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  • infernalrevenge
    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #donna beneviento#lady beneviento#karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg #lady beneviento x lord heisenberg #donna beneviento x karl heisenberg #donnaberg #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #re8#anon#inbox#headcanon requests#nsft
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  • blue-misst
    22.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Aunt Donna is sleeping in

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  • pinemangoart
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    “Sister” piece to that last Heisenberg drawing I did

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  • infernalrevenge
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #alcina dimitrescu x reader #alcina dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu x reader #lady dimitrescu#donna beneviento #donna beneviento x reader #lady beneviento x reader #lady beneviento#salvatore moreau #salvatore moreau x reader #lord moreau x reader #lord moreau#karl heisenberg #karl heisenburg x reader #lord heisenberg x reader #lord heisenberg #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #re8 #gender neutral reader #gn!reader #anon#inbox#headcanon requests
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  • lepusrufus
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Here it is fellas, my 4 page long ramble about different worms and trying to get the science behind Miranda's mad scientist bs.

    Disclaimer where disclaimer is due: this contains a lot of my own speculation since we have very little concrete information and what we do have is a little all over the place. But either way, I hope you guys enjoy my nerd tangent and would love to hear any opinions/corrections you have on it (I'll make the option to comment on the doc available, don't abuse of it tho)

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  • cryst4lwitch
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    y'all I'll answer the requests tonight 😌✋ but I have a question because I'm really curious about y'all hcs because canon is like inexistent so I've seen a lot of hcs on the four lords so can you guys tell me your hcs on the four lords lolll (specially Donna please because I'd love to read your Donna hcs and Salvatore too because I have no idea on how to write him)

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  • the-wickedevil
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    *Karl and Y/N in the factory*

    Karl: Alright buttercup we have to go to a meeting with that BITCH Miranda *he walks past you to put on his compass and dog tags*

    Y/N: *watching Karl intently*

    Karl: come on Y/n *turns to head out of the room, but pauses and turns to face you when he realizes you aren’t following him* Buttercup?

    Y/N: *looking down at the ground* I wish I had a necklace *a blush starts to form on your cheeks and looks up to face Karl*

    Karl: *takes his glasses off and looks at You confused* well I’ll get you one, but right now we gotta go buttercup *reaches his hand out for you to grab*

    Y/N: *you take his hand and play with his fingers* I don’t know… this one looks pretty nice *you look Karl straight in the eyes and smirk*

    Karl: *the wheels are turning in his head when he finally catches on, smirking he wraps his hand around your throat pulling you close* You naughty little thing

    #chris redfield#ethan winters#karl heisenberg#donna beneviento#angie beneviento#alcina demitriscu#salvatore moreau#mother miranda #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #lord karl heisenberg #lord heisenberg#lady beneviento#lady dimitrescu#lord moreau#re chris #re ethan winters #re karl heisenberg #karl heisenberg imagine #karl heisenberg x reader #karl my beloved #re8 village #resident evil 8 village #lycans#daddy heisenberg #re8 karl heisenberg #heisenberg simp #karl heisenberg headcanons #resident evil games #karl heisenberg fanfic
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  • infernalrevenge
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    HEYYYYYY I'm opening requests again, though only for headcanon bullet points. I'm still working on my own long-form stuff, so I might not do drabble requests yet. On the upside, my headcanon bullet points can get pretty long too HAHA

    If anyone wants to hop in and send something, go ahead :P

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  • hausedimitrescu
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ok hear me out: Resident Evil 9 Rose goes back to Romania to the village where her father died. It’s somewhat put back together and people inhabit the area again.

    She re traces her fathers steps and comes across Duke who tells her that the lords are alive. (He had their crystallized forms, we know they can come back, duh) Rose has to defeat the lords AND make sure they can’t come back.

    OR alternatively, Miranda is back somehow and Rose teams up with the 4 lords to defeat the bird lady.

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  • airasora
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #Resident evil 8 #Re8#Heisenberg#Lady Dimitrescu#Moreau#Beneviento #Resident evil village
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  • sylverstorms
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Miranda x Abigail ----The Song of the Crow Ch. 6

    Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5


    Perhaps it truly is in her genes, the talent for destruction.

    Abigail has gotten adept at tearing things apart with her new powers. It makes an odd sort of sense that her weakness now lies at piecing something together.

    Day after day, she fails the precision test Miranda set for her. Although the agony of that first evening has dulled into something more bearable, warning little flares of pain that she now knows to heed, the frustration lingers with her throughout the night.

    Focus. A deep breath is taken, heartbeat regulated calm. Abigail wills her arm steady, all its strength withheld as she raises the eighth cube and brings it over the stacked others…


    “Ah, making progress.” Miranda’s voice comes right by her ear, effectively throwing her efforts into the trash.

    Abigail’s fingers twitch. The whole thing comes down again, like a tower of cards blown away by the wind. Her teeth grind together as she whips around to stare at Miranda’s annoyingly gorgeous face.

    “Can you not?!” A vein pops at her neck.

    The infuriating woman casually leans against the table. The very edge of her lip curls in that miniscule manner Abigail has learned to recognize as her version of a devilish smile.

    “I didn’t do anything.” comes the easy shrug.

    Abigail mentally counts to ten to avoid bringing a blade to Miranda’s throat. She shakes her head, urges herself to let it go and picks the cubes that fell on the ground.

    When she makes to build them up again, however, she notices the blonde hasn’t moved.

    A weak sigh escapes her lips. She spent years doing chores for Eira, she knows what it means when this woman comes to chat with her. Miranda is in a good mood and that never ends well for her.

    “Don’t you have better things to do around here…?” she asks.

    The prophetess hasn’t talked to her for over a week, working on her own projects on the opposite side of the lab. The place has been so quiet, save for the occasional click of medical equipment and scribbling of pencil on paper, that Abigail often thought perhaps Miranda left, only to turn around and see her hunched over a microscope, or rubbing her temples at another unsatisfactory result.

    “My latest experiment was a success so, no.”

    Ah, that makes sense. Abigail thinks. But I don’t get why I have to suffer for that.

    “Keep going. Don’t let me stop you.” It’s easy for her to say.

    And Abigail tries. She tries to ignore Miranda, to concentrate solely on her task, but that moonlit, hawk-like gaze is not so easy to brush aside. She can feel it on her skin, almost like a physical weight.

    And that would be fine if her own mind would stop straying to how perfect her rod-straight platinum locks look every day, not a single hair out of place, or how her eyeliner is sharp enough to cut, on top of those already piercing eyes.

    It’s endlessly frustrating, because Abigail doesn’t like her and she doesn’t want to notice those things, but they’re so glaring—

    “I’ll tell you what.” Miranda’s speaks up. “Since I know you produce far better results when motivated…”

    One solid step brings her right by Abigail’s human side, claws resting lightly on the back of her shoulder. The brunette bites the tip of her tongue to keep steady during her test. The last thing she needs right now is Miranda’s scent messing up her focus.

    The welling feeling it causes in the pit of her stomach has a name she refuses to acknoledge. She hates it and will continue to reject it until her last breath.

    “…if you succeed, I will reward you.”

    Abigail scoffs. She doesn’t care to receive any reward from Miranda. She prides herself in not being like the four Lords –well, three of them—who would kill and beg and trip over their own feet for such a thing. She’s not that desperate for the attention of the village’s resident false prophet.

    …but she is curious.

    And her arm doesn’t care much for half-truths or presences when it cooperates far better with her than any other time. Really, it’s almost laughable how the parasite does exactly what she wants now, with minimal effort from her.

    You little shit. she accuses.

    Every mold-made muscle fiber in her new arm shakes and protests at the very last cube… but the sensation is nothing short of cathartic when it lands at the top, cleanly aligned with the rest.

    Yes! Abigail grins.

    “Excellent.” Miranda praises. A black wing shoves the cubes clean off the table. There’s a great deal of relief in watching them go.

    It is, however, short lived;

    Talon-shrouded fingers turn Abigail around, take hold of her chin and force her gaze up into Miranda’s steely eyes.

    “If all you needed was my presence you could have asked ages ago.” she smirks and it is as aggravating as it is lethal.

    The brunette scowls. “Oh, lay off…”

    Though, of course, Miranda is not deterred. “And if you ask nicely for other things, you may just get them, too.”

    Abigail’s brain glitches, for half a second, at what could be considered an invitation. Then again, she tells herself Miranda is only messing around. She does that often, revel in the power she has over people, things, emotions.

    Her only hope is that the blonde doesn’t know of the exact type of power she holds over her.

    “I think I’ll pass on asking you for anything.” Let alone nicely.

    Abigail doesn’t want anything remotely nice with Miranda. The urge she births in her is to shove her against the nearest wall and wipe that haughty smugness off her face. Maybe break a few of her fancy equipment in the process just to spite her further.

    The fingers at her chin tighten; trap it in a vice grip. Abigail can feel all the intricate ridges of the golden claws leave their imprint on her skin.

    “Yes? Even though we both know you’ve gone from disliking me to liking me a tad too much?”

    And… she knows. Fuck.

    Abigail opens her mouth to reply to that, to deny it for the sake of pride alone, but Miranda leans down first and eliminates the distance between them.

    Every conscious thought fractures in the brunette’s mind at the electric contact of their lips. Miranda’s mouth slides over hers like a puzzle piece made to fit there, soft in all the ways she’s not and demanding in all the ways she is.

    The world is narrowed down to the cold grip of her hand, the expensive scent of rose-tinted, spicy perfume, the creamy taste of her lipstick.

    Oh… damn…

    And it’s already sinfully good, but then Miranda tilts her chin further and slips her tongue into her mouth as though she owns her. Abigail has had many kisses in her life, but none so hot and languid it’s almost like having sex.

    When Miranda pulls back, wearing an infuriating smirk, she lets go of her to lightly pinch her cheek, instead, with a teasing “Good girl, Abigail.”

    It springs forth a number of colorful replies within the brunette that all die miserably at her lips, still tingling numb from the earlier experience.

    There is no logical explanation why someone like Miranda, so out of touch with humanity, kisses that great.

    “Ace your next assignments and I will consider doing that again.” she says and turns around, well on her way to leaving the lab by the time Abigail remembers what words are.

    “It wasn’t even that good.” she calls after her.

    Miranda only laughs, until she’s one with the cave’s shadows.



    Abigail’s boots sink a few centimeters into the snow as she walks down the main road of the village, her back highlighted by the first rays of the rising sun.

    The edges of her coat dance in the morning breeze. Every soft breath sprouts puffs of smoke. It really is a cold morning. One she would prefer to spend in bed, dozing off while watching a movie on her phone, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate at her bedside table.

    Alas. She already has a task assigned to her by Miranda.

    Her destination comes into view at the main square, in the form of a familiar cart. Duke is back in town with supplies, as well as the orders of the villagers. Only one of them concerns her, though, under the name ‘Eira’.

    Abigail thought she would be the first person in line, being so early. She’s surprised to find that’s not the case.

    The butcher’s daughter, Viola, is already there, carrying one of her father’s old machines to sell. The metal frame barely fits in her arms and she looks like she’s really struggling on the last couple of steps between her and the cart.

    Abigail walks up behind her and gently lifts the weight up, using her human arm. She tries not to make it look as effortless as it actually is for her.

    “Oh, Abigail!” the other woman’s mouth breaks into a sunny smile. “Thank you so much.”

    “Don’t mention it.” Abigail looks at her past the black shades she’s wearing to hide her bi-tone eyes.

    A polite greeting is given to the Duke by both of them, as Abigail hands the machine over to him for evaluation.

    “Glasses so early in the morning?” Viola inquires, raising a playful eyebrow.

    “My eyes are really sensitive to the cold air, lately.” the lie easily rolls off her tongue.

    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Is that why I haven’t seen you around much, these weeks?”

    “I’ve been… busy.” she answers.

    “Ladies. If I’m not interrupting— how does one hundred Lei sound for this?” Duke interjects kindly.

    “That’s great, Duke, thank you!” Viola bows and happily takes the money.

    Then, she turns to Abigail, lays a hand on her left arm and leans in for a quick kiss on the cheek.

    “Don’t be a stranger.” she winks and takes her leave, cheeks pink from either the gesture or the cold.

    And she is a pretty girl, cute and cheery, hair so light a brown it looks nearly blonde. Abigail would have dated her if it wasn’t for how badly Viola’s family dislikes her, but that still hasn’t stopped the few stolen kisses where eyes can’t see.

    Now, though?

    Now she cannot even feel the caress of her fingers over her inhuman arm. The touch of her lips doesn’t ignite anything in her. It doesn’t burn like hers does. Is the fleeting thought she chases from her mind.

    “I’m here for Lady Eira’s order.” she tells Duke.

    While the merchant searches for the correct package, humming a merry tune to himself, Abigail’s eye catches on a decoration propped up for sale; a large, full-body mirror, complete with delicate vine designs at the edges.

    With her dark coat and black glasses…

    I look just like Albert.

    There’s a bittersweet taste to the thought. Even more so when she imagines what he would say to tease her for the look… at least before he lost his mind.

    “There you go.” Duke’s voice breaks her from her reminiscing.

    Abigail receives the sizeable box with a quiet ‘thanks’ and turns around to leave.

    “You have changed since I last saw you, Abigail.” the merchant’s comment makes her halt.

    “Have I.” She knows she has.

    “Black should never have been your color.” A deep, regretful sigh leaves him.

    “But it is, now.” She chooses not to linger too long on what he may or may not know.

    It doesn’t matter.

    And Miranda is waiting.

    #mother miranda x abigail #mother miranda x oc #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #fanfiction#creative writing#lady dimitrescu#donna beneviento#karl heisenberg #and that one fishdude #in which Miranda is in an exceptionally good mood and that's not good for homegirl #or is it
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  • qaz-xec-fouj
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    I am currently working on a BelaDonna Hogwarts AU fanfic and let me just put these drafts in here real quick because who knows, I might accidentally abandon this whole thing.

    Karl Heisenberg is your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

    Heisenberg was notorious for performing magic without the need of a wand and the wizarding world regarded him highly.
    "Heisenberg would rather carry a hammer than a wand." Mother once said.
    Bela somehow always assumed her mother feared Heisenberg. Bela hoped she was wrong.
    Right now, Heisenberg was rambling about today's lesson and it was difficult to follow his practical approach due to his rare use of wand.
    Most students enjoyed him as their teacher. They found him entertaining and that his teaching method kept them engaged. Meanwhile, Bela begged to differ.
    Karl you-know-how-it-goes-with-a-wand Heisenberg not needing his wand when demonstrating spells during lecture was laziness.
    Maybe because Bela already knew him since she was a child, but Heisenberg sounded bored and uncaring all the time despite his subject's importance.
    It was obvious, well, to Bela at least. Only Daniela was capable of making Heisenberg excited, or really, his mere attempt to match her sister's undying enthusiasm.

    Cassandra's face and Daniela's voice...

    "Anything sweet for you?" The witch gestured at them both.
    "I would have a chocolate frog please." Bela ordered.
    "Here," she handed Bela a packet of chocolate frog and turned to Elena. "What about you?"
    Elena shook her head and the lady was about to leave when Bela called for her again.
    "I would love to have another chocolate frog."
    The old witch smiled and happily gave Bela a new packet before leaving.
    Bela then turned to Elena and motioned the packet towards her, which shocked the other girl.
    "Take it."
    Elena hesitated, but eventually grabbed the chocolate frog.
    "Thank you." Elena said and Bela nodded in return.
    Elena was a muggle, yes, a muggle who had Cassandra's face and Daniela's voice. Bela reasoned she was only missing her sisters in this very moment and they both praised the existence of chocolates especially Daniela.
    "Be careful."
    "It's a frog."

    The girl with a scar in front of Ollivanders.

    A girl shorter than Bela exited Ollivanders absentmindedly since she nearly tripped.
    The said girl then stopped on her tracks and completely ignored the bustling scene. Bela frowned at this. She was rudely standing in front of the shop's entrance.
    Bela realized she wore black garments including shoes and her dark hair tied in a neat bun contrasted Bela's light one. They probably shared the same age.
    The attire she sported only paled her skin further and Bela caught sight of a crease. There it was on the right side of her face: a distinct stripe as if a giant claw mauled her in attempts of taking out her onyx eye. Unbelievable, even her eyes matched her overall appearance.
    Bela wondered how, where, why, and when she earned the scar.
    The short girl was handsome despite the terrible scar and Bela imagined her without it. However, if she was being incredibly honest, the scar added a menacing touch. It made the stranger intimidating although Bela sensed timidity.
    "Bela, do not make Mr. Ollivander wait." Alcina's voice startled them both. The girl suddenly lowered her head to conceal her scar and walked away.
    "Yes, mother." Bela replied in an apologetic tone.
    Embarrassed, seeing that Alcina caught her daughter gawking at some innocent person, Bela dashed inside the shop and carefully closed the door.
    Bela felt a twang of disappointment as she watched the girl with a scar go from the shop's window, but smiled upon knowing she was going to study in Hogwarts as well. Bela nearly forgot she annoyed her mother and tested her patience.
    "Good day to you, Ms. Dimitrescu." The wandmaker greeted from behind and Bela faced him.
    "Good day to you as well, Mr. Ollivander. Pardon me for making you wait."
    #remind me to continue this #i might actually cry and combust #two cups of coffee in one sitting makes hyperactivity worse #outlining stories help so yeah i can do this #beladonna#donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu#elena#lady dimitrescu#karl heisenberg#hogwarts au #resident evil village #re8 #drafts are cool to read but i find it unbelievable that i have to continue them #too many tags #pardon my adhd #fanfic #why am i like this #must be trauma #i am accident prone
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  • re8-shitpost
    18.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Donna: Hey, Y/n, wanna hear some tunes? *plays Vivaldi's Four Seasons Winter*

    #re8 #resident evil village #resident evil #re8 incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes #donna x maiden #donna x y/n #resident evil donna #donna x reader #donna beneviento #this is what she'd do #re8 donna#lord beneviento#lady beneviento #resident evil beneviento #resident evil donna beneviento #re8 beneviento#x y/n#y/n#vivaldi#four seasons#winter
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  • derelict-stranger
    18.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    I saw a post in which @lydiais-dead photoshopped the Resident Evil: Village bosses at The Met Gala.

    …I wrote how that would play out LOL

    Heisenberg instigates a fist fight with Lady Dimitrescu by loudly saying that the wine she makes is “below mediocre” & “it’s made out of people” (well, it is).

    Angie the Doll is sneaking around pick-pocketing from the rich guests. She also probably steals a cop’s gun.

    Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters were grounded so they couldn’t go.

    Mother Miranda is arrested by the NYPD for leaving “a suspicious package” in the lobby— Cadou parasites & Megamycete samples.

    The only ones who actually behave themselves are Moreau and Donna, who hang out by the snack tables & mumble small talk.

    However, Donna says that Kim Kardashian’s costume is tacky, & Moreau tries to leave with a tray full of hors-d’oeuvres.

    #resident evil village #re village #resident evil viii #humor#lady dimitrescu #tall vampire lady #karl heisenberg#mother miranda#donna beneviento#salvatore moreau#angie beneviento #angie the doll
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  • animefans-stuff
    18.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Four Lord's with an s/o who likes to draw.

    Warnings ; none. Just fluff.
    Note - I won't include Moreau because, I still don't know how to write for him.
    - I also don't know if this has been written before but, uh enjoy.

    Lady Dimitrescu + her daughter's

    Lady Dimitrescu and her daughter's love all of your drawings.

    They could all sit down and watch you sketch something for hours.

    Dimitrescu will hang up your drawings and paintings around the castle. With your permission of course.

    Her daughter's bring you all kinds of things to draw Daniela once brought back a lycan.

    If you ever run out of art supplies then Lady D will head straight to The Duke and buy whatever you needed.

    Daniela will ask if you could try teaching her how to draw. Of course you agree and spend the rest of the day, teaching her how to draw. Of course- Bela and Cassandra will also want to learn how to draw.

    If Lady Dimitrescu has to attend to whatever Miranda needed, she'll bring one of your pictures with her. It makes her feel comfortable and happy.

    She'll invite Donna over and show her some of your work.

    Karl Heisenberg

    He might act like it's a waste of time but deep down he really loves it.

    Heisenberg melts whenever you draw/paint a picture of him. He'll hang it up somewhere in his factory.

    In return he might try making something for you.

    The only problem is the lycans. Some of them have tried biting or chewing on some of your art stuff.

    Of course, Heisenberg deals with them. After all, he'd hate to see you get upset over your stuff getting damaged.

    He'll show your art to everyone.

    Gets annoyed whenever Alcina says something about your drawings.

    Like said before- He's tried drawing you something, of course he doesn't think it's any good. But as long as it makes you happy then he's happy.

    Donna Beneviento + Angie

    They both love it.

    Angie's completely fascinated by your art work. She'll ask if she can try painting a picture of you and Donna.

    Some of the other dolls are also fascinated with this strange activity. They'll usually sit next to you and wonder, why you put strange colors on paper. And if it's any fun.

    I like to think that Donna knows how to draw.

    When she isn't busy, then she'll either sit next to you and watch. Or help you with a drawing.

    Angie also trys helping you.

    Speaking of Angie, almost every day she'll run up to you with a new picture, hoping that you'll like it.

    Donna finds this adorable.

    Donna might ask if you could sketch out some new design's for the doll's.

    #lady demitrescu x reader #daniela dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu #resident evil 8 x reader #resident evil 8 headcanons #karl heisenberg x reader #donna beneviento x reader #angie beneviento #idk what else to put in the tags
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  • classyfruit
    18.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    [Part 1 - Click here!] And here it is, my friends! Part 2/X of my short but sweet RE8 fancoming "What Remains of Rotten Roots". Yes, the child has been named now! My faible for dramatic narratives is definitely showing. 👀 I hope you all continue to enjoy my alternative ending! Stay tuned for the next parts to find out where the heck Ethan went, what Mother Miranda has to say about all of it and how the Lords will react to learning the truth! (Dun-Dun-DUUUUUUN sound effect! 😨)

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  • kikifearicowo
    18.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    I apologise for the lack of post! I’ve been fairly busy with other work as of recent so I’ve been trying to not burn out myself hopefully this time;;

    On the bright side I got these concepts for a WOF x Res village AU done^^ I’ve had this idea in my mind for roughly a month I would say? And I’m happy to of gotten some time to begin working on concepts^^ I’m pretty happy with how Karl’s design turned out and Donnas too but I’m thinking of making slight alterations to Alcina’s (only her accessories really)

    Incase anyone is wondering aswell here are the current species of dragons I have them each as;

    Alcina: Skywing

    Karl: Mudwing

    Donna: Nightwing x sandwing

    Cassandra: Skywing x Mudwing

    Bela: Skywing x sandwing (possibly seawing to?)

    Daniela: Skywing x rainwing

    Moreau: Mudwing x seawing

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  • cryst4lwitch
    17.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    hey guys! I think I'd like to start writing hcs about the four lords (more like 3 because I honestly don't know how to write fishboy :( sorry) and dimi daughters

    so I please request whatever you'd like! I write nsfw as well and I'm very open to all ships and personal hcs you guys could have and like :)

    also please be very specific I don't mind at all, I actually prefer if your can be specific in your requests!

    I write all genders!

    #donna beneviento #donna beneviento x reader #alcina dimitriscu x reader #lady dimitrescu#karl heisenberg #karl heisenburg x reader #daniela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#bella dimitrescu #angie the doll #resident evil #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #re8
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