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  • The Wolfpack🐺 but they are teaching 𝗬𝗢𝗨 how to drive 🚗💨

    𝗦𝗮𝗺 : He will make sure that you have your seatbelt on BEFORE you even start the car. He’s those people that tells you to go 5 under the speed limit. He yells “stop stop stop!” 🛑 even though you aren’t 10 feet from the stop sign or traffic light. He holds on to the door handle the whole time 😑.

    𝗝𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗱 : Won’t stop talking about road safety and different scenarios like “what to do in case there’s a deer crossing the road” or “ whether that u-turn is actually illegal if no one saw it 😉”. He will make you drive a block but not before stopping you and making you park lecturing you on what you did wrong every step of the way.

    𝗣𝗮𝘂𝗹 : If pack is law then so IS driving and to him it’s all about law! You spend most if not all of the time parked in the car being lectured about driving techniques you didn’t even know existed than actually driving. He may ask you yes or no questions about different driving situations. And yes he knows Jared makes illegal u-turns and YES Jared even if no one sees you they ARE still illegal 😤!

    𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗵 : She is the ideal kind to have on the road with you, and teaches you how to always be cautious and vigilant, until she switches it up on you and tries to trick you telling you that’s what they’ll do in the real test🙃. She teaches you how to cut people off and she’s the only one that can actually parallel park with one swift hand movement. She’s been begged by many to have her teach them. She’ll only teach you because your special 😊

    𝗤𝘂𝗶𝗹 : He’ll pick the destination and give you guidance until he starts doing other activities while your behind the wheel. He’ll casually start texting, talking on the phone, or eating. If he sees your doing ok without his help he’ll leave you to it and take a short nap. His only advice to watch out for deer! 😴

    𝗘𝗺𝗯𝗿𝘆 : He might be the shy one ☺️ but put him behind a car and he suddenly becomes the Angry 😠 driver. He will constantly make you hurry and will do almost anything to avoid being stuck in a traffic pile up. Will teach you how to suddenly swerve in and out of lanes and encourage you to use your horn frequently. Will swear at other drivers on the road.

    𝗝𝗮𝗰𝗼𝗯 : Rambles on and on about car parts and different types of engines. Instead of taking you out to drive he teaches you how to change a tire or how to plug in the cables in case your car battery dies. He does quiz you some, but that’s mostly it. It’s not driving lessons but you don’t complain these lessons will eventually come in handy someday. 🧰

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  • I’ll never forgive Smeyer for making our most in depth conversation with Leah about how she can’t have children, instead of a homoerotic heartfelt talk with Rosalie about how they’ve been made into monsters against their will

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  • in my personal little twilight universe the wolf pack absolutely lost their minds when they realised jasper was a confederate soldier, mentally bombarding edward with so many curse words and so many outraged thoughts that he just passes out, jasper suddenly feels this wave of anger coming from them and can’t figure out why because he’s stupid, alice panics after she suddenly can’t see jaspers future anymore because the pack want to jump him and anyways long story short training got cut short that day

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  • The Wolfpack’s FAVORITE places to have sex:

    SAM- In the bedroom 4 sure! Literally the only place you both have privacy in the house when the pack is over. After a long shift, Sam comes home and wraps his arms around your waist while you’re chopping up some vegetables and whispers in your ear, “Meet me upstairs in 5 minutes.” The pack will usually get the hint once they see you leave, and they’ll show themselves out, but sometimes they don’t, and you try your best to not be too obvious.

    JARED- The living room/couch. It usually starts with you teasing him while he’s playing video games in his special gaming chair, and he gives in right away. There have been a few times when he’s acted like he doesn’t like your teasing while he plays, but you know him WAY too welt believe it. He mutes his mic (sometimes he forgets), and proceeds to move the activities to the couch. Almost always puts you to sleep, and then he goes back to playing while you rest. 

    PAUL- Anywhere. Anytime. No joke. His most favorite place though would be anywhere that you two could possibly get caught. He loves the thrill. He is always making sure you’re comfortable with it first and never pressures you, but  you trust him and are up for anything too (and luckily you’ve never been caught.) ALWAYS growls when he likes what you’re doing- which is everything. He also likes to do it at parties and will often get you alone in the bathroom and then act like nothing happened when you both exit, and he uses the excuse,”She needed help with her dress.” 

    JACOB- In the back of his truck on the beach at night. Jacob is a HUGE romantic and will do whatever it takes to make these moments special for the both of you. He packs up a picnic basket of strawberries, champagne, and chocolates, and drives you down to the secluded part of the beach where no one ever goes. He brings a huge blanket, and turns on your favorite playlist. Starts off with some small talk about the day and then moves in to talks about your future together. Making out ensues, and the rest follows. You both fall asleep and don’t leave until the next morning. 

    QUIL- The kitchen because it’s easily accessible to the snacks and drinks for after. Will blindfold you and sit you on the floor to play “guess that food” which is basically Quil feeding you different foods to see if you know what they are. On the last one, he holds a strawberry to your lips, and slowly pulls it away, making you move forward to try and catch it. Just when you’re close enough, he replaces the strawberry with his lips and kisses you. You rip off the blindfold and have some fun ;)

    EMBRY- His treehouse. I don’t know why, but I could imagine Embry having a treehouse in his backyard that he use to play in a lot with Jake and Quil when he was younger. His mom is never home because of work, but he’s afraid to risk her walking on you both, so he always makes sure the treehouse is cleaned out and ready just in case. He lets you climb up first so he can make sure that you don’t fall (and because he loves to look at your butt while you climb.) The treehouse is actually pretty big, and has a small area rug and bean bag that he sits on enjoying the view while you do your thing. 

    SETH- He likes his privacy, and with his mom and sister always home, I could see him taking you to a nice hotel to have some alone time. Of course, he doesn’t do this all of the time because…money, but he does it as often as he can. Orders room service and always gets a room with 2 beds (one for sleeping, and one for..ya know.) The hotel he always chooses has a large mirror on the wall, and he likes to watch your intimate moments in it and makes you watch too. Super gentle and not rough, but still loves these times with you, especially after not seeing you for a few days because of his shifts. 

    LEAH- The shower. It’s the perfect place to get clean and dirty at the same time, and she loves the intimacy of it all. She also likes to help you shower and you help her do the same. She’s very considerate and I could imagine her installing a second shower head so both of you have access to the hot water. even after everything is done in the shower, you both get out to dry off, but things stay steamy (lol corny shower reference) in the bathroom. You’re usually the one on the counter. You end up taking another shower when everything is said and done and have to fight the urge to repeat it all over again. 

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  • Leah: * sitting among her growing army of cats* these are my service animals

    Seth: but they aren’t trained! They attack anyone who gets near you!

    Leah: oh they’re trained

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  • me @ leah clearwater

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  • I don’t want Smeyer to EVER release any books about Leah. EVER. That woman has made enough money appropriating native women. Plus Leah Clearwater is fucking precious and deserves better.

    Smeyer has had Leah go through so much like:

    1) Leah’s transformation into a wolf lead to her father Harry having a heart attack and dying

    2) Leah was with Sam for THREE years

    3) Sam disappears in HS, when he reappears she gives him space thinking that’s all he needs but ooop wait no her best friend/cousin Emily shows up and BOOM he imprints

    4) he breaks up with Leah and starts pursuing Emily, and Leah loves and trusts her cousin so much she relies on her rejecting Sam. Or course she’s bitter in Eclipse and so on.

    5) She can’t complain about her situation at all in wolf form because everyone can hear each other. And they don’t want to hear about her “complaining.”And they can’t control what the other pack members see: imagine how many times she’s had to see Emily through Sam’s eyes? And what kind of scenes she might’ve had to see?

    6) fearing becoming infertile and having no one to talk to because she’s the only recorded female werewolf ever.

    7) guilt over potentially being the “cause” of her father’s death

    8) being the maid of honor for Emily’s wedding even though she’s still in love with Sam

    9) Her thinking her infertility is probably why Sam didn’t imprint on her because she can’t give him kids

    Y’all add !! This is just what comes to the top of my head.

    #leah clearwater #Leah Clearwater deserves better #Leah deserves better #twilight#eclipse#breaking dawn#anti smeyer
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  • Jared: I think I know a way we can make some money…

    Leah: you’d make a decent stripper

    Jared: id make an AMAZING stripper … but that’s not what I’m talking about

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  • Look I absolutely love the chaotic Cullen headcanons and AUs but the “rough and tumble fun loving group that plays pranks and are goofy and do silly stuff together as a unit” thing already exists in the form of the Wolf Pack ™ who are shown to act like that multiple times throughout Bella’s time with them whereas the cullens are only truly fun and goofy twice over the course of like three years

    (and yes this is mostly based off the movies but to be fair I haven’t reread the original 4 books in AGES so if I’m wrong I apologize, also they were mean to Leah which I also don’t like but I’m gonna put that fully on SM)

    #personal#twilight#wolf pack#Quileutes#new moon#eclipse#breaking dawn#jacob black#paul lahote#seth clearwater#leah clearwater#sam uley #like I physically cannot #imagine jasper or Edward or Rosalie or Carlisle or wane #doing ANYTHING improper #half of their personality is their stiff awkwardness #like maybe we just see it from Bella’s perspective #but they wanted to KILL BELLA for knowing #you think they’re going to be flagrantly running around #doing pranks for fucking tik tok #for the clout???? #their biggest fear is discovery
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  • ok ok ok i hc that quil has secretly borrowed one of jacob’s motorcycles after embry told him he wasnt that cool (not purposely trying to insult him) but since quil cant ride motorcycles he ends up breaking it and then blaming it on jared once jacob finds out because he doesnt want embry to know what he was doing. embry is like,,, suspicious. jared is flabbergasted and thinks leah did it. leah says its not her because she wouldve just made the bike completely irreparable like the last time she did it. paul is laughing at the whole thing.

    #jacob is mad though #mad at jared #he trusts quil #seth thinks its leah and is disappointed in her :( #the pack#the wolfpack#jacob black#embry call#leah clearwater#jared cameron#paul lahote #the twilight saga #my post#twilight
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  • Hot take. I’d rather see an alternate Twilight series where Bella never meets Edward or The Cullens and it’s about Bella and the Wolf Pack than I would ever be interested in a book about the adventures of pedo wolf and the abomination.

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  • “Breaking News” Pt. 2 (Paul Lahote x Reader)


    Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

    Read Part 1

    The sun stayed hidden behind the layers of dark clouds threatening rain during my first day out on the field. I packed an extra pair of clothing and an extra jacket just in case before I made my way to the Forks Police Station. I wasn’t used to such a quick commute everywhere I went, but I wasn’t missing the hustle and bustle of the big city. I wasted no time after finding a parking spot, and immediately headed inside to avoid the drizzle of rain.

    “Good morning. I have a meeting with Chief Swan. My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

    “Please sign in and have a seat. He’ll be with you shortly.”

    I quickly scribbled my name down on the available line and found an open chair in the lobby to sit on and focused my attention on the dated television set playing “The Price Is Right”.

    “Dad! Dad!” A gust of wind blew past me pulling me from my trance on the television programing. The cold air caused a shiver to run through my body. My eyes worked to focus on the blurry silhouette of a young girl with long brown hair and pale skin.

    “Bella? Bella, what’s wrong?!” spoke an older man in a police uniform.

    “Dad! They’re not bears…they’re wolves! Huge wolves!”

    “What? Bella, how do you know this?”

    “I saw them in the woods! You have to believe me dad!”

    I jumped up to my feet and made a beeline toward the young frantic girl. As the two came closer into view, I could vaguely read the nametag on the older gentleman’s nametag- “Chief Charles Swan”.

    I extended my hand out to him as I introduced myself, “Chief Swan. Y/F/N Y/L/N reporting for duty sir. I’m so sorry to cut in, but…” I turned my attention now on the young girl who I now knew as Bella,” did you say…wolves?” I dug through my bag and pulled out a pen and my notepad to take notes.


    “Ms. Y/L/N, do you mind if we move this into my office?”

    He turned and led us to down a narrow hallway and into a secluded office.

    “Hi Bella. I should’ve probably introduced myself. I’m Y/F/N, and I’m the new reporter in town. I’m working on the bear sighting case and would love if you could share with me what you just saw.” I readied my pen and notepad.

    “Yeah, and I would love to know what the hell you were doing out in the woods? Didn’t we already talk about this, Bella?”

    “I know dad. I just went to see….”

    “See what?” He interrupted.

    “Just…something. But then, they saw something else and …I ran.” She still seemed shaken up by the encounter.

    “Did you see what they went after?” I questioned. She shook her head. I had to admit that it wasn’t much of a lead, but it was better than what I had started with.

    “Bella, maybe you should head home and rest. And, maybe you could call Jake and see what he’s up to later. His dad said he was having a really rough time, and I’m sure he could really use a friend right now.”

    “But, what about the wolves? Aren’t you guys going to do something about them? Someone could really get hurt!”

    “I’ll call up Harry Clearwater to see if he can get a search team going. But I need you to promise me that you won’t go in the woods alone anymore. Seriously Bella, are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

    Bella tucked her hair behind her ears and sulked out of the office and back through the front doors of the station.

    “Sorry about that, my daughter is…well, she’s going through a lot.” Charlie seemed exhausted, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the constant worrying, he did for his daughter or work. Maybe it was a little bit of both.

    “Please, don’t apologize.” I reassured. “I’m just here to do my job.”

    “Oh, right. Of course. Well, I’m actually heading to La Push now if you’d like to ride along. We can go and meet Harry Clearwater and see if he can give you more information on all of the sightings.”

    We loaded into the police cruiser and drove the 20 minutes to La Push. The road leading to the reservation was lined with evergreens and the open sky and was actually quite peaceful aside from the small talk about my career and life in Seattle and how I liked Forks so far.

    Charlie turned one final corner down a windy road and into a short gravel driveway that led to a small red home with black tarp draped over top of the roof.

    *honk honk*

    The front door opened to the call of Charlies horn, revealing two native men- one in a wheelchair, and the other holding a large shotgun strapped around his shoulder.

    “Charlie!” They shouted from the end of the patio.

    “Morning men. I brought a friend with me from the news station. Y/N, this is Billy, and this is Harry. Don’t let them talk you into playing Poker. They cheat.”

    “If I had lost out on 20 bucks, I’d be saying the same thing.” Harry joked.

    “What brings you here, Charlie?” Billy asked.

    “He escorted me here. You see, I’m actually working on a story about the bear sightings in town and was told that the activity is mostly in this area. Would either of you be willing to give a quote for the news?”

    “Well,” Billy began, “it should come as no surprise that there are animal sightings. They were here first ya know.”

    “Right, but there have also been reports of attacks and even one death. Couldn’t that be a danger to the community? Kids? The elderly?”

    “How are people so sure that it’s the animals?” Billy defended.

    “…What else could it be?” Billy lowered his eyes from mine. The space was silent for what felt like forever. Charlie cleared his throat.

    “Okay. Well, now that’s over with, Harry, do you think Y/N could tag along on the search party with you and your mini search team?”

    “Welcome aboard, Y/N. If you want, we can head over to Sam’s place and introduce you to our small but mighty team. It’s just up the road. Charlie, you know the way, right?”

    Charlie followed Harry’s pickup truck to our next destination, and I replayed the tense conversation over and over in my head between Billy and I. Billy seemed to be very defensive of whatever animals were causing such an uproar in the small town. Charlie seemed to catch on to my silence-

    “Hey, don’t let that old geezer get into your head. He’s lived here for as long as he’s been alive, and he cares a lot about this place. Sometimes a little too much.”

    I nodded and decided to let it go. I needed to regain my focus on the task ahead.

    Harry finally began slowing down as we approached another driveway that was longer than the previous one and was paved. A small, quaint home sat at the end of it, kind of tucked away and glowing with light from the inside. There was movement in the home and Harry headed for the porch, not bothering to wait for us.

    “Come on guys! Emily’s got something cookin!” He shouted.

    Charlie and I trailed behind Harry, and I could instantly feel the warmth of the home and smell the sweet aroma of muffins.

    “Hey! Bella’s dad!” My body stiffened at the number of eyes that were now on Charlie and I as we entered the home.

    “Or as Jake would like to call him, father-in-law!” The room burst into uncontrollable laughter.

    “Boys! Settle down. We have guests! Hi, I’m Emily. Muffin?” The sweet and motherly voice almost distracted from the large scar adorned on her face, but it did not take away from her beauty. She gave off a kind spirit and I instantly felt at home.

    “Yes, thank you.” I spoke. I had forgotten to eat breakfast before heading off to the station this morning, but judging by the size of the muffin, I would be set for the rest of the day.

    “please, have a seat.” She encouraged, pointing at the table full of shirtless boys who had trailed off into separate conversations. Charlie walked over to the table with me and pulled out 2 chairs for each of us to sit on. It was like we were ghosts. The boys paid us no mind and continued talking amongst themselves.

    “Harry, what brings you here?” Emily inquired.

    “Besides your delicious muffins, I wanted to bring Y/N by to introduce her to everyone. She’s joining our search party for the…you know…” Her attention snapped over to me. “where’s Sam?” Harry continued.

    “Him, Paul, Leah and Jake should be on their way back from…their run. Any minute now actually.” She turned back toward the kitchen space and pulled more muffins from the oven.

    “Ya know, I’m not so sure these bear sightings are real. I mean, there’s no proof, so why should we even believe it?” One of the boys spoke up.

    “Yeah, and what are we supposed to do if we find one of these supposed ‘bears’ anyway?” another said.

    There was that burning urge to say something again. I hadn’t learned from my past fails of speaking up, and it didn’t look like I would learn this time either-

    “Actually, a new development came in this morning that the bears may actually be wolves.” The room became deafeningly quiet. “I-I’m sure if there were to be some sort of capture, or a successful kill, a reward could be in the hangings. Alongside a very thankful community.” The eyes in the room lowered and secretly darted from one another as if they were all speaking an unspoken language.

    I took another bite of my muffin, feeling the awkwardness in the room grow thicker and more uncomfortable by the second. Just when I thought I could no longer handle the tension, the front screen door slid open and in walked 3 taller, muscular and shirtless men. The air outside wasn’t the coldest it had ever been, but definitely not shirtless weather. I was beginning to worry about the mental state of all of these boys and their susceptibility to catching a cold.

    “Charlie?” Spoke one of the men. His voice was deep, and his face was stern. He approached Charlie and shook his hand. “Everything okay?” He questioned.

    “Hey Sam. Just bringing over the newest resident of Forks. Her name is Y/F/N Y/L/N and she’s working on the bear sighting case. I asked Harry to take her under his wing so she could tag along on the mini search party with you all. Hope that’s alright.” Sam set his eyes on me as I tried to force a smile.

    “Well, Y/F/N, this is Seth, Jared, Quil, and Embry. Over by the muffins are Jacob, Leah, and Paul. And, I’m Sam.”

    I scanned the room as he listed off the names, trying to remember them all. By the time he had reached the third name, I was already lost, but still made an effort to at least make eye contact with each person. They all seemed so friendly, and tight knit. There was, however, one name that did stand out to me. I wasn’t sure why, but Paul—Paul caught my attention instantly. Maybe it was because he was the last one introduced? Maybe it was his amazingly ripped body? Or, maybe it was the way his eyes caught on to mine and held my gaze in his. Maybe it was the way I couldn’t pull myself from the deep and intense stare, or the way everything seemed to move in slow motion around us.

    “Y/F/N…?” I heard Charlie’s muffled voice in the background as I tried to pull away from Paul’s sights. “Y/F/N? Hello?”

    “Huh? Yeah? I’m sorry Charlie, were you saying something?”

    “Are you going to be okay if I leave you here? Sam said he could have one of the boys take you back to your apartment if you’re okay with that.”

    “Oh, umm, sure. I’ll be fine. Thank you.” Charlie stood to say his final goodbyes and journeyed off back to the police station.

    “I guess we better get started before it gets too dark out. Come on.” Everyone placed their dishes on the counter and thanked Emily for the muffins.

    Emily and Harry stayed behind as the rest of us headed down the porch stairs. I couldn’t shake the feeling of Paul. My head was in the clouds and all I could see was his face. The butterflies in my stomach were in a frenzy. The forest lining came closer in to view and the tiny quaint home turned into a mere speck off in the distance.

    I moved forward to keep up with the rest of the group and pulled out my phone to be ready to take any pictures of striking evidence that could appear at any moment. A large tree root poking up from the ground caught my foot causing me to trip and fall to the floor.

    “Shit.” I cursed under my breath. My jeans ripped along my right knee and left a trail of blood flowing down my leg.

    “You alright?” Paul’s face looked down with concern at my knee.

    “I-I-di-didn’t see the r-r-root. I’m sorry.” I tried to lift myself up, but the pain in my knee sent a sharp sting back through my leg causing me to fall midway back to the ground before Paul caught me around my upper torso. We both turned our heads and looked deep into each other’s eyes. What was this feeling?

    “Paul. Take Y/F/N home. We can try again in the morning.” Sam spoke from up ahead.

    “Do you think you can walk?” His voice brought me in again. All I could manage was a slight nod. I applied pressure to my knee but was met again with the sharp pain.

    “Maybe walking isn’t such a great idea.” I could hear the teasing in his voice but also the genuine worry about the state of my injury. Paul literally swept me off my feet like I was light as a feather.

    “Woah!” I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck out of fear.

    “Don’t worry. I’ve got you.” Our eyes met once again, and he smiled while my cheeks burned from my shyness of being so close to his shirtless body.

    “Here. I’m going to grab the First Aid kit from Emily.” Paul carefully sat me down on an open log just along Emily’s driveway while he ran inside. He was back within seconds and began tending to the scrape on my knee.

    “I’m so embarrassed. I’m such a huge klutz.” I nervously spoke.

    “It’s cute.” Paul chuckled. The heated sensation returned back to my cheeks.

    “Paul!” We both turned our heads toward the forest lining where 2 of the shirtless boys were lightly jogging back over towards us in the distance.

    “What do you two want?” Paul asked with a slight annoyance in his tone.

    “Sam told us to check on you and to make sure Y/N was okay.” I remembered Sam introducing this boy as Jared.

    “I’m fine, just a little bummed that I’m nowhere closer to building my story. My boss is already not a huge fan of mine, and I was hoping this could be the breakthrough story for my career.” I shrugged and looked down at my now cleaned and bandaged knee.

    “Yeah, its kind of sucks the ‘bear’ couldn’t be out right when you wanted. Maybe next time.” I remembered this boy as Embry.

    “I can take you to them. I mean, the bears. I know where they are.” Paul spoke up.

    “What?!” Jared and Embry cried in unison.

    Paul ignored them and continued, “I mean, I didn’t want to say anything earlier, but I’ve seen the animals myself, and they’re definitely not bears.”

    “They’re not? Well, what are they then?!” I pulled out my notepad.

    “They’re…wolves.” He finished.

    “Paul! A word, please?” Jared begged.

    “When can you take me? Oh my gosh, this could be HUGE!” I began jotting down notes, a thrilling and exciting feeling flowing through me.

    “Ummm, how about tomorrow around 6PM? But we’ll have to meet somewhere else away from these rowdy kids. Ya know…so we don’t scare them away.”

    “Yes! I’ll be there! Here’s my number. Just text me the location.”

    “Sounds like a date. Now, let’s get you home.”

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  • #the style of this post is all I’ve the place lmaooo #u really can’t tell jareds my fave oof #twilight#wolf pack#jacob black#jared cameron#embry call#quil atera#sam uley#leah clearwater#seth clearwater#paul lahote
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