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  • Last week I joined @lastfrontiermagazine and @regal_air on a flight seeing x bear viewing tour down to the Lake Clark National Park & Preserve. We are started the process of developing some content for a future article and story in the Last Frontier Magazine. I have been itching to go on one of those tours ever since I got down here. So I jumped at the occasion. Here are just a few shots of the 15 or so bears we got to see and walk right past us!

    #alaska #natgeotravel #regalair #alaskastories #lastfrontiermagazine (at Lake Clark National Park & Preserve)

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  • A couple weeks ago my buddy @jussiruottinenphotography and saw that this glacier lake was filled up and the best it has been since previous years. @cryophotos was out there ice climbing and pack rafting the week before getting some epic shots! We know these lakes can drain pretty fast, 4 feet a week based off his photos and what we saw and when we were there and not even sure it still exists today 🤷🏼‍♂️. So we decided to take the challenge and carried one of my inflatable @bodyglove PaddleBoards and some gear (50lbs in total) 3 miles out to try and find this amazing place. After a 1 mile back track from going the wrong way, we finally found the route and set eyes on the most beautiful glacier lake I have ever seen. Paddleboarding here was the definitely the most surreal moments I have had in Alaska!

    #alaska #bodyglove #alaskastories #lastfrontiermagazine #natgeotravel (at Alaska)

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