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  • Instead of ministry as my focus I continue to make intimacy with Jesus my main focus. I build relationships with people through knowing Jesus in secret first, learning to help people His way, then you can touch a lot of people with the love of Jesus because of what He gifts you to understand.

    Some things in this world you won’t understand until you throw yourself into what looks scary, but as long as Jesus is with you, you always come out of the fire without smoke. It’s not about the fire, right? It’s not about having enough. It’s about the glory of God. It’s about giving our body to God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to Him, not being confromed to this world but transformed by the renewing of our mind.

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  • There is something violently tender about being held and held together when you are falling apart.


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  • Dear you, the wide eyed, violin playing girl that was off to see the world.

    It has been 4 years; yet I still read our texts like they are the next best seller.
    It has been 48 months; and I still find myself falling asleep with you on my mind.
    It has been 1471 days since we first met. And I’ve missed you more and more as each of those days has passed. 
    I’m weak, pining for someone that has long forgotten about me, someone who moved on so long ago I doubt they even remember my face. This weight is dragging me down, and no matter how much I seem to fight I keep sinking, and I don’t know what is going to happen to me, I’m an empty shell of the person you once knew, sitting here jusy hoping that you’re path was at least brighter than mine.

    “You have to promise to get up in the morning and try to enjoy life even when I’m not there!”

    I’m trying my best, I really have been..

    From him, the one that brought the roof down, as well as everything else on top of us both..

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  • This weekend me and L spent the longest time together so far, and it all started off with a trombone.

    After my friend had set off in the morning, I set off to L’s house and said I’d stop in on her rehearsal for her band. She’s a trombonist/tromboner (Simpson ref) and although i’d heard some of her videos she sent me, I hadn’t had a chance to hear her live. Despite it being a practise, it was great to sit and listen to her playing, along with the rest of her band.

    We headed back to hers, and then I had the rather daunting task of going to visit her family for the first time. Well, sort of. It was her cousin’s 18th birthday, and they had hired a social club for the afternoon, and she said we would pop in. Turns out we literally popped in, as I got to have a cup of tea before she whisked us out of there. I think the fact that her parents came earlier than she thought, so they saw us together may have pushed her to get us out sooner than planned. :p I thought her folks were really nice from the brief 2 minutes I got with them, but I’m sure I’ll have a proper introduction another time.

    We then set off to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. I do like a good museum, and I really enjoyed wandering around with her, but from my perspective, there wasn’t enough “big texts” to read. I prefer to have a display with a large(ish) chunk of text to digest, and some bits round each side of it. This place has TONNES of weaponry, and each one has a sentence to go with it. It just didn’t feel right to me, but that said it was really interesting and we both had a good time.

    Next up, we set off out to a Mexican place called Pinche Pinche which was AMAZING! We shared a starter, and then had tapas which included a brilliant burrito, followed by my favourite mexican dessert, churros. :)

    We just had such a great time together, and I really enjoy her company. I’ve decided to keep my castle plan for the weekend after her birthday, I’m just going to call up and see if I can get us a room in the actual castle,,, 

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  • Elemental Kitchen Fire, Dust, and Water hand layers. I just think everyone’s overly concerned about Fire!Light (the ones who like him at all, anyway).

    #drawn by me #my fanart#my au#Elemental Kitchen#Death Note #Fire!Light #Dustbunny!Misa #Water!L #Light Yagami#Misa Amane#L #L x Light x Misa #isn't there a name for that ship yet? #I would assume so... #I think in this AU it'd be like Flaming Drain Clog or something gross/stupid like that #XD
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  • The miniskirt was born out of a youth culture movement that strived to deviate from the repressed post-war 50s fashion.

    Some traces of the Mini-skirt go back to the Egyptian times (5000 BC) and to  he Qing Dynasty in China the Duan Qun Miao Women.
    From the 1920s to the 1940s the Mini-skirt started appearing again in some fictions ( sci-fi movies, TV shows, illustration .. etc) They were for women of the future.

    In the 1960s, wearing a mini switched from being an individual fashion decision to a political act. As young women became aware of how society treated them differently than their male peers, they came together to fight, all while the general atmosphere around women’s liberation began to shift. It became a symbol of women’s rights, feminism, and liberation alongside the fight for female birth control.

    Mary Quant is the one who democratized the mini, in the late-‘50s at her London boutique, Bazaar. “ No longer were women expected to dress like their mothers “.A lot say that the miniskirt was a transgressive act, wearing them to rallies and speeches, proving that you can be strong and wear feminine clothing at once.

    Today the  miniskirts aren’t such a big deal. But with some movements like “metoo”, “balancetonporc” “moncorpsmeschoix” the question of what women wear is back in the frame.  Some still believe that they are not only inappropriate but are to blame for sexual assault .. and that is in 2019. 

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  • I don’t care if you’re straight. Be straight up and tell me how you feel.

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  • (con vos mi alma se volvió a iluminar) fragmento

    ¿Que puedo decir? el tiempo pasa rápido, y para mi, es una de las cosas mas sagradas, cuando estoy en un lugar donde no soy, necesito irme, siento que pierdo el tiempo, y no hablo de horas, hable de momentos, de recuerdos, de una vida. 

    También soy de aburrirme fácilmente, lo se, muchas veces me juega en contra, es que aprendí de la peor forma, que el tiempo es lo mas valioso

    Yo siento que somos, en plural, porque somos dos y sos mi compañero porque así lo siento. Compañero de vida, de momentos, de caminos por recorrer, de sentimientos, de alma y corazón .

    Yo creo en la vida y la magia y ahora puedo decir que creo en el amor, en la magia a primera vista. Uno se enamora y ya, el sentimiento es tan grande que, creo que quien realmente lo siente, no puede describirlo. 

    –yo no pretendo decirte cuanto te amo, o de que manera, porque me parece mas justo mandarte un mensaje a las 08:00am y decirte que tengas un lindo día–

    Si hoy te escribo es porque siempre fui mejor escribiendo que diciendo y esta carta es para agradecerte.

    Gracias por ser la persona que sos, ante todo. que el mundo necesita mas como vos, que estas en peligro de extinción, que me emociona hablar de vos porque nunca conocí una persona así. sos único, sos uno en un millón, que me siento tan bendecida de poder caminar junto a vos y compartirme tu tiempo para mezclarlo con el mio y fabricar momentos únicos, porque todo momento a tu lado es único, que no lo sabes pero todos los días ayudas a sanar este corazón que esta hecho mierda, pero que no piensa abandonar, gracias a vos, y eso nunca se olvida. 

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  • Mungkin di dunia ini, diantara semua wanita yang pernah singgah di hidupmu, hanya aku yang paling bodoh.

    Tidak belajar berbagai keadaan dan situasimu sehingga tidak pernah bisa mengertimu.

    Mungkin di dunia ini, diantara semua wanita yang pernah singgah di hidupmu, hanya aku yang paling tidak peduli.

    Tidak berbicara denganmu untuk mencari jalan tengah apa yang kamu dan aku rasakan.

    Mungkin di dunia ini, diantara semua wanita yang pernah singgah di hidupmu, hanya aku yang paling bandel.

    Berkali-kali sering melakukan salah yang sama kepadamu.

    Mungkin di dunia ini, diantara semua wanita yang pernah singgah di hidupmu, hanya aku yang paling bebal.

    Karena terus ingin berada di dekatmu dan mendampingimu meski abai dengan masukanmu.

    Mungkin di dunia ini, diantara semua wanita yang pernah singgah di hidupmu, hanya aku yang terlalu merasa dan menyayangi.

    Sehingga akupun tak merasa aku yang salah.

    Mungkin di dunia ini, diantara semua wanita yang pernah singgah di hidupmu, hanya aku yang paling tidak pantas denganmu.

    Karena banyak kurangku ketika disampingmu yang akhirnya kamu kukecewakan.

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  • Tierny and Pyre after the call with Kylo:

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