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    Good evening I made these I’m not sorry. (Yes I know some are tilted a bit)

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  • Can You Keep Up?

    Warnings: Just straight smut! Oral (male receiving), overstimulation, degradation. 18+ only!

    Word Count: 2.9k

    Summary: Kylo wants to see how far you can go.

    (It’s my first time writing smut so please be kind! I love how this turned out!)

    His refresher room is much larger than any one you’ve ever been in. Usually it’s confined to just a shower, vac tube, and sanitary station. This one, the one directly attached to the Supreme Leader’s quarters, is three times the size of that. Yes it has the usuals, but what sets it apart from the others is the large bath that reminds you of the lakes on your home planet of Naboo.

    You were quite surprised when he had led you to the room. The cloud of steam emerging from the bath had immediately caused you to sweat, an indicator of just how hot the water was.

    Kylo had turned to you, his helmet still secured on his head, when he said “Strip.” The cool and even tone of his voice through the modulator had sent chills running throughout your body. His eyes are hidden under his mask, but they still hungrily stare you down as you disrobed. You can hear small sighs coming from him, and you can tell he’s already becoming aroused.

    When your last piece of clothing was off, he stepped toward you. Your heartbeat quickens whenever he’s in close proximity to you, especially while you’re as naked as the day you were born. Kylo looks at you through the mask, and you can feel his eyes examining your face. You try to be brave, to not act like a scared child in front of him, and show him that maybe just maybe you can keep up with him. A deep pain runs through your head and you know that he’s searching through your mind to see what you’re thinking; you wince at the feeling, both that of the ache and the knowledge that Kylo is so powerful he can invade your most personal thoughts within a second.

    Suddenly, he grips your face, his gloved hands warm due to the steam in the ‘fresher room. “You think you can keep up with me, Little Girl?” A rush of heat runs through your body at the name he calls you, both out of embarrassment and arousal. He roughly shakes your head back and forth to catch your attention, “Well? Answer me girl!”

    “Y-yes Supreme Leader!” As the answer leaves your mouth, you realize he has some type of cruel yet pleasurable punishment planned for you. Kylo twists you around and pushes you towards the bath.

    “Get in.”

    The bath looks inviting; large enough to fit about four people, and jets streaming out more steaming water from each side. You imagine that Kylo comes here often after a battle, or rough day arguing with General Hux, or even after a tiring lecture from the former Supreme Leader, Snoke. The warmth of the water, and the power of the jets had the ability to even relax someone as stressed as Kylo.

    The water reaches to your waist while standing, and you realize the bath has small seats bordering it; you figured it was standard with a bath of this size. You occupy one of the seats, the water enveloping you like a warm blanket. Immediately you relax and let loose. Stars, you had never felt anything as amazing as this before.

    As you sat, you watched the Supreme Leader undress. Being a man of such size and stature, his body had always fascinated you. How could someone be so big? He faced away from you, something you notice he always did while taking off his robes. He was awkward in that sense, intimacy. He was a very skilled lover, if you could even call him that, but beyond sex, he was quite awkward in the bedroom. In every other aspect of his life, you only saw him as the powerful Supreme Leader, the one who wouldn’t hesitate to slash his saber through any soldier, or general, or wall in his way. For you to see him as an unsure man in his most vulnerable position was something you still had to get used to. Even then, you knew what he showed you was only a fraction of his true private self.

    When he was done, he turned and walked toward the bath to join you. You couldn’t help but stare at his cock, already semi-hard. Its size had always astonished you, despite you knowing it wasn’t small considering every other aspect of his abnormally large body. Fully standing in the tub, he towered over you.

    “Lets see how well you can keep up with my cock in your mouth, hmm Little Girl?” Your heart hammers in your chest as the words leave his mouth. Kylo Ren was anything but gentle, but you couldn’t complain. Anytime you two engaged with one another, you always left satisfied. Today would be no different, or at least you hoped. Sometimes he could be so unpredictable.

    “Yes, Supreme Leader.”

    As soon as “yes” leaves your mouth, he wraps his large hand into your hair, his sign to let you begin. His cock is fully erect, red and leaking precum already. Wrapping your hand around it, you twist and pull to tease him a bit. He always was impatient, but you can tell he secretly likes the game you sometimes play. His breath hitches after that first tug, and you know that you’re doing well already. A rush of power goes through you as you think that you’re one of the only people in the galaxy that can make him feel like this.

    As the thought goes through your head, Kylo tugs sharply on your hair, forcing you to look up at him. His eyes filled with both lust and annoyance: a sign that he’s growing impatient with your antics. You don’t know what causes you to do it, but you offer him a smug smile.

    “What,” you tease as you give another tug on his aching cock. “Can’t keep up, Supreme Leader?”

    The grip in your hair significantly increases, and you know you’ve struck a chord with him. Luckily for you, this specific chord is just the one you want to pluck. Within a second, your mouth is on his cock, the member sliding to the back of your throat and making you slightly gag. You have to relax your mouth more to allow him further entry, his pace unrelenting.

    He chuckles at your weak state, the arousal clear in your eyes as you look up at him with tears starting to form from the strained ability to breathe. “I wouldn’t be so worried about me, Princess.” You practically cry at the pet name; the one he uses to tease you and make you realize just how desperate you are for him. He sighs as he continues, relishing at the pleasure you’re giving him, “When you’re the one who can barely fit her slutty little mouth around my cock.” He ends with a sharp thrust into your mouth, making you gag a little too hard. He pulls you off of him, and you’re gasping for breath. You find that the steam inside the room was probably doing wonders for your skin, but nothing for your lungs. This must have been part of his plan, you think, as the steam allows for little to no fresh air for you to breathe in. Within seconds, your mouth is back on him, focusing on trying to get him to finish.

    This time, instead of moving his hips, Kylo opts for moving your head. The pace is still fast, but Kylo focuses on taking the time to force his way down your throat. You moan at the taste of him, always enjoying the saltiness of his precum. The vibrations from your mouth cause Kylo to let out a grunt, and he adds another hand to the back of your head, increasing the force at which you take him; you can tell he’s close.

    “There we go, Little Girl. My slutty little girl. You like me fucking your whore mouth? I know you do, because of that look in your eye.” You’re concentrating too much on breathing through your nose and pleasuring Kylo, that you can’t look at him as he speaks to you. Within a second, you feel the familiar energy of The Force moving your head to face him. A sadistic smile on his beautifully marked face, as he continues to move your head up and down on his cock. The new angle causes Kylo to move his cock further down your throat, if that even seemed possible. He lets out a dark chuckle, absolutely pleased at the way he has you on your knees like this. “It’s that look you get when you’re just so unbearably desperate that your little cunt clenches around absolutely. Nothing.” He pushes your head all the way down as he punctuates the end of his sentence, your nose crushed against his pelvis and making it even harder to breath. Your mouth feels unbelievably full, and soon enough, you feel the hot spurts of his cum shoot down your throat. With each spurt, Kylo lets out a moan, and its like music to your ears. With a final swallow around his cock, you finish all that was given to you, and pull off of him.

    Your chest heaves, as your mouth is completely empty. Kylo pats your cheek, a sign for you to confirm to him that you took everything. Opening your mouth once more, he sighs happily at the sight of your tongue sticking out to show him you took it all.

    His hand on your cheek, you lean into his hold, closing your eyes from the slight exhaustion you already feel creeping through your veins. Kylo slides his thumb into your mouth, and you happily oblige by wrapping your lips around it and sucking once more. He watches you, noticing your slower movements and blinks, already realizing that you overestimated your ability to match his pace for the night.

    “We’re not finished yet, little girl. You said you could keep up with me, so we’re not done until I’m done.”

    He pulls his thumb out of your mouth, and lifts you out of the water so that you’re standing. Despite the warmth of the room, your nipples pucker when exposed. Kylo takes notice as he turns you around, your back facing his chest. He brings his hands up as he paws at your breast. His hand covers your breast, and your pussy flutters at the thought of how large he is compared to you. Pulling and palming at you, Kylo also simultaneously mouths at your neck. You know he’s doing this to tease you, but you also know that he grown to love hearing your sighs and moans of pleasure.

    You squeak as he uses his right hand to pinch your nipple; his left hand across your body to hold you in place. It only took Kylo until your third “meeting” to realize you like to move around, and since then he would take to holding you still with either his hands or the force.

    His large hands caress your breasts, softly running up and down so that you lean into him more and relax for him. Then every once in a while, Kylo will give you that bit of pain. He’ll close his fingers in on your nipple, rubbing it until it’s hard once more, then pinch it while biting at your neck. This causes a pool of arousal to form and drip out of your cunt, mixing with the droplets of water still on your skin from being submerged.

    “Hmm, my little slut is so sensitive, huh?”

    You whimper out a yes as your breathing had gotten heavier, and your body was still awaiting a chance to come. You had yet to have an orgasm and were wondering if tonight was one of those nights where Kylo would drag you on and on for hours on end.

    As you leaned your head back onto his shoulder, you felt Kylo lean down to his knees. You followed, wondering what he could have planned for you for tonight. As you kneeled on the floor of the tub, Kylo still holding you close to him, you jolt and let out a yelp. Where he had placed you was exactly in front of one of the jets. The pressure from it hitting directly on your sensitive clit.

    Immediately you let out a loud whine. The pleasure you had been waiting for finally being given to you. With Kylo holding you still in front of him, he positioned you the way he wanted you. Both your legs bent at the knee, and wrapped around his thighs, giving the jet more access to your aching pussy.

    The vibrations from the jet were so powerful you already felt the beginnings of an orgasm creeping up on you. With nowhere to writhe and move around, you reached behind you for something to ground you. With his free hand, Kylo moved your trembling fingers to his hair. Immediately you clench tightly, trying to find a way to focus on reaching your high.

    “I know you’re curious about what we’re going to do tonight, Pet, so I think I’ll tell you.” His deep voice speaks hotly in your ear, and you know you could come from that alone. “We’re going to stay like this for as long as I want. No breaks. You’re going to take every single orgasm I give you, and after each one you’re going to thank your Supreme Leader.” You quake at the anticipation of night ahead of you, knowing you’re going to be stuck like this for at least an hour.

    The feeling of the high pressurized water on your clit was better and more powerful than any toy Kylo had used on you, and couldn’t even compare to your fingers when you would long for Kylo in the solace of your quarters. The coil within your belly was so close to snapping, and Kylo could tell. The low baritone of his voice speaking in your ear once more, “Come for me, Pet. Come for your Supreme Leader. Show me who your cunt, who your orgasms belong to.”

    “Yes Ky-,” you cut off saying his name, as your orgasm comes crashing into you. You open your mouth to let out a breathless cry, only cracked sounds coming through. You tremble, and try to get out of Kylo’s hold, arching your back away from his chest only for him to push you back into him.

    “Stay still, Little Girl. Now what do you say?” He harshly slaps your breast to remind you, and you cry at the contrast of pain and pleasure you’re currently experiencing. As the high of your orgasm ends, you have no time to breathe as the jet continues spraying onto your pussy. You can barely think of the simple answer to his question as the unrelenting pressure causes you to let out another whimper of ecstasy.

    “Th-thank you, Supreme Leader.” You face the ceiling, your eyes closed in bliss as you try to form the basic sentence, but fail as it tumbles out as a moan.

    The sensitivity of your clit is not an unfamiliar feeling, but it takes you by surprise every time Kylo has you in this position. Your attempt at movement is limited as Kylo tightens his hold a little bit each time you try and move away from the stream. His amusement is clear in his eyes when after your fourth orgasm you look at him pleadingly. He knows what you’re thinking, not even by needing to look inside your mind, but simply by how your body is acting. “Only four orgasms and you’re already wanting to stop?” Kylo waits to see your answer, knowing he’ll do whatever the hell he pleases regardless of what you have to say.

    Your mind is full of confusion on how to answer. If you say no, you’ll be stuck in a trap of overstimulation with no end in sight. If you say yes, he might punish you for not taking what he gives you. It’s a lose lose situation and you feel a few tears slip out from both the vibrations on your tired clit and the death stare those deep hazel eyes are currently giving you.

    “J-just want a break, Sir!”

    He tsks at you, at your debauched state. Ruined from your orgasms, messy hair wet from the water, and skin marked full of bites and fading scars he gave you. “You want a break, Pet?” His hands caress your face, and you lean into his touch, starved for the intimacy he rarely gives you. You rapidly nod to answer him, praying he might actually do something to help you.

    Suddenly, his hand leaves your face and comes down in a harsh smack, teetering just between the line of pain and pleasure. You yelp from the impact and the sudden feeling of the Supreme Leader’s cock in your dripping cunt. He moves you away from the jet, and you feel a small sense of relief, that is soon replaced by the rigorous movement of Kylo thrusting in and out of you.

    “Well guess what, Pet?” Kylo moves his hand down your body to your stiffened clit, rubbing at a speed that rivals that of the jets from only seconds ago. You feel so incredibly full, tired out, and weak yet somewhere in your mind, you know you want more, more, more. Your hands are still in Kylo’s dark locks as he continuously strokes your g-spot with the leaking tip of his hard cock. They tighten and tug as he darkly growls at you: “I don’t give a shit.”

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  • if any kylo ren or anakin roleplay account would like to yell at me and tell me to be productive and write, i would be honored. please i crave someone to keep me on track

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  • Poe: *pointing aggressively* you’re a ruthless royal idiot who only kills because he can! 

    Kylo: And? You’re an airheaded.hotshot who blows up dreadnoughts for kicks and “booyahs” as he decimates planetary bases, negligently destroying millions of innocent–.

    Poe: You mean complacent–

    In unison: Lives/?

    Poe: *arms folded* Damn right, and I’d do it again, easy.

    Kylo: Of course you would, you’re the best pilot in the Resistance. ;)

    Poe: Yeah? “clears throat* No, uh. Thanks, yeah, you’re great at what you do. Very, uh. Professionally evil.

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    This look makes me 🥺 I want him so bad

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  • Kylo Ren and the Man in Black from Westworld  do not count as anti-villains.  If you invade someone’s mind and try to socially isolate them (Kylo Ren); you’re a villain.  If you rape someone (Man in Black); you’re a villain.  

    Anti-villains are those who do bad things for a sympathetic reason (opposite of anti-hero).  I think the best way to tell if the antagonist is an anti-villain is by whether or not they are liked by their subordinates, which definitely excludes Kylo Ren.

    The two anti-villains of the Star Wars universe are Thrawn and Soran Keize.  I’m not familiar with the Marvel Universe, but from what I hear, Killmonger counts as an anti-villain.   


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  • “The dark side is emotion, Bane. Anger, hate, love, lust. These are what make us strong, Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Your passion is still there, Bane. Seek it out. Reclaim it.”


    I think you can figure out the theme for now hehe

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  • Okay so I might’ve pissed off a few people and I apologize for that.

    But in my defense….

    I only watched the last two Star Wars movies where Kylo acted like a somewhat nice person okay?

    And from what I know of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Roderick is a jerk older brother and treats his brother like crap.

    Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to comment on something like that without actually having the complete knowledge of both series, bc like,,,,, I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars, I only willingly watched the last two, and I haven’t read DAWK since I was in 5th grade.

    So again, I’m sorry for pissing people off, I will refrain from stating my opinion in posts like that one where I have little knowledge.


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  • I made a masterlist because I needed one. Here it is!




    The Actual One Shots:


    Meadow of Love


    Shy Reader HCs


    Beautiful Storm


    Nothing yet!



    Kylo Ren:

    Nothing yet!

    Ben Solo:

    Nothing yet!

    BTW: If I have just posted this and you have requested a character that currently says “Nothing yet!”, don’t panic. I have seen your request and I have most likely started it. I just haven’t posted it yet.

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  • [I have seen other similar posts and decided to do one of my own. These are solely my views and are not meant to sway anyone. I’m posting this publicly so I’m open to civil disagreement]

    Let’s start with ‘Ben’. In ‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’ comics, Kylo states that he never liked the name. He from an early age chose the name Kylo for himself. The name Ben came with it a set of expectations and ideas that he felt he would never live up to. Some preordained destiny he did not want from the Light; likewise, the Dark (via Palpatine/Snoke/Vader/etc) had its own claim on him. So from an early age he felt torn apart and wished to forge his own identity and destiny.

    This, for me, influences how I feel about some of his relationships in the sequel trilogy (and companion pieces). We have Leia commenting on bringing their son back. She refers to him as Kylo. But there is not an exact differentiation. She accepts him as the same person. Acknowledges certain monstrous deeds such as when he commits patricide. Leia does refer to him as Ben, namely in her thoughts, and something I noticed is that she is often thinking of him as a child. She thinks of his past self or what he could have been. It’s this dance between accepting him as he is no matter what he did. Her loving him.

    Despite this love, Kylo feels that he cannot go back to her. He says as much in TFA. In TLJ we see him hesitate to kill her but at the end when he is Supreme Leader of the First Order, he aims to destroy the entire Resistance, her included. Leia has a mother’s love for Kylo but admittedly clings onto this idea of who he should be. In TROS we see her will pass into him. I struggled with this because it did, for me, erase him. It was not a merging of torn self by being embraced in love.

    This is where I’m going to jump into his relationship with Han, the man he viewed as a disappointment of a father. I do believe that Han loved his son, however he’s someone I struggle to like. In the Aftermath trilogy we have him, aware that Leia is pregnant, going off on a mission. Viewing fatherhood as being tethered down. He is resentful of the Force, of the connection Leia has with Ben. The comments of too much Vader in him. Not once, from what I can remember although my memory is flawed at times, does Han accept Kylo as his son. In TROS when Kylo reiterates that “Your son is dead” Han makes a point to say “Kylo Ren is dead. My son is alive.”

    For me, it would have been more impactful for Han to say “My son was never dead” because Kylo IS his son. Kylo and Ben, those are names of the same person. This is a man who has felt so torn apart, who admitted as much time and again. There are negative parts of ourselves that, yes, we need to grow ‘away’ from. Kylo’s fear of not being accepted for who he is if he did not live up to an idea, though, felt confirmed in this moment.

    This, too, translates into how I view Rey’s interactions with Kylo (or Ben). I do not personally view their interactions as romantic because I do not feel Rey moved to meet Kylo halfway either. “I wanted to take Ben’s hand” when Ben is only an idea. It’s only one part of who this man is. This is her rejecting him. They were not ready to meet halfway. Both of them were an all-or-nothing (abandon your found family and let them die/join up with the Resistance though you’ve been terrified to see your mother again).

    Obviously take this with a grain of salt. I understand why the ship is appealing to some. I don’t view it canonically romantic, you can if you want. I have other, very personal reasons, and that’s all just going to detract from what I’m working to write. I am reiterating the lack of romantic context (for me) because the sentiments about rejection work from a romantic or platonic standpoint.

    The ‘bendemption’ thing is something that I have very mixed feelings on. Many of the negative feelings are because of everything outlined in the relationships portion where it seems to revolve around Kylo becoming the vessel for an idea or ideas others have of who he should be. @kylorengarbagedump made a statement of Tai being most correct in Kylo being able to just be, and that is basically my standpoint as well. It’s not about Kylo rejecting Kylo. I think part of it is, yes, Kylo embracing the ‘Ben’ part of himself. The part he perceives as being weak, that is, not the idea(s) instead of the person.

    While Palpatine/Snoke sort of groomed Kylo into the position he obtained in the Dark, Kylo suspected this. TROS confirmed that Kylo suspected it. He felt Vader was his grandfather instead of Anakin. He made many of these choices as an adult. He wanted power. I do feel that it would be true to his character to abandon some of the First Order ideology since I don’t think he was ever in agreement with much of it. I will forever remain confused as to why he did not kill Palpatine then and there. Then when he next confronted Palpatine it was as a conduit for Leia’s will.

    Adam Driver stating that Kylo had nothing to be redeemed for is not synonymous with Kylo Ren has nothing to grow from/past. It’s part of character development and his road of self-discovery. I do not personally like ‘bendemption’ because I feel it ignores Kylo. It ignores the core of this man’s inner conflict of wanting his own path to the point he created his own name.

    I feel that the ending dynamics between Kylo and Rey, again however you want to view them, would have been more empowering had Rey referred to him as Kylo. This ‘Ben’ erased all of those struggles we saw onscreen. I felt nothing watching him die at the end of TROS because he had already died at that point to me. Plus every resolution he had with a character ended in death already–Han, Luke, Leia, Snoke, Palapatine, the Knights of Ren, hell even Rey. The “reemergence” of Ben was very symbolic of death for me, and thus “bendemption” is synonymous with that for me as well.

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  • Bens hand..

    Star Wars Sequel Trilogy (2015-19)

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  • It is 8:30pm and I was suppose to have my room clean by 2 but I have been writing Kylo fanfiction all day!!

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  • everyone deserves a happy ending

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