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  • Heh, just realized that I’ve graduated from ‘there’s never more than 2 of us writing at the same time!’ to ‘there’re literally dozens of us, dozens!”

    Ah, the pain and joy of loving a niche pairing in a small fandom to loving the ‘it’ pairing in a medium fandom. Maybe eventually I’ll move into a large fandom (and promptly pick the least popular pairing, probably). 

    #small fandoms#large fandoms#pairings#00q#laviyuu #omg are there still any of my DGM peeps out writing...anything? #I'm not lamenting I'm just amusing myself #ehe
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  • How incredibly partisan the Game of Thrones fans are.  I think the hype for the season has set up the grudge match of Sansa Stark v Jon Snow all too well.  After one night, the factions are already at each other’s throats.

    Game of Thrones is probably the largest (active) fandom I’m in apart from Star Wars.  Star Wars has a hiatus now because episode 8 isn’t out for a while, but we’ll have the large online squabbles when episode 8 hits our screen.  If Finn isn’t your favourite character, if you don’t ship Finn with Rey you’re racist.  If you ship Kylo Ren with Rey you like abusive relationships.  Debates about whether Oscar Isaac is white or a man of colour … was it racist that Lupita Nyong'o was CGI character?  

    GoT and Star Wars reminds me a lot of the Harry Potter fandom in the old days.  There was a LOT of arguing.

    Most of my other fandoms are much smaller so there’s not really the luxury of having factions. People in The Expanse fandom might have favourites but there’s not really a big enough fandom to really split along character faction and then squabble and bicker.

    On iZombie, there’s a bit of hate for Peyton sometimes (or rather then romantic choices she has made) and I personally question Blaine x Liv as a ship, but again the fandom is small enough that people try to just get along even when they disagree.

    On Homeland (of which I am no longer an active member), the factions were aligned in terms of character faves and shipping preferences, but split along community lines.

    Anne with an E was divided into: “OMG I love this show” vs “Oh my god, nothing can ever compare with the Kevin Sullivan series and Anne with an E will bring about the End of Days”. There was also a small group (like me), who was like: “Actually, I like both versions for different reasons”, but no one likes a fence sitter when they’re arguing.

    I haven’t really delved into the American Gods or Castlevania fandoms much so have no idea what I’ll find there … 

    I enjoy a debate and a discussion as much as the next person, but it’s always a bit infuriating to read those blanket statements like - if you like this then it means you’re racist/sexist/bigoted …  If only it was actually so easy to sort out and identify the world’s bigots and racists :P

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  • You ever see a post where you agree with the point but not the conclusion drawn from it?

    #i am now recalling why i for the most part dont interact with the feth fandom at large #bc it is very good at creating strong opinons #and i am including myself
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  • #I'm really glad prideyear has quite the large fandom!!! #Not alot but it's still way more than I'd expect! #I mean... They even have a ship name and its fcking dope #Keep bringing the content ya'll... I'll blog all of them... Theyre just too precious #Prideyear #Maybe one day I'll make some prideyear stuff of my own! Haha just kidding...... Unless...?
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  • … one of my long inactive got ocs just woke up and im not sure whomst the fuck or why and I don’t like it

    #i dont wanna go back to the fandom dammit #its a cesspool by and large
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  • I’m at the point where my feelings about The Magnus Archives fandom (not the canon are):

    1) I’m glad it’s exploded in fannish spaces over the past year because Rusty Quill deserves more recognition

    2a) But wish it also translated into mainstream success because a cult following doesn’t pay the podcasting bills, and if we’re going to deal with the negative consequences of it becoming popular, we may as well go all in (Yes, there’s Patreon but the entire production team is still massively understaffed and everyone except Alex still has to work a day job because podcasting is not a lucrative venture)

    2b) But wish many of the new fans weren’t a) so goddamn annoying, b) antis (Yay TMA Femslash week…wait, it’s run by fucking antis? Who don’t want ~problematic characters~ portrayed? Who have somehow forgotten about all the female characters who do horrible things because this is a horror canon?), c) whining about the presence of horror and suffering in a horror canond) constantly violating creator/fan boundaries and expecting Jonny to regulate their emotional reactions to a canon they are consuming by choice (it has been a trip watching “I’m glad Jonny doesn’t write sexual horror or play on -ist/-phobic tropes because he cares about responsible writing and fan-well being” transform into “Since Jonny says he cares about fan well-being then he shouldn’t write anything that could upset me, including my favorite characters being distressed in a horror canon”), e) all of the above

    3) But also wish the fellow old fans didn’t a) whine about how annoying the new fans are all the fucking time because that’s annoying too (I have not bitched about this in months, I am ALLOWED, this is my bitching quota for the next few months), b) peddle conspiracy theories about the new fans influencing the actual canon (when there’s no indication Jonny (or Alex) are the kind of writers who do fanservice) because they don’t like certain canon elements and want to rationalize them away, c) whine about very minor romance elements in a horror canon that is still predominantly horror.

    4) But also wish – and this in particular is very much a me problem – it had stayed small because I enjoyed the vibe of a small fandom – the feeling that we were twenty people and a ball of yarn admiring this tiny gem of a show, the Little Podcast That Could, like it was a secret canon we had all to ourselves.

    #well aware this may be a me problem #which is why i dipped out of fandom at large months ago #but now that mag is on season break i need ways to entertain myself #fandom got bigger faster than i could figure out the optimal curation method for it #aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh #okay bitching hour done we now return to our regularly scheduled (re)blogging #personal
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  • image

    Welcome home Skoll!

    Ironically a lot smaller in size then I had always thought these guys would be but still pretty dang cute. Might look into replacing their beak but for now it can stay, scuffs and all.

    Better pictures hopefully soon. Weather is trash again

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  • Also friendly reminder that every time someone takes Peter’s personal character growth and somehow manages to make it to be an achievement of Tony’s

    I grow in power and gain the powers of the entity from It Follows

    #god I was looking at the post from the other day #that advocated for more mentor / trainee dynamics but #I can guarantee having seen the way fandom treats tony and peter #tumblr doesn't have the SLIGHTEST clue on how to actually DO those dynamics properly #tumblr at large I mean #;out of homework #alright back to studying 16th century new england I go
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  • #harry's life since 2010 has been jampacked #he can't be expected to remember every tiny incident #or who took which photo #when he forgot about Leeds Louies and Larries also freaked #what is writ large in fandom canon is often just a footnote for the 1d guys #all musicians grow and change #1d fans want them to be trapped in the 2014 amber forever #Pitchfork put it best about Harry #'If we're not sure what the show is' #'We know he's the man who's putting it on' #harry styles
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  • I’m trying to avoid posting spoilers (even tagged) but yes I have seen f2 and I have many thoughts about it… When yall see it hmu

    But as for my initial (very little spoilers) thoughts

    • I don’t hate kristanna anymore? I’m okay with it
    • Kristoff actually made me laugh
    • Olaf is a fucking GIFT
    • Mattias needed more screen time… I loved him SO much
    #mel irl #frozen 2 spoilers #just in case #and by yall i mean mutuals only i dont talk to the fandom at large lmao
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  • #jaime x brienne #ielatto#tbtwp #big lol if it happens off page #jaime brienne fandom is going to be largely disappointed by the book scene #honestly can't imagine the book scene being half as good as the show scene #and you all know i hate that show #none of it is going to touch fic #the best tbtwp you'll read is going to be in fic #clearing out my drafts
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  • #Tho it'll never be the same after the fandom... Did things #To be honest you have to have a very large iq to understand what 'king of shit' means...
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  • some of you guys are like really determined to make critical role impossible to enjoy these days

    #lack of interest in the plot was a large driving factor that pushed me away from cr2 #but the fandom was a large part of it too #and every time I look at the cr tag I'm reminded why
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  • Day in Fandom History: November 20…

    When Tina has a mishap that lands her in detention, Bob and Linda don’t have a babysitter for their other kids, forcing them to let Gene and Louise stay at home alone. With the house to themselves, the younger Belchers find themselves in a sticky situation, while Bob and Linda get into surprising trouble with their accountant. “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” premiered on this day, 3 Years Ago.

    #Day in Fandom History #3 Years Ago #Bob's Burgers#Bobs Burgers#Season 7#Episode 5 #Large Brother Where's Fart Thou? #Cartoon#Animation
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  • So send me characters ideas, or scenes, or even your ocs you’d like me to draw (with images please !) and I can’t promise I’ll draw everything but I’m gonna try to start over

    #things#art #if it's about fandoms please stay in fandoms i like #it's large enough cause i love a lot of sitcoms sci fi tv shows or video games #anyway try it and i'll tell you if i don't know about it
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  • can y’all believe there’s only two episodes of awae left 🥺

    #awae #anne with an e #im taking a large break from all things related to wt fock #i just need time #so now ill be posting a lot abojt other fandoms
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  • The idea of Rita giving Peter a shovel talk re: Juno is inherently superb because a) she would, 100% no doubt about it; b) he could take her in a fight in like 0.03 seconds, but; c) if there is one person in the universe who could assemble a complete criminal record of Peter Nureyev, across multiple decades and probably hundreds of aliases, it’s Rita. She’s legitimately terrifying that way.

    #penumbra podcast#peter nureyev#rita (penumbra)#jupeter #there’s only 3 fics that have this that i’ve found thus far #but i can forgive that bc the fandom really ISN’T that large #and it’s a tricky thing to sesrch
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  • #theblackfamilysheep #( ooc replies. ) #( answered. ) #( saved. ) #i stopped counting how many fandoms i'm in so it's large upon that point true lol #THANK YOU VERY MUCH #since yeah i really care a lot about all of them and want them to shine !!! #so i'm glad if the goal is made and confirmed :)))
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  • image
    #additionally id make a pokemon muse #but the fandom is so large its #so intimidating #i love pokemon so much but #that amount of people kinda scares me #and i wouldn;t know where to start #ooc #im sorry ill find somewhere else to cry about pokemon
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