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    31.07.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    💜 Sunburst & Starlight Glimmer stimboard! 🧡

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    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    When there's a big exam coming up, I light some lavender scented candles during revision. They help me relax. This candle is my newest, from Miniso. I absolutely love it 😁

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  • infusionsandtruths
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Day Two: Traditional Clothing / Childhood / Orange

    Day two!! Featuring Seychelles and probably another existential crisis? Idk if this counts as childhood though even if it's her just remembering about happier times? This idea been in my head the whole night !! Story is under the 'read more' thingy!
    AO3 Link Here Day 1 Green Here
    Michelle = Seychelles Lucille = Monaco

    In a life that was filled with too much up and downs, the sea was the only constant in her life. Michelle giggled, kicking her leg to the air before slamming it back down, watching small droplets of water fall down and join its brethren back in the sea. Her dress was already wet from the splashes she did earlier and she didn't mind it at all.

    There was something... familiar with the feeling of the fabric sticking on her skin. (The smell of the sea untainted by smoke and by blood, the sea spray wetting her hair and for the first time in a long time, she felt right at home.) The sea has always been her constant companion throughout her life, something that Michelle appreciates the more she returns to this very beach. (Her home, her island, her origin)

    She sits down by the shore, letting the water lap at her feet. (There was a time where Michelle sat there for hours, days even until her people had to call someone familiar to make her stand up and go back to her house, shivering and trembling. Dried tear tracks on her face and he pushed warm tea into her hands, not saying anything to her.)

    Michelle couldn't help but hum, kicking her feet back and forth. The sea wind brushing against her cheeks, welcoming her home. (No matter where she goes, she is of the sea foremost.) The sand was warm against her skin, warmed by the relentless sun up above that was slowly going down. (Her hands clutching on to the sand, screaming raw at the sun at all the things that she had to see and go through) The orange brushes against the blue sky, tainting it with pink and yellow. (Her exhaustion making her sit down and watch the sunset, watching it give way to the moon and she thought

    'Ah, even the sun has to make way for someone'

    'That even as something as powerful as the sun has to sometimes make way- give way for something that was much much weaker than them'

    And she cried once more even after her tears run dried, her heart screaming in pain-

    in the betrayal that Michelle didn't know what makes everything safe anymore. Doesn't know what makes everything through anymore.)

    The girl laid down on the sand, letting the waves lull her to an almost peaceful state. (She lays down similar to a corpse. Quiet, still, unmoving) Her eyes looking at the sky (eyes similar to the sunset her papa once said, her eyes were once her biggest asset) and she couldn't help but reach out for it (reaching out for a future that she thought she had, a happy one but life isn't fair like that and she had to learn it late)

    The sea brought her comfort in times of doubt.

    (Her hands trembling as she screamed at the sea on why was she born- why did she have to be created- why can't she protect anything-)

    Brought her peace in times of trouble.

    (She jumped in, letting the cold waters embrace her as she sinks downwards. The solitude of the action, where her only companions were the waves and the darkness brought her space to think for herself- her thoughts loud and clear, not being overshadowed by anyone)

    Brought her acceptance when she didn't find it in herself to forgive.

    (The waters curling around her ankles, while she stares at the stars up above. Exhaustion making her look older than she is- making her look like her real age and she gritted her teeth together. The pain suffocating her the more she keeps it in and she knows that- she knows that so much but it's so hard-

    He lied. Again.

    He promised that he'll leave her and her people alone-

    But he didn't.


    Brought her love when she couldn't love herself.

    (She was heartbroken again. She felt foolish and weak- how can she think that a human can ever love her. How can she think that someone would ever love her-

    She hid her face in the water, letting it cool her face and red-rimmed eyes. Her body shaking with hiccups and she just sat there.

    Until the dawn came and she knew she has to go back now.)

    Every important moment of her life, the sea was there.

    She chuckles at the memory of her papa arriving first at her shores. The man smiling at her gently and she couldn't help but mirror that. (A lie a lie a lie a lie- there was nothing gentle about her smile but there was still a part of her that forgives the other)

    "I'm your new family," he introduced himself as and she (small, weak, little, not knowing better) thought he was being sincere (and she still likes to believe that he is- was sincere about it). Turns out, he wasn't alone. There was someone there as well, a child almost as young as her (her brother, her brot...her...- her... what? How odd, she has forgotten about it) and a man that looked at her with a curious look in his green eyes (her other papa, the one that she learned to hate after years to come, a part of her still crying out for him- for his warm hands to hold her like how he would do so) who was carrying a child that seemed like the embodiment of the sun (another brother from her other papa, his smiles were warm, almost too warm that she didn't seem to mind the pain that comes from his too-tight hugs if he smiles at her like that)

    She welcomed them with open arms (she doesn't know yet if she regrets that) and let them settle down. Her small little family who was filled with life.

    (how foolish of her to think that it would last. Nothing lasts long. That was the rule. Time, just like the sea, would ever flow and continue.)

    The sea was there, cradling her when she came to its shore for safety. (To protect herself from the guns that were suddenly pointed at her, a loving almost heartbreaking voice calling her back- calling her poppet, telling her that this must be done). She didn't hesitate to jump into the waters and swim far, letting it drag her away from the shore, hiding her from those that want her (her family- what happened to her family- papa- daddy- brothers- what happened? what happened? what did she do wrong-?)

    Catching her tears while she struggles to keep her head above the waves at the same time trying not to drown with the aching of her chest. (Papa I'm so sorry- Daddy- please don't hate me) And when she couldn't anymore, the sea swallowed her whole (the sweet relief of darkness making her close her eyes and give in to the exhaustion).

    Then she remembers waking up at a warm bed. The worried blue eyes of one of her brothers almost making her cry.

    (Almost but the sea already took it away. Her tears, her heart, her soul, remaking her into a stronger version of herself. A version of her that will never ever cry again.)

    Though despite the... rather violent shattering of their family (that was an understatement) there were moments in her younger years that she couldn't help but remember fondly (with a pang of longing in her heart where she yearns to return where she didn't have to grow up, where she wasn't alone).

    Like the time her brothers got sunburned, unused to the sun in her islands (her father fretted over them both, this close to dunking them to aloe vera and Michelle stood at the side, eating ice cream with her papa who was laughing at his two sons

    "No! Don't peel your skin off- you're only going to make it worse!"

    "But daddy- it hurts! and itchy and-"

    "It will only hurt more if you do that," she chirps)

    Or the time that her papa tripped into the sea, panicking over his hair and how the salt in the waters might ruin it.

    (Michelle still thinks that his hair is beautiful even after it turned frizzy. It was golden and shone underneath the sun and that itself was beautiful. It reminded her of the sand on a particularly hot day where it would reflect the light. Like glass.)

    Or the time she and her brothers would sneak out in the middle of the night just to look at the stars. Three little children holding hands as they giggle quite loudly, running in the sand and stopping just before the shoreline. (Simpler times where Michelle had brothers, siblings that she can call her own) Their little feet making footsteps that their fathers would always ignore in the morning. (A smile on their lips while they would cover the three sleepy little ones that would always doze off right after breakfast) The night sky showing the constellations that her brother would always know, yelling at the top of his lungs what their names are (Michelle did always wondered how does he know so much and how loud can he gets. That's still the biggest mystery to her till this very day.)

    Simpler times where they were all kids. (No responsibilities, no burden, no growing up)

    (Her father confided to her when she was already older and independent that they have always known where the three of them were going. He would often follow them in worry that they might slip into the waters and drown.)

    Michelle closes her eyes, listening to the waves and the whispers of the sea. Lost in thought.

    (How fast time passed. Their family broken and she was free, the sea welcomed her back with open arms and yet a part of her yearns for those days where she can sleep between the warm bodies that would protect her against anyone that wants to use her. Days where she can hold hands with her brothers and laugh without a worry)

    (How long has it been since that day? Since she was free? And yet despite knowing she is free, her soul weighs heavily on her chest. The pain of betrayal and abandonment stark against the grief of a future of happiness and should have been)

    (Her first heartbreak where it took her some time by the sea to find her strength back to stand up. She would fall and fall again, each time giving her bruised knees and red eyes, and yet the sea finds no shame in it, always there to let her mourn, laugh love)

    "Michelle?" She opens her eyes, a bit sleepily. The sun was blocked by the lady in front of her looking at her worriedly with her bright purple eyes (almost similar to her papa's eyes and she muses, wondering if the other knows about their shared father figure). "Are you okay?"

    Michelle hummed before sitting up, almost hitting the other with a grin. "Yea! It's just really good to sleep right now you know?"

    Underneath the sun, the waters nearby, and the sand cushioning her, it was almost the perfect nap place if Michelle can say so herself!

    "...Let's go back in, you'll get sick if you sleep out here," Lucille says, holding out a hand that with a cheeky grin, Michelle takes before pulling her down to the sand with her.

    "Michelle!" The blonde scolded her and the girl laughs, her laughter twinkling with the sea.

    "Hey, Luci," she stars, looking at the sea with soft eyes. "Do you think if I die, you can spread my ashes here?" It was a rather morbid topic but it was something that Michelle finds herself thinking about now and then, especially when watching the sunset over the horizon. Turning the blue waters of her home with a tint of orange to something almost... magical.

    (She finds it rather fitting if she has anything to say about it.

    She was born from the sea, it's rather perfect that she would return after she dies.

    If she dies that is.)

    "No!" Lucille shook her head, brushing the sand out of her hair. "Do that yourself."

    Michelle pouts before laughing, standing up and patting her skirt to get rid of the sand. She stares almost blankly at the sun, entranced by the view of the sunset.

    (There was saying, from ashes you came and to ashes you return. Or was it mud? But Michelle doesn't really care because she knows, even if Lucille tells her no. Even if her papa and daddy refuse. There will come a time where she'll have to return to the sea.)

    "Race you!" Michelle gives her a peace sign before running to the beach house where the other members of their family (broken, shattered but still loving, still there) were waiting for them.

    She laughs at the angry shout that her friend gives, jumping and skidding through the sand, making it fly everywhere she goes. A burst of carefreeness making everything brighter for her and for once, she looked at the sky and the sea, meeting each other on the horizon.

    (There was a rumor.

    About a girl that one can see in the middle of the night, standing by the shore.

    Some might say she was a ghost, others say she was a nymph of the sea.

    Though they are all wrong, there is one thing in common in all the rumors that spread.

    If you were to approach her, she would smile at you before walking away.

    If you were to watch her from afar until the dawn comes, you might see her wake into the waters, disappearing with the moon.

    No one knows her.

    But everyone knows her

    The girl who came from the sea and has always belonged to the sea)

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    @everstride liked for a starter! neville + lavender

    "You must be mad, coming here like this."

    Neville doesn’t especially like drama, but there’s been no shortage of it this year. Between Dean dating Ginny, and Ron dating Lavender-- formerly, now, he supposes-- the atmosphere of the entire dormitory’s changed. Neville looks at Lavender anxiously, holding his book in his hands.

    “Uh, Ron’s not here. If that’s who you’re looking for.”

    #everstride #{ neville || lavender brown // everstride } #( interactions || neville longbottom ) #[ neville verse || hp ]
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    tumblr stop unfollowing blogs when I scroll past them on mobile 2k21 challenge

    #→ lavender & bergamot // ooc
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    Kinda want to mention that while Luka is very cute and purple and pink and WHATEVER, he is very much not a soft baby uwu or whatever. I MEAN he is cute !! But Luka is actually very strong and is always throwing hands in space with baddies who want to steal from him. By this I mean he has severely injured others and knows how to fight 100%. He very seldom needs protection and knows how to hold himself up in a fight. Just cause his appearance happens to be one way does not mean he is really like that. He’s incredibly blunt and can even come off as rude as times.
    #★ ( ooc ) — 𝖿𝗅𝗈𝗐𝖾𝗋 𝗍𝗂𝗆𝖾 #|| luka: very lavender and pastel based. loves cute things #|| also luka: i knocked out three spaceships today before breakfast #|| luka: i'm very small i know but i can still make you suffer
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    Lav: I hurt myself :c

    Crow: Aww, let me kiss it better!!


    Lav: I hurt myself :c

    Atlas: just walk it off

    Lav: Y..you aren't gonna kiss it better,,,?

    Atlas: What are you, 5?!


    #cluster dimension #clutter dimension quotes #clutter dimension #cluster dimension quotes #@corvid-steven #crow #@purple-steven #Lavender #@moth-steven #Atlas
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    the timeline doesn’t QUITE line up but lisa makes dean listen to lana specifically like born to die era and he acts like he HATES it but like secretly it makes him have a breakdown

    #deanlisa cringe fail lavender marriage #ellie shhh
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    #lavender-wolfsbane #sage the healer
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    character aesthetics | lavender brown

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    heading to discord for the rest of the night, mutuals are welcome to add!

    local golden retriever🌿#2815
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    How the hell do you all write such short pieces? I can't write short content to save my fucking life. Started on this one little Y/N x Reiner story and we aint even to the juicy shit yet. 3370 words later and we about half way.

    #I envy you all #fluff and details #i write too much shit #i can hear my college professors whispering some shit about clear and concise writing #describing the scent of lavender is important goddamn it
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    Was browsing the World Wide Web looking at kettles…good god I’m 80 trapped in a 20 yos body

    #obsessed w this lavender one
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    Lavender tenet

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    Gonna take this down time for a mid morning nap....

    #Haru got some new candles in and it's making the house smell like lavender and jasmine.
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    #yadda yadda yadda #NEW BABY BIRDS!!!!! #theyre lavender orpingtons!! theyre gonna be so gorgeous!!
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