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    I miss you so much Heath

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  • Finished the ledge stone kitchen backsplash in Odessa, Florida with American Olean “Rockland Stone - Soft Sand”

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  • This is giving me weird ass evil-vanya vibes for some reason. Either I’m right or I just really need to fucking sleep-

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  • [“No. Delilah. Get your father and tell him to come to the tree. After, I want you to go straight to the Howards. Ok? I don’t want you getting hurt either!” She shouted. I was scared by her sudden change in voice so I just nodded. Before I left, I put my straw bracelet on her wrist and kissed her head.]

    It was nearly dawn by now. We definitely had more than 40 soldiers that we were taking care of. Blue and Red Coat alike. It was hectic. The soldier who I was helping said “Ma'am I do believe there is a fellow looking for you.” I looked behind me and saw Gabriel buttoning up his shirt. He was looking around trying to find somebody. I looked back at the soldier and said “Thank you. Now you get feeling better. You better not be dead when I come back ok?” He chuckled and said “I will sure try miss.” I smiled at him and stood up making my way over to Gabriel.

    “Hey you’re awake? How do you feel? Do you need water or anything?” He put his hands on my shoulders and said “Delilah. I’m fine. I just need you to get some sleep. I have been told you have been up all night. I can take your spot.” I smiled and said “As kind as that is, I don’t think that will be necessary. I am wide awake and still willing to help. Can I look at your wound?” He nodded and lifted up his shirt a little bit. I examined the freshly wrapped slash. “Did you do this yourself?” He smiled and said “Yes. I can help myself sometimes you know right?” I stood back upright and said “I never doubted you couldn’t.”

    He was looking behind me and I followed his gaze. I turned around just as I heard the sound of grumbling. Well pounding on the ground. There were horses. A lieutenant hopped off his horse and looked around in pity at all of the soldiers. Gabriel was avoiding his gaze. The lieutenant walked up the stairs and towards Gabriel. Luckily Benjamin was behind him. Benjamin spoke up “Can we help you, Lieutenant?”

    “Thank you for caring for the King’s soldiers. It is deeply appreciated.”  

    We heard more horses. These ones looked less friendly than the group the lieutenant was with. They made their way up to the porch and took a long look around. Finally, the man at the front said in a vigorous British accent “What is this?” The lieutenant said “These people were kind enough to take care of our soldiers.” The man on the horse replied “Take our men to the surgeons.”

    “What of the other soldiers sir?”

    “Kill them.”

    The Lieutenant looked at the ground and said quietly “Oh, Yes sir.” And he nodded at the other soldiers. They were firing at the colonials. When they were done,  Another soldier came running out of the house. He was carrying a leather bag with him. He said to the man upon the horse “Reble communications sir.” He handed him the bag stepped away bowing his head. The man shouted “Who carried these?” No one answered. He raised his voice “Who carried these!” Gabriel stepped down and said “I did sir. I was wounded and these people took me in and cared for me. They have nothing to do with this.” He nodded and said “Take him. He shall be held as a spy.”

    Just then, Benjamin leaped forward saying “Sir, he is only a messenger, he can’t be held as a spy.” The RedCoat smirked and said “We aren’t going to hold him, we are going to hang him. Do I need to teach you a lesson?” He cocked his gun and pointed it at Benjamin. Gabriel struggled and quietly said “Father!” The Red Coat heard him and looked back at Ben. He said “Oh. I see. He is your son. Well then, perhaps your children should learn the lesson.” He pointed the gun in our direction. Abigail and I pushed the kids behind us.

    “No lesson is needed sir. Just the rules of the wa-” He was cut off. “The rules of the war are no more. He is a spy and that is that. Now. Get the livestock, burn the barn, and torch the house. You should know that if you help soldiers from the other side, you will lose your home.” I was debating whether or not to say something. But still, being reckless intersected.“ I said "Sir, with all due respect-” I was cut off by him jumping off his horse. He walked towards me. “Well, what do we have here? You don’t seem to have a resemblance to these people.” I said “No sir. I am not a relative. How ever, it was my idea to help your soldiers. If anyone should lose their life it is me.” I looked down to the ground not wanting to make eye contact with him.

    He gently lifted my chin up with his finger and said “We take this one too.” I looked back at Gabriel and I said “Sir. Please. Let him go and let this family go. Everything was my idea!” He put his hand up to silence me and said “You both will be coming with us. We are not holding you as prisoners. We are hanging you for treason.” Two soldiers came behind me and grabbed my arms. I struggled against them. Gabriel looked at his father while he was getting taken to the back of a wagon. I looked to Benjamin and said “I am so sorry. I said I would protect your family.” I was getting taken to the back of the wagon as well.

    A soldier held Gabriel’s and I’s hands down while another soldier bound our hands in front of us. I heard Thomas say “Father! Do something!” Ben said firmly “Thomas. Stay there.” I saw the anger in his eyes. He wanted revenge. I looked the same when I the RedCoats had taken my family. He didn’t want to listen to his father so that’s what he did. He ran. He pushed the soldiers over and yelled “GABRIEL RUN!” Benjamin looked back but it was already too late. The Col. had shot Thomas in the back. “NO!” Gabriel yelled. The Col. said coldly “Stupid boy.”

    He gestured for the soldiers to leave and Gabriel and I were pulled away to be executed.

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  • To such a request, the world is obliging.

    In just the past week, a rotund porcupine,
    who seemed equally startled by me.

    The man who swallowed a tiny microphone
    to record the sounds of his body,
    not considering beforehand how he might remove it.

    A cabbage and mustard sandwich on marbled bread.

    How easily the large spiders were caught with a clear plastic cup
    surprised even them.

    I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.
    Or why each time a new fossil, Earth-like planet, or war.
    Or that no one kept being there when the doorknob had clearly.

    What should not have been so surprising:
    my error after error, recognized when appearing on the faces of

    What did not surprise enough:
    my daily expectation that anything would continue,
    and then that so much did continue, when so much did not.

    Small rivulets still flowing downhill when it wasn’t raining.
    A sister’s birthday.

    Also, the stubborn, courteous persistence.
    That even today please means please, 
    good morning is still understood as good morning,
    and that when I wake up,
    the window’s distant mountains remains a mountain,
    the borrowed city around me is still a city, and standing.

    Its alleys and markets, offices of dentists,
    drug store, liquor store, Chevron.
    Its library that charges—a happy surprise—no fine for overdue books:
    Borges, Baldwin, Szymborska, Morrison, Cavafy.

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    my bby has the cutest smile 🥺💚💚

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  • Clothing Is Custom, No Labels: Part One

    “No matches on prints, DNA, dental. Clothing is custom, no labels. Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint. No name, no other alias.”

    Summary: You’re one of the last bespoke tailors in town, making suits and custom clothing for Gotham’s elite. Business men and women, well known lawyers, the Wayne family, and… the Joker?

    Genre: Self-insert

    Pairing: Ledger!Joker x fem reader 

    Warnings: Some cursing

    Word count: 1,667

    Authors Note: Here comes part one! I recommend reading the Introduction first if you haven’t 💜

    Inspirational Music: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


                                   - Part One -

    Sleep did not come easily to you last night. You tossed and turned, worry about this cryptic meeting flooding your dreams and stirring you awake throughout the night. The lack of good sleep left you feeling hazy and distracted. So hazy that you didn’t see the uneven patch of sidewalk beneath your feet. Your hands shot out in front of you to catch yourself, the rough pavement scraping your palms.

    You huffed as you stood up and brushed off your sore hands on your pants. Fucking sidewalk. You pass that patch of sidewalk every day and every day, you walk around it. But not today. Today has decided to be different.

    Your keys jingled as you unlocked the back door to the shop, yawning with coffee in hand. It was going to be rough, staying here late tonight. After you opened the front curtains and switched on the lights, you reached behind the desk to turn the news on in the background while you readied the shop to open.

    “Several Gotham city banks have been robbed within the last week. This string of robberies has left many dead on the scene at each location, all of whom are assumed to be accomplices, as reported by eye witnesses. If that wasn’t strange enough, all of them have been wearing clown masks,” you heard the GCN anchor say from your little tv.

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  • I’m starting a taglist for anyone interested in being added for my Ledger!Joker fic, shoot me a message or reply below 💜💜 

    I have a long WIP on AO3 and I’m starting on posting shorter works and future one-shots on here

    Thank you @amethystmoonprincess for requesting!  😘

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  • @jokershyena

    You reach out into the dark with slow, careful fingers. You know not where he is, only that he is there. Even when physically is he not beside you can you feel him there with you. J haunts your every waking minute and plagues your dreams in the most delicious form of torture that you have ever known and will ever know. You have been awoken with the demons in your own mind and only your saving grace can destroy the final remaining shackles of fear, of what you saw this night.

    There is a weight beside you on the bed and you follow it blindly, as always you have, fingers dancing over a bare chest. J’s a heater, even in the dead of winter does he run hot, and naturally do you gravitate towards his physical warmth. He is warm, you think, or at least that is how he most makes you feel. He fills your heart with sunshine, your eyes with tears, your soul with life. You trace your hands up, up his chest, following the terrain you know as well as your own. Fingers touch slightly greasy curls and you shift your weight, curling your arm around his neck and tucking yourself into him. You want to climb into his skin, to become one with the man who is your one.

    A sleepy groan. A cracked open eye. A devilish smirk. A strong, muscular arm curls around your waist and you are pulled more securely onto J. You lay on your stomach, your face tucked into the crook of his neck. Clumsily do you press kisses to the skin there, your lips reverent, full of love and of appreciation for your clown. Right now are you in heaven; your entire heart, your whole reason for being, right there beneath you. Oh, how you love him. Though he never says it back does he show you the same each and every day and it’s more healing to your soul than anything else you’ve ever encountered.

    You nuzzle into your clown, pushing yourself down into him, and J grunts sleepily. He can never fully rest without you right there beside him but even now is it difficult for him to relax. Vigilance is integral to his character, this you know well. You feel him move and a large hand pats the top of your head slowly, clumsily. Fingers stroke your hair and you smile, feeling your heart squeeze in your chest. J always knows what you need, most often before you do.

    “Shush, shush, shush,” Gentle, slow sounds which quieten the pounding of your heart, the roaring of your ears. “Daddy’s here, babydoll.” A rumble in his chest which vibrates in your ear, the accompanying track to the beat of his heart. Your hearts beat for the other. You both live for the other; for without his hyena does J have nothing to lose, nothing to be threatened with, and without J do you have no reason to live on. You are soulmates, truly are you meant to be. Twelve years is only the beginning and it had led to this, sweet moments of intimacy in the dead of night. “Get some sleep.”

    His voice trails off, so tired is he, but those soothing fingers never falter or stop. They lull you into security and back into sleep, and though Morpheus visits you does J hold onto you tightly, for you are his greatest treasure. He is everything to you and you sleep a little easier knowing that for all his power, for all his chaos and his murderous tendencies, for all that he says, what he does is more potent. You are his guard hyena, his night monster, his Lilith, his one, and J is yours. Where one of you shall go does the other follow; for the hyena and her clown is a tale known only to the two of you. You dance to the beating of the others’ heart and not even Death could tear you asunder; for love knows no physical bounds, no mortal barriers and the love which you both share, dearheart, is so strong and so powerful that it can never be taken from you. It is yours, and just like you is it beautiful.

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  • I know in the film, we don’t get to see Arthur eat anything. (Poor thing is so thin.) What do you think is Arthur’s favorite food?

    I’d say he’s a grilled cheese and tomato soup type of person. What about Joker or L!Joker?

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  • pairing: Ledger Joker x Fem. Reader

    word count: 1,817

    warnings: body insecurity + thunderstorm phobia + soft J (can you believe it?)

    notes: this was a request I got from @jokerslittlekeeper a looooong time ago for another body insecurity type of fic and because i’ve done so many of those it took me too long to sit down and crank another one out (I won’t be doing any more or at least none centering around this topic for a long time). I took a different route with this because my other two have J heavily consoling the reader and this one I wanted to it to be more ‘J’ and I think he would have an easier time with things if he were able to say what he needed to say if reader was asleep and he didn’t feel like he needed to do more than provide comfort. I don’t feel like this one is very good but I still hope I did decently. I tried :)


    Originally posted by moveslikejoker-blog

    The rain poured relentlessly, battering against the windows and the sides of the house. It was thunderously loud but oddly comforting to you. The sound was loud enough to drown out your thoughts which rumbled and roared within your mind almost as loud as thunder itself. You could feel the haze of sleep beginning to take you. Heaviness pulled at your eyelids and you struggled to keep them open. You finally relented and let them close, just as you felt warm arms come around you and pull you into a solid chest.

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