He contributes his fair share of course - his pride wouldn’t allow anything otherwise, and you and he spend hours crammed in a tiny booth in the library bickering about the accuracy of their calculations, the feasibility of their marketing strategy. 

    “You’re kidding - I double checked these figures thrice!” 

    “Yeah, but if they’re wrong, they’re wrong.” You circle the offending numbers in red ink, pen bleeding into the paper, bright enough to see from outer space. “Your calculator settings are probably wrong.”

    “No way!” 

    “Yes way!”

    “No way!” 

    “Let me see”, you wrestle the calculator from him and he slumps back, completely routed when he hands over the calculator and you’re proven right, an uncharacteristic smile lighting up your face when you wave his traitorous calculator at him in glee.  

    “Fine”, he huffs, folding his arm. “You win.” 

    At least marketing reports are more his forte than finance calculations, that he has to admit, so at least there he has you beat. You call him sleazy for the marketing tactics that he’s willing to pull, but you go along anyway, convinced when he draws numerous graphs with fancy visuals which the professor gushes over. 

    “See, I told you I’d be pulling my weight.” He tells you after the initial consultation with the professor. 

    “Yeah, yeah”, you scoff, but there’s a tell-tale tilt to your lips - a little like Tsukki when his delightfully grumpy kouhai manages a block - that he’s deciphered to mean you’re secretly pleased. “That’s literally the least you could do.”

    “Give me some more credit than that, princess.”

    You roll your eyes. “Would you stop bragging if I bought you dinner?” 

    Food, it seems, is the currency you seem to resort to. 

    “That’s the least you could do”, he retorts, tossing your words back in your face, but instead of frowning, you merely laugh, tugging him down the leafy avenue of the campus, down asphalt roads, a lingering warmth from the afternoon sun, to a little ramen shop that’s manned by an stern grandpa with wrinkles weathered into his forehead, who looks like he’d keel over if the wind blew too hard in his direction, but his face softens when he sees you. 

    “You brought a friend?” 

    “Everyone needs to try your prawn ramen at least once in their lives”, you say brightly, shoulders relaxing from the tense line you usually hold them in. 

    The old grandpa merely waves you into an empty seat, and Kuroo lets you shoo him into a corner, ordering for him. He loves seafood - his taste cultivated by the preferences of his grandparents, but he’s never drooled as much as he has when he catches the first whiff of prawn ramen when it’s unceremoniously placed before him. 

    “It tastes better than it smells, believe it or not”, you lean forward over your bowl, elbows on the polished countertop, chopsticks swimming in the broth. You’ve lost your table manners, you’re already digging in. “Go on!” 

    He groans when the taste of the sea and the richness from the prawn hits his tongue, before the heavier notes of the pork broth washes through. “It’s amazing”, he mumbles between gulps of broth, slurping the thin noodles loudly, much to the delight of the grandpa. 

    “Of course it is”, you reply smugly, and for once, he has no desire to bicker with you, focusing all his energy on emptying the entire bowl of noodles into his very happy belly. 

    He walks you home after dinner - though your room is really just a few doors from his, and it’s surprising how easy conversation is with you, when you’re both full and satisfied with the best bowl of ramen he’s ever had in his life, and flushed with triumph from the progress of your projects. 

    He learns that you’re from Tokyo, born and raised, just like him. Your father’s a teacher, your mother’s a housewife, you’ve grown up with books as your main companions, and attended a public school not too far from his own. You run in the early mornings to clear your mind, a habit picked up from your high school days, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell you that it’s probably not the safest for you to be running at such a time alone, even when you retort archly that he’s not your dad, so you refuse to listen to him. 

    “Stubborn”, he shrugs his shoulders. “Don’t call me crying for help some day.”

    “As if I would”, you retort, with a flash of your eyes and a toss of your hair. 

    Such dinners become more and more common between you two after sessions working on research papers, project presentations, and your walks back to campus are filled with easy conversation. He listens when you tell him how you’d have studied literature but you’re practical to a fault, so you picked business instead. Much like him, he finds himself telling you - he would’ve chosen chemistry purely based on interest and aptitude, but his dreams lie outside a sterile science lab. 

    “But I still can tell you a bad chemistry joke or two”, he grins, and you groan, begging him to spare you. 

    You listen when he tells you about his high school team. He’s never been accused of modesty, so he crows about his team making it to Nationals under his captaincy, but his face softens when he tells you about each and every one of the boys that he played with, that he so obviously considers his closest circle of friends. Quiet, reliable Kai - ever the mediator, with a killer spike.  Yaku, bossy know-it-all, with the deadliest instincts, destined to be the best libero in the country (though Komori Motoya may beg to disagree). 

    Come to think of it - 

    “You remind me a little of Yaku”, he says off-hand, eyes glinting in amusement at the mental image of his ginger, grumpy friend spitting his outrage when he steals his food. 

    “A bossy know-it-all?” you echo, eyebrow arched. “Sure. I’ve been called worse.” 

    “Nah - you both know exactly what you want, and you don’t stop until you get it. That’s pretty cool.”

    You stare at him, obviously considering whether to take his compliment at face value. 

    “Thanks”, you eventually say. “I guess.” 

    He continues to tell you about the rest of the team. Yamamoto, loud, enthusiastic, the vice-captain now.  Fukunaga, almost entirely silent save for the little jokes he makes. Kuroo’s convinced Fukunaga lives in his own bubble, lured out only by the occasional need for companionship. The first years, wet behind the ears initially - Lev, overly cocky, Teshiro, overly cautious, Inuoka, overly eager, Shibayama, overly anxious -  but he personally felt validated watching them learn for themselves the value of teamwork, of how one person’s mistake on the court is never solely his own, not when they play as a team of six. 

    “That’s nine”, you say. “You said there were ten members on your team.”

    “There’s also Kenma”, he replies. “If we’re the blood, he’s the heart of the team.”

    His first friend. His best friend. A gremlin who spends all night playing games if unchecked, who analyses life as a game and always manages to come up on top, surprising all who underestimate him. 

    “He sounds like an interesting person”, you comment when he falls silent.  “Very different from you.”

    Kenma would think you interesting, would study you like an oddity, much like he did with Chibi-chan. And from what he’s learnt about you, from your quick, cutting wit and your steadfast attitude, he doesn’t think you’ll fall short. 

    “I think you’ll get along, if you ever meet him someday.” 

    It’s a weird thing to say, considering you and he are straddling the fence of friendship and acquaintanceship, drawn together out of the utilitarian purpose of grades, but he finds himself saying that anyway. 

    “I’d like that”, you say lightly, bidding him goodnight as you always do when you reach your door. 

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