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  • Girls Nite Out 1982

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  • Other Roles (Including Magical Girl) of the Official Tropical-Rouge! Seiyuus (to be updated as the cast is further announced)

    I’m also only tagging the magical girl anime bc this is a magical girl blog and I don’t feel like retyping all the other anime lmao

    Ai Fairouz (Cure Summer):

    Magical Girl:

    Mewkledreamy as Tokiwa Anzai


    Fate/Grand Order as Sei Shounagon

    Rina Hidaka (Laura):

    Magical Girl:

    Magical Girl Raising Project as Hardgore Alice/Ako Hatoda

    Symphogear AXZ as Prelati


    A Certain Magical Index as Last Order

    Sword Art Online as Silica/Keiko Ayano

    Pokémon Generations as Iris (Aoi Yuuki, Cure Grace’s seiyuu, voiced her in other Pokémon iterations!)

    Made in Abyss as Mio

    The Rising of the Shield Hero as Filo

    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime as Milim Nava

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  • Tropical-Rouge Precure (400*400) icons ~ Free to use!

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  • Summer’s signing session from Dallas Comic Con 2012, incl. cameos from Supergirl Laura Vandervoort and Summer’s sister Kaitlin

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  • Two awesome Supergirls having fun during a photo session at Dallas Comic con 2012.

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  • Logan: You’re a lying, cheating piece of shit! You’re not the man I married!

    Scott: Fine then! We’re getting a divorce! And I’m taking Laura!

    Remy, pushing the Monopoly board away from them: Okay, maybe we should stop playing.

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  • Why Riverdale doesn’t work as a TV show– but other TV shows in same or similar genres do

    TV has slowly become more campy over the past couple of decades. The 90s started with Twin Peaks and ended with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The 2010s gave birth to Teen Wolf, Riverdale, and then the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 

    Teen Wolf ended in 2017, with 81% overall on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season rated 68% and the last season rating 83%. 

    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ended in 2020, with 81% overall on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season rated 91% and the last season rating 78%. 

    Riverdale’s fifth season was supposed to come out this year (2021) but due to Covid-19 restrictions, nothing has aired yet. Nevertheless, it rates 86% overall on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season rates 88% and the last season aired, season 4, rates 84%. But this is on the Tomatometer, not the audience review scores. And isn’t the audience the most important part of all? 

    Teen Wolf - 83% on average audience viewing

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - 74% on average audience viewing

    Riverdale- 57% on average audience viewing

    But maybe let’s start with the original campiness and why they work so well. 

    ~These are all TV shows that I have watched or am currently watching~

    ~~I’m also using the Tomatometer because everything seems to be low on on IMDB and also percentages make it look like I know what I’m doing~~

    Spoilers for Twin Peaks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Riverdale below the cut

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    ​by Laura Wood

    (Random House BFYR, 6/29/21)


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  • Tropical-Rouge Precure (300*300) icons ~ Free to use!  

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  • image

    i’m so stupidly proud of this dumb pun “tropurikyua~”, hahahahaha

    Last post of the year and wow is there are lot to be excited for!

    I even had to make a list for the stuff I want to talk about and I’m sure I already forgot one or two things but we’ll get to them as we continue to float~ along the wave to February 28th, mmkay? :)

    Now for what has peaked my interest so far. And yes, we have to talk about the following first:


    1) HealPre the shortest Precure season??

    Unless they plan for double features in February (which I doubt but you never know), HealPre is likely going to reach only 45 episodes long instead of the usual 48~50 before TroPre I’m using this shortening of the title for now so if there’s a better alternative, tell me and I’ll switch out begins its broadcast.

    Understandable because the producers probably want to get back to their normal scheduling as soon as possible (toy sales, y’know) and I suspect pushing the start of the new season back by a month is the most they’re willing to compromise.

    As for me, I’m quite happy about this since HealPre’s lost its hold on my attention a while ago so the sooner TroPre gets here, the better. Though the downside might be a scrambled climax and a rushed, underwhelming ending for HealPre (I dunno if it’s January’s titles that feel a bit messy or if the hiatus is still throwing me off) but whatever. We’ll refresh ourselves with the new blood Cures so it’s all good.


    2) Tropical movie announced for Autumn 2021, no All Stars??


    First saw this mentioned on Youtube somewhere but it’s all over the fandom forums by now. I mean, HealPre’s movie is set for March, the usual time slot for All Stars release. If Toei intended for there to be an All Stars in 2021, there’s no way they would announce the seasonal movie before it so speculations of them skipping it this year are probably true.

    To squeeze it somewhere between March and October-ish would force them to readjust their budgets as well and I don’t think even Toei wants to go through that extra hassle after all the trouble the pandemic’s caused for everyone already. It’s just easier to resume All Stars in 2022.

    That, and I think Laura being a major character in TroPre despite not having a Cure title (yet) would make for an awkward situation when the three latest teams gather so perhaps that’s also one of the reasons. But I’ll get back to Laura in a bit.


    3) Cure Summer is a RAINBOW Cure

    So god help me if I see anyone calling her a Pink Cure.

    Yes, she’s the lead Cure for this season. NO, she is not a Pink Cure.

    Look, even the official website has a rainbow overlay for her profile pic and text font while everyone else’s respective theme colors are a solid hue:


    Therefore, RAINBOW.

    In promotional material and merchandising, they’re probably going to advertise her primarily with pink bah and at worst, she might occasionally be labeled as a White Cure with multiple subcolors (her outfit is not pink-dominant) but definitely NOT. PINK.

    …also, this goes without saying but f***yea, we finally got a lead Cure practically and unabashedly wearing the LGBTQ flag and you cannot tell me otherwise, Toei!

    Own up to it! Declare Manatsu/Cure Summer as the Precure queer icon!

    I’m not gonna stop yellin’ until you do! 😠


    4) Laura = obvious midseason Cure is obvious

    First of all, Laura is a babe. I already love her the best and she’s not even Precure yet. <3

    Anyways, the set-up is pretty much in the description. Important main character who’s not a mascot, stated to have a self-confident personality and just speaks her mind (oooh, I like~ :D), magical/foreign being from another world looking for Precure to save her home, possesses her own special item(s), has aspirations to become the next Queen (so she’s a princess-candidate or something to that effect, I suppose).

    We’ve seen various combinations of these traits in past midseason (and a few starter) Cures so nobody should be surprised when we all guessed that one of the Cures would be a real live mermaid.

    The only question is why not just make Laura a Cure from the get-go if she’s introduced to us at the beginning (like Hime or Lala) and having a team of five with no unnecessary extra add-ons later on (like Smile).

    Well, there’s a simple answer for that: formula.

    Toei is afraid that if they don’t spit out some new animation sequence at the halfway and third quarter points of the show, the kids will lose interest and abandon the series altogether. Which means failed toy sales. Oh nooo… [/sarcasm]


    And this way they can also have Laura available in the Cure lineup for the next All Stars in 2022 instead of making her sit the fight out if we were going to have one in 2021. I’m convinced that’s gotta be one of the reasons. *shrug*


    But ok, whatever. Her debut is gonna be later, that’s all. She’s a delayed Cure.  Midseason Cure, same difference.

    Moving along to the more important stuff now like what’s her Cure name gonna be, y/y?

    Well, knowing Toei, a translation of the term “mermaid” into another language is the most predictable route even though we already have a Cure Mermaid. Not like that ever stopped them from repeating words before (ex. Cure Happy vs Cure Felice). Though if they do go down that road, I hope they opt for the Spanish/Italian “sirena” and not the French “sirène” because the latter sounds too close to how Cure Selene is pronounced in Japanese. And, putting it nicely, we all know Japanese pronunciation of foreign words is as off kilter as can be.

    Hell, even the the Portuguese “sereia” sounds aesthetic as hell so it’d be nice if they can just remember there are other languages that exist out there besides Japanese, English and French when making the final decision at the writing table! *stomps foot* >:/

    Alternatively, “nereid” or “naiad” are good choices too but they remind me too much of Greek myths and Laura’s from the Grand Ocean which covers more than just a couple of seas (Greece is surrounded by three, btw) so…

    I dunno. But whatever it’s gonna be, she’s definitely got a strong association with water and her powers will probably be based on that.


    As for theme color, since there’s noticeably no blue or green Cure in the starter lineup, it’s likely she will take up that spot when she debuts around ep 20.

    Pink is also open since Cure Summer, again, is technically not a Pink Cure and Laura’s hair and tail fin are hot and light pink respectively but looking at Laura’s design and concept, does anyone seriously believe that?

    Her upper torso consists of aquamarine while the body of her tail is definitely some shade of cyan, implying they’re aiming for somewhere around the middle of green and blue on the lighter spectrum.

    And yea, I’m aware that green and blue are considered exchangeable in some perspectives with how close some of their shades are to each other but officially, I think Laura’s gonna be grouped with the Green Cures.

    Cuz of the hair. If Laura’s gonna keep it the same or a similar shade after transforming, that is. The Blues have always had cool-colored hair so putting Laura in with them might disrupt that harmony whereas if you put her with the few Greens there are (including Parfait), she’d fit right in.

    I mean, we’ll see but that makes the most sense, doesn’t it?

    On another note, I just want to say that I love how they added frills to her arms instead of letting her elbows go bare naked. It definitely makes her look more like a genuine mermaid than if she didn’t have them (remember, half fish doesn’t mean half the body :P).


    5) Magical Items

    Frankly, I’m tired of seeing the transformation device being a compact again even though one of the main motifs is make-up this season. But at least, as far as Precure compacts goes, the Tropical one is my favorite cuz of how cute and delightfully colorful its toy version looks! So I guess I’m okay with it.

    The Heart Rouge Rod, though? …I dunno. I think it would’ve been fine without that…straw (?) jutting out at the top. It looks weird, doesn’t it look weird? :S

    As for the collectible clip-ons, I can live without those for the rest of my life. Yeesh.


    Laura’s items, the Aqua Pot and the Ocean Prism Mirror.

    Again with the portable, travel-size housing. *sigh* 😩

    Alright, I can let this year slide cuz Laura (I’m so soft for her, omg) probably won’t be getting legs for 20 weeks so she’s got to move about on land somehow. But unless they’re really thinking about turning this idea of carrying your apartment around in your bag/pocket/purse into a reality (cuz that would be effin’ awesome), please be more creative with your toys.

    On the other hand, I’m much more interested in the Ocean Prism Mirror but from what Kusyami (the Precure merchandise reviews I follow on Youtube) said in his latest vid, this is the ED dance item so don’t know if it’ll actually have an relevance to the story or not. But I did hear him mention it having something to do with the Queen as well and since Laura wishes to become Queen, maybe it’ll be important after all? Maybe it’s her transformation device?

    That’d be super cool. Let’s continue the trend of the midseason Cure having a different transformation item than the starters. Honestly, we should alternate every other year or two but we’ve gone three seasons with all of them using the same henshin gimmicks up till HealPre and I just want a break from that.


    6) Fin sleeves??

    These look so impractical for combat so maybe it’s exclusive to group attacks.

    And/or a sort of precursor to the super forms?

    *GASP* Does that mean they all eventually turn into mermaids? 🤩


    7) Yui finally became Precure!! 😭

    lol, it’s all crack from this point on so don’t take it too seriously but man, after Yuni’s deceptive braids, I thought I wasn’t gonna see anything that reminded me of Yui for a while and lo behold, Sango.

    kehehehehehe xD;

    Though Yui might be closer to Minori in terms of personal interests (fairytales and storybooks).


    8) Akira, the actual Onee-chan version

    I didn’t think this when I first saw her but once I read “Onee-san” in her profile, there’s no saving you now. Sorry, Asuka. 😅

    Also, damn, do her sandals make her feet look big! Compare them to the heels she wears as Flamingo. Are they even the same?! lololol


    9) …this sounds awfully familiar…


    Tokimeku Tokonatsu! [Exciting/Thrilling Everlasting Summer!] Cure Summer!
    Kirameku Hoseki! [Sparkling Jewel!] Cure Coral! 
    Hirameku Fuurutsu! [Flashing Fruit!] Cure Papaya!


    Japanese reiteration:

    Mallow/Mao: Pink no tokimeki!
    Lillie: Blue no kirameki!
    Lana/Suiren: Yellow no kagayaki!




    Care to explain yourselves, punks?! 

    ୧(ʘ ∀ ʘ ╬)

    #it is 1:30 AM and im hungry and still have to do work on new year's eve so i'll come back to amuse-rage later #tropical rouge! precure #precure 2021#cure summer#cure coral#cure papaya#cure flamingo #laura (tropical rouge! precure)
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