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  • crescent-woods
    20.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    warm drink

    this prompt challenge #20

    It was here! It was finally here! Luka dragged Marinette to Starbucks as soon as she had woken up so he could get his beloved coffee. Pumpkin Spiced Latte. He could practically taste it as they walked to the café, spicy and pumpkin-y and sweet and delicious... 

    Marinette honestly couldn’t care less for the artificially flavored, poorly made coffee at Starbucks when she could make her own PSL at home any time. She knew this was Luka’s thing like her thing was a pet hamster, so she went along with him. 

    Once they reached the counter, Luka ordered two medium (it’s venti, sir) Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. He was practically vibrating by the drink pick-up and Marinette was texting Alya a play-by-play so she could really understand how Luka gets about his PSL. 

    The barista called out Two pumpkin spice lattes for Luke? and Luka didn’t even bother correcting his name before he grabbed the drinks and pulled Marinette to a table outside. 

    The warmth of the coffee in his hands was a nice contrast to the crisp air. Marinette bundled into her scarf and waited for Luka to take his first sip of the season. She managed to get a perfect shot of his happy face holding his beloved coffee before she drank her own.

    #i honestly have no clue when psl comes back every year i hope im not too off skdfad #i feel like every passing day these fics make less and less sense but thats fineeee #lukanette#luka couffaine #marinette dupain cheng #pro lukamari#pro lukanette#endgame lukanette#luaknette endgame #miraculous ladybug fanfic #miraculous ladybug#lukanette fanfic#ml#ml fanfic #luka x marinette #peachy fics #otp prompt challenge
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  • miraculoususername
    20.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    After watching the Doctor Strange 'What if?' episode, I had either the best or the worst idea (tbd).

    I think most of us can agree (or at least hope) that we're getting really close to the actual reveal. One of the biggest things getting in the way of that now is Chat Blanc.

    What if (ha) the episode of or the episode before the reveal started out completely normal. Akuma of the week and all. But then someway, somehow, identities are revealed. It's dramatic, everyone cries, yada yada you get the picture. The camera then zooms out to reveal Bunnix watching what we just witnessed. She says something about having to fix the timeline again, and then runs off to find past Ladybug like in Chat Blanc. We see Bunnix tell Marinette to change her plans or whatever to prevent the reveal.

    The show returns to Marinette's POV and we think everything's solved! Not another fake-out reveal! ):

    But instead of the original reveal happening, a different reveal happens by accident! Cue Bunnix repeating the process and telling past Marinette something different. Once again, Marinette does as asked, but boom! New identity reveal! It keeps happening over and over in a montage fashion. Quick, stupid reveals. Emotional reveals. ALL THE REVEALS!

    Until Bunnix realizes that it's time.

    They have to know. There's no other way around it.

    So she lets the original timeline play out.


    Maybe she tells Marinette it's time to prevent her from stressing, maybe she doesn't to allow all the angst. Is there fluff? Is Chat Blanc inevitable? Who knows!

    #miraculous ladybug#chat blanc#identity reveal#bunnix #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #what if
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  • logo-comics
    20.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago
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  • bellamer
    20.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    I had a dream about Adrien Agreste dating Nino Lahiffe but Hawkmoth killed Nino as a way to manipulate Adrien into the ultimate akumatized senti-being and as Adrien was about to turn into one, Batman came, Tim Drake found out who Hawkmoth is, Dick Grayson, Duke Thomas and Cassandra Cain kicked Hawkmoth's ass and took his Miraculous and had him locked up. Batman took Adrien's mom's body and took her back to Gotham to see if there were ways to wake her up and also took Adrien in since he was technically an orphan, while taking Hawkmoth's Miraculous and the Peacock Miraculous to study to find clues.

    Meanwhile in Gotham, Adrien became not-aliveable and decided that he had nothing to live for since his father is insane and locked in prison, his mother is basically comatose with no sign of waking up and his boyfriend was dead, he was gonna jump off a bridge into the waters below and right as he jumped, 16 year old Damian Wayne swooped in and saved him and asked him if he was fucking crazy and Adrien didn't answer him.

    Damien took Adrien home and told Bruce what Adrien almost did so Bruce put Adrien on lockdown and said that he's not allowed to leave Wayne Manor and that they're gonna try to focus on his mental health. So half a year goes by and Adrien is slowly healing, Bruce has permanently taken Adrien into his custody and Adrien has gotten closer to Damian, Damian has fallen in love with Adrien and confesses to him but Adrien tells him he feels that it's way too soon for him to start dating again and asks him to wait a few months more.

    Then Ladybug busts into Wayne Manor like she owns the place she starts trying to fight the Batfamily to bring Adrien back but ultimately gets her ass kicked because at least 3 Batfamily members are trained assassin, idk what the fuck she thought she was doing, and Adrien tells them all to stop, Adrien says he's not going back to Paris, Ladybug asks why, Adrien says he's just not ready and will never be ready and that it's best for him to just stay in Gotham and tells her to go away, before giving her the cat miraculous and revealing that he was Chat Noir and denounces his Miraculous because Miraculouses are why is mom's in an irreversible coma, why his dad went insane, why his boyfriend was killed and tells her that Miraculouses do more harm than good and that if she wanted to keep her sanity and happiness, that she best take all the Miraculouses she can and lock them away where no one can find them. Ladybug sadly leaves and Adrien starts a new life in Gotham and eventually ended up dating Damien.

    #miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug tales of ladybug and chat noir #adrien agreste#nino lahiffe#hawkmoth#emile agreste#batfamily#batman#bruce wayne#damian wayne#dick grayson#cassandra cain#duke thomas#tim drake #damian wayne x adrien agreste #tw sui mention #belle's dreams #marinette dupain cheng
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  • a-chlolix-blog
    20.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Working on the Scarabée and Kitty Claws au again!

    The drafts i currently have are about:

    A post that was an ask at first.

    The Kubdel Family.

    Marinette & Adrien (as well as the Miraculouses they get & hero names).

    And a certain event I've wanted to type out for the Longest time!

    Let me know what you guys wanna know more about this au

    I have quite the ideas for this one. As well as many changes!

    #Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Chloé Bourgeois#Chloe Bourgeois#Alix Kubdel#AUs #Scarabée and Kitty Claws AU #Kwami Swap
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  • sidsinning
    20.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago
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  • sidsinning
    20.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago
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  • firerose
    20.09.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    In the first Chat blanc Storyline, Adrien comforted Marinette after saving her from getting Akumatised.....

    What if in the possible new Chat blanc plotline the roles are reversed.....

    Chat noir falls from a high building after the fight unconscious or losing his grip because he realized what he just did ......

    Marinette is not fast enough and so he crashes on the ground badly hurt.

    And she runs to him

    Wrapping her arms around his body just like Adrien did with her in that alternate timeline

    She says the same words as he did between her sobs

    "Everything will be okay I promise"

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  • pnf-lover98
    20.09.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    "And our tiny fires, I swear they'll burn someday. And I want them wild and in some place it never rains. Cause we belong deep inside the blaze, just like we did back in our early days." _ _ _ _ _ Here's my entry for the autumnal edition of the Image Contest on the GBCAAC server on Discord! Being a person that loves to bask in the autumn vibes, I had so much fun making this! And I'm super proud of how it turned out!

    You can find its relative fanfiction here! :)

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  • walks-the-ages
    20.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    "it's canon that Marinette still likes Chat Noir and enjoys his company!!!!!!! You can't say he's sexually harassing her when she canonically doesn't mind his behavior at the end of the day!! It doesn't matter how many times she's upset with him, as long as she smiles and says she depends on him at the end of the episode! he's not sexually harassing her, he's just flirting obnoxiously! She doesn't actually mind how he acts! It's canon that she likes working with him!!!"

    Okay but that's worse, you know that right? You get how that's worse?

    You can see how the show not only romanticizing Adrien's behavior and then going out of their way to brush all of her emotions and boundaries under the rug to reassure the audience that she really doesn't mind his behavior when it's not currently happening is worse, right? You can see how this is just going to lead girls into a cycle of abuse by telling them they should stay in an abusive relationship because the feelings of their abuser is more important than their boundaries, right? You can see why that's bad?

    You can see how Marinette is obviously upset and stressed out every time Adrien asks her out or tries to kiss her, but you think it's all fine and dandy because the writers always swoop in for the last line of the show to shoo in some ladynoir fanservice? 6ou really think the last five seconds of the episode disprove the entire rest of the episode where she's making it clear over and over that she does not want him to be flirting with her, let alone trying to kiss her all the time?

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  • kisilinramblings
    20.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Am I the only who see the title Simpleman and just keep thinking this is some reverse homage twist to Superman?

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  • into-tomanyfandomshelp
    20.09.2021 - 47 minutes ago


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  • wilson-www
    20.09.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    If Adrian in life without masks would behave like cat noir (Maybe even bolder)

    I don't know if some schools have detention rooms, but I saw it from fanfiction and thought it was interesting.

    #miraculous#miraculous comic #miraculous ladybug and chatnoir #miraculous ladybug comics #miraculous ladybug #miraculous chat noir comics #miraculous chat noir #miraculous chat noir fanart #ladybug and chatnoir comics #ladybug and chat noir #ml chat noir #ml ladybug #chat noir comics #chat noir sketch #chat noir#cat noir#ladybug#ml au#miraculous plagg#miraculous adrien#adrien agreste#ml adrien #ml adrien agreste #art#sketch#illustration#comics
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  • heuffopla
    20.09.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Limelight part 20


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