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    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sometimes family is you, your doting husband, your brother-in-law who called you the only mistake your husband ever made, your uncle-in-law who thinks you're a disgrace to the cultivation world, your adoptive son, your disciples, your undead friend, your nephew, your two friends from school, their disciples, that girl you saved years ago, her husband and daughter, some additional children who tagged along, your ghost gal pals and the ladies from the brothel one of your school friends visits

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    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Soooo... any fan art of WWX pointing at LJY à la this meme

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    26.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Maybe, Soon

    Sequel to Maybe, Someday

    The wedding has come and gone, and Lan Sizhui still felt heartbroken. His love for Jin Ling was stronger than he thought, and in certain moments it made him angry. Angry at Jin Ling, angry at the world, but more angry at himself, for falling in love with someone unobtainable.

    So he tried his best to get over it. He went on night hunts, helped the juniors around Cloud Recesses, he did all he could to go to bed exhausted, to keep his mind away from Jin Ling, and some nights he was successful, but other nights he could barely keep himself from crying. Lan Sizhui didn’t know what to do. Didn’t know who he could talk to, so he had to keep going forward, no matter what.

    Link to AO3

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    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    I was going through quotes I have from my friend group at school and I found one that's basically the juniors in modern era like just hear me out -

    Jin RuLan, trying to break into Lan SiZhui's phone to delete a photo via stealing Lan JingYi's hand without warning: Hey! I wanted your fingerprint to get in his phone because you are brothers and I thought it would be similar enough!

    Lan JingYi: Our fingerprints would be nothing alike, he's adopted! We're both adopted!

    Queue Lan SiZhui coming out of the bathroom and setting RuLan and SiZhui fighting over his phone: Guys.. can you please just give me back my phone

    OuYang ZiZhen: *grabs the phone to give it to SiZhui and goes back to studing because he has to makeup a test he's already failed twice, he is stressed*

    #the untamed#mdzs#the juniors#lan sizhui#lan jingyi#jun rulan#jin ling#ouyang zizhen#gideon's post #it's me im oyzz i ended up leaving the room to go cry in the bathroom #the one in jin ling's place is now my roommate and the one's i have down for the two lans really were adopted brothers of the same age
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  • featherfur
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Watching Jin Ling and Jingyi squabble only to immediately soothed by a gentle Sizhui made Jiang Cheng give the world’s softest smile and try to hide his face before he started crying because holy shit flashbacks

    He didn’t hide his face fast enough though and Jin Ling saw and knocked him into the lake trying to pull his uncles arm away from his face to see it again. Half of the Jiang disciples also joined them in the lack from pure shock of seeing THE Sandu Sengshou smiling about something other than someone roasting Sect Leader Yao

    (WWX tried to tease him until JC told him why he was smiling and they both ended up crying when Sizhui knocked on the door to offer some spicy sweets he bought on the way over)

    #jiang cheng#the untamed#MDZS#Jin Ling#lan sizhui#lan Jingyi#Wei Wuxian #Danny loves JC #JC deserves to smile atleast once and JC and WWX deserve to cry together atleast once
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    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yearly fights amongst the Juniors starting from the moment it’s the New Years to find out who’s Jiang Cheng’s favorite nephew of the year and get the best New Year’s gift.

    Jiang Cheng doesn’t even remember how it started, he’s pretty sure it’s because he tossed Lan Jingyi a small gift of lotus seeds and his favorite tea leaves ans Jingyi joked “wow am I your favorite nephew?” And JC sealed his fate with a “yeah sure whatever”

    Lan Wangji tried one year to name a favorite junior but lost immediately because his son is his favorite forever and he couldn’t even pretend otherwise. Wei Wuxian also tried but started crying when he realized they couldn’t all be in first place (and also because how could he not love Sizhui best? But also Jin Ling??? But Jingyi is so much fun?? Ans Zizhen has so much heart?? LAN ZHAN HELP)

    Lan Xichen is the only other impartial one but Ouyang Zizhen wins every time because LXC feels bad that he’s not actually related to any of them.

    Jiang Cheng doesn’t remember when he collected three extra nephews but he’s not giving them back and if saying Jingyi is his favorite nephew gets Jin Ling to do his paperwork then sure Jingyi’s his favorite. (Also he finally can return to ‘secretly’ spoiling someone because he is pure Jiujiu energy and Jin Ling insists he’s too old for that while Zizhen and Jingyi are more than willing to take advantage)

    The ‘favorite nephew’ gift isn’t even that special it’s just that Jiang Cheng lets them hold the stilt birds he’s accidentally trained to harass anyone who annoys him in return for food

    #lan sizhui#mdzs#the untamed#wei wuxian#jiang cheng#junior quartet#lan wangji#lan jingyi#lan xichen#jin ling #none of the ‘fights’ are legit everyone knows Jin Ling is the real favorite #that is Jiang Cheng’s favorite person in the world (other than that man down the street who sends him letters when his dog has puppies an #and lets him pet them) #but Jiang Cheng will actually play along with the game and not immediately lose
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  • aurora077
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Securing Sect Leader Jin


    Chapter 1 - Before securing Sect Leader Jin, you must first secure the donkey.

    Disclaimer: This will be a mix of canons so like in CQL, Wei Wuxian goes travelling after the temple’s events. However, he has been resurrected in Mo Xuanyu’s body rather than his own, like in the novel. Also I do not own MDZS/CQL that belongs to MXTX.


    “Wei Wuxian?! What are you doing here?” Jiang Cheng scowled.

    “Shhhhhh! They’ll hear us!” he hissed, barely refraining from clapping a hand over Jiang Cheng’s mouth. That would have certainly gotten them caught because Jiang Cheng would probably have murdered him on the spot.

    Jiang Cheng reluctantly shut up but glared fiercely at him. The effect was rather lessened by the fact that they were both hiding like thieves behind a large bush and spying on their nephew.

    “Wen Ning couldn’t come today so I’m following the juniors in his place,” he whispered.

    It had been a few months after the incident at Guanyin Temple, and while travelling was something he’d always wanted to do, he could admit to himself it was a bit lonely when his only company was a recalcitrant donkey. By chance he had stumbled across Wen Ning and A-Yuan who had just set out on their journey to give the Wen Remnants a proper send off and Wen Ning had expressed his dismay that he would not be able to look out for Jin Ling during night hunts while he was gone (he still felt guilty for being partially responsible for the death of the boy’s father and had dedicated himself to keeping him safe, especially since Jin Ling seemed to have forgiven him). Wei Wuxian had enthusiastically volunteered to be his replacement while the newly discovered uncle-nephew pair took the time to bond with each other. “Everything will be fine Wen Ning, you’ll see! I’ll be Jin Ling’s guard until you get back!”

    It had reassured Wen Ning only partially, because while he could agree that Jin Ling would be safe, he worried that Wei Wuxian would not be. Far be it for him to comment on Wei Wuxian’s choices but he did worry for his friend who had no self-preservation skills whatsoever. But regardless, Wen Ning went along with A-Yuan and trusted that Wei Wuxian would keep both Jin Rulan and himself safe.

    He did however forget to warn Wei Wuxian that he might bump into Sect Leader Jiang, who  took his nephew’s safety very seriously and followed him along on night hunts (in secret because Jin Ling was now Sect Leader Jin and he felt it was beneath his dignity to have his uncle trailing after him the entire time.)

    To Jiang Cheng it just seemed like his little nephew was whining about being ‘a big boy now jiujiu’ and ‘you don’t have to hold my hand anymore jiujiu’ (well Jin Ling hadn’t used those exact words but Jiang Cheng had on jiujiu-coloured glasses). Jiang Cheng, of course, disagreed with Jin Ling’s assertion that he didn’t need to follow him. Being Sect Leader Jin actually brought Jin Ling even more danger than before because his position was not solid and many people wanted to kill him to take over the sect themselves or to destabilise the sect even more than it already was. So like it or not, when Jin Ling was on a night hunt, Jiang Cheng would be following closely behind. No assassin was going to get Jin Ling on his watch!

    Luckily for our two stalkers the night hunt was relatively simple and Jin Ling, together with the loud Lan and the lone Ouyang with any sense in his head, had finished it up swiftly and they were just looking for an inn to stay the night before heading back to their sects in the morning. The boys got their rooms and tiredly went to take baths before dinner, unaware that they had been followed. This left Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng standing awkwardly outside the inn (because they couldn’t stick too close, they’d be noticed!), neither knowing what to say to the other. It was much easier back in the forest where they couldn’t speak because neither wished to be caught skulking around.

    “Ah Jiang Cheng could you um….” Wei Wuxian rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, “Uh, nevermind…”

    “What is it?” “It’s nothing, don't worry,” he said nervously. He was always nervous around Jiang Cheng now. Their days of easy camaraderie were a thing of the past.

    Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, “Just spit it out!”

    That was familiar enough that the words spilled out before he realised it. “Uh so I left Lil Apple tied at the edge of the forest and I need to go feed him or he’ll get cranky and will wake up the entire town with his braying tonight. I just wondered if you would maybe, um..reserve-a-room-for-me-as-well when you go in…” he said, rushing the words, then stammering, “B..but it’s okay if you don’t want to! I’ll just try to get one afterwards, if they have any left by then haha.”

    “Still travelling with that ridiculous donkey then are you? I thought you’d be holed up in the Cloud Recesses with Lan Wangji. Didn’t you leave together with him?” Jiang Cheng scoffed.

    “Hehe, well Lan Zhan is busy, you know. Zewu-Jun is in seclusion so he has to help Lan Qiren run the sect.” “That doesn’t explain why you’re not there with him. I mean I never expected you to fall for Lan Wangji of all people especially when you’d have to live in Cloud Recesses with their 4000 rules and Grandmaster Lan who hates your guts, but hey there’s no accounting for taste.”

    “Hey! Lan Zhan is great! Anyone would be lucky to have him even with their 4000 rules. And I told you, we’re just friends, it’s not like that,” he replied, pouting slightly. The truth was Lan Zhan hadn’t asked him to stay and he… well he didn’t want to impose. He’d already caused Lan Zhan so much trouble, with his sect and otherwise. It’s not as if he could have stayed forever anyway, he wasn’t a Lan and Jiang Cheng wasn’t wrong, Lan Qiren did hate him.

    “Right, so you bowed in the ancestral hall for no reason other than to pay respects together with your “very good friend”, nothing more to it?”

    “Exactly!”  he replied brightly.

    Jiang Cheng huffed in disbelief but didn’t pursue the matter. He couldn’t tell if the sarcasm was lost or if Wei Wuxian was being purposefully obtuse. But whatever, far be it for him to help out that condescending, Wei Wuxian-stealing, Lan Wangji anyway.

    “What have you been doing if you haven’t been in the Cloud Recesses then?”

    “Oh you know, just travelling here and there. Seeing the world. All that good stuff. Experiencing the life of a rogue cultivator.” He didn’t really have a place to go back to after all, travelling was all he could do, but it felt pathetic saying it out loud.

    Jiang Cheng raised an eyebrow, “Then how did you land up back here, checking on A-Ling? Isn’t that what The Ghost General does now that he has more free time than he knows what to do with? What could he have possibly been busy with that he had to ask you to do it? Not like he needs to eat or sleep.”

    “How did you know Wen Ning does that,” Wei Wuxian asked, surprised. Jiang Cheng scoffed again, “Who do you think I usually end up behind bushes with Wei Wuxian? I’m surprised he didn’t warn you that I would be there.”

    Wei Wuxian grinned slyly, “Behind bushes with Wen Ning huh, and here I thought you didn’t like him.”

    It took him a second but the comment registered and his face turned red. “Wei Wuxian you..!”

    Jiang Cheng was ready to throw hands. Wei Wuxian laughed and dodged and for a second the sense of familiarity was so strong it felt like no time had passed at all. But the moment soon evaporated and they were both left feeling wrong-footed. Wei Wuxian shifted nervously once more, fidgeting with his sleeves.

    Jiang Cheng cleared his throat, “Well anyway your picky donkey isn’t going to feed itself is it? Get going Wei Wuxian! I really don’t need to wake up to the sound of an angry donkey in the middle of the night.”

    “Right, well uh I’ll just go.. do that...” he dashed away quickly to escape the awkwardness.

    Jiang Cheng sighed forlornly. It never used to be so difficult to be around each other. But he didn’t know how to interact with Wei Wuxian anymore. He’d fall back into his natural mode of grumpiness only to realise that instead of laughing about it Wei Wuxian would get nervous. Like just now. When he literally ran away to go spend time with a donkey instead of Jiang Cheng. Once upon a time he used to be the stubborn ass in Wei Wuxian’s life. Oh to get replaced by an animal! Called Lil Apple! Who’d bite his master if he displeased it! At least Jiang Cheng didn’t bite. He pouted internally. Shaking himself out of his thoughts as a large group of people passed him by to get into the inn, he made his way to the counter, even more annoyed now that he’d have to wait in a line to book a room. He’d normally warrant attention because of his status but it was crucial that he keep a low profile at the moment thus he didn’t draw the innkeeper’s attention to himself. As such, he ended up not-so-patiently waiting in line like a normal person.

    Meanwhile Wei Wuxian felt like he could breathe freely again. “Ah Lil Apple, at least I know what to expect with you,” he said, trying to pat the donkey and almost losing a finger for his efforts. “Fine, fine, you only want me for the food don’t you?” he groused, pulling out a few apples and leaving them on the ground. “You’re a smart donkey aren’t you? I’ll be back in the morning so be sure not to eat them all at once or you’ll be stuck with this forest grass.” Lil Apple brayed contemptuously. “Oh don’t use that tone with me! Do you want to go back to the Cloud Recesses and share with the bunnies instead?” Lil Apple side-eyed him but took a deliberately slow bite out of an apple to show he understood the threat and would heed his master’s words, but that he did not appreciate it. When he was in the Cloud Recesses those darned furry rodents had covered almost every inch of grass and he could not get a bite in between. He had unhappily brayed, hoping to get some of those carrots the young humans would bring for the rabbits to sate his hunger, only to be unceremoniously tossed out when his master came back because the older white clad humans had been annoyed by his hungry cries. One of them in particular, the one with a tail on his face, also seemed to hate his master. He made sure to spit on his robes before he left. Only he could dislike his master. He really did not want to go back there, so he just ate his apple mutinously.

    Satisfied that Lil Apple would be sated and would not cause a disturbance, Wei Wuxian made his way back to the inn.

    “You there, with the flute!”

    “Who me?” he asked, surprised.

    “Yes, you. Your companion has booked you room 13,” said the woman, who he realised was the innkeeper, “He’s ordered dinner to be brought to the room when you arrive, so you should probably head upstairs. Dinner will be served in thirty minutes.”

    So Jiang Cheng did reserve a room for him after all. He let out a sigh of relief. He’d wondered on his way back if he’d come back to find that he’d been left to find another inn as this one would surely have been full by the time he got back (he had sat for a while just chilling with Lil Apple). He’d even been ordered dinner. Jiang Cheng was being particularly generous. He wondered how he’d pay him back though. The silver Lan Zhan gave him was running kind of low.

    He opened the door to room 13 (which he suspected was close to the juniors’ rooms given that it seemed to be one of the inns’ better ones) and came face to face with Jiang Cheng. He startled a bit but before he could say anything Jiang Cheng scowled, “There you are. I was wondering if you’d decided to disappear with the damn donkey. What took you so long? Don’t you know it’s a chilly night? What if you catch a cold with that weak body of yours?”

    “You were looking for me? I was just reassuring Lil Apple, nothing major. Thanks by the way, for ordering a meal. And for the room. I promise I’ll pay you back as soon as I can. You can go back to your room, I’ll be fine, I’ve lived through worse than a cold night,” he said,  touched that Jiang Cheng had come to check on him.

    “I am in my room,” Jiang Cheng said nonchalantly, “And don’t be ridiculous, did anyone ask you to pay? Dinner will be here soon, you should probably go wash the eau de donkey off of you before it arrives.” “

    “Oh. Sorry, I must have gotten the wrong room then, which one is mine?”

    “You are also staying here.” “Huh?” came his bewildered reply. Did Jiang Cheng just not want to bother paying for a room for him? He’d still be grateful for dinner and at least the floor of the inn was clean as opposed to outside in the dirt but he couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened. He had gotten his hopes up for a bed.

    Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, “Whatever you’re thinking, just stop. There were no other rooms left. So you can either suck it up and share with me for a night or go sleep on the donkey.”

    When Wei Wuxian looked like he might actually be considering going back outside, Jiang Cheng’s scowl returned with a vengeance. “Oh I see how it is. You can go gallivanting around half the jianghu, sharing rooms with Lan ‘just a friend’ Wangji but you can’t stay one night with me, who you lived and shared a room with for years before...shit happened.”

    “Th..that’s not it! And how do you know that anyway?” he sputtered, slightly impressed with Jiang Cheng’s knowledge of things that he wasn’t present for given that he didn’t think Jin Ling talked with his uncle about that time in their lives.

    “Juniors talk to each other on night hunts, Wei Wuxian. I have overheard some conversations.”

    Ah. Eavesdropping. He was slightly less impressed.

    “A..anyway it’s not like that!”

    “Then what is it like? You got him drunk and he tied you up with his forehead ribbon and then you went to the same bedroom. You can’t seriously expect me to believe it isn’t a little ‘like that’.”

    “What’s the big deal with everyone and that damned forehead ribbon? It’s not like I stripped him,” he huffed.

    Jiang Cheng was astonished. “You mean to tell me all of these years later and you still don’t know?” Shit, he was starting to feel a sliver of pity for Lan Wangji.

    “Look I know it was my bad the last time at the archery competition, but this time it really wasn’t me! He did it on his own. And he was drunk, he had no idea what he was doing. So whatever importance it has to the Lan at least this time I wasn’t the one who started it.”

    Yup, that was definitely pity he was feeling. The poor sod. He absconded with him in front of all the sect leaders who would have been happy to think Lan Wangji was being deceived, hid him from said sect leaders, bowed in the ancestral shrine with Wei Wuxian, shared a bed with him, tied him with his ribbon, and still got called just a friend. Any lesser man would break.

    But also, wait… “If it’s not ‘like that’ then why did you act all shameless and say he was your type?” Jiang Cheng grumbled, annoyed upon remembering that first day of meeting him as Mo Xuanyu. “And then go on to share a bed with him in Cloud Recesses and in all those inns?” he continued.

    “You’re not still hung up on that, are you Jiang Cheng?” he pouted, “You know, I was just trying to escape; from both of you at the time. I didn’t mean anything by it. Don’t you remember how easy it was to rile him up when we were in Cloud Recesses? Anything I said or did was against the rules. He’d get mad so easily. I tried my best to scandalise him this time so that he would kick me out and I could go off on my own but I had no idea he’d grown so tolerant in the years I’ve been gone. I only got away from you because of A-Ling. As for him, I thought it would be easier to escape so I did things that would make him want to kick me to the curb.  But nothing I did helped me to escape. Not even getting drunk, in fact, he even joined me in drinking once! I never thought I’d see the day. Eventually we got caught up in the mystery and he stood by my side when things went pear-shaped. You know I always considered him a friend even though I thought he hated me. Turns out he didn’t really hate me after all! Isn’t that great? You always said he did!” he accused.

    “He always seemed like he did! Even you agreed. He was always so stiff. It’s not like we could have read anything else from his perpetually stony expression. I had no idea how he really felt until...well...” Jiang Cheng trailed off awkwardly.

    Clearly Wei Wuxian was also not keen on broaching the ribbon or the shrine topic so he sidestepped it easily and went back to Lan Wangji. “Yes, exactly. Lan Zhan is such a good friend. I’m really glad that he doesn’t hate me. I value his friendship very much so don’t badmouth him Jiang Cheng, okay? You can badmouth me all you like but Lan Zhan is a good person and he doesn’t deserve it.”

    He certainly doesn’t deserve this level of obliviousness, thought Jiang Cheng. It was somehow both good and bad for Lan Wangji that Wei Wuxian didn’t realise it. If Wei Wuxian did not return those feelings and truly did see him as a good friend, he wouldn’t have to go about feeling all guilty and obligated about it because that would 100% happen and Lan Wangji himself wouldn’t want Wei Wuxian to bear that burden. On the other hand it was bad because Lan Wangji would just be there pining away with no definitive answer and getting his feelings inadvertently stepped on when Wei Wuxian did something that was like rubbing salt in his wounds. But hey, he still didn’t like the man so, not really his problem. Especially since he would have had no feud with him if Lan Wangji himself hadn’t started acting like Jiang Cheng was enemy number one. He would have thought Lan Wangji of all people would know better than to listen to rumors. Clearly Lans did gossip after all. Wei Wuxian on the other hand...well he’d been dead for thirteen years, he had to get his news from somewhere.

    He had such complicated feelings when Wei Wuxian first came back to Lotus Pier, and even though the truth had not yet been revealed, he’d still wished they could somehow go back to the way they were. That was until Wei Wuxian broke their unspoken mode of communication (through arguing of course), by actually physically attacking him in his own ancestral hall. Though he was starting to realise that maybe their shrine talk had devolved so completely because of the presence of Lan Wangji. If Lan Wangji hadn’t been there without his permission then Jiang Cheng would have had nothing to say about him. But he had been an outsider in a private space and had the nerve to bow in front of Jiang Cheng’s parents with Wei Wuxian like he was family. It had rubbed Jiang Cheng the wrong way and his words were even more scathing than usual. After now being explicitly told that he shouldn’t badmouth the man in front of Wei Wuxian, he really believed that things wouldn’t have gone so poorly if Lan Wangji just wasn’t there. Wei Wuxian was always the type to get mad on everyone’s behalf but his own, and in this case, he thought highly of Lan Wangji which didn’t help. All Jiang Cheng was looking for was an explanation, instead he had gotten an unwanted show.

    “Anyway,” Jiang Cheng deflected, scrunching up his nose, “Whatever my thoughts on Lan Wangji, at least the man is always clean. You stink. Go wash up idiot.”

    “Is it really that bad?” he sniffed himself. Okay it wasn’t that bad, A-Cheng, rude! But he was smelling a bit like a barnyard animal so he went behind the screen to take a quick wash before their dinner arrived. There was a basin with water and a clean washcloth to the side. Jiang Cheng had already freshened up since there was a scrunched up cloth in the corner. He felt like he was having an out of body experience. How many times in their youth had they been in this situation? Him coming in all messy from creating mischief somewhere and Jiang Cheng chiding him while making sure he took a bath and didn’t get sick.  Jiang Cheng never said what he meant. Always scolding him but worrying about him at the same time. Back then they were carefree kids, a vast difference from their current situation but maybe, just maybe, that at least was still the same.

    Back then also had two beds, he thought mournfully, as they finished up an awkward dinner and he was faced with the reality of having to sleep on the floor.


    Author's Note: So I had this idea and have been trying to finish it for the longest time, but I decided to post chapter one at least and see how it goes because it is taking me longer to finish than I hoped.

    #the untamed #the untamed fanfic #cql#mdzs fanfiction#mdzs#cql fanfic#wei wuxian#wei ying#jiang cheng#jiang wanyin#jin ling#jin rulan#wen ning#wen qionglin#lan sizhui#lan jingyi#ouyang zizhen#aurora077#fanfic#canon blend#family#love#post canon #post canon fix it #reconciliation #twin heroes of yunmeng #fanfiction.net #jiang cheng & wei wuxian #their relationship is complicated #but they both love jin ling
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    Lan Jingyi Users . . . 🐸💭

    fav or reblog if u use or save, tysm !

    jingrlf lanyiclbs
    jgyidmnc lanjikty
    mtrjingyi jinG_Gyis
    jgyimilks j1n9yspfh
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    The newest name being whispered in fear is Lan Jing Yi

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    the junior quartet is sweet and i love them so so much, but regardless if you put them in a modern au they're literally the clique of rich kids who are the heirs to multi-million dollar companies. jin ling got a mercedes as his first car. the lan estate includes a whole goddamn mountain. ouyang zizhen is nice enough to invite everyone to his birthday party at some upscale place and can far too easily afford it. im sorry but they are Those Kids whether you like it or not

    #i would have wanted to throw hands with jin ling in high school i think #but it's ok they're all kind and not as obnoxious as they could be #sorry this is repeat from the discord server #mdzs#cql#the juniors#lan sizhui#lan jingyi#jin ling#ouyang zizhen#ashton originals
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    my love for jingyi is truly unmatched

    #he’s just got that special somethin #lan jingyi#ljy#the juniors#mdzs #mo dao zu shi #the untamed #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #grace speaks
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    ( @battleguqin​ continued from x )

      ⚍☯⚎ The details of Liwu’s existence in this world were a well-kept secret that only his fathers knew. Neither of them felt it was particularly anyone’s business, and were content to live their lives sheltered by their own privacy. Hanguang-Jun and Wei Wuxian had posed the most direct questions, knowing the boys more personally than some of the others who spread rumors, but they had seemed at least marginally content and respectful with the somewhat vague answers they’d been given; Wei Wuxian knew well enough that some powers came at too much of a sacrifice to speak of, despite their worthiness, and Lan Wangji truthfully did not wish to know the intimate details of his son’s love life.

      Nonetheless, the boy fully belonged to them both, with equal parts Jingyi’s excitability and Sizhui’s resourcefulness. 

      He would giggle at his Baba’s forgetfulness, reaching out with little hands to squish his cheeks. “Yes, Baba, today! Did you forget already?” His hands went to grasp at the long tails of Sizhui’s headband, fiddling with them as his Baba talked about all the things they would do at the festival, wriggling excitedly at the idea of making his own lantern. “Baba and Papa will make one too?” His little eyes lit up, glancing back over his shoulder toward their home where he’d come bounding out the door, pointing back toward it. 

      Jingyi was busy repairing a door that wasn’t quite closing properly, muttering to himself as he slid it back and forth and found that it still caught a bit. He removed it from the track again and was starting to carry it outside when he noticed Sizhui and their child coming back from the garden down the path. He waved to them with a half-smile, setting the door on the makeshift sawhorses that he might make a few adjustments. 

      “Did you tell your Baba about wanting to see the lanterns, Liwu?” He called back over his shoulder, and the boy nodded his head vigorously. “Baba said Liwu could make his own!”⚍☯⚎

    #battleguqin #⚍Muse⚎ Lan Jingyi #⚍Character⚎ Lan Sizhui #⚍☯⚎ What Would Queue Write if the Legends Were Yours to Tell? (queue)
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    Do you ever just get hit with a sudden burst of love for Lan Jingyi

    #i love him so much okay #mdzs#cql#lan jingyi#ashton originals
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    你的答案 | Your Answer

    By 阿冗

    Warnings: Spoilers, Angst, Canon-typical Violence (Also it doesn’t follow word-to-word, I put in my own twist because I cannot for the life of me remember all of the scenes and their specific words. I need to remind you all as well, this is an AU! It mostly follows canon but as I said, I put my own twists to it.) ; Other than that, I suppose it’s a happy ending

    也许世界就这样 我也还在路上 

    Maybe the world is just like this | But I am still following my path

    Wei Ying sighed as he looked back at the Burial Mounds. He continued walking - although he was convinced he might as well be limping, with traces of resentful energy following him. 
    Sentient he thinks, perhaps a tad bit maniacally. 


    With no one to confide in

    “Demonic cultivation harms the mind and body.”
    “The Yiling Patriarch is so arrogant, he uses his power to take advantage of everybody!”
    “I will not spare Wei Wuxian any mercy.”
    Wei Ying laughed hysterically. Sure, no one had the same views as him, and sure, he may be alone. But he could live on without the whole cultivation world watching his every step, waiting for him to break. 
    “To be honest, Wei-xiong’s words were quite interesting. Spiritual energy can only be obtained through cultivation and taking great pains to form a golden core. It would take I-don’t-know-how-many years to do, especially for someone like me, whose talent seems as if it was gnawed by a dog when I was in my mother’s womb. But, resentful energy are from the fierce ghosts. If they can easily be taken and used, it would be beyond wonderful.”

    也许我只能沉默 眼泪湿润眼眶 

    Perhaps I can only remain quiet | Tears glistening my eyes

    Wei Ying had tears threatening to spill as he struggled to move. Wen Qing stared at him with tears in her eyes as well, smoothing out his hair. Wen Ning was watching both of them, and if he wasn’t a fierce corpse at the moment he would’ve burst into tears.
    “A-Ying, thank you. And I’m sorry.”
    He could only stay silent as the two walked out of the cave, heading towards Lanling.


    Yet not willing to show weakness

    He could not, not yet. He will not die before avenging his second family, who all actually cared about him. 
    To Nie Huaisang, my second brother,
    I am sorry. You have helped us a lot, but it seems as though our efforts were in vain. You are not at fault, please do not blame yourself for not being able to help me. We will meet again in another life, as brothers.
    With a smile I sign this letter,
    Wei Ying, Wei Wuxian.

    低着头 期待白昼 

    With my head down | I await for the dawn

    He sighed with his head tilted down as he waits for the cultivation world. All those who are greedy, who seek power and fame, and those who seek vengeance are sure to come. He could almost chuckle at the fact his martial brother - no he’s lost right to call him that months ago, Sect Leader Jiang was the on leading the siege. 
    He hopes A-Yuan won’t be too heartbroken, but maybe A-Yuan might be dead. He actually tears up at the thought. 


    Accepting all of their taunts

    “It’s the Yiling Patriarch!”
    “Kill him!”
    “You killed Jin Zixuan, spare him no mercy!”
    Wei Ying just accepted them with what one may call an exasperated sigh, but if you listen closely it sounded breathy as well. Why should he refute them if they won’t believe him anyways?

    向着风 拥抱彩虹

    Facing the wind | Embrace the rainbow

    Nie Huaisang stared in horror at the letter. The Wen remnants... dead? They were clearly just elderly people if you don’t count Lady Wen and Wen Qionglin, but even then they were just doctors!
    He begged an begged for his brother to not participate in the siege but to no avail did he succeed. 
    “Wei-xiong, I’m glad even at the edge of death you still remember me. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in our next life, maybe it would be better than this.”


    Bravely walk forward

    Wei Ying smiled as he walked towards the edge of the cliff. He took another step and fell.
    Oh, the part where they say Sandu Shengshou killed him? He couldn’t really remember much, but he knew it was a lie.
    If anyone was going to kill him, he’d rather it be himself. 


    The light of dawn will always cross the darkness

    He closed his eyes as he awaits for death to embrace him. They say death is another adventure, but he hopes it leads to peace. 
    He’s tired. 

    打破一切恐惧 我能找到答案  

    Defeat all my fears, I will find the answers

    He opened his eyes as he remembered A-Yuan and the others. Qing-jie would’ve used her needles on him, he’d also like to think she may be crying over him. But he wouldn’t want to push his imagination.
    QIng-jie crying is one of the last things he wants.

    哪怕要逆着光 就驱散黑暗   

    Even if I need to go against the light and disperse the darkness

    To defeat the monster, he had to become one himself. He had no other resources to help them defeat Wen Ruohan after all.
    Why is it that when they turned their backs on me, I’m not allowed to do the same? Am I supposed to stay defenseless when they choose offense?

    丢弃所有的负担 不再孤单 

    Throw away the burdens, no longer alone

    He laughs, and he cries. And at last he smiles once more. He feels like his death would be a peaceful one. He’d be able to join Granny, Uncle Four, Qing-jie, A-Ning and all the others soon. 
    Maybe shijie would also forgive him. He hopes Madam Yu will stay ten feet away from him though.


    No longer alone

    His eyes widened as fierce corpses surround him. And he screams.
    He never wanted to be truly alone after all.


    黎明的那道光 会越过黑暗

    The light of dawn will always cross the darkness

    “Senior Wei!” Jingyi gawked. 
    A burst of laughter came from said senior and the juniors’ reactions ranged from eye rolls to small chuckles.
    “We almost died!” Zizhen cheered.
    “Why the fuck are you so happy?” Jin Ling snapped, panting for air.
    “We almost died! We have a cool story to tell to other people now!” A kid from the Ouyang Sect exclaimed. Wei Ying ruffled their hair and it took the juniors a lot to not drink vinegar.

    打破一切恐惧我能 找到答案

    Defeat all my fears, I will find the answers

    “Get that beast away from me!” he screamed.
    “Da-jiu! Fairy is not a beast! And you have to get over your phobia of dogs!” Jin Ling said in exasperation.
    Fairy sat still, ears drooping as she looks at Wei Ying with sad eyes. She might as well be pouting while she’s at it. Even he couldn’t stand the dog looking like that.
    “...Fine. Just ONE pat! If it bites me I will not have it be in the same room as me EVER!”
    Fairy wagged her tail and looked at Wei Ying. He trembled as his hand got close to her and he closed his eyes. Fairy stared at the hand which hadn’t touched her and she slowly bumped her head into his hand. He jumped and stared at her and she stared back, clearly happy to at least initiate some kind of physical contact with him. He gave her a clearly scared, but small smile.
    “There, see. She isn’t that bad.”
    She may not be, but as if HE’D ever admit it.

    哪怕要逆着光 就驱散黑暗

    Even if I need to go against the light and disperse the darkness

    “Senior Wei!” The juniors all screamed in fear. The Lans may have broken a few rules just by doing that, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 
    “Fuck,” Wei Ying swore under his breath. This spirit was not a simple one, and they had fucking minions with them. He would’ve compared them to a mother duck and their ducklings if not for the fact they looked absolutely horrible. He looked back at the juniors and heaved a sigh.
    Whistles could be heard as the juniors watched in both fear and awe how Senior Wei was actually communicating with the spirit using resentful energy. They never really saw it in action since he has tried to stop using demonic cultivation, he didn’t want the sects to think he was teaching them things like that.
    A few more whistles which sounded eerie and the spirit let out a loud wail and collapsed, before fading.
    The juniors all stood still for a few moments - Wei Ying thought they were finally afraid of him, before they all crowded him with stars in their eyes as they admired him.

    有一万种的力量 淹没孤单

    There are ten thousand kinds of power to drown the loneliness

    “Wei-xiong!” Nie Huaisang’s voice rang out. Wei Ying froze before he slowly turned to face Nie Huaisang, who looked desperate, as if he couldn’t believe that Wei Wuxian himself was alive again.
    “Nie-xiong,” was all he said before the Nie Sect Leader pounced on him, seemingly throwing away his last ounce of dignity. It’s fine, it’s worth it for this.
    “Do not EVER die on me again,” Huaisang said in between sobs. Wei Ying chuckled before wrapping his arms around Huaisang tightly, warmly. 
    “I’ll try, brother,” he murmured, patting the sect leader’s back. “I’ll try.”


    No longer alone

    “Wei Ying.”
    “Lan Zhan.”
    In the darkness, two broken lovers could only hold onto each other, ignoring reality. 
    Right now, in each other’s embrace, the world finally felt whole.


    Heya~ terribly sorry for being dead. I had no motivation. Hopefully this is good and HOPEFULLY it shows up in the tags.

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    *The Juniors at some inn while nighthunting.*

    Lan JingYi: Hey, can you pass me the salt?

    Jin Ling: Yeah

    Lan JingYi:

    Jin Ling:

    Lan JingYi: so...????

    Jin Ling: You've asked me if I can, not if I want to.

    #the untamed#mdzs #mo dao zu shi #incorrect mdzs #incorrect mo dao zu shi #incorrect cql #incorrect mo dao zu shi quotes #jin ling#lan jingyi#lan juniors#mdzs juniors
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    Spilled Pearls Extra 2

    - ao3 -

    “Jingyi?” Lan Qiren repeated, looking down at the child tucked into his arms. “A good name.”

    “Isn’t it?” Lan Yueheng said, beaming. “A-Xin thought of it!”

    “You don’t say,” Lan Qiren said dryly. “Just the way your wife named all the last six?”

    Lan Yueheng grinned bashfully. “She’s better at it!”

    Lan Qiren shook his head, amused, and tried to offer the child back to his father.

    “No, no, you should hold him longer. Babies are calming, and you’ve been having bad dreams recently, right?”

    “Babies are not calming,” Lan Qiren said. There was a limit to how many times someone could play the same joke on him, and yes, he was mentally glaring at Wen Ruohan, Lao Nie, and Cangse Sanren as well while he thought that. “You’ve had six already, you should know that. Can we at least agree that this is the last one?”

    Lan Yueheng and Zhang Xin had put off having children to help Lan Qiren raise Lan Xichen and then Lan Wangji, once he’d come around, no matter how much Lan Qiren had argued with them to the contrary. They’d laughed him off, saying it was nothing, but he’d been terribly afraid that they’d miss the window for it and end up childless, with no one to sweep their graves on Qingming except his nephews, and that in the end they’d blame him for it.

    Naturally, despite his fears, it turned out in the end that they hadn’t had any trouble at all. Their first had been born when Lan Wangji had been three and Lan Xichen six, and they’d had six more after that, one after another like a bunch of maniacs – a girl, two boys, another girl, and then the twins a few years later, at the very end, just when everyone had thought they were already done. Lan Wangji had already been nearly fifteen, then.

    Of course, the whole bit about ‘just when everyone had thought they were already done’ being about the twins was rather outdated: that was before the arrival of little Jingyi.

    Nearly ten years after all the rest, even the twins; a belated and extremely unexpected child, as if Zhang Xin and Lan Yueheng and the heavens had all conspired to make fun of Lan Qiren for his previous worries. Zhang Xin had already been in her forties, yet she’d gotten through the entire process with a smile and no apparent discomfort, puttering around in her garden and managing her storehouses and scolding her children without any disruption. Not even the pain of labor would bring her down, even if she did have a tendency to mangle Lan Qiren’s hand and shout his ears to deafness in the process.

    Lan Qiren’s ears and hand, because he’d helped oversee the births of his nephews – Han Kexin had resolutely refused the aid of any competent doctor, male or female, mockingly reminding him that she was supposed to be in seclusion, so he’d learned up on the basics himself while retaining the option to call in a proper doctor if something went wrong – and since he’d managed it well enough, naturally Zhang Xin wanted the same, impertinent brat that she was. And of course, she wasn’t going to hurt her husband’s precious hands in the process, never mind that he’d been the one to cause it in the first place.

    At least they’d all been more or less easy births.

    Little Lan Jingyi had been the easiest of the whole lot. Zhang Xin had barely made herself comfortable before he was coming, and before Lan Qiren had even really accepted that he was coming, he was already here.

    Look at the rush to get going, as if he’s afraid to miss out on all the fun if he’s not here! Zhang Xin had laughed. He’s going to want to be part of part of everything!

    “Last one, I swear!” Lan Yueheng promised cheerfully. “Anyway, we needed one around that age – that way he can be friends with Wangji’s boy! You know, the one he’s raising with Wei Wuxian, the one who used to be Wen sect.”

    Lan Qiren snorted. As if he didn’t know the one in question. Wen Ruohan had been altogether too pleased to offer up some of his own blood to join the Lan sect when it turned out that Wei Wuxian had gotten attached to the orphan child of Wen Ruohan’s kinsman – eager as he ever was, really, to entangle himself irrevocably into Lan Qiren’s life, as if he still thought there was a chance, however remote, that Lan Qiren would find some reason to reject him or cut him out of his life once again. And never mind that it’d been years and years since anything like that had even come closer to happening!

    “Yueheng-xiong,” he said patiently. “Mathematics are one of your favorite subjects, so I know you know that that means that your son will be friends with my grandnephew.”

    Lan Yueheng scratched his nose. “Not your grandnephew yet,” he said, grinning; he didn’t look even remotely ashamed of it. “Wei Wuxian’s the one that adopted him, and Wangji’s not married him yet!”

    “He’s working on it.”

    Wen Ruohan’s “help” – in the sense of agreeing to let the Lan sect adopt little A-Yuan and not allowing Wei Wuxian to do it on his own – was probably doing more to impede it than anything else.

    Lan Yueheng sniggered. “Should I offer to help?”

    “Most certainly not. Save your fireworks and flares for the actual marriage.” Lan Qiren rubbed his forehead. “Cangse Sanren is being deliberately obnoxious about negotiations over it, I swear.”

    “Cangse Sanren is always obnoxious, Qiren-xiong,” Lan Yueheng reminded him. “Always – and it’s only gotten worse since she had her doom stolen away by Lao Nie.”

    “Don’t remind me,” Lan Qiren grumbled. He didn’t even want to know how the two of them had managed to swap fates, or what the consequences of it would be in the end. For some reason, Wen Ruohan seemed oddly insistent about blaming Lao Nie’s second wife, despite her having been perfectly nice as far as Lan Qiren could tell, if somewhat strangely obsessed with food. Possibly he was just annoyed that poor Wen Zhulio had saved Cangse Sanren’s life a dozen times over so far and yet Lao Nie was getting the credit.

    At any rate, neither of them had died so far, which was all to the good.

    “I’m getting to the point that I think looking for her master and asking her for permission might be the easier course,” he added irritably. “The boys want to get married! What’s the point of tormenting them over the details?”

    “Please don’t go out looking for an immortal mountain, Qiren-xiong,” Lan Yueheng said, laughing, and finally condescended to pluck little Lan Jingyi out of his arms. “I’m going to put him to bed. You should rest, too. No more work today! And only good dreams!”

    Lan Qiren shook his head and watched him walk away.

    For a moment, the image was replaced with another, a remnant from the terrible dream he had been having the past few nights, the one that still lingered: Lan Yueheng, still laughing but walking with a limp, his right foot gone from beneath the knee – the one he’d lost when the Cloud Recesses had burned, and because of the mess that had ensued it hadn’t been treated for far too long, becoming infected; every year thereafter he had gotten sick from a recurrent and worsening illness, driving Lan Qiren and Zhang Xin both crazy with worry.

    Lan Qiren’s chest hurt just thinking about it, his own injuries aching, the remnants of the vicious wounds from the terrible beating Wen Xu had ordered with his eyes curved in a mean smile as he watched them try to break Lan Qiren’s meridians out of sheer spite; one day, in that horrible future foretold by the dream, Zhang Xin would worry too much and fail to pay attention, walking on something she shouldn’t and poisoning her blood, and when she went Lan Yueheng would follow her away, the two of them going side-by-side into the next world as they had gone through this one, leaving Lan Qiren to raise their youngest child the rest of the way himself. No matter how tired he was, he wouldn’t put that burden on their other children, all of them abruptly orphaned, the final belated victims of the desperate war against the Wen sect to stop their tyrannical conquest…

    Lan Qiren shook his head abruptly, clearing it.

    What am I thinking, he wondered. There’s no war against the Wen sect – if da-ge ever got something like a war of conquest into his head, I’d scold him until my face turned blue. Anyway, even if he did do something like that, A-Xu would never dream of ordering someone to beat me! Didn’t I half-raise him and his little brother both, taught them swordsmanship and music and ethics even as Wen Ruohan taught Xichen and Wangji arrays and talismans and how to understand people?

    Anyway, A-Xu’s a sweet boy, underneath his superficial arrogance; he knows better than to put on a face like that in front of me…nor is there anything wrong with Lan Yueheng’s foot, or Zhang Xin’s blood, for that matter. Lan Jingyi’s going to grow up in a large family, loud and screeching and thoroughly inappropriate, and unlike my dream his parents will be at the head of the table to oversee the whole thing.

    It was just a bad dream.

    Lan Qiren shook his head once again.

    Maybe Lan Yueheng was right, he reflect. He ought to get some rest – and not just today. After all, he was already half-retired, with Lan Xichen taking over more and more of the tasks of sect leader and excelling in them; Lan Qiren already spent one month out of every three out of the Cloud Recesses, whether wandering around the cultivation world playing his music or visiting with friends and acquaintances, pretending all the while to ignore the Wen sect and Lan sect and Nie sect guards being too busy socializing with each other to remember that they were supposed to be hidden guards.

    He could go again now, even. Wen Ruohan had said something about Lao Nie visiting the Nightless City, the grin on his face leaving little question as to how he planned to spend the time with him; by now they should have worn each other out and were probably capable of something resembling human speech.

    Yes, he should go visit them, he thought, and realized once again that he was happy – truly happy, not just content. He would go visit them, and complain about the prospect of yet another of Lan Yueheng’s brood running rampage through his classrooms for however long it took to educate them.

    It seemed like each one was louder than the next, but at least little Lan Jingyi, whether in a rush or otherwise, and even in conjunction with Wei Wuxian’s little A-Yuan or Jin Zixuan’s little A-Ling, couldn’t possibly be more disruptive than the twins.

    That was simply impossible.


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    #i saw this account on tiktok and couldn't help myself #not all of it fits perfectly but oh well #mdzs #is there a traditional dancer AU somewhere? #would love to read it #mo dao zu shi #cql#the untamed#wangxian#lan xichen#lan sizhui#wei wuxian#lan wangji#lan jingyi#nie huaisang
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