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  • eli-whitetail
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #awwwww look #thank you for this lovely message #Eli and Jacob always interest me so much because there's just sooooooooo many layers to delve into
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  • san-deeznuts
    25.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I drew this instead of sleeping and had to save it SIX TIMES because i wasnt satisfied with the shading and then had to fix clipping layers. I JUST WANTED WHOLESOME BIRTHDAY CACTUS

    "his birthday doesn't happen for well over a month" / "why is he green" shut the hell up (/lh)

    #btw that is not colour theory i always think of him as green #probably because all the other protags have green on them and hes the in universe protag #and since he isnt human why not ham it up and make him completely green #also this wasnt supposed to be so sad it just ended up going thst way #and the hand thing: i gave up on em #look at my closing argument swap post. look at those hands and tell me theyre decent #I TRACED THE HANDS IN THAT POST #in the sketch layer but i still TRACED THEM and they ended up like THAT #and as much as i hate drawing ahoge i thought it was necessary here #also i love that it emotes on him #danganronpa#k1 b0#danganronpa fanart #i wanted the nose to be a him only thing but i like this too much it actually makes me think of the nose as 3d
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  • forsmanus
    25.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Getting my first haircut since before Covid begannnn

    #i took clippers to it and had it grow out #but now it looks like a bowlcut with an undercut #time to layer and trim dis
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  • kaetor
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    miles !

    #shitty drawing for yall tonight that turned out somewhat ok #the color for the coat is a few shades off of b00b69 if anyone was wondering <3 #my art#cleb art#aa#ace attorney#miles edgeworth #if you can see the blue sketch layer #no you didnt <3 #fun fact this is uh. i think most of this is on the same layer! that's why it looks like that
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  • anosrepasi
    25.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Peaky Blinders is turning into probably the best show I've watched in a while.

    #peaky blinders#ano watches #like i am seriously impressed #i expected mindless mob show with good looking mc with hella cheek bones. #i am getting nuanced and layered mob show with good looking mc with helka cheek bones and a lot of ptsd
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  • crowned-ladybug
    24.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    [Image ID:

    1: A digital portrait of a dragon with a pink, light blue and white patterned neck, white and light blue mane, and a skull for a head which has swirling designs on it. They're holding a large pearl in their mouth

    2: The same drawing, this time without colour, showing only the lineart and the purple-toned shading

    End ID]


    This has technically been done for like two days now but I really didn’t like how flat the shading felt, so today I went back and fixed it up

    My trans pride dragon on FR, Treasure

    #flight rising#digital art#dragon#original art#original character#oc: treasure #this was originally gonna be an art dragon to sell with way less time and detail put into it #but i liked it way too much to just give it to a stranger for pocket change #so treasure has a design now! which im v happy with actually #begrudingly using multiply layers for shading except for the part where they look pale and flat as shit #so i went back to slap overlay bits over the whole thing too to make it look like Something and have Colour
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  • mykindmemories
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    details of the day

    #nails #the matte look is so fresh but it literally took 4 layers to do #and it’s not even worth it #i can’t keep my nails done for more than 2 days maybe
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  • anurarana
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    self portrait thingy i did over the last few days

    #I don’t usually do a really painterly style so this hair was super fun idk why #my art tag #ok hii pls reblog i really like this #also i know it looks like im not wearing a shirt i didnt think ahead before i merged the layers dont talk to me
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  • heterochromatica
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #I literally spend all day working on this cosplay now #Left to do is: #paint all the metallic looking pieces #paint on the knee pattern #sew together the arm bracer thingies #layer the belt with eva foam #sew the straps to the back shield #once I'm done #I'll come back to write more #if anyone wants to see #the stuff when it's finished #lemme know owo #Out of icyhot: I'm just an NPC #[Lukas talking]
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  • 4giorno
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    the demon is tempting me to dye my hair again

    #well bleach jsjdkfjsjdndnkd #my hair just looks even more greasy and thinner bc you can now see my dark ass roots so well under it #well ill fight the temptation even tho it hurts. my mom is gonna even out my layers the next time i go home #so we shall see after that if i do it and try to do my best to minimize damage
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  • lizard-isms
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    if i dont spend 10-20 minutes frantically muttering to myself “it’s fine it’s just the sketch layer” like im trying to soothe a frightened horse am i really drawing

    #oh yeah baby im drawin something that requires a SKETCH LAYER look at me go. not going straight into lineart no sir #today is the day i guess. once in a blue moon Full Piece #ive been redrawing the same hand for 50 minutes. hm suddenly i remember why i do not often draw things i want to look Nice #THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO JUST BE A DOODLE TOO. JUST SOMETHIN SILLY GOOFY HEEHOO RIGHT #AND NOW I'VE COMMITTED TO MAKING A DOUBLE SIDED CHARM DESIGN :'-) #sketch layer is used loosely as well. honestly ive gone over it and neatened it so much that it looks like rough lineart at this pt
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  • paranormal-thingum
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    i also drew this guy earlier  because kayla said i drew him cute last time and that is basically the only reason i was just told i did something good so i did it a second time

    also the colored in one  was just like one layer so this took me a stupid amount of time for no reason considering nobody wants me to draw this guy. i think he’s funny though. we should take our gamer son to subway

    #my art#deltarune#deltarune spoilers#berdly #i was going to upload this alongside the jevildrawing  but....No....No i think berdly would decrease the audience of that post... #also  doing the lineart and coloring on the same layer  for some reason felt easier on my arm which sounds backwards #but it might have just been because i didnt sketch it either #Well everyone have fun looking at the reddit bird. Not sure why i thought this needed posting
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  • an-organized-confusion
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    I’m letting GymRat!AU cool off.

    But just thinking about the platonic Moceit dynamic there.

    Janus is somewhat tough/icy on the outside, but is actually way more soft-hearted than that (“I need to protect myself… but I just can’t stop caring, believe me, I tried”). He’s not going to outright tell people that one reason he went for physical therapy - is wanting to help people help themselves.

    Patton has a grain of hardness and even slight cynicism buried deeply, for having Seen Some Shit, but chooses to be kind/sweet (“life’s rough enough, let’s uh… not add to that”). Even for the most surly and cynical of the group - they see he actually Gets It and is worth trusting.

    Neither are actually all that naive in their worldviews -  just “not what it appears to be.” They’re both keenly aware of their own humanity, for it. And they also find that they respect each other quite a bit.

    #sanders sides#janus sanders#patton sanders #(look - i love layered characters) #(taking a break from the playlist because Blue Wizard Needs Food Badly) #(so take these thoughts) #(do mind the tags for those fics btw - varying lvls of intense subject matter) #(one of the plot bunnies to chase is to have these two have some actual banter - given that they both have hx in medical field)
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  • mintjeru
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    genshin week day 1: favorite character

    the reason i started playing genshin, my triple crowned dps, my vigilant yaksha who finally has a decent crit ratio

    click for better quality // please don’t repost!! // ko-fi

    #xiao#genshin impact#genshin#genshinweek#genshinet#fanart#myart#doodle #don't look too closely at this i know there's a bunch of mistakes #i've been meaning to draw him again to celebrate his crit ratio being acceptable #so proud of him #yeah i've been drawing a lot of chiluc lately but if you were here in the beginning you know i was/still am down atrocious for xiao #my angel my sweetie my babey <3 #i'm also supposed to do quote unquote quick sketches bc these are daily prompts #and yet here we are #glow layers and everything
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  • this-is-z-art-blog
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Shiptember Week 2021

    ↳ Day 4, Patching each other up

    #dp shiptember 2021 #everlasting trio#Tucker Foley#sam manson#danny fenton#Danny Phantom#dp fanart#digital art#2021#dpfenton #danny was just supposed to look more slouched but instead i did maybe make him tiny #thus making any linework problems virtually unfixable #good thing i didn't do a very silly thing and put all the linework on the same layer #haha
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  • lighthouseborn
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hey this literally just occurred to me: people who don’t have aphantasia probably experience dreams really differently, huh?

    #no wonder nightmares are such a like.................. Thing #i've had like one (1) this looks real dream and that shit was haunting #the rest have always been............ removed? from me by some layer #i almost always know when im dreaming because they're just never quite Real yknow? #...anyways #☩ i’ll rewrite the whole movie dont test me ( OOC. ) #TBD.
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  • padawanyugi
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Getting my hair cut in half an hour aaaaaaa

    I’m worried I’m going to come out of the hair salon and look just like my mom lol

    #i sort of mostly know what I want? i think? maybe?? i mean I’ve had my hair that short before but not with layers and im excited for them #but also aaaaaaaaaaa what if they look terrible
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  • skinni-lil-peach
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    I have come to the conclusion that i would actually look good dressing the way i do if i was skinny.

    #baggy jeans with layered tshirts just look gross on me #and that is solely because i am fat #trul once i lose this weight im gonna look soo fucking cute #text post
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  • street-light-phenomenology
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    also LOOK at this one im so proud (lol) of it

    #homemade candles #it looks like a sundae (?) and a gradiant at the same time #which is due to a series of mistakes (in estimating the width of each layer #and rendering the hot pink layer) #as well as the frosting
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  • miswaken
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    excerpts from House of Leaves that I just think are neat + inform my portrayal of Alice


          Of course, [Will] Navidson’s pastoral take on his family’s move hardly reflects the far more complicated and significant impetus behind the project -- namely his foundering relationship with longtime companion Karen Green. While both have been perfectly content not to marry, Navidson’s constant assignments abroad have lead to increased alienation and untold personal difficulties. After nearly eleven years of constant departures and brief returns, Karen has made it clear that Navidson must either give up his professional habits or lose his family. Ultimately unable to make this choice, he compromises by turning reconciliation into a subject for documentation.

          None of this, however, is immediately apparent. In fact it requires some willful amnesia of the more compelling sequences ahead, if we are to detect the subtle valences operating between Will and Karen; or as Donna York phrased it, “the way they talk to each other, they way they look after each other, and of course the way they don’t.”


          In the living room, Navidson discovers the echoes emanating from a dark doorless hallway whish has appeared out of nowhere in the west wall. Without hesitating, Navidson plunges in after them. Unfortunately the living room Hi 8 cannot follow him nor for that matter can Karen. She freezes on the threshold, unable to push herself into the darkness towards the faint flicker of light within...

          This is the first sign of Karen’s chronic disability. Up until now there has never been even the slightest indication that she suffers from crippling claustrophobia. By the time Navidson and the two children are safe and sound in the living room, Karen is drenched in sweat.


          Navidson was no longer around, except of course Karen still saw him every day and in a way she had never seen him before -- not as a projection of her own insecurities and demons but just as Will Navidson, in flickering light, flung up by a 16mm projector on a paint-white wall.


          Leslie Stern, M.D.: More importantly Karen, what does it mean to you?

          Funny how out of this impressive array of modern day theorists, scientists, writers, and others, it is Karen’s therapist who asks, or rather forces, the most significant question. Thanks to her, Karen goes on to fashion another short piece in which she, surprisingly enough, never mentions the house, let alone any of the comments made by the glitterati.

          It is an extraordinary twist. Not once are those multiplying hallways ever addressed. Not once does Karen dwell on their darkness and cold. She produces six minutes of film that has absolutely nothing to do with that place. Instead her eye (and her heart) turn to what matters most to her about Ash Tree Lane; what in her own words... “that wicked place stole from me.”

          ...Karen gives her piece the somewhat faltering title A Brief History Of Who I Love...


          There are only 8,160 frames in Karen’s film and yet they serve as a perfect counterpoint to that infinite stretch of hallways, rooms and stairs. The house is empty, her piece is full. The house is dark, her film glows. A growl haunts that place, her place is blessed by Charlie Parker. On Ash Tree Lane stands a house of darkness, cold, and emptiness. In 16mm stands a house of light, love, and colour.

          By following her heart, Karen made sense of what that place was not. She also discovered what she needed more than anything else. She stopped seeing Fowler, cut off questionable liaisons with other suitors, and while her mother talked of breaking up, selling the house, and settlements, Karen began to prepare herself for reconciliations.

          Of course she had no idea what that would entail.

          Or how far she would have to go.


          “He’s still alive,” she tells Reston over the phone. “I heard him last night. I couldn’t understand what he said. But I know I heard his voice.”

          Reston arrives the next day and stays until midnight, never hearing a thing. He seems more than a little concerned about Karen’s mental health.

          “If he is still in there Karen,” Reston says quietly. “He’s been there for over a month. I can’t see how there’s any way he could survive.”

          But a few hours after Reston leaves, Karen smiles again, apparently catching somewhere inside her the faint voice of Navidson. This happens over and over again, whether late at night or in the middle of the day. Sometimes Karen calls out to him, sometimes she just wanders from room to room, pushing her ear against walls or floors. Then on the afternoon of May 10th, she finds in the children’s bedroom, born out of nowhere, Navidson’s clothes, remnants of his pack and sleeping bag, and scattered across the floor, from corner to corner, cartridges of film, boxes of 16mm, and easily a dozen video tapes.

          She immediately calls Reston and tells him what has happened, asking him to drive over as soon as he can. Then she locates an AC adapter, plugs in a Hi 8 and begins rewinding one of the newly discovered tapes.

          The angle from the room mounted camcorder does not provide a view of her Hi 8 screen. Only Karen’s face is visible. Unfortunately, for some reason, she is also slightly out of focus. In fact the only thing in focus is the wall behind her where some of Daisy and Chad’s drawings still hang. The shot lasts an uncomfortable fifteen seconds, until abruptly that immutable surface disappears. In less than a blink, the white wall along with the drawings secured with yellowing scotch tape vanishes into an inky black.

          Since Karen faces the opposite direction, she fails to notice the change. Instead her attention remains fixed on the Hi 8 which has just finished rewinding the tape. But even as she pushes play, the yawn of dark does not waver. In fact it almost seems to be waiting for her, for the moment when she will finally divert her attention from the tiny screen and catch sight of the horror looming up behind her, which is of course exactly what she does when she finds out that the video tape shows...


          nothing more now than the mere dark. The tape is blank.

          Finally when Karen does turn around to discover the real emptiness waiting behind her, she does not scream. Instead her chest heaves, powerless for a moment to take anything in or expel anything out. Oddly enough as she starts to retreat from the children’s bedroom, it almost looks as if something catchers her attention. A few minutes later, she returns with a halogen flashlight and steps towards the edge.

          Hanan Jabara suggests Karen heard something, though there is nothing even remotely like a sound on the Hi 8. Carlos Ellsberg agrees with Jabara: “Karen stops because of something she hears.” Only he qualifies this statement by adding, “the sound is obviously imagined. Another example of how the mind, any mind, consistently seeks to impose itself upon the abyss.”

          As everyone knows, Karen stands there on the brink for several minutes, pointing her flashlight into the darkness and calling out for Navidson. When she finally does step inside, she takes no deep breath and makes no announcement. She just steps forward and disappears behind the black curtain. A second later that cold hollow disappears too, replaced by the wall, exactly as it was before, except for one thing: all the children’s drawings are gone.

          Karen’s action inspired Paul Auster to conjure up a short internal monologue tracing the directions of her thoughts. Donna Tartt also wrote an inventive portrayal of Karen’s dilemma. Except in Tartt’s version, instead of stepping into darkness, Karen returns to New York and marries a wealthy magazine publisher. Purportedly there even exists an opera based on The Navidson Record, written from Karen’s perspective, with this last step into the void serving as the subject for the final aria. 

          Whatever ultimately allows Karen to overcome her fears, there is little doubt her love for Navidson is the primary catalyst. Her desire to embrace him as she has never done before defeats the memories of that dark well... In this moment, she displays the restorative power of what Erich Fromm terms the development of “symbiotic relationships” through personal courage.

          Critic Guyon Keller argues that the role of vision is integral to Karen’s success:

    I believe Karen could never have crossed that line had she not first made those two remarkable cinematic moment: What Some Have Thought and A Brief History Of Who I Love. By relearning to see Navidson, she saw what he wasn’t and consequently began to see herself much more clearly.

          Esteemed Italian translator Sophia Blynn takes Keller’s comments a little further:

    The most important light Karen carried into that place was the memory of Navidson. And Navidson was no different. Though it’s commonly assumed his last [recorded] word was “care” or the start of “careful,” I would argue differently. I believe this utterance is really just the first syllable of the very name on which his mind and his heart had finally come to rest. His only hope, his only meaning: “Karen.”

          Regardless of what finally enabled her to walk across that threshold, forty-nine minutes later a neighbor saw Karen crying on the front lawn, a pink ribbon in her hair, Navidson cradled in her lap.


          As to what happened after Karen disappeared from view, the only existing account comes from a short interview conducted by a college journalist from William & Mary:

    Karen: As soon as I walked in there, I started shivering. It was so cold and dark. I turned around to see where I was but where I’d come from was gone. I started hyperventilating. I couldn’t breathe. I was going to die. But somehow I managed to keep moving. I kept putting one foot in front of the other until I found him.

    Q: You knew he was there?

    Karen: No, but that’s what I was thinking. And then he was there, right at my feet, no clothes on and all curled up. His hand was white as ice. [She holds back the tears.] When I saw him like that it didn’t matter anymore where I was. I’d never felt that, well, free before.

    [Long pause]

    Q: What happened then?

    Karen: I held him. He was alive. He made a sound when I cradled his head in my arms. I couldn’t understand what he was saying at first but then I realized the flashlight was hurting his eyes. So I turned it off and held him in the darkness.

    [Another long pause]

    Q: How did you get him out of the house?

    Karen: It just dissolved.

    Q: Dissolved? What do you mean?

    Karen: Like a ad dream. We were in pitch blackness and then I saw, no... actually my eyes were closed. I felt this warm, sweet air on my face, and then I opened my eyes and I could see trees and grass. I thought to myself, “We’ve died. We’ve died and this is where you go after you die.” But it turned out to be just our front yard.

    Q: You’re saying the house dissolved?

    Karen: [No response]

    Q: How’s that possible? It’s still there, isn’t it?



          In Passion for Pity and Other Recipes For Disaster (London: Greenhill Books, 1996) Helmut Muir cried: “They both live. They even get married. It’s a happy ending.”

          Which is true. Both Karen and Will Navidson survive their ordeal and they do exchange conjugal vows in Vermont. Of course, is it really possible to look at Navidson’s ravaged face, the patch covering his left eye, the absence of a hand, the crutch wedged under his armpit, and call it a “happy” ending? Even putting aside the physical cost, what about the unseen emotional trauma which Muir so casually dismisses?

          The Navidsons may have left the house, they may have even left Virginia, but they will never be able to leave the memory of that place.

    #ʀᴇғᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇ #house of leaves at least partially inspired the game #there's even a neat little promotional arg with a v similar name! #'this house of dreams' #basic summary of one layer of the story: couple with a rocky relationship buy a house and endless dark rooms and hallways start appearing #karen is claustrophobic and hates it -- navidson goes exploring and gets other people involved #he gets obsessed w the house and eventually goes into one of the rooms and doesn't come out #karen goes back to nyc with the kids kinda hating his guts #eventually makes a movie of clips of navidson's film about his life from childhood through their relationship #(v similar to alice's movie from american nightmare!!!) #realize she does actually love this idiot and goes back to the house and faces her fears to get him out :) #give me alice facing her fears :) to get alan back somehow :))) that is all i want #and that is why i want to take inspo from the book lol #anyway this is mostly for my own reference everyone else just look away
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