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    I can NOT stop thinking about how big Alcina’s hands are like holy shit

    #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #i’m not sure if the scale on this is right #but either way #they’re huge #and I cant handle the amount of *thoughts* i’m having about her hands #and apparently #her fingers are roughly 7 inches??? #around 17-18 centimeters #and OHMY#that’s like#absolutely crazy #I’m getting this info from twitter btw #so maybe not entirely correct but either way #just the thoughts of her fingers being 7 inches #god
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    our fav big-bodied matriarch inspired by a vogue cover from august 2, 1930

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    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #resident evil village #lady dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#dimitrescu daughters#alcina dimitrescu#my art#art #I couldn't sleep #sorry for the angst
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    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Blossoming Bud ( RE8 Lords [Cassandra Dimitrescu] x Reader )

    Warning(s): This will be a bit different than the game itself. One of the main big differences is the timeline. The game occurs in a day (or a couple of days) but this will last longer overall. Ethan will be in the village for one month (approximately). This is to allow for more story development. The plot will be the same so heavy spoilers for the rest of the game! This is going to be the beginning of a collection of one-shots surrounding the Resident Evil 8 - Village universe. The stories may follow a Harem-type trope where multiple people are interested in the reader. ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥   ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

    A small chapter for Cassandra but a chapter nonetheless! Do these sisters really have your best interest in heart?  Title: The Budding Blossoming Pairing: RE8 Lords (Cassandra Dimitrescu) x Reader Fandom: Resident Evil - Village Word Count: 2,431 Previous Part ● Next Part

            Cassandra held your hand as she dragged you away from the chaos that was the sitting room. When you reached the room with Bela, what you saw was a mess. A broken bottle of wine was scattered on the carpet, the red liquid seeping into the carpet. Even with the smell, you weren't able to tell whether this was a normal bottle of wine of their own special blend. Did they even have plain wine? You couldn't remember, had they told you? One side effect of going to Donna's Domain was the slight memory loss you would get. Nothing too serious, but every once and a while, you would have a hard time coming up with details.

             Bela had focused most of her attention on yelling at Daniela, which allowed Cassandra to slip away with you. That was Bela's main fault, once she was focused in on something, she blocked the rest of the world out. Cassandra had learned to use this to her advantage whenever she got in trouble. When Lady Dimitrescu wasn't around, the position of power went to the eldest of the sisters. Bela liked to use this as much as possible and the others listened with minimal complaining, most of the time. 

            "Where are we going?" You asked, having to focus on your feet so as not to trip. It was true that you knew the castle inside and out but that didn't stop you from tripping. This was not the place you wanted to fall, especially as she began to lead you down the stone-cold steps to the cellar. Each step made your heart pound louder and louder. This was the part of the castle you tried to stay away from. It was dark and grimy and smelled of death. 

            "We're gonna go be alone, just me and you. My sisters always like to ruin all of the fun." A smirk grew on her face as she glanced back at you. She was definitely pretty but that didn't stop the fear she could produce in you. It was hard to ignore the edge she had in her voice, an edge that only Cassandra possessed. It was the same look that she had when one of the maidens was punished. It was the same look she had when she stepped on a rat when the two of you were younger. That memory was burned into your head. She was fine most of the time but she had her moments of sadism. She promised to never hurt you but that didn't soothe all of your fears. 

            The basement and cellar area of the castle were the places you tried to avoid. Nothing good ever happened down here. If a worker was sent here, everyone knew that the truth was that they wouldn't be seen again. It was a death sentence if you were sent to the dark and damp area. It was bad enough even on the days when it had been recently cleaned. Empty rusty chains and torture devices, some you had seen before while others were Lady Dimitrescu's inventions. You would be impressed with the design and creativity if it wasn't used for something so terrible. Nothing they created was ever good, it was always for sinful activities. 

            Knowing the sisters your entire life, you were left in a strange position. You knew they had their kind moments but deep down, they were creatures of destruction. You were special, a rare case of the sisters liking someone to such an extent. They saw the Maidens as toys to be played with a discarded when they were no longer fun. They treated you differently, you were their prized doll. They acted like you were made of glass at times. They would protect you and you would entertain them.

            "Do we have to come down here?" 

            "It's where my sisters won't look. What, are you scared? Don't worry, I'll protect you." Instinctively, you held Cassandra's hand tighter. This only fueled her forward, pulling you deeper into the torture chamber they called a cellar. The only light came from the candles lit on the walls. Every once in and a while, Cassandra had to take an already lit candle to light another. Your footsteps echoed against the walls as well as a strange sound, something akin to a gurgling. You began to think that you two weren't alone down here. 

            If Cassandra wasn't pulling you so strongly, you would have rushed back upstairs. It was almost like she liked seeing you scared. Did she not understand that you were just a regular human unlike herself. You couldn't heal as well as she could. You weren't as strong either. This was why you had to learn how to rely on your knowledge more than anything. These were the lessons that the Duke taught you for as long as you could remember. Brawn had nothing compared to a powerful brain. 

            Looking around, the hallway you were in was filled with empty cells. The iron-barred doors were all left ajar and would swing, creaking as a draft blew past that seemed to come from nowhere. The entire atmosphere was terrifying. Cassandra decided that now would be the best time to let go of your hand. You wouldn't want to admit it but your own hand followed after hers for just a moment. A moment of weakness. 

            "Let me go get something. I hide some wine down here, it is super good. It is one of the best and I didn't want to have to share it with my sisters but I want you to try it." Glancing back at you with a smile, you were left alone as she disappeared in the darkness save for her light that was gone as she rounded a corner. Was she doing this on purpose? You were starting to get annoyed and wanted to go home. It had been nice with Bela but now it was simply too much. 

            The thought to walk back kept bouncing through your head but the fear of being alone was too much. At least as you stood here, you were promised that Cassandra would return. If you decided to go back upstairs, you would have to find the way yourself, traversing in the darkness. If you were a child, you would sit down and begin to cry. But, you weren't a child and you couldn't cry! The Duke taught you better. 

            Clearing your throat to add false courage to your heart, you turned your back on where Cassandra had just gone. If she wasn't back soon, then you would leave. You had been down here by yourself but this felt very different. You were prepared when you came down here alone, both mentally and physically. This was different...All for some stupid wine that you weren't even going to drink! 

            The sound of footsteps brought you out of your thoughts. Had Cassandra found the wine already? You hoped so, it was getting colder and colder down here. Was it getting darker? It felt like the edges of your vision were darkening, chest tightening. You were starting to panic. You had to calm down. Panicking led to mistakes and mistakes led to death. Even if it was just Cassandra, the fear was still present. 

            Before you were able to turn around, the sound of slapping footsteps rang out, getting closer and closer to you. Rough hands gripped at your hair and used its weight you push down. It was hard to stay up with the slippery floor. It wasn't flooded in this area as it was in others but there was still enough to take your footing from under you. Luckily, you were able to turn ever so slightly so you landed on your side. There would surely be bruises there in the morning. 

            "Cassandra?!" Your voice was shrill as you felt knees pressing harshly into your back, pushing you flat on your stomach. This wasn't funny! Something wet dripped on your neck and you shivered, knowing it certainly wasn't from the dripping ceiling. It was too warm for that. It was drool...

            A shriek escaped whatever had pushed you down, teeth-gnashing at anything it could get. One benefit of your jacket was that it was thicker than most, for this exact reason. Tougher material made it harder for anything to successfully get through to your skin. This left your legs vulnerable but whatever this thing was on your back didn't seem to care. It was lighter than other lycans, making you think again for a moment that this could be Cassandra. 

            Pushing yourself out of your hopes that this wasn't happening, you jumped into action as you felt teeth nearly graze your neck. You were not going to die down here, no sir, not today. If you were going to die, it wasn't going to be in this disgusting cellar that already was filled with enough death for the rest of eternity. You weren't going to add to that. 

            As your arms were pinned underneath your body, you were able to push yourself so you rolled out from under the lycan. It fell, nails scratching against the tile. It used such force that it broke off pieces of its nails, not seeming to notice as all of its attention was drawn on you and only you. This was just great. How had you gone from having a nice bath and tea with Bela to being attacked in the cellar? Around the neck was a rustled collar, one that once belonged on a chain. 

            The creature lunged for you, but you were ready now. With a broken piece of brick, you smashed it across the creature's face. You could feel bones breaking under your swing. Lycans didn't seem to be any stronger than they were before they died but instead, didn't seem to feel pain which kept them pushing through where they would have stopped before. The lycan's nose was crooked and something black was dripping from it. A white bug fell from inside its nose and you felt yourself gag as you saw it was a maggot. 

            As the creature began to push itself back up from where it had fallen, you took your opportunity to incapacitate it. Using your elbow, you hit right in between its shoulder blades, shoving it down flat on the ground. With your opposite hand, you took the brick and smashed it down on the skull. Over and over. Over and Over. You weren't sure how many times you hit with the brick, instead stopping when you heard a voice. 

            "What in the world? What are you doing?" Bela hurried over, pulling you to your feet and away from the creature. Daniela had followed her older sister and slowly moved to stand over the crumpled body. She nudged it with her foot, staring at it with boredom. Her eyes moved to lazily look up at you, doing a quick scan of your body. Bela was doing anything but looking over you slowly. There was worry in her eyes and something else, something fierce.

            "It just attacked me." 

            "Why were you down here?" 

            A head popped around the corner, eyes widening at the sight before them. She slowly walked around the corner, knowing what she had in store for her wasn't going to be good. There was some guilt in her eyes but there was also the selfishness of just not wanting to get yelled at. Had she been watching you this entire time? Where had she gone? 

            "Cassandra brought me down here. She said that she wanted to get some wine." You left out the part where she said that she wanted to be alone with you. That would surely get the girl in more trouble. You were mad at her but the look in Bela's eyes made you pause. This was already bad enough for Cassandra. You could talk to her personally after this. 

            Bela turned his attention to her sister, apparently satisfied with your injuries. Your hands were scrapped but nothing was bleeding. Your side was sore, it surely would be in the morning tomorrow, but that was how it was. It could have been much worse. Nothing was broken or bleeding. That was what you had to remind yourself, even if the fear of the creature biting your neck was still in your stomach.

            "I was just playing around! I just wanted to scare them, I didn't mean for this to happen! I had the thing chained up, far enough away that it wouldn't be able to get them!" Cassandra was quickly spewing excuses, eyes shifting from your form to the lycan to Bela. 

            "That doesn't matter!" 

            "Yeah, you are so stupid! You know how rusted these stupid things are!" Daniela joined her elder sister in scolding the middle child. She was angry but it was nothing compared to the eldest. This anger could rival that of their mother's when she didn't get her way. 

            "You had that chained up?" Your voice was soft and a sad look crossed Cassandra's face. She couldn't respond to you before Bela was yelling again. 

            "Cassandra!" The tone in Bela's voice made you shiver. You had never seen her this mad before, it was scary. You were just glad that the attention wasn't on you. You would never want to get on her bad side. Her scoldings were frightening as you had witnessed two of them already in one day. 

            "Daniela, take them upstairs and make sure they are not hurt. I need to deal with Cassandra." 

            "It's okay, really. She didn't mean for this to happ-"

            "No!" Bela cut you off, eyes shifting to glare in your direction. There was a fire in her eyes that seemed to be getting hotter by the moment, "Whether she meant for this to happen doesn't matter. What does is that she knew this could happen and that it was dangerous down here for you! She put you in this position, she was the reason you had to kill that thing! Listen to me and go with Daniela! Cassandra, you and I are going to mother!" 

            Daniela wrapped her arm around your shoulders and quickly led you out of the cellar and into the brightly lit house. Was Cassandra going to get in trouble for what happened? Had....Had she wanted that to happen? She wouldn't put you in that much danger, would she? 

            The more time you were spending with the sisters, the more you were beginning to question whether they wanted the best for you or not.

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥   ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ 1 ● 2 ● 3 ● 4 ● 5 ● 6

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    Summary: After the Ethan Winters incident and a severe argument between you and Alcina, Mother Miranda calls you into the next meeting with some grave news.

    Pairing: Alcina Dimitrescu x Fem Reader

    Word Count: You tell me

    Warnings: Verbally abusive Alcina, honestly this is a sad one sorry.

    The night air felt cool on your skin as you crossed through the courtyard. The echos of Alcina’s harsh words ring in your ears.

    “You’re nothing more than a human toy that will expire in fifty years.”

    Stopping to take a deep breath, you wipe a tear before it can fall refusing to ruin your makeup. Those were the last words Alcina had said before leaving for a business trip three days ago. The argument had started when you told her that you wanted her to be serious within your relationship, that you wanted commitment. The statement was a joke to her and the conversation spiraled downhill from there. Tonight meeting will be the first time you’ll see her since those words. You don’t usually attend these meetings but Mother Miranda requested you be there and you aren’t one to disobey but you also weren’t one to disappoint. Your dress hugged you perfectly, forest green and down to mid thigh. The long sleeves covered your arms and your long hair fell beautifully down your back. You wore nude heels and light make up. Your fingers where covered in beautiful rings and your ankle held an anklet. The Dimitrescu crested necklace you usually wore was replaced by a simple gold clasp. Ditching the crest was a strong signal but after the way she spoke to you…. You shook you head entering the building with the entertainment hall. You heard light conversation as you approached, dusting off your dress and putting on your smile you rounded the corner. Donna and Karl were the only two here so far greeting you as you approached.

    “Oooooh! Hot Mama!”

    Angie spoke first running up to you. Smiling sweetly you crouch slightly to greet the doll.

    “Hello Angie, how are you?”

    The doll had grown close to you over the years, she seemed to like you a lot often coming to find you after Lord meeting when they were held at the castle.

    “Great as one can be when stuck in the room alone with a big bad dog.”

    You chuckle as you hear Heisenberg’s light growl.

    “Now Angie play nice.”

    You say as you stand back to your full height approaching the other two occupants in the room.

    “Donna, Karl it’s so good to see you.”

    “(Y/N) it’s always a delight.”

    Donna responds, you look at Karl and see him glancing at you over his glasses.

    “So you and big bitches fight must of been worse than we thought.”

    You flinch at the slur but do not comment on it. Donna’s hum in agreement is let out before you can even respond.

    “How do you know we had an argument?”

    You ask but don’t really need an answer, it seems when it comes to your relationship everyone always knows. Karl laughs but shakes his head.

    “(Y/N) a pleasure as always. You know without that stupid fucking crest you are basically saying you are up for grabs.”

    You raise your eyebrow at his once again terrible language and he smiles. You only nod in response before taking a seat next to Donna. As you cross your legs Angie comes over and you bend to pick her up and sit her in your lap.

    “You know toots, Donna always comments about how beautiful you are.”

    Donna quickly turns to the doll and you know she must be blushing under the veil.


    “What it’s not like you were gonna tell her!”

    You giggle and smile Donna way.

    “Thank you for the compliment either way Donna.”

    The woman only nods once more before turning back in her seat. Before anyone else can say a thing Moreau enters the room. You hear Karl curse under his breath and the fish like man approaches. While Salvatore wasn’t the best to look at and his smell could be repulsive he was a very sweet man at heart and never gave you any reason to dislike him. He didn’t say anything just nodded towards the three of you before going off to his own corner.

    “Well (Y/N) if you and my dumb sister are truly finished…”

    Karl said while scooting his chair towards you.

    “Why don’t you come by my workshop sometime and I can show you around.”

    You laugh at that as you adjust Angie to be more comfortable.

    “And get made into one of your crazy machines no thank you.”

    He smirked as he leaned into your ear.

    “No (Y/N) never, I couldn’t bring myself to do that to someone as pretty as you.”

    You smile at his compliment and at the moment the doors bust open. Bending her tall stature through the door you watch as your lover or your once lover you guess you should call her, enters the room. Her eyes narrow Karl’s direction and he just laughs as he sits back away from you.

    “Brothers, Sister. How nice it is to see all of you.”

    Alcina says through clenched teeth with a fake smile.

    “Oh shut your shit we don’t have time for your fake pleasantries. Where is Mother Miranda?”

    You see Alcina almost have to physically hold herself back as she puts on another smile.

    “She will be here momentarily.”

    Her eyes instantly go to you and narrow.

    “Why are you here?”

    “Mother Miranda asked me here.”

    You state plainly before looking back towards Heisenberg and continuing a conversation that was over.

    “So Karl when were you wanting me to come visit?”

    The smirk is back on the mans face, catching on quickly he indulges you.

    “You may come tonight right after this meeting if you wish.”

    “Hey Hot Stuff what about Donna!?”

    You look down at Angie with a smile before looking back towards the woman.

    “Would you like me to pay a visit as well Donna?”

    “I would not be opposed.”

    The woman replies softly and you smile brightly at her knowing she must be slightly embarrassed. A low growl sounds from across the room and the three of you look back up at Alcina.

    “She will not be going anywhere.”

    Her instincts are kicking in.

    You think to yourself before leaning back in your chair and looking directly into her eyes.

    “And who are you to me to say where I go and who I see?”

    You question. Her eyes light up gold in rage as she stares at you she finally takes notice that the crest that usually hangs from your neck is gone. A mixture of emotions runs across her face but she tries to keep rage on top.


    She is cut off by Mother Miranda gracefully entering the room.

    “Hello children.”

    She says her demanding voice flowing easily through the room.

    “Mother Miranda.”

    You all greet in unison bowing your head respectfully. Mother Miranda surveys the room before turning her attention towards the reason she called the meeting. You sit quietly in your seat most of this had nothing to do with you, you honestly begin to wonder why you were even called here. The burn of Alcina’s eyes is extreme, as she sits in her enlarged chair behind the table the rest of you are sitting at. Mother Miranda speaks mainly about her success rebirthing her daughter and what the next few decades will look like.

    “Because of this timeline and after our recent….. disruption Ethan Winters. I have decided that (Y/N) being human is a weakness we can not afford. Therefore I have decided to take her under my wing and implant her with the Cadou, if she lives she will become the fifth lord among you all and reside on the other side of the village.”

    There is a long silence, to long of a silence. Once you truly process what is happening your heart rate spikes. Before you can even ask a question another growl can be heard from behind you. You don’t even get to turn and look before Mother Miranda speaks again.

    “I will return for her tomorrow morning.”

    That is the last thing you hear before she disappears before your eyes. The only thing left to be heard is the growl still coming from behind you.

    “I……. I am sorry.”

    Heisenberg states before touching your shoulder. The growl becomes louder but you ignore it nodding your head towards Karl in thanks he nodded back before taking his exit.

    “Maybe you’ll finally get to chase me around after.”

    Angie piped in happily, you smile down at the doll in your lap and nod. Feeling as though if you speak youll break down. Donna placed a hand on your knee, though she said nothing you knew the woman felt for you. Again a louder noise was heard from the corner yet you still chose to ignore it. Donna stood and picked up Angie before turning towards the door. Salvatore didn’t say anything just stopped to look your direction before taking his leave as well. You let out a deep sigh before standing and dusting off your dress not even a second later the growling gets louder. You don’t even look back as you start walking towards the door but before you can reach in a large arm wraps it’s way around your center you are quickly pulled back into Alcina’s chest feeing the strong vibrations of her growling. As she continues to pull you, you realize she is trying to almost tuck you under her. Protectively.

    “What are you doing?”

    You say angrily trying to escape her grip. Her growls get louder as she tries to keep you under her. As you struggle you realize she’s over you basically on all fours.

    “Lady Dimitrescu stop.”

    Her eyes snap at you then. Her pupils are slits and her fangs are extended. She moves to where her face is inches from yours before leaning in and going to move her cheek against you. Recognizing the action you quickly back up causing her eyes to snap to you once more.


    The growl gets deeper as she cocks her head at you. She opens her mouth to speak but you put your hand up not wanting to hear it.

    “Guess my expiration date came early.”

    You say before moving past her and exiting the room. You head straight to your room in the castle closing the door and locking it before breaking down in tears. You weren’t ready to die. The familiar buzz of your girls is heard outside your room before a small knock on the door. You don’t move, continuing to cry as you sit in self pity. The buzz can be heard once more as flies slip under your door way before three girls solidify around you sitting down and hugging you. Not even knowing it was possible you start sobbing harder. A few minutes pass before you calm down enough to speak.

    “I’m sorry girls, even though I meant nothing to your mother you were always daughters to me. I thought we had a future together, but seems like my chapter is coming to a close early.”

    It’s then that you notice the shaky holds of the woman around you.

    “No no don’t cry, not for me.”

    You say as you pull all three of them closer.

    “This day was inevitable I am human, so don’t cry for me. I am eternally great full for the time I’ve had all three of you in my life. Never forget that.”

    Bela is the first to speak through her sniffles.

    “We don’t want you to go.”

    You smile sadly at her.

    “I know sweetheart, I know.”

    You say kissing her head.

    “Even if mom doesn’t love you we do!”

    Danielle says and your heart shatters all over again. Danielle had been the hardest of the three to get close to. The first six months you were here she wouldn’t even speak to you and to hear that out of her mouth meant that much more.

    “I love y’all too.”

    You say shakily squeezing them once again. You wipe your face before standing.

    “Let me read you guys one last story hmm?”

    You say with as bright of a smile as you can give. The girls shake their heads and cling to your waist.

    “No, one last story means this is real. That this is the last time we will ever see you.”

    You sigh sadly at Cassandra.

    “It may be darlings, but let’s make it the best last time okay. Now go pick out a book front the library and bring it back, make sure it’s a good one. The girls try and wipe their eyes as they not before quickly changing and buzzing back out the bottom of the door.”

    You sit at your vanity and remove your make up. Looking at your red eyes and tear stained cheeks you sigh.

    I’m not ready to die.

    You think to yourself.

    So I must live through this.

    You change into simple shorts and a sweater as you hear a knock at your door.

    “Girls you could have just came back in the same way.”

    You say as you open your door but are shocked when the nine foor giantess bends into your room.

    “Why are you here?”

    You ask angrily crossing your arms over your chest. The tall woman doesn’t even look at you as she takes a step into your room. She freezes a moment seeming to take in everything around her before turning her gaze back to you.


    You put your hand up not wanting to hear a word.

    “Please leave.”

    Once again a stream of emotions goes across her face. You walk over to your vanity picking up the Dimitrescu crest that has adorned your neck for a little over a year. Walking back over to the tall woman you hold out the crest looking her in her eyes you ask again.

    “Please leave Lady Dimitrescu.”

    Again she flinches at the use of her title, her eyes leave yours and go to the crest staring at it hard, yet still frozen. Finally as if your savors your hear the buzzing of the girls again as they return. Once solidified inside of the room again they quickly assess the situation.


    You finally state again a bit of anger laced in your voice. Alcina seems to respond to this, because if there was one thing you’ve learned after this year with her was that she knew anger.

    “You do not command me, know your place.”

    This ignited the girls as they all let out growls at their mother.

    “Just leave mother haven’t you hurt her enough already.”

    Bela says coldly. Danielle grabs the crest from your hand putting in her mother’s hands while Cassandra opened the door. This time Alcina couldn’t help the pure pain that went across her face at her daughters actions. Realizing her defeat Alcina’s hand becomes a death grip on the crest as she huffed and left the room. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding before tears stream down your cheeks. The girls surround you in their arms for the second time tonight.

    “We will always love you Mama.”

    That was all it took to completely break you.

    “And I you girls!”

    You say while choking on a sob. Once you all finally calm down you read the girls one last story before falling asleep in bed with them.

    You smiled at the last memory you made with girls as you ride in the carriage next to Mother Miranda. She had arrived early I gather you, earlier than the sunrise, earlier than the house awoke. You had kissed all the girls heads before leaving the castle. As you watch it disappear over the hills you let one last silent tear run down your face as you think about the life you lived.

    Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

    The quote crossing your mind caused you to chuckle. The pain in your chest would beg to differ.

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    #lady dimitrescu#mother miranda #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #re8#alcina dimitrescu
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    She's stunning.

    Will you marry me, madam?

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    Characters I Write For~

    (As of right now, these are the characters that I can easily write for but I will be adding more to the list)


    Agatha Harkness
    Wanda Maximoff
    Natasha Romanoff

    The Devil Wears Prada

    Miranda Priestly

    Resident Evil 8: Village

    Alcina Dimitrescu
    Bela Dimitrescu
    Cassandra Dimitrescu
    Daniela Dimitresu
    Donna Beneviento


    Characters Coming Soon...


    Yelena Romanoff

    American Horror Story

    Billie Dean Howard
    Lana Winters
    Cordelia Goode
    Whilemina Venable
    Sally McKenna
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    ...Does anyone else picture Lady Dimitrescu playing the violin with her daughters dancing around her while listening to this? Or is it just me?

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    Bleed Not For Death, But For Love:

    A Lady Dimitrescu x Female Reader Series

    Chapter 1: Welcome to Castle Dimitrescu

    I came to Castle Dimitrescu in a desperate attempt at finding income. Back home, far away from here, I was a slave to my parents. I would clean day in and day out, so I figured that once the time came, I would leave to find work elsewhere doing what I do best: cleaning. I just didn’t think it would take me across the continent. When I first came to the small village in Romania, I was expecting something more… modern. To my surprise, it looked like not much had changed since the 1950s. Not that it bothered me much, I preferred the natural, earthy aesthetic it had over modern tech and everything else that comes with living in this era.

    I’d heard many things about the Lady of the castle, but the main thing everyone always mentioned was her height. Me, being just above 5 feet, I couldn’t fathom how 9’6” would look in person. I was excited to see her and experience the regality everyone talked about, but what I didn’t realize was how unprepared I actually was. 

    I start shaking as I begin walking across the drawbridge towards the castle. Is it out of excitement, fear, anxiety, the cold? I don’t think I’ll ever know. I’m greeted by torches and steps that seem to be worn every third step. Was that how long her stride was? I could feel the curiosity begin to well up in my chest and I let out a long sigh, realizing I had been holding my breath. I reach the front door and am about to knock and reach for the lever when I hear giggling from behind the doors getting louder and louder. I take a step back as the door flings open and I’m swarmed by flies that begin to materialize as three women shrouded in black cloaks.

    “Ooooh, Mother bought us a new toy,” one coos playfully.

    “Or food?” another says as she gets closer and lifts a piece of my hair with a finger and lets it slide off as she walks away, circling me. 

    “Let’s take her to Mother, I’m sure she will want to know she’s arrived,” the last one says in a playful voice. They all giggle, grab me by the hands and arms as they disperse into their swarm of flies, and carry me through the halls.

    I was so alarmed by their ability that I didn’t take time to visually map out the hallways they brought me through. I was just stunned. I couldn’t fathom how it was possible. Before I know it, I’m in what seems to be a guest room with a fireplace for the only source of light other than a few dim lanterns accented with gold. 

    When my feet reconnect with the ground, I lean forward on my knees to regain my balance and breath. That was as exacerbating as it was thrilling and I needed a moment of composure, but I didn’t get it as I heard one of the girls say, “She has arrived, Mother.” I look to my left where I see a chair turned almost perpendicular to the fireplace next to a regular-sized bed and see a very tall figure rise, her back turned to me. I scramble to stand up straight and regain my composure as quickly as I possibly could before she turns to face me. I’m still attempting to straighten up my skirts when I look up and make eye contact with blue and golden irises. I freeze and try not to let my jaw fall in awe.

    She is more stunning than I could’ve ever imagined. Her pale skin draped in an off-white dress, her breasts largely exposed, her lips painted crimson, and her golden eyes embossed with black and pink shades. Her short, black hair is put in perfect curls hidden by a largely brimmed, black sun hat, and her demeanor all catch me off guard. Her height is unfathomable, even as I stand there in person. I imagine I only come up to the top of her hip. We lock eyes and she smiles.

    “Well then! If it isn’t Y/N!” Your punctuality is much appreciated,” she states simply, but somehow dramatically at the same time. Her voice has a husky, low, and commanding timbre, which is to be expected given her height. 

    “Of course, my lady,” I say, finally breaking our eye contact to bow my head with respect, only to glance back up and reconnect our gaze. I see the confidence I could only dream of having. She sets down a crimson and silver wine glass and takes a few intimidating steps towards me. 

    “Do you recall the job you were offered and the tasks that come with it?” she asked testingly. I open my mouth to respond, but before I can answer, her voice fills the room once more. 

    “The last person in your position was caught as a thief, I need not go into the details of her punishment. Just know she was immediately… terminated,” she says huskily, and as a clear warning. 

    “Yes, my lady. As the Grand Chambermaid, I am to keep your chambers and any halls clean, I am to draw your baths, brush your hair, make sure your linens are clean and prepared, and I am to make sure all your daily needs are met,” I say as calmly and professionally as I can. She grins widely, her smile entrancing. 

    “Wonderful. You are standing in your bedroom, so make yourself comfortable here. Your tasks begin at dusk, learn to defamiliarize yourself with the sun,” she says with heavy command in her voice before she walks towards the door. Her daughters giggle and wave flirtily as they return to their insect swarms and flee from my room. I watch the Lady of the castle follow behind them, then to my surprise, she looks back at me with a grin.

    “Oh, and Y/N? Welcome to Castle Dimitrescu,” she says with a chuckle before ducking through the double doors and out of sight. I let out a huge sigh and sit down in the chair she recently occupied. I notice she left her lipstick-stained wine glass on the little table in front of me. I feel the urge to take it to the kitchen for washing, but I decide to leave it till the morning, I need to sleep. Tomorrow is my first big day, and I want to avoid her version of termination at all costs.

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    I love Maggie more than I can put into words and im so happy she did my requests😭❤️ she’s so fucking cute, but please send help because I can’t take hearing her say my name - I’m dead.

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    So, I decided to draw my comfort characters bc I love them so very much I would die for them

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    Hands, hands, hands. 

    A lil Lady D & Lady Luck

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    Bela: Hi, excuse me, I’m lost and I can’t find my family.

    Stranger: Okay.. What do they look like?

    Bela: Mother is a stunningly beautiful, statuesque specimen of a creature, with perfectly coiffed hair, eyes like flames in a starless night, and a demeanour that is as intimidating - nay, awe-inspiring - as it is breathtaking, sublime, and enchanting to whomsoever looks upon her.

    Bela: My sisters look stupid

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    had some spare time to doodle smth rq :]

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