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    Stray Kids Reaction - They Compare You To Their Ex [Request]

    Ex’s name - Areum (I always use this name 😶🤡)


    Your hands held onto the small bag of food that you had in your hand, waiting for Chan to open the door to his studio. This morning you'd woken up alone again this morning and you doubted Chan had eaten yet.

    "Y/n? Are you wanting to speak to Chan?" Felix asked from across the hall, glancing over your shoulder you nodded at the fellow Aussie. 

    "I'll let you in," He offered coming closer, 

    "No, that's okay Chan doesn't like it when I-" You didn't have a chance to finish your sentence as Felix had pushed the door open. Chan was working with headphones on which had explained why he hadn't heard you knocking. 

    "Y/n?" You smiled and waved at him, Felix was gone now and of course, to Chan to looked as though you had just let yourself into the studio. 

    "I thought I told you to always knock," He didn't mean to sound as angry as he did but he'd barely slept and he didn't have time for this right now. 

    "I did but you didn't-"

    "So if I didn't answer why did you walk right in?!" He raised his voice a little making your breath catch in your throat as you looked at him. Barely having any time to explain that it hadn't been you that had opened the door. 

    "Seriously?!" He asked as he stared down at you, 

    "Areum would always respect that I needed space and would never bother me at work." There it was. The fact that he had compared you to his ex made you feel sick.

    "Well if Areum was so perfect why did you end things?!" You yelled back at him waiting for some kind of explanation or an apology but he just scoffed as he looked at you. The simple look made you feel as though you were an inch tall and meant nothing. 

    "Who knows? Clearly, I was wrong to do so." Staring at one another neither of you said anything for what felt like an eternity. Realising that he wasn't even going to say sorry for what he had just said to you, you simple threw the bag of food down onto the table. 

    "Fuck you," You said assertively as you began making your way out of the building. Chan made no attempt to come after you, all he did was slam the door and sit down at his desk.

    Grumbling something as he opened up the bag of food, inside there was a tub. You must have spent most of the morning cooking for him since there was freshly made food inside. 

    I know you hate it when I bother you at work, I know you haven't eaten anything but those stupid Oats. So Changbin and I made jjajangmyeon for you. Love you ~ Y/n

    Your note made Chan's stomach sink thinking about what he had done. It wasn't as if he wanted to compare you to Areum, he just wanted you to realise he needed space but the moment he said it he had regretted it.

    "Is Y/n still here?" Chan questioned as he walked into the dorms, Changbin just pointed over at the bedroom door where your suitcase was standing. You'd come back in such a rush you'd just began to pack. 

    "Y/n please," Chan breathed as he walked into his room, shutting the door and standing in front of it so you couldn't leave. 

    "Please what? Help you get back with Areum?" You mumbled picking up some more of your clothes and throwing them into an over the shoulder bag. 

    "No, I was angry I didn't mean it-"

    "But you did. You said you'd made a mistake breaking up with her. So I'm making this easy, I'm leaving. Go and find her." You snapped at him, turning to face him. He could see the anger in your eyes as he sighed a little, attempting to pull you closer to him but you shook your head. Stepping out of his grasp,

    "You said what you said-"

    "I was stressed and tired." He mumbled. It was always the same excuse whenever the two of you would have an argument. He was stressed, he was tired, he just needed some time to himself.

    "You always say the same thing and I always forgive you," You said calmly this time, but it wasn't a good calm. It spooked Chan with how calm you were being during all of this.

    "If you let me explain...I can make it all go away," You blinked at him, saying nothing as you waited for his explanation but he said nothing. 

    "You compared me to your ex and said you were wrong for breaking up with her, there's nothing to explain." You mumbled to him, finally past the point of wanting to fight this out.

    "But I was being an idiot. I- I just wanted the space she would give me at work...I want you to respect that I need space while I'm at the studios and that I need time to myself." His voice broke as he stared at you,

    "You could have spoken to me about it...You could have asked me before straight-up comparing me," Tears were in your eyes but you didn't want to cry, not right now. 

    "I know and I'm sorry...If I ever have a problem in the future I will speak with you first." He whispered, taking your hand in his, running his fingers along your knuckles as you let out a small sigh. 

    "I still think I should go home for a couple of days...Give you some space,"

    "But you'll be back right?" He rushed out as he looked at you. A small smile played on your lips as you nodded, leaning forward to kiss him softly. 

    "I'll be back, I promise." He nodded at you, still not obsessed with the idea of you leaving but he respected that you needed a little time away.

    In the future Chan was more open to you coming to the studios sometimes, bringing him food and making sure he was taking care of himself. 


    As soon as Minho walked into the apartment he wished he hadn't. There was laundry still not washed, the floors were mucky and it looked like no one had dusted in months. 

    "What the fuck?" He grunted to himself, walking further into the house and rolling his eyes. He'd been gone for a couple of days working from the dorms and studio and this was what he came home to? 

    "Shit, you're home." You rushed over to him, trying to distract him but he had already seen everything and there was no hiding it. 

    "You could have made an attempt to clean it, this is disgusting Y/n." He grumbled picking up the laundry basket and heading into the linen room to go and clean it all up.

    "I picked up a couple of extra shifts, I thought I would have time to clean before you came home." You quickly explained but Minho was having none of it. 

    "Fuck, even Areum kept the place cleaner than this." It was like a shot to the heart, being compared to his cheating ex. 

    "She probably kept it clean so you couldn't find out she was slutting herself out." You spat at him storming off to the bedroom and slamming the door behind you.

    Minho grunted as he slammed the washing machine door shut and began to tidy up around the apartment. Not saying anything wrong with having just compared you to someone he hated.

    "Are you just never going to speak to me again?" Minho questioned the next morning as you got up to have some breakfast. You'd kept the bedroom door locked all night making him sleep on the sofa but you knew you would have to see him at some point. 

    "Maybe." You mumbled looking at him and then over at the kitchen, going to make yourself something to eat. Minho rolled his eyes at you, he still hadn't seen as what he said was wrong. 

    "You don't get it, do you?" You asked as you came back into the living room, he looked at you with tired eyes.

    "You compared me to the one person in the entire world that you hate...And saw nothing wrong with that?" He swallowed the lump in his throat as he realised how much it had hurt you to hear him say it. 

    "I didn't mean to compare you...I was just saying-"

    "That someone who cheated on you, made you feel like shit was better at cleaning than me." You folded your arms across your chest, staring at him as he nodded his head. It wasn't as if he could deny saying it to you when you were both standing there, 

    "I've been taking extra shifts, but I still try to make sure I keep everything tidy." Sitting down beside him, you tried not to be as angry as you had been the night before. You had said something just as harsh as he had, 

    "I'm sorry," He breathed out as you leant your head on his shoulder, his hand not daring to move to yours so you locked it with your own. 

    "I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have said what I said." You told him, giving his hand a small squeeze and smiling up at him.

    "How about, we go out to eat? My treat." He offered as you nodded at him, getting up from the sofa and folding the bedding he had used the night before.


    It took you a long time to get into a style of clothing that you eventually started to like. Trying to dress more confidently in yourself and show the world who you wanted to be. You came out of the bedroom, brushing down the outfit you were wearing for the night and smiled at Felix. It was something he had helped you pick out that morning for a date with Changbin, 

    "You look great right, Changbin?" Felix asked making Changbin look up from his phone. His eyes landing on your body but the second he stared at you, you felt sick. There was a look of disgust plastered across his face as he looked you up and down again. 

    "Areum would never wear something like that," The whole of the dorms seemed to stop. Minho stopped cooking and Chan looked up from his laptop, none of the boys wanting to believe what they had just heard fall from your boyfriend's lips. 

    "What?" You questioned, your voice shaking a little as you stared at him. His eyes were back on his phone as he shrugged his shoulders.

    "Areum would never come on a date looking like that," He said it so nonchalantly as if this was the normal thing to say to his new partner.

    "So what? This is about what Y/n is wearing." Felix seemed angry as you backed away from them all, making your way back into the bedroom and breathing heavily. That was one thing you never thought Changbin could and would ever say to you. How could he have acted so calmly about it too?

    "Are you stupid?!" You heard Felix yell as you quickly took off the clothes, changing into something completely different. Something that was comfy so you could crawl into bed in. You never wanted to go outside of this room again, it would be far too embarrassing to leave and have them all look at you.

    "Y/n...I'm sorry," Changbin said for the one-hundredth time as he sat on the bed with you. You were sitting up and staring in front of you, you hadn't even said a word to him since he walked into the room half an hour ago.

    "I didn't mean for it to sound harsh," He looked at you but you didn't dare look at him, you knew if you did you would most likely start crying.

    "Then how had you meant for it to sound? Because it sounded as though you were comparing me to your ex and making me feel disgusted in myself." You mumbled looking down at your hands. 

    "I meant...I meant it in a good way I really did." You scoffed, did he expect you to believe something so stupid?

    "You gave me a filthy look and said-"

    "I know but I meant it in a good way. I was looking at something on my phone. I was distracted." You looked at him and for the first time, you could see just how sorry he was about what he had said.

    "I'm sorry...You really did look beautiful Y/n." He whispered as he took your hand in his, you smiled weakly feeling your body heating up. 

    "Can we stay in tonight?" You questioned, laying your head on his shoulder. Not having the energy to want to go out for the night and have a large meal. Just staying in the dorms and having take out was enough for you. 

    "Sure. I'll order all your favourites," He whispered pressing his lips against your cheek.


    "There you go again!" Hyunjin yelled as you stared at him in disbelief. He'd just told you that he and his ex would be dancing close together on a new project he was working on. Not his idea but he was still being forced to work with her and closely too. The dance they would be doing was something slow and sensual and you had every right to react the way you had. 

    "There I go again what?!" You snapped at him, feeling your chest heave as you stared at him. 

    "Being dramatic! God! Even when I had to do dances with other people Areum would never be this dramatic about it!" You scoffed at him shaking your head at the thought of it.

    "Then maybe you should go back to her!" You cried back at him, he scoffed at you as he ran his fingers through his hair. Getting more and more frustrated as time went by. 

    “You’re just being a child! We have one dance together-”

    “Where she’ll be grinding against you, running her hands all over your body! Can’t you see why I’m being like this?!” You questioned him as he stared back at you in silence. On the one hand, he could but on the other, he couldn’t. You knew that this was his job and this was something he would have to do at some point.

    “You wouldn’t care if it was someone else,” He told you as you nodded your head,

    “If it was ANYONE else I wouldn’t give a shit! She’s your ex!” You cried out again, not being able to see why he didn’t see this as a bigger deal than it was. 

    “I’m over her,” He whispered calmly to you, walking over to you and pulling you into his chest. 

    “I am a professional and what I have to do with her is nothing more than work to me.” You said nothing as he continued to talk to you, 

    “I am in love with you Y/n. Just because I have to do this with her doesn’t mean its going to bring any old feelings back...Its only you that I care for, that I love.” He whispered before kissing you deeply. Your arms falling behind his neck and bringing him closer to you as you smiled happily against his lips.


    Jisung spat the food back out onto the plate in front of him as you bit your lip. Racing to get him a bottle of water and something to wash his mouth out with. 

    "I followed the recipe, I did everything right." You defended yourself but Jisung was too busy gargling the water as if he had just tasted something that was going to kill him. Spitting water into the sink and coughing as you took a bite from the food. It wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be, sure it was a little salty but that was it. 

    "You're being dramatic, it's not that bad." You felt a heaviness in your chest as you looked at him, 

    "It tastes like something died in that pot Y/n! Why would you ever give me something like that?!" He gagged dramatically making you feel even worse about it as you cleaned up the food, 

    "Areum could cook better than that," You froze as you held the plate at the dishwasher, staring over at him as he began to wash his mouth out with more water. 


    "Areum could cook better than that." He mumbled at you, staring at you as you put the plate down.

    "Areum was a chef! Of course, she could?" You stared at him shaking your head, not believing that he would even say something like this to you. 

    "I haven't tried this before and I wanted to make your favourite meal. I'm sorry it's not as amazing as a fucking chef could make it." Yelling was dumb but you didn't care, so was being compared to his ex.

    "Y/n." He whispered realising now that what he had said was probably harsh but you ignored him, finishing cleaning up as he walked behind you. Wrapping his arms around you and sighing a little.

    "No. You go and eat with her," You tried to push him away but he tightened his grip around you, 

    "Y/n, please. I didn't mean it the way it came out, it was nice...just-"

    "Not nice," You finished as he nodded his head, kissing your shoulder softly. 

    "This weekend I promise to stay home with you. I'll help you learn whatever recipe you want." He suggested as you nodded your head a little, turning to look at him as you smiled weakly. 

    "I'd like that. Maybe Felix can help too?" He nodded at you, kissing your shoulder as he promised he would clean everything up and order you both something to eat.


    Ever since landing in Australia, you had been nervous about meeting the rest of Felix's family. You hadn't been this nervous until Felix decided to drop on you that his family absolutely adored Areum and would always ask about her. Since then you had been doing everything that you could to try and make a good first impression but it came across as though you were trying too hard. 

    "We're going to dinner," Felix said as he came over to you at the front door of his parents home, you smiled happily. Relieved that they were still willing to have you go with them to dinner after being a stuttering mess in front of them. 

    "Cool, I can go and get my things from the hotel," You tried to explain but Felix shook his head at you, 

    "No. Me and my family are going to dinner, you should go back to the hotel." You didn't feel so bad thinking that he just wanted to spend some time alone with his family so you nodded. Kissing his cheek and excusing yourself to use the restroom before you headed out. 

    "You really should try and repatch things with Areum. She misses you." You froze in the bathroom hearing his father speaking with him, 

    "She's such a nice girl, I don't know why you broke up." You did. She cheated on him, multiple times but he'd never told his parents because he didn't want to ruin the way they saw her.

    "Y/n is nice too but she tries too hard, you could do better." His sister said as you felt your chest beginning to sink, you could have thrown up if it wasn't for them being right outside of the door. 

    "Areum was good with you guys, I know how much you loved her," Felix said as he looked at the door you had opened. You looked down at the floor as you bowed, making your way out of the house before anyone else could say another word to you.

    "I thought you were going to dinner." You grumbled as Felix walked into the hotel room, you were laid on the bed facing the window watching the sunset when he came in. Saying nothing as he cuddled up to you from behind, 


    "Don't. You should go and spend time with your family. I'm sorry they don't like me." You tried to get out of his grasp but he tightened it on you as he shook his head. 

    "I was going to defend you too them before you walked out," He whispered pressing a kiss on your ear but you didn't move, you laid there staring out of the window. 

    "I told them what Areum did. I told them what she was like and I told them that you were nervous because of me." You sighed a little, rolling over so you could face him.

    "Lix...I-I wanted them to like me the way they liked her," Your voice broke as he looked at you, cupping your face in his hands and nodding at you. 

    "They will...Tomorrow we'll go back and we'll do it again, without me pressuring you." He whispered to you, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. 


    Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous whenever he was with someone pretty, it wasn't that you didn't trust him you were just unsure of things sometimes.

    "I was just wondering where you were," You whispered as Seungin shook his head at you, pacing around the dance studio.  You'd come to meet him for lunch and found him with someone else, someone so pretty you felt a little insecure about him standing so close to them. 

    "You're acting so jealous. You chased that poor girl away. She was just asking me to show her a move again," You looked down at the floor. Maybe you had overreacted a little but it didn't stop your thoughts from racing. Whenever your ex would be that close to someone it was because he had slept with them.

    "Areum never used to get this jealous." He mumbled what he thought was under his breath but you'd heard him as clear as day. Staring at him and swallowing the lump that was beginning to build up in your throat. 

    "Y/n." He called out as you began to walk toward the door ready to leave. 

    "What? You're sorry you compared me to your ex?" You questioned putting your hand on your hip and raising your eyebrow at him, 

    "I didn't mean to,"

    "Oh? You just happened to say that?" You were angry and had every right to be. Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous sometimes. It wasn't an excuse but you were trying to work on it, you were doing what you could.

    "Y/n I didn't mean for it to come out, I was just upset." He whispered as he reached for your hand but you didn't give it to him. You just pulled away and folded your arms over your chest,

    "I know she never got this jealous but Seungmin-"

    "I know, I'm sorry Y/n. I'm sorry." He trapped your body between him and the door, looking down at you with a weak smile. It was only a little bit of trust you needed to give to him and you were both working on it. 

    "I know you were cheated on before, I'm sorry if it seemed like it was happening again." He whispered, kissing your nose softly as you looked at him, smiling weakly as you nodded at him. 

    "I'm sorry...I should trust you and I do...Fuck I do but I just-" You had no time to say anything else as Seungmin crashed his lips against yours. Smiling against you as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and pulled him as close as you could get him.


    "Even when Areum was busy she would make time for me." You froze in the doorway of the dorms looking at Jeongin. He had his back to you as he spoke to the boys about how upset he was with how busy you had been lately. 

    "Innie..." Felix attempted to warn him but he continued to rant on about it. 

    "No. Y/n is always too busy to spend time with me, their always working or at home. I just want to see my partner." You walked up behind him, giving him the gift bag you had gotten that morning. 

    "I've been busy because I've been doing overtime." You said calmly, looking at him as he had wide eyes.

    "I work for my money unlike someone else we know who used you for your money," Jeongin said nothing since he knew that you were right. That was what Areum had been doing but he seemed to magically forget that when he decided that he was going to compare the two of you together. 

    "I wanted to get you a present, something you've wanted for a while." You pointed at the bag and he blushed even more, remembering that you told him how much overtime you had been doing. 

    "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings,"

    "You didn't." You told him as you shrugged your shoulders, how could you be bothered about being compared to someone that never worked for anything in her life. 

    "You got him the new PlayStation?" Felix asked excitedly as he peaked into the bag, you smiled as you nodded your head. Jeongin's eyes snapped back at you as he gave you a questioning look. 

    "I knew how badly you wanted it so I put in extra-" You giggled as he almost tackled you down to the ground in a tight bear hug, repeating over and over again how sorry he was and how thankful he was.

    "I promise that I won't do as much overtime anymore, I just really wanted to do this for you." You whispered as he shook his head at you, 

    "I shouldn't have been so needy." He kissed your lips softly before pulling you and the bag toward his room, not giving the boys a chance to even look at it as he raced to get it set up.

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    LEE KNOW / 211023

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    Please vote for stray kids here! Its really easy you can just create an account with either your fb or google account and vote once everyday till AAA 2021 so that our skz can get a few extra presents for the end of the year!!!

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    kiss 𝗺𝗲 more 💬 :(

    all headers are mine, give me cr if you use

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    MC LEE KNOW / 211023

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    i think these will always be some of my favorite pics of hyunjin. he's so handsome!!

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    Chan : Lee Know I heard you've gone to market with Felix, what are you getting together?

    Lee Know : My life.. I'm getting my life together how about that?

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    Went to the South Korean pavilion at Dubai expo 2020 and they gave us a phone where you had to take a selfie as an avatar but I didn’t so it picked an avatar on its own and this was mine

    #also the Dynamite performance lmaooooo #one of the coolest pavilion #stray kids#lee know
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    23.10.2021 (4:27 PM KST)

    ○ what???!!!

    SEVENTEEN is doing their 9th mini album “attacca” comeback show on the hybe labels youtube channel at 9 pm later???!!

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    kishimoto said here is a world filled with ninja, to be a ninja you have to have what’s basically magic, and some people have even more and better magic because of genes. but there is one guy who wants to be a ninja but has no magic, so through nothing but determination and training he gets so insanely good at martial arts that he can bring kick flips to a wizard duel and win

    and then kishimoto said, but HE’S not the protagonist, this super special ninja wizard with a supreme genetic history is. that other guy is just some guy

    #it’s been 20 years i know but HOW. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT #how can you have an idea that’s THAT FUN and then shuffle the fists tk a fireball fight guy to the fucking background??? #HATRED. MISERY. #rock lee#naruto
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    Hugging the soft brown bear trying to ignore the pain growing in the lower part of my stomach, a sigh left my lips as I tossed and turned in bed. The pain was keeping me from falling asleep, creaking sounds of the floor had me sit up in a bolt as the bedroom door opened. Revealing an excited happy Changbin holding a black grocery bag, butterflies swarm as his lips were moving but no sound came out...I was busy daydreaming of him that I didn't even pay any attention to his words.

    "Babe? are you listening to me?" Changbin asked with a frown on his lips, I chuckled but felt a rush of pain hit me turning the chuckle into a groan. Throwing myself back on the bed, "Aww my poor angel is in pain." Changbin cooed as he hovered over me with a cheeky grin. "Shut up," I joked as he plant a light kiss on my lips, "Did you take your friend's advice?" he asked I nodded. "Yep, took two pain killers and eat come ice. She said it would help the pain become bearable." I said wrapping my arms around his neck pulling his weight on me, "Why, why would you do that?" Changbin asked with worrisome in his voice as he propped on his elbow, his weight no longer on me. It felt lonely, "Because." I whined. His brows furrowed in confusion, "Because why?" he whined a laugh escaping my lips. "Because I missed you buba." I said pecking his lips, "Aww my poor little kitten." Changbin cooed as he tackled me with kisses.

    Bursting into fits of laughter, "Okay, okay but can we just cuddle and binge A Nightmare On Elm Street please." I begged. Changbin never really liked too watch horror movies with excuses like 'oh you're gonna get nightmares and etc.' A sigh left his lips, "Alright princess let's cuddle and binge watch whatever your heart desires." He said wrapping his arms over me, snaking my arms around his waist and interwind our legs together. Resting my head against his toned chest, "How's the pain?" he asked his hands caressing my arm and lower back. Snuggling closer to him and inhale his scent of woody musk, "Bearable, but I'm okay." I said with a smile. Changbin placed a gentle and soft kiss on my lips, "Good, I hate seeing you in pain." He said placing his head on top of mine. I could stay like this forever and never get tired of his comfort.

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    no thoughts, head Pebble Brain continues apparently as all I listened to for like 2 hours at work today was Pebble Brain on shuffle and then when I went to hang out with a few friends earlier they handed me the controller to look up a song and I went straight for the Concrete music video lol

    #my friend really liked the music video btw #and then just before i left to go home a bit ago #I was talking to another friend about them #and kinda explaining who they are (she doesn't know who Wilbur is) #I showed her a picture of Wilbur for context of who was singing #and she goes "He looks so indie! I wouldn't expect this to be him singing!' lmao #lovejoy#pebble brain#lee speaks
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    Lee know sent this photo on bbl😍

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    ~ Stray Kids Lockscreens ~

    ✨Like/reblog if you save✨
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    Stray Kids you have a wet dream about them (M)


    Chan was abruptly woken up in the middle of the night, and his first thought was to be angry because who the hell dared to wake him up at 4 am! However, his face softened when he heard your voice. You were moaning a lot and also tossing and turning quite a bit, Chan thought you were having a nightmare so he went to wrap his arms around you; "Baby it's ok shh-" Chan stopped himself when he heard your little breathy "oh fuck, chan" in the mists of wordless moaning. "Oh so my little baby is dreaming of me hmm," Chan thought to himself, however, he didn't wanna be a bad guy who ruins a good dream so he just wrapped his arms around you, lazily kissed your neck, and tried to go back to sleep.


    Your mind couldn't stop itself that night. Minho just looked so good with the way he was dancing on stage and thrusting his hips at every chance he got. So it was not a surprise that you started having a wet dream about him. Minho didn't notice at first, he had just come home from the studio and was too focused on getting himself ready for bed. Once he was in bed however, he noticed the way your hips were moving and the soft moans you were letting out. Minho smirked at this, suddenly hard with one thing on his mind. Minho kissed you deeply so that you would wake up. "Hi kitten, what were you dreaming about?" he teasingly asked to which you blushed. "don't be shy, I just wanna make it a reality. What was I doing?"


    Changbin was unable to sleep, no matter what position he got in, or no matter how many dam sheep he tried to count. Changbin just couldn't sleep, as if he might need to do something to tire himself out first, then maybe he might sleep. As if someone had just read his mind however, you started to stir in your sleep. You were moaning and whining quite loudly at first Changbin thought you might be having a nightmare or even worse felt sick; "Angel shh I've got you" but then Changbin noticed a few other things, your hips were moving in a way that would not correlate with a bad dream, rather a wet one. Changbin got an idea, so he woke you up by kissing you gently and caressing your face. "Hi bubs, nice dream?" he asked innocently, just to be a tease. "why don't I help you out hmm?"


    You and Hyunjin had a thing, a special thing that only happened at night and only happened some nights, whenever Hyunjin felt like it. You had consented to it of course, so Hyunjin had the green light that from time to time he may use you while your sleeping. Your only two rules were don't do it if either of you has something important on the next day and if you woke up then you wanted to cum too. Hyunjin wasn't entirely sure if he was in the mood tonight, however, when you started having a wet dream about him he was suddenly in the mood. He lifted away the blanket causing you to whine; "shh baby it's ok" he soothed and started finger fucking you to get you ready for him, as you kept moaning however stayed asleep.


    You weren't really a vocal person in bed, it just wasn't you. if you were having a nightmare instead of crying or moaning you would shake and breathe heavily. During sex you did the same, only letting out small moans during the climax or else just breathing heavily throughout. So it was a little hard at first to figure out what was wrong tonight, Jisung was just nudged hard in the back. He didn't know what was going on until he saw a wet patch in your panties. Jisung smirked at this, but chose not to do anything since he knew you hated being woken up during the middle of the night, he opted for just playing with himself for a bit and then tried to go back to sleep.


    Felix couldn't help himself, he tried, he really tried. Felix tried to not listen to the soft moans that you let out while you were sleeping, he tried to ignore the way you were moving beside him, he tried going back to sleep but his mind would only display naked pictures of you so he had to do something. Felix tested the waters first, only inserting one finger, and smirking when your moans suddenly got louder. This was a good sign, so Felix kept going, he added another finger as he wanted to bring you to completion while you slept.


    "Baby are you ok?" Seungmin turned his body around in the bed, he had heard some strange noises coming from you and if it were a bad dream he wanted to be there for you. You didn't respond, and Seungmin didn't expect you to, instead, you just moaned again, Seungmin pulled back the blanket a bit to reveal a wet patch on your panties. This made Seungmin blush and feel a little embarrassed as if he just invaded your privacy so he turned back around and went back to sleep, leaving you to enjoy your fantasies and will attend to his needs in the moaning.


    Jeongin worked late again, he didn't want to but he needed to get the first half of the dance down so he could start learning the other half tomorrow. When he walked into the bedroom he was surprised to hear noises coming from you. When Jeongin took a closer listen, he could tell they were moans, "Yes Jeongin, more" you pleaded in your sleep, Jeongin did contemplate doing something, but he was tired af so he just let your enjoy your dream while he went to sleep but hoped he could dream about the same thing.

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