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  • corvusrexwordpainter
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I already posted the summary for a soulmate au that was clogging my brain, but I've finally finished the full(ish) synopsis for the plot. It was initially inspired by that ⬇⬇⬇⬇ song and has been living rent-free in my head for quite a while. I also kinda backed myself into a corner and might just be venturing into writing something a bit spicier for this one. Also, yes this was originally an Omegaverse, but I'm just not getting that feel from it anymore, so that aspect has been scrapped.

    We Had Everything

    Prototype ao3 tags:

    Getting together, Breakup, Post breakup, Getting back together, Soulmate au, Tattoo artist Lance, Musician Keith, Bottom Lance, Top Keith, Acxa, Veronica, Regris, Shiro, Adam, brief Keith/oc, sort of cheating, it’ll make sense when we get there, background Veracxa, background Adashi, background Romellura, background Zezor, adopted Broganes, Keith and Acxa are cousins, Major Character Injury


    To celebrate the release and tour for Marmora’s latest album, Keith decides to add a new tattoo to his growing collection. Studio Galaxy is recommended and in particular, an artist named Lance McClain. Soulbonds are connected to each person’s strengths, and the two find that they’re soulbonded by accident. Their relationship burns brighter than the sun, but without the space to breathe, every fire goes out. Reigniting the flame may well take something bigger than either of them to accomplish.

    Full synopsis below the cut as it's a little long, and also for anyone who doesn't want to see the ending before I write it.

    Keith heads over to Studio Galaxy for a consult appointment for a new tattoo after it was recommended by one of his bandmates (Regris). He specifically makes the appointment with Lance. The consult goes well, and they both realize that the other is unmated and single, but don’t say anything about it in the interest of professionalism. When it comes time for the first session, Lance accidentally gets himself with an uncapped sharpie, and Keith notices the mark on his own skin. Staring at it, he tells Lance to do it again. Lance sees the black line on Keith’s arm, and puts another one on his own skin, the both of them watching it appear on Keith at the same time. Every soulbond is different, and Keith’s will not be the same as Lance’s, but it doesn’t matter, the bond is confirmed.

    With a few months before the start of the next part of their tour, the two make plans to start getting to know each other, and also find out that now that their bond is confirmed, Lance can hear it when Keith plays, no matter where he is. They don’t have as much time as they’d like with Galaxy being always busy and Keith’s manager keeping him and the rest of the band on a tight schedule with interviews and appearances around the city (some that Lance makes it to). They also find that they have to fight the strong physical pull and can barely keep their hands off each other. It doesn’t take long for their relationship to become primarily physical, their stolen time together spent almost entirely in bed.

    The next part of Marmora’s tour is centered around playing various festivals around the country, flying out every few weeks to each event and then spending a week at home. (It’s during this part of the tour that Acxa and Veronica meet for the first time and find that they’re also soulmates.) Both are becoming frustrated with their brief windows together, and it isn’t long before that frustration bubbles over. They still can’t deny their bond, and if they aren’t in bed, they’re fighting. During a particularly heated argument, Lance tells Keith to go and that he can’t fight anymore. What he’d really meant was that they needed time to cool off and come back to the problem without screaming at each other. The timing of the fight was terrible; Keith was leaving again the next morning. Keith leaves without a word, not even their usual texts while he’s waiting around at the airport. Lance is at Galaxy and sends Keith simply “I’m sorry.” through their bond, and he means it, but Keith is still too angry to respond.

    The next week is spent in radio silence except for their bond. Lance hears every show, and even without the tattoo as a reminder, Keith sees every stray line from a pen or marker. That trip was the official end of their extended tour, but Lance doesn’t hear from Keith at all, with several typed and deleted texts of his own that were never sent. Eventually, he hears through Acxa that Keith hasn’t come back and has moved to another city. She doesn’t believe that it’s permanent, just that he needs time to cool off during the band’s down time before meeting up again to discuss their next album. She asks him to hold on a while longer for her idiot cousin to figure himself out.

    Keith is still furious with how things ended with Lance, mostly angry with himself. He doesn’t blame Lance for having been so upset, but he’s hurt at what looked and felt like Lance breaking up with him so abruptly (even if he did misinterpret what was meant by that last fight and Lance’s message the next morning). He’s upset and frustrated that even though he pours himself into writing, everything he comes up with is full of pain and longing. It especially doesn’t help that Shiro won’t get off his ass about the breakup, and especially because Shiro is fully throwing Lance under the bus for the whole thing. Back in their hometown, Lance hears all of Keith’s process, but has no idea what to make of it. He stubbornly refuses to believe that Keith night be as upset about their breakup as he is.

    While he may still be pissed, Keith knows that he’s as much to blame as Lance, and tells Shiro to fuck off and let it go. Shiro seems more angry about it than Keith does and tries to remind him how badly he was hurt after the last fight. But Keith is done talking about it and kicks him out, telling him to go home to Adam and to not talk to him about Lance.

    Now thoroughly irritated, Keith leaves his new apartment and finds himself at a local bar, where he meets Logan. Logan’s not subtle when it comes to Keith. “Hey, beautiful, etc” “You’re here all alone” “Well, I haven’t met my soulmate yet, and it looks like you haven’t either.” Keith corrects him, but says that they broke up and he’s still trying to get over it, something Logan volunteers to help him with. They end up back at Keith’s apartment, and although it feels wrong because of the existing bond with Lance, Keith still goes through with it, hoping it will help him move on. It doesn’t, but he keeps it up for the next two months until Logan confronts him. He says that it’s been fun, but Keith’s not over Lance yet and that it’s better if they break it off now, ending with telling Keith to call him when he’s finally gotten past it.

    Meanwhile, Lance isn’t doing any better. He tries to bury himself in work to forget, taking on more clients and bigger pieces. He’s often in Galaxy alone at night, working just a little longer, just one more client, and as much as both Veronica and Allura don’t like it, there’s nothing they can do. Neither of them like that Lance has effectively stopped socializing and if he isn’t working, he’s in his apartment ignoring the outside world. They both try talking to him about it, but he ends up leaving before they can finish (or start, really). He knows he’s not over Keith and that he never will be, and that as much as the fights were both of their fault, Lance was the one to tell Keith to go. He really hadn’t meant it the way that Keith took it, but the damage was done and there was nothing more he could do about it.

    Within days of Logan breaking up with him, Keith walks into his apartment to find Acxa waiting for him. She tells him that they need to have a conversation. Citing her relationship with Veronica, Acxa says that she knows how Lance has been. She knows that he doesn’t want to hear it, and says as much, but she and Veronica (and everyone else around him) have been worried about Lance’s mental health and how much he’s been overworking himself in an attempt to forget. Keith doesn’t want to hear about any of that, if only because it hurts so much not to be able to do anything to help. He hasn’t been processing the breakup as well as he wants and snaps at her that of course he doesn’t want Lance to work himself to death, but his ex made it perfectly clear that he wants nothing to do with him. Acxa is never one to back down, and says that Keith still loves him, with no hint of a question. It was different hearing something similar from Logan, but Acxa stating it so calmly breaks something in him. Keith quietly confirms that of course he does, he doesn’t think he can ever stop, but Lance doesn’t want him anymore and there’s nothing he can do about it.

    Their conversation that day ended with Acxa encouraging him to come back, and to maybe start with a call to Shiro. That was not a phone call Keith was looking forward to, but he did it anyway, leaving out when he thought he might be back, mostly because he wasn’t sure about it himself. His impulsivity wins out in less than a day, and he finds himself driving back to Shiro and Adam’s bar (The Atlas Black).

    Neither Shiro nor Adam were expecting him back so soon, and while Adam is the welcoming and understanding one, Shiro is not. He picks a fight with Keith, accusing him of only returning so he can go crawling back to Lance. Keith says that Acxa had been by and told him how bad it was. He wasn’t “crawling back”, he wanted to talk, and had only stopped by the bar to let him and Adam know. Keith asks why Shiro has been angrier about all this than he’s been, and Shiro says that he doesn’t like seeing Keith have his heart broken and that soulmate or not, Lance isn’t good for him. Keith tells Shiro that it’s not his business, it’s between him and Lance. Adam has to get in between them, making Shiro back down.

    Keith is on his way out, pissed at Shiro, but still wanting to talk to Lance. A more intoxicated individual staggers in his way, trying to pick a fight for reasons that make sense only to the drunk. When Keith tries to get past him, the drunk pulls a knife that no one else sees and lunges ( read: staggers in drunk). During the brief fight for control, the drunk stabs him. The bar erupts, several patrons intervening to keep the now stunned, sober drunk from leaving while Shiro runs to Keith and Adam calls for an ambulance. When the police and paramedics show up, Adam has to once again pull Shiro away.

    At the same time, Veronica’s decided she’s had enough of Lance’s behaviour, and shows up at his apartment with their sister Rachel for a sibling intervention. Unsurprisingly, Lance doesn’t want to talk about it. Veronica’s only barely begun her counter when Lance’s phone rings. It’s Adam. He tells Lance that they don’t have all of the details yet, but Keith’s been hurt and he needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible because they’re not sure he’ll last the night. Lance’s panic attack leads to him hyperventilating himself into passing out briefly. Not in any state to drive, Rachel and Veronica bring him to the ER, where Adam meets them. He needs to get back to Shiro, and passes them off to a nurse. Intensive care is family/soulmates only, so Veronica tells Lance that she’ll be back in a while and leaves with Rachel.

    Upstairs, Keith’s assigned nurse takes over, bringing Lance to Keith’s room and filling him in. Internal damage from the knife wound was severe, and he’d lost a lot of blood. She tells him that Keith is currently in a medically-induced coma to improve his chances, but they don’t have any clear ideas yet; he needs to survive the next several hours first. Processing all that is hard enough, but seeing him connected to all the tubes and wires causes another panic attack. The nurse leads Lance to the other bed reserved for soulmates on the other side of Keith, making him sit while she calls for another nurse. He’s calmed somewhat, but still accepts the mild sedative, curling up on the bed and falls asleep watching Keith. When Lance wakes a few hours later, it’s the middle of the night. He’s immediately relieved to find that Keith is still there. Still exhausted from the panic attacks and the sedative, he pushes their beds together and falls asleep with their fingers tangled together.

    When he wakes in the morning, it’s to yelling. Shiro’s there, demanding to know why Lance is there and also blaming him for what happened. He says that if Lance had been there at the bar, Keith wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Fueled by the adrenalin of being startled awake, Lance gets angry back, even while admitting that Shiro’s probably right. Not that that admission does anything to make Shiro calm down. He stomps over to the nurses’ station directly across from Keith’s door to demand that Lance be thrown out. The nurses tell him that even though he’s family, soulmates automatically have more right to stay with patients and that they won’t be asking Lance to leave. Acxa gets there just as Shiro is about to go off on the nurses and hauls him away.

    Finding a quiet corner, Acxa immediately lays into Shiro. She tells him that she knows a hell of a lot more than he does; Veronica went to her immediately after dropping Rachel off the night before, and that she’s also talked to Adam. She knows all about the first panic attack and how Lance has been for the last two-ish months and that Shiro needs to go home and cool off before coming back, and that when he does he absolutely owes Lance an apology. Having had enough of him already, she leaves him alone to head back to Keith’s room.

    Acxa finds Lance curled up in tears, just watching Keith’s breathing. He immediately starts rambling when she sits down. He says that it really is his fault because he’d told Keith to go in the first place, and that if he hadn’t none of this would have happened. His rant quickly devolves into panicked desperation saying that he can’t do this and that Keith has to make it. Acxa reminds him that Keith’s made it through the night, and that already more than they thought. She also tells him again that it isn’t his fault; there was no way he could have known this would happen and even if he had been there, there may not have been anything he could have done. Lance knows she’s right about Keith’s chances, but he still blames himself.

    Lance spends all that night talking even though he knows Keith most likely can’t hear him. He talks about how “We Had Everything”, but it just didn’t work the way they wanted it to. At some point, he realizes that they’d just met at the wrong time and that if they’d been able to meet at the right time, none of this would ever have happened. The last thing he says before falling asleep sometime in the small hours of the morning is that he doesn’t want to give up on their relationship and what they had.

    Keith doesn’t wake up for another three days. Lance stays the entire time, Veronica canceling or rescheduling all of his appointments. When Keith does wake up, he’s surprised (understatement of the year) to find Lance there. He says that the last thing he remembers was that Shiro was there with him and asks about his brother. Lance hasn’t seen or heard from or about him since the first day, but that Acxa should probably know. He doesn’t really want to tell Keith what happened, but it seems like he may have an idea either way. When the doctors and nurses descend, Keith asks Lance to stay, which he does without hesitation. Once they’ve gone, Keith tells Lance that Shiro didn’t take their breakup well, and that he’s been trying to get his idiot brother to back down, not that it’s gotten him anywhere. He tells Lance that the breakup was both their faults and also neither, and that he knows that if they’d been able to talk that night instead of fighting that they might have been able to work out what was going wrong. He also says that he still wants to try if Lance does (“It’s not even a question. I never wanted us to break up in the first place.”).

    Keith’s recovery takes a while, but he gets there, finally getting discharged from the hospital two weeks after first arriving by ambulance. While they haven’t yet talked about the last fight and what led up to it, he and Lance have decided to take things more slowly this time around. Lance has been by every day, staying for hours. During that time they decide that since Keith will need someone with him for at least a week, Lance will temporarily move in to Keith’s apartment with him. Keith knows that Shiro won’t be happy about it, but that sounds like a Shiro problem.

    The morning of Keith’s last day in the hospital, Shiro and Adam show up. Adam says that both he and Acxa have been having several words with Shiro over the last two weeks and that he has something to say to them both. To their surprise, Shiro apologizes. For everything. How he handled their breakup, his reactions to both Keith coming back and Lance being in the room that first morning. He says that Adam and Acxa (with some extra help from Veronica – Lance shudders at that, he knows what his sister can be like) broke everything down piece by piece and he now understood what was going on. Maybe not all of it, but as much as they knew. He and Adam have never fought like that, so he didn’t understand what it felt like to fight with someone you’re supposed to love to that extent. He still doesn’t, but has a better idea now of what it did to them both. Keith and Lance take a minute to respond since neither of them were expecting that, but they accept Shiro’s apology.

    They spend the week getting to know each other again, learning new things, and beginning to fall in love like they’d wanted to the first time around. Lance starts leaving notes for Keith to wake up to through their bond as the last thing he does at night. They’re completely random things – a childhood memory, a question about breakfast the next morning, his terrible puns, or even just a doodle. Keith loves them all, and takes a picture of each one when he wakes up.

    He’s meant to be resting, but Keith doesn’t really know how to stop working, and spends the week writing. This time around, his music was back to his usual sound and energy level. Lance has to remind him to rest, but he’s both happy and relieved to hear that Keith is feeling better emotionally. Halfway through the week, Lance gets a text from Veronica and Keith gets a call from Acxa, each saying that they’re getting an extra week to rest and recover. Lance and Keith spend that extra time (and the week before) getting to know each other again and getting reacquainted with what made them work so well before it all imploded.

    Almost immediately after that is the next public appearance for Marmora – the premiere for a movie that used some of their music on the soundtrack. Keith invites Lance without hesitation and Lance accepts just as quickly. Keith still needs to take things slowly, but insists on taking Lance to find an outfit for the premiere. It turns into an entire date-day, ending with them winding up in bed together, albeit gently.

    Between Keith explaining what red carpets are like and Lance's experience with tattoo industry competitions and events, they figure they’ve got a good idea of what to expect. It's still more than Lance thought, but with Keith beside him, it’s not overwhelming. Lance finds his soulmate’s presence calming, and the night’s event goes smoothly. They’re now officially a couple in the public eye, with all that goes with it. As soulmates, they still have a ways to go, but they’re finally on the right track, and they’ll get there with a little time.


    There may be a sequel to this after it’s done, or I might just tack on an epilogue, not sure yet. I want to write this one, so badly. But I have to finish at least one, preferably two of my ongoing fics on ao3 first. This one and Code Violet are trying to eat my brain.

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  • kxties
    23.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Lance: What are your goals?

    Keith: To pet all the dogs.

    Lance: No, fitness goals.

    Keith: To be able to run fast enough to pet all the dogs.

    #voltron #voltron legendary defender #vld#vld lance#vld keith#lance mcclain#keith kogane#klance #blah blah katie #just thought this would be fitting in many ways lmao #I can see Keith being a cat person too though
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  • fureliselost
    23.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #altean lance#eli fics#voltron #voltron legendary defender #vld#lance mcclain#fic#voltron fanfic#vld fanfic #voltron legendary defender fanfic
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  • fureliselost
    23.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Can anyone guess what my new wip is about based on the file title? :333333333

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  • aromothman
    22.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I can't tell you how much this means to me

    their relationship is just. so rocky from the start but they trust each other so much

    #platonic klance #sure read that romantically if you want to but even when you do please consider how much their friendship is based on mutual tr7 #trust#vld#voltron #voltron: legendary defender #keith#lance#keith kogane#lance mcclain #i hate black paladin keith but this right here?? love
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  • ashwii
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Lance: a romantic but also a fucking loser

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  • smileyghostface
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    Yeah… i gave up trying to draw them like Dreamwork’s original show but I’m happy to se how this turned out i actually enjoy the process an all.
    I hope you like it too!!

    Take care!

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  • miaumiaux2
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    those few months where either keith or lance i don’t remember, was the only vld character left without a confirmed birthday and we started joking and making headcanons about them being born the same day was the golden era of the voltron fandom for me

    #and then they had to ruin it by giving him a canon birthday😒 #klance#lance mcclain#keith kogane#vld#voltron
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  • kxties
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    red and blue gays. gotta be one of my favorite genders

    #voltron #voltron legendary defender #vld#vld lance#vld keith#lance mcclain#keith kogane#klance#avatar #avatar the last airbender #atla#atla sokka#atla zuko#zukka #the legend of korra #tlok#tlok korra#tlok asami#korrasami#arcane #league of legends #arcane caitlyn#arcane vi#caitvi #blah blah katie #just some red and blue gays lmao #feel free to add on
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  • queen-aravis-of-archenland
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    *My favourite characters all sitting in a room together*

    Me: I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’ve called you here today……

    Me, walking around the circle, handing out slips of paper:

    *hands Peter Parker Fibromyalgia*

    *hands Percy Jackson PTSD*

    *hands Remus Lupin Transgender*

    *hands Alex Rider Asexuality*

    *hands Sakusa Kiyoomi EDS*

    *hands Lance Mclain HOH*

    *hands Todoroki Shoto Autism*

    Me: These are yours now, have fun

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  • thek0dy
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    a sketch from earlier this month that i forgot about

    #keith and lance #fanart#vld #voltron legendary defender #keith kogane#voltron#lance mcclain#klance#my art
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  • keefthebored
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    I think I’ll never be over Klance. I just...won’t. I’ve been trying to get them out of my head for a year now and it just won’t work. Those red and blue boys live in my head rent-free and I hate it. 

    #klance #keith x lance #laith#vld#lance mcclain#keith kogane #curse you dreamworks #seaosn 8 haunts me forever #listening to my klance playlist crying
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  • hernandezl28
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    lance hc

    lance as a joke, after a playful banter with keith, he would act sad in a dramatic way, and even play bad bunny’s break up sonds and be like 


    “lance, please-”


    #klance #lance totally listens to bad bunny #he told me so #lance mcclain#keith kogane #keith x lance #vld lance#vld keith#klance headcanons#klance hc
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  • romellura
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    sweet dreams, starboy 🌟☁️💤 (lance and keith develop a habit of telling each other their dreams)

    they're on a mission, camping out with their lions surrounding them. the rest of the team is asleep while keith takes watch

    he hears rustling from behind and pulls out his bayard, spinning around to bring it to the throat of whoever's creeping up on him and -

    oh - it's lance

    lance, with messy hair and ruffled pyjamas and smiling with annoying ease despite a sword threatening to cut into his neck

    keith: are you stupid?

    lance: you know i had a dream about this, keith. i think i might be prophetic. or psychic.

    after that, they start to tell each other about their dreams and lance comes to accept the fact that keith has the strangest of dreams

    like that one dream where pidge was spiderman in the maldives, or when he was in a hospital and heard a baby crying only to find hunk in a crib, or that one dream where he was in a sort of jumanji situation with lance and at the end they fell asleep next to each other while holding hands (he didn't tell lance about that last one)

    keith usually waits until the morning to tell lance about his dreams. lance on the other hand...

    well, lance has trouble remembering his dreams so, as soon as he wakes up, be it 9am or 2am, he rushes over to keith's room to tell him

    they become accustomed to this nightly routine, to the point where lance doesn't even knock but goes straight in to the room where keith is already sitting up and waiting for him

    a problem arises though

    lance gets bursts of energy when he runs to keith's room, but after telling keith about his dream all this energy tends to disappear

    and all of a sudden keith has a sleeping lance in his room

    keith just sits on the floor the first time it happens - too nervous to do anything else and too embarrassed to wake lance and ask him to leave

    when it happens again, and again, and again - lance tells keith to just get in the bed next time it happens

    so, keith stays and he lies next to lance and he sleeps.

    naturally, they wake up tangled together and lance realises why this wasn't the best idea

    bc keith is very warm and lance doesn't want to leave and maybe he's just a romantic but smth feels so right about keith, they fit together so perfectly like jigsaw pieces

    or maybe magnets. often repelling but often drawing each other closer, clicking into the right place

    yeah. he doesn't think he could let go of keith even if he tried

    keith has no problem pushing lance off the bed though

    he's blushing and sputtering and sending lance tumbling off the bed in a desperate attempt to create some distance between them

    it also proves for a very awkward conversation when lance hurries out of keith's room only to run straight into shiro

    yeah. maybe they don't tell each other about their dreams for a while

    a couple of weeks later, they've finished another mission on a planet that has sunsets similar to earth

    keith finds lance on top of the blue lion (not as though he was looking for lance of course)

    they talk and watch the sunset until lance's head is falling onto keith's shoulder

    lance: will you be here when i wake up?

    keith: of course, i want to hear about your dreams

    lance, mostly asleep and mumbing: i like talking to you, keith

    keith, pressing a kiss to lance's head: yeah whatever. sweet dreams, starboy

    #okay this is long. it's a little rambly. i haven't done hcs like this since june so i'm a little out of practice aakshdh #klance#voltron#vld#suki's stories#klance headcanon#keith kogane#lance mcclain
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  • thedoodler13
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago


    I’ve really been wanting to do a rp with Lance and Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender, I’ve been rewatching it and getting back into the fandom! I am looking to have them aged up, but still keep the spicy to like a pg-16 sort of thing. And I’d love to do it through email! I’m not super comfortable talking with dudes (sorry) so looking for females and non-binaries alike! I’m 23 so let’s keep it legal, 18+ please. :)

    If you think this will be fun and wanna hang out with me, send me a dm!

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  • rinschin
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    lumity is just unproblematic klance.

    tell me i’m wrong. i dare you.

    #lumity#klance #luz x amity #luz noceda #luz the owl house #amity the owl house #amity blight#voltron#keith kogane#keith voltron#lance mcclain#lance voltron #the owl house #hot take #i tried to find someone else saying the same thing and i HAVENT?? #the closest i’ve seen has been dynamic comparisons
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  • rinschin
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    working on a salsa animation. so far i have the keys in and a few of the inbetweens, but i wanted to share my progress.

    #klance#lumity#dance animation#animation#keying#inbetweening#animating #animators on tumblr #keith kogane#lance mcclain#luz noceda #luz the human #luz the owl house #luz x amity #amity blight #amity the owl house #voltron #the owl house
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  • paladudley
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Lance: *sees Keith talking to a stranger* my time has come

    Lance, walking up to Keith: Hey lover

    Keith: Lance what--?

    Lance: *kisses Keith* is this person bothering you babe?

    Keith: No they were just asking for directions--the stations over there

    Person, awkwardly: um, thank you *walks away*

    Keith: What was that!?

    Lance: What? I thought you were getting hit on

    #comes back after not posting for a week #hey besties ;D #voltron #voltron legendary defender #vld#lance mcclain#lance voltron#keith kogane#keith voltron#klance#incorrect quotes
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  • kxties
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Veronica: This is horrible.

    Lance: This totally sucks, man.

    Veronica: Yeah, I know, I mean look at today’s news.

    Lance: No, it’s not that, it’s Keith.

    Lance: It’s just like, I can’t get him out of my head and every time I look at him I have this pain in my chest, and I just know it’s his fault, that bitch!

    #voltron #voltron legendary defender #vld#vld lance#vld keith#vld veronica#lance mcclain#keith kogane#veronica mcclain#klance#veracxa #blah blah katie #lance is fine don’t worry #just confused about his feelings #veronica of course finds out and helps him out #while teasing him a little on the way
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