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  • royal-confessions
    28.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    “Kitty Spencer looks similar to DWTS Pro Lindsay Arnold. Her wedding picture with the white dress has heavy resemblance to Lindsay.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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  • taketwo-orthree
    28.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    The greatest torture is looking Eat Ya Fuckin Heart Out HOT and having no one worthy seeing it

    #ibetalkin #i look like a fuckin DREAM right now #lemme paint the photo #black pants with sparkles all up on em #the are high waisted #just enough to be semi decent in my burgundy/ maroon corset worn braless of course #with only 5 bottom latchers attached so my breat are just SPILLING out nipples covered but very hot #think man made superhero suit for a woman #my hair is braided with extentions in like a cornrow style with the back hanging loose so i have a red bandana on #with a red lip #my new faux septum piercing on #LADIES I AM A DREAM!
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  • farannir
    28.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    band of brothers (2001) part two: day of days

    #band of brothers #bobedit#hbowaredit#hbowardaily#hbo war#tvedit#mine #ladies and gentlemen #your eyes do not deceive you #in an unprecedented turn of events #i am in fact following through #i'm having way too much fun with these ngl #one richard winters smirk a gifset......... #keeps me happy i said #that rhymes right #anyway
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  • girlbosslrell
    28.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    #'YOU'RE MORE LIKE ME THAN YOU ARE LIKE THEM' GIRL I JUST WANTED A FUN HOLODECK LUAU #THIS IS TOO MUCH #i stan this lonely evil alien lady i don't CARE #i know what it's like to be lonely i would also kidnap tuvok if i think it gave me a chance at happiness 😭 #voy lb
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  • yellowsunflowerrush
    28.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Sunday Gals champagne lovers

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    28.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #garfield #ladies love a round boi #out of context garf
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  • angstyanon0
    28.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    A sad headcannon in which Alcina had to send you away for a period of time to protect you from Mother Miranda.

    You had been courting the Lord for months and your relationship had developed rather quickly.

    You got to know her daughters better and even came the trust them, as did they. You had helped them with projects for the wine making business, their own relationships and had grown so close to them, particularly Daniela.

    You and Alcina had fallen in love with each other. The Countess had been close with you, sharing her secrets with you, her feelings, emotions, intimacy and romance.

    In time you truly came to love Alcina, both the good and the bad sides of her. She was calm, gentle and patient with you. She loved you and cared for you so much.

    And when the anniversary of your parent’s death came, she had been so sweet to you. You had always felt so alone and sad this time of the year, the constant reminder that you are an orphan always weighed heavy on you.

    But this time you weren’t alone. You had Alcina with you, and she was so understanding and kind with you.

    As if the old feelings of depression from your parents’ death, the reminder that they were truly gone and you were alone wasn’t enough, Mother Miranda happened.

    The so called priestess had grown suspicious of you and Alcina’s relationship. She stormed through the castle when her suspicions turned out to be true.

    She threatened Alcina to end the silly love-fling with you or she would end it herself.


    It resonated with the Countess. She kisses you on the forehead goodbye and ended the relationship like nothing had ever happened. As if the past months of growing fond of each other, getting close with her daughters, the loving making, all of it had never happened

    Fear still coursed through Alcina when she ended it. She had decided to end Miranda, kill her finally with the help of her siblings.

    In the meantime, as long as Miranda was alive, she knew the threat of killing you could turn out to be true. And she loved you too much to see it become a reality.

    She sent you away to Italy against your own will. Didn’t you have a say in this? She can’t just send you away like you were of one her packages of wine! It was outrageous! It was your life too! Not hers! If she wanted to break off the relationship that was one thing, but to send you away?! From your friends and fellow maids? It was bullshit!

    She had no right to do that and she knew it, but she wanted you safe. She shipped you off to Argentina, to live near one of her estates. She had more than one home other than Castle Dimitrescu, she was a Mother and Countess first, a business woman second.

    She had more than one vineyard to run and kept you at her second most prosperous vineyard. That way she could have her trusted handmaidens keep an eye on you down there and report about you back to her.

    Of course she never told you. She just flew you down to the new country and left you there like you were nothing. At least she sent you with a nice sun of money so that you could take care of yourself.

    You never once heard from her or her daughters. You were sure that Alcina told her daughters not to reach out to you, they wouldn’t ditch you like she had. But after months and months of not hearing from any of them you started to wonder if Bela, Cassandra and Daniela didn’t write to you simply because they didn’t want too.

    You kept in touch with one maid, your old roommate Maria who was dating Daniela. She would tell you how everyone at the castle was, ask you how you were doing, tell you to hold on a little while longer, that the Lady really did love you.

    You hated it. Hold on? For how long?! And if Alcina really did love you, then why didn’t she ever write to you?! It was fair! It was so… painful! To just be left in the dark, not knowing how the girls and the rest of your friends were! Only in simple letters from Maria, who could only tell you so much.

    When you first arrived in Argentina, you had spent only a couple months in Alcina’s estate. It was not nearly as big as the Castle, it was more of a Mansion than a castle in fact. You didn’t want to spend any time in her house, you wanted to be as far away from her as possible. It hurt too much.

    You found a small cottage near a lake and rented it out. The Grand Maid had made it clear that The Lady wanted you in her home, but you weren’t having it. If Alcina couldn’t even write to you then why should you have to be forced to live her mansion?

    If Alcina could drop everything, your relationship, all you had been through together like it was nothing than you wanted nothing to do with her.

    You didn’t need to work at all, Alcina had set up a bank account for you and had made sure that you were set for a long time. That had hurt to, she gave you more than enough money to last you more than a year. How long had she planned on you living here?

    You felt horrible. Depressed and weak for a long time when you forced arrived in the unfamiliar country. Every day you would wake up and try not to cry but failed. Every. Time.

    It had hurt so much when Alcina sent you away. You really thought you had a future with her, had thought that she loved you. You know you did. And to have her rip out your heart, treated as if you were nothing.

    After a while, all you felt was pure anger towards Alcina. You didn’t hate her, you would always have a special place for her in your heart, but… you wished you had never courted her in the first place. You wished you had never been with her.

    It was stupid, really. To think that Lady Dimitrescu could ever be capable of love was laughable. You had felt so stupid, you knew she had played you like a fiddle.

    In your letters with Maria, she always told you that that wasn’t true, that Lady Dimitrescu did love you and that if she didn’t why would she send you away to protect you?

    You had argued that if she really wanted to protect you, she would just do it herself and kill Miranda. Not throw you away like common garbage. Maria told you to calm down, to wait a little while longer, that there was a war between the Lords and Miranda and that Alcina would come back for you eventually.

    You stopped writing to her after that. It had been six months, half a year when you read her letter. You were furious with her, couldn’t she see where you were coming from?! Alcina didn’t love you, she never did. You had accepted that. You opted to move on and to never look back. You wanted to be as far away from Alcina Dimitrescu and that damned Village as you possibly could be.

    You never wanted to hear from anyone in that Village ever again.

    In fact, you were doing much better after coming to accept reality. You started going out more, meeting new people and making friends.

    One woman in particular, a librarian had taken a keen interest in you. Valentina was her name, she was so beautiful. Her skin was sun kissed, she had long, brown hair and brown eyes.

    She was gentle, kind spirited and was always so sweet to you. She also went by Val, telling you that Valentina was her grandmothers name. You told her that was sweet she was named after her grandmother.

    You invited her over for a glass of wine one night and got to know her better. She was only a little older than you, had a small family and ran her Mother’s bookstore.

    You spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other, going out to dinner, taking walks along the beach. She was such a free spirited person and you loved that about you.

    In time, you grew to be happy with your new found home. You were almost happy enough to write to Alcina and thank her for sending you to the love of your life. Maria still sent you letters every week, but you never read any of them. You threw them away or burned them in a fire pit.

    You told Val that you had just gotten out of a long and serious relationship, not going into details about life in the castle, or how your old girlfriend was a 9’6 vampire. But you did tell her that you had fallen in love, only to have your old lover break your heart.

    Val held you when you cried about it. She was so understanding and patient with you and you couldn’t believe how sweet she was with you. Comforting you as you cried about a former lover? She was perfect.

    A year had passed since you first moved to Argentina. You and Val had grown close, you now lived with each other and you had gotten to know her parents and her little brother. They liked you and thought very highly of you.

    You worked with Val in her mother’s bookshop, moving heavy books around, setting displays up, decorating for the holidays, sweeping and dusting off shelves and such. You had found your own family in the new country that you grew to alive.

    Then, one day you got a letter in the mail from Alcina. It had her usual, luxurious, cursive handwriting. It scared you when you saw the letter with her name on it you almost dropped the rest of the mail.

    Val was off at the store picking up something’s for you and her and you were glad you were alone. You felt anger and hurt as you read the letter.

    Alcina had told you that Miranda was finally dead, that you could come ‘home’ now. That the two of you could finally be together. Tch. You ripped up the letter and burned the parts that night.

    Val comforted you when she came home. You tried to keep it from her, but she could read you like… well, like an open book.

    When you explained the letter to her, she held you and told you not to worry. That it meant nothing and that you were happy now.

    More letter started coming, Alcina had grown worried about you. Apparently no one from the Mansion told her that you had moved out almost a year ago and she was furious about that. ‘Do you have any idea what could’ve happened?! I don’t understand why you would feel compelled to leave the safety of my estate…’

    You had never felt safe at her estate! You had panic attacks almost every night when you slept in the master bedroom at her mansion! And she never checked up on you, not once! Now she was angry with you? What, now she cared? Why, because Miranda was dead? What did it matter?

    You were with Valentina now, not Alcina. Val loved every part of you and never abandoned you. Val was always honest and open with you, she never kept anything from you unlike Alcina.

    Val even took it upon herself to collect the mail every morning and throw out the letter from Alcina for you. She really was such a sweetheart.

    After a month since you got Alcina’s letter, Val was working and you had the day off. You had planned on visiting the bookstore later on, but wanted to sleep in since you didn’t have to work that day.

    Someone had been knocking on the door and you yelled at them to go away and that no one’s home. They were persistent though. “Seriously?!” you yelled, throwing the covers off and getting your clothes on. “What part of nobody’s home don’t you understand?!”

    You wore a tank top and boxers when you opened the door and felt a wave of anxiety rush through you when you saw Alcina Dimitrescu’s face at the door. Your mouth hung open for a few, quiet seconds.

    “I’m sorry to have roused you from your sleep,” she said slowly, knelt by the door. “May I come in?”

    You shook yourself back to reality and stepped outside, closing the door behind you. You walked with Lady Dimitrescu on the front lawn so that she wouldn’t have to kneel. “What do… why are you- wh, ho…” you sighed and rubbed your eyes.

    “You always did need your morning coffee before you could start your day, draga.” She was trying to lighten the moment and instead it made you pissed. So incredibly angry and upset with her.

    “Don’t call me that,” you growled, looking at the ground instead of her.

    “I have come to take you home with me. I am unsure if you have been receiving any of my letters, but I have been writing yo you for little over a month now. Miranda met her demise around the same time as well, she can longer hurt you….”

    You trailed off in your own thoughts as she continued blabbering on about the stupid, bullshit war. “Get out,” you said quietly.

    “Pardon?” she actually couldn’t hear you, you said it so quietly.

    “I said get out. I don’t care about your stupid, bullshit war with Miranda. You don’t get to just send me away and come and collect me like I’m one of your wine cases!”

    “Draga, it wasn’t like that-“

    “I said don’t call me that!” you yelled. “I’m not your fucking draga mea, I’m not your maid, and I’m not yours! You left me in the dark for months, do you have any idea what I went through? I didn’t know anyone, where I was, what was happening with- no… you know what?” You held a finger up and turned around walking away.

    “Y/N, please! Understand, it wasn’t like that, I swear it! I wanted to be with you, but with Mother Miranda threatening to kill you I couldn’t allow you to stay in the Castle anymore! I had to protect you!” she had followed you towards the door.

    “That’s just an excuse! If you wanted to protect me, you could’ve done so without sending me away! And it wasn’t your decision to mak, it was mine! But you took that away from me! Well, you know what Alci?” You finally turned around to look at her. A lump was forming in your throat and you held back tears. “I found someone who actually loves me! Someone who cares about me! Someone who doesn’t keep me in the dark and who doesn’t shut me out! I’ve moved on! You and I are through, you made damn sure of that a year ago!”

    “Darling, Y/N, please!” Alcina yelled after you but you slammed the door in her face. Or rather her chest. You could hear Lady Dimitrescu pleading from outside the door, begging for you to come back but you didn’t want to hear it.

    You couldn’t stand to hear her voice, let alone talk with her. You ran out the back, hopped the fence and sprinted for Val’s bookstore, never looking back.

    And Alcina watched you run away from her, tears pouring down her face as she fell to the ground knowing she’d lost you.

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  • phanique
    28.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Court Lady First Impressions

    I am currently half way through episode 9 aka roughly 15% into the drama so these are my first impressions/thoughts of the drama.

    The plot is basically Chu Mo who was a playboy meeting Fu Rou who is the daughter of a seamstress business family and they fall in love but they both get caught up in palace matters.

    I knew this was a Huanyu production as they actually labelled it in the title of the drama so there are plenty of familiar faces like Xu Kai, Wang Yi Zhe, Wu Jia Yi. I also knew this drama had Li Yi Tong as the female lead but I am surprised to see Li Ze Feng again. Ever since he starred in GGS, I did take notice of him since he does have a memorable face so I was surprised to see him in Ancient Love Poetry but I did not expect to see him again here since he is not really a common actor I would say.

    Anyway some notes

    - Chu Mo's character is literally Gu Yan Zhen but make it a historical version so Xu Kai does that part well

    - I do think that for the progress of Chu Mo, Xu Kai made him less powerful/cool if you understand what I mean so maybe his cooler side would be more prominent in the later episodes of the drama. Because if you compare Chu Mo in episode 9 and Gu Yan Zhen in like the first 10 episodes of AMS, GYZ displays a more cool but also more rough image while Chu Mo seems more modest but less cool in that way. I guess it's also because it is a historical drama that is why Xu Kai portrayed him this way but I do prefer GYZ for the same episode length

    - Xu Kai's expressions when the character he portrays is cheeky is super funny, I'll insert a post of his expressions maybe

    - I did skip to the last episode to get some gist of who is good and bad and I saw Wang Yi Zhe who seemed bad but is good for the first 9 episodes so I really hope he plays a nice person here

    - Wu Jia Yi is literally in every drama that I have seen now and she really has her own voice, like I can recognise her voice anywhere

    - It also seems that all actors are using their own voice which I like

    - Can Duke Lu stop interrupting what they have to say?

    - Can the king be like wise and not have your dukes interrupt what others are saying?

    - Progress in this drama is good enough for me but I do hope Yan Zi Fang comes in faster

    - And now I remember, Shen Ting Bai is in this drama too! 3 familiar faces who are not under Huanyu (Correction, he is under Huanyu) Why am I not surprised to know he is under them

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    28.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    What I'm listening to right now

    Sentimental Lady by Fleetwood Mac, on the album: Bare Trees

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    28.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Everybody needs Ellen Pompeo to yell at them at least once in their life. Take this very funny opportunity!

    #i love her so much #favourite actress on the whole goddamn earth #ellen pompeo could kill me and i'd still worship her from the grave #worship at the altar of our lady of general surgery #ellen pompeo#but legit #you should watch it #Youtube
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    28.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Can somebody explain why I dreamt about Nell Crain last night and now I feel like I'm being haunted 😭

    #Look I fully expected to dream about chenford #Imagine my surprise when I woke up from a nightmare starring no other than bent neck lady
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    28.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #portrait of a lady on fire
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    28.09.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    I had a very important meeting to attend this morning- so this is what the rest of my work day looked like. 😂

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