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  • Heh, just realized that I’ve graduated from ‘there’s never more than 2 of us writing at the same time!’ to ‘there’re literally dozens of us, dozens!”

    Ah, the pain and joy of loving a niche pairing in a small fandom to loving the ‘it’ pairing in a medium fandom. Maybe eventually I’ll move into a large fandom (and promptly pick the least popular pairing, probably). 

    #small fandoms#large fandoms#pairings#00q#laviyuu #omg are there still any of my DGM peeps out writing...anything? #I'm not lamenting I'm just amusing myself #ehe
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  • How incredibly partisan the Game of Thrones fans are.  I think the hype for the season has set up the grudge match of Sansa Stark v Jon Snow all too well.  After one night, the factions are already at each other’s throats.

    Game of Thrones is probably the largest (active) fandom I’m in apart from Star Wars.  Star Wars has a hiatus now because episode 8 isn’t out for a while, but we’ll have the large online squabbles when episode 8 hits our screen.  If Finn isn’t your favourite character, if you don’t ship Finn with Rey you’re racist.  If you ship Kylo Ren with Rey you like abusive relationships.  Debates about whether Oscar Isaac is white or a man of colour … was it racist that Lupita Nyong'o was CGI character?  

    GoT and Star Wars reminds me a lot of the Harry Potter fandom in the old days.  There was a LOT of arguing.

    Most of my other fandoms are much smaller so there’s not really the luxury of having factions. People in The Expanse fandom might have favourites but there’s not really a big enough fandom to really split along character faction and then squabble and bicker.

    On iZombie, there’s a bit of hate for Peyton sometimes (or rather then romantic choices she has made) and I personally question Blaine x Liv as a ship, but again the fandom is small enough that people try to just get along even when they disagree.

    On Homeland (of which I am no longer an active member), the factions were aligned in terms of character faves and shipping preferences, but split along community lines.

    Anne with an E was divided into: “OMG I love this show” vs “Oh my god, nothing can ever compare with the Kevin Sullivan series and Anne with an E will bring about the End of Days”. There was also a small group (like me), who was like: “Actually, I like both versions for different reasons”, but no one likes a fence sitter when they’re arguing.

    I haven’t really delved into the American Gods or Castlevania fandoms much so have no idea what I’ll find there … 

    I enjoy a debate and a discussion as much as the next person, but it’s always a bit infuriating to read those blanket statements like - if you like this then it means you’re racist/sexist/bigoted …  If only it was actually so easy to sort out and identify the world’s bigots and racists :P

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  • The more art I see of Martin Blackwood the more convinced I become that some of y'all have never drawn a fat person before in your life. Which I think possibly reflects more on the way teaching resources available to artists prioritize thin bodies than it does on any individual artist, but if you find this true of your art, this is a good opportunity to question why it is true, and also what you can do to get better at depicting diverse body types in your work.

    #tma #don't reblog i'm not trying to Start Shit with the fandom at large but. regardless. #ghoul.txt
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  • I gotta admit I love how fucking dorky millennials are. Like this keto guy I follow on insta (he’s like, a dad and early thirties/late twenties) posted about his workout and had the Pokémon theme song playing and it was just so delightful. I love seeing “real adults” still loving their Pokémon and Harry Potter and Doctor Who and D&D and just fun dorky nerd shit. It warms my heart.

    #with hp i u derstand pple who might want to shed that bc jk is a trash bag #but i personally support the idea that it doesnt belong to her anymore #its such a large fandom and just like a living creature that exists outside of her #and it is such a vital part of our pop culture #completely washing your hands of it is easier said than done #so fuck jk but i still love the things the fandom has done with hp #and i just #its nice to see that pple are still loving the same shit #its relatable #i loved pokemon and its a nice connection to have with someons else #the connection of a story
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  • I can actually offer very profound insights about certain matters, it’s just that their all in the form of 10k words long rants in my drafts

    #drafts#posts #expressing my opinion #writing is hard #tumblr#politics#ethics#moral#philosophy#aesthetics#fandom#current events #being articulate is hard #the struggle is real #im not joking #i have 80 posts in my drafts #please help me #and the number of comments ive discarded in my life #its very large #ill tell you that #posting on tumblr #talking in the tags #ugh#frustration #i dont know what else to tag this
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  • Found Family dynamic: *exists*


    #tsubasa reservoir chronicle #httyd#atla #avatar the last airbender #i mean any other fandom but these are the ones that give me the Large Emotions #squeeb
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  • #Not all large fandoms get into ship wars but it happens a lot #also Benji saying Victor had to come out before hed date him is kinda eh #I know it's hard to date if one of you isnt out but it's still kinda bugs me #they are great together tho #I know some sophomores fuck a lot it's just kinda weird for me to think about
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    Am I the only one who thinks that E-tion/Changyoon chose to have his tattoo, also his life motto “WORK HARD PLAY HARD” on his inner arm is incredibly… sexy?

    #and its sexier when he choose not to hide it #i love that motto too cos its similar to mine #and it fits with my 2 role model in suju which is teuk and chul #teuk being the work hard and chul as play hard+love urself #random thoughts as a fuse #random fandom stuffs #also whph sums up onf mindset as well #when they have fun you could literally feel it #onf #onf e tion #onf etion#etion#lee changyoon#changyoon#onf changyoon #i am not a big fan of Capricorn but #i guess his infp energy make me able to relate to him #and his designer brain too #i think he chose to have on his inner arm so he can review it easily most of the time #the font was large too lol #queue
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  • you mean to tell me. i’ve been scrambling around in the dirt. scrambling and scrabbling on the earth trying to figure out the chords to mechs songs. and they have been on guitar tabs this WHOLE TIME

    #i feel like o just found atlantis #what the hell and you all have let me continue clowning????? #the mechanisms #< this is just my tag im not trying to be rude in the fandom at large
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  • novantinuum replied to your post: novantinuum replied to your post: …

    add to that the rise of “fandom cringe culture” attitudes towards any large fandom base, and that’s a recipe for low site engagement

    Has there been?? I haven’t really noticed if I’m being honest?? If anything I havent seen a lot of “cringe culture is dead” posts lately but nothing actively being rude to folks in fandoms?

    #novantinuum #shut up me #the end of tumblr #maybe thats just because im mainly here for fandoms #and so fandom spaces largely wouldnt talk about that sorta thing haha
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  • also i am pissed that we didn’t really get to see jasper and rose being … like twins? like at all. they’re meant to be disguised as twins and i don’t think they shared a single conversation , like…

    look, jasper took rosalie’s last name, a chance for a new life, and they are both the ones in the family that look to protect, looking to keep safe and always consider the worst possibilities so that everyone else remains unharmed.  they’re okay with coming off as standoffish because it protects both themselves and their family and god that is so important to them

    i am aiming to rectify that as much as i friggin’ can

    #|| ooc #i love rosalie ok #i think she's badly mistreated by the fandom and by smeyer at large #just#im emotional #so emotional over my blonde twin babies
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  • Uuuh so my brain wouldn’t let me rest until I had this out, I think my soul needed it.

    It’s an AU (?) insofar as Peggy and Daniel are MARRIED and IN LOVE

    It’s called hidden affections and you can read it on AO3!


    (Many thanks to trashcan members on that one post by @scullyscreamcheesebagel about Daniel being one half of a married couple; @truth-renowned, @movrings, @peonymoss, @teampeggysous, @peggycarter46; I hope y’all don’t mind me tagging you!)

    #my fic#my addition#peggysous#aos#daniel sousa#peggy carter#my heart #I'm kinda scared of the reaction from the aos fandom at large #but we have our little corner of tumblr #at least#hidden affections
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  • ‪tbh i really hope 5sos as a whole stop using social media. come online to share about music and things to do with the band and thats it ‬

    #this toxic fandom doesnt deserve anything more #and i hope michael NEVER streams again #this is getting to be too much #and the fact that such a large group think its okay to openly say they hate him i just #truly cannot understand #if i said i only stan 3/4 meaning not calum i would be attacked but
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  • Ubbe, pushing himself to morph into some questionable semblance of Ragnar, do be looking like

    #those are some very large boots to want to fill #like? be yourself? that's 200% better than what I see Ragnar as #ragnar is so bloody flawed #and a hypocrite #just don't #don't be like that #nasty#ew #cut that mop of hair and retire as a window cleaner #ubbe#vikings ubbe#ragnar lothbrok #vikings history channel #vikings fandom#vikings
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  • Ok, the runaway fic of doom has definitely found the border of where fanfic meets just messing around in someone else’s world. But I’m going to finish it anyway. I’ll even post this thing, though I suspect maybe five people will slog through it, & probably no one is going to like it. Not sure I could live with the pain if I do not.

    #Witcher#fanfic seriously #how many OCs before it's entirely irrelevant to fandom at large?
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  • #asks#multi lefaiye #sorry it took me a while to see this! been by and large avoiding the inbox #its v sweet of u and i appreciate it so much <3 #personal positivity #i am def doing better! im in a much better frame of mind now to parse between #genuine critique vs Fandom Drama vs Outright Harassment #and its made it easier to compartmentalize what steps i need to take & how i need to improve
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  • i think im one of a small minority of fans who love both kyle and cartman, find their dynamic fascinating and… kyman is not a main ship of mine.

    I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. I accept its validity and I can even make a mean argument as to why it is one of the most, if not the most, canonically valid gay ships in the show.

    but just ‘cause I like both characters, like their dynamic, and fully acknowledge the canonical queer-baiting between them doesn’t mean i gotta ship it

    that said, i still can find well-made kyman content to be nice

    but its nowhere near my fav ship for either character

    #ooc #i was looking for meta #and i noticed that the majority of meta that focuses on both of them #and gives both of them a fair shake #is from kyman fans #i wonder why other fans dont find their dynamic engaging #their battles are such a large portion of the show #im not alone in this obviously #but ive also noticed non-kyman fans have more of a tendency to demonize cartman #evil fandom cartman is addressed in an earlier post lol #and sometimes when i find a cartman stan who doesnt like kyman #they hate kyle #is there no middleground?
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  • #ask rin#that man #deserves the world #and the rnm fandom is not that large so every bit helps #alex manes #roswell new mexico #tyler blackburn
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  • oof. got an evil idea for a fic. like a really evil one.

    #one word: pain. #dare i inflict this upon myself and the fandom at large? #the concept in my mind rn.... absolutely cruel and terrible... #oh but the potential.... #cami.txt
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  • #quarantine prompt party 2.0 #guardiancorp #felt like a good day to post this #i've been seeing the tweet going around #he's right #i didn't see the negative side of the fandom #largely because i didn't allow it on my blog #and cultivated my followings to avoid anti content #but that doesn't mean it didn't happen #james is a good character #and mehcad brooks is a great james #he deserved better #on all fronts
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