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  • tovezza
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    The ao3 tag is really like we’re doing Star Wars all Over again

    #Just a similar flavour #80% darkl1na usually e rated but just similar similar vibes to the last juggernaut #Quite dark#QUOTE dark #Ship. Ironically I’d love to see some good messy stuff about them but like #80k daddy kink whatever ain’t it #It entertains me greatly in seeing the return of the tag like #It’s a good thing to let people know about with how wierdly obsessed some fandoms are with it BUT #Kind of bizarre that it’s the LaCk THeREOf that’s so unusual it needs a tag? #Really the only other place I’ve seen that used large scale was the reyl0 fandom so
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  • ribbononline
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    logging onto twit to see the o. m//ori fans fighting w the m c//yt fans like woaw

    #i have not played omori. i do not know shit abt mcyt. #but as someone whose been constantly getting both fandoms on my dash yall r both annoying as shit #i still want to get around to omori when it releases on switch but kjsdhfnm the fandom at large… holy shit #it has SUCH a holier then thou complex. literally gatekeep personified #if i had a dollar for every single time a person was like ‚x ppl will never get this games themes' #we get it you like to feel special shut UP #like having a mcyt man play the game seemed like a bad idea. audience full of 10yos into a game like that #bad idea. #that said the fucking way omori fans reacted to it LMAO… #literally the entire fandom said gatekeeping and bullying is bad except when its for mcyt < #that should be an exeggaration but thats literally half the tweets i saw w like 10k likes on m #i dislike mcyt but honestly i might dislike the omori fandom even more #at least mcyt fans r a bunch of literal kids
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  • star-trek-the-musical
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    I am so impressed, confused and fascinated with the full-blown simpsons fandom that exists on this site

    #I just went down a rabbit hole of genuine Smithers x moe and etc fan art that’s like...genuinely good #like you’d expect this from most popular shipping fandoms esp animes #but this is just genuine simpsons fan art and I’m loving it #from a blog I found from a Marge kin blog because there’s also a surprisingly large community of genuine simpsons role playing blogs #and there’s a bunch of wholesome Lenny x Carl stuff #there’s so much I keep finding more the more I dig
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  • airbenderx
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    hi friends! not sure that anyone rly cares (not in a bad way just. this is literally some blog lol) but in case u do! i wanted to say i’m gonna deactivate this blog soon - probably by the end of the week, I still love atla obv and will forever and will continue reading fic and whatnot but I think im good w fandom.

    lot of personal reasons (that i don’t mind getting into if its helpful but i don’t feel its super necessary to list out here) and generally i think fandom has run its course for me. also I will start throwing rocks if I have to keep seeing the same discourse topics and fandom issues. i'm just Tired, and i found myself getting mad very quickly for a while, so i took a step back. now that i’m calmer and finding some energy again, ive been mulling it over and i dont see myself being all that active in fandom anymore! 

    i feel so grateful to have had this space to engage deeply in a show i love so much! the meta and art and content and knowledge about atla has enriched my understanding and appreciation endlessly! i appreciate everyone in my little corner of fandom who has done amazing things w this show and continues to! it is consistently incredible and i’ll miss seeing it regularly<3 love u all, thank u for making fandom so fun and enjoyable!!!!! 

    #sorry to my new followers :( #i dont feel as invested in being immersed but im so glad i can still read fic and engage in ways that wont upset me lol #(also very grateful for the server bc that's a large part of why i feel good to let this blog go<3) #i do have an aang meta that i meant to write months and months ago and if possible i will get it written/posted before i delete #its not anything that hasnt been said tho prob #oh dang i also have stuff in my drafts abt kataang and fandoms approach to it but its incoherent lol #main points being that i do see the critiques of fandom!kataang as necessary and relevant in that people dont often explore the depths #of both characters and the struggles they would have along w the love they have #but also i think there is plenty of space for a imagining a future of them where they are able to come together #( i see a break and time apart and a lot of potential things happening but i think they could find their way again ) #if i had even half a briancell i would write something or even write a post but ! i dont lol #(like. thinking abt kataras relationship to her nation #if we can imagine futures for z*tara where she leaves the swt pretty completely and wont have much say in its future #then i dont see why we cant imagine varied futures for kataang #that have darkness; depth; struggles; compromise; etc.) #thats a bit simplistic but i think it gets the main point across #i agree too that fandom centers katara in certain ways and doesnt consider aang as much (what else is new lol) but yeah #theres a lot more to it that ive thot about but only so much i can translate from my brain #sorry for dumping all this here im a lazy bitch<3 #sorry too if u read all this #ok love u bye
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  • goswlogpncmcrfobpjstltruaqhtma42
    23.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    it’s legitimately depressing that queer people have to turn to fanfiction to find queer representation. there’s a difference between canon and fanon. there’s no regulations for what can and can’t be in fandom. on ao3 you can post whatever you want and the only rule is that it can’t be a commission (for legal reasons). and fanfiction is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nothing compared to watching a show or movie and seeing good queer representation. not because fanfiction is bad, but because if we’re not in media it means that we’re not accepted enough to be placed in media and still make money. (and i don’t like capitalism but it’s what we’re stuck with at the moment so i have to talk about it.) so if we’re not in media it means that if people see us the will stop watching something they used to enjoy because of it. having to turn to fanfiction to see queer representation is bad. it’s bad because it’s basically our only option. if there was as much good queer rep as there is cishet representation then turning to fanfiction would be different because it would be a choice, but if your choices are a few horrible stereotypes that either die or never get to be openly queer and a space filled with thousands of interpretations, types of representation, and content that is good representation, then i’m sure the choice people make is fairly obvious

    #.doc #queer#lgbt#queer representation #tagging fandoms with large queer audiences so more people see this #spn#supernatural#good omens#sherlock#doctor who#shadowhunters#star trek#atla #avatar the last airbender #911 #911 lone star #merlin #the old guard #percy jackson#kataow #kipo and the age of wonderbeasts #julie and the phantoms #harry potter#hannibal
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  • notatzimisce
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    There is a scale with "setting exists to be a backdrop for characters" on one end, and "characters exist to showcase the setting" on the other. This is not a value judgement on either, and there is some extent to which both things are true in any given work; where a work sits on the scale is a matter of what's emphasized and given priority.

    Hard sci-fi necessarily lives toward the "characters showcase the setting" end if it's any good, because if the characters take priority then the writer is eventually going to end up bending the setting to accomodate the characters, and that compromises the whole premise.

    This is also why in-depth worldbuilding feels like a distraction in some works and not others, or why contrivances of character to make Things Happen feel reasonable in some works but bullshit in others

    #i have a strong preference for 'characters showcase the setting' works #and this is i think why i'm so fussy and tend not to like the subjects of most large fandoms #because fandoms tend strongly to congregate around character-focused works
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  • prlncessandthepauper
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ppl in big fandoms are so weird lol like,, there are sub-fandoms/fanfiction for certain fanfiction series and it’s like,, h o w

    there are literally ppl enter a big fandom, read this piece of fanfiction, say “omigod i love this fanfic i need more”, and suddenly there’s a fandom for a fanfiction

    meanwhile i’m sitting here in pain because barbie fanfic is pretty much nonexistant

    #i’m literally this close to dropping everything and writing a long slowburn charm school fic #also it turns out that there were harry potter fics that created cults?? #large fandoms are wack bruh
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  • impatientno7
    18.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #You Know How Large Fandoms Be #Anonymous
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  • toss-a-coin-to-your-lesbian
    15.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #its probably bc i was in the newsies and les mis qnd bom fandoms #large ensemble casts are my skill set
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  • alistairwrites
    09.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Hey y’all!! I may branch out to other fandoms! Don’t be alarmed, I’ll still post 7k content but tangled the series content is so scarce so,,, I kinda moved on. Please don’t get mad for my decision.

    I’m still silently working on all of my 7k fanfics (and finishing them soon!) but I’ll be posting a lot more.... multi-fandom stuff.

    So for that matter, if you don’t like my choice, you have the absolute right to unfollow.

    I’ll tag what fandoms I’m in right now, so y’all get a better idea.

    Sorry about that. I’ve been trying to post more tts content but I’m running dry. I’m still working on 7k but I’ll still be in the fandom no matter what!!

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  • sammysstupidshirts
    08.04.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I don't even understand how u get to being a 30+ y/o "fandom mom." I'm 20 and I already dont want to be associated with any fanbase of anything that I enjoy

    #im part of no fandoms. #the idea of being part of a fandom is abhorrent <3 gonnan cringe right out of my body #somehow every single time the large majority of u are freaks or at least have internet brain poisoning #like if its not ACTIVE racism its homophobia or its inc*st/p*do apologists or its whatever happened to animal crossing twitter stans. #so much is wrong w so many of youuuuu <3
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  • tarantula-hawk-wasp
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dumbass epiphany of Maybe I’m feeling bad and upset bc I forgot to eat dinner and that strongly effects my mood

    #I had a large snack at 3 and just procrastinated dinner from 5pm -11pm #I’ll microwave a burrito or smth I guess #food #like I’m having a spiral about how I need to change my art style and I need to do my thesis and no one replied to a video I sent in the gc #and like hmm maybe it’s bc I haven’t eaten #like I think being a little :/ is valid bc I’m feeling meh about my art and also it’s not getting notes but like that’s How Small Spn Blogs #Work like you gotta wait for someone with clout to go through the tag and deign to reblog you and like I’ve done this song and dance but #I miss drawing for smaller fandoms that were instantly engaged #wait I’m also having pms #which is the reason I forgot to eat and why I’m upsetti spaghetti so easily #🤯
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  • tapeclicksoff
    24.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #hi thank u for talking with me #asks#anon #having a personal blog is the norm apparently #i'm used to having large followings in previous fandoms and the idea of posting whatever the hell i want is new and exciting to me
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  • silver-war
    22.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    💫🌟✨Character vibes✨🌟💫


    Send me 🦄 if I give you Sophie vibes

    Send me 🎨 if I give you Keefe vibes

    Send me 💎 if I give you Fitz vibes

    Send me 🧚‍♀️ if I give you Marella vibes

    Send me 👠 if I give you Biana vibes

    Send me 🌞 if I give you Wylie vibes

    Send me ⚫ if I give you Tam vibes

    Send me💧if I give you Linh vibes


    Send me ⚔ if I give you Percy vibes

    Send me 🧢 if I give you Annabeth vibes

    Send me 🦸‍♂️ if I give you Jason vibes

    Send me 🐴 if I give you Hazel vibes

    Send me 💋 if I give you Piper vibes

    Send me 🐾 if I give you Frank vibes

    Send me 🛠 if I give you Leo vibes

    Send me 🏴‍☠️ if I give you Nico vibes


    Send me 🎩 if I give you Kaz vibes

    Send me 🔫 if I give you Jesper vibes

    Send me 🔪 if I give you Inej vibes

    Send me 📖 if I give you Wylan vibes

    Send me 🧇 if I give you Nina vibes

    Send me 🐺 if I give you Matthias vibes

    Send me ☀️ if I give you Alina vibes

    Send me 🌑 if I give you the Darkling vibes

    Send me 💅 if I give you Genya vibes

    Send me 👑 if I give you Nikolai vibes

    Send me 🌟 if I give you Mal vibes

    Feel free to add more! <3

    #i was bored #and i needed to do smth so #i did it only with my fav fandoms but you can add more #the mcu wouldve been rly large thats why i didnt add it skhsjsjs #grishaverse#soc#s&b#kotlc #keeper of the lost cities #pjo#percy jackson#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#jesper fahey#alina starkov#sophie foster#keefe sencen#marella redek #shadow and bone #six of crows #vibes #send me asks #pls #this might flop greatly
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  • me-a-mess-morelikelythanyouthink
    20.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    there’s been lots of posts made about this, but here I am, adding another one into the mix:

    the starkid fanbase is really happy to have new people on here, okay?

    we are, it’s amazing to see the fandom grow, and see Team Starkid get more popularity and recognition for what they do

    but please, don’t mis-tag things that don’t need to be tagged 

    (I know sometimes it happens, but it happens a lot in the mcyt fandom and if it doesn’t need to be tagged as starkid/starkid related don’t drown out the tag)

    respect that the boundaries of Starkid may be different from those you follow in the mcyt community

    and like- don’t be dicks? like this applies to everyone, old starkid fans, new ones.

    respect each other, because at the end of the day, we’re just here to support our favourite creators

    -Sincerely, a Starkid and DSMP fan

    #silv's back on her bs #team starkid#starkid#mcyt#dsmp#dream smp #hope this doesn't come across bad but like #guys I'm an avid fan of the dsmp I know how large our fandom is and how it can choke out other fandoms #play nice all of you
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  • doubleminor
    20.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    if i brought up some hockey challenges would people wanna participate? like by challenges i mean stuff like tag games but for content or anyone to do, for gifmaking or graphicmaking or art or writing or smth like that.

    e.x. a week challenge where it’s seven themes one for each day, or maybe a process like show before and after for a piece of work, etc. ???

    #.txt #don’t mind me i’m just thinkin #cos like u know all other fandoms have cool challenges like #weekly challenges or themed challenges or monthly challenges like edit ur favorite player or ur fave team or smth like that #i just think it’d be neat to have a thing for hockey content creators to do idk idk #but also for all hockey fans to participate in #also idk if my reach in hockeyblr is very large but maybe ? 👉👈 😳 #so maybe this won’t even work bc it reaches like negative three ppl #anyways this textpost might jsut be dumb so maybe #delete later #??? #once again invoking the if this is too dumb we all collectively pretend we didn’t see it fjdjjdjd
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  • histrionicintrovert
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    hope y'all know that when a white woman talks about a woman of color's "histrionics" that's the white supremacy talking

    #i know plenty of lovely taylor swift fans but the center of her fanbase IS white feminists #and they know that they can convince fellow white feminists to turn on women of color and trans women by weaponizing white cis womanhood #and yes this is a major problem in most large tumblr fandoms #and even moreso in political discussions
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  • maid-of-the-golden-deer
    16.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    big fandoms go:

    "why is this tag 90% not the thing i was searching for"

    #this is why medium to medium large fandoms are the best
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  • feralphoenix
    13.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    when ut fandom was collectively like “the blue soul kid is the black one bc black ballerinas/danseurs need more rep” that was pretty cool, but it took a swerve into kinda fuckt when ut fandom was ALSO collectively like “AND the blue soul kid is the mustache twirlingly evil mass murdering one and definitely did a near no mercy run bc their equipment descriptions imply they mightve fought monsters”

    not to say that there WERENT people who only went with one or the other, but a contingency sure existed that was like “these are 2 great tastes that taste great together” w/o rly thinking any deeper and im. u guys sure abt that...

    #twt may remember me talking abt this like 4 yrs ago but im just Thinking About It Again Lately #anyway this isnt to say that this CANT be done in a well-written & nuanced way #but i seem to remember it usually not being either & often coming from nonblack fans who made blue the ONLY black fallen human #and like. i do not personally portray chara as white but toby definitely did intend them to be a white character right #i think he knew what he was doing when he made Chara A White Kid the one with a higher tolerance for/willingness to enact violence #as compared to frisk whos definitely a child of color even tho they have no canon stated ethnicity #but i get the feeling this deliberate narrative choice & the nuance/implications of it went over fandoms head (see: the edgy frisk brigade) #anyway since toby seems to have put as much thought n care into this as he did the power dynamics of humans v monsters #i wish fandom at large would be a little more thoughtful too abt trying to avoid racist stereotypes
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  • peachdoxie
    02.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Do you ever feel that fandoms are like entirely obsessed with characters beyond literally everything else about a piece of fiction

    #anecdotes by peachdoxie #i feel like this is a large root of why i struggle to fit into fandoms well
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