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    The puppet show commercials for RE Village. Say what you want about Village but this has got to be one of the best marketing campaigns for a game that I’ve seen in a long time.

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  • rainbowdoggieunicorn
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Here's my Doggie Unicorn that's a lover of RainbowDoggieUnicorn. Her name is Vampire Great Dane... I know she look like Lady Dimitrescu. And her wings are Hidden it only come out when she mad or Defending her wife.

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    ⚠️ New Dimitrescu and Heisenberg T-Shirts ⚠️

    🔜 Moreau, Donna and more coming soon!

    Available Here

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    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
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    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    This is a continuation from one of the questions on this post https://hagelpaimon.tumblr.com/post/661164498364841984/b-d-j-o-v-for-donnie-karl-and-alcina-yes-i-am
    I wanted to expand on the scene and finally write my first piece of mommy Lady Dimitrescu! I hope every enjoys. Reader will be female just FYI.
    Rated Explicit (18+ only)
    TW: mentions of blood, a little blood drinking

    She hissed.

    The poke of the needle into the delicate skin of her index finger never stopped hurting. For all your experience in the field of sewing and for all the countless times needles betrayed you, it never seized to not sting.

    You eyed your bleeding digit with furrowed brows, the small bead seeping out and ready to stain. “My apologies my lady-“ You were quick to move the bleeding finger away from the lady of the house but her much quicker and much larger hand wrapped around your wrist. For a quick motion it was done with nothing but delicacy. “Nicked it quite deep my dear” Alcina Dimitrescu’s smile was still the most beautiful thing you had ever laid your eyes on. The crinkled at the corner of her eyes, the soft dash of makeup on her eyelids, a long neck…

    You swallowed.

    It didn’t help that you had situated yourself between her legs, the skirt of her elegant dressed a contrast from your much darker clothes. “Allow me,” Alcina spoke in that sensual drawl of hers, all while guiding your finger against her plush lips. It was a kiss, a press of lips to the drop of blood, you weren’t aware how much you had been holding your breath until the shape of her lips wrapped themselves around the tip of your index finger. Even in a sitting position she still towered over you, the bend of her body to reach your hand allowed you to view her chest in a much more intimate way.

    A shaky exhale left you when her eyes connected with yours.

    Your mouth fell open when her lips took more of your finger into her warm mouth.

    And gods, you felt heat pool beneath you when she moaned pleasantly at the taste of you.

    “Better?” Her lashes were so beautiful with each flutter of her eyes, curled to such perfection it only made you stare in mute desire. Your brain at least cooperated enough for you to nod at her question. “Mustn’t ruin those pretty fingers, you need them for work after all” Alcina’s words were muttered against your wrist, the vein there ever tempting to her teeth but years of control had her kissing the spot instead.

    The swarm of emotions in your body has you inching closer to her, each kiss slithering from wrist to the inside of your elbow. For every peck you felt your heart speed up. “Come here, pet” Your hesitation was only due to not asking if you could touch her, so when she placed the palm of your hand (so very small in comparison) against her cheek, you felt a gush of air exit your parted lips.

    “My lady?”


    Gods, why did her eyes render you like stone. Frozen in spot but daring you, just daring you to do something.

    Your other hand came to rest on her other cheek, cupping her face with all the gentleness you could muster. Standing on the tips of your boots you reached up to place your lips against those ruby reds. The taste of her lipstick, the copper after taste, the nip to your bottom lip.

    Hunger bloomed inside of you, made itself apparent in the way you moaned against her perfect lips. Alcina’s own soft moan only fueled you more, your hands sliding down her neck. Fluttering your eyes open you stared at where your hands were, where you really wished to lay them on and it seemed the message was clear enough for the Lady to grab both of your wrists and direct them to her large breasts.

    Eager didn’t begin to explain your temperament. Your hands could barely cup them but you kneaded them, caressed them and somehow by the grace of luck found her nipples through the thick fabric of the dress. In your quest you had let your lips land on her neck, the fragrance she had chosen for that evening found itself in your nose, on your lips. A large hand slid from your lower back to cup your rear and squeeze and the embarrassing squeak that left your mouth had Alcina grinning from ear to ear. “Such a pretty little pet, aren’t you?” Her words were right at the shell of your ear, mocking in tone but so softly spoken it brought a shiver out of you.

    “Do you desire me?” Alcina pulled you back enough to stare into your eyes. The shade of her lips smeared on your chin and the corners of your mouth making her chuckle.

    You nodded, that’s all you could do as you swiped your tongue across a dry bottom lip.

    “Hike your skirt up” Was her command and like a possessed fool you did just that, bunch up the material until she could see your stockings and undergarments. Snaking a hand inside she found your folds and a large finger swiped the slit with every intention of watching you fall apart. “Stand up straight or I won’t continue, pet” The threat renewed your efforts, thighs clenching as she rubbed slick from your core to the sensitive nub. The hands where her claws came out where holding your chin, making sure your gaze remained on hers. The nails there felt sharper, more capable of breaking skin more easily.

    “How long have you lusted after this?” Alcina asked with a grin, the circles she was rubbing on your clit making your eyes roll inwards into your head. “So so long my lady” And it was true, you’d come several times to fix her dresses or take orders to make new ones, each time more mystified by the 9 foot tall goddess. She was one of Mother Miranda’s miracles, and what a sight to behold was she.

    When she pushed a finger inside of you it took all of your resolve to not moan so loudly. The maids from the castle would make their rounds and the scandalous visual this would entail would surely reach the villagers back home.

    They needn’t know your business.

    They shan’t know that the Lady of castle Dimitrescu was knuckle deep inside of you.

    “Oh god, oh-ah!” You bit your lip to muffle yourself but the hand around your throat insisted other wise. “No no darling, don’t keep those sounds to yourself, give them to me” Alcina pulled your face closer to her own, lips to yours in a ghost of a touch. “Moan for me, come on… be a good girl” Those words had your eyes watering from the intense build up her fingers thrusting into you, her palm always smacking against your clit with each pump. You were ungodly wet, a mess that surely would stain you and her.

    “I c-cant-“ Your mouth was agape, legs so tense they ached. The wet sounds of your folds echoing in the quiet room, Alcina’s grin only grew. “Oh but you will, for me after all” Her movements only quickened, finger curling and finding that magical spot. It was abrupt, so sudden and strong it made your knees buckle and fall forwards against her. You took the moment to muffle the wail that came from your very soul against her collarbones. Her thrusting hand didn’t let up until you whimpered from overstimulation.

    Slowly her hand left the inside of your undergarments, shiny and slick with your release.

    “What a good little pet, look at how much you enjoyed yourself” She licked from wrist to fingertip.

    There was no hesitation as you dropped to your knees, pushing up her dress skirt, her amused face only ushered you under the garment.

    Alcina spread her legs with a chuckle, feeling your eagerness through the kisses you plastered onto the insides of her thighs.

    A small bite making her hiss in pleasure.

    She leaned back, scooting down a little more in her seat to allow you to work. She felt fingers, she felt lips, she felt an urgency that was downright precious.

    You licked, you suckled, you buried three fingers inside of her, all with practiced ease. It seems you had some experience already, that only further delighted Alcina.

    A moan vibrated against her folds, a breathy groan that spoke that this would only make her burn once more with desire. Curiosity for the image before made Alcina hike her skirt to reveal you, and her floor length mirror allowed her to watch in lust as your ate her out wantonly. You felt a hand at the back of your head, it urged you silently for more.

    You swiped your tongue and sucked on her clit feverishly as you thrusted your fingers inside of her, she tasted more divine than any woman you had laid with. Addicted, you were going to become addicted. Alcina’s thighs trembled and pressed against your head, careful enough to hurt you but enough to show you she was close. With newfound vigor you quickened your movements and honed in on her clit. You would’ve given anything to see it, see her face contort in pleasure as she came against your eager tongue. You felt her hold on your hair tightened as she moaned and came down from her release.

    Just as the door know began to turn.

    Quickly you were encased inside of her skirt as you heard voices speaking. The maid inquired of your presence to witch Alcina replied that you had gone to the lavatory. You remained still, her essence evident on your mouth, her gorgeous thighs on either side of your head. The door clicked close and you took that as your chance to crawl out and stand before the lady of the castle, a mess.

    Your lips slick, hair tousled and lipstick stains over your face and neck.

    You swallowed and licked your lips.

    Alcina merely grinned.

    Oh you were going to be special.

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    #Mother Miranda doesn't even reply. Just walks on by and pretends she never saw it. #Years and years and years of hard work and research #And the miracle fly children spend their time pinning centipedes to things in the hopes of praise from their giant cannibal mother #Shouldn't they all be killing villagers or helping bring back Eva??? #Absolutely ridiculous#Lady dimitrescu#Cassandra dimitrescu#Daniela Dimitrescu#Mother Miranda
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    Portrait sketch dump

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    just an update! I ordered my costume and the forehead tattoos! and I'm ordering the choker for cassandra later tonight when I get home from work! to say I am excited about this costume is a bit of an understatement! can't wait for halloween!!!!

    #resident evil #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #lady dimitrescu's daughters #cassandra dimitrescu #I'll tag her too #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #lady alcina dimitrescu
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    Y/N: Wait a minute... Are you... blushing? Alcina: What?! NO Y/N: Did I get the ever-stoic, strong, and confident Alcina Dimitrescu to blush??? Alcina: No! It's just... Um... It's the heat! Y/N: Huh... It's the heat. And not that I told you "your face is freaking adorable and I bet the rest of you is too"? Alcina, blushing furiously: *voice cracks* N-no.

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    hold on, why none of y'all told me that chapter 4 of what about what I want? was actually written really good?? like it's not bad?? I've been thinking it was shit since I posted it and it's not?? I feel betrayed 😭😭

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    Alcina: I hate seeing you like this.

    Heisenberg: Like what?

    Alcina: In person.

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    Follow me on Instagram!

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    the loba x lady dimitrescu skin

    #apex legends#apex#apex emergence #apex legends emergence #apex season 10 #apex s10 #apex legends season 10 #apex legends s10 #loba#loba Andrade#apex loba #apex loba andrade #resident evil#lady dimitrescu #tall vampire lady
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    Lady D would be the type to tell you that differences are what make a relationship stronger but then backhand you for putting pineapple on pizza.

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    Omg, I was doing research for my book about patronymics and matronymics and I found this:


    Aldona Dimitrescu???

    Are you secretly trans???

    I know that's probably just a family name at this point but how cool it would be for Aldona to be have more complex story

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