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  • Okay okay but like… Think about this for a minute…

    What if snails are actually an ancient aftermath of a hermit crab that accidentally fucked a slug…

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  • Hi random rant about bleh.

    So I’ve noticed lately that my focus hasn’t been the best and I’ve been really restless too. I started digging and a few cites I looked at were mentioning ADHD. And I was thinking hey that’s plausible considering ALL of my siblings have it in some shape or form (younger sister only has tendencies as far as I know) my dad was formally diagnosed, and I show a lot of symptoms from a lot of credible resources. But, whenever I bring it up to my mom all she says is “You’re fine.” and for some reason that bothers me??? Like a lot??? I’m an adult I can make an appointment for it on my own, but my mom brushing it off like that just bothers me and I’m not quite sure why. (Tumblr psychologists of the void can you explain that?) Anyway, it did seems to be hindering my schooling in the last two years but now that I’ve graduated and I’m going to be working I wanna know if it’s even worth it to get diagnosed officially.

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  • It’s not in my lowest moments. No, it’s in my highest times. When everything is going right. When my heart is at its warmest. When nothing seems impossible. It’s in those soon to become memories, that I find myself missing you the most. I can’t say your presence would make things better. I just know that I hate your absence…

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  • Anyone else ever feel like we are so ugly and awkward looking that no matter how much weight we lose we’ll always be weird and gross looking?

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  • image

    I feel really bitter. And really alone

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  • Late Night Thoughts XII

    Is it better

    To love

    To hard

    To heavy

    Or is it better

    To love

    Not at all

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  • “of color” is lowkey offensive af

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  • I would like to think that you are viewing me right now in the same way our ancestors of the past viewed the color blue.

    The human eye technically cannot perceive the color, just as you cannot perceive all that I do.

    I have hope though…

    The Egyptians soon started using blue dyes and it is thought this is when humans could conceptualize blue.

    I’m not at my dying state yet. I hope you’ll see me…

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  • I work tomorrow (Thursday) and Saturday then I’m 100% done with working in Sacramento! I get to see my baby real soon and I can’t wait, I miss them so damn much it’s crazy. I’m happy Karl wants to start a life with me and Dahlias, we’re gonna be the cutest family ever.

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  • I was in the shower earlier today when I had some really dark thoughts.

    I don’t know why they just over come my mind. It’s all gray and hard to see through it. It’s a cloud. A blur.

    Then I have to stop and think of all the amazing things that I have in my life.

    My wonderful father. Although we have our days, he’s been my number one supporter since day 1! I wish I could do more for him but nothing has been working.

    My wonderful friends. They’re my family. At this point, I don’t have any biological family in my life but my father therefore their def my family. Been my number 1 supporters from all around and afar.

    My wonderful husband. I’m thankful for him. He’s wonderful and legit the most caring person I ever met. Although he’s a across the world serving the country, I’m holding it down and handling it here.

    Everyone is amazing 🖤

    It’s stressful to do everything physically alone. It sucks not having many people around to if me when I need one or just be there for me to cry too.

    In the end, tomorrow is a new day and it’s going to be..

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  • I don’t think a lot of my friends or acquaintances *truly* like me and that I actually annoy them more than I think. Time to duck off.

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  • i’ve changed. i’m happier. but i still find myself thinking ab you and what could’ve been. i don’t get why you’re always on my mind

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  • It was night again. That was weird. For her, the days always slithered by, while the nights lingered.
    They were strange, these nights where she sat in her chair, music blasting in her ears, the cold air seeping trough the window she always left open for no reason. She would sit with her sketch book in her hand, making lines and circles and connecting them until she would fill the little book with people she would never meet. Sometimes she sat on the table so her head could be at the same level her window was, and she would watch the traffic on the highway, wondering how could so many people go by every night, the cars and trucks and motorcycles going fast, zipping through without a thought about the people they were passing by.
    That’s when it hit her, how big the world was. Filled to the brink with people and stories and places and things and highways, most of which she would never meet. Then she would look up to the sky to try and see the stars, even though most nights she wouldn’t see any because the pollution and lights that came from the city hid the stars from her. But she would still think about how each star was a sun with planets and maybe life and maybe people she would never meet and places she wouldn’t see and then she couldn’t breathe because she was so small and nothing actually mattered and what was the point and what was she doing there and how could life be worth it and how could people go by in a world like that and she would look at the houses beyond the highway and some days she saw people and she calmed down, because that reminded her she wasn’t alone and everyone was as small as her and maybe it wasn’t so bad.
    Then she would curse her brain and her neurons and the chemicals inside her for making her think that and -oh my god what is a thought and how does she knows she exists and it isn’t possible everyone has thought like these all the time and still keep going on with theirs lives without having a breakdown.
    But for real, she says to herself she isn’t a special little snowflake that has a fucked up brains and everyone must feel like this for sure, we’re all humans aren’t we? But then why isn’t everybody talking abut this and she needs to talk to someone but it’s three in the morning and everyone is asleep, but surely someone must be awake but she doesn’t wanna bother. So she would turn off the music and her phone and lay down in her bead trying to let these thoughts go but they wouldn’t go, so she turn on her phone and put on music and sang the songs without paying attention to the lyrics until her body was as tired a it could get and she would fall asleep.

    Then she would wake up and she would wish she was still asleep so she wouldn1t have to think, and she would fill her days so her mind would be numb and she wouldn’t break down, but then the day slithered by and it was night again and the thoughts came with full force and there would go everything again. But then one day the sketches stopped working and the music stopped working and the people didn’t matter and there was no point so she went to sleep and didn’t wake and didn’t have thoughts in her head.

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  • Why can I sleep during the day, but when night hits, I’m wide awake.


    Originally posted by jupiter2

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  • 9 days until I go pick up Karl, it’s not soon enough. I work today then Monday-Thursday and my final day is on the 20th (only a week from now.) I actually really like my job and I’m sad to leave but at the same time management was getting dumb and I really should not be responsible for a cash drawer. I hope to find something satisfying after the move, anything that won’t drive me insane is fine with me tbh. I’m going to enjoy taking a couple weeks freedom just to bond with them before getting back to work solidly. I think I can make extra cash by tattooing and selling edibles like before. It’s become hard to focus on anything but Karl and finally touching them again.

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    Sometimes you just gotta say Hakuna Matata and go with it

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  • I just want my character foils to be friends🥺

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