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  • Modern collage AU? Kya trying her best to impress Lin? not sure but here we go! 

    got a bit lazy so its sketchy, but hey, it’s something, innit :D

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  • some kya (and lin) domestic headcanons

    no one asked for these but they won’t leave my head!!!

    - kya gets all her furniture at garage sales or on the side of the road with a free sign on it

    - this annoys lin to no end but they make it work and blend their aesthetics in lin’s giant fancy apartment and it feels more like a home (of which mako is surprised and appreciative - lin’s stark, expensive furnishings were absolutely intimidating the first time she asked him over for dinner)

    - all of the things kya acquires she describes as “saving” them and she loves to craft them like paint on them or refinish them or use her waterbending to give them an aesthetically pleasing distressed look

    - she gets lin in on this too, begging her at first to add little metal knobs or edges to old dresser drawers and lin is at first resistant but then gets into it

    - (because at least then she can help make them look like they belong in her apartment)

    - kya will come home from the market on a sunday morning to lin reading the paper and be like, “we have to save this bookshelf! get in the car!” and lin will huff and grumble but get her keys and they’ll race off in the satomobile to pick up whatever treasure kya has found

    - when they finally get their own place together (bigger with guest rooms for all the airkids and beifongs and niblings, closer to ati than lin was previously) kya goes on a saving furniture binge to fill up all the empty rooms and she designs a guest room specifically for mako and bolin to feel comfy in (for one thing she found a bunch of cat scratchers/trees and little ladders and bridges and put them all together all around the edges of the room for pabu to run around on. lin is skeptical but she helps make sure it’s all solidly constructed and turns out pabu loves it)

    - opal has picked up this habit from her aunt kya (and it’s a pretty air nomad-like thing to do anyway) and helps with all the restorations for the big move

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  • Tenzins comment about Kya wondering around the world and how she had to “settle down” always made zero sense to me. They are literally the kids of an air nomad and both of their parents spent pretty much their late childhood/teen years travelling around the world. I think it makes sense that at least one of them decided to have a more nomadic way of living

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  • Kya flaunting her height and kissing Lin on the nose
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  • Tell me why I’m becoming a kyalin shipper.

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  • I don’t think I’m good at explaining so I’m not going to go into this but consider: izumi and kya dating

    #this au makes perfect sense in my head #feel free to share your thoughts on this #izumi#kya#atla au #avatar the last airbender
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  • Plot Twist: Lin is actually the hopeless flirt. Kya thought Lin was doing it to tease her, and she never stopped it because… well it’s Lin. I imagine it ends up like this.

    Kya: “I hate this place sometimes. It’s boring and there’s nothing to do.”

    Lin: “do me 😏”

    Kya: *blushes*

    Lin: “I was serious by the way.”

    Kya: “what?”

    Lin: “have been, actually, for the last fifteen years.”

    Kya: 😲

    #kya#kyalin #legend of korra #lin beifong #hmm i should expwnd on this idea #Lin just always made contact with her and Kya thought it was just gay panic #i mean it was #but not just gay panic
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  • ok here we go again. i also forgot to mention, between the 5 years, Ursa and Ikem had Kiyi, which is why neither could join in on the adventure, but it also means Zuko and Azula got to help take care of their little half-sister for a few years.

    (Part 1) (Part 2 - you are here) (Part 3)

    Zuko - 15, Azula - 13, Katara - 13, Sokka - 14, Aang - still 12, Toph - 11, everyone else is a year younger than whatever you hc them as.

    So, Lu Ten, Iroh, Zuko, and Azula finally end up in the earth kingdom, and gets chased down by Zhao, who gets thrown overboard as the quartet escape. Thankfully, Zuko doesnt have bad hair to redeem, and in fact has long hair as he never had to cut it off.

    Meanwhile, Sokka, Katara, Aang, Mai, and Ty Lee reunited in the swamp, and tracked down Toph, who Mai adopted as a little sister almost immediately, they are a dangerous duo.

    Things go canon-but-altered-ly, and the Fire Quartet split into two groups, Zuko & Azula, and Lu Ten & Iroh, and they head off in different directions on ostrich horses.

    (this is where it gets long)

    Keep reading

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  • prompt #49 - “Who hurt you?”

    TW; implicated su*cide attempt, mentions of self harm

    “Chief, we have a 10-72 at 45th and Kyoshi Avenue, I repeat, a 10-72 at 45th and Kyoshi Avenue. Over,” Mako’s voice sounded slightly panicked through the crunchy radio static.

    “I’m on my way. 952?” Lin responded calmly, turning on her siren. She turned a sharp corner, heading towards the edge of town.

    “10-45B, 10-46, no other injuries. And Chief…” Mako trailed off for a moment, and Lin couldn’t help but feel suddenly sick with worry.

    “It’s Jinora.”

    Lin slammed her car door, running to the small gathering of first responders on the street corner. She shoved past Mako and another officer, dropping to her knees beside Jinora.

    “What the hell happened?!” She all but yelled, pulling Jinora’s head into her lap.

    “Aunt Lin,” Jinora said quietly, a small smile forming. Her eyes were shut, her face slightly pale.

    “Shh, rest, I’ll keep you safe,” Lin said to her niece, stroking her hair.

    She looked up at the surrounding first responders, her anger starting to build.

    “Where in Raava is the damn ambulance?” She barked. She hadn’t directed her anger at any specific officer, least of all Mako, but it was he who jumped into action immediately.

    He walked a few steps away, radioing back and forth for a minute with the ambulance, before coming to report back.

    “It’s at 42nd and Kyoshi, Chief. Should be here in just a moment,” He said professionally.

    Lin gave him a nod and focused on Jinora again. Lin knew Jinora kept to herself, much the same way she did. Her siblings relied on her heavily for emotional support, and Lin had no doubt she had many friends, but this shocked her. Why would someone want to hurt such a beautiful spirit, someone so kind who only thought of others?

    The ambulance arrived and Lin forced herself to pay attention to what was happening now. She could ask questions later, for now she had to be present. For Jinora.

    Lin had stayed by Jinora’s side the entire drive to the hospital, and hadn’t left her bedside once they’d arrived. She was now on the edge of an uncomfortable, old, wooden chair, resting her arms and head on the side of Jinora’s bed. She had her niece’s hand clutched tightly in her own.

    Several healers had been in and out, and Jinora was no longer physically hurt. She was still weak, and had slept for several hours now, but she was fine.

    Lin whipped her head up when she heard movement above her. Jinora had finally woken up, and was propped in a sitting position looking down at Lin.

    “Jinora,” Lin felt tears prick her eyes as she smiled at her niece.

    “Aunt Lin, I…” Jinora choked on her words.

    “Shh, it’s alright. I’m here, I’m not leaving anytime soon,” Lin squeezed her niece’s hand.

    Jinora looked at her hand in Lin’s. Emotion suddenly overcame the young girl, sobs escaping her throat. Her shoulders shook with the force of her crying and her hand tightened around Lin’s as much as her weak body let it.

    “That’s it, let it all out. You’re alright now. You’re safe,” Lin reassured her.

    Seeing Jinora so afraid, so hurt, Lin felt her anger boil. She was furious at whoever had done this to her niece. She wanted them to feel the same pain Jinora was in, the same fear.

    “Jinora, who hurt you?” Lin’s voice was gentle, but there was an edge behind it that hadn’t been there moments before.

    Jinora’s sobs only got louder. Lin decided it was best to let her get her emotions out before questioning her. That was why she hadn’t told Tenzin, or anyone else for that matter, that she was in the hospital.

    When Jinora had finally quieted, Lin reached out to wipe her niece’s face.

    “Are you ready to talk?” She asked gently. Jinora nodded, so she asked her the same question she had previously.

    “Who hurt you?” Her voice was more controlled this time, the anger hidden.

    “It- It wasn’t- ” Jinora sagged, letting out a shaky breath before continuing.

    “It wasn’t someone else. It was me. I did this,” She gazed back at Lin with a pleading look in her eyes.

    Lin was taken aback. She herself had struggled with impulses to hurt herself, but never had it brought her this close to death. She thought for a moment, choosing her next words carefully. After opening and closing her mouth several times with no success, she figured Jinora would feel most comforted to know she wasn’t alone.

    Lin bent off her armour, sending it to the corner of the room. She reached down and tugged her pant leg up, revealing the countless scars running down her leg. Jinora stared at them, taking in what Lin was sharing with her.

    “Thank you,” Jinora whispered, tears coming back to her eyes. “I needed- I- thank you.”

    Lin moved herself to sitting on the bed next to Jinora, taking her niece in her arms. She held the young girl tightly for a long time. The sky started to darken, and Lin shifted away from Jinora.

    “I know it’s hard, but I think we need to talk to your parents about this. I can come with you if you’d like, for support…” Lin didn’t want to make her niece talk to her parents, but she was worried. She’d never spoken to anyone other than Kya about her own habits, and had found it impossible to stop herself before having that support system in place.

    To her surprise, Jinora nodded.

    “I do need to talk to them, I was just… scared. But I think I can now,” She grabbed Lin’s hand again.

    “It would help a lot if you were there though,” Jinora smiled somewhat sadly at her aunt.

    “Then I’ll stay as long as you need me to,” Lin smiled back.

    “Thank you,” Jinora breathed.

    “It’s me who should be thanking you, kid. Sharing stuff like that is terrifying. You’re one of the bravest people I know, Jinora… I’m so proud of you,” Jinora pulled Lin to her, wrapping her in a tight hug.

    A nurse came in, giving Jinora a final check over before giving her the all clear to go home. Lin left with her, grateful Mako had driven her car to the hospital from where she’d left it. She drove them to the dock, reassuring Jinora the entire ferry ride to Air Temple Island.

    list of prompts

    requested by @cherrychonk

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  • https://reigncorps.tumblr.com/post/643851379102875649/distracting-ur-gf-while-shes-cooking

    bc @reigncorps got me thinking about lin cooking…….

    “Shoot, fudge, flameo fu—!” Lin hops on her good foot as she leans to pick up the metal tongs that had landed squarely on her poor uncovered toes. Spices and sauce have sprayed everywhere, a red-and-brown tableau coating the wall like modern art.

    There was a reason that she’d left the cooking to Toph growing up (and Toph had been a… less than stellar cook), and then to Tenzin after that. It wasn’t until they’d broken up that she’d picked up her first cookbook and struggled through a simple stir-fry — who knew that you had to blanche broccoli to make it taste less green? Or that baby bok choy wasn’t just one big bok choy cut into tiny pieces? In fairness, baby carrots were bigger carr— not the point.

    Anyway, food has never really been about flavor or fun for Lin. It’s always been about sustenance — what’s on the menu is usually whatever’s quickest (or whatever can be made from the leftovers in the fridge). She manages not to go hungry, or to make things that are too inedible, but she’s had her fair share of close calls. Thank goodness for the takeout place next to the station with their 5 yuan noodles — she’s not sure why they’re that cheap, and twenty years down the line, she’s not sure she wants to ask.

    So when Kya waltzes back into her life and declares that they’re going to host a family brunch — together — Lin can only stare in growing wonder as her girlfriend whips up tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorn and sriracha with hand pulled buckwheat noodles topped with freshly-harvested onions and watercress and Daikon radish. She must’ve been staring for a touch too long, because Kya notices her and just winks.

    Lin drops her tongs again.

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  • Holy moly

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    the puppies bloodwork results

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  • I read somewhere that it was implied that Ursa brushing Azula’s hair was a bonding moment between them. Which is definitely something I vibe with considering all the hair imagery around Azula and the moment of Ursa appearing to Azula in her mirror when Azula is attacking her hair, the thing that symbolizes her need for perfection. Our introductory scene to Azula in “The Avatar State” is the “just one hair out of place” scene, in which we hear Azula’s defining character line, “almost isn’t good enough!”


    A mother brushing a daughter’s hair has so much symbolic importance and is significant in a lot of cultures. Girls learn how to care for themselves from their mothers. Taking care of or playing with hair is also a bonding moment between female friends, it’s a uniquely feminine act of affection.

    So when Azula sees her mother in the mirror in “Sozin’s Comet,” mourning Azula’s “beautiful hair” after Azula has cut it viciously, it emphasizes how distant Azula feels from her mother and how much pain this causes her. In the scene before that one, we saw Azula yell at and abuse her servants, until she is left alone to care for herself, and her visual dishevelment shows us her emotional state. Azula is disconnected from the people around her, seeing other people as tools that she discards when they become no longer useful, until she realizes that this worldview has left her utterly alone.

    Finally, throwing the hairbrush at the mirror to banish the image of her mother is representative of Azula’s ultimate rejection of Ursa.


    And since Katara is Azula’s foil, and one of the ways that is shown is in their relationships with their lost mothers, I think we can also connect Katara’s relationship with her mother through hair brushing.


    Katara emerges from her tent to find Zuko waiting outside, sitting on a rock.

    Katara: [Angrily.] You look terrible.

    Zuko: I waited out here all night.

    Katara: [Brushing her hair.] What do you want?

    Zuko: I know who killed your mother, [She abruptly stops.] and I’m going to help you find him.

    Katara just happens to be brushing her hair when she hears about how to find her mother’s murderer. It may be a stretch, but I think it’s interesting that she just happens to be doing that particular action when she has the possibility brought to her of getting closure for her mother’s murderer.

    It’s also visual shorthand for when a girl is ignoring a guy, “I have to brush/wash my hair” being a common joke excuse to get out of a date.

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  • Kya: Come on, I wanna show you something. [turns and walks away]

    Lin: Nice.

    Kya: That’s not it, but thank you.

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