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    Things to Include in Your Alberta Business Plan for the Owner Operator Program

    Alberta is a hidden gem that does not get attention from immigrants like Ontario or British Columbia gets. But its unbelievably favourable tax rates coupled with the busy yet friendly environment and low cost of living make Alberta a promised land for foreign entrepreneurs. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking for ways to immigrate to Canada, the Owner Operator Program is your best foot forward.

    What is the Owner Operator Program?

    The Owner Operator Program facilitates entrepreneurs with the ability to apply for a Work Permit for a business through the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). A work permit via LMIA requires a job letter from the prospective employer and an advertisement for showcasing the opportunity a month in advance. However, the Owner Operator LMIA program allows an individual to apply without a letter from the employer if they are going to, as the name implies, own and operate a business.

    The entrepreneur can either buy an existing business in Canada or start a new business under the Owner Operator Program. The best part of this program is that unlike most of the Canadian Federal business programs, it does not have any quota or strict rules to apply for a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) permit. All that an entrepreneur requires is verifiable and tangible proof of a business or experience as a business manager.

    How to Approach an Albert Business Plan for the Owner Operator Program

    First, you need to decide how your business will be legally organized. In Alberta, there are 4 ways you can start a business, namely; sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and co-operative. Partnership and Corporations are the best way to move forward, especially in Alberta. Corporations or corporate partnerships are taxed with much lower than the sole-proprietorships. In addition to this, sole-proprietors face a tough time in raising funds for business than the corporations.

    So, if you feel that your business idea stands a strong chance of being successful in Alberta, you are on the right track. Alberta is a booming destination for entrepreneurship as its Government is very supportive of entrepreneurial ideas. However, to make sure that you get the required support, crafting a well-thought and researched Alberta Business Plan is key. An Alberta business plan should focus on certain key points, which are –

    Writing for the correct audience

    Your business plan to apply for the owner operator program should look different than a business plan meant to attract investors or for internal planning purposes. Make sure it is written with immigration officers in mind.

    Benefit to Albert and Canada

    Make sure it is clear the good that your business is going to bring to the economy and society in Alberta.

    Meticulous Market Research

    You must understand the demographics of your target market; their needs & wants, willingness to pay, and how you will deal with competitors. A well-researched business plan will inspire confidence in your business idea and skills.

    Realistic, achievable financial projections

    Overselling your business may make your Alberta business plan seem less credible. Make sure your numbers can be met and that you can support the assumptions used to create them.

    The Next Steps

    Now, the question arises where to get all the required information from and who to get in touch with for showing you the path to success. It is wise that when planning to immigrate to Canada for business set-up, you need to be cautious in sharing the specialised information about your business. You can always get in touch with the local or state government bodies for guidance.

    In addition to this, investing in a professional guidance, such as that from immigration consultants or immigration business plan writers will be valuable. So, if you are planning to immigration to Canada under the owner operator program, make sure your Alberta Business Plan is in order. Following the advice above and finding the right people to help you do this will put you one step closer to making your dreams come true.

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    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    How to Leverage Your Cannabis Business Plan for an Entrepreneur Pathway

    The world is experiencing a wave of change wherein the prior negative stigma connected to cannabis use is becoming a thing of the past. Today, Cannabis is seen as a recreational & medical bandwagon offering lucrative business opportunities to the budding entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur who wants to take a path less traveled by. So, how to get a foothold in this rising industry and make it your Entrepreneur Pathway? Read on to know more…

    Cannabis Industry in Canada

    Canada was the second country after Uruguay to legalize cannabis across the country. It broke new ground of growth and by the end of 2020, the cannabis industry in Canada accounted for CA 2.6 billion. The industry witnessed 120% increase in its sales revenue in comparison to 2019. Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia are the prime markets that contribute 84% of the nation’s legal recreational sales. It is speculated that the cannabis industry in Canada will grow to USD 7.3 by 2025.

    Cannabis Business Plan

    In an industry where the sky seems to be the limit, a well-researched Cannabis Business Plan can do wonders. However, it is pivotal to understand that drafting a cannabis business plan is not an easy undertaking. It takes a depth of knowledge and research of the industry, identifying the market, understanding the operational ethics, scouting the competition, setting realistic milestones, structuring the management, determining financial projections like any other business plan. However, a cannabis business asks for a focus on specific industry categories like cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and retail as well.

    Challenges to Overcome

    A good business plan should always emphasize the strength of the cannabis business and the benefits it offers to society at large. The best way you can leverage your Entrepreneur Pathway is to write a formal cannabis business plan. It not only demonstrates professionalism but also portrays a clear picture of the business idea that customers need and want to appreciate. However, there are limitations and restrictions to be mindful about.

    The regulations and legalities around the industry will keep shaping the Cannabis industry. Much like the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries, the Cannabis industry is also highly regulated with GMP and GPP standards to follow.

    Understanding of Cannabis Business Taxes is another challenge. Canadian Federal Government has a special agreement with its territories under the name “Coordinated Cannabis Taxation Agreement”. Manitoba is exempted from this agreement. Besides this, all the provinces have additional duties on all the cannabis products as well.

    Cannabis Business Banking is a major challenge as banks are apprehensive of working with Cannabis companies.

    Nonetheless, the ever-changing and evolving Cannabis Industry is a hot market that many giant companies want to enter and invest in. Especially in Canada, big pharmaceuticals are acquiring companies with cannabis implications. Canada has created a dedicated division in its Chamber of Commerce “The Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada” to support and boost the Cannabis businesses.

    Food for Thought

    Undoubtedly, the Cannabis industry has a huge potential for growth as well as vulnerability to constant legal changes. If you are looking to start a business in this rising industry, it is imperative to join hands with professional business plan writers and stay abreast to adapt to any change.

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    Important Considerations Regarding a Cannabis Business Plan in Ontario

      Ontario is still one of the most populated and popular provinces in Canada.  This booming market makes it a favorable place for people looking to start a business.  Any type of business you wish to start will require an Ontario Business Plan.  If you want to get in on the latest trend, you’ll need a cannabis business plan.

    Cannabis businesses have been booming since being federally legalized in 2018.  Whether it’s growing it, processing it, packaging it, or providing services to the businesses that do all of that, there are countless opportunities to get involved.   Before making the big leap and drafting that Cannabis Business Plan, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

    Check All the Legal Boxes – Cannabis is now similar to alcohol or tobacco.  It may be federally legalized but, it is still controlled and is highly regulated and monitored.  It requires licenses and permitting and has additional oversight than other industries. 

    When creating your business plan, no matter the industry, you always need to cover the legal aspects.  Legal implications can create significant barriers to entry and introduce increased risk – compared to some other businesses.  You’ll need to address these in your Ontario business plan if you want serious players to take your plan seriously.

    Know the Market and Industry – The cannabis industry is still in its infancy.  It is imperative to have your finger on the pulse of the industry and market.  This allows you to stay ahead of the curve, minimize risks, and capture opportunities.

    This knowledge should come in a variety of ways.  As with any cannabis business plan, you should do quantitative research through paid services like Statista or IBISWorld.  You should also get more practical qualitative research through observation and surveying your clients.

    However you approach your market research, make sure to include this information throughout your business plan.  It doesn’t just belong in the market and industry analysis section.  It should also be included as support to other decisions you make and present throughout your plan as well.

    Know Your Audience – How you present the information in your Ontario Business Plan also needs to be considered.  This will mainly come down to audience.  If you are writing for an investor, you’ll want to word the plan in one way.  If you’re presenting the cannabis business plan to a loan officer, you’ll likely word it another way.  Regardless the audience, just make sure it’s written with them in mind.

    Network Like Crazy – Because the industry is so young, there are constantly new players entering and leaving the market.  In any industry, it is quite often about who you know and creating strong allegiances with others.  This is perhaps even more true in the cannabis industry. 

    So, make sure to attend industry events and join groups that will help you create or grow your network.  These new connections could become partners, investors, customer, or suppliers.  All key relationships to foster and develop to ensure your Ontario business plan is a success.

    Use Professionals if Needed – Not everyone is good at everything and no entrepreneur has the time to accomplish everything on their own.  Crafting the Cannabis Business Plan may just be one of those things you decide to outsource.  Professionals will likely provide a much more cohesive plan, provide valuable objective insight, and probably also get it done quicker too. 

    Not matter your background, consider the benefits hiring a professional could have on your plan.  It’s an investment in your future worth making.  Pair this with all the other advice above and you will be well on your way.

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    Why Do You Need Immigration Lawyer New York?

    Are you a foreigner planning to settle down in the United States and become its citizen? After that l1 visa usa have to discover an immigration lawyer in New York to advise you on what needs to be done. For an immigrant to settle down in any country it is vital for them to recognize all the legal subtleties associated with migration. An migration attorney is the very best individual to provide you recommendations as well as overview you in properly for doing every little thing correctly. Your migration attorney will be your legal representative that will help you in settle down in a nation. Discovering applying for l1 visa to aid you out is not at all a difficult procedure. The web is the very best source for you to figure out the most effective and one of the most qualified migration lawyer in New York. The internet is a warehouse of info and also it is all approximately you to utilize the info in the most effective possible method. You can look for migration legal representatives from a legal representative directory site. Additionally you can find a great migration lawyer in New york city by talking with people that have actually already made use of the solutions of the legal representative. Make sure you employ the services of the most effective migration legal representative in New York. There are lots of concerns that require to be looked after when you want to arrive to USA. A few of the concerns that need to be dealt with are legal civil liberties of immigrants, responsibilities of immigrants as well as responsibilities if there are any kind of for immigrants. The job of the migration attorney is to primarily make their clients naturalized citizen of the United States. It is the responsibility of the lawyers to see to it that their clients are fully mindful as well as have total knowledge regarding what they are supposed to do, what they are not intended to do and also what legal rights they have in the nation as immigrants residing there. It is not an absolute necessity to employ the services of lawyer, but it constantly much better to work with lawyer's solutions so you can have a clear image about your civil liberties as well as tasks. Additionally a attorney will be able to inform you exactly what lawful rights you have as well as what points you need to do. Essentially the legal representative will certainly be able to help you out with everything legally pertaining to the concern of immigration. It is always much better to have a good expertise about all the legal facets related to immigration. Immigration legislations maintain transforming and also are made complex. So it comes to be even more essential for immigrants to seek the services of an immigration lawyer. Immigration legal representatives keep updating themselves frequently concerning all the changes that are being made in the migration law in the USA. The immigration legal representative will ensure that you are never ever caught unaware regarding anything related to your immigration to the United States. If you are serious about calming down in USA and also becoming a naturalized citizen, you will feel guaranteed and comfortable as a result of the visibility of an migration attorney. You will be able to recognize and also deal with any kind of lawful challenges with the help of your immigration attorney. If you run into any type of lawful trouble that extends the process of migration, your legal representative will certainly always there to help you out of the scenario.

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    K-1 Visa Interview Issues

    The orgasm of the US visa procedure is the K1 visa interview. US lawyer in London of the process might be the most anticipated, second just to the approval stage. In many ways, a United States visa attorney can be helpful in assisting a Thai with the future husband visa interview. Several Thai Fiancees approach an impending visa meeting with a sense of foreboding and also worry. Lots of hesitate that they will do or claim something that will certainly create their visa to be rejected. Some are puzzled concerning what they require to give the meeting. In a couple of cases, visa applicants are worried concerning a sensitive issue in their past as well as intend to prevent reviewing it or seek to conceal it. For those that consider lying to the consular police officers at the US Embassy be advised: consular policemans are educated to be on the lookout for those wanting to utilize deceptive methods in order to get a visa. If one is captured existing to a consular police officer it could lead to not only being rejected of the here and now application, yet a bar on access to the USA for many years. It is constantly a excellent choice to give sincere answers to any of the consular officer's concerns. For those just nervous about the K1 visa meeting itself, it might be comforting to point out that the consular officers are not accustomed to utilizing the visa interview as a technique of eyebrow beating a Thai fiancee. Rather, the visa meeting is a means of performing due diligence in an initiative to figure out whether a couple's relationship is authentic and also the Thai girlfriend is not legally inadmissible to the U.S.A.. Usually, K1 visas will certainly be refuted under 221 (g) of the Immigration and Nationality act. Words, " rejection," is somewhat deceptive in the context of a 221 g in the feeling that it is not a lot a rejection as it is a ask for even more info. When a 221 g demand exists to the Thai bride-to-be it generally implies that the application lacked some way, generally some file is missing out on. The consular officer will certainly remit a type to the Thai fiancee that states what is missing out on as well as what requires to be provided in order for the consular section to process the K1 visa. Should a bride-to-be get an straight-out denial due to the fact that the consular policeman decided that the partnership was not authentic, then that choice is unlikely to be based on an allure. Nevertheless, needs to E2 visa lawyer in London consider the K1 visa candidate legitimately inadmissible to the U.S.A., after that there may be a waiver offered for that ground of inadmissibility. ( Please note that the material had here is to be made use of for educational purposes only and also ought to not be presumed as developing an attorney-client partnership between the writer as well as any kind of subsequent visitor. One need to constantly acquire legal advice from a proficient accredited lawyer.).

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    Is the Owner Operator Program Still a Viable Entrepreneur Pathway in Canada?

    The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Owner Operator Program is one of the most popular entrepreneur pathways into Canada. As of April 2021, however, the program as we know it has changed. The changes have led many to question whether or not it is still viable at all. Let’s explore.

    The Original LMIA Owner Operator Program

    As the name implies, the owner operator program is an Entrepreneur Pathway for those that intend to own a controlling share, and play an active role in the day-to-day operation, of a business. Hence the term, owner/operator.

    The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a clearance that many companies must get to bring on a foreign worker. Its purpose is also indicative of its name. It was established to evaluate the impact a foreign worker will have on the overall labour market in Canada.

    Now, combining the two, the LMIA owner operator program is a variation of the standard LMIA. If the application can successfully convince officials that the admittance of the owner operator in question would have a neutral or positive impact on the labour market, they would receive a positive LMIA.

    Owner Operator Program Changes

    The recent changes mean that owner/operators will now be evaluated under the same criteria as standard LMIAs. There are two notable changes from the program as it used to exist to present day.

    Job Advertisement Requirement – A key component of the standard LMIA is that a job advertisement must be placed before a foreign worker is hired. This is meant to demonstrate that a suitable local candidate could not fit the role.

    However, the owner operator entrepreneur pathway waived this requirement. As the owner would also be the one deciding who to hire, it didn’t seem to make much sense. Yet, this is one of the requirements that now also must be met.

    Prevailing Wage – When starting a business, whether as an immigrant or not, it is common practice to pay yourself less than the standard pay for a manager or senior executive. This allows owners to put money back into the business for various reasons. However, the LMIA requires that any role is paid the prevailing wage for the specific NOC code. Previously waived for the Owner Operator Program, they must now adhere to this standard as well.

    The Owner Operator Program is Not Cancelled

    Despite the changes, it is important to note that the program is not cancelled. Early on there was some confusion over this so it is vital to state this plainly. Yes, it is true that it will require adherence to the original program, but it is still an option for potential owner/operators.

    Navigating Your Chosen Entrepreneur Pathway

    The LMIA owner operator program is still a viable option under certain circumstances. There are also a host of alternative immigration and Entrepreneur Pathways available. Regardless which program you go with, it can be a misstep to navigate this alone. You should consider hiring an immigration consultant or lawyer to help ensure you are pursing the best program. Once your path is chosen, make sure to hire a professional business plan writing firm to help strengthen your immigration case.

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    13.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Perks That Prove Why You Should Hire An Immigration Lawyer

    If you have immigrated to another country from the United States, chances are that you will know about the extensive paperwork procedure that entails. It is hard enough for natural-born English-speaking citizens, so you can imagine the struggle for immigrants who do not speak English as a first language.

    Future immigrants remain unclear on the process; with nobody to guide them, it becomes even more challenging to arrive and live there legally. You must not let poor legal representation uproot you and your family from their home. Therefore, it is wiser to hire an immigration lawyer who can guide you through the immigration process through their research, analysis, and experience.

    In today’s article, we shall discuss the advantages of commissioning a US business immigration attorney:

    They handle the procedure with ease and expertise

    The immigration court procedure is time-consuming, expensive, overwhelming, and stressful. There are applications to be filled, deadlines to be adhered to, fees to be paid and appointments to be made, which could be difficult for someone out of the country.

    Most immigration lawyers have been handling clients for several years and can help you out when needed. They ensure that all the applications and documents are submitted on time and you can approach your interviews with confidence. Otherwise, your application could get rejected, which could lead to greater problems.

    They give you several options to choose from

    There are different kinds of green cards and visas that are available for different situations: a student’s visa, tourist visa, family visa, and spouse visa, to name a few. While some are obtained easily, some take more time. Unfortunately, most immigrants are not exposed to so many options.

    Here is where a business US lawyer in the US would advise you to choose one from several options, which would be the best for your employment or familial situation. They are equally experienced in manoeuvring permits, regulations, and other procedures to grant you work permits, permanent residency, and full citizenship in the United States.

    They help you secure a job

    Immigrants find it more difficult to get legal employment with an industry-standard salary than regular American citizens. An L1 visa lawyer assists in seeking out opportunities, applying for jobs, and speaking with human resources. If you are looking for a white-collar job in the United States, your best chance is to hire an immigration lawyer.

    They can vouch for permanent residency

    There are certain laws applicable to immigrants even after they have permanent residency or work visa, failing which you might be deported even before visa expiration. A US business immigration lawyer explains these laws to you so that you do not jeopardize your visa and status.

    They provide error-free services

    Moving to the US requires extensive, complicated, and overwhelming paperwork, which immigrants often struggle with. Immigration lawyers know that even one mistake can cost you your visa and dream to move to the United States. Once you have handed over the responsibilities to the lawyer, you can file charges against them if anything goes wrong. As lawyers know about this, they will not make mistakes. Furthermore, they efficiently aid you with related proof such as photographs and marriage certificates, without which your application would be rejected.

    They help even when you get rejected multiple times

    People undergoing legal issues will face problems in getting their green cards and visa accepted, thus only an experienced immigration lawyer will be able to handle such complex cases.

    They assist in getting you a US citizenship

    Millions of people try to move to the United States to achieve economic security, better living standards, and much more. As glamorous as it sounds, entering the States and managing a livelihood is a struggle for the first few years. This is where your immigration lawyer can help by explaining American law and how to survive the immigration process.

    Even though moving to the United States is challenging, an immigration lawyer is the best chance forward. If you are looking for a business visa lawyer US, please mail us at US Immigration.

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    What the Changes to the Owner Operator Program Mean for Your Ontario Business Plan

    The recent changes to the LMIA owner operator program may have a significant impact on your Ontario Business Plan. In other words, if you were planning on pursuing the Ontario business plan for immigration purposes via the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) owner operator program, you may need to reconsider your options and/or adapt your plan.


    The owner operator program as it has existed for quite some time was a viable option for hopeful business immigrants. The LMIA is a document, or type of clearance, that most employers are required to obtain before they may hire a foreign worker.

    As the name implies, it assesses the impact of hiring a foreign worker to the overall labour market. The LMIA also requires that an advertisement be placed for the job as evidence that a qualified citizen or current resident was not available to fill the position.

    LMIA Owner Operator Basics

    The Owner Operator Program is an alternative that allows someone to receive a positive LMIA even without posting the job. Instead, if the applicant intends to own and operate a business, they could still be approved. One of the most common destinations for owner-operators is Ontario, therefor these applications would be accompanied by an Ontario business plan.

    The Changes

    The changes announced in February 2021 that will take go into effect in April 2021 change the basics of the owner operator program. In essence, it cancels the program by removing the special processing rules and exceptions. Now, owner operators must still place the job advertisement and prove that other citizens or residents are not able to fill the role (in this case owner and manager) that they themselves plan to fill.

    There are other changes as well. Most notably, the prevailing wage requirement was not applied under the owner operator program. When hiring a foreign worker, employers must pay them within the average wage for the specific job in the given area.

    Those applying under the LMIA owner operator program were not expected to adhere to this. They would often opt not to pay themselves this wage in order to have more cash flow for general business expenses or to cover other salaries. This is no longer an option, which may make it difficult for those who could still qualify under the new rules.

    Adapting Your Ontario Business Plan

    If you have created – or are planning on creating – an Ontario Business Plan as part of an owner operator program, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

    First and foremost, you may still be able to secure an owner operator program LMIA if you can prove the role can’t be filled by a local. This can be a tall task but, may be achievable if the business you are proposing running is in a high demand field like technology.

    You may also be able to adapt your Ontario business plan and intended business immigration path to one of several alternatives. These include many exceptions to the LMIA under the International Mobility Program. They include things like Significant Benefit exception or, if you already own your business in your home country, an Intra-Company Transferee.


    Changes to the LMIA Owner Operator Program have fundamentally altered the requirements. Thankfully, several exceptions exist. In any case, if you are going for the program in Ontario, you’ll need an Ontario business plan. This plan can, and should, be adapted to address the specifics of any business immigration path you choose to apply for instead. Make sure to consult professionals to help you decide which immigration plan is best for you considering these changes.

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