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    i want what they have

    #the reactions i’ve gotten to the chin tilt... y’all are Simps #i mean... same tho #haha anyways here’s a finished piece finally #<3#kyalin#kya ii#lin beifong#kyalin fanart#tlok#lok #the legend of korra #kya x lin #legend of korra
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  • Everytime I rewatch Korra I forget Kya and Lin do the smooshing off screen and I sit here watching all 4 books like


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    #kya ii#kyalin #lin’s personal photos??? #keeping up with the beifongs
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  • people seemed to enjoy(?) this lil piece i wrote for the kyalin discord kya-centric creativity night yesterday so i thought i’d share it on here. cw for vague mention of character death

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  • The first chapter of Ready, the sequel to Kiss Me When You’re Sober, is up!

    I can’t make any promises on updates since things have been so hectic. Sorry about that.

    I have also uploaded a new one-shot! I had this idea and I want to expand on it but I just don’t really have the time right now. If you’ve got feedback, I’d prefer if you sent an ask or a dm.

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  • #kyalin #kyalin high-school au #kyalin ff#lin beifong#kya ii #legend of korra #this is cute
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  • Kya: If I had a yuan for every time I thought about you, I’d only have a yuan, because you’re all I think about.

    Lin: Have fun being broke.

    #legend of korra #kya ii#lin beifong#kyalin#avatar tlok#tlok kya#avatar #the last airbender
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    do u ever just lay on the floor n think abt ur crush ,, ft kyalin

    #more doodles until i can actually fully finish a piece lmfao #kyalin#lin beifong#kya ii#tlok
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  • All I’m sayin’ is I’m going to be hella disappointed if the next Korra comics isn’t:

    Part one : friends to lovers

    Part two: dating later in life

    Part three : A Kyalin wedding

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  • So, even though there are healers, there still happen to be scars. So, what if there were also internal damages that couldn’t be healed, if taken care of too late? There we go with some angst 🙃 (no death tho)

    Lin was injured after a big fight with Triple Threat Triad. She got some first aid at the precinct, but she didn’t mention her ankle. It didn’t hurt when she was sitting, so she completely forgot about it. She got up when the healers were already gone. Stubborn as she is, she decided to walk home. Her wife’s a healer after all. She’ll take care of it.

    Kya is laying on the couch reading a newspaper. She hears the door opening. The steps are slower than usual and rather irregular, which raises her suspicions. She gets up and goes to the hall, to find Lin all sweaty and in pain.

    “Spirits, honey, what’s wrong?!”

    “Kya, I need you to look at my ankle. I think it got messed up.” Lin spits out

    “Lin, why didn’t you have it healed at the precinct?”

    “I forgot.”

    “HOW COULD YOU… okey, don’t worry, we’ll have it fixed”

    She helps Lin get to the couch and rushes for a bowl of water. She gets back and gets to work. With the very first touch, she knows that she won’t be able to heal the ankle entirely. Yet, she tries her best.

    After 10 minutes, Kya looks at her wife. Lin is asleep. The healer takes her to bed and covers with sheets. Kya herself is not able to sleep that night.

    Lin wakes up at 5 am. She feels a throbbing pain in her ankle. Even though it’s not swollen anymore, she knows it is injured for good. She cautiously gets up on her feet and limps into the kitchen, where she meets Kya, who is sitting at the table with a mug of already cold tea. The waterbender looks up. Her eyes are slightly red. She gets up to hug Lin tightly.

    “It’s okey” Lin says softly “It’s not like I’m dying or anything”

    “I know, but I let you down”

    “You didn’t let anybody down. You did the best you could, the best anyone could.”

    “It will affect your work. You won’t be able to go in the field anymore”


    Kya looks at her wife surprised and sniffs.


    “We both know I’m too old for this crap. It’s time to leave it to the kids”

    Lin doesn’t participate in stakeouts anymore, but she still holds the position of Chief of RCP and she’s being respected as always, if not even more. She gets used to the limping, just like she got used to the scars on her cheek. It is another proof of her bravery and devotion to her city. She wears it proudly.

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  • Kya has pride flags and LGBT+ history books and is an advocate for equality.

    Lin is happy that Kya has finally found something that will keep her anchored. She’s glad Kya is so passionate about something.

    Personally, though, Lin isn’t really interested in the history or the labels or anything like that.

    She’s just interested in Kya.

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  • Chapter 15 of Ember Island Tango is up!!! I posted it during class lmao (online uni is a joke and I stand by that).

    Anyway hope you all enjoy. We’re rounding the corner to the end here and it’s making me nervous for some reason.

    Also make sure to comment if you enjoy it! I have this weird little goal to get to 200 comments before posting the epilogue and I only have a few more chapters.

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  • Tenzin’s throwaway remark that Lin and Aang “got along famously” lives rent free in my head (as does the fact that Lin wrecked air temple island when Tenzin dumped her) so I needed to draw them ~ bonding ~ after Tenzin and Lin’s breakup. He’s the dad she never had ok!!!

    #legend of korra #avatar the last airbender #atla#avatar#aang#lin beifong#tenzin#katara#bumi ii#kya ii#linzin#kataang#kataangtag #lol not really but their family counts i guess #aanglove#my art
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  • Kya wrote this for Lin. Lin got teary-eyed and kissed Kya on the cheek before arresting her for vandalism.

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  • remember years ago when I was done with Berena and I swore I would never write fic again… look @phantomunmasked something to entertain you

    I don’t know how I got here. 2020 happened and one day, I came to in the middle of a LOK rewatch and the next thing I know, I’m 17 pages into the kyalin tag.

    I just really wanted a Kyalin scene a la cliffside scene from Gentleman Jack and I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about the Inauguration and then shenanigans happened on my phone. 


    Kya doesn’t mean for it to happen. It was never supposed to be more than a crush, a crush that really only started when she came home from her year abroad at the Northern Water Tribe, when she left an overly serious teenager, and came back to an overly serious woman. Except now, Lin is built like a pro-bender and has a piercing green stare that cuts right through Kya.

    They get dinner, they go to the cinema, they play pool, they have picnics in the park, and then one night, they get drinks at that one bar with the sticky floors and cheap whiskey. They stay too long, and when Lin is walking her to the docks, she just looks so beautiful under the city lights, prattling on about her latest arrest. And Kya tries to focus, but Lin’s eyes have never been greener and hair never blacker and before she knows it, she pulls Lin to her and kisses her, a kiss that Lin returns. 

    That’s when Kya thinks maybe she’s always wanted to kiss Lin, a desire that started burning deep beneath her skin before she even knew what desire was. But Tenzin had always made eyes at Lin, and when had the odds ever been stacked in Kya’s favor? But Lin kisses her back, hand sliding into her hair, and Kya thinks maybe for once in her life, she really is lucky. Not the aren’t you so lucky your dad’s the avatar kind, but the maybe I do have a shot at shaping my destiny kind.

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    #kyalin#kya ii#kyaxlin#lin beifong#bumi #legend of korra #avatar: tlok #technically it's not fic im just rambling on my phone at 3am #if i don't post on ao3 then it's not real fic right? #things i write
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