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  • rengazine
    01.08.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Thank you all for applying! We enjoyed looking through every single application you sent! If you have not received an email, please let us know.

    Once again, thank you so much for your support! Keep an eye out for our contributor lineup!

    @faneventshub @zineapps @fandomzines @zineforall @zine-scene @zinefeed @fanzinewatch @all-zine-apps @zinefans​ @zinesunlimited

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  • himbotiem
    01.08.2021 - 5 hours ago


    I read the translation by @/kudouusagi which you can find here!

    spoilers under the read more ig? rambles? Idfk but it sure is a Thing

    First off, I was way too hopeful in thinking shadow might’ve been a host, but he was still in there! As another woman but still! And it’s his birthday so I guess the host club is set in September, which is a little weird to me since I heard Sk8 normally was set in April I think? Cant fact check that but ye

    SECOND OFF the birthday songs I love them 🥺🥺 I keep replaying them because they’re great (this one is the one that everyone sang, but I still like Adams version too!)

    Ok and I screenshotted the scenes that had me most. that’s it, they had me the most. Very emotion.

    rip Reki’s back if we were in the universe where he lost

    Shadow punching Adam Sure Is A Thing

    as per request I will probably be drawing Princess Shadow soon and as per my own request I may or may not throw together a host!Shadow thing if I remember :*) that’s all for now lol

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  • scorpiondreamer
    01.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    A message has appeared!

    Your love sends you his best wishes, although unable to see you now he got a glimpse of you earlier and wanted to say you looked lovely.

    -To the Snowiest Prince,

    From the Most Wicked Skater Witch of the Woods <3

    A sincerest and most special preview to a new AU I have planned and for a new fic! I don’t have a big following or platform, but I love you guys that are around! If you ever have any suggestions for doodles I hope to see you comment them! <3 have some close ups and such

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  • lahistuff
    01.08.2021 - 10 hours ago


    Reki was playing hopscotch with his freinds when he spoted a weird looking kid sitting on the swings.

    He ran towards him and smiled, "hi I am Reki! What is your name?"

    The mysterious boy stayed silent as he looked up at him.

    Reki is confused and tries to talk to him again when a young-looking lady appears beside the boy.

    "Hi, are you his mommy?" Reki asks, pointing towards the kid.

    The Lady smiles at him and cheerfully replies "Yes I am,"

    "does your son not talk?" Reki questions her again.

    "I am afraid He doesn't like to talk" she says as she apologetically smiles.

    "Oh, that's no problem, I can talk to him! Mom says I am really, really good at talking!" Reki smiles proudly.

    "What is his name?" The boy continues.

    "Ah, his name is Langa!"

    "Hi, Langa! I am Reki! Do you wanna play with the bubbles?"

    Langa seemed unsure and looks to his mother for help.

    She smiles at Langa and whispers into his ear, He then looks at Reki and nods.

    Reki grins grabbing Langa's hand and takes him to his locker to find his bubbles.


    Langa blew bubbles while reki popped them.

    "Langa you are good at blowing bubbles, You are even better than Kaoru-sama!" Reki praised, giggling trying to pop all the bubbles.

    Langa's eyes lit up and he blowed bubbles with more intensity.

    After a while, Reki got bored.

    "Hey Langa, I'm bored" his voice trailed off.

    Langa stayed silent and looked at reki.

    "Langa do you wanna play tag?" Reki suddenly exclaimed making his new freind Flinch.

    Langa shrugged.

    "Okie dokie! I'll chase you now, okay?" Reki spoke out getting ready to run.

    Langa nodded and started running.

    "I'm coming to get you!" Reki shouted before running off after Langa.

    After a while of running Langa stopped to catch his breath, Reki saw this opportunity and ran fullspeed towards him but tripped on a branch.

    "Ouch..." Reki said tears welling up in his eyes Before he started sobbing, hearing this Langa walked towards him, and offered his hand.

    "Are you okay?" He softly asked.

    Reki stopped sobbing, and looked up at Langa.

    suddenly he smiled, a smile so big it hurt his cheeks but that didn't matter to him.

    Because Langa just talked to him for the first Time!

    "Langa, You talked!" He said holding the hand offered to him.

    Langa pouted slightly pulling Reki up and muttered "is it really that big of a deal?"

    "Of course it is!" Reki excitedly shouted, "Hey, hey, can i hug you?" Reki asked.

    "No," Langa replied

    "Aw, why Langa?" Reki pouted

    "You have lots of snot on your face Reki,"

    "Oh..." Reki said touching his nose,

    he then reached inside of his little pocket and pulled out a tissue then proceeded to wipe his nose, but instead smeared it all over his face.

    Langa made a face and took out his own wipes.

    "Here, I'll help you," he quietly stated and tried to wipe it off too but spread it even more.

    "I... I'm sorry Reki I smeared it more," Langa stammered feeling guilty.

    Reki only grinned and said "It's okay, We can just go to Kaoru-sama, he will help maybe,"

    He took Langa's Hand and dragged him towards a Playhouse where a pink-haired boy sat on 3 stacked up chairs.

    "Kaoru-sama!, Kaoru-sama!" Reki called out and shook the chair violently.

    "Hey-! Stop it!" The famous Kaoru-sama yelped.

    "Kaoru-sama i got snot all over my face!" Reki said as he pointed towards his face.

    "I can clearly see that" the pink-haired boy said, gagging.

    "Gorrila, Come out here this instant!" He then yelled after composing himself.

    "Geeeeez i'm coming, stop it with the insults will you?" A voice called out from the other side of the room.

    "Joe the chef!" Reki Cheered.

    "Joe the chef?" Langa whispered in to reki's ear.

    "Yes! He is the biggest of everyone here!" Reki loudly whispered back.

    "Reki you hurt my ear" Langa mumbled rubbing his ears.

    Just as Reki was about to apologize, Joe the chef came in to the room

    "What would your majesty want from a peasant like me" he sarcastically said as he bowed.

    The great Kaoru-sama pointed towards Reki and Declared "Wipe this filthy being's nose"

    "But i am the chef, the Servant is Tadashi's Job!" Joe the Chef protested.

    "Tadashi is running an errand for me at the moment, Also, i am the King, you are a filthy peasant so you have no choice but to do as you're said!" The great Kaoru-sama Proudly stated.

    "Oh my god, You are so annoying!" Joe the royal chef said as he turned towards Reki and Took out a few tissues.

    "What even happened to your face?, there is so much mucus" He grimaced wiping the red boy's face.

    "I tried to wipe my nose but it went all over my face" Reki pouted.

    Joe the chef sighed "I teached you lots of times how to do it didn't i?"

    "I forgot" Reki sheepishly smiled.

    "There you go, Your majesty!," he said throwing the now dirty tissue to Kaoru-Sama's face.

    "Hey, You idiot Gorrila!" Yelled almost falling of the chair.

    Reki giggled and shouted "Thank you!"

    "Bow before me and apologize for your Idiotic Behavior you Idiot Gorrila!" Was the last thing Reki and Langa heard as they ran off.

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  • sk8ttszine
    31.07.2021 - 12 hours ago


    📆 Hey Sk8ers! Mark your calendars, we are officially 1 WEEK AWAY from preorders, which open on August 7th at 3 PM EST! Also, be on the look out for our cover reveal which will be coming very soon!

    💌 If you would like to receive an email when our pre-orders go live, subscribe to our mailing list here: https://forms.gle/v4i5YdEQLBpbzgjw6

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  • just-a-weebs-stuff
    31.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • ask-badly-drawn-reki
    31.07.2021 - 15 hours ago
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  • ask-badly-drawn-reki
    31.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Alright squad!


    So I wanna do something! So I have three options for yall-

    1. Reki/langa/ both in pinup outfits (horngy jail also will be drawn terribly)

    2. An event with Well Drawn Reki TM

    3. A badly drawn discord server where we can chat, share art and meme around! Plus some sneak peaks of asks and such tee hee

    let’s do a poll for what yall want!


    I’ll leave it up for a while so let me know! ❤️💙

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  • tasteslikedamnation
    31.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Funny how a 12 year old got more brain cells than two oblivious teenagers in love, a face paint addict twice his age and a green haired gorilla that thinks with his muscles not his head

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  • largo-265
    31.07.2021 - 16 hours ago
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  • ryuichirou
    31.07.2021 - 17 hours ago


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  • skrinlichen
    31.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Whoever Akkurara is in real life, I love you so much! Your art is amazing, I’m obsessed 🥰

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  • tasteslikedamnation
    31.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Reki: I'm bisexual, so I can only be attracted to two things

    Reki: I've chosen skateboarding and Langa

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  • discountscoobyart
    31.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    pretty sk8er bois ✨

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  • birdybomb
    31.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    "I made your favorite."

    (1∞ ways to say "I Love You") (12/100)

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