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  • trying to write more again

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    - It seems night has fallen…-

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  • A Guide To My Companions:

    (this post will be updated as needed)


    - goblin

    - male

    - elder

    - my first companion (since january 2021)

    - a mentor figure

    - mostly interested in helping me with stuff related to sewing & design

    - surprisingly also interested in 3d modelling clothes as well as character design


    - pop culture spirit (canonically an oni)

    - male

    - ?????? no clue what his age should be classified as but physically presents as a young adult

    - came to me on his own before i even knew about his character/show, it was a very unexpected. (february 2021)

    - mutual romantic interest

    - i was a bit skeptical at first, but my other companions are cool with him and he’s been super consistent since the beginning before i even knew who he/his character was so i’m definitely starting to trust him more.

    - not tasked with anything, but has been helping me a lot with being more assertive and direct.


    - courtwind angel

    - male

    - young(?) adult

    - vessel arrived at the same time as L’s (february 2021)

    - relationship status pending (he’s been the hardest to figure out so far but he’s very kind and i love him :^) )

    - not tasked with anything yet

    - he’s the one who i feel the most safe/comfortable with. i often call him when i’m feeling unsafe. he most often manifests when i have to be in the same space as my abusers, when my ptsd gets triggered, or when i wake up from bad nightmares. he’s been a huge help, he’s even been able to physically direct my abusers away from me.


    - bronwyn angel

    - female

    - young(?) adult

    - vessel arrived at the same time as Al’s (february 2021, however i suspect she may have been around long before that so ?? still trying to figure that out)

    - relationship status pending (i think she interacts with me the least out of everyone but when she does interact it’s very nice)

    - helps me with desired reality/shifting stuff :^)

    i’m very happy with my little family right now. i definitely won’t be getting any more vessels or anything any time soon, but i’d like to connect with a few more pc spirits from H’s show.

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  • hot take but L sleeps with his eyes open

    #death note shitpost #dn shitpost #death note lawliet #death note l #L#lawliet headcanon#lawliet#l lawliet#dn
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  • Bra struggle

    Paring: L x fem! S/O

    Warnings: Semi NSFW, touching, nudeness


    Originally posted by kreampop1257

    “Fuck this.”

    You groaned as you threw your bra on the floor, laying naked on your bed. It wasn’t your fault you had small arms. You couldn’t clip the bra on, it wasn’t the first time this has happened to you. Misa was currently your roommate, so whenever this happened she would help you out. But Misa wasn’t here, something about Light and her going to town. So that left you alone, naked on your bed.

    L had invited you to eat with him, which was a first. You were really excited about it because L ever even looks at you. You’d come to the conclusion that he hated you. For what? You don’t know. But when he looked at you and asked you to eat with him, you were more than happy.

    But now you knew you will never get that chance again because you were already late.

    And it’s all because you couldn’t put your bra on.

    You gasped as you heard a loud knock on the door. You grabbed your pillow and covered your body with it.

    “Y/n?” It was L. You cursed at yourself. You tried looking for your shirt, but you literally couldn’t find it. Great.

    “Y/n!” L repeated, making you jump.

    “I-in here!” You shouted back. “What’s taking you so long?” He grunted, making you blush in embarrassment. You didn’t respond. Why did shit like this always happen to you? “Y/n if you don’t answer, I’m coming in!” He shouted, the door knob jiggling. You shrieked, but you didn’t move, you were frozen. You watched with widened eyes as the pale man came in your room, while you were naked.

    L froze, looking at you, then turning around. “You could’ve told me you were naked.” He grunted. You whined, hiding your face on the pillow. “I’m sorry.” You murmured. To be honest, you weren’t the one to talk much. Whenever you were in trouble, you always froze, having

    Light, or Misa, even damn Matsuda get you out of trouble. This was one of the times, but none of them were here to rescue you. L noticed your quietness, making him sigh.

    “Do you need help putting your bra on?”

    You gasped and shrieked at the same time. You wanted to cry. How the hell does he know?

    “I-” you wanted to talk, but literally no words came out.

    “Don’t worry, Misa, well, she talks too much.” L said. You wanted to die. This is not happening to you. You heard L close the door, making you look up from the pillow. L faced you, but didn’t look at you. “Are you okay with this?” He asked.  You hummed, making him look at you. L sighed, heading to your bed. You scooted as he sat next to you, grabbing your bra. He made a swirl motion with his index finger making you turn your back on him. You slowly took off the pillow from your body and set it on your knees. L cleared his throat and put the bra over you.

    You put your hands through the strings, L sliding it up to your shoulders. You felt L pulling on the strap, trying to tie it together. You could hear him grunt, pulling at your skin along with the string. “Y-you got it?” You asked softly, blush creeping all over your body. “Yeah-” L said, his cold hand touching your back. You swallowed a gasp, but you got goosebumps. His hand was soft, at least from what you felt. You heard him struggling as he pulled on the string, but he pulled a little too hard, making your bra fall off.

    “Uh, sorry-” L cleared his throat as he tried to put your bra back on. His hands were shaky, and your body was shaky, you felt so embarrassed, why did Misa tell him, and why did he want to help-

    A gasp escaped your lips when you felt a cold hand rub against your boob, sending shivers all over your body. L froze, his hands hovering over your breasts. You froze too, embarrassment starting to trickle in. “I’m sorry.” You whispered, looking down. L didn’t say anything but you could just feel his eyes burning at the back of your head.

    For a few moments, L didn’t say or do anything. You were starting to get embarrassed. You turned around to look at him. His tired eyes stared back at you, mouth slightly open. “E-everything okay?” You asked him, making L shakes his head and then nodded. “Y-yeah, sorry.”

    He continued to put the bra on, very slowly you noticed. You sighed at the coldness of his hyands, turning your head sideways. You felt L hesitate a little, before he dropped the bra again.

    “What-” you moaned when you felt his cold pale hand cup your breast. You blushed furiously, not knowing what to do. You heard L groan, putting his other hand on your shoulder.

    “I don’t get why you have to put this on,” he whispered. “I think you would look great without it.” He finished. You felt his hand start to move on your breast, making you squirm. L sighed, moving his lips to your neck. “L,” you whined, closing your eyes. You heard him giggle behind you, making you snap your eyes open and turn to look at him. He had his eyes on you, mouth curled into a small grin. You rolled your eyes, smacking his chest. “You’re fucking perverted y’know that?” L had your bra hanging from his pointer finger, you were about to snatch it from him before he dangled it above your head. You groaned in frustration as you jumped to get it.

    L was enjoying this more than you. He watched as your tits bounced up and down from all the jumping. He giggled, lowering down his hand. “Alright alright, turn around so i can put it on.” You huffed as you moved your hair out the way. Your eyes widened, anger starting to take over you. You swiftly turned around and smacked L as hard as you could.

    “You jerk! You were teasing!” You stomped your foot. L had a stupid smile on his face as he grabbed his cheek. You looked around the room for your shirt, L still grabbing his cheek as he looked at you. You found the shirt under your bed. L watched as you put on the black shirt and combed your hair with your fingers. “Alright lets go.” You grabbed his arm and headed towards the door.

    “Can I put your bra on more often?”

    “Shut up or I’ll ask Kira to write your name.”

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  • ti amo quando mi chiami con scuse stupide tipo vieni con me a fare la spesa?

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  • Um can we talk about how the Japanese live action TV show remake of Death Note features a naked shower scene with Light and L?

    #death note #death note live action #death note tv show #light yagami#L#l lawliet#lawlight
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  • Angel’s Last Mission : Love - K-drama review

    Angel’s Last Mission : Love – K-drama review

    Starring – Kim Myung Soo, Shin Hye SunWhere to Watch – https://www.viki.com/tv/36575c-angels-last-mission-loveRating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ We loved, loved, loved this so here’s some extra ⭐⭐⭐


    People just fall in love and devote their lives for love. Sometimes, they take the other one’s life away for their love. A cold-hearted woman meets an immature angel and they get to confront unexpected tragedy and…


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    #angels last misson #drama#kdrama #kim myung soo #kim myungsoo#korean#L#review#series #shin hye sun #watch
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  • image

    210301 dear u

    it’s a photo i took just now🙃 goodnight 🌙

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  • Lámpara de techo Crystal Mimax 3406-6CC al MEJOR PRECIO: ➡ https://bit.ly/3kJUtfZ ⬅ ✅ ámpara -6cc ña

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  • i’m already dreading easter. the thing is i wouldn’t complain about it or even mind it if i didn’t live in a place now where these big christian holidays are forced on everybody. you have to participate in those typical christmas/easter activities and the whole house gets decorated and they’re all giving me shit for not liking it and not wanting to be a part of it bc “none of us are religious, so these thing aren’t religious, it’s just german culture”. how fucking dumb.

    #and like... i'm religious though 😅 #i think they also think of me as being hypocritical bc i grew up celebrating these things too and now i say #im against it. and honest to gd i really mean this i dont have anything against ethnical jews participating #in the christian culture of the country they live in. but i wasnt born jewish i chose judaism and i feel that it is my #responsibility to always choose judaism. just to choose it over and over bc that's what i want. #i wish it wouldn't offend people that i just don't...want to do something. i'm not even hateful towards it #i just don't want it for myself in my own life. what's so wrong about that? #l
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  • Pentosin 1088206 ATF 1LV Transmission Fluid, 5 L

    Pentosin 1088206 ATF 1LV Transmission Fluid, 5 L

    Pentosin 1088206 ATF 1LV Transmission Fluid, 5 L

    Product Description & Features:

    Please see Product Description regarding the Prop 65 Warning
    Long life fully synthetic low viscosity automatic transmission fluid used for lifetime application in automatic gear boxes
    Provides stable friction performance in electronically controlled converter clutch transmissions
    Uses premium synthetic base oils…


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    #-#1088206#1LV#5#ATF#FJ#Fluid#L#Pentosin#Toyota #Toyota FJ Transmission #Toyota FJ Transmissions #Transmission
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  • i’m so scared this will never get better i don’t wanna kill myself i really don’t, i wanna live a happy life but i can’t like this no one could. i’m scared i’m too far gone and too sick to get better again i’m really scared this is it

    #suicide tw #i’m so scared im so helpless #l
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  • #Affaire Khashoggi #héritier #saoudien🇸🇦 #Mohammed #Ben #Salman visé par une #plainte pour #crimes contre #l'humanité en #allemagne🇩🇪 (à Almagne)

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  • both my therapist and my psychiatrist are on vacation i’m literally losing my mind i don’t know what to do i need help but i can’t EVEN GO TI A FUCKING CLINIC BC OF MY OBSESSIONS THAT I CANT LET GO OF AND PANIC AND ANXIETY THAT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE IM DYING 24/7 AND I CANT BE WITHOUT MY MOM AND IDK WHAT TO DO ANYMORE ???????? I JUST EANNA DIE I EANNA DIE I WANNA DIE

    #death tw #i can’t i can’t I CANT I CANT DO THIS ANYMROE #l
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  • it’s so beautiful and sunny outside. not a cloud in the sky. i feel like doing something different and interesting that isn’t going to feed the ducks in the park sgdsgjlk. but i know there isnt anything open these days ofc. is this how normal people feel during c*rona?

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