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  • yumeka-chan
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Officiellement, la Reine avait fait un malaise dans l'eau et avait été sauvée par Arthur de la noyade. 

    Officieusement, Arthur s'était précipité en voyant Lancelot enfoncer la tête de Guenièvre sous l'eau et la maintenir de toutes ses forces. 

    Officiellement, Lancelot était en voyage diplomatique. Pas attaché à une chaise et surveillé en permanence par deux gardes. 

    #kaamelott#arthur pendragon#guenievre#Lancelot #cherchez pas pourquoi j'ai eu ca en tête
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  • quietparanoiac
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago
    — Vous allez me parler de l'été, c'est ça ? Deux malheureux mois par an avec un soleil tout palot et un vent à faire s'envoler les pierres ? — Je vois pas bien ce que vous voulez qu'on y fasse, Bohort. — Reconstruisons Kaamelott en Andalousie !

    Kaamelott (2005-2009), 2x66 (Les Neiges Eternelles)

    #Kaamelott #Kaamelott Livre II #KL2#French cinema#French TV#period drama#Arthur Pendragon#King Arthur #Bohort de Gaunes #Bohort #Lancelot du Lac #Lancelot#Alexandre Astier#Nicolas Gabion#Thomas Cousseau#Kaamelott 2x66#my gifs #I'm going through s02 with yells of affection #really needed the film to finally appreciate the series it seems #*looks at every other character like Arthur looked at Ferme ta gueule* #Bohort is obviously a favourite #...not THE favourite because I don't want to choose #and because each of them acts like a scoundrel from time to time #sorry I'm new here I can't avoid being hyperemotional
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  • wujuhour
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #okay this entire fourth chapter!!!!!!!!!!!! #seeing lancelot and guenever banter with each other #(i can imagine them smiling at one another) #and also seeing their dynamic with arthur in the mix like i love it i needed more of this #the once and future king #the candle in the wind #t.h. white #t. h. white #lancelot#guinevere#guenevere#guenever
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  • wujuhour
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #all my feelings aside............. this was a damn heartbreaking scene to end this part off on #this line really gets to the core of it #i'm aching for lancelot #the once and future king #the ill made knight #t. h. white #t.h. white #lancelot
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  • gremlinbehaviour
    27.11.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #a little bit of elyancelot sneaking into a leoncelot prompt? it's more likely than you think #bbc merlin#leon#lancelot#fanfic
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  • incorrectmerlinquotes
    27.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Lancelot: Hey, Gwaine, what are you drinking?

    Gwaine: Tea

    Lancelot: Really? That’s so... unlike you.

    Lancelot: What kind of tea is it?


    Gwaine: Teaquila

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  • lemissingmask
    27.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    [ID: Dark red, messy sketch of Arthur, Merlin, and Lancelot. Arthur, standing beside his horse in full armour and a cloak, is watching Merlin and Lancelot in the foreground with a smile. In the foreground, Merlin has jumped into Lancelot's arms, hugging him tightly. End ID]

    Quick fire sketch based on a 'Lancelot lives' random thought:

    After the whole veil incident, Arthur is sent on a solo quest to rescue a prisoner from a tower far beyond Camelot's borders (for once it was actually solo i.e. Merlin didn't follow). Being Arthur, he naturally completes the quest and returns with the prisoner, who just so happens to be our dear Lancelot.

    #bbc merlin#arthur#merlin#lancelot #lancelot lives random thoughts #although to stop merlin following arthur on a quest #would have to do something like put Gwen in magic sleep #only to wake when the quest is completed properly #arthur has to prove himself to the gods to get lancelot back #so he has to do it on his own #a lot of thoughts for a random sketch! #XD
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  • gossiping-about-dead-ppl
    27.11.2021 - 11 hours ago



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  • stillthesunkenstars
    27.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    First day of the rest of my life

    #maggie Matsumoto#braxiatel#irving braxiatel#my art #since she’s my dnd character I’ve been thinking a lot abt her #Lancelot lancealittle is British so everytime he says shit abt he mum maggie also conplain abt her dad
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  • nie-narzekam
    27.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I’ve been fussing over the thing so long, I really don’t know whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent,* but here goes.

    * Jo March (who else?) in “Good Wives” by L.M. Alcott

    #my magnum opus lol #at least in terms of length #and canon divergent at that because Lancelot really is the fifth son of Lord Eldred of Northumbria #bbc merlin#fanfiction#lancelot#merlin#gwen#arthur pendragon
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  • marshmallowprotection
    27.11.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #thy spicy #spicy isekai saga #ask #lila lancelot oc #mod kait
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  • partyatthebronze
    27.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    i have this merlin fic that i really want to write that's been playing through my mind.

    to start off, i have this perfect fanfic camelot in my head where everything's basically the same as it is in the gap between season four and five except that arthur's king (aka lancelot's alive lol). in this camelot where my fic takes place, arthur learns that merlin has magic and banishes him.

    now, arthur doesn't know that merlin's magic is super fucking good. he thinks merlin's, like, a mid-grade sorcerer. good for party tricks, really. but he's upset about it, and he's a fucked up little man, and he banishes merlin.

    now it's something like five to seven years later. camelot has a name for itself. the knights are doing great things. arthur's a, you know, he's a solid king. he's doing pretty okay. but something is missing.

    first of all, his wife gwen is in love with lancelot. they have this thing going on where arthur knows that gwen's in love with lancelot and gwen knows that arthur knows that she's in love with lancelot, but neither of them say anything about it. they just exist in this complicated silence that eats them up alive.

    secondly, he's missing merlin. god, how could he not miss merlin? he misses merlin so much. he's pining. he's pining for the man he exiled. and he feels so much shame for that, and he wonders if he made the wrong choice. if maybe magic isn't that bad after all.

    he talks with gwen and gaius and decides that he's going to invite three sorcerers to the castle as ambassadors. two of the sorcerers are where i get to have fun writing OCs. the third sorcerer is this super annoying guy called dragoon that arthur's had to deal with before.

    now, all three of these sorcerers have heard of this really powerful warlock named emrys who leads the druids, but emrys apparently declined arthur's invitation. so this ragtag team is what he's got.

    he invites each of the sorcerers to make their case for magic. this is where i get to be super angry and have my characters make good points like: your dad was a genocidal dictator! he tried to destroy something natural to this world! but also, since they're sorcerers trying to show off for the king, they try to do insane magics. maybe one of them stops time, another one makes a fountain of youth, things like that.

    then it comes to dragoon.

    and this is his case for magic.

    he tells arthur that he can take him to his most treasured memory. that he can relive it again. and arthur can't help it. he needs this more than he's ever needed anything.

    he says yes.

    and then he's back with merlin. he's back with the only person who's ever made him entirely whole. and i don't know what the memory is. maybe it's the first time they met, arthur smirking at merlin, who's all long lines and insouciance, who refuses to show any—any!—respect. or maybe it's the time they almost kissed on a quest late at night, both of them sleepy and warm from the fire. or maybe it's just an ordinary day, merlin yanking away the bedclothes with a cheery up and at 'em, and arthur groaning and throwing everything in sight at his manservant because it's the only way he knows to express his love. maybe that's what arthur sees.

    and it lays him bare. in front of the whole court. he's brought to his knees.

    he's furious. he screams at dragoon. tells him that this only proves his point that magic is wrong. after all, what dragoon just showed him isn't real. it's the past. and it's dangerous to give a man the past, because it might be all he ever wants.

    of course, this ends the day's festivities. arthur goes to his room, alone. gwen's with lancelot. he stands, bracing himself against his bedpost, and sobs. heaving sobs. he can't catch his breath. all he can think of is merlin, the way merlin smelled, the way he sounded, the way he might have tasted.

    he calls for dragoon to be brought to him. he demands that dragoon explain himself.

    it wasn't— i wasn't— the old man seems to be at a loss for words. i was trying to show you a time when you felt magic.

    arthur doesn't understand, and dragoon continues.

    i wanted you to remember a time when you'd felt the way that magic feels.

    arthur doesn't understand. what does magic feel like?

    like possibility. like anything.

    and then dragoon shows him. and he shows him a vision of such immense power. he sees the mass graves his father created. he sees the druids working magics deep into the earth to settle the ghosts that haunt those places. he sees a man leading them, a man helping them sow peace, a man whose face he can't quite make out.

    by then arthur thinks he knows him. he thinks he must know him, because he's trembling, he's trembling and his teeth are nearly chattering, because how could dragoon know?

    but he also doesn't know, he doesn't know, and he thinks he's being foolish, that he's seeing what he wants to see, and he turns away and says, i'm going to wait a minute. if you're still here, i'll execute you.

    it's not true. of course it's not true. but it's the only way he knows to ask. it's the only way to say, please still be here.

    and when he turns back, he knows what he will find.

    #merlin#merthur#bbc merlin#arthur pendragon#guinevere pendragon#lancelot #the knights of the round table #i cried writing this #like actually i cried #holy shit this was cathartic #i needed this #i write #oh my god #so should i write the long version and put it on ao3 #long post
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  • marshmallowprotection
    27.11.2021 - 20 hours ago


    Isn’t he lovely? She thought with an exuberant smile dancing against her lips the entire time. Oh, Wisteria was ever so pleased that her Savior had allowed her the opportunity to handpick who she wanted to test her game. He was all but forthcoming that she choose someone that would prove to be useful to all that they needed to succeed... and she’d known from the moment that she’d seen him that he was all she ever needed. As if a prince had walked right out of the storybooks that she read as a child. 
    He was the one, and nothing could get in her way now. Ray was sitting there in the flesh by her side now and even if it had only been a couple of days, his starstruck eyes looked at her like she was the sun and the moon. It made her feel desired and gleeful. Nobody had ever looked at her the way that he did and she refused to ever think that someone else would. It was as if her heart was made only for him and his for hers. 
    “Don’t worry, sweet prince, you’re safe here in paradise with me and me alone.” 

    So, I’ve got a Reverse AU that flips my MCs with their respective partner and it’s so much fun to play around with. It’s been a while since I’ve touched this one so I wanted to give it something to reflect the aesthetic. Ray + Suit Saeran are in the place that my MC would be as the Game Tester and Lila’s in the place of the hacker instead. She’s got the qualities of Unknown as the Game Creator in this situation. Blending an Assistant ending with Another Story is an interesting take and that’s the path this takes.

    #reverse au #lila lancelot oc #ray x wisteria #cmc#mod kait #when she's taking the place of Saeran or Ray as the hacker she dons her name from the Assistant Ending #So she goes by Wisteria #my art#mystic messenger #v is the savior by the way #v and the cmc swap with rika and saeran if that makes sense
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  • nayrs-thoughts-13
    27.11.2021 - 20 hours ago


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  • itonje
    27.11.2021 - 22 hours ago

    also yeah I'm a blonde lancelot truther

    #finny.txt #he has blonde man energies idc idc #which is funny cause in a lot of like pre raphaelite art and illustrations during the arthurian revival #lancelot is almost never portrayed as blonde hes usually a character w dark hair #fun facts from finny fridag ig
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  • factsthroughmyfury
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    i think its fucking hilarious that Xar becomes king Arthur

    #twoo spoilers #just in case #the wizards of once #like does this mean looter dies #imagine how it went down #also i love that bodkin becomes lancelot but only because of the whole guinevere scandel #i think thats HILAROUS #like wtf Bodkin #i think im finally gonna update my fic j because of this post
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  • yy20
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    quick lancelot doodle

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  • ilikedumbknightsinlove
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    There should be a scene where Merlin takes Lancelot for a ride on Kilgharrah because then you get that part where Lancelot has a moment of ‘oh shit I’ve not actually been in the air before’ and holds onto Merlin really tight around his waist.

    #I have been listening to that part of the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack as it happens why do you ask #look I know kilgharrah doesn’t like to just be ridden about idk what excuse you’d use #I just like the visual ok #bbc merlin#lancelot#merlin#merlance#mercelot #merlin x lancelot
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  • stillthesunkenstars
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    dnd w the homies

    #my art#dnd #yeah that’s a 3 ft tall Ed sheerans floating head doing a spinny trick w he lance #his name is Lancelot alot lancealittle and he’s a shit stats paladin #he will NOT stop making ur mom jokes w he lance
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