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    Historical Romance Review: Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers

    Historical Romance Review: Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers

    Sweet Savage Love, Rosemary Rogers, Avon, 1974, cover artist unknown SPOILER ALERT ⚠ 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4 out of 5. Reviewed by Introvert Reader Sweet Savage Love, The (Other) Mother of Romance Ooh boy, where to begin with this review? Sweet Savage Love by the great Rosemary Rogers is–along with Kathleen E. Woodiwiss‘ The Flame and the Flower–the blockbuster historical that launched a…

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    Christian Arciga

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    Alfredo Ortiz

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    Maybe one day If they invent beard weave or pieces for peach fuzzed mens 😭🤷🏻‍♂️😑🥴

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    Juan Pablo

    #juan pablo meneses #male#model#latino#boys
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    This shouldn’t piss me off but it does

    #this is my school district profile btw #my moms last name is SIERRA #sounds pretty LATINO to me
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    Carlos Erich

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    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    they are legitimately the same type of character. comic relief clown energy but with a secret sad backstory. would do absolutely anything for their families. tragically misunderstood by their loved ones. kinda pathetic but most of all sympathetic

    #also short kings #anyway i'm pushing my latino simon agenda with this #encanto#adventure time
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    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
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    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Momento emotivo de madre e hija :'(


    Nota final: La última y me voy! Ahora sí me retiro temporalmente, más información en el post 📌 o con el "#Feel Free To Ask Something"

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    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    ¡La doble de Luz!


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    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #league of legends español #league of legends español latino #league of legends español gameplay #lea
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    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #i know encanto is good but i cannot watch disney movies anymore #congrats to latinos getting a story about them tho like hell yeah!!!
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    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    You know that your country is doing it terribly wrong when a bunch of latinos need to put you in your place about “whitewashing” Encanto.

    #Ripples in the Sand /* (OOC.) #I’m so tired #so so tired #of first-world people assuming shit about what means being latino #we're like #+30 differenr countries in América Latina I man what the actual fuck #and yes #latinos with white skin exiST #(tw: rant.) #(tw: vent.) #(tw: politics.) #(tw: i'm mad.)
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    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i know a million girls & guys out there would suck corpse’s cock no problem, but i go to bed thinking about his condition & i hope that he’s getting the love he deserves. i would mouth love corpse if it meant he felt right in the world. i get sad for him a lot & he’s too good for that.

    nonsense aside, i’m sorry i haven’t been active. i keep saying “THIS IS IT! THIS TIME I’LL be devoted!” & i suck at it. but thanks for all the likes & reblogs all things! (✿◠‿◠)

    popping on when i can. surprise! here’s a selfie.

    bleached hair the other day. needs to be toned properly so i can pretend i’m draco’s mommy

    // do not reblog or save please & thank you //

    #face reveal #!delete this puppy #narcissa malfoy#mouth love #they said it on adventure time #& now it’s something i say #also woof#corpse#corpse husband #my curly haired latino i pray for you #& i hope you feel special
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    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Under this damn contract

    Summary: Ariadna was just your average college student that suddenly found herself in a tight situation: she woke up inside her favorite novel! Well, isn’t that nice~? WRONG! She reincarnated as a support character whose fate is to end up dead, victim of the novel’s villain Kino, who’s thirst for blood and power makes him extremely dangerous! Right now, she’s two years ahead from the tragedy so Ariadna’s only choice is to find a way to survive. Ari must do anything in her power in order to avoid the destiny that was given to her. The question now is: will she make it?

    Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, […]

    Chapter 4:

    Mun Ari: First things first! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all health and for you to achieve your purposes! I want to apologize for the long wait, but since I want you all to enjoy my writing I won’t get satisfied with bad written chapters! I won’t lie, but these past weeks were quite hard for me regarding personal businesses ;-; HOWEVER! I’m back with this chapter and I hope you like it!!

    Anyway, enjoy~

    Warning: mention of animal hunting, theats and anxiety.

    That night Ari barely slept as she couldn’t help but overthink about last night’s event. She had hoped for all to be a nightmare, but she knew it was real. She wanted to stay in bed and wait for their trip back to Iberitia. However, at 12 pm the haunting exhibition was taking place and she had to attend. Until then… Ari wanted to stay in bed and take things easy. However, the universe had other plans, as Mia entered the room in a hurry.

    “My lady!! You received a present!” she exclaimed.

    Ari looked at her puzzled, but soon Mia brought her a flower bouquet with a small letter on top. Ari took it and read:

    “Lady Ariadna: It was enjoyable last night and it was of great honor to have danced with you. Although I’m worried for your well being, as people said you left quite in a hurry. Are you ok? I was wondering if you could join me for breakfast, so we could have a nice chat. I’ll be at the Diamond Hotel’s restaurant. Hope you could join me.


    Prince Isaac.”

    “What does it say, my lady?” Mia asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

    “I was invited over for breakfast by Prince Isaac”.

    “Oh! Is it someone you met yesterday?”


    “In that case, let me help you get ready, my lady!”

    “M-Mia I…”

    “You should go, my lady! He must have really liked you if he looked for you and invited you for breakfast!!”

    Ari couldn’t help, but blush a little. That certainly meant he was interested in her… it was an unknown experience for her, but couldn’t help thinking it was an unnecessary one. As much as she wanted to refuse, she couldn’t say no to Mia’s excitement.

    After a while, Ari was ready to meet prince Isaac. She made her way to the Diamond Hotel and made her way to the restaurant.

    At a table, Isaac was waiting for her and stood up to greet her.

    “I’m happy you decided to join me, Lady Ariadna”.

    “The pleasure is all mine,” Ari said as she greeted him.

    They sat and soon enjoyed their food. The conversations went on and on and Ari got to know him better. As she was enjoying her tea, suddenly there was a change in the triviality of the conversations so far.

    “Say Ari… I was wondering the reason why you left early yesterday”.

    Ari tensed slightly at his question, her mind suddenly remembering her traumatic encounter with Kino.

    “I-I suddenly felt dizzy, so in order to not cause a scene I decided to leave” she lied.

    “Oh, I see” he replied with concern in his voice “Are you feeling better now?”

    “Yes, thank you for asking”.

    “I’m glad” he took a sip of his tea and continued “To be honest, I was worried about your well being my lady”.

    “Oh, why is that?”

    “I just thought…you know…” Isaac seemed to think whenever he should continue.

    “It’s ok your highness, you may ask” Ari tried to reassure him to continue.

    “I simply had the thought you may have had to leave… due to last night’s encounter with that mysterious man at the ball”.

    Ariadna was impressed with Isaac’s deduction, he had guessed correctly. However, Ari thought it was better to keep Isaac away from it and not to make him worry unnecessarily.

    “Not at all, he mustn't have known it was me who alerted the guards. My guard told me everything was kept a secret”. Ari smiled at him, trying to convince him not to ask any further.

    He looked at her with suspicion, yet he finally smiled.

    “If you insist, then I’m glad it didn’t have to do with it”.

    “Why was the reason you had that suspicion, your highness?”

    “The fact I’m a prince sometimes brings trouble to everyone around me” Isaac said with a sigh “Especially considering that I’m a prince from a land far away. Just having people around me, may turn them into targets from people that seek to harm me”.

    Ari was moved by his preoccupations.

    “You don’t have to worry, your highness. Although I appreciate your concerns, I’m not an indefense lady as I may seem! Besides, I’m always accompanied by Sir Twain! So please worry not!”

    Isaac seemed surprised by her answer and he laughed.

    “Your incredible Lady Ariadna. If you insist, I’ll believe in your words”.

    Ari blushed at his words, but mostly by his laugh. It was as sweet and warm as the sunshine. He truly was a prince like those she had read or seen in her previous life.

    “Let’s change the topic, shall we?” Ari suggested “Tell me about your home”.

    “Well: my kingdom, the kingdom of the north, is a vast land that is prosperous. My father, the king, works diligently to provide peace and wealth to our people. Our climate isn’t the ideal for vegetation to grow, however we focus on the production of minerals. We have an abundance of mineral resources we use as trade for other resources we need in order to survive”.

    Ari listened as he spoke about his land, it was clear he deeply cared for it and so spoke fondly of it.

    “I see… but I was wondering what you meant last night when you mentioned it was the first time you went out of your land” Ari asked.

    “To be honest, the workload it’s hard. Especially considering the fact it is only my father and me working to provide for our kingdom”.

    Ari was confused. As far as she knew, the workload was divided between every single member of the royal family. The king was in charge of everything, but would receive the help of his queen regarding certain matters such as receiving guests, held parties and some sort of community services. The queen would mostly work as the public image of the royal family. Once the king and queen have heirs, either princes or princesses, they’ll be in charge of small tasks in order to help and learn to manage the kingdom until they're old enough to take over the throne.

    Isaac must have noticed Ari’s confusion and spoke.

    “I know it must be confusing, yet the reason it is this way is because there is no queen. Therefore, I have to take care of both the queen’s responsibilities and mine as the prince”

    “N-No queen?”

    “The queen, my mother…passed away when I was only a child”.

    Ari opened her eyes in surprise.

    “I-I’m so sorry to hear that…” she could only manage to say.

    “It’s ok, it happened a long time ago” he said as he smiled at her to reassure her “It was an accident. We were on an official visit to the furthest mine of our kingdom and there was an avalanche. In order to protect me, my mother used her body as a shield and sadly she passed away”.

    Ari didn’t know what to say.

    “I’m so sorry for your loss,” Ari said with sadness.

    “Thanks to that accident, my father became overprotective of me. He refused to accompany him to any visit within the kingdom, even less to other kingdoms. He was afraid I could be in danger once again. So I spent most of my life in the castle studying or working in order to fill the duties of my mother and help my father as well. I was able to come since my father has decided that I’ll be crowned king soon and so I need to form alliances with other kingdoms”.

    “I see…”

    “You can guess my surprise when I arrived and that with the few people I spoke to barely knew about the existence of my kingdom. It makes sense since we don’t open our frontiers that easily and we mostly trade for the basic resources we may need” Isaac replied in a mocking tone “I guess I have a lot of work to do and it isn’t going to be easy since I discover I’m not good at socializing. I even got in trouble the first night!”

    Ari couldn’t help laughing at his words. It certainly had to be expected after not socializing with the outside world for most of his life. Yet he seemed optimistic and for that Ari admired him.

    “It wasn’t your fault you got in trouble, your highness. That man could have simply been looking for trouble” Ari said.

    “I still think he was confusing me with someone else. After all, it was the first time I got out of my kingdom. Don’t know what he was looking for when he started a fight with me”.

    Ari giggled, but her mind was working as he spoke.

    (This is all so weird… For what reason would Kino try to pick a fight with Isaac? Besides… I can't find an explanation for Kino to use Isaac’s title as he presented himself in the novel. This is getting more complicated… could it be that I don't remember some details from the original novel that is making me this confused?) Ari thought.

    “Oh! Would you look at the time!” Isaac then spoke, interrupting Ari’s thoughts. “The hunting exhibition will start soon. We must leave to get ready”.

    “You are right! Well then, I must take my leave” Ari said as she stood up.

    Isaac walked towards her and took her hand, leaving a kiss on the back of her hand. Ari blushed at Isaac’s action.

    “See you later, my lady” Isaac said as he bowed and accompanied Ari to the hotel’s exit.

    Ari took her carriage, making her way to her own hotel to get ready for the exhibition as well. A small blush and smile decorating her face.

    (He’s such a prince… I’ve never encountered something like this in my life, nor in the previous one! It is like those fairytales) Ari thought.

    They finally arrived at her hotel and as she was making her way to her room…

    “I’m sorry my lady, but I have to check some details regarding the haunting exhibition” Sir Twain explained to Ari.

    “It’s ok Sir Twain, go ahead. I’ll go to my room myself”.

    As Ari was walking to her room, she was still happy about the breakfast she had just enjoyed with prince Isaac. Maybe attending wasn’t that bad after all… she had to thank Mia’s insistence once she arrived at her room.

    “Lady Ariadna?” Ari suddenly heard her name.

    When she looked towards the direction of the voice, she found a hooded figure standing in the middle of the corridor, blocking her way. Judging by the appearance, it looked like a male to her.

    “May I help you?” Ari asked cautiously.

    “I would like to kindly ask you to accompany me, lady Ariadna” he answered, his voice monotonous and hardly showing what he might be thinking “My master wishes to see you”.

    Ari felt her alarms turning on, as a sign of danger.

    “I-I rather n-not. I-I’m quite in a hurry” Ari tried to sound relaxed, but her nerves were betraying her.

    “I’m afraid I can’t accept a no for an answer, ma'am” the hooded man replied.

    Ari’s instincts were telling her to get away and find Sir Twain fast. Yet when she was about to activate her pen, the hooded man spoke once again.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you ma'am”.

    As Ariadna was to ask, she realized she was suddenly surrounded by other hooded figures with no way to escape. To make things worse, Ari noticed the hooded man had that same black aura she had seen on Kino last night. Ari could feel those men were powerful and it was better not to call Sir Twain as he could be at a disadvantage.

    “We don’t want to resort to force ma'am, so please don't resist and come with us. It won’t take long, I promise”.

    Ari didn’t trust that man, yet she had no option but to obey and hope they wouldn’t hurt her.

    She nodded and then she followed him. As they arrived at a hall and came to a stop in one door by the end of it. The man knocked and soon opened the door. Ari followed him inside and as soon as she entered the door closed leaving the rest of the men outside. The room was slightly dark considering it was daylight and by the center there was a table. And seated by the table no other than Kino himself. Although he was wearing a simple and casual outfit, it didn’t take away that impusing and dangerous aura Ari felt each time he was in his presence. He was focused on a book in his hand, but as he raised his eyes from it, his expression changed. He looked like a beast that placed his eyes on a prey… and the prey was her. Ariadna wanted to leave, she felt frightened and trapped being in the same room as him… and by herself to make it worse. She felt the air was thick and she couldn’t breath… heck, she couldn’t even move. She was at his mercy… of all the dangers of that world, it had to be him.

    “Took you some time to arrive” Kino said as he smiled mockingly.

    “W-Why y-you–!?”

    “I told you, didn’t I?” Kino interrupted her “That yesturday wouldn’t be the last time you’d heard about me~"

    Ari gulped. To think he would find her so soon was frightening and she felt even more scared.

    “Have a seat. Now that your guard isn’t here we can talk, don’t you agree?”

    Ariadna wanted to refuse, to demand him to let her go. To tell him she didn’t want to talk to him.

    “I hate when people make me repeat myself” the cheerful tone he had used a moment ago changed into a cold one. Ari knew she shouldn’t test his patience and so she forced herself to take a seat.

    As she did so, the hooded man served them a cup of tea. Ari looked at it and refused to take a sip.

    “You’ve got some nerve to decline the tea I offer you,” Kino told her, looking at her with anger.

    “I-I’m not thirsty” she replied. “B-Besides! I would like to know why you brought me here”.

    “Well then” Kino said as he left his cup on the table. He then looked at her with fierce anger in his eyes and Ari trembled afraid. “I want to know what exactly you saw yesterday at the ball”.

    Ari should have known, now she was truly in danger.

    “I-I already told you! I don’t know what you are talking about!”

    “If there is something I hate the most are liars” he replied in a dangerous tone “I know you were the one that alerted the guards. I even gave you the proof with that brazalet you stupidly left behind in the scene”.

    Ari wanted to continue denying it, yet she felt the more she tried to the more he would get angry and god knew what he was capable of doing.

    “I-If you already knew that I was there, then…”

    “I want to know just how much you heard of my conversation with that prince”.

    “I d-didn’t hear anything. J-Just by the tone of the voices was enough to know it was a fight”.

    “You don’t expect me to believe that bland lie, do you?”

    Ari didn’t know what else to say in that situation. Her life was in danger and she didn’t have any escape.

    “I just heard y-you wanted him to help you in something… t-that’s all!”

    “Really~? Why is it that I don’t believe you~?”

    “I-I’m telling you the truth!”

    Kino made an exasperated movement with his hand.

    “You must have heard something else, otherwise I can’t explain why you would call the guards so urgently…not to mention they order us to allow them to inspect us” Kino then opened his eyes in realization and looked at her suspiciously “Maybe I should change my words: I want to know what you SAW”.

    Ari trembled, but there was no escaping.

    “I thought I saw a d-dagger…I simply was afraid you were a-armed and could harm that gentleman”.

    “Now we’re talking~" Kino exclaimed, clearly satisfied she was cooperating. “What else?”

    “N-Nothing else!”

    “You’re simply desperating!” Kino rose from his seat and got closer to Ariadna. She tried to escape his grasp, but it was in vain as he forced her to stand up by grabbing her by her arm.

    “L-Let me go! Y-You’re hurting me!” Ari tried to get away, but he was stronger than her.

    “You saw something else! Or heard something else! TELL ME!”


    Kino let her arm go and sighed exasperated. Ari’s fett failed her and ended up on the floor. She was petrified with fear, she was also at the verge of tears. Yet she knew she had to be strong, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to think straight in this situation of danger. Kino wasn’t looking at her, he seemed to be lost in thought.

    “Now, what am I going to do with you?”

    “W-What do you mean?”

    “There weren't supposed to be any witnesses when I chose that balcony” Kino sighed “yet here you are”.

    “I-It wasn’t my intention!”

    “What to do~? You ruin my plan to kill that prince~"


    “Exactly: I wanted to kill that pathetic prince, but you had to save him~ It infuriates me just thinking about it~” Kino might have been smiling, but his gaze was cold.

    Ari then understood. The reason why Isaac’s character didn’t ring a bell to her: he didn't appear in the novel, because Kino got rid of him before the whole incident! The reason why Kino presented himself as the prince of the north kingdom in the original story was because he stole Isaac’s identity. Ari felt her blood run cold, it made all sense now. Now she was more afraid of Kino than before: just how much he was capable of doing.

    “That’s unfortunate…I mean for you that is” Kino interrupted her thoughts “With your interference everything is ruined and someone has to pay the price~”.


    “It was thanks to you that my plan was ruined and now I have to fix the mess you caused”.

    (What is he trying to tell me? I don’t know what to do anymore!) Ari was trying to come with a way to get away from him, to survive since she literally know what he was capable to do.

    “Tell me: what are you going to do to fix this?” “I-I! I-I swear I won’t tell a soul! I-It will be as if I never saw what I did last night! Y-You can trust me sir!”

    “That’s not enough” he replied exasperated “I can’t trust you after last night’s event. You went running to alert the guards. Just how I’m supposed to trust your promise?”

    Kino advanced until he stood in front of her. She then felt he took her chin and forced her to look at him. He was kneeled with only one knee to stabilize himself, but even in that position he looked huge for Ari’s eye. Then Ari saw them: Kino’s scarlet eyes. Just as she had seen them in that nightmare she had the first night she woke up as Ariadna. How they looked at her from above, lifeless with a sadistic smirk on his lips. They looked at her the same way that horrible night, the prediction of what was going to happen in a not so distant future.

    “I like this look you're giving me~!” Kino spoke as a cruel smile appeared on his face “It fits a sneaky rat like you”.

    Ari could feel the tears filling her eyes reflected on his eyes. She can feel the fear running through her body and how she trembled.

    “Since things have come this way, I guess it can’t be helped~” Kino shrugged.

    He let go of her chin and stood up. Ari took a gasp of air, until that moment she noticed she had stopped briefly breathing.

    “Instead of killing you here and now, I’ll make you pay for your mistake with work”.


    “Yes, put it simply: you’ll work for me. I want you to prove to me your life is worth saving by helping me”.

    “S-Something like that!”

    “Of course I won’t accept a no for answer~ I don’t have to remind you you don’t have a say in this” he looked at her menacing, his eyes seemed to glow in warning.

    Ari felt trapped.

    “I’m quite merciful, you see. I’ll allow you to choose between living or dying~"


    “I don’t have problem killing you and everyone that came with you to this event”

    “N-No! Don’t get them involved in this!”

    “Why no? You got them involve the moment you ruined my plan~"

    Ari whined at his words. She was understanding where he was trying to get. He wanted to make sure she won’t have a way to refuse to help him by putting her and everyone else's lives as guarantee. As some sort of a twisted insurance. Ari had no way to refuse.

    “P-Please spare their lives… I beg you” Ari said in a defeated voice as her head bowed in submission. “I’ll help you in whatever you need”.

    Ari heard as he let a cruel laugh escape his lips. Ari’s fists grabbed into her skirt hard that they turned white.

    “Wonderful! You aren’t as stupid as you seemed!” Kino exclaimed.

    Ari couldn’t felt more humiliated and frustrated ass she had fall right into the claws of his predator.

    “Have a sit” Kino told her and Ari stood and sat again by the table “As I still doubt your words and just by you promising you’ll help I can’t assure you won’t betray me… I prepared a little something~. Yuri, bring it”.

    Yuri, the hooded man that had brought Ari to Kino, walked by Kino’s side and gave him a rolled parchment.

    “I made this contract in order for me to make sure you’ll do as we established”

    Ari scuffed internally.

    (‘We established’! I had no say in this! Yet… he had planned in advance a way for me to be unable to refuse) she thought.

    As Ari looked at the piece of paper, she understood it was actually a contract. With just a few terms, which Ari read quickly, it basically established Ari had to help him in any plan he came up with and to obey him. Otherwise, not just her life, but every single life of the people that accompanied her to the debut event will be taken. She also couldn’t tell a soul about this contract otherwise the price would be the blood of the same people stated above. Ari felt anger as she read them and even more knowing she couldn’t say no to them. She fell exactly to where he wanted her.

    “What are you waiting for? Is not like you can do anything~" Kino made fun of her.

    Ari knew it… she knew there was no escaping this. If she had only known she was getting into this by saving Isaac from Kino…

    Ari stopped those thoughts, even if she had known: would she have been able to turn a blind eye on the previous night’s event? Knowing what could have happened to Isaac? Will she have been able to live with the weight of knowing Isaac was killed because she didn’t make anything for him? Just to save her life? No… she couldn’t.

    Ari took the pen next to the contract and finally signed it. As she finished, she had to swallow her tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks. She wouldn’t give Kino the pleasure to see how much he had affected her.

    “It’s settled then~" Kino said in a cheerful voice, clearly making fun of Ari’s situation “Now~ you need to get ready”

    “Get ready? For what?”

    “Isn’t it obvious? The hunting exhibition will start in an hour”


    “We all have to attend, right? It will be the perfect opportunity~"

    “Opportunity? F-For what?”

    “To start with the new plan I already thought of”.

    “What kind of plan?”

    “Aren’t you quite eager~? Don’t worry, you’ll know it soon. I just need you to follow my lead and give the best performance you can. You need to act accordingly and for your performance to be credible~ Easy, right?”

    “I’m not understanding–”

    “You’ll find out soon~. Now leave and get ready: Yuri will guide you outside”

    Yuri bowed and urged Ari to stand and follow him.

    (That’s it? He won’t tell me any more information? How am I supposed to help him? What is he planning?) Ari thought as she was leaving.

    “OH! And remember not to tell anyone about this, ok? Otherwise you know what will happen, right?” Kino exclaimed as he looked at her from his seat.

    Ari gulped as his eyes were anything but friendly. They held a dangerous warning and Ari felt a goosebump running all over her body.

    Just like a wolf that had trapped a bunny, Ari had just dug her own grave by signing a contract with the devil himself.

    The Soltig Forest, that was the name of the nearest forest from the imperial city. It was the favorite forest for the imperial family itself and so it was the place where the hunting exhibition has been taking place for the last 50 years. Not just by the closeness to the capital, but it was also well known to possess a great variety of species.

    The hunting exhibition had a handful of rules in order to fill its purpose. For instance, the hunting exhibition had the goal to work as a means of conquest. It was an event meant to allow the participants to show their abilities to guide, plan a strategy, resistance, strength as well as ability with a number of weapons in order to get an attractive prey. The variety of prey were divided according to their size and rarity: the bigger and rarere the prey, the more points it’ll give the hunter and therefore the position of the winner. Once the prey was evaluated, it was the tradition to offer the prey to whom you had feelings. As a result of the offering, the lady or gentleman to receive the winner’s prey they’ll turn into the mistress or gentleman of the exhibition and they both receive a banquet in their honor. It was said to be an event for those forming couples that first interacted with each other the night before at the ball.

    Ariadna wasn’t interested in the slightest, even less with her situation in hand. She arrived in her room pale as a ghost and both Mia and Sir Twain feared she had fallen ill. They had been dead worried as to where Ariadna had gone after she parted ways with Sir Twain. Ariadna had a hard time convincing them she simply got lost and the paleness was due to the tiredness it meant. Although they tried to convince her to skip the hunting exhibiont, Ari had no option to attendt as Kino had instructed her to. As much as she would have loved to stay in bed until their departure that was scheduled that same evening.

    Sadly, she didn’t want to test Kino’s limits and so there she was: wearing a white lace dress with tiny daisies decorating it. As lovely as she had looked, her face was still pale as Ari was struggling with the anxiety that was menacing her to eat her from the inside. She didn’t know what Kino was planning exactly and she had no idea what she was supposed to do with such imprecise instructions he had given her. As Ari was lost in thought, she heard someone calling out for her.

    “Lady Ariadna!”

    Ari turned around and found that the source of the voice was Naomi. She was making her way across the sea of people that slowly stepped aside as she moved through.

    “Your Grace” Ari greeted her with a light bow.

    “Oh please don’t act too formal with me! Even if we are in public, we are friends, aren’t we?” Naomi exclaimed in an exasperated tone.

    “I know~ I was just teasing” Ari said in an attempt for Naomi not to notice her state.

    “What a nice weather we have today. Perfect for a hunt, don’t you think?”

    “I agree. It’s lovely, although I wouldn’t know if it's perfect for a hunt specifically as I’ve never hunt before”.

    “Really? It isn’t something out of this world and is quite tiring if you ask me”.

    “I see, then I’m glad I decided not to participate even if I had a little curiosity to try it”.

    “Next season, let’s hunt together then” Naomi finally looked at her and her expression soon turned that one of worry. “Ari dear, are you ok?”

    “O-Oh! Yes! It's just that I barely slept last night, that’s all”.

    “You look quite worried and pale, let me invite you to my tent for you to rest”.

    Naomi turned around and gave some instructions to her staff. Ari felt guilty she couldn’t hide her condition from her friend, she had to make what was on her hands to keep Naomi out of this trouble. As she looked around on the exit area, at the other side of the tent area, she managed to see as Kino was giving out instructions to a buttler next to him. He must have sensed someone watching him and crossed glances with Ariadna. He smirked at her and she felt chills running down her spine, so she quickly turned away.

    “Come this way Ari” Noami indicated to her and guided her to her private tent.

    As they got inside, Ari felt somehow at ease being out of kino’s sight. Soon they heard the sound of a gun, marking the beginning of the competition and the multiple sounds of horses and hounds as they started their hunt. Ari sat down by a table where Naomi was already seated. A servant placed some desserts and a steamy teapot. It felt somehow like their outings back in Sutzig city.

    “This feels nostalgic, don’t you think?” Noami spoke as had her cup filled with the hot tea.

    “I was thinking the same way” Ari smiled as she also had her cup filled.

    Once it was full, she took it between her hands. Somehow the warmth of the liquid made her feel at ease and heated the coldness inside her. She could still feel the cold stare Kino had given her back in his hotel room, she felt like a glazier inside her heart.

    “Is everything really ok Ari? I’ve noticed you’ve been quite anxious since I found you minutes ago” Naomi mentioned with concern.

    “Actually…” Ari said as she set her teacup on its plate “I have a stomach ache”.

    “How’s your appetite?”

    “Until morning, it was fine”.

    “Maybe something in your breakfast wasn’t good”.

    “I think it has to do with my insomnia”.

    “That can be too… but is that really that? Isn’t something else bothering you?”

    How much Ari wished she could tell Naomi about the problem she got herself into… but she knew better than to involve Naomi as she could end up hurt.

    “Yes, that’s it” Ari simply smiled and she could notice how Naomi seemed like she wanted to insist, but decided not to. Which Ari thanked internally.

    “Fine, I won’t insist on this matter. However, now that I remember… you left early yesterday. May I know the reason?”

    Ari felt relief one second and tensed again the next one. Another hard question to answer.

    “I felt overwhelmed and dizzy and I decided to leave” she simply repeated the lie she had told Isaac in the morning.

    “This hasn’t been an ideal dream, hasn’t it?” Naomi joked and Ari smiled awkwardly

    (If she knew…) Ari thought as she took another sip of her tea.

    “Maybe the air is not as fresh as in Sutzig city or Iberitia if I had to guess”.

    “You’re right. Is such a big city and is not my ideal type of scenery”.

    “I agree. Then, let's talk about something else”.

    “I would like that”.

    “I felt quite disappointed I didn’t get to see yesterday night. I thought you had left, because you felt lonely that I wasn’t there” Naomi giggled and continued with her mocking tone.

    “I’m sorry I left without spending time with you” Ari apologized “Although… Why did you arrive so late if I may ask?”

    Naomi drank some of her tea and when she finished, she sighed.

    “The truth is that I had the intention to arrive at the beginning like the rest. However, some urgent matters required my attention”.

    “I hope everything turned out well”.

    “You won’t inquire a little more? Aren’t you curious?”

    “I am… but it must be something confidential, is it not?”

    Naomi smiled, pleased.

    “Technically yes, but I trust you will keep the secret”.

    Ari’s eyes wided and a warm smile spread across her face.

    “The thing is, that the situation in the north isn’t good”.

    Ari paid a lot of attention. There were many things she still didn’t know about the world she was living and every bit of information could be helpful to her.

    “Lately, there’s been more activity coming from the forbidden forest. It has come to a point my people had to take more measures and reinforcements into the barrier”.

    “What sort of activity?”

    “Black mana. There has been an increase in the presence of it coming from the forest. It is always there, but is kept in line thanks to the border barriers” Naomi explained as she left a tired sighed “Nevertheless, in the past days it seems like the magic barrier is getting weaker at times and the black mana is using this as an opportunity to try to tear it down and get access into our kingdom… something never seen before in the past 100 years”.

    Ariadna was still new to all the dynamics of the Mekai since the novel didn’t seem to dig into further details of the world it was taking place in. Still, even someone foreigner as her could imagine the severity of the implications of this phenomenon: the world seeked a balance between the white and black mana, if one was taking over the other had to double their efforts to reach balance again.

    (Homeostasis… but on a world scale) Ari thought randomly as she sipped her tea in deep thought.

    “Guarding it is the job of the main clans like mine. The Eagle clan is in charge of the north, the Wolf clan in the south, the Vibora clan in the west and the Imperial family in the center and east. They unite all together to protect the whole empire, yet the Eagle clan has a specific job above the rest of the main clans: renovating the barrier”.

    “Wait… then who’s in charge of actually creating the barrier?”

    “That’s the job of no other than his imperial majesty: KarlHeinz” Naomi replied in a mocking smirk “he takes all the glory, when it is the job of all the duchies working together… especially us the Eagle clan”.

    Ari then came to understand it: the reason why the barrier was getting weaker and unstable.

    (KarlHeinz has fallen ill and is getting weaker… the first event that the oracle is yet to announce!) Ari thought in realization (Is starting!).

    “Ari? Are you ok? You’re pale again!” Naomi had intended to stand up and see Ari’s condition, when the horns of the hunting exhibition were heard.

    The sound of the horn took her momentarily out of her trance.

    “It seems the first competitors are arriving,” Naomi stated.

    “S-Should we g-go?” Ari tried to focus the attention somewhere else.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Absolutely, I need some fresh air”.

    Naomi nodded at her hesitant and finally both ladies went outside to join the rest.

    As they found themselves outside they saw a big group of men and women that had returned with their trophies. Most of the participants have already returned and gathered as they passed to evaluate their preys in the judges table to be evaluated, some that had finished already went straight to the area where all the non-participants were waiting to deliver their prizes to their predicted objectives.

    Ari could see the excitement of some newly formed couples as they exchanged their gifts and such. Yet Ari’s mind was somewhere else: the fact the novel was slowly continuing its original curse was terrifying for her. Also, she had the newly added problem of Kino’s arrival before time… just what was she supposed to do?

    “WE HAVE A WINNER!” a judge suddenly announced.

    Everyone turned around and Ari saw that the winner was no other than Isaac himself. He had managed to hunt what for Ari looked like a bigger version of a red fox. It was at least twice as big as an average fox from her previous life, but with a fluffier and redder fur.

    “Impressive” Naomi commented “A foxiner, what it lacks in size, compensates in rarity. Compared to the rest of the preys presented it is not strange he took the victory”.

    Ari couldn’t help but feel pity and sadness to see such a creature already dead.

    (What makes hunting so appealing? It only involves a considerable amount of dead animals for entertainment) Ari averted her eyes.

    Yet she then heard whispers around her and when she looked again, she saw how Isaac was making his way towards them. Just as Ari was thinking where he was going, Isaac kneed before her and offered her the foxiner in his hands.

    “Lady Ariadna, would you give me the honor of accepting my prey?” Isaac asked in a way she had only seen and heard in movies back in her previous life. He was a prince in all the expression of the word. She blushed at his actions and for a moment she didn’t know how to respond.

    “Y-Your Highness! I-I!”

    “I was lucky to get this foxiner and I could only think this is the best way for me to express my gratitude towards you, my lady” Isaac encouraged her “So please, accept my humble offering”.

    Ari felt bad for the creature, but also felt the pressure of everyone’s stares. Ari then took a deep breath and as she was about to take the foxiner, the horn sounded once again.


    Everyone gasped in surprise at the sudden change of winner in just a brief time. Ari herself rose her eyes from the foxiner and soon her blood ran cold.

    Right at the judges table, a massive bear-like creature laid lifeless. If the bears back on her world weren’t big enough, this bear-like animal was twice as big and well-built as a polar bear. It had massive claws and teeth and its fur was as black as the night, Ari could have never imagined such a creature like that could exist. But not even the massive animal was the reason why Ari was trembling so bad: she wasn’t scared of it, rather by the hunter. Proud and mighty as he was given the trophy, Kino stood receiving praise and the cheer from all the people present. Ari felt like the air was lacking and the sound was distant. If Kino had killed such a beast like that… just what he could do to her?

    (No… I know what he’s capable of doing. He’ll bring this whole kingdom down with his power and intelligence alone) Ari shivered and she was thankful everyone was too focused on Kino than on her state.

    Just when Ari thought things couldn’t get worse, Kino set his eyes on her. From the platform, he made his way until, what seemed like a split second, he was in front of her. Just what seemed like an eternity of silence, he finally spoke.

    “My lady, this ozlet is for you” Kino stated loud and clear, his tone spilled confidence. “I’ll be honored if you accept it”.

    Everyone one present gasped once again at the sudden turn of events. Everyone was intrigued by the unexpected winner and the new offering Ariadna was receiving.

    Yet for Ari… it was a discreet sign of warning. His words from that same morning ringing in her head.

    (So this was what he meant by following his lead? This is what he had in mind?) Ari couldn’t believe her eyes. She thought he wanted to have a low profile and now he comes with this show?

    Show… that’s why he wanted her to ‘perform’? For her ‘performance to be credible’?

    Ari felt herself trembling up to her core. Petrified by his presence there and then, terrifying her.

    “I-I can’t accept gifts from strangers” is what Ari managed to say, in an instant regretting it. Although Kino smiled, the dark aura manifested around him… a clear sign it wasn’t the answer he wanted.

    “You couldn’t be more right” he sounded understanding, but his eyes didn’t match his expression “My name is Kino, duke of Rottisen. See? We are no longer strangers”.

    (He even got a new title…) Ari was impressed by his wittiness and the speed he crafted a new backup plan.

    “What do you say, my Lady? Would you accept this gift?” Kino insisted.

    “W-Why me, your grace?” she tried desperately to stay calm… and somehow deep down she wanted to refuse.

    “I couldn’t forget the dance we shared last night” Kino replied, “I promise myself I had to do anything in my power to see you once again”.

    “I-Is that so? I-I”

    “Once I set my eyes on something, I don’t stop until I get it. I knew I had to conquer you somehow, my Lady”.

    Seeing into his eyes wasn’t helping either, he was warning her to hurry up and accept his offering. And Ari feared his patience ran out.

    “You didn’t have to get that far your grace” she stated, taking a step to the front “It flatters me… I-I guess I can accept your gift”.

    Kino smiled satisfied and in a gentlemanly gesture, he kissed the back of her hand. While Ari forced herself to smile as part of the show. Everyone around her started cheering.

    “Now that I see it: I saw those two dancing on the dance floor last night!” someone whispered.

    “Really!? I wished I had seen them!”

    “He looked for her? So romantic!”

    “They look so good together!”

    “This was such a memorable event! I'll be cheering for them!”

    Ari heard and she wished she hadn’t. She had just fallen in the claws of a far more dangerous creature than the one laying by the table. It wouldn’t surprise Ari if someone told her she’ll be in the ozlet’s place in a matter of time.

    The world vanished around her, it was just Ari and Kino. They both stare at each other with an unspoken and dark secret going on between them. She had signed a contract that forced her to be part of this play as far as the devil in front of her decided to.

    What was the saddest thing about the whole situation, was that she hadn’t felt as lonely as she was in that moment surrounded by people. Cheering as they saw the spectacle that behind the scenes placed the lives of those she cared about and her own life in the line.

    She was trapped and she didn’t know a way to escape…

    Mun Ari: I’m not good with cliffhangers ^^'. However, I liked how this chapter turned out! I’m thankful for all the people that read up to the end! Again, it ended long :’v. I admit I struggled to describe the terrible emotions that Ari felt, so if I repeated way too many times some words… I’m sorry (x2). Anyway! Thank you again for reading and see you soon!

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