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  • atsukyouweek
    26.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    New event to end the year!

    To celebrate Christmas and New Year, I came up with a few prompts for the last event this year!

    Tag your entries & specify the day with #AtsuKyouYE21 or mention @atsukyouweek

    Please tag sensitive content accordingly!

    Dec. 24: Christmas Eve - Ugly Sweater - Singing Dec. 25: Party - Snow Globe - Baking Dec. 26: Dinner - Candles - Skating Dec. 31: Sylvester - Fireworks - Celebrating Jan. 1: Hatsumōde - Omamori - Drinking Jan. 2: Vacation - Snow - Relaxing

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  • tomuraxashes
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Family ties

    Atsushi, to Kyoka: We are living together for a while, but I’m wondering how is it between us for real.. I mean..

    if Dazai san is like a dad to me.. but then Chuuya san is the one he loves.. and for Chuuya there is Koyo considered as a sister, who considers you as a little sister or rather as a child or whatever.. then it means, we two are ..

    How do I say my dad’s lover’s sister’s daughter?

    Kyouka: I don’t think we need to go into details that much.

    Akutagawa, being close enough to hear that, dreamily: I’m thinking about Dazai san as a father too ..

    Akutagawa, now angrily: Wait, what? No way! You have no rights to consider Dazai san as a father figure! He is my fathe figure! We cannot both consider him as one, because that would make us… I refuse even to think about it!

    Atsushi, nervously: a brother?

    Akutagawa: Wash that out of your mouth. Right now!

    Dazai: Chill kids, you are not blood related anyway, so it’s all right to be a couple

    Akutagawa: with him? I. Would. Never.

    Dazai: Chuuya says that all the time too. Yet he is my husband.

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  • bsdwanscreenshots
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    "If you ever need anything, let me know."


    Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
    #bsd wan #bungou stray dogs #bsd wan screenshots #bungo stray dogs wan #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs wan #bsd anime #Bsd wan episode 12 #Bsd Wan Fukuzawa #Bsd Wan Kyoka #Bsd Fukuzawa#Bsd Kyoka#Kyoka#Kyouka#Fukuzawa#izumi kyoka#yukichi fukuzawa#favorite screenshot#anime#chibi
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  • incorrect-bungo-stray-dogs
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    The ADA as gen z’s obsession with eating tide pods:

    Dazai: eating the tide pod on a dare

    Yosano: filming it

    Kunikida: trying to make Dazai throw up while simultaneously on the phone with poison control

    Ranpo: laughing hysterically

    Kyouka: confused

    Tanizaki: also filming it but morally conflicted about doing so

    Naomi: watching Yosano filming it and laughing

    Atsushi: at the apartments frantically looking for child safety locks to put on the laundry cabinets

    Fukuzawa: still trying to understand the meme

    #dazai would eat that tide pod even without the dare #i tried to do my best to include as many ADA members as possible #here i go trying to tag all of them 😅 #bsd #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #incorrect bsd #incorrect bungo stray dogs #incorrect bungou stray dogs #bsd incorrect quotes #bungo stray dogs incorrect quotes #bungou stray dogs incorrect quotes #dazai osamu#yosano akiko#kunikida doppo#ranpo edogawa#kyouka izumi#tanizaki junichirou#tanizaki naomi#atsushi nakajima#fukuzawa yukichi #armed detective agency #hOO that was a lot #source: tumblr
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  • llanime
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    •Bsd wan icons - pfp• ∥ 文豪ストレイドッグス

    「reblog if using/saving」

    Made by: @llanime

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  • bsdwanscreenshots
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
    #bsd wan #bungou stray dogs #bsd wan screenshots #bungo stray dogs wan #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs wan #anime#bsd anime #Bsd wan episode 12 #Bsd Wan Fukuzawa #favorite screenshot #Bsd Wan Kyoka #Bsd Fukuzawa#Bsd Kyoka#Kyouka#Fukuzawa#yukichi fukuzawa#kyoka izumi#chibi
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  • bsdwanscreenshots
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
    #bsd wan #bungou stray dogs #bsd wan screenshots #bungo stray dogs wan #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs wan #bsd anime #Bsd wan episode 12 #Bsd Wan Kyoka #Bsd Kyoka#Bsd Kyouka#Kyouka#izumi kyoka#kyoka izumi#anime#chibi
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  • incorrectbungoustraydogs
    22.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Kyouka: Good responses for being stabbed with a knife?

    Akutagawa: Rude.

    Atsushi: That's fair.

    Chuuya: Not again.

    Dazai: Are you going to want this back?

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  • animeyanderelover
    22.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    3,00 Follower Special

    Yandere Bungo Stray Dogs Hc's

    Tw: Yandere themes, unhealthy mindset, unhealthy relationship, possessiveness, obsessiveness, paranoia, delusions, stalking, clinginess, manipulation, blackmailing, guilt-tripping, threatening, violence, controlling behavior, degradation, sadism, torture, violence, death, aged up characters

    I still have a few requests where a few other characters were asked in such Hc forms so I only did the ones that weren't requested and I've been wanting to write about.

    Nakajima Atsushi

    🐅Above everything, Atsushi’s delusions, clinginess and his overall paranoia and desperation stands out. He has low self-esteem to put it positively, he often sees himself as a burden and doesn’t believe himself to be very strong like all the other Agency members. He’s tried multiple times to prove his worth to others, that he has the right to exist. So what exactly happens after he’s been confronted with such a kind soul like you? He falls in love and holy smokey, he falls fast and hard. Deluding himself into thinking that as long as he has his darling and they love him, his life will be worth something. And they will love him hopefully.From there on this guy pretty much starts dedicating his whole love and attention to his darling, treasuring them to the extent where he successfully breaks through as a worshipper. Extremely needy to receive love and to show his own love as well. Separation anxiety and the fear to be replaced force him into a position where he can’t stand being too long away from you without hearing your voice and touching you and the scapegoat of his crushing hugs and affection will always be you.

    🐅Growing from this vast illusion of his that he is worth something as long as he can stay by your side and this quickly devouring paranoia of his is something much darker that doesn’t match with his usually bashful and lovesick behavior. A possessiveness and urge to protect you that will result in fatal violence. Atsushi has two sides to him and he probably isn’t above using manipulation on his s/o as well. Insecure, so terribly insecure as he is with his possessiveness whispering sinister things into his mind, he won’t exactly shy away from using his past and his submissive nature against you to keep you away from the people he can not help but view as rivals and a danger for your relationship. There he is, crying and sobbing why he still isn’t good enough and what he can do to make you stay, a sight that twitches your heartstrings in a way you can’t ignore.

    🐅This jealousy of his steams rather from his own low confidence and even with his delusions that at one point you love him just as much as he does, he can’t get rid of the thought that you might find someone better than him. He has met so many persons who he deems to be cooler, maybe even more fitting to protect you yet only the faintest thought of this has his heart screaming and crying in terror and agony. How could he ever lose his sweetheart without fighting? As much as he respects Dazai as his sensei of some sort, he knows that guy is charming and certainly might mess with his darling to get under Atsushi’s skin a bit which is why the weretiger boy can’t ignore this slight feeling of dread whenever he sees his s/o and Dazai talking alone. About this constant tingling of his jealousy Atsushi feels often rather torn apart, on the one hand he loves seeing his darling happy and on the other he never is able to push away his fear when seeing you enjoying yourself with someone else. Monopolizing your time is a common respond of his, never straying away from your side and making it a habit to glue to your side.

    🐅Here comes the truly dark aspect of Atsushi as a Yandere, he has a tendency to grow extremely violent and brutal. Mostly a shy boy who is easily to tease by his darling, the utter obsession and adoration, the way he just worships his darling to the point where he believes that his worth depends on how much they love him and how happy he can make them is what ends up as a downfall to everyone who stands in the way for this. Atsushi just has to have his darling, otherwise he’d just want to die. And his ability to transform into a tiger reveals a more animalistic side of his, one that merely runs on the instinct to kill everyone who threatens what he loves most. His emotions tend to get the better of him, especially his anger which will be his opponent’s demise in the end. Be it just someone who tries to court his darling and ignores the fair red flags of Atsushi’s warning growls or someone who was dumb enough to attack you, Atsushi will protect what is his with teeth and claws, leaving only bloody shreds in the end.

    🐅In the end it’s one simple thing that might push his last buttons to abduct his darling and that is this paranoia, like a cold and constant shudder that never truly leaves him alone. Only those peaceful times he gets to spend with his darling, in their warm and welcoming presence with their natural scent surrounding him that always manages to melt his fears away with ease, frees him temporarily from his fear. But as soon as he is away or doesn’t know where s/o is, it starts again. The paranoia that you might just meet someone you prefer over him, that in this very moment you’re being attacked. It’s why this boy here spams his darling incredibly often with messages and if a reply in the next few seconds doesn’t happen, he already is on high alert. There are attempts to lead a normal relationship with his darling, though it is on a more toxic and unhealthy side due to Atsushi’s constant guilt-tripping and his paranoia. Yet there is only one thing needed to make him snap and that means game over for his darling.

    🐅His little obsession grows to be a nightmare for you even if Atsushi on first glance looks like a really cute and friendly guy. He’s grown to memorize your favorite hobbies, food, colors, animals and so much more and even if he can’t effort expensive presents, he often gifts you sold flowers he’s picked up himself or whatever he can buy to hopefully bring a smile to your face. As much as he’s ready to do about anything you ask him to do, never try to use him for his naivety like this and only pretend to love him. Even if he might need a long time to catch on or someone else tells him before he even noticed, it’ll only end in a nightmarish experience. Betrayal that is eating his heart away, tears that won’t stop falling as his whole body shakes before he releases a feral cry that doesn’t sound human. That’s when he suddenly explodes, his wrath getting the better of him and he starts destroying in a blind frenzy everything around him, partially transforming. His darling gets for the most part unharmed away, though they might suffer a few scratches in the process. Normally a sweetheart, the monster that you don’t recognize as one is supposedly the scariest. Yet it is gut-wrenching to leave him when he is at your feet and begging not to abandon him.

    Kunikida Doppo

    📓Kunikida is a man who has his own order and structure in life, he has neatly written down all his ideals in that little book of his and wants to stick to this rules he has. Yet his darling had to interfere with this daily routine of his, get into his very head until he couldn’t get them out of his thoughts anymore. He is aware of his own obsession which he doesn’t see himself to be fit but he can’t get rid or ignore his emotions either which almost vexes him as much as Dazai’s constant suicide attempts. He eventually comes to accept his feelings after some time and that is the main core where his possessiveness grows from there on. This man doesn’t stray from his ideals and so as soon as he has decided that his darling will be his lover and spouse in the future, he will remain determined until the very end. His darling doesn’t have to exactly fit into his ideal picture and that is what makes Kunikida so possessive after all, darling just broke his firm wants in a perfect partner.

    📓As a gentleman who chooses the way of pursuing you normally at first, he quickly grows obsessed and he will remember and most likely note down every bit of information he can get about you. It’s all neatly written down somewhere and the more this obsession grows, the more he tends to go into detail with it. He turns, without surprise, out to be on a more controlling side. He might not catch his darling in like some other Yanderes would do it yet there is a certain restriction put on his s/o, certain expectations and ideals Kunikida still values and wants you to listen too. A few rules won’t hurt after all, they only will help a harmonious relationship between you two. Kunikida also has is not above manipulation as well if he believes that it is needed. He won’t use guilt-tripping like Atsushi, but he is a smart guy and as the keen observer that he is, it isn’t too hard for him to point out things that only end up making him look more trustworthy in the end. You might suddenly seek suddenly more advice and protection from him and his manipulation is so subtle that it’s not easy to notice. But it will have most likely some influence on your life and your daily routine.

    📓Trust is something Kunikida has put high on the list of things he would like to achieve and have in this relationship, without trust anything will be useless in the end. And jealousy is something he hopes that will be under him, he doesn’t wish to ridicule himself in front of the s/o or others. He wants his darling to socialize as well. The easiest way to push his button is still the one guy who probably would drive many over the edge, his name is Dazai. Naturally someone who can get on Kunikida’s nerves, it’s relatively easy for the ex-Mafia to force a jealous feeling out of Kunikida, especially if he does it on purpose. Kunikida will probably have his most temperamental jealous reactions in front of Dazai and oh lord, he’s always so embarrassed afterwards. It’s never like this with other persons, though he probably can’t rest fully easy with letting you meet a person you see often without knowing the full relationship between you and them. A wish to meet a person that is slowly starting to scratch him because they seem to like you in a way that isn’t platonic is his initial reaction. A wish to ask this person a few questions, to clarify a few things. In about 9 out of 10 cases it ends in an interrogation.

    📓With his strict and harsh attitude he won’t really hesitate to hand out punishments when someone committed something against the law or against personal human right, especially not when it involves s/o. He is a virtuous person, his desire to protect others is a strong one. Yet he doesn’t search for bloodshed and death. Kunikida has seen innocent and young people getting killed in front of him and that resulted in him sticking to a certain belief. That killing someone isn’t always the only way so he will always try to look for a way to solve a problem without having to rob someone of their life. Most punishments others receive are legal, made by laws and rules from the government and a court. Kunikida isn’t someone who is into tormenting others so he’s exerted to make a punishment quick and without much suffering. Even when in a raging frenzy where he might end up killing someone, he’ll never overdo it.

    📓I wouldn’t say that the idea of kidnapping is something that would cross Kunikida’s mind initially and even if he is possessive and protective, he’s still far away from the paranoia Atsushi harbors inside of him. His ability is to keep a relatively calm and logical composure on himself and as long as his mental state doesn’t deteriorate, he won’t use force. He has things planned out after all, the wooing, the dating up to the point of marriage. That might turn out to be the thing that poses to be a threat since within his ideals are certain chains that will end up trapping his darling a bit into certain things. Breaking this plans of his and bending his own rules a bit is what causes a mental breakdown within Kunikida so he strictly avoids kidnapping. He couldn’t really bear with himself if he were to really abduct his darling due to his awareness over his feelings. Unless it isn’t an emergency and your life is at risk, the furthest he would do is isolating you a bit.

    📓Kunikida likes to organize things so he always will schedule dates neatly on days where the two of you have some free time to spare. Holds huge respect for his darling and he actually is willing to leave some free space in between his expectations or even be convinced into changing things a bit, that is if s/o hasn’t given him a reason to tighten his grip on them a bit. After all despite his strictness, Kunikida can tend to be on a more soft side. It’s still not his style to spoil and cuddle his s/o, he doesn’t want them to believe that they’ll just get everything they want. Sure, he has his moments where he feels in a generous mood and would be willing to spend a bit money on you, but don’t expect it to be the norm. He probably wouldn guarantee that you at least get the things done that you have to do, for your job or something you promised to do, including certain household chores. He’s no slave driver but he will push you if laziness keeps you from doing something important. His whole intelligence aside, it’s actually not unlikely that you might be able to fool him sometimes since he tends to be a bit naive.

    Yosano Akiko

    🦋Yosano is aware, protective and shows slight hints for some sadistic traits. She’s highly respected in the Agency for her calm and nonchalant behavior, staying under composure even under pressure and always taking some sort of leader role when someone needs advice. Quite perceptive, she has figured out after a while that this crush of hers goes beyond the norm of healthy love and even if it concerns her, she’s able to deal with more responsibility and less twisted darkness the given situation, differently from some of her fellow Agency members. She’s able to stay fair in terms of her darling and the rights they get, not letting her own obsession interfere and control too much. Though she has those sadistic phrases of hers which will give her s/o quite the startle, gleeful when they accidentally hurt themself and showing a morbid fascination, maybe pressing down a bit too hard whilst examining the wound. Yet she’s also protective and values as a doctor human life so at the end of it all she’ll always snap out of it and patch the wound up, take care of whatever needs to be taken care of.

    🦋A huddled yet balanced mix of lovestruck and strict. As I mentioned it, she doesn’t let her intense love get in her way of seeing things as they are which means she’ll never be too spoiling and pampering nor will she be too stern and controlling. You’re your own individual who can look after yourself and unless she thinks you can’t, she’ll never step too much into your personal life to play mother hen. She’ll do it if she thinks that she has to be which does mean that she’ll have to grow more controlling. Especially with your health she’s petty if needed and so she’ll be quite strict when it comes to taking care of your own health, physically or mentally and advices given from her are meant to be followed, no playing in such areas. At the same time she’s also quite often in a good mood and likes dragging her s/o in her shopping tours where she tends to buy them the one or another thing. It’s not enough to be counted as her pampering you yet it’s safe to say the lady can be generous as long as she isn’t given a reason to be mad or disappointed in you.

    🦋Prides herself on being a strong woman who has her very own ability to not be easily befallen from jealousy. She’s contend with having her darling be free enough to keep in contact with family and friends and socialize, isolation would only be a damage to their mental well-being and even if she’s sadistic, she draws a limit. Yosano is not completely sure immune against this feeling that sometimes creeps up on her though. Smart enough to observe whether her jealousy is justified or not, she’ll only really show her discomfort when she believes that her feelings are justified. Now if someone were to ignore her additionally to all of this or have the audacity to call themself more fitting to be with you, this doctor here is very content in exposing a far more eerie side to her. Making her jealous is one thing, belittling her on top of that and plainly turning an eye to the fact that she’s your girlfriend is a completely different one. And instead of subtly warning and reminding someone that you’re in a relationship with her, she’ll make that person remember this in a far more different way.

    🦋I do believe that she has a soft spot, she puts life in a high place after all. However, belittle her or her s/o or push the wrong buttons and you’ll come to realize quickly that she is a force to be recognized. Don’t forget that she has a very sadistic side to her and she won’t hesitate to break someone’s fingers if they dared to mistreat her or her darling. When confronted with an asshole she won’t be very kind and it’ll be almost like a switch was turned inside of her. The normally calm and composed attitude of here will be replaced by the one of a young maniac who will give others a perfect scare. Mistaking her kindness she shows her darling for forgiveness and thinking that she will be lenient is a mistake, one that can end in broken bones and blood spilled all over the place. Whether she only uses someone as a punching bag to heal them after with her dreadful treatment or leaves them all broken and cut is up to the act they committed. She’ll never kill someone, but they’ll be left on the edge of eternal darkness.

    🦋Despite her occasional sadistic waves of emotions the relationship with her is relatively normal and even if Yosano can appear to be a bit too harsh from time to time, she’s always fair. It’s not like she puts her darling higher than herself nor is she someone to put herself above her darling either. Content enough to create a love where both of you are equal and important. It would be against certain morals of hers to advice her darling since she has put a lot of work and pride into this love life she created with them despite her Yandere side. Being that desperate isn’t a corner she wants herself to be pushed nor would she expect that you’d be able to see her in the same light as before if she’s actually do it. So I don’t see her taking her s/o by force into her house, with time things will flow naturally and even if she might have her phrases of paranoia where she sticks her darling to her side or isolated them for a bit, she’d never do anything out of the line.

    🦋She kind of doesn’t let her friends in the Agency on about her crush and relationship at first either, though not for quite the possessive reasons as Dazai would. She just wants to have worked and figured things out before she lets others on about her new relationship. If you observe her calmly and closely, you might be able to do notice that she might just act the tiniest bit out of the usual, seemingly thoughtful when no emergency is keeping them busy. She won’t let her love and thoughts interfere with her work. Casting aside her roughness, over time her and you developed quite a few sweet couple things you two do with each other. Sweet morning and good night messages, some cute notes or small letters to cheer the other up when they feel a bit more down or sad and wearing something to symbolize that you two are lovers. Maybe some sort of bracelet. When not in her formal attire for the Agency, couple outfits might happen every once in a while as well. She wouldn’t use her ability on her darling as long as they really are in great danger, though as a protective doctor lover she’ll always have to check twice if she hears that you’ve suffered an injury that isn’t just a minor scratch.

    Tanizaki Junichiro

    🧡This poor guy here, sane enough to know that his darling probably won’t even notice him since he is quite shy around them yet delusional enough to not view his own feelings as wrong, making him a semi-delusional Yandere. Tanizaki is also a possessive and obsessive Yandere, though both are very subtle traits at the beginning. Especially his obsession manifests quickly and it’s bad enough to escalate to the point where he ends up stealing something from them. His sense of morality is a weak one to say the least, it makes him quite menace in certain situations. He’s smart enough to not constantly take away your things, but he’s stolen more than a handful already, keeping them somewhere only he, and probably his sister as soon as she’s let in on her brother’s love, can find them. His possessiveness isn’t quite outstanding unless it’s when he is being confronted by a love rival or is lead to the belief that you’ll leave him or are in danger.

    🧡Junichiro is protective, though here as well he can keep himself subtle as long as he isn’t given a reason to feel otherwise. He loves and cares for his darling and with time he finds himself falling into the habit of wanting to baby them a bit, though he himself can be a very clumsy guy. Protective can turn quickly into overprotective the moment you suffered for the first time a severe injury in the relationship, a memory that leaves a bad and lasting scar on his mental health and it’s afterwards that he turns overbearing and careful and cautious with everything and everyone. Clingy as well, though his physical affection pales next to Naomi’s, though it’s still counted as strong smothering. Especially in private he can and will be very affectionate, in public he’s mostly more gentle and respectful. Lovestruck is a good word to describe him, though he has a bubbly and pure love on him as well as the possessive and bloody one.

    🧡Whilst not sharing the same insecurities as Atsushi, Tanizaki still views himself as an average college student. There’s nothing to special about him, though his sister often tells him that this isn’t true. Yet there is no denial he has the fear that there will be someone that might be better than him, he knows that such people exist. Even if he doesn’t tend to go as quickly jealous as Atsushi, he isn’t someone to be exactly confident either. The orange-haired boy still gets fairly quickly jealous, cue sign for his possessiveness to be triggered. Now don’t think of him as some jealous meanie, he does attempt to stay silent whilst squirming uncomfortably at first as long as he knows who the person is you’re talking to. The same does not count for strangers who think flirting and flustering you is a good idea, instead he’ll only step possessively in front of you with a pissed and furrowed expression on his face.

    🧡His sense of moral is a questionable one since Junichiro doesn’t hesitate to take a immoral approach which included harming others if it means protecting those he cares about. Just look at how highly bloody and violent he turns whenever someone endangers his sister Naomi and you’ll probably can picture how it’ll turn out with his darling. He’s without a second to hesitate ready to take death of people through his one hands on his shoulders if it means he can protect the s/o. He said that he’s ready to burn the world for his sister and the same counts for him his treasured darling. Living a life without them is like the world just lost it’s color and anxiety tends to get ahead of him. So even if he feels like he’s only second-best in comparison to the people in the Agency and shares some insecurities, it’s a bold mistake to underestimate him. His ability Light Snow is a perfect ability to kill someone without the average person knowing what even hit them. Pushing him into a corner and harming his s/o is the best and quickest way to truly let him reveal his dark colors and feelings.

    🧡Naomi as the main supporter of this relationship might just be a bit more impatient than Tanizaki himself is. She’s somewhat possessive over her brother so she’ll still insist on living together with him, only that she wants you to move in with them now. Her brother, even if deep down hoping and wishing the same, would probably still decide to take things a bit slower and to not make you feel pressured. Junichiro was never someone to rush the things in this relationship, his darling kind of gets to decide the pacing and he’ll just match their tempo. He isn’t a very possessive guy unless there are certain triggers and if he were to ever kidnap his darling, it’ll either be because of his possessiveness or overprotectiveness being pushed over the plank, in the worst case scenario it’s even both. The boy isn’t keen on the idea though, he wouldn’t be able to take their possible hatred or tears afterwards. It’ll only get to his head and bother him for weeks after. He dreams of a normal relationship.

    🧡Naomi, even with slight initial jealousy, honestly just becomes your best friend by more or less her own persistence. Because if her brother is helplessly in love, she’ll help dear Tanizaki of course. She gives him advice on how to approach you, talk to you and what he can do to make you happy. With her more possessive behavior over her brother here the question is if her advices are always good or not. The college student can’t effort much gifts with the money he has, but he likes cooking for his s/o a lot. It’s one of the very few things he feels he’s decent enough to be called good in. He probably cooks for Naomi quite often anyways so he’ll start cooking for you as well. Won’t be able to hide you as his crush and lover for too long from the preying eyes of his fellow members in the Agency because he’s so bad at it. Quite ready to embarrass himself if it means that he can put a smile on your face, if you were to buy him something or craft something for him to wear he will do so, even if it’ll cause others to chuckle when seeing it.

    Izumi Kyouka

    🌸She has started removing the impassiveness that she used to carry around during her time with the mafia which reveal a somewhat childish side of hers since she’s still a teenager. Loving someone romantically is yet something she has to experience for herself and it is frightening as much as it is wonderful for her. She is more of a delusional Yandere who won’t think I’ll of her emotions, though she has a small twist with her. Kyouka is very aware that she did wrong and that her darling might just see her as a serial killer as soon as they would find out that she has murdered 35 people as an assassin. A girl that becomes as delicate as a flower under the light of love fears the hatred, the fear you might throw at her upon receiving those news. It’s the main reason she doesn’t dare to approach you yet, though part of it is her own bashfulness. As a stealthy person, she most likely ends up stalking her darling a lot. She won’t break into their house, but she trails silently behind them in public or secretly escorts them on their way back home.

    🌸Only after she can tell herself for certain that her darling loves her, will she become more delusional. Her s/o and her are from now on after all a happy couple, aren’t they? She’s protective and she has reasons to be paranoid (most characters have tbh). I wouldn’t say that she’s as terribly overprotective and babying as some people like Chuuya are, but her occupation is a dangerous one and she certainly won’t let anyone or anything lay a wrong finger on her s/o. You have your freedom and she isn’t as overbearing as to always want to have you with her, but walking late at night and suspicious places always gives her a bad feeling. She never really has the heart to argue strongly against darling though, she still has her own insecurities and always gets struck with anxiety when she makes s/o mad. That brings her back to stalking them if she isn’t able to convince them into staying somewhere safe or they don’t want her company. She only wants love after all and even if she finds herself a bit skittish with sudden affection, with time to grow accustomed to it she’ll want more.

    🌸What a new and annoying feeling jealously is for Kyouka. She has never really experienced it before and differently from the feelings she has for you, warm and giving her a strong feeling of security, she would describe jealousy as the complete opposite. She feels insecure and a bit scared. Kyouka finds herself on a bit possessive side as well, though she tries to fight the darkness in her mind. The girl does allow herself to be more altruistic in situations, she loves putting a smile on her darling’s face after all. Being less insecure than Atsushi is, she beats him in ensuring people you’re very affectionate better. Her delusions keep her often in control as well, she sticks to her belief that her s/o and her are a loving pair. It’s not like you haven’t seen her limits either, she can snap easily if someone tries to flirt and woo you. Not someone to be very talkative, she isn’t someone to be noisy and catch attention since that’s the last thing she would want. Do not underestimate the heavy glare she always shoots at the counterpart. This blankly dark expression of hers gets under their skin one or another way. She’d never kill someone for jealousy reasons, although it did happen that she frightened the excessively annoying people with her skills a bit.

    🌸There are improvements for a healthy sense of morality. Kyouka’s morality on the other hand is still in development despite her trying to prove that she isn’t only worth something as long as she kills others. Trying to not give in to her sinister and killer instincts is hard from time to time, but the dark-haired girl tries her best. If she had to choose, she’d still decide to bloody ways if it means protecting the people in her Agency and her love. She’ll have to be secretive about it, not wanting the Agency, her s/o nor someone else to find out. Kyouka does genuinely conquer the darkness in her mind so even with her past, she’s never someone to kill without having a good reasons. She also thinks about it in order to have a plan unlike Atsushi who always lets his rage consume him. A graceful killer who will give a quick death. She doesn’t enjoy seeing people in agony or tormenting them, she merely justifies it as getting rid of a person that has been a pain and torture in your life. She does what she needs to do.

    🌸To be very sincere, I do not see Kyouka doing something like this. As I mentioned earlier, she can be a very selfless Yandere and only care for what is the best and makes you happy. With her paranoia and possessiveness that is a trait to be acknowledged. I won’t say that she is an innocent angel either, the thought has crossed her mind before when her will was a bit shaken yet she never had the heart to do this. Even if the paranoia of you being hurt is strong, the fear of you not loving her and loathing her is equally bad in her eyes. She has her manipulative moments where she influences the surroundings around her to somehow trick you into staying in one area where you’ll hopefully be safe, but that’s it already. Finding a balance between her own protective side and your joy leads to her becoming a permanent stalker after all, no matter how far this relationship has already progressed. She finds herself calming down a bit the moment you two would move in together and to be frank, she would totally love that.

    🌸Poor Atsushi turns out to be her personal dating advisor since she is extremely close to him, though other members from the Agency kinda hinted that he might not be the best person to ask either. Kyouka is a rather blunt person as soon as she has gotten over her initial shyness in regards of you, though she’d never say something that might hurt you. Why? Because she is drunk on love. All her stalking aside, she loves taking her s/o on a walk through Yokohama and often she finds herself going to buy some Crêpes with her darling. She loves those after all and wants to share them with the person she loves. Atsushi might end up tagging along so he can pay, but by now Kyouka earns her own money which she’ll also use for such delicious traits. Given her sweet tooth, with time a hobby of you two becomes baking cupcakes, cookies and whatever you two want to try out.

    Nakahara Chuuya

    🟠Chuuya is possessive and overprotective. He has never been happy about the life he’s had so far. His connection to Arahabaki that made him question how much humanity he actually has in him, his failed position as a leader for the Sheep and their betrayal and his current position as an Executive in the Port Mafia. All he asks for is being able to keep a stable relationship with his darling, one that isn’t tainted and ruined by something or someone. He has confidence in himself that he’ll be able to court his darling normally, though he has a paranoia deep inside his core as well which will be especially triggered if Dazai were to come into the picture. It’s pretty cannon that Dazai loves testing Chuuya’s limits and s/o won’t be an exception for this. In general Chuuya is rather trigger-happy and due to his hot tempered nature, it’s not that unlikely that he’ll lose his cool over something which will only worsen his possessiveness and overprotectiveness. His protective side is indeed something that can cause him to treat his darling like a Chinese doll sometimes, made out of fragile porcelain who he wants to dote on.

    🟠For the biggest part, Chuuya is rather aware of his actions. His profession is not one that’s morally right nor is his little obsession about his darling. So deep down there is the chance that he feels somewhat bad for what he sometimes puts you through, though never in a way where he harms you directly. More in an indirect way by ripping away those you might love as soon as they’ve done something that successfully has made him see red out of rage. Chuuya isn’t very manipulative, he just has to keep some things a secret that he knows would made you petrified of him, so you’ll never know what kind of lifestyle he has until something spills the tea. Yet there is always the chance for a switch to a rather delusional turn for him, partially he has already deluded himself into thinking that way. That is in regards of your well-being which he puts about as high as the fact that you’ll stay with him. Telling himself that he can protect and cherish you best has awoken the illusion inside of him that brutally hurting and killing other people if one of those two conditions were to be broken is the only right thing.

    🟠A grown-ass man sometimes tends to be like a child, annoying you to get some affection out of you. Chuuya isn’t terribly clingy, not to the same extent Dazai can become, though his affection is somewhat above the average as well. The redhead needs his cuddles as well from time to time so when he’s alone with his darling, he can be quite silly. But for the love of him, do not try to make him jealous because he’s possessive as hell, his protective side will most likely play part in it as well. Chuuya tends to get jealous quickly as soon as someone has stared at his s/o for too long and he’ll be vocal about this annoying and itching feeling inside of him. Quite brash and impolite with his pick of words and the tone he spits them out, an irritated and mad look on his face. He’ll let it slip if the other person leaves with their tail between their legs then and there, though further testing his already crossed limits or even having the fucking audacity to talk or flirt with you is the final line to be drawn. Don’t you even dare! Chuuya will explode and chances are that he’ll already be out of instinct a bit violent, though the true bruises and agony awaits this idiot as soon as he’s sure no one will catch him.

    🟠Fuck with his darling, hurt them or try to court them and take them away from him and you’re in for something. The Executive will, without sugarcoating it, break your bones and crush your jaw, beat you up until you’re beyond recognition. He ain’t playing or joking around at all, threats have to be removed after all and most of the time he’ll leave them either half-dead with the chances that they’re either unable to recover fully or will die soon after. Or he’ll kill them, going easy on someone is never the case, the most merciful he’s been was when he smashed someone’s face with his knee, breaking their jaw, nose and knocking about half of the front teeth out. He’s put your family and friends into a category he’ll protect under certain circumstances as well as long as no one of them has harmed you in a way. Don’t think that he won’t do something though if they want to interfere somehow the relationship, he might go a bit more lenient, but it won’t be a pleasant experience either. He’ll try to stay a bit rational and not let his emotions get the better of him most of the time, he’ll corner his victim when they’re somewhere alone without any witnesses. There is still the possibility for him to attack someone even if he were to be in public, if someone would hurt you in front of his eyes for example.

    🟠He might just coax his s/o into living together in a comfy house in a more quiet and isolated yet safe district at some point. He’s aware enough to not want to abduct his s/o. That’s just the dragging hope of his to have a taste of a normal life, to be a normal boyfriend and enjoy this sweet lovers life that the both of you have. Do you recall me mentioning that he can have a complete switch and go into full delusional and paranoid mode? That’s when Chuuya will end up kidnapping his s/o and forcing them into a turbulent life with him, one that he yet seems to be the only option he has left to keep you and protect you. There might be a subconscious part of him that knows that he’s being selfish right now and he curses and wishes the worst upon the one factor who ends up with the highest chances to be that trigger. His former partner Dazai. Keeping you a secret from that guy is essential, absolutely necessary in Chuuya’s mind to not risk anything. He has a bitter feeling inside of his throat, sheer disappointment and frustration that he couldn’t do even that and was pushed in so much anxiety that he had to reveal his true identity and bend you via fear into shape. But there was no other way and at this point he’s so desperate to avoid the painful awareness of all of this that he’s fully wrapped himself in a pretty lie of his.

    🟠He’s such a gentleman before everything goes downhill. Cute things to wear since he loves dolling you up a bit, most of the time only for his eyes, night strolls and passionate kisses and touches. He’s not perfect, but he has the charm and up until the point where Dazai breaks him and haunts him like a poltergeist, he possesses the smug confidence as well. Loves flustering you a lot, it boosts his ego even more and it looks too adorable on an additional side note. Spoiling your from time to time happens as well as long as you behave, flowers, chocolate and from time to time a few jewels as well. All of that is gone after he carved in under the pressure Dazai’s constant appearances inflicted on him, damage is done at this point to his and yours mentality. You might not even believe that the man in front of you is the same man you used to be in wonderful love with. He’s distraught, desperate to justify his actions to you, to himself just to repair this broken relationship. He still believes that it can work, that both of you can go back to how you used to be as lovers, but that is only if you’d give him a fucking chance! Why won’t you listen to him and make all of this easier?! It is possible that he’ll lessen his grip around you after he feels like he can trust you again, though he won’t stray away from your side if he lets you out, horrified to bump into Dazai again.

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    cutecore kyouka izumi reply icons for @linx1996 !!

    reblog/like if using <3

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  • gothwatermelon
    20.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    I got bored so I put together bouquets for a bunch of the bsd characters... cause like... why not?

    Atsushi: purple columbine, coriander, Hibiscus, hyssop, and sweet woodruff

    Dazai: anemone, begonia, butterfly weed, candytuft, spring crocus, purple hyacinth, and yellow jasmine

    Kunikida: acanthus, black-eyed Susan, edelweiss, lotus flower, oak flower, and sunflower

    Yosano: amaryllis, angelica, red camellia, 1 single dahlia, gladiolus, and rhododendron

    Ranpo: abatina, bay tree, white chrysanthemum, coriander, tiger lily, and valerian

    Kenji: yellow tulip, thyme, sweet woodruff, white rose, oak flower, and iris

    Kyoka: aloe, white camellia, coriander, daisy, dill flower, hydrangea, marigold, and pink rose

    Fukuzawa: zinnia, willow flower, red tulip, spearmint, rue, pink rose, and morning glory

    Chuuya: sunflower, tansy, amaryllis, pink camellia, edelweiss, and orange lily

    Koyo: rue, crimson rose, savory, sweet pea, sorrel, and rhododendron

    Akutagawa: rhododendron, yellow rose, snapdragon, tansy, and crab blossom

    Oda: forget-me-not, purple columbine, arborvitae, angelica, clycamen, and geranium

    (I hit the 30 tag limit with this lmfaooo)

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    It was us against the world

    Please do not repost!!!

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    Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
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    dazai, chuuya, akutagawa, atsushi, and kyouka icons

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  • bsdwanscreenshots
    18.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
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  • your-local-trashbin
    18.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    group chat headcanons for random ADA members


    - that one annoying spammer who spams dark humor memes in the chat

    - he actually got kicked out of the group chat multiple times by kunikida but this mf always comes back for more

    - don’t ask why atsushi made kuni one of the gc admins-

    - every time dazai gets kicked out of the group chat atsushi’s his number 1 go-to guy to add him back each time


    - the quiet person in the group chat

    - she barely talks there, and when she does talk, everyone’s like 😮

    - kyouka also likes sending rabbit/bunny stickers in the group chat instead of talking

    - she’s probably downloaded all of the bunny sticker packs to exist and uses them on a daily basis


    - that one person who sends text messages with perfect grammar

    - his messages are perfectly structured and they’re super long, it’s like everything in one block

    - which is why dazai doesn’t bother reading them  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    - as i previously mentioned, he’s one of the group chat admins

    - literally kicks dazai out every time, and whenever dazai returns he gets pissed

    - he’ll type in all caps if he has to

    -  Dazai: “Ah it’s good to be back, don’t you agree, Kunikida-kun?”

    - Kunikida: “WHO LET DAZAI IN?”

    - meanwhile atsushi’s sweating nervously in the corner


    - won’t be interested to be in the group chat

    - ranpo doesn’t give a damn about it

    - it’s too chaotic for him and he’s lazy to type text messages, that’s just the way he is 🤷‍♂️

    - atsushi still added him in the gc anyways

    - if he ever talks in the group chat it’s probably asking kunikida for more snacks

    #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bsd hcs #bungo stray dogs hcs #hcs #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bsd headcanons #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bsd#bsd dazai#dazai osamu#kunikida doppo#bsd kunikida#kyouka izumi #bungou stray dogs kyouka #bsd kyouka#ranpo#ranpo edogawa #idk what else to tag
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  • nolongeravalidhuman
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    My mom is Yosano

    Kyouka: They're cute. They're gorgeous. They has stunning eyes. They have a killer smile and a beautiful personality. I didn't say their name I'm sure they popped in your head, who was it?

    Dazai: My belladona!

    Kunikida: My eventual soulmate...

    Atsushi: O//_//O

    Yosano: pfft- myself lmao.

    #bungou stray dogs #bsd incorrect quotes #dazai osamu#atsushi#atsushi nakajima#bsd dazai#bsd atsushi#bsd yosano #bungou stray dogs yosano #yosano akiko#nakajima atsushi #bungo stray dogs kunikida #bsd kunikida#doppo kunikida #bungo stray dogs dazai #kunikida doppo#bsd kyouka#kyouka izumi
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    Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
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    a bunch of icons from chapter 91 of the Bungou Stray Dogs manga

    please like/reblog if you save/use

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