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    17.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    sweet as sugar 06

    pairing: felix x hyunjin
    warning: homophobia, strong language (sexual/swearing), mentions of kissing, mentions of violence and bruising
    genre: angst, romance, mild fluff
    summary: their first sleepover except its literally just angst i bet yall hate me rn
    word count: 1.7k


    Hyunjin stormed out of his parent’s house, fingers locked tightly around Felix’s wrist. “Whoa, whoa, baby, slow down!” Hyunjin ignored him, pulling on Felix until the house had disappeared around the corner. “Is this slow enough?,” he growled, clearly still riled up by the argument. Felix wrenched his wrist from Hyunjin’s hand. “Stop. I know you’re still angry, but you have no right to take it out on me.” The anger in Hyunjin’s eyes melted like a stick of butter at Felix’s words and actions, guilt seeping into his gaze.

    “Baby...” he whimpered, his voice cracking. Felix immediately softened and placed a comforting hand on Hyunjin’s soft cheek. The other boy practically melted into his touch, despair and betrayal swimming in his large eyes along with unshed tears. “Hey, don’t fall apart on me right now, dumbass.” Hyunjin managed a tear-filled chuckle. “Where are you going to stay tonight?” An unsaid question lingered among the other words, and Hyunjin saw it immediately. “Can I stay with you, maybe?”

    “Only if you can climb a tree.”

    Twenty minutes later, Felix walked into his house alone. Thankfully, no one seemed to be awake or up and about, but he still took extra care over the older, squeakier steps. His bedroom door closed behind him with a faint click, and he sank down into his fluffy desk chair in relief. Checking his phone, he saw it had only been two minutes since he showed Hyunjin the tall maple tree conveniently rooted right outside of his second story bedroom window. At that very moment, as if summoned, a few small taps were delivered to his bedroom window. Bolting over to the window, he swiftly pulled it open wide enough for Hyunjin to slither rather ungracefully into his room and onto the carpeted floor with an astonishingly loud thump. Faint noises of shuffling leaked through the walls, most likely someone who was rudely awakened by Hyunjin flopping bonelessly through Felix’s window. They both froze, waiting for Felix’s family to storm into his room and drag Hyunjin out by his ear. After five minutes with no ear-grabbing, they both relaxed, letting out long, relieved sighs. They made eye contact silently, and all at once, broke into a fit of laughter. “Oh my god how the hell did nobody wake up after that?”

    “You were like-” Felix dramatically plopped onto his rug, throwing his arms above his head in the most extra way possible, creating a thump even louder than the original. More shuffling came from the walls, and Felix panicked. Ripping his comforter off of his bed, he threw it over Hyunjin, attempting to hide him. More shuffling came from the hallway, and Felix heard his sister grumble: “Who the hell is throwing things at this ungodly hour?” As soon as her footsteps faded away, a voice piped up from the corner. “It’s literally ten thirty.” At that, Felix couldn’t hold back his laugh. He threw his head back, eyes crinkled up in hilarity. “My sister is such a fucking wimp,” he gasped. Hyunjin pulled the blanket away from his face to reveal a wide smile and sparkling eyes. “I guess it runs in the family.”

    “You do realize that I just smuggled my boyfriend into my room at night without my parents knowing, right?”’

    “We both know that the only reason this happened was because I didn’t have anywhere else to go.” At that, the mood shifted to something more somber. “Baby… do you want to talk about it? You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but this does seem like something you should get off your chest.” Hyunjin let out a small sigh, running a hand through his long, dark brown hair. “Yeah.” The word came out small, like it was nervous to leave the safe space of Hyunjin’s brain, where he was the only person that could hear it. Felix shifted on the bed to make room for him, patting the spot next to him. Hyunjin sat down in the offered space, leaning his head against Felix’s shoulder. “They’ve always been like that,” he admitted in a whisper. “At first, when I was small, I just thought I wasn’t good enough for their attention, so I tried really hard. I became the Golden Kid™. And for a while, that worked. Every time I did something good, my parents would brag to all of their friends about it. But the second we got home, it was like I didn’t exist again. I realized after a bit that all I was to them was a social pawn, something whose sole purpose was to either embarrass my parents or give them bragging rights. They loved it, being able to blab about their perfect son. I started to hate it, and hate them. So, I stopped. I started hanging out with Chan and Minho and Jisung and Changbin, and I started skipping school and I stopped caring. It was like a slap in the face to them, and it only got worse after the rumors about my friends' sexualities started up. My parents socially disowned me. And I… I overheard my mom say that she was worried I would ‘become one of them’. They-” Hyunjin’s voice broke and he abruptly stopped talking, staring down at his lap. A soft hand carded reassuringly through his hair. “It’s okay baby, I’m right here, just let it all out.” A sob escaped Hyunjin’s throat. “It’s just so- so hard, because… they’re my parents. They raised me, and even though they did a shitty job, I still love them.” A tremble rushed through Hyunjin’ body. He looked up at Felix, tears painting shimmering streaks down his face. “Why is it possible to love someone and hate them at the same time?”

    “I don’t know. But it shouldn’t be.”

    “I never feel at home with them.” Felix murmured reassuring words into Hyunjin’s hair, trying his best to comfort him while his own head swirled with emotions. Hyunjin pushed closer into the warmth of Felix’s embrace. I feel like I’m at home with you, he wanted to say. Hyunjin yawned softly. “Can we sleep, please? I’m really tired.” In response, Felix clumsily turned them both onto their sides and dragged the blanket over them, turning out his lamp light so they were cuddled together in the dark. The soft rays of moonlight washed over Hyunjin’s face, making him look angelic, the soft curves of his face glowing in the silvery light. Felix couldn’t help wondering exactly what he had done to deserve such a person lying in his bed, to deserve such lips pressed against his own. He wondered what he had done to be trusted with such delicate beauty, like a piece of porcelain that could shatter at the slightest mistake. “Felix?,” came a sleep-slurred voice. “Yeah?,” he whispered back. “We never really talk about you.” A small tendril of fear curdled in his stomach, making his mouth taste bitter. “What… what does that mean?” Hyunjin turned over to look him in the eyes, a hand ghosting over the side of Felix’s face. “I know you’re hurting, Lixie. I saw the bruises you carried before we started dating, I hear the things that they say about you, but you never flinch. I might not know much about other people’s emotions, but one thing I know for sure is that nobody, not even you, can bear that much without hurting. Please, talk to me about it. If anyone can relate to you and help you through this, it’s me.” Felix shrank in on himself slightly. “Well. At first...” He swallowed nervously, peeking at the older boy through the sweep of his bangs. “Go on,” said Hyunjin quietly. Felix felt safe with him. “Okay. at first… I knew people were going to be mean. I knew- I knew it wouldn’t go over as well as it would, in an ideal situation.” A soft snort came from Hyunjin. “I mean, look at me. I’m small and innocent-looking, and I’m not like... cool or whatever. The only reason I wasn’t a target already is because I had no reason to be. I came out really casually, I just told a random person in one of my classes, I think. But it only took what, about three days-ish? before the whole school knew. They still kinda left me alone for a bit, I just had a few people calling me a- um. At first it was just people insulting me, but then one of the more popular girls came up to me after school and she was basically like,” Felix made his voice annoyingly high-pitched and bubbly. “Hey, so I heard you’re like, gay or whatever. Do you wanna be my gay bestie?” He scoffed slightly. “Obviously, I said no, and that’s when all the shit hit the fan. The only reason people were holding their breath was because they knew she might try to stomp on them if they hurt her ‘gay bestie’, and they alse needed a legit reason to go bat-shit crazy and try to kill me every other day, and now they had one. Queen Bee doesn’t like you, nobody does.” Hyunjin smiled slightly, pain still obvious behind his eyes. “I like you.” Felix rolled his eyes. “Wow. That was so cheesy.” He sat up slightly to get a better look at Hyunjin. “Wait, doesn’t that mean you’re nobody?” This earned him a friendly slap from Hyunjin, who groaned, “Come onnnnnn, dude. I’m sooooooo tired and you’re sooooooo annoying.”


    “Shhhh, dude. Go to bed.”

    “Only if you stop calling me dude.” Hyunjin pulled him into a kiss. “There. Will you shut up now?”

    Hyunjin fell asleep quickly, and Felix followed right behind him, the exhaustion of the day and the warmth of Hyunjin’s arms around him proving to be more effective than any sleeping pill.

    The next morning, Felix woke up to the sight of Hyunjin asleep next to him. His hair was splayed out around his head, the sunlight streaming in from the window turning the strands into a golden halo. Felix thought he had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. He wished he could get used to it.

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    17.09.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    like real people do

    warnings // mentions of nightmares, fluff / comfort

    pairing // felix x gender neutral reader

    request: It was a situation where reader is having a nightmare and is crying, Felix notices and wakes them up just to calm them down and cuddle together <3

    It happened again, you prayed every night before you went to bed to whoever was willing to listen, that you wouldn't have that damn dream again. Always the same nightmare, waking up to tears in your eyes and your body in a cold sweat, shaking like a chihuahua out of fear. The worst part wasn't the nightmare but how real it felt. How long it took you to calm down, and to fall back asleep. Scared one night you might wake up Felix, you didn’t want him to see you like this. 

    You choke back your sobs and turn to face the opposite direction of the bed, Felix’s warm body pressed against yours. The tears just wouldn't stop rolling down your cheeks, the panic in your body got worse with every breath you took. Your body was shaking like you had just swam in freezing water, uncontrollable tremors took over your skin. You wanted to stand up, go to the bathroom or living room and cry your heart out, you couldn't keep the tears at bay and finally a sob escaped your lips. Once you started crying you couldn't stop. A failed attempt of keeping quiet, you tried stuffing your face into the pillow to muffle your cries but you were too late. Felix had woken up.

    “Y/n? What's wrong, are you hurt?” He lays his hand on your back as you continue to cry into the pillow. “You’re shaking, please baby tell me what happened.” You felt his other hand wrap around yours, he gave it a light squeeze. It was difficult to tell if you were relieved he woke up, or embarrassed he had to see you like this. You were utterly humiliated, but the comfort he gave you helped ease some of the pain you were feeling. 

    Finally you turned over to face him, his eyes were full of concern, he almost looked as if he was about to cry. Felix was the most empathetic person you had ever met. Which was all the more reason you hated to cry in front of him. “I had a nightmare, I’ve had it before. It always repeats itself usually It doesn't get to me like this but I-” Another choked out sob escapes you and u try and gasp for air. “It was just worse this time.” You pull your hand from his to wipe away your tears.

    “Y/n, it's okay c’mere.” Lix pulls you into a tight hug, your face buried into his chest. You inhale his scent as you cry, your tears staining his chest. “It wasn't real, you're safe with me baby I promise.” His hand strokes your hair lovingly and he plants a kiss on your head. “But next time, wake me up immediately. I never want you to have to deal with this alone. I’m always here for you y/n.” His tone was kind yet firm. You pulled away from his hug and nodded your head, interlacing both your hands with his. Your breathing was becoming even again, as the tears rolled down your cheeks.

    “Thank you Lix, I’m so sorry.” You choke on your apology, feeling the guilt wash over you.

    “There's nothing you should be apologizing for. I love you y/n, now lay down next to me angel. You need to get some real rest.” He guides you to lay down on his chest, legs intertwined and bodies pressed together. His warmth spread to you, calmness enveloping your body thanks to the man laying next to you. 

    “I love you Lix.” You mumble out before falling asleep in his arms.

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    felix moodboard . . . 🍪🗯❔

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    ⭐ 210917 Singles Magazine update Dance Racha for ETRO Earthbeat Campaign


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    ~ Felix Lockscreens ~

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    Okaayyy dance racha

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    When He Finds Out Another Idol Fancies You ~ Stray Kids Reaction

    Bang Chan:

    “Room for a little one?” You overheard Kihyun ask as he walked past the two of you, glancing at the empty seat that was to your left in anticipation.

    “Who?” Chan questioned, knowing straight away how to get under Kihyun’s skin, “if you mean that seat, then that’s taken by Felix, sorry.”

    Your head shook as Kihyun walked away, looking across at Chan in confusion. “Felix isn’t even coming tonight, how can that chair be his to sit in?”

    “It’s not,” Chan laughed at how clueless you were, “but for the sake of keeping a guy away who so obviously fancies you, then that’s the chair that Felix is sitting in.”

    “Kihyun doesn’t fancy me,” you scoffed, “he could do a lot better than me.”

    “That’s where you are definitely wrong, he’d be punching.”

    Your head continued to shake, not that Chan listened to you at all. “You can’t leave him thinking that that chair is taken all night long.”

    “If he asks, Felix bailed,” Chan grinned, finding a solution to every problem, “I’m sorry, but I just do not trust him Y/N, I’m not risking it.”

    “I’ll do as you say, even if I do think you’ve gone a bit mad.”

    “I’m not risking losing you, to anyone.”

    Lee Know:

    “Do you mind not staring?” Minho warned as he looked to his side to see that Wooyoung’s eyes were firmly looking at you and admiring too.

    “I wasn’t staring,” Wooyoung instantly protested, flinching at the sound of Minho’s voice, turning his eyes to look anywhere else but across at you.

    Minho’s head shook, standing up from the table and walking across to you in order to block you from wondering eyes. “Careful,” you smiled.

    “Sorry,” Minho replied as he crashed into you, pulling you out of view, “I’d just prefer to keep you out of the way for a little while if that’s alright? Out of sight?”

    Your eyebrows furrowed as Minho tried to guide you to a much quieter place. “What exactly am I supposed to be out of sight of Minho?”

    “Just people,” he hummed, tugging you gently, “you don’t need to worry about it.”

    “The way you’re acting is making me worry right now.”

    His head shook as finally you began to follow behind him, “honestly, I just thought that we could spend a bit of time alone for a while.”

    “I’m not convinced,” you sighed, stopping on the outside of the arena, “but seeing as you’re going to be stubborn, I’ll just trust that that’s the reason.”

    “You don’t need to worry about the reason, it’s a stupid one.”

    “As long as you’re sure that everything’s fine.”


    “Can you believe the cheek of the guy?” Changbin vented as he walked through the front door, “the idiot asked me to a meal only to ask if we were still together.”

    “Taeyang?” You questioned, surprised when Changbin nodded back at you, “but I thought the two of you were good friends with one another?”

    His head shook as he through himself down on the sofa. “So did I, but it turns out the only one of us that he’s liked is you, he likes you a lot actually.”

    “He fancies me?” You asked, refusing to accept it as Changbin nodded. “Are you sure you’ve not just read into this wrong? Why would he like me of all people?”

    Changbin shrugged back at you, clearly frustrated, “what would have happened if I’d have said no? He could be round here asking you out.”

    “That’s not going to happen,” you smiled, “because I’m happily in a relationship.

    “I just can’t believe that he used me to get to you.”

    Your hand rested gently against his shoulder, “he probably does still want to be your friend still Changbin, he liked you too.”

    “Not anymore,” he scoffed, “I’m having nothing to do with the guy, I don’t trust him, and I don’t want him anywhere near you either, he’s weird.”

    “Are you sure you want to lose a friend over this Chan?”

    “Friend? He’s no friend of mine Y/N.”


    “What are you doing here all alone?” Kino asked, coming up alongside you whilst you stood waiting for Hyunjin at the entrance to the theatre, “are you cold at all?”

    “I’m good,” you sighed, spinning around until you saw Hyunjin walking towards you with your tickets in hand, not even bothering to acknowledge Kino.

    Straight away, he grabbed onto your hand and pulled you to a comfortable distance away from him, “one day he’ll learn not to flirt with taken people.”

    “You looked pretty angry then,” you frowned, glancing up at Hyunjin’s face, “I’m sure that he was only being nice, seeing as I was stood all by myself too.”

    Hyunjin’s head shook, refusing to entertain such a thought, “you don’t know that guy like I do, just trust me when I say he likes me.”

    “Likes me?” You exclaimed, “I’m sure it was all pretty harmless Hyunjin.”

    “Just trust me on this one, that’s all I’m asking.”

    Your head nodded as you began to see how serious Hyunjin was. “I’ll make sure to stay away from him for the rest of the night.”

    “You don’t need to do that because I’m not letting you out of my sight for the rest of the night,” Hyunjin assured you in reply, “that’ll stop him.”

    “You’ve got things to do, you don’t need to worry about me that much.”

    “I’m keeping you safe, of course, I worry.”


    “Do you mind if I take a seat?” A voice questioned, glancing across your eyes went wide as you realised that Moonbin was stood beside the two of you.

    “I do mind,” Jisung replied but you even had the chance to open your mouth, “there’s some spare seats on the table over there instead.

    Moonbin quickly snuck away to where Jisung pointed, leaving you stunned. “Do you want to explain where that sudden assertiveness came from?”

    “I just know what he’s like,” Jisung smiled, making sure that Moonbin walked away, “or more to the point, I know who he likes, I’ve seen an interview that he did.”

    Your head shook as you quickly realised who Jisung was talking about, “I’m sure he doesn’t like me, especially when I’m in a relationship.”

    “Most people don’t care about any of that,” Jisung nervously reminded you.

    “There’s plenty of other people that he could be with.”

    Jisung’s head nodded in reply, “but it seems that the one he wants is you, imagine thinking that I’d let him sit down next to you.”

    “Give him credit for trying,” you laughed, “it takes a lot of courage to try that one, especially knowing that you’re only going to get rejected.”

    “I bet he’d never treat you as good as I do anyway.”

    “Of course, you’re the absolute best Jisung.”


    “You shouldn’t just let him walk away like that,” Yeonjun suddenly whispered into your ear as Felix went to the toilet, “I would never do that.”

    “Excuse me?” You challenged, spinning around in your chair to face Yeonjun, “are you really saying what I think you’re saying right now?”

    Yeonjun smiled nervously back at you, “in a place like this, you shouldn’t be left by yourself, Felix shouldn’t have walked off, he’s lucky that I’m here.”

    “No, he’s not,” you frowned, shuffling further away from Yeonjun, “you’re supposed to be one of his best friends, why are you suddenly acting like this around me?”

    You looked to Yeonjun for an answer, only for him to break into a roar of laughter. “Why don’t you ask Felix?” He grinned, pointing behind you.

    “Are you joking?” You yelled, looking between them both, “this is a prank?”

    “Of course, did you really think Yeonjun was that bad?”

    Your head shook as you struck both of them against the arm, “I thought you were being serious, I had no idea what to do or what to think.”

    “At least I can rule Yeonjun out on my list of friends that you might try it on with,” Felix continued to joke, “your face was a picture.”

    “I promise the two of you right now, you’ve not heard the end of this.”

    “There’s no way you’ll get revenge on us.”


    “I can still see him looking across at you,” Seungmin whispered into your ear as he looked past you, noticing that Yuta’s eyes were glancing.

    “Can you please try and ignore it?” You asked of Seungmin in response, turning your chair further around so that Yuta couldn’t see you.

    With a sigh, Seungmin did the same, trying his best to forget about Yuta. “I don’t like how bold he is, he’s not even being subtle about things Y/N.”

    “That’s the only way that he can try and get my attention,” you tried to reason with Seungmin, “but unfortunately for him, it’s just not working, I’m not interested.”

    His head nodded as he met you bright eyes, “it’s stupid for me to worry about some other guy, but when it’s so obvious, it’s hard to ignore.”

    “Just focus on me instead,” you suggested, “I look much better than he does.”

    “That’s very true, you look absolutely amazing.”

    Your smile quickly widened, as did Seungmin’s, “let’s not let one guy ruin our night, it’s been a while since we went out to an even together.”

    “You’re right,” Seungmin acknowledged, “for the rest of the night we are in a completely Yuta free zone, he’s not even in the room.”

    “That’s more like it, let’s just enjoy it being the two of us tonight.”

    “With those six, we’re never just two Y/N.”


    “Y/N, so good to see you,” Juyeon smiled as he walked over to the two of you, immediately pulling you into a tight hug, “how have you been? You look well.”

    “I’ve been good,” you blankly replied, quickly slipping out of his hold and sliding back across to Jeongin’s side, “I’ll see you in there, maybe?”

    Juyeon nodded before quickly joining his group again, but as you spun around, the look on Jeongin’s face was far from one that was impressed.

    “Every time,” he muttered underneath his breath, “every time he sees you, he just has to come over and compliment you and hug you like your best friends or something.”

    Your head shook as Jeongin led you away, “first of all, Juyeon is just a friend, and second of all, you’re sounding pretty jealous right now Jeongin.”

    “How can I not be jealous when he behaves like that?” He frantically asked you.

    “Maybe you could just trust in me instead?”

    With a sigh, his head nodded, taking a hold of your other hand too. “I know that you’d never do anything, it’s just him that I’m wary of.”

    “You don’t need to be,” you assured him, “even if he does like me, I can tell you right now that it’s a very one-sided affair between the two of us.”

    “Oh? I don’t suppose someone else has your heart, do they?”

    “They might, but it’s a very private affair.”



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    ~ Felix Lockscreens ~

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    ~ Stray Kids Lockscreens ~

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    Here is your unscheduled dose of Stray Kids memes because i wasn’t satisfied with one stray kids meme dump:

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    30 day kpop meme dump challenge day 8: Stray Kids memes

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    stray kids love language: key words.

    a cute headcannon to celebrate the 100 followers!

    hope you enjoy it. <3


    confidentiality & sensibility

    you are one of the rarest person to see the other side of chan. you are the one he goes when he's suffering during hard times or can't manged to write a song. so he feel a lot of confidentiality with you. and, obviously, it is mutual.

    and sensibility, he understands you and validate your feelings, giving you the best advices or just to hear you vent out. it is a way to show that he cares, that he's here for you, that he loves you.


    jokes & sincerity

    minho likes sincerity a lot so he was like this since the day you both met, that's how you discovered he had feelings for you. and it's what he that's what he cherishes a lot in your relationship. he likes to help you during your hard times, even though sometimes he doesn't know what to do, he wants you to know that he's here for you, always.

    and he likes to joke/provoke everyone but you is different. it's a way that make your stomach hurt with the loud laughs you two share or your flushed cheeks when he gets confident and provokes you in a different way.


    romantic & sensuality

    changbin can be pretty romantic when he want. it could be either buying you some pretty flowers (not prettier than you, he always says) or just doing small gestures like flirting with you, as a joke or serious. actually, it doesn't matter, he always manage to get you flustered.

    also, changbin tends to be very, very sensual sometimes. not in a sexual way. it is just the way that his kisses is slow, calm and sensual, with some light touches. do you know what I mean?


    pinkie finger & confidence

    confidence is one of things that hyunjin has on you. he trust you. as well as you trust him, it's mutual.

    and pinkie finger is for when you go out for a walk or a date, he likes the difference between your hands, so he likes to walk with your pinkie finger interlock. it always get a shy smile from him, showing his cute dimple and a flushed hyunjin.


    silence & touches

    most of times, jisung likes to just sit in a comfortable silence with you. he could be producing a new song and you reading a book, or just sitting together on the couch, enjoying the presence of each other.

    with silence, came the touches, as well the cuddles sessions. he just can't help it, he loves to cuddle with you, keeping you in his arms (or him in your arms, it doesn't matter, he just want to feel you).


    light touches & soft kisses

    one of ways of felix to show his love is by touches and kisses, only when you're comfortable with it.

    those light touches on your upper arm when he's sitting next to you, listening carefully to what you have to say to him and giving you some soft kisses to see you blush or giggle cutely. it makes him fall in love with you even more.


    talkative & affectionately

    seungmin has a sixth sense that he knows when you're not feeling well – either mentally or physically. so, when it happens, he just want to cuddle and talk to you.

    he can be very talkative and affectionate, massaging your shoulder to dissolve the tension or talking about everything and nothing at the same time. but if you don't feel like talking, he will understand and be in a comfortable silence with you.


    shy smiles & adoration

    jeongin, sometimes, tends to admire you whatever you are doing. it is something he can't help. his eyes, full of adoration and love for you, you can feel the feeling just by looking through his eyes.

    and, when you catch him looking, he just flash a shy smile and pretend that nothing happened.

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    “new way to greet” i’m actually going to put them both in my pocket 🥺
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    summary: felix joins the popular kids after becoming bang chan's roommate. when he and y/n collide, the twitter world goes beserk. (loosely based on the k-drama so not worth it). genre: angst, fluff, crack, social media au, college au. pairing: lee felix x reader

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    tags: @fictional-character-whore; @marsophilia; @vampsvngie; @fourthirtyone-am; @lvlychns; @lostkpop; @butterfly-skinnylegend; @sky-ari606; @bettyschwallocksyee; @ginghamandgreentea; @simplystraykids

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    My mini photo edit of felix

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    Felix🐬Lee Know✨Changbin☀️Surfin

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    Hyunlix x BE ORIGINAL❤️

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    like or reblog if u save; ♡

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