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  • No one asked for this yet i stll provide.

    Basically an AU where Burr and Lafayette are competitive figure skaters and they both really don’t like each other.

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  • title: musée d'orsay 01 | playlist

    pairing: lafayette x reader

    words: 10k-ish in the full chapter

    warnings: not much. meet-ugly instead of ur regularly scheduled meet-cute, lafayette’s coat collection, all the dialogue is actually in french i swear, lafayette is filthy rich

    desc: when the desperate postgrad shows up in stubborn pursuit of a particular painting (and yes, it has to be that one), the new conservator can’t seem to catch a break.

    tags: @stargazelaurens @ivory-haired-queens @exoticxchicken8 @assbuttstyles777 @distinguishedpotsticker @fukaaaaaaaa @hereforthepsyche-assessment @ivetoldamillionlies @fangirl570 @thealaddinkid @lasciviouspeach @shy-and-awkward-daveed @rachelhermionerose @soft-weeb-s @gryffinclxw @anamrnk @daveeddiggsit @ayayayayana @marinovakovich @cryinghazelnutt @thefandomgirl03 @a-hopeless-fan @cloudynblw @tinywhim @lolidunnoaboutnow @siriusorionblackiii @fanfic-addict-98 (lowkey this is just the fotp taglist bc i pasted the header on this so lmk if u wanna be removed lmao)

    “Excuse me?”

    Lafayette called out down the hall, stopping the woman headed the opposite direction in her tracks, and she gave a heavy sigh. She turned.

    “What?” she asked, folding her arms, but when she caught sight of Lafayette, she had to lift her gaze by about another foot. “I need to— I have somewhere to be. And you can’t have your coffee in here. Either finish it or throw it away.”

    Although the hostility in her stature gave him pause, it didn’t deter him from approaching her tentatively. He ignored her latter statement.

    “Do you work here?” he asked, and she nodded. “I have been looking for a painting by Gustave Caillebotte for the past hour, and I have had no luck. I need to know where it’s housed; can you point me in the right direction?”

    “Everything we have from Caillebotte is on the third floor, room 31. You could’ve checked the map.” With that, she began stalking off in the other direction, but he frowned, glancing down at the map he had in hand. As though he hadn’t consulted it at least twenty times in sixty minutes.

    “Wait, please, just a moment.” When he continued after her, she wore a scowl. She’d made it a considerable distance in the few seconds he’d paused, but his long strides caught up with her easily, and as he came up beside her, she raised an irked eyebrow. “I have been through room 31, as well as the entire wing of impressionist paintings. It is not there.”

    She glanced up at him. “Check again.”

    “Please, is it not your job to help visitors to the museum?” he asked, and she didn’t even turn her head.

    “I’m a conservator, not customer service,” she replied, the words terse. “Find someone else.”

    “I have been looking, but no one knows,” he lamented. “Would you give me just a moment of your time?”

    “Have I not made it clear enough that I’m busy?” She paused for only a moment, pursed her lips and looked at him as he took another sip of his coffee. “And throw away your coffee before you spill it on a Degas.”

    “How would I spill my coffee onto a painting?”

    At his incredulous tone, the woman scoffed, rolling her eyes, and she promptly turned on her heel, decidedly done entertaining his questions. His eyes widened.

    “No, wait! I’m sorry,” he called after her. “There is only one painting I’m looking for. Can you at least tell me if it’s been moved to the archives?”

    Lafayette’s plea was met with silence, and he huffed, trying to catch up to her. “Please, I’m desperate. I need to find this painting before the end of the semester. I’m studying art history, and–” He looked down at her, his breathing picking up as he tried to keep her pace, and he furrowed his brow. “Would you slow down?”

    Once again, all he received in return was a scowl.

    “I cannot fail my final for the fall. The paper I am writing is worth fifty percent of my grade.” His distress was clear in his tone, and while guilt flickered across the woman’s face, if only for a moment, her resolve was firm. “I looked it up, and the museum website says that it is here somewhere, but it clearly is not on display.”

    She turned a corner as he glanced down at his map, and in the moment he wasn’t looking, he thought he’d lost her. He picked up the pace.

    “Please, miss, I—”

    “Can you just—?”

    She turned abruptly to him, fuming, just at the moment that he reached out to grab her arm, trying to catch up, but his skidding to a halt wasn’t quite quick enough.

    She gasped when they collided, and Lafayette immediately took a step back, eyes wide in horror when he saw her. His black coffee was no longer in his to-go cup but instead spilled all down her shirt. She winced as it seeped through her clothing, almost certainly scalding her skin. Lafayette was frozen.

    When she looked up, there was fury in her eyes, and he visibly swallowed.

    Neither of them moved.

    #musée d’orsay#lafayette #lafayette x reader #marquis de Lafayette #marquis de lafayette x reader #lafayette fanfiction#lafayette fic#lafayette fanfic #lafayette x reader smut #gilbert du motier marquis de lafayette #gilbert lafayette#lafayette scenario#lafayette scenarios#lafayette smut#lafayette preferences#lafayette preference#lafayette imagines#lafayette imagine #lafayette x reader imagine #lafayette x reader imagines #lafayette x reader scenarios #lafayette x reader scenario #thomas jefferson #thomas jefferson fanfic #thomas jefferson imagines #thomas jefferson fanfiction #thomas jefferson fic #thomas jefferson x reader drabble #thomas jefferson x reader #thomas jefferson x reader smut
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  • Part Two of the Hamilton Pirate AU. The crew of the Indigo Dragon are a decidedly more rowdy group of buccaneers. Concerned with more than just accumulating wealth, sometimes attacking other ships just for the thrill of it, their lust for treasure is just one of many that often threatens to lead them to their doom.

     They are more rivals than adversaries to the crew of the Eminence and even form an uneasy alliance when The Golden Queen takes a French Huguenot pirate captive and they exchange him for information on the location of the nearest Spanish treasure ship.

    Captain Jax and Laurens take turns at the helm while Thomas spends his days as quartermaster. He is older and more experienced than the both of them, but is not interested in any sort of responsibility and will gladly give up a few shares of plunder for some more time at the tavern.

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  • ok but the pure chaos that would ensue if the hamilsquad + the others played among us.

    alex blaming thomas for literally anything. like the round hasn’t even started yet and
    “jefferson kinda sus”
    “alex, he hasn’t done anything.”
    “that’s what an impostor would want you to believe.”
    any dead body he finds was killed by thomas, no questions asked

    both james and eliza panicking whenever they are impostor to the point where eliza once called an emergency meeting just to say that “I’m impostor and i don’t want to be :(”

    herc thinks he’s extra clever by just looking at the cameras without doing his tasks but 80% of the time he gets killed.

    lafayette pulls off the smoothest kills ever, but is terrible at faking tasks. peggy meanwhile is just terrible at the calibration and card swiping tasks and people always suspect her of faking them, but in reality she’s just struggling so much.

    thomas is the type of guy to report his impostor buddy just so he can be on the safe side (and everyone hates it)

    burr is a bad liar
    “i was with purple”
    “burr you are purple.”

    alex and laurens stick together as task buddies and they always walk around together. when they’re both impostors they are an amazing team

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  • whumptober day 7 - i’ve got you - support

    fandom: hamilton

    set: 1780, during hamilton’s time as washington’s aide-de-camp 

    tw: nightmares

    summary: when hamilton expresses his frustrations over washington’s treatment of him to lafayette, his friend gently confronts him with his own tendency to push the older man away.

    wordcount: 1244

    Keep reading

    #whumptober 2020 #no.7 #i've got you #support#hamilton#fic#tw nightmares#alexander hamilton #marquis de lafayette #lafayette#george washington#washington#washingdad#george washingdad#alez hamilton #lin manuel miranda #daveed diggs#christopher jackson #don't call me son #hamilton fic #j'ai ton dos mon ami means i have your back my friend
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  • Alexander: You ever think about how your skeleton is always wet?

    Lafayette: I wish I never had, but thanks for ruining my life.

    John: Don’t worry! There will come a time where it won’t be!

    Hercules: Thanks! Even worse!

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  • mental illnesses historic figures suffered from (pt. 2) 😩

    robespierre: french


    lafayette: patriotic


    john quincy adams: a cancer


    abigail adams: dominatrix


    washington: furry


    john laurens: slim-thicc himbo


    baron von steuben: too cool to go to war


    eliza hamilton: bad bitch disorder


    benjamin franklin: hentai


    john hancock: discord mod

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  • That’s the way love goes: Series list

    John Laurens x Black!reader

    Summary: Amala and John are the poster children for toxic relationships. These two would throw glass at each other and turn around and walk on those piece of glass barefooted for each other. Everyone’s hope died out the first 3 times, but not theirs. They found their way back to each other 16 more times. Maybe the 20 will be the lucky number. And if it isn’t, in God we trust that they’ll finally realize that they do not belong in the same bed.







    #hamilton #hamilton the musical #John Laurens#Alexander Hamilton#Lafayette#Hercules Mulligan#Angelica Schuyler#Elizabeth Schuyler#Peggy Schuyler#Aaron Burr #John Laurens x reader #John Laurens imagines #John Laurens smut #Alexander Hamilton x reader #Alexander Hamilton imagines
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  • That’s the way love goes

    John Laurens x Black!O.C



    1. Swearing/cursing
    2. Mention of sex


    Her index finger hovered over phone his number and her thumb over the home screen option as she contemplated whether or not she should just fuck around and call him. If she did, then the cycle starts again. They have sex. They fall into a good space. They fight. They stop talking for a maximum of 2 months and start seeing other people. One of them calls the other after said two months. And repeat. If she didn’t, he’d probably call her himself when he was done with the skank he was hugged up with on Instagram. She just couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t stand to see him happy without her. If anyone deserved to be happy it was her, with him. But that happiness came at a price. A price that she paid countless times only to end up back here. Was it really worth it?

    She thought long and hard about it before closing her eyes and reaching a final decision to-

    #hamilton #hamilton the musical #john laurens#alexander hamilton#Lafayette#Hercules Mulligan#angelica schuyler#Elizabeth Schuyler#Peggy Schuyler #john laurens x reader #john laurens imagine #john laurens smut #hamilton x reader #Alexander Hamilton x reader
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  • Hamilton: Alright, everyone! We’re assigning code names!

    Hamilton: Lafayette, you can be Large Baguette.

    Lafayette: Alright, mon ami!

    Hamilton: Herc, you can be Hercules Muscle Man.

    Mulligan: BRAH!

    Mulligan: *flex*

    Hamilton: John, you can be the hot gay bro.

    Laurens: Uhm, okay..?

    Hamilton: And I will be John’s boyfriend.

    Lafayette: …

    Mulligan: …

    Laurens: Wha-

    Hamilton: John, I love you. Will you marry me?

    Laurens: I- Uh-

    Lafayette: *cries on Herc’s shoulder*

    Lafayette: It’s finally happening…

    Mulligan: I know, our babies are finally getting married.

    Mulligan: *pats head*

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  • Alexander: Remember when you said you weren’t going to interfere with my love life?

    Lafayette: No, that doesn’t sound like me at all.

    #hamilton #incorrect hamilton quotes #incorrect quotes#alexander hamilton #marquis de lafayette #lafayette#Hamilsquad
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  • [George locking his car]

    Alexander: George, you locked us in!

    George: If you’re going to act like children, get treated like children.

    Lafayette: It’s illegal to lock your children in the car!

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  • good morning to people who want to retire, agressive writers, wronged wives, mac n cheese loving idiots, older sisters dealing with heartbreak, people that get left out of things, bilingual people, horse girls, young people with good morals, and peggy

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  • Fake it till you make it


    John Laurens x South African!Black O.C


    1. Swearing/Cursing
    2. Alcohol use
    3. Mentions of sex
    4. My terrible writing (but you know what you signed up for


    1. Asavela: Ah-sah-veh-lah
    2. Ongeziwe: O-ngeh-zi-weh
    3. Sinoyolo: Si-noh-yoh-loh


    The ride back to the house was somewhat exciting for Asa. Aside from reminiscing with Q and Azola, he girl couldn’t wait to see the trainwreck that was going to be John and her dad. Everyone who knew John, knew that he was easy going and chilled. Asa knew that it was all to an extent. Her dad was ruthless when it came to his daughters. Especially Asa. He expected perfection from the man who is supposed to love and protect his daughter. Only perfection. While John might’ve been that perfection, he had one problem. His inflated ego. The man was self centered and always thought of himself as the best thing to ever happen to this world. She couldn’t wait to see her dad put him in his place. Her mom on the other hand, she didn’t even wanna think about that one.

    After a 20 minute car ride of memories (and in the case of John, leverage) they arrived at Asa’s family’s holdiday home. 3 mansions each ranging from 5-6 acres all on about 20 acres of land. He knew her family was well off but he didn’t expect this. They parked out front the house in the middle and were greeted with the sight of Asa’s parents.

    “DAAADDYYY!” Asa squealed as she ran into her father’s arms. “My little princess,” he said fondly as her spun her around like a 6 year old. As soon as she separated from him, she went from “Daddy’s little girl” to “Serious business woman”. “Ma,” she said with a curt nod. “Asavela,” her mom replied in the same curt mannor. “Good to see you,” her mom continued. “Likewise,” Asa responded. Q and Azola decided to leave, knowing what was gonna happen next wasn’t gonna be pretty. At all. Asa grabbed John by the hand and pulled him closer to her side. “Tata. Ma. This is my boyfriend. John Laurens,” she said confidently. “Babe, these are my parents,” she said effortlessly. “Its a pleasure to meet you Mr and Mrs Lumka,” he said nervously as he stuck his hand out for them to shake. “So this is the famous billionaire American who captured my daughter’s heart?” her dad inquired as he shook John’s hand. “Yes sir,” John said confidently. Asa’s dad held John’s hand in a firm grip and glared at him threateningly, making John’s confidence shrink a little much to Asa’s enjoyment. Suddenly his features softened and he let out a soft chuckle. “Welcome to the family John,” he said warmly. Asa let out a slightly frustrated sign at the kind gesture and groaned inwardly. “Thank you sir,” John laughed nervously. Asa’s mom on the other hand kept her neutral demeanor. “Its a pleasure to meet you John.” “The pleasure is all mine ma'am.” “I’m sure you guys are tired. Why dont you go take a nap and then join us for dinner later?” Asa’s dad suggested. The pair agreed and got into the car to drive to the house on the left side.

    “I told you your dad would like me,” John mused. Asa rolled her eyes in response. “So your mom seems nice.”. “Ok,” Asa shrugged. He thought about asking about their relationship but decided to let the matter go and carried their bags into the house with her help. “Wow. Why is this place so huge?” John asked. “Big family,” Asa stated. “Where’s our room?” “Our room?” “Yeah our room. You want to convince your family that we’re dating right?” John smirked. Asa mumbled something under her breath that John couldn’t hear before leading him up to her room aka the room they’d be sharing.

    The walls were a dark shade of grey, a California king in the middle of the room between two black night stands with simple lamps on each, a shelf full of vinyls and records next to the walk in closet and a large vanity and no childhood pictures. But then again it wasn’t her childhood home. She took her shoes off and threw herself onto the bed. “Are you not gonna set bed boundries?” John inquired as he discarded his own sneakers. She let out a frustrated groan and turned to lie on her side. “Later,” she mumbled. “No, now,” he said sternly. She scoffed at his tone and rolled her eyes. “Its a big bed bruh. No touching.” “Okay.”


    “The emotional and mental capacity to deal with them namhlanje, andinayo ke sana {today, I don’t have it girl},” Asa laughed. She and her cousins, Ongeziwe, Laura and Sinoyolo, along with Q had been catching up over glasses of wine. The others were either out or were arriving late or the next day and honestly Asa didn’t mind. These were her favourite people in the family anyway so she needed time with them.

    “No man. Kanye kanye lendoda yakho ivuka nini? {when exactly is this man of yours waking up?},” Ongeziwe wondered out loud. Asa and Q laughed at their cousin’s curiosity. Ever since Q had told them how attractive, strong and smart John is, they’ve been on the edge of their seats. Asa didn’t know if it was because they were genuinely interested or because they all wanted a piece of him, nonetheless she kinda didn’t care. “Jonga ke darlie. Lowo, lizotshona elilanga, kuphinde kuse engeka vuki {Look darling. That one, this sun is gonna set, and rise again and he still won’t have woken up}. But I don’t blame him, running a company that stretches out to the rest of the world is exhausting,” Asa sighed.

    Laura raised an eyebrow at her cousin’s statement. “Are we still talking about Johnny Boy?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes. Well we’re talking about me too now,” Asa chuckled. She was kinda tired of talking about the obnoxious, arrogant jerk named John Laurens. Its not easy acting like you adore someone you can barely stand to be in the same room as them for so long. As if she had read her mind, Sinoyolo took a sip of her wine and smirked. Asa knew that whatever she was about to ask her, it would be something that she had been dreading this whole time.

    “So….how’s the sex?”


    After what must’ve been 3 hours, John woke up expecting to find Asa on the other side of the bed snoring her ass off (he didn’t know why he thought that because she doesn’t even snore) but when he opened his eye, her side was clear. It wasn’t until then, that he heard laughter coming from outside the room, probably from downstairs. He made his way down the staircase as quietly as he could to go unnoticed but he failed because who he assumed to be one of Asa’s cousins.

    “Heh, watcho wavuka uMan of the hour {the man of the hour is finally awake},” the young woman chuckled. “Mntase, njani ungatcho ba lomntu wakho sistoko? Ude woqhitha zonke ezintakumba, nezinconconi zalaphekhaya zidibene {Cuz, how do you not mention the fact that your boyfriend is hot? He’s even better than all tics and mosquitoes in this family put together},” she said as she looked him up and down with a raised eyebrow. John had no idea what she had just said, but judging by how hard Asa was trying to hold in her laugh, it probably wasn’t good, but he’d brush it off. For now. He walked over to Asa and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “Hey babe. You gonna introduce me any time soon?” he inquired. She rolled her eyes and wore a fake genuine smile. “Baby, these are my favourite cousins. Our resident yellowbone and damn near alcoholic is my dad’s older brother’s first born daughter, Sinoyolo. She’s also the oldest person sitting here at the age of 30. She’s a Victoria’s secret angel,” Asa explained as the two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. “Our rude, half Portuguese baby over there is Laura. My dad’s older sister’s first born daughter. She is the youngest person sitting here at the tender age of 24. She is still working on her forensic science degree.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you Laura,” John said warmly. “Likewise John,” she giggled. Asa rolled her eyes and moved the the next one. “Now this idiotic loudmouth over here is my favourite cousin. Ongeziwe. She is my dad’s twin brother’s second born daughter and also has a twin. Azola and I were born on the same day as Ongeziwe and her-” “If you call that witch my sister, we’re gonna have a problem,” Ongeziwe warned Asa with a death glare. Asa chuckled and carried on with what she was saying.“What does she do?” John asked. “She is the owner of the company that Lafayette is partnered with and they’re pretty close friends.”

    “I thought she looked familiar. So you wanna tell me what it was you said as I was walking down the stairs?” John challenged with a mischievous grin. “Oh no playboy. You’ll have to earn that translation,” she chuckled. “I see all the girls in your family want me to put in work, some in different ways than others,” mused, shooting a smirk at Asa with a devilish glint in his eyes. All the other girls at the table snickered at the pair. “Anyway, John, how about you sit down while I go get you a glass of?” Q inquired. “You know what. How about he and I just get his drink?” Asa offered. Before anything could answer, she grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the bar which was out of earshot.

    “As much as I love your dirty sense of humour, I need you to burn it,” Asa deadpanned. “What happens if I don’t?” John challenged. “Then I burn you,” Asa chirped. “Yeah, not a chance princess. And besides, I wouldn’t call it humour. The truth works better for me,” John chuckled with a mischievous wink. Asa scoffed and glared as the smug freckled bastard confidently made his way back to the table. “Oh so he wants to play it like that,” she said to herself. A smirk danced onto her lips as an idea made its way into her brain. “Game on Laurens, game on.”

    #hamilton #hamilton the musical #original character#john laurens#alexander hamilton#angelica schuyler#elizabeth schuyler#peggy schuyler#maria reynolds#lafayette#hercules mulligan#thomas jefferson #hamilton x reader #hamilton x oc #hamilton imagines#hamilton smut #john laurens x reader #john laurens x oc #john laurens imagines #john laurens smut #anthony ramos x reader
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  • image

    I think maybe I should post this…

    Daveed is truly the greatest guy Wuw

    But anyway

    Make your choice

    Lafayette Or Jefferson?

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  • I’m bored, anyone wanna talk about Lafayette with me?

    #marquis de lafayette #Lafayette#I’m bored
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  • so i’m writing a book about time travelling detectives who keep ruining the timeline (one notable example being one of them, after being flirted with by one alexander hamilton, telling one of their bosses having to play marriage therapist. bear in mind that the same one of them, early on in this mission, punches marquis de lafayette in the face because he puts his hand on her waist and she wasn’t really paying attention to who it was and then proceeds to hook up with angelica schuyler - you know, as you do in revolutionary america) and holy shit you have to do so much research about legitimately everything? like i now know so much about tudor murder techniques. i had to google what kind of razors were available in 1888 england because i want one of my other characters, who is both black and a prostitute (which, by the way, isn’t a good thing to be in 1888 whitechapel, because of our dear buddy jack the ripper and also people just being dicks to sex workers, poor people, black people, and women, of which this character is all four) to stab jack the ripper with a razor and then promptly take a nosedive into the thames. that’s a thing that’s in my search history now. i also know that lafayette was all around cool guy and alexander hamilton was actually a bit of a dick, especially in regards to slavery, so thanks for that, google. i am so tired, my legs are dead, legitimately what the fuck has my life become.

    #steal my ideas i steal your sinuses #yes i know #my grammar sucks #but this is a shitpost on tumblr #not the actual book #leave me alone #hamilton#lafayette #marquis de lafayette #alexander hamilton #alexander hamiltons need to flirt with any pretty woman who exists ever #even if she's a lesbian #which she is #angelica schuyler#time travel #time travelling detectives who ruin the timeline all the fucking time accidentally do something right: more at ten #history #jack the ripper #@jack the ripper #stop being a dick #angelica church#angelica #hamilton an american musical #i am so tired #so fucking tired
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  • Who wants some Rafa smut?? Also I think I’m going to start taking requests, so I’ll make sure my ask is open. I’d like to have request so that I have ideas flowing. But anyway do y'all want me to drop this Rafa one-shot or nah?

    #blindspotting#daveed diggs#rafael casal#hamilton #rafael casal fic #rafael casal smut #daveed diggs fic #daveed diggs smut #daveed diggs x reader #rafael casal x reader #the good lord bird #thomas jefferson#lafayette
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