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  • felix: chan hyung took the wheels from my heelies, i feel like an angel without wings

    felix: now i have to walk everywhere like a peasant and i am LIVID

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  • [SKZ DIARY] 
    For Stays who are curious about what SKZ did when they were in America, SKZ Diary captured a sneak peak!

    Translation credit: admin m, please take out with full credit

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  • Jisung: * before leaving the dorm* i’m gonna miss you

    Minho: you better miss me….

    Minho: with that gay shit

    Jisung: …. You know what i'ma just go

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  • Part 6 is situated above

    A/N : this is the final part and I just wanna thank you all for sticking with this story. I wanted to write a whole bunch of other stuff before I wrote this but I just dont have time. I’m sorry!! Maybe if someone asks, I can do like scenarios. Idk, we’ll see, but THANK YOU and I hope you guys like this rushed ending lol❤

    Chivalry is Dead

    Part 7 (Final Part)

    Chan took a deep breath and a part of me didnt want him to talk becuase I didnf want him to pity me. But I was surprised when he said,

    “Jen, I’m not going to say anything because anything that comes out of my mouth right now is going to sound like pity to you and I feel like your the person that doesnt like pity. But, just remember one thing. Your not alone anymore love. You have the boys,” he paused and the continued, “You have me and we will never in our right minds walk away from you. Just remember that when you feel alone yea?” I smiled. Just when I thought he couldnt possibly make me fall for him harder, he proves me wrong. I wiped my tears away and just kinda sat there. I dont know how long we sat their like that, looking at each other but I blinked once and his face had moved much closer to mine. I blinked again and I heard him let out a breath and we were no longer two. His lips met mine, kissing mine with such softness, love and longing I felt like I wanted to cry again. Just when things started to get intense, we heard a loud whoop coming from behind the bushes. We pulled away, trying to catch our breaths. We made eye contact then nodded. We walked behind the bushes to find the rest of SKZ, hiding and looking utterly guilty.

    “You guys were spying on us?! I thought you guys were asleep!” Chan said throwing his hands in the air. Jisung spoke up,

    “Uh, we were asleep. Then I heard the door unlock and I saw you two leave so I thought the only logical thing was to wake the others and follow you guys, duh.” Chan shook his head but I only had one thing on my mind.

    “You guys heard everything?” They looked down in shame but Seungmin softly answered yes. Honestly, I wasn’t as embarrsed as I thought I’d be. I smiled at them and said,

    “Guys its fine. What happened happened. I’ve done my best to live with it so yea thats my story.”

    “Who whooped?” Chan suddenly asked. They all looked at one another before hyunjin raised his hand. By the look on Chan’s face, I thought he was going to yell at him, but he just laughed. The boys all started to laugh along and I stood their, happy, for the first time in my life. As all of us walked back the dorm, I lagged behind, just thinking. I didnt realize that Minho had also lagged behind to walk in stride with me. Although he struggled with the english, he said,

    “Chan’s right. You have us now and we will never leave.” I shook my head and squeezed his hand, thanking him. These boys had no idea what they meant to me, what them being here meant to me. Minho ran to catch up with the group and I started walking, smiling to myself. But when I took another step, I found myself to be back in my apartment.

    “Damn it!” This was really starting to get annoying. Knowing the boys will be fine, I crashed into my bed, falling into a deep sleep, and for the first time in a long time, I slept peacefully dreaming of Chan and the boys.

    Two years had passed since I told SKZ my story. Since then, I.N figured out that Chan and I controlled the transporting thing. Chan was the key to SKZ transporting to me. And I was tbe key for transporting me to them. We were each others keys and we will continue to be. Chan had asked me out a week after our kiss and I was elated and we’ve been dating ever since. The boys were happy that we found each other. SKZ were going to have to tell JYP about this whole soulmate ordeal and once they did, he wasnt as shocked as they thought hed be. He sas shocked about all nine of them have the same soulmate but he didnt question it. In fact he was very supportive of the fact and supportive when Chan told him about us. I knew the boys were eventually going to tell the fans so I dont know why I was so nervous. The boys announced it on one of their variety programs and the response was ecstatic. The fans were super nice and accepting of me. Of course there were a couple jerks in the crowd but I looked past them. I had graduated grad school and was working as a forensic scientist in the police department. My gym had also taken off in popularity and I was finally able to hire trainers to lead mma classes. Chan and I were doing great. Whenever any one of us was free, wed transport to one other. Of course we had the occasional fights but other than that we were going strong. Over the years, Chan has been such an important person in my life, I dont know what I’d do without him. He has supported me in everything I do and that in itself means the world to me. Chan was over in my place taking a shower while I was Netflix surfing. His phone kept going off and it was annoying me so I went over to his jacket to turn it off. When I pulled it out, something else fell out. I leaned to pick it up but froze when I saw what it was. A ring. An engagement ring. Oh my god. His phone went off again and I looked at it to see the boys sending him various messages saying that they were in position. In position? What were they doing here?! I stood there in awe long enough for Chan to walk out of the shower.

    “Love? What’s wrong?” I slowly turned around to face Chan. His face contorted from confusion to surprise when he saw my holding his phone and the ring.

    “Your phone kept going off so I went to go turn it off and then I saw this…” I whispered still not comprehending what Chan was going to do.

    “No no no!” He said running his hands through this hair. “It was supposed to be a surprise! Oh man!” He plopped onto the bed. He looked like a little child holding in a tantrum. I stifled a laugh. I went over to sit by him and I grabbed his hand. I placed the ring in his hand and said,

    “How about I forget I saw this.”

    “No, it doesnt make a difference now. I wanted to surprise you. I had everything planned out. It was going to be perfect,” he said sighing.

    “Chris, you should know this by now. I dont care about perfect. I’m just happy you are proposing. I’d have been happy if you proposed to me if I was stuffing my face with ramen. I’d have been happy at the fact that you were proposing.”

    “I know love, I dont know. You deserve the world and I just wanted to make you feel special.” I placed a kiss on his forehead.

    “I do feel special. I have you.” He finally smiled.

    “Thank you,” I said suddenly.

    “What for?”

    “I dont know, for proposing I guess. For staying with me. For loving me.” He took my hand and kissed it.

    “I should be the one thanking you. For bringing light into my life in ways other people couldnt.” I smiled to myself. I had this overwhelming urge to kiss him so that’s what I did. I didnt care he was still in his towel. I pushed him down on the bed and kissed him with despair and love. I poured everything I felt for him into that kiss and he responded. He flipped us so that he was on top of me and started to leave a trail of kisses down my neck all the way done to my stomach.

    “I love you,” he suddenly said stopping. I kissed on more time.

    “I love you in ways you couldnt even comphrehend,” I answered. He paused for a bit and the said,

    “Even though you found out about the ring, can I still show you the surprise. The boys are already there.” I nodded and he jumped up and clapped like a child. He ran back to the bathroom to change and I decided to change too, deciding a hoodie and leggings would be a little bland. I pulled a very simple laced black dress and paired if with black heel boots. Chan came out 10 minutes later and we headed out. I didnt know where we were going but I was surprised when we stopped in front of my gym. He handed my a blindfold and I looked at him sideways.

    “Come on, just put it on!” He said laughing. I wasnt happy about this but I put it on nonetheless. He carefully led me up the stairs to the roof and stopped in front of what I assumed to be my little shack. He told me to wait there and I heard him rush off to talk to the boys.

    “Okay you can take it off,” Chan shouted. I took of the blindfold to be greeted by my nine boys, all dressed up standing on what seems like to be a handmade stage.

    “Oh, I…” I was at a loss for words. The stage was littered with lotus flowers. How they got lotus flowers beats me but I wasnt questioning it. Behind the stage was a graffiti wall, painted with the boys and I names and various dates. Before I could say anything music started to play. I smiled when I found out what song it was. Chan started to sing and honestly it was tbe most beautiful thing I’ve heard.

    “Girl, just let your hair down

    Let’s paint the whole town

    Life is our playground, yeah

    But I’m not a kid no more

    So I must open doors and make you feel like the lady you are

    My momma raised me to be classy, not flashy

    I’m happy to please you

    Though I can tell that’s not what you’re used to

    And they say chivalry is dead

    Girl, let a real man pick up the slack

    And treat you with respect, yeah.”

    The boys sang this song with such emotion, tears started to cloud my vision. As the song came to a close the eight boys rushed towards me, blocking Chan from my vision. I laughed at their antics but stopped when the boys parted and I found Chan on one knee, holding the ring. Even though I knew about this, that didnt stop my heart from skipping a beat.

    “Jen, my Jen, the day we ran into you, there was just something about you. Even before you told us your story, we could tell you were haunted by something. But the fact that you still found it in you to smile and open yourselves to nine strangers made me fall in love with you more than I anticipated. Youre brave, youre beautiful, youre smart, youre kind enough to put up with us all.” I let out a sob laugh. “I fell in love with you because of who you are. You didnt let your past define you and getting to see you put that behind you was one of the best moments in my life. So, Jen Ra, will you do me the honor of marrying me? Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” I was so in awe that I almost forgot to answer.

    “Yes,” I softly whisper, smiling. Chan let out a laugh as the boys shouted with joy. He slide the ring onto my finger and gave me a kiss.

    “And they say Chivalry is Dead,” I said sarcastically. “You never cease to amaze me,” I said, kissing him softly. He laughs softly.

    “What can I say? You make me like that.” The boys soon hoarded Chan off, congratulating him and I stood back and admired them. These nine boys have made such a difference in my life I dont know how to thank them. Felix suddenly walked up and stood by me.

    “Congratulations,” he said, with a soft smile on his face.

    “Thanks Felix.” I thought that was it but he suddenly engulfed me in a hug.

    “Felix love? What’s up?” I asked surprised at the gesture. He pulled away, wiping tears from him face. “Felix? What’s wrong?”

    “Thank you for making him happy. Hes spent most of life working and looking after us, it’s about time he lived his own life. Thank you for making him feel alive.”

    “Felix, you know he felt like that when hes with you guys. I just helped unlock it. He loves you guys more than anything in the world so dont forget that.”

    “Man, how did we get so lucky with you?” I laughed.

    “I should be the one say that Felix. You guys saved me in ways I couldn’t do on my own and for that I could say thank you for the rest of my life and it still wouldnt be enough.” By then Chan had come back to me and wrapped his hands around my waist. He kissed the top of my head. I smiled and looked up to the night sky. The stars twinkled and I could have sworn it looked like they were winking at me. I smiled even brighter. After what seemed like an eternity, the universe and I finally made our peace


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  • look it’s the love of my fucking life being the cutest ever ft. bias wrecker going out for my life

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  • 𝕣𝕠𝕓𝕓𝕖𝕣𝕤 (felix x reader, gang au)

    a/n: hieee so this was originally part of a collab that is no longer a collab but it is written so may as well post! also this is very very clearly based on the song / mv for robbers so jsyk it is an homage, not intellectual property theft lol

    Request- “I love your works! And I wanted to ask you and my top two other writers (and more if you can rally that many) @and  @Maaaaaatryoshka0325 to maybe make a scenario with a member being in a gang and they protect the reader and get hurt? Lots of after care! But here’s the catch: you all write it separately, I’m curious to see how people handle the scenario differently! Maybe even do other members each?! Whatever you guys can decide if you’re up for it! Fighting! 😃” (@backhugsforhyunjin’s request) 

    Warnings: ~criminal activity~, fEaR oF dEaTh, i guess drugs??
    Word count: 1240

    Bang Chan @thecarat-top​ , Lee Minho @maaaaaatryoshka0325​ , Seo Changbin @backhugsforhyunjin​, Kim Seungmin @backhugsforhyunjin​ , Yang Jeongin @lixiescheesestick​ (links will be added  to the members name once everyone’s posted)


    “at least take me with you,” you muttered into felix’s shoulder, your arms wrapped around his neck as you half-straddle him in the back of the mustang.

    “baby,” felix nipped against your ear, “you know i can’t.”

    “that’s right - he can’t,” minho deadpanned from the front seat. “he’s in, he gets the money, he’s out.” 

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    #aw havent read this in a while how cute !!! #my first like nonsmut OR fluff #i guess kinda fluff? #GANG FLUFF#anyway #hope u like it while i churn out more requests and all the works i've promised! #my work#lee felix#skz fic#kpop fluff #felix x reader #kpop imagines
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    felix 190306 icons

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    ( non-idol! hwang hyunjin x reader! )

    introductions | part two

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

    Cupid’s Kiss ” - a stupid activity the school puts together in order to help students find a valentine for the valentine’s day dance. y/n hates the idea of cupids kiss. hyunjin is curious.


    a/n: they said 😡 don’t mess with innie 😡

    #stray kids imagines #stray kids social media au #hwang hyunjin #hwang hyunjin imagines #kim seungmin#bang chan#lee minho#lee felix#seo changbin#han jisung#yang jeongin#kpop imagines #kpop social media au #bts#blackpink#twice#stray kids
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  • as much as you want to see stray kids, please only communicate with them during their events, fan meetings, concerts and hi-touches. DO NOT follow them outside of their work schedules. you had your chance to see them at their concert or event they were attending, there is no need for you to follow them during their free days. their free days are for them to enjoy themselves and make memories with each other.

    please do them and yourselves a favour and do not follow them and invade their personal space outside their work schedules.

    #PSA #i saw a vid of this girl walking up to felix and saying hi and that she love hil and shit #and by the look on his face as well as hyunjin and minho they didnt look comfortable #this goes for every other group #stray kids#skz#bang chan#lee minho#seo changbin#hwang hyunjin#han jisung#lee felix#kim seungmin#yang jeongin#rants
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  • minho, opening a new pack of gum:

    jisung: hyung, can i have some?

    minho, putting that pack of gum away: sorry, i dont have any gum

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  • is it just me who feels dom felix vibes from this or…?

    okay but hear me out

    felix doing that with this tongue

    “do you wanna show me something cute?”

    & absolutely BABYING you because he’s seriously so in love with you & you’re his QUEEN so don’t worry bb because

    “master is gonna take care of you.”

    #fck dom felix is so hot #stray kids felix #lee felix#stray kids#skz #skz lee felix
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  • Genre: hogwarts au, slytherin!Hyunjin, fluff, angst, bestfriend!Seungmin

    Pairing: hyunjin x reader

    Word Count: 18,264

    Summary: As you grow closer to Hyunjin, you find yourself unable to think about much else. And Hyunjin, strangely, is the same way.

    part 1 ➣part 2➣part 3


    The chatter of people around you filled the air as you sipped happily on your butterbeer. The warmth of the soothing drink mellowed you out. Hogsmeade was as bustling as ever and even though it was snowy, the sun shone the brightest it has since you arrived. The town was filled with Hogwarts students, since it was a day all students over their third year got to go to town. You were situated comfortably at a table. But you did tug your coat on further as the door to the tavern opened. ultimately letting a gust of cold air into the otherwise warm room. The breeze died down quickly as the door shut, but the chill remained in the air for a moment.

    “Can I have a piece of gum?”

    You pulled out your pack of gum and just tossed it to him, a smile playing on your lips, “Just keep it, you ask for it so often it’s basically yours.”

    Hyunjin smiled triumphantly as he popped a piece of mint gum into his mouth, then slid a piece over to you. Which you took gratefully for after you finish your butterbeer.

    “So why do you insist you only take my gum?” You asked after taking another sip of butterbeer.

    Hyunjin glanced up at you before tucking the pack of gum into his pocket, a smile tugged on his lips. He shrugged, “I like it better.”

    “You have a mustache,” He snickered and reached out to wipe the supposed butterbeer mustache off your lips. You blushed, not only out of embarrassment, but also out of the closeness as he leaned in. Your hand pushed on his chest and you rolled your eyes, then wiped the rest off yourself with your forearm.

    Without the throng of people filling the the Three Broomsticks, you would’ve welcomed the intimacy. But there were too many eyes and not enough space, it felt too crowded for you as even more people entered the tavern. Cold air hit your cheeks once more until the door shut, your cheeks were probably hued pink due to the chill. 

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    #stray kids #stray kids imagines #stray kids Hogwarts au #stray kids fanfic #hwang hyunjin #hwang hyunjin imagines #hwang hyunjin fanfic #hwang hyunjin x reader #bang chan #bang chan imagines #lee minho#lee know #lee minho fanfic #seo changbin #seo changbin fanfic #han jisung #han jisung imagines #lee felix #lee felix imagines #kim seungmin #kim seungmin fanfic #kim seungmin imagines #kim seungmin Hogwarts au #yang jeongin #yang jeongin fanfic #slytherin hyunjin#ravenclaw seungmin#my works
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