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  • Brian Lynch Big Band 62nd Annual GRAMMY Nomination


    Congrats to Brian Lynch Big Band on their 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards® nomination under the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album and Best Instrumental Composition categories with their Album The Omni-American Book Club. So many talented artists announced by the @RecordingAcad @RecordingAcademy

    as nominees for the 62nd #GRAMMYs. Can’t wait to celebrate together!

    The Recording Academy® represents the voices of performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and allmusic professionals. Dedicated to ensuring the recording arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, the Academy honors music’s history while investing in its future through the GRAMMY Museum®, advocates on behalf of music creators, supports music people in times of need through MusiCares®, and celebrates artistic excellence through the GRAMMY Awards®— music’s only peer-recognized accolade and highest achievement. As the world’s leading society of music professionals, we work year-round to foster a more inspiring world for creators.

    The GRAMMY Awards® airs Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. ET / 5:00 p.m. PT on the CBS Television Network

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  • I sure made and published this on purpose.

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  • Christopher Zuar Orchestra - Musings - some wonderful arrangements here!

    The mind has a tendency to wander – the artist just knows to follow
    where it leads. Whether struggling with personal issues, searching for
    one’s place in life, reflecting on loved ones or simply observing life
    as it passes by the nearest window, one’s muse can take many forms,
    all capable of leading to inspiration. For his new recording, Musings, composer/arranger Christopher Zuar incorporates a variety of emotional and musical sources to create a program of highly original, self-reflective and expressive compositions performed by an extraordinary ensemble. The recording will be released April 1, 2016 – Zuar’s 29th birthday. 

    Dave Pietro, Ben Kono, Jason Rigby, Lucas Pino & Brian Landrus - woodwinds
    Tony Kadleck, Jon Owens, Mat Jodrell & Matt Holman - trumpets
    Tim Albright, Matt McDonald, Alan Ferber & Max Seigel - trombones
    Pete McCann - guitar
    Frank Carlberg - piano, Fender Rhodes
    John Hébert - bass
    Mark Ferber - drums
    Rogerio Boccato - percussion
    Jo Lawry - voice
    Christopher Zuar - composer, arranger & conductor

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  • Beneath the Brine is epically ambitious, its folk-delicate melodies blown up into symphonic crescendos, its blasts of strings, brass, percussion and reeds rejecting the small and reaching for grandeur, significance, scope. Massive opera choruses, Dixieland funeral bands, late-night jazz trios and conservatory-trained chamber orchestras burst from the crevices of these style-hopping songs. This is a “more is more” record in every sense. Seven permanent members make up the core of the Family Crest, but more than 400 people have played with the ensemble in some capacity, either live or on one of its two records.

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  • Polyphonic Spree “Lithium” Music Video

    I play this cover version in spin class, but I hadn’t seen the video until today. Holy moly, it makes me want to play trombone again.

    One time in Dallas I talked to their road manager, and I asked him what herding a band with like 30 members was like. He said they had to charter two buses, and there’s a fair amount of drama. For example, couples break up and ask to be on different buses. I did not envy his gig, but I’m sure he had a blast.

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  • Max Roach: Larger Ensemble Music

    Max Roach was an intellectual, a social activist and one of the greatest and most musical drummers to ever grace this planet. His music has always been cutting edge and he had led groundbreaking quintets and quartets from the mid ‘50s on. But he was always drawn to larger ensembles (big bands, or small groups with a vocal choir or string quartet added). Crownpropeller’s Blog has gathered three very cool video examples of his more ambitious work, beginning with the suite Swingin’ Wid A Sword In Ma Han’, which Charles Tolliver composed and conducted for him at the 1971 Montreux Jazz Festival. Charles explains, “Max asked me to write an original suite adapted from a song from James Weldon Johnson’s book of hymns.” Wonderful performances.

    -Michael Cuscuna

    Check Out the Videos…

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  • This is a song I wrote a few months back and have since arranged for my latest project, the “Shaw + 7”, which features myself and seven other young jazz musicians from Rhode Island. I’ve had many chances to play with these incredibly talented guys in various situations so I decided to create an excuse to bring them all together to showcase our original tunes and arrangements. For this arrangement I tried to heavily channel “Moon Dreams” from Miles’ Birth Of The Cool, one of my all time favorite large ensemble records. It opens with the saxes, bass, and one guitar (Mark) outlining the harmonic structure and overall style, then moves into the main melody with the saxes in close, three part harmony. Solos are taken by myself and Mark Medeiros.

    This recording features myself and Leland Baker on tenor sax, Chris Gagnon on alto sax, Clay Nordhill and Mark Medeiros on guitar, Tom White on piano, Kyle Barboza on bass, and Paul DiMartino on drums. Photo by Erin Smithers.

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  • omfg i have to write threepio now i can’t do it omfg bro wtf

    #hmp #ive accepted bb8 will never be mentioned again #like realistically i know he's there #and threepio is too #cause they need the extra help #but i was never gonna treat it like another character is introduced???? #cause he's a droid and i feel like the emotional beats aren't the same #i cant do large ensembles #do i write bb like a dog??? #a cute pet to be mentioned once in awhile? #does he interact and give input #what do i do #bruhhhhhh
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  • Idk man I’m starting to get real worried about starting school this fall cause my uni is gonna still be in person for the most part. And I’m a TA too so I’m going to be in contact with even more ppl and on both sides of the situation as teacher/faculty and student….its going to be the most regular contact I’ll have had since this pandemic started. There’s a very very real chance now that I will get covid. Especially because its Iowa and all the stupid r*publicans there aren’t gonna wear masks

    #if this hit just a few months earlier I honestly would have just taken a gap year smh #and my school is still trying to have large ensembles. like no. I will not be messing with that <3 #like I WANT to play in orchestra and band and flute choir again. it hurts my heart dude I miss it #but I would also like to not get covid fskdjhfkshdkfsh #or pass it on to anyone else #yeah unfortunately I am one of those washington libs who actually takes this pandemic seriously 😔 #mine
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  • #my aunt talking about music for a large ensemble: it sounds like cartoon music
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