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    “As you walk the thin line between despair and hope… I wonder what your voices will sound like when you scream.”



    🍙 KRUL TEPES ;



    🍙 LACUS WELT ;

    🍙 RENÉ SIMM ;

    🍙 LEST KARR ;

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    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Mika feeding off Krul?

    Okay, so this has been bothering me for a while. We all know that Mika lived off Krul's blood for about 4 years until it no longer could quench his thirst. But if Mika still felt thirsty even after drinking Krul's blood. So like....Where her blood go? (in his stomach?) 😶

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  • rikanoctrix
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Owasera AU were the apocalypse never happend and Yoichi just hates Lacus because he dates/dated his sister

    #owari no seraph #seraph of the end #given they would be the same age of course #owari no serafu #yoichi saotome#lacus welt#tomoe saotome
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    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    ⌗ 🍥 : like or reblog !!

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    03.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • redroseofrighteous
    27.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Moscow or Sanguinem,which is the third Rome?

    WARNING:Copying my theories on social media,using my theories to come up with your own theories or mentioning my theories in your own is prohibited.Who breaks this rule,will be reported as copyright infringement.

    2nd WARNING:This post contains serious talk about suicide and sexual abuse.

    In chapter 42 Sanguinem's end we see Urd Geales sitting on a chair in his theatre in Moscow,which at first glance doesn't seem something important,but the truth is that Ashera Tepes is another name of Urd Geales,in short they are same person!

    To begin with,Ashera Tepes was inspired by Iulius Nero Caesar Germanicus-chapter 6th Black Ashera confirms it because Nero means black in Italian.He was one of the worst people that existed in history and killed thousands of Christians.He ended his life by killing himself when the senate declared him enemy because he didn't want to accept he did something bad and viewed himself as "God".This parallel is seen in chapter 99 Mortal love and chapter 102 He's calling for me when Ashera Tepes was declared to be the enemy-it's a matter of time when Ashera Tepes will commit suicide.

    Another character with Italian origins is Lest Karr.Lest is,as I said in previous theory,derived from Italian word lesto which means fast and is immediately linked to Ichinose that means rapid one. Kujakumaru is Guren Ichinose because it means perfect peacock and in chapter 70 Lest Karr is seen wearing a hat with peacock feathers;peacock is the symbol of pride which is the sin that represents Guren.No wonder Kagami says that Guren is an Ichinose with unparalleled good looks and that Guren comes from Germany!!!Lest is also derived from Greek word ληστεία, listeia which means robber.(Do you remember that Mika robbed the map of Sanguinem in chapter 1 The world of blood legacy?!).Karr in Gaelic means from swamp which is where lotuses hide and this is a link to his real human name Guren.

    Then why is Lest linked to Germany when his names have no connection to it?

    The truth is that Lest Karr was inspired by Roman emperor Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus whose nickname was Caligula.

    Caligula means little boots in Latin and such nickname was a mockery from his father's soldiers during their time in Germania,at his father's posting at Rheine,because his parents dressed him in miniature uniform with small boots.This connection to Lest Karr makes perfect sense if we consider his small outfit and that he is the character with most beautiful boots in Seraph of the end!Just look at his beauty!!!!He inherited from his father certain areas in Germany(which is why Germanicus)and it's said that for the first six months he was normal ruler.Later on he was famous for his sadism,cruelty,sexual perversions(I mean Guren Ichinose pushed Mahiru Hiiragi to suicide and rapped her😑)and for being a tyrant.

    Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was the brother of Iulius Nero Caesar Germanicus which makes Lest Karr and Urd Geales brothers!!The real identity of Urd Geales is Kureto Hīragi;Urd is current leader of vampires which makes him shadow of Kureto Hiiragi,the current leader of humans.In fact,Kureto Hīragi is the child born from rape foreshadowed in Guren Ichinose: resurrection of world at 19 by Kureto being heir of Hiiragis(it was said that kid born from rape became heir to Hiiragis).So no wonder that in Kureto's biography it writes 'cold,cruel,ruthless'...

    Sadly, according to some sources it was rumoured that Nero was Caligula's kid born from incest;Caligula slept with his sister(I guess Kagami took it from there🙁).This means that Mahiru Hīragi was rapped by Guren Ichinose,who was her biological brother,and the kid born from incest was Kureto Hiiragi(remember guys,CLONES ARE BOTH SIBLINGS AND PARENTS as Mahiru is both sister and mother to Shinoa).On cover page of volume 12 and chapter 20 Devil's nightmare it's revealed that Ashera Tepes is real identity of Mikaela Hyakuya;Mika lied when he said that his father was Russian because Urd Geales is Mikaela Hyakuya making him source of evil caused by his father Guren Ichinose.

    The person from chapter 49 Progenitor's memory,who talked with Krul Tepes,is Ashera Tepes! In volume 1 Intermission The story that follows Michaela of The story of vampire Michaela Mikaela Hyakuya LIED that he dyes his hair.In chapter 22 Taboo Krul and chapter 49 Progenitor's memory it's confirmed that Urd Geales dyed his hair blond.To be completely honest,I've always found Urd's blond hair somehow ugly and unnatural so maybe this was Kagami's way to say that he dyes his hair.In volume 2 chapter 3 In regards to your justice of The story of vampire Michaela Crowley Eusford said that the one who killed his family is a black haired man with TANNED SKIN IN BLACK SUIT!!!That was Urd Geales!!!!

    But then why is Urd Geales linked to RUSSIA?

    Well,believe it or not,after Iulius Nero Caesar Germanicus died,it's said that Roman Empire spread its roots into Slavic countries,the most important being Russia.

    What do I mean?

    It's believed by historians that Moscow is the successor of Roman Empire which is representing a third Rome.Third Rome is a political and theological concept that teaches such thing in succession to first Rome (ancient Rome)and second Rome(Constantinople,the capital of Eastern(Byzantine) Empire).

    This is confirmed in chapter 42 Sanguinem's end where Urd Geales is seen sitting in a theatre.The theatre in Moscow is parallel to Colosseum in Rome that was built by Iulius Nero Caesar Germanicus.

    Also,Urd Geales watching ballet is linked to Swan lake.I believe this was to say that Urd Geales is the cause of his sisters' suicides(Mahiru Hiiragi and Shinoa Hiiragi's suicide)as close to say he is manifestation Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky,the writer of Swan lake.

    For those who don't know,Swan lake is a story about how two twin sisters fell in love with same guy.The younger "evil" sister Odette fell for the prince,but the prince loved the older sister Marie.Due to unrequited love,Odette commited suicide by throwing herself in lake.

    The sad truth is that Shinoa Hīragi and Mahiru Hīragi were inspired by Odette and Marie;Shinoa Hīragi,the younger broken sister as parallel to Odette,and Mahiru Hīragi the older broken sister as parallel to Marie.The prince they fell in love with is Shinya Hīragi.Shinya loved Mahiru,but didn't romantically love Shinoa which will cause her to kill herself.Shinoa Hīragi is the black lustful swan while Mahiru Hīragi is the white swan.The only difference in Seraph of the end from Swan lake is that both sisters killed themselves due to different reasons which is why Kagami says in an interview that both sisters are tragic(tragic hero=death).

    In fact,Shikama Dōji is Mahiru Hīragi while Krul Tepes is Shinoa Hīragi.This is confirmed with Shinoa's psychopathy as parallel to Krul's psychopathy that was caused by her older sister Mahiru Hīragi.Takaya Kagami said that Krul has an astonishing secret which is THAT SHE IS IN LOVE WITH FERID BATHORY WHO IS REAL IDENTITY OF BOTH SHINYA HĪRAGI AND YŪICHIRŌ HYAKUYA(this will be explained in another theory).In volume 2 chapter 4 Ferid's battle of The story of vampire Michaela it's confirmed by Ferid that he found out KRUL'S secret!No wonder Ferid almost shitted himself when Krul,the girl who loved him and he didn't love her, pinned him against the ground and almost murdered him!

    Besides,Lacus Welt is real identity of Guren Ichinose which is confirmed by three things:1.lacus in Latin means LAKE which is associated with Swan lake and suicide(if you want to look it up in Latin dictionary you can type in lacus,-us,m.),2.Welt in German means world which is association with hell and Guren Ichinose because he is a German,3.Kagami said that Yamato might misspell Lacus' name as ra-ku-su which in Japanese means sweet bread and that LACUS WANTS TO OPEN UP A BAKERY!!!!And,guess what!!!!!!The father of Odette and Marie was a BAKER and he had his own BAKERY!!!!! This means that Mahiru and Shinoa Hīragi were cloned from Guren Ichinose!!!!

    But now coming back to central part of this theory,what has Urd Geales to do with Sanguinem?

    Well,the truth is that Ashera Tepes ,whose real name is MIKAELA HYAKUYA aka URD GEALES,is the male ruler of Sanguinem, is married to his sister Krul Tepes(will be explained in further theories).That is why in chapter 22 Taboo Krul you can see Dai,the representation of Urd Geales,in SANGUINEM!!!In chapter 5 Vampire Mikaela you can see a huge theatre in Sanguinem which is confirmation that such place is Urd Geales' current empire other than Russia!In chapter 97 Sisters in flashback from 8 years ago it's written that SANGUINEM IS THIRD VAMPIRE CAPITAL! YOOOO!!!CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!:D This means that second vampire capital is Constantinople while first is Rome aka BERLIN,where Lest Karr resides!!!!!!!Moscow and Sanguinem are both the third Rome because Moscow is ruled by Ashera Tepes while Sanguinem is ruled by Krul Tepes,those two are spouses to each other!!!!

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    25.06.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #THEM #utter bastards all of them #except maybe rene #hes kinda chill #anime #owari no seraph #seraph of the end #crowley eusford#ferid bathory#feral bastard#rene simm#lacus welt
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    23.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Old drawings I did at the end of 2020 for the 90sonsremake challenge!

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    17.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    the loneliness of the sniper

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    16.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Mika: I don’t want to be a monster. I don’t want Yuu to see me as some grotesque creature.

    Lacus: Again with the ugly vampire comments!

    #me looking at crowley respectfully: im pretty sure being a grotesque creature is the LEAST of your concerns #lololol#crack#anime #owari no seraph #seraph of the end #mikaela hyakuya#lacus welt#yuuichirou hyakuya
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    15.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    if vampire bad then why ring the gender bells? answer that one libs

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  • motimatcha
    26.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    open wounds

    Lacus Welt x Reader.
    Warnings: blood, erotica, open wounds.

    Fingers roughly grab the wrists, pressing the arms overhead against the wall. You hiss from sudden pain, from surprise, from the fact that open wounds began to bleed again and the bandage was soaked in blood, unpleasantly sticking to the skin. Your gaze meets the scarlet, blood-filled iris of other people's eyes that burn in the darkness with anger, irritation and it seems that they are about to make a hole in their head, you should look away or blink.

    “What are you doing?!” you hiss, like a real snake, trying to snatch his hands from the grip of a vampire, but this only provoked him, his fingers clenched harder and you are sure that bruises will remain afterwards. “Hey! Let me go!”

    “Shut up,” the vampire commands imperiously, digging a demanding kiss into your lips. The second hand leads along the abdomen, waist, touches the bandages and your hoarse groan of pain escapes through the kiss. “That man... where did he touch you?”

    “Who are you talking about?”

    ...the vampire chuckles and smiles. Moving away from his lips, he leads his nose along the cheekbone, cheek, timidly kisses your chin and buries his nose in your neck. Kisses pull out moans, other people's hair tickles the skin and seems so tender, soft and smooth that you want to keep it between your fingers forever; a groan is replaced by a groan of pain, when the fangs bite too close to the vein, when a rough tongue licks two small ones, as if from a needle, from which two streams of blood flow down a puncture. The vampire is distracted and you timidly release your hands from someone else's captivity and clutching at the folds of someone else's clothes you are trying to alienate the vampire that so tactlessly stuck into your neck and obviously enjoyed causing you, albeit slight, but pain.

    “Don't pretend you don’t know who I’m talking about,” the vampire strongly recommends, leaning his head against your chest. The heart beats so often, so loudly and the blood rushes through the body quickly, but the fingers are still cold. “Maybe... here?”

    Fingers pass over the wound: large, deep, that bleeds and hurts constantly - the vampire seems to get drunk, watching the blood soaked through the bandages slowly flow down your thigh. Scarlet-eyed slowly lowers you back to the ground, wraps you in his cloak and looks so happy that he wants to punch him. A bloody vampire who loves to hurt you and watch it from the outside.

    “I hate you... Lacus...” you barely utter when your eyelids are heavy and you want to sleep more than anything else.

    “And I love you, my dear [Name].”

    #owari no seraph #owari no seraph x reader #lacus welt #lacus x reader
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    22.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • motimatcha
    19.05.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Characters (male): Second Founders, Fifth Founder, Seventh Founders, Ordinary Vampires; the Hiiragi family, the moon demon squad.


    Urd - His kisses are slow and relaxing, but they must be earned because they are his personal way of rewarding you for a good job. He will never kiss you in public, because he considers this process intimate and it should remain only between you.

    Rigr - was able to maintain his childish carelessness, so his kisses are often spontaneous. It can be as simple as touching his lips when he is in a hurry, or sensual kisses when you are apart for quite a long time.

    Ky Luk - seductive kisses and often he can roughly push you against the wall, just to kiss. He loves to bite and lick your blood when his fangs brush his lips. Usually Ky Luk kisses make you want more.

    Ferid - quick kisses to tease you. He kisses quite often and is not afraid to do it in the presence of other vampires, who, however, do not care. Nevertheless, his kisses are embarrassing with their surprise, as well as their total number per day.

    Crowley - deep kisses that turn into sex. Crowley kisses quite rarely, only if you really managed to surprise him and, like Urd, his kisses are a reward that still needs to be earned.

    Lacus is not an ardent fan of public kissing, but is against doing it to embarrass you or someone else. Like Ky Luk, he bites more than kisses, but his bites are not as painful as those of the Fifth Founder. Lacus also kisses for quite a long time, so if you do not give him some kind of sign, then he may well suffocate with a kiss.

    Rene - that he kisses you, you don't even know. Usually he waits until you fall asleep (if a human) or get tired so much that you stop paying attention to the world. Nevertheless, he never kisses on the lips, his favorite places are your wrists, as well as the forehead and occasionally neck.


    Kureto - his kisses seem tough and formal. In public, he will never show that he is in a relationship with you, but in the evening he is more than ready to make amends if your resentment is justified ... well, or you can defeat / seduce him.

    Shinya - passionate kisses. The poor man lacks the love that he is trying to get in this way and basically his kisses are not only passionate, but also overwhelming that it is impossible to think about anything. Shinya is brazen enough to kiss you in front of everyone and leave you.

    Seishiro - presses against the wall and lifts your head by the chin, gives surprisingly gentle kisses. He has enough struggle within his family, so it is with you that he wants to be gentle; however, this does not mean that he will wipe his impudent grin from his face when he steps away from your lips and looks straight into your eyes.

    Guren - Even though he looks like a pervert, Ichinose is gentle. He gives tender kisses when he comes to you, when you are spending time together or when he needs to go somewhere. Having experienced so many losses, he wanted you to live and know about the sincerity of his feelings for you.

    #owari no seraph #owari no seraph x reader #urd geales #urd geales x reader #rigr stafford #rigr stafford x reader #ky luc #ky luc x reader #ferid bathory #ferid bathory x reader #crowley eusford #crowley eusford x reader #lacus welt #lacus welt x reader #rene simm #rene simm x reader #kureto hiragi #kureto hiragi x reader #hiragi shinya #hiragi shinya x reader #seishiro hiragi #seishiro hiragi x reader #guren ichinose #guren ichinose x reader
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  • x-reader-writer
    17.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Our Own Personal Blood Bag

    Pairing: Rene Simm x Male Livestock Reader x Lacus Welt

    Style: Fluff?


    You hummed and smiled as you played with the chalks on the floor, drawing some pretty designs. You'd gotten better at drawing over the years, as you had nothing else to do in the 'captivity' you were stuck in.

    There were younger children around you, laughing and running around, some drawing with chalks along with you. You were gladly watching the children in your section of the vampire city, you liked the little ones and how they seemed to be happy, even in this situation.

    You don't notice the approaching vampires until you hear the kids go quiet, before rushing over to your sitting form. You quickly stand up and hold your hands out protectively, even if your hands were shaking from the sight of two smirking vampires.

    "Well well, look Lacus, this livestock thinks it can protect it's friends," the darker haired vampire says, tilting his head with a smirk, his eyes never leaving your form.

    "Yes, well isn't that sweet, Rene," Lacus teases, his smirk widening. He takes a few steps towards you, making the children cower and whimper behind you.

    You quickly look behind you and say to them, "Go, quickly. Back to your homes." They nod and quickly dash away, some of the older, carrying the youngest away.

    "Aw, look at that, they ran away," Rene whines, crossing his arms and huffing in annoyance. The purple haired vampire then walks towards you, before wrapping his hand around your neck and lifting you off the ground.

    You choke and gag, grabbing at his wrists and trying to pry it away from my neck. He hums and smiles at your struggle, his fangs becoming visible to you. 

    "I think we should have a drink, Rene," Lucas says, his eyes gazing into your terrified ones. "What do you think?"

    "Oh, I agree," Rene replies, moving to stand behind you.

    Before you could even comprehend what was happening, you felt two pairs of fangs biting into you. Lacus was biting into your neck with his hand tilting your head so your neck was exposed for him, while Rene's fangs were sunk into your forearm, his hand holding your wrist up.

    Your eyes widen and start to water from the pain, yet you stayed still, knowing it would only hurt more if you moved. You whimper in pain, and surprisingly, Rene's hand moves to your own, letting your tightly grip it, while Lacus gently rubs your waist.

    After a minute or two, they remove their fangs from you, their breathing heavy and hot. You shudder at the feeling of their breath on your skin, before your eye lids start to feel heavy, due to the blood loss.

    Before you fall unconscious, you feel Lacus pick you up bridal style and state, "It looks like we got ourselves our own personal blood bag, Rene. And a cute one at that."

    #ao3#fanfic#wattpad#fanfiction #owari no seraph #seraph of the end #rene simm#lacus welt #rene simm x reader #lacus welt x reader #rene simm x reader x lacus welt #rene simm x male reader #lacus welt x male reader #rene simm x male reader x lacus welt #male reader insert #male reader#reader#reader insert#gay#bisexual#pansexual#lgbtq+#lgbt#lgbtq
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    13.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I miss the vamps so ... here come some old ones, updated

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    10.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    What I do when I‘m supposed to be learning...

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    09.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Why does everyone think I love him? I mean, it’s not like my pinned post is about him... or that I got him as my phone wallpaper... totally not...

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