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  • catalotolo
    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    gonna need all the bubba sawyer/thomas hewitt fans to consider the following:

    bro is most likely INCREDIBLY hard of hearing, i’d better start either seeing deaf leatherface in fics or have a scene written where he stuffs a cotton ball into each ear before using his chainsaw.

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  • immortal-velociraptor
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Shopping with the Slashers

    Cw: slightly mature themes and curse words

    Will Grahm:

    You took will to five below with you. He’d never been to Michigan so he was unfamiliar with most of the store up there. You however were a proud Michigander and five below was one of your favourite stores. Saying you were like a kid in a candy store was a literal understatement.

    Y/N: ahhhh gummy bears!

    You ran off into the store, nearly pulling off wills hand as you dragged him behind you. You bounced up and down on the tip of your toes.

    Y/N: William look at them, aren’t they so cu- omg they have octopi!! William!!

    You shook him by his shoulders squealing in his face.

    Will: I don’t think you need any sugar my pet.

    He said boredly. You glared at him.

    Y/N: William David Graham, you take that back or your sleeping with the dogs tonight.

    Will raised his eyebrow at you. You took out your phone maintaining eye contact with your boyfriend.

    Will: Who are you calling?

    Y/N: You know exactly who I’m calling. Hi Dr. Lecter? Yeah it’s Y/N. Good, good how are you? I’m calling about William, you see we’re having a little dilemma. He seems to think it’s ok to deny his GIRLFRIEND, Candy on her birthday. Oh really? Yeah I’ll tell him you said so.

    You smirked as you hung up the phone.

    Y/N: Hannibal said you have to buy me candy or he’s not signing off on your release papers for this upcoming case.

    Will: Really, blackmail?

    Y/N: I learned from the best!

    You smirked as Will pulled out his wallet.

    Will: Happy Birthday, Dear. Now please call Hannibal back and tell him he’s uninvited to your party tonight.

    You chuckled and engulfed him in a hug.

    Y/N: I can’t, that would be rude

    You gave him your best puppy dog eyes and he rolled his in response.


    You dragged Hannibal with you into Claire’s. The man was utterly disgusted by the amount of pink that accosted his eyes. This place looked like a toddlers paradise, though he couldn’t say for certain you weren’t secretly one.

    Hannibal: Darling?

    He asked concerned. He looked down at you to see your eyes sparkling in awe, and overwhelms aura engulfed you. He saw tears brimming at your eyes. You let out a squeak.

    Hannibal: are you alright?

    You simply nodded. Starring you in the face was the cutest Hello Kitty plush you’d ever seen. She looked like candy floss covered in sprinkles, and it made your heart ache. You sprinted across the store leaving Hannibal in your dust. You tried to grab her off the shelf but you were too short. You turned to Hannibal with a pout.

    Y/N: please?

    Hannibal smirked.

    Hannibal: please what?

    Y/N: Kitty!

    You squealed at him, pointing excitedly at it.

    Y/N: I need her!

    Hannibal: I assure you my love, this is certainly not a need.

    Y/N: But-

    Hannibal: You’re far too old for toys my dear.

    Tears threatened to spill from your eyes and you were about to throw a tantrum. Hannibal said no to you often but it didn’t make it hurt any less. You got an idea, standing on your tippy toes and leaning into his ear.

    Y/N: please daddy?

    You knew this would break him. Hannibal could never say no to you when you were in little space. He cherished you in all forms, but you innocence consumed him. He wanted nothing more than to give you the world when you’re were like this.

    Hannibal: are you going to behave?

    Y/N: yes daddy!

    With that Hannibal pulled out his wallet and grabbed the stuffie from the shelf. He shook his head, knowing full well Will would judge him for caving so easily. But he couldn’t help it, you were his baby.


    Thomas didn’t like to stray far from home, he knew he would get weird looks for his mask and his hulking frame. You had surprised Tommy this morning with a hand made mask of your own. You had learned to make paper masks a few months back, but had hidden it from Thomas out of fear he’d find your work inferior. You made him a human looking mask and presented it to him with a smile. He looked at it like it was the most precious thing in the world, that was until your next surprise. You pulled out a mask of your own, a pin up doll with bunny ears. When you put it on Thomas’s world stopped.

    Y/N: come on baby, the farmers market is waiting!

    You tried to coax him out of his daze. You wanted to get fresh fruit to bake Luna Mae a pie for Mother’s Day and Thomas had agreed to go with you. You held hands as you skipped through the halls of the garden area. People were giving you weird looks which didn’t go unnoticed by Thomas, he simply held you closer to his frame. He didn’t trust the intentions of the other humans.

    Y/N: ooo baby look! Mulberries! These will be perfect for mamma!

    He coped at you. Smiling so wide behind his mask. He absolutely adored how much love you showed to him and his family. You grabbed your wallet and went to buy the berries. Thomas watched as you chatted up the seller and she complimented your “costumes” asking what you were doing for the night. You went to make up a fake story for your unusual attire when another shopper interrupted you.

    Stranger: Nice masks, what did you two just rob a bank?

    The man shouted from a few stands over, catching your attention. Thomas’s full attention was now on him, trying to calculate how not to make this scene any worse. You were ready to ignore him when he shouted again.

    Stranger: hey doll face I’m talking to you!

    The stranger was significantly closer now, all up in your personal space. Thomas’s fist began to turn white as he clenched them so hard. The lady selling you the mulberries gave you a sympathetic smile and you waved her off as she went to help the next costumer. You began to walk back toward Thomas as you just wanted to get out of there.

    Stranger: don’t ignore me you slut!

    You could now clearly tell the man was drunk as he was slurring his words. This was the final straw. Nobody talked to Thomas’s Bunny like that! Normally he’d just kill the man, but he knew this was your favourite place to shop and he didn’t want you getting banned. Without a single word, Thomas effortlessly scooped you up in his arms, carful not to make you drop your berries and began to walk off. As you two made it back to the car he wouldn’t put you down.

    Y/N: Tommy, my love, you can put me down now. I’m ok, I promise!

    Thomas shook his head, cradling you closer. You could tell he was genuinely upset. You let out a light chuckle, smiling out how adorable he was. You wiggled one arm free, cradling his face in your palm.

    Y/N: I think you look very handsome in this mask. But I kinda wanna go home and put your regular one back on. I miss looking at your beautiful face.

    With that Thomas let you down, opening the door to your side of the car. He sat in the passenger seat, holding the berries in his hand, using his other hand to rub your thigh lovingly as you drove home. Thomas was very proud of how you handled yourself today and he was gonna show you just how happy he was when you got home.


    Stu and you went to a small black owned store at the edge of town. Prom was coming up and you’d actually convinced him to go. You see, he was gonna blow it off and just stay home and watch movies but you lured him in with the promise of you in a pretty dress. And maybe you promised you’d let him take it off of you at the end of the night. Stu followed behind you, making quips about how stupid the frilly dresses look. He held up a dress to you.

    Stu: Babe look! They skinned big bird!

    You rolled your eyes at his antics, but chuckled none the less, simply glad he was finding a way to enjoy yourself. The nice old lady who owned the shop came by to help you.

    Owner: are you looking for anything in particular?

    Before you could tell her you were just looking, Stu cut you off.

    Stu: Yeah! Something to make my baby look hot!

    You punched him in the arm, giving him a glare. You wanted to apologise but were surprised when you saw a smile on her face.

    Owner: I suppose it wouldn’t be that hard, she’s already very beautiful.

    Y/N: You’re too kind. Please pay no mind to him, he’s an idiot. A lovable one, but still an idiot.

    For the rest of the evening Stu followed you around like some lovesick puppy. He kept his compliment PG in front of the store owner, but you loved watching him squirm. You began to get exhausted thinking you’d never find the right dress until the shop owner pulled you to the side.

    Owner: I can tell your getting discouraged. But I promise we’ll find the right dress for you. I do have this one dress in the back, my old prom dress, but most people don’t really like the style anymore. Want to try it on?

    You nodded enthusiastically. You were never one to get into the popular things. Every dress you tried on tonight made you feel like a dime a dozen whore, not that you had anything against them, it just wasn’t what you were going for. Stu sat there twiddling his thumbs, trying his best to be there for you.

    Stu: Babe how much longer?

    Y/N: Just a minute!

     You we’re so nervous you didn’t even look in the mirror. The shop owner came in and gasped. You thought it was a bad gasp and frowned, but she quickly reassured you. She tied your hair up in a loose updo, and she put an old hair pin in your hair. You felt self conscious but she ushered you out of the fitting room infront of your boyfriend. You wanted to cry when Stu dropped his bag of Cheetos. He quickly noted your mood and jumped up to hug you. Stu pulled you tight and whispered in your ear.

    Stu: You have never looked more stunning. If this is half of what you’re going to look like on our wedding day then I will wait and watch you try on dresses until we’re old and grey.

    You blushed so hard you through your head might explode. Stu wanted to marry you? He wanted to be yours forever? He thought you were beautiful? This dress was magical. Stu took your arm and spun you around admiring your form. He took a moment to dip you, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. He pulled away and noticed the shop owner cooing at the two of you.

    Stu: How much for the dress?

    Owner: Please, its on the house! You two kids enjoy your prom!

    You had never been happier in your entire life. When you finally got a look of yourself in this dress you almost cried. You were so amazed that you were able to look this good for your boyfriend, you psychotic soulmate. He was well behaved today and would definitely be rewarded for it!


    Billy and you strolled into the video store like you did many weekends. You followed behind him and watched as he browsed the horror section. You knew he was gonna pick out something to try and scare you, and honestly you weren’t feeling up for it this week. You wandered off into the romance section and took a look around. Your eyes fell upon a dvd, Twilight. It was an absolute classic and you were certain Billy had never seen it before. You concocted a plan on your head. You waltzed back over to your boyfriend, dvd hidden behind your back.

    Y/N: Billy?

    You gave him your best puppy eyes. He didn’t even bother to look up at you, and this just made you feel more determined.

    Y/N: Puppy?

    At this his eyes shot straight down at you. He raised an eyebrow at your sudden use of the pet name. You excitedly shoved the movie in his face and he took it from your hands.

    Billy: No

    Y/N: But-

    Billy: I said no. We’re not watching this bullshit, we’re watching My Bloody Valentine.

    You grumbled. My Bloody Valentine didn’t even sound that interesting. Vampires were much cooler and you’d prove it.

    Y/N: But it’s got vampires!

    Billy smirked down at you, wanting to see where you’d go with this.

    Billy: Yeah, lame ones that sparkle. Even Randy wouldn’t watch this crap.

    Y/N: Since when do you take movie advise from Randy?

    Billy looked offended, he already hand plans to punish you for the comment. You knew he wouldn’t crack so you pulled out the big guns. You stood on your tippy toes to whisper something to him.

    Y/N: if you watch this with me, I’ll dress up like a vampire and let you do whatever you want with me. I promise I’ll try to go the whole night without using our safe word.

    At this he cracked. A whole night with his sexy girlfriend dressed up like a vampire. He could do whatever he wanted to you? The gears in that beautiful brain of his began to spin wildly.

    Billy: Fine, well watch the damn vampire movie.

    Y/N: Yea!

    It was his turn to whisper in your ear.

    Billy: but if you tell anyone about this I swear to god I’ll kill you.

    You weren’t sure if he was being serious or not, but you weren’t willing to find out. You were just happy you got your way, and you had something new to try in the bedroom.

    Billy Lenz:

    Billy never wanted to leave the attic. But sometimes he just couldn’t say no to you. You applied your makeup, and looked impeccable. You turned to your boyfriend with an innocent smile.

    Y/N: baby I’m gonna put some foundation on you now. It might now be your exact shade but it should help to hide your jaundice. That way no one will try to say anything to you.

    He loved the way you looked out for him. He knew better than to think you were ashamed of the way he looked. In fact, you loved everything about him, especially his sickly, yellowed skin. You would leave gentle kisses all over his body to remind him of such. When you finished you smiled at him. You gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

    Y/N: Ready?

    He nodded. He wasn’t used to people actually being able to see him and it made him incredibly self conscious. But you had asked him to come with you today and said it was important, and he was willing to do anything for you. When you got to the mall you dragged him passed several stores and he just starred in confusion. Why were there so many and why did they all have such odd names. He looked up as you stopped in front of a store called Spencer’s.

    As you dragged him around he looked at the many things around him. He was both amazed by the variety, but incredibly bored by the content.

    Billy: Pretty Piggy said this was important 

    He reminded you. You shushed him.

    Y/N: Kitten, you know better than to question me. Have I ever steered you wrong?

    He shook his head no. You smiled at how flustered he got when you used pet names back at him. But you were his filthy, Pretty Piggy, and he was you vicious little kitten. It was fun being taller than him, you always used this to your advantage when it came to taming your man. You smirked and grabbed his hand, walking him to the back of the store. That’s when you saw his eyes light up. You leaned down to look him in the eyes, tipping his chin up to look at you.

    Y/N: Now kitten, since you’ve been such a brave boy coming outside with me today, I’m gonna let you pick out some toys ok?

    Billy looked at you with wide eyes.

    Billy: Piggy wants me to pick?

    You gave him a nod and watched as he ran around looking at everything in excitement. You crossed your arms over your chest and smirked, knowing this would make your boyfriend more open to leaving the house with you in the future. Besides, you trusted you kitten to pick stuff that would please you. And seeing him this happy was the best sight in the world.

    An: hey guys, so it’s been a rough few days. Recently there was a shooting at my old high school and 4 kids lost their lives. So I apologise for not having written much lately, but writing this made me feel better. Please keep these families in your thoughts, love you all 🥰

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  • lorenamayfield
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

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  • animalsblackjacksworld
    03.12.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • calibri-cross
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Y/n: Thomas, can you please drop this thing while you crawl in the sand? It's not going anywhere!!

    Thomas: *grunts* (no.)

    Y/n: So how are you going to move properly? Putting it in your mouth??

    Thomas: ...

    Thomas: *Puts the cable he holds the sawfish's skull in his mouth and crawls away.* (nice)

    Y/n: Okay, I give you up.

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  • colourshot-draws
    02.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I would also freak out if Stretch called me pretty. I’m like semi free from school now so I can ACTUALLY DRAW! Here’s an idea that I’ve had for a long ass time, mostly because Bubba really deserves to be called pretty. AND Stretch and Bubba are my weakness T_T 

    #can't believe it's taken me this long to draw her #bubba sawyer#leatherface #vanita stretch brock #texas chainsaw massacre #texas chainsaw massacre 2 #tcm#tcm 2#tcm fanart#slasher#slashers#colourshot's art
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  • incorrectlooneytunesquotes
    02.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Sylvester: Come on buthster. Let's sthee what you got.

    Tweety: The heck is wong with you putty tat? Why don't you weave me awone?

    Sylvester: I'm hungry.

    Tweety: You never heard of pizza?

    #sylvester#tweety #source: Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
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  • spookykittyboo
    02.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Small Moment

    Connecting with Thomas for the first time.


    It has become a blur now, when, where and how. You can't even remember why you're still here, and you dont even fight the feeling of comfort you created for this place. It was all hot, dirty, just a piece of mess and yet somehow this is enough for you. Grateful even.

    You are now on your own feet walking, your hands touching the walls around you but you will always remember when you can't even have control over your own body. Tied up. Strangled. Normal. You could've run and look back at all this as hell. No, you stay. You see this as a.... home.


    You're humming a familiar song in your head, cutting up some meat to put in a sandwhich. Moving your body to the sound of the music you're playing. You can still all the sounds from the basement but you manage to keep doing what you're doing besides, it has become a bird chirping noise to you. Somewhat of an everyday routine to hear, not at all a horror to your ears, anymore.

    But instead, the man who makes those scream, is a mystery to you. He never talks once, maybe only a few words. You're starting to get confuse as you remember all of the things you know about him. "Is he..." you keep questioning your experience of watching him. Again, you're still unsure of your thoughts on him, it changes because he will always surprise you in different ways. And as weird as it sounds, he never really leaves your head. You're too curious to just leave him out and you can't really understand why.

    Is it his silence?

    His act?


    Or something you dont want to admit...

    You know the story of him. Luda once told you while she tugged you in, she explained the whole thing with her own way, which sounded like a poetry to you. The pain he went through, the scars he has. Those what they called "horrendous scars" never really bothers you, it never stops you from looking at him secretly. You probably couldn't admit it to yourself but you always know that it's an awe. You watch the man doing anything he does, walking, lifting or helping Hoyt. A little smile would also go a long the way, but of course you didn't notice the smile that appear out of nowhere. As you're to focused on Thomas.

    Day by day, your curiosity grows like a stabbing pain. You can not bear the heavy weight of all your longing for him and it might weird to say, but nothing can express what you're feeling for him. With him never having any contact with you makes you want to dig deeper even more. Well maybe once, when he carried you over his shoulder to take you away from everyone and the whole world. But that one moment is not enough.


    You have a plate of sandwhich in your hand and a glass of warm milk in the other, you walk your way till you can see the stairs leading to the basement. You can't shake the fear off. Yes, you're in awe of him but also, he can skin you off and you'll be his new mask. All of the thoughts are rushing in your brain like cold water. "Hello." you said, a little loud. You couldn't detect any noise you heard before. Just a light noises and probably the sound of his heavy steps. "He-hello... are you... there?" you step down by your left foot. Passing one stair. Then you get too confident to pass another.

    When you hit the 7th, you hear a loud bang. Your eyes widens, as the horror enters your body, sending shiver all over your body. "Hello? Are you here?" you keep looking down, unsure of what to do. Another step? Going back? "Wh-what should i do? Shit!" you whisper under your breath. "I dont think i-" you gasps, stepping back but all you find is yourself falling on your back, hitting the hard stairs. He appears in front of you, darken your existence with his huge shadow. "Y-you... you..." you still have the food in your hands eventhough the milk spills itself on you a little and touches your arm.

    He stands there. Wondering why you have yourself down here. His eyes traces all over your body, he starts with your feet he can see the how dirty they are, because you would go around the house barefoot. He gets closer to you, both of his hands are wiping themselves on his apron. You couldn't tell anymore what he has on his apron, blood, dirt, anything is brutal and it's a mixed of color.

    You're panting with your hazy vision. "You're... you're Thomas aren't.... you?" you dont know whether it's the fear that strikes you or you're mesmerizes by his figure. What's real and what's not is something you can't really decide.

    "Y-you... you want to eat, Thomas?" the amount of fear you have, starts to wash away little by little. "I brought you food..." you stand on your own feet, showing him the food then put it on the stair slowly. "It's not the meat you guys eat. But i-i think it will be good... for you..." to be honest, you're starting to shy away from him, with his eyes still nailing themselves to you it's hard not to feel intimidated. Just when you're about to make it back upstairs, you have a little, maybe sick or crazy idea. "Or, you can sit here with me." you sit yourself down on the stair, bringing the plate to your lap, siding the glass closer to you giving him a place to sit. "Here, Thomas." you pat the space next to you. Still, you couldn't shake the feeling of nerve wrecking terror he gives you. Just. By. Standing. There.

    He follows your so called command, moving towards the empty space you gives him. It makes you wonder even more. He can give in? He sits right next to you with his broad shoulder touching yours. Of course we all know why, the man is a giant. He hunch his back with his head down, but he gives you side eyes, still trying to understand something behind yours. "Here, i made it." you smile giving him the plate. The man gives you nothing but a huff and looking away from you. You dont know if it's out of stupidness or you're just going insane by now but giving up is not an option.

    "Do you want me to help?"

    Now, you onlt have his back as the view. But even with no face and just a dirt bathed clothes you can still see the vicious path he has gone through. Your eyes goes down to his hand. Each fingers represents the hard work he has to put to each of his shoulder, they're unrecognizable as his hands turn to a darket color due to the blood stained. "Thomas, here i can help you. Please look here." his head turns to you, and you greet him with a smile on your face. You hold one piece of sandwhich in your hand trying to feed him. If he even let you.

    Hopefully, he will sink to your warm embrace. Cause there is nothing but pure tenderness you want to give him. You want him to feel safe. Even with his beast like figure, you know there is somethimg else, more human than the whole world behind that mask. "Here." you feed him the small piece, gently, through the opening of his leather mask. You push the food in, and surprisingly, he eats it. One bite, then when he starts to feel the taste of it in his mouth he's going range mode eating the food, which startles you. Makes you pull your hand in a sudden move. To say, your face is in a shocking state. And he's too busy eating the food to notice your reaction. But after he finish, he look back at you. This time you could not help but notice his eyes are no more showing a hostile brutality, it's almost like a cry for the affection he longs for. "Do you like it Tommy?" you asked him tilting your head.

    " Hmm?" you smile gently to the soft giant. You keep digging for an answer from him. You find him with his head down. "Yes? Do you like it?" still no answer, now you starting to wonder if he's able to talk his mind out. "C-can you say it Thomas?" you can hear the desprate attempt of yours, trying to pull him out of his silence. He let out an angrily grunt from inside that brown mask. "Thomas..." you stutters "It's okay." you reach slowly at his shoulder, afraid of getting a wrong reaction. Once you settle your hand there, you can feel his body relaxing to your touch. Something you thought you could only feel in your wildest dream. "You can nod." giving him a comfort laugh to coax him into expressing his feeling.

    He nods, looking at you for a while then come back to look at the ground. You don't show much of your excitement, but deep down you shoots firework at his cute respond. "Yes? You like it Tommy?" you laugh happily knowing he connects with you. And that is more than what you expected since you stand on the entrance of the basement. He nods again, seeing your responce, "Okay, yes. You can nod Tommy!" again, your excitement can't tame itself.

    Without your own concious, your hand is on the side of his face "Tommy, you don't have to feel alone. I'm here." you whisper to him. Watching his head slowly leaning to your hand.


    In this moment, there's nothing that could ruin what you and Thomas have. You keep feeding him the sandwhich and once a while you give him the glass of milk, while you help him drink.

    Even he knows, nobody can have this moment but you and him. This small moment.

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  • dunkingtruth
    02.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    hes autistic and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    #IM RILED UP THINKING ABOUT LEATHERFACE OK #texas chainsaw massacre #bubba sawyer #ft. gramps #dunk.txt
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  • chop-top-suey
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #bubba sawyer #the texas chain saw massacre #texas chainsaw massacre 2 #leatherface#slasher#slasher fanart#horror#horror fanart#my art
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  • tenevrae
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I doodled this meanwhile I was having a rough night some months ago, I ended up watching The texas chainsaw massacre 2. Always manages to cheer me up.

    #bubba#bubba sawyer#leatherface#doodle #the texas chainsaw massacre #thetexaschainsawmassacre2 #texas chainsaw massacre #slashers
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  • kcharry
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Shitty Nubbins cosplay i whipped up in a few minutes

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  • frenziedslashers
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #thomas hewitt #thomas hewitt x reader #texas chainsaw massacre #leatherface #slasher x reader #slasher
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  • calibri-cross
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    –The right shift.–

    Chapter 4:Family first.

    Weeks have passed since you started your new job. It was no surprise that Michael visited the cafe at the same time, he always ordered the same thing and it was always Angel who prepared for him. He seemed to trust her strictly to do this.

    Michael was unpredictable, he took a lot more steps to see people's reactions. There was something about how his gaze could make someone break into a cold sweat, or how he just did something random like show up in a stranger's garage and start messing with things even fix them which gave a different feeling to the blond man. Amusement? He couldn't describe it for sure.

    He continued to frequent Bo's garage to help him here and there. Something without commitment, it was interesting to study the engines in practice. And he didn't see the point in getting paid for it... after all, he already had a job in an instrument store.

    You ended up getting used to his presence, well, he didn't seem very threatening after Angel revealed to you that he had this habit of staring at people, because he found it amusing how they reacted. You wondered how sadistic his mind was to find it amusing to purposely make people uncomfortable.Oh God, you wouldn't give him that satisfaction anymore.

    Every day was the same, you and Michael always staring at each other, but it felt more like a weird way of greeting than really some kind of hostility.You took it as a challenge, and as much as he didn't show it, as he always did, he was actually like it.

    After another day on work, you and Angel used to head home together. Her house was on the same path as yours, but much earlier. It was ironic how she came in right after you sometimes, you figured it was the convenience of living close to her place of work.

    As usual, you just made it to the door, not wanting to be invasive even though she and her mom insisted that you come in and have a drink. Her mother was a young woman and Angel vaguely resembled her, as well as Michael who had features of his mother like blue eyes and blonde hair, but a little darker.

    What wasn't the usual, but sometimes you guys would stand there for a few minutes at the entrance to finish a conversation before you said goodbye and continued on your way home. And sometimes you could have sworn someone was watching you from the upstairs bedroom. Michael maybe? That was just fits him, and you could feel his gaze digging into your skin, even if you didn't even look back to be sure.

    You arrived at your house and found Vincent and Thomas in the kitchen. The table was full of scattered art things, such as brushes, paint and papers with scribbled designs. Vincent was painting something on Thomas' mask, and you saw their shoulders shake in laughter, they looked like were having fun.

    You saw something...unusual. Vincent and Thomas were best friends since their teens, and you always liked the fact that they were close friends because Thomas always visited you guys when he could, and you liked Thomas a lot.

    But the way you caught the two of them looking at each other was different from what you've seen before, something that went beyond friendship, a deep glow. Vincent was not in the habit of looking people in the eye, not even Thomas. They've always been shy about it... And you just noticed that you were looking at them, which made it kind of embarrassing.

    Their eyes met yours, and you could have sworn you saw a slight blush on Vincent's neck, and above Thomas' masked cheeks."S-sorry I'm interrupting something…?" You say ankwardly. What question is that? It was more than clear that you do.You think to yourself.The two boys move away.Trying to pretend nothing happened Vincent walks over and greets you while Thomas clears his throat and gets up from his chair quickly.

    >>I...I'm on my way out.<< Thomas signals, his hands failing a little, before heading to the door.>>Bye Y/n.<

    You weren't sure what to do or what to say, maybe you just acted like you hadn't seen anything? What was the best thing to do???Before you can think of anything, you see Vincent patting your shoulder and signaling.>>You ok?<< You blink. "Oh...yes I'm fine, just a little tired, I...didn't expect to find Tom here at this time..."

    >>He left work early, and I...called him to help me with my college work...<< He replied, and you gave a slight shrug "I see,well,now I'm here then...let's make dinner?" You change the subject and Vincent nods in response.After Bo and Lester arrived home, dinner took place in an almost normal fashion. Vincent was still a little embarrassed at being caught, but he trusted you would never think anything bad of him. What he wasn't so sure about Bo and Lester...

    You were in an inner conflict though, you weren't dumb, you knew what those looks they gave each other meant. You knew you should give up this passion for your own good and of course for Vincent and Thomas' happiness, but dammit...it hurt...it made you feel bad about yourself. You would never blame them, they never knew of your crush on Thomas for years. How long was it anyway? When did it start?

    The most you could remember realizing that you started to like Thomas was at the end of high school. Yes, you still remember, you didn't have any date for prom, and your classmates started making fun of you for it.

    Maybe you wouldn't care if you had the maturity you have at that time, but you didn't. And being alone at that moment really affected you. That day something had happened in Bo's garage that had the three boys teaming up to resolve it. Conclusion, no one could take you at that point, and you were seriously considering walking home alone in the middle of the night.

    But you didn't want to just leave the party and do the job Mama Mae had to make your dress go for nothing. You watched the hours tick by on your cell phone, and then you got a message from an old friend asking how you were doing.You said yes, but he seemed to understand the situation, saying that if you were okay you wouldn't be responding so quickly.

    It didn't take long for you to tell him the little "problem", and as soon as he stopped answering you thought that maybe he just fell asleep because he was tired of work.You understood, just fiddling with your cell phone to pass the time. And half an hour later when the pairs started to form, you felt someone nudge your shoulder and give hand to you.

    You lifted your head to meet Thomas's eyes, it wasn't like him showing up much in a crowded place, much more at a party with teenagers with a tendency to demean the more reclusive ones. You noticed that he was well groomed, it wasn't formal but it was quite different from the usual, his hair was combed back, he was like a striped shirt similar to the one he wore every day only in a very dark shade of green, and of course a tie, the mask as always was there but you didn't mind.

    You reluctantly accepted his hand, but he quickly took it gently and led you to the hall where the people were dancing. You felt that his hand was sweating cold. You knew how uncomfortable it was for him to be in a crowd,of being among strangers and how they look at him,but at no point did his eyes leave you.

    The two of you didn't escape being the targets of nasty comments and people looking at Thomas with a startled look.

    That moment,he looks so anxious with the amount of people that you couldn't handle to see him like that, you insisted that you leave because the party was "boring".He wasn't against your decision, in fact he was very grateful that you decided to leave, but he would gladly be there if it made you feel better.

    If you could, you'd kick the ass of anyone who bothered one of your brothers or friends, but unfortunately you couldn't.You didn't see Thomas as a freak, he was like a big bear, he could look dangerous but actually with a good look you could someone lovable.

    Maybe that's where it started, you started seeing Thomas with new eyes, and now you were dealing with not being returned. He didn't look at you the way he looked at his brother. He always saw you as his younger sister and having that feeling now for him made you feel guilty.

    It took you a while to fall asleep that night, even thinking about it against your will really consumed you for a few hours before you simply forced yourself to close your eyes.

    "Damn it..."You mumble to yourself,feeling your eyes water a little.

    Soon you just fall sleep.

    The next day you were a little late for waking up late. When you arrived at the cafe, you found a worried Pamela and Angel, but as soon as they saw you coming,their expressions changed to one more relief,and Mrs Vorhees now with a more stern face,seemed to demand an explanation from you.

    "Sorry Ma'am, I woke up late today, I'm so sorry!!" You tried to justify yourself, but you weren't confident that Mistress Vorhees would understand, and to your surprise she patted your shoulder, "It's okay dear, just try to be more punctual next time." She says, and you nod your head assuring it would be. "Well, now get ready and let's start another day's work." She says in a cheery tone, and you all respond in the same tone of yes, well almost everyone, you were still kinda sleepy from the sleepless night.

    "Hey, are you okay?" Angel asked, she saw the slight dark circles under his eyes and wondered why. "I'm fine...almost, there are only nights when I can't sleep well, that's not a big deal." You assure her that as hard as it is to swallow your answer, she accepts.

    "Well…okay, but look, I know it might sound invasive and all, but…if you want someone to listen to you I don't mind being that person.” She sounded sincere and it took you by surprise. How long? A month and a half? Well at least that's how long you started this new cafe job. Angel was a very active girl, and a lot of her jokes and antics made you laugh, but dammit she really she was being serious about what she said. You might not have known each other for so long, but she really liked you .

    As every day, after work you guys would walk together until being parted when Angel arrived at her house. The difference of the day was that a storm started to fall on the two of you midway, so you guys ran as fast as you could to at least make it to Angel's house before the rain got worse.

    When you were close to home, a car that went by at top speed passed over a puddle, splashing dirty water and mud on both of you clothes. Angel threw a series of curses and scolding at that damn driver who clearly did it on purpose."Son of a bitch!! Hope your tire blows out by tomorrow!! You fucking bastard!!" She yells at the driver. "Angel they can't hear you." You say taking the dirt off your face."Damn it!!"She grunts in frustration shaking off the mud that had been thrown into her hands.

    You could only be thankful that you weren't gaping at the time, unlike the blonde girl next to you who tried to spit and wipe her tongue with her hand to get the awful taste out of her mouth. "Uhrg...at least you're close to home." You say and she looks at you in disbelief "Do you really think I'm going to let you go home like this? No way girl!" She takes your hand and drags you to her house, not giving you a chance to fight it, well... not that you thought it was bad, you really wanted to wash that thing off your face.

    You arrived at Angel's house, she took you inside, and she and you greeted her mother kindly. "Hello Ms. Myers." She was in the kitchen preparing dinner, she answers you guys happily. "Hi girls, I hope you didn't get too wet in this rai–What happened to you two???" She looked at you with wide eyes, it just couldn't have been caused by the rain. Angel lets out a sigh. "A bastard drove his car over a puddle and well...this happened." She pulls a handful of the shirt to show the huge stain on there,as if it wasn't obvious enough already.

    The older woman shakes her head in disbelief "Go get cleaned up in the bathroom. Angel, lend one of your clothes to Y/n." She says while gesturing for you guys to go to the bathroom. "Y/n, make yourself comfortable dear, at least until the rain stops."You accept her offer, not wanting to make a slight to Mrs Myers."Thank you Ma'am." You say and get a soft smile from the older woman.

    Angel lets you wash up first, handing you one of her clothes for you to wear. You appreciate it, it was really sweet of her and even though it wasn't exactly your style, her clothes actually made you very comfortable. You decided to wait for her at the door, and as you thought about whatever came into your mind, you felt something that cast a shadow over you.

    Looking to the side you see the familiar figure of the blond man hovering over you, as always facing you. He might be a huge man but he managed to move stealthily to the point where you almost didn't feel his presence before it was too late. You recoil a little in fright, letting out your breath that seemed to have hitched the moment you saw him. "H-hello Michael." He tilts his heaa, you took that as a "what are you doing there?" You just answer "I'm just waiting for Angel to come out of the bathroom to...well...I'm not sure..." You didn't know how to answer, sometimes Michael's presence made you forget the words.

    "Michael? Can you come here and help me?"Deborah calls for Michael and he soon turns his attention to her. At that moment Angel came out of the bathroom in another outfit, "Are you staying for dinner?" She asks bluntly, there was a hopeful look in her eyes, but you shook your head."Can't,my brothers don't like it when I stay for dinner at a house without telling them first..." Angel's disappointment is visible, but she nods, seeming to understand."I see, but hey,you are always welcome to come here,y'know?"You smile at the invitation, "Yeah, I really appreciate your kindness, but I really don't like upsetting my brothers." You say "Well, family first!"She shrugs her shoulders a little and you nod.

    "Well I'm on my way. The rain has eased so I'll speed up my pace before it starts all over again." Angel walks you to the door and Deborah insists that you bring an umbrella, which you end up doing. You thank the hospitality once more and say goodbye to the Myers family, receiving an almost imperceptible nod from Michael.

    The rain came back a little, and you thanked the heavens for Mrs. Myers' insistence.You made your way home,hoping not to get Angel's clothes dirty this time.

    Things were going well...?You chose to be optimistic.


    Chapter 3 👆

    Hope you guys like it :)

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    Server boosts are much appreciated. We have roles for 16+ 😳

    We have a pretty damn tight community too, a lot of juggalos here too HAHA!

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    Marena vs. meeting other slashers

    purely self-indulgent OC content byyyyyeeeeee

    Jason Voorhees

    Probably the most likely to get along out of all the slashers, tbh. Masha is a capable outdoorsman herself and will set up her own camp on the other the side of the lake. She’s respectful of the landscape and won’t be having premarital sex on Jason’s front yard. Jason probably insists lets her stay in one of the empty cabins during the winter. Masha may join in on the murdering if one of the victims is particularly annoying. Not a single word is ever exchanged between the two of them. The physical embodiment of this GIF:

    Michael Myers:

    DEATH. One of them is absolutely going to die within a week and the survivor depends entirely on how quickly Marena can get a her hands on a ranged weapon and a high vantage point. Obviously there is no way Marena will win in hand-to-hand combat against the Tank of Haddonfield, but if she finds a gun/crossbow/etc. and a nice sturdy tree branch to wait on she is taking that fucker out, and she is fully willing to absolutely mutilate the body to make sure he doesn’t come back. If she can’t, though, it’s going to be an extended period of chasing and then poor Masha is getting squooshed like a bug. :(

    Freddy Krueger:

    It’s on sight. Oh, you’re going to hunt her down through her nightmares? Her brain already has that handled, no intervention required. That’s a cute knife glove, hope it can stand up to a fucking bear. Freddy shows up in one of her childhood memories and has to take a pause to process, just standing there like “what in the fuck”. She’s got 20 different kinds of knife and she’s about to use all of them on him. She’s not trapped there with him, he’s trapped there with her.

    Leatherface (Thomas/Bubba, same response)

    Most likely she has died upon the first Texas sunrise from Too Fucking Hot Disease. If she avoids heatstroke long enough to make it to dinner, she is going to be a disappointingly nonreactive house guest. Hoyt/Drayton prepares a whole dramatic buildup to the Soylent Green Is People reveal and she does not bat an eyelash. This girl will eat anything if it’s seasoned enough. Leatherface is probably a little intimidated by her because of her perpetual dead-inside stare. She won’t be kept around because she’s a bitch and sucks at housework. Good scenario: Leatherface lets her escape in the night. Bad scenario: she meets the saw and someone makes lovely trinkets out of her hair.

    Ghostface (Billy and Stu)

    Marena has consumed approximately 3 Media in her entire life, so the encounter will go one of two ways:

    1. Her complete lack of knowledge Disgusts them. They go in for the kill and get their asses handed to them on several platters because Marena is feral and Billy and Stu grew up in the suburbs.

    2. Stu is horrified (”You haven’t seen Psycho? It’s a CLASSIC!”) and decides that Masha needs to be educated posthaste. Through his relentless golden retriever energy, he gets her to watch a bunch of movies and cultivates another horror freak. Billy is pissed because he’s supposed to be the dark and brooding one, damn it, and also she’s hot and won’t let him smash. Marena teaches them how to stab people properly.

    Sinclair brothers

    Let’s pretend for imagination’s sake that Marena has not been killed but also cannot leave Ambrose for whatever reason.

    Lester Sinclair: A fellow weirdo who spends a lot of time playing with dead animals in the woods. Too chatty for her taste, but she respects his work and his bowie knife. They might carve bones together. Marena teaches him how to make traps so he can increase his supply of fresh meat. Lester is enchanted by the fact that she seems unbothered by the roadkill smell.

    Vincent Sinclair: Thought it was one emo bitch with good hair in this house but it’s actually two. The second Marena discovers the secret creeper tunnels you are not gonna see her for at least a week because Weeeeeeeee Hiding Spots. She does not hang out in the sculpting room because it’s too hot and is, not creeped out, but disconcerted that Vincent has found a new weirdass thing to do with a dead body that she has not seen before.

    Bo Sinclair: LOATHING AT FIRST SIGHT. Oh my god these two would hate each other but in like the horniest way possible. Bo manhandles Marena into The Chair because he is Big and she is Small. Marena grabs the heaviest wrench she can find and nails him directly in the nuts. They have the hottest nastiest hate sex ever and wind up with bloody scratches and bite marks all over themselves afterwards. Eventually they will unwillingly start to bond over being the Unwanted Child and having shitty abusive parents. Basically Midnight Star Lite because the toxicity is there but Bo does not have Jesse’s wealth or resources, only farm fresh homegrown Lousiana bastardry.

    Jonesy: Goodest girl. A+ 10/10 would hang out and give belly rubs all day every day.

    The Collector/Asa Emory

    You’ll see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Cute and meaningless things I’ve learned from the original TCM script (1974)

    -Nubbins is a sculptor and mainly works with leather.

    -Nubbins was intended to have red hair (so glad they changed that)

    -Sally’s mom is an alcoholic.

    -Theres a witch who lives in Houston.

    -Franklin believes in premonition.

    -Pam is a good artist.

    -Nubbins likes to bite/lick his own open cuts/wounds after cutting himself.

    -Nubbins really enjoys the smell of death and hangs around it quite a lot. He will proudly say it is a good smell.

    -Nubbins has a big staring problem to the point where it’s noticeable to others. He also likes to really know the victims, asking where they live and where their parents live and what not.

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    Viggo Mortensen and Kate Hodge in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

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