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    Imagine: You and Minho break up due to long distance

    I’m sorry it been forever since I posted an skz imagine

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    him going nom nom

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    12.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    What You Do To Me

    Don’t believe it when you say that you fuckin’ hate me, no. Use your tongue to crucify me, you motivate me...I could stop, I could leave, but no I don’t wanna. It’s a mess, I’m obsessed with your kind of torture.
    Enemies to Lovers!Minho smut Words: 8,093 Warnings: degradation, face fucking, rough sex, mild bullying, use of the word bitch (derogatory) a lot, unprotected sex, katoptronophilia if you squint Y/N: your name L/N: your last name (I also apologize for naming one of the characters,  I’ve been playing RE8 and can’t get the name out of my head)

    "Hey, Y/N." Someone whispers harshly from behind her followed by several hard pokes to the back of her shoulder. "Y/N." The same voice hisses.

    With an exaggerated roll of her eyes she turns in her seat to the male sat directly behind her. "What Jisung?" She asks coldly, looking at him with bored eyes. This was the 4th day in a row he had decided to bother her in their shared English class.

    "Are you gonna remind our professor about the homework last night?" He asks timidly, tapping his pencil on the side of his desk.

    "I don't know, did you do it?" Y/N asks with a small smile.

    Jisung nods quickly, a little too quickly. "Yeah, I just wanted to ask."

    "No, you just wanted an excuse to bother me." Y/N deadpans as she swivels back around to the front of the room.

    She hears the black haired boy chuckle behind her, feels him lean in a little too close to her over his desk. "Same thing." She rolls her eyes again, slumping back in her seat as she watches the students pile in. One after another they take their seats and per usual, all of Jisung's friends crowd around both of them, laughing obnoxiously together as their professor walks in with a scowl on his face.

    "Quiet." The man says simply yet sternly, causing the whole room to go quiet. "Homework out."

    "Fuck." Jisung whispers, causing her to turn around to him again.

    She smiles genuinely at his nervous expression. "So you didn't do it."

    "Shut the hell up, L/N." Changbin snarls from the right of Jisung, eyes shooting daggers directly into the side of her head.

    Unfortunately, she was used to this kind of treatment from this particular group of boys. Using any and every excuse to bother her or talk down to her; granted she gave it right back, but that was always their incentive to do it that much more.

    She sticks her bottom lip out at Changbin in feign hurt as she directs her attention towards him. "Does that mean you forgot too? You know, tutors are free on campus." She whines, causing him to scoff and roll his eyes, earning one himself from her.

    "Stuck up bitch." She hears Hyunjin mumble to her left and she was ready with a quick response until their professor interrupts with another loud, "Quiet!"

    An hour and 20 minutes later Y/N could finally breathe as she exited the classroom, sighing out in relief from not being in the middle of those god awful boys.

    "Hey, Y/N!" Fuck.

    Jisung appears quickly at her side with a shit eating grin, the group of boys slowly trailing him, talking amongst each other. "I couldn't help but notice earlier when Hyunjin said what we were all thinking, that you looked like you had something to say!" He says happily, knowing exactly the type of altercation he was going to stir up. "The class would love to hear."

    Y/N glares at him and Hyunjin, both boys smirking at her sour face. "Oh yes, thank you for reminding me." She says sweetly, patting the boy on the head a little too roughly as she turns on her heel to the long blonde haired heart throb. "I was just going to say that I may be a 'stuck up bitch', but at least I don't still sleep with a nightlight."

    Hyunjin's jaw immediately drops, glaring at the much shorter girl who had such nerve to speak to him like that. How the hell did she even know that?! Jeongin can't help himself as he chokes back a cackle and leans into Felix who is also puckering his lips to keep himself from laughing at his poor friend, earning each of them a hard smack on the back of the head from Hyunjin himself.

    "You should tell your friends to keep quiet about your dirty little secrets when they gossip around me." She spits, putting finger quotes around friends. She turns to walk to her next class finally before suddenly meeting someone chest to face.

    She stumbles back on her feet slightly, books held loosely in one hand as she looks up in the eyes of the student she ran into, I'm so sorry at the ready but it quickly dies in her mouth as she realizes who it is.

    "Watch where I'm going." Minho says simply, nearly looking through her like she doesn't actually exist to him as he moves to walk past her. He slides his arm out quickly, slapping her books to the ground with ease in her shocked state. "Oops."

    "Lee Minho might actually be the bane of my existence." Y/N thinks to herself as she bites the inside of her cheek and kneels down to collect her things. She liked to think she was sharp tongued and quick witted, but when it came to Minho she always found herself clamming up at the thought of speaking back to him even though she didn't have a problem doing it to a single one of his friends.

    "Nothing to say to Minho, huh babe?" Changbin teases as he glares down at the girl still picking her things off the floor. "Just to everyone else, what are you? Scared?"

    "I'm not wasting my energy." She says as she breaths deeply through her nose, standing up straight as she looks at each of them carefully. "But all 8 of you can sit on this," she pauses as she holds up her middle finger and practically shoves it in their faces. "and fucking spin."

    She turns once more, ignoring the yelling coming from the boys, but hears a distinct voice call out, "I'll see you in chemistry, bitch."

    Y/N has learned how to tune them out by now, listening to the heels of her shoes hit the tiled floor instead. Her legs carrying her faster with every step as she tries to get farther away from the noise, quickly making her way towards the library where she knew her roommate would be at this time of day.

    Sure enough as she steps into the building she sees the tiny redhead tucked in a corner with books scattered around her messily along with notebooks and highlighters. "Mia.." Y/N whines as she approaches the table. The freckled face girl looks up at her with a quirked eyebrow.

    "What did he do this time?" Mia asks, setting her pencil down in front of her and  crossing her arms across her chest.

    A bit taken back by the venom in her tone, Y/N takes a seat beside her friend and sighs. "Who?"

    "You know who, don't act dumb." She says in the same monotone voice, slightly irritating Y/N. Did she do something to upset Mia? "Minho, what did he do this time?"

    "It's that whole group, they're always so awful to me." Y/N says unhappily, eyebrows screwing together as she herself folds her arms. "It's never just Minho."

    "But it's just Minho that you're in love with." Mia says as she rolls her eyes, picking her pencil back up and continuing to work on whatever she had been.

    Y/N's eyes open in shock, taking a few moments to collect herself and make sure she had heard her correctly before she responds. "I am not in love with Minho!" She shouts defensively, a little louder than she would have liked causing her to eye the other students quickly to make sure no one else had heard her outburst, or at the very least didn't care. "Of all people, get real!"

    "No Y/N, you get real. Matter of fact, both of you need to get real! I see this situation from the outside perspective because I'm friends with both of you, you both nag and pick at each other because both of you are too proud to admit that you like each other." Mia begins to collect her things as she grows increasingly annoyed, cheeks tinting pink as she rants. "One of you needs to grow some balls and make the first move and I don't mean the first punch."

    Y/N finds herself staring wide eyed and mouth open at the suddenly fiery redhead, in the 2 years that she had been roommates with her she had never spoken to her like this. Mia would always listen to Y/N when she needed to vent about her day, or her classes, or the boys that targeted her and the conversations always ended with talking about Minho.

    Y/N couldn't deny that, but she would absolutely deny being in love with him. Maybe she found him attractive, how intense his eyes were, how well spoken he actually was given she had shared several classes with him, how funny he was when he wasn't attacking her. Maybe she thought it was cute the way he laughed with his friends when it wasn't when they were being assholes to her. Even endearing the way he "pretended" to flirt with her just to make her blush harder and harder, to see how hard he could push her buttons.

    But she was not in love with Minho.

    "I'll see you at home then?" Y/N calls out as the girl starts to make her exit, Mia flashes her a fake smile over her shoulder as she walks.

    "Don't plan on it, I'm probably staying with Seungmin tonight." She says with a small wave and then leaves.

    Y/N scoffs to herself, sitting back farther in the chair. "As usual." She says out loud, leaning her head back towards the ceiling and closing her eyes.

    "As usual you'll be left home alone tonight?" An unfamiliar yet also all too familiar voice startles her, causing her to shoot up straight with a small squeak. She flashes her gaze to the side and meets none other than the devil himself.

    "Leave me alone, Minho." Y/N says as she stands up quickly and makes an attempt to leave, ready to avoid this situation and any future situation involving him.

    Minho chuckles at her, keeping up with her pace given her shorter legs. He looks down at her mockingly as he walks side by side with her to where ever she plans to go. "Don't be bitter because I heard Mia say she's leaving you alone tonight again."

    "I'm not bitter." She says coldly, hugging her books tightly to her chest as she tries to walk a little faster. Damn Minho and his long ass legs. "I just don't want to be around you right now."

    "Right now?" He comments with a lopsided grin which only pisses her off further.

    Y/N groans, stopping dead in her tracks which in turn causes Minho to stop as well, just as she anticipated. "Ever." She emphasizes.

    "Ooo," Minho sighs out, clutching his chest and screwing his face up in pain. "you're gonna hate the chemistry partner set up for the final exam then."

    "The what?" She gawks, pulling her phone from her back pocket to open up a certain app designed for the students to keep up to date with their classes. There it was in big bold letters staring her directly in her face, the "chemistry final partner lineup." Reading through the names to find hers, she stops on it and hesitates to look to the right to find the name of her partner.

    Lee Minho. Of course.

    She doesn't move an inch but lifts her eyes to meet Minho's very amused gaze, eyebrows raised as he tries to contain his laughter. "Guess you'll be seeing a lot of me whether you want to or not, doll." Minho hums out the last little name he gives her. The same one he calls her when he wants to get her flustered and sure enough, even with the scowl still adorning her face, her cheeks start to heat up.

    Y/N clears her throat, attempting to sound more confident as she speaks. "Meet here tonight around 6 then?" She asks, licking her dry lips out of habit.

    Minho smiles, reaching an arm out to lightly trace her jawline with the tip of his finger. "It's a date."

    "It's most definitely not a date." She rushes out, moving around him to exit the library before he sees her now bright red face.


    Click. Click. Click.

    Y/N looked to her left to find the source of the distracting noise, only to see a grinning Minho with his eyes shifted down to the paper on the table in front of him, but his thumb continuously clicking the button on the end of his pen.

    "Hey," she whispers to the brown haired boy who does very little to acknowledge her, rather just quirks an eyebrow without meeting her gaze. "could you stop fucking with your pen for like 20 seconds?"

    As she sits a little more upright in her chair to focus on her part of their project she realizes the clicking actually stopped. Lee Minho? Listening to someone other than himself?  She almost couldn't believe it, but she wouldn't dare question it in fear that he would just start again out of spite.

    After spending so long arguing over a topic to cover on their final project she didn't have the time or energy to care about much else. Deciding on the rate of evaporation of different liquids sounded easy enough and less painful than her thoughts on microencapsulation.

    Click. Click. Click.

    "Seriously?" She said a little louder than necessary given they were in the library, but she couldn't help the little bubble of anger that suddenly popped.

    "What? You said 20 seconds." Minho snaps back, lifting the pen closer to her face and clicking it rapidly. Y/N grabs for his wrist faster than he expected and snatches the pen out of his fingers as she reaches for her pencil to replace it.

    He scoffs as he looks at the wood between his fingers, exaggerating a pouting face with damn near his whole bottom lip stuck out. "You're no fun." He grumbles as he continues writing whatever it is he was researching himself.

    With a sigh she's back to her work, fingers working the keys on her laptop quickly and paying no mind to her "partner."

    Tap. Tap. Tap.

    Y/N grips the pen tightly in her hand as her head whips towards Minho. "I hate you." She deadpans, slamming her laptop shut and gathering her things around her to hastily stuff into her backpack. "I'm going back to my dorm," she quickly scribbles down her number on a piece of torn off paper and practically throws it at the boy. "text me when you actually want to work instead of just purposely annoying me the whole time."

    She quickly turns to head home with a near cackling Minho behind her shouting, "Awe c'mon Y/N, don't be like that! We've barely even been here an hour!"

    She was fed up with his antics. Mean one minute, flirty the next, then 7 year old brother level annoying. If he wanted to get this project done he would get ahold of her, in the mean time she would do her part as required and make sure he got no credit for any work other than what he's done if he doesn't finish.

    As her dorm room was nearly a 6 minute walk from the library it takes her no time at all to walk through the front door and slip her shoes off with a heavy sigh, tossing her bag on the small bean bag she had placed in the living room and slowly lying herself stomach down onto the futon set up with her face buried into a pillow.

    She breathes in deeply and lets out the loudest scream she can, clutching both sides of the pillow and pressing it harder against her face.

    She hated Minho, she absolutely hated his guts, but she couldn't find it in herself to want to stay away from him. Tired and confused, she drags herself back to her room to change and go to bed to forget this day even happened. Maybe she'd wake up and this would all be a dream and she would never end up with a partner for a final, or even just someone that wasn't Minho.


    Y/N woke up to a still empty dorm room and 3 texts from a number she didn't recognize.

    Hey, it's Minho Let's work on the project tonight, I promise we'll actually get shit done Do u wanna come to our place or would u be more comfortable if I came over???

    She didn't particularly like the thought of being in the space he sleeps considering what she knows he does, but the latter didn't sound any better. She liked to believe that Mia and herself were much cleaner than 8 boys packed into one dorm room 80 percent of the time and the thought of having to keep her shoes on walking around someone's home made her uncomfortable.

    Prefer if you came here, no offense. Do you need the number?

    Y/N sends a quick text back as she rolls out of bed, heading to the bathroom to shower. Doing her best attempt to rinse her body of the sudden anxiety, she spends a little extra time soaking in the near scalding hot water.

    As she steps out and wraps a towel around her body, she sees the screen of her phone light up from the counter.

    Nah, I've been there before See you around 5 then??

    Her stomach churns at the text irrationally, running a wide comb through her wet hair. She walks back to her room slowly as she types out a response.

    Not even gonna ask, see you around 5.

    She can practically see the smirk on his face and the tiny scoff that escapes his throat, the same reaction she gets every time she refuses to give him a reaction to something they both know she wants to. Of course she wants to know when he's been into her dorm and why, but it's safer to assume it's because of Seungmin and Mia and that he has definitely never been in her room without her knowing.

    Y/N loathed the fact that he knew her so well and still somehow managed to make it his goal to constantly pick at her every chance he got, but she hated that she couldn't control her feelings for him more. Maybe if he were ugly things would be easier, if he were half as smart, half as talented.

    "Fuck..." She whispers to herself, toying with the end of her towel as she refocuses on the color of the fabric rather than the color of Minho's eyes.

    Maybe Mia was kind of right, but not completely. No. She was down for Minho bad, but she was not in love.

    A quiet ding from her cellphone makes her jump slightly, pulling her from her thoughts yet again and she softly groans as she reads the new text from the boy she had already assumed it was from.

    It's a date ;)

    Y/N doesn't even bother with a response as she tosses her phone onto her bed and dresses herself quickly into something comfortable to lounge around in till the spawn of Satan shows up at her dorm.

    4 hours and 2 documentaries later she hears a couple loud knocks at her front door. She internally groans as she watches the credits slowly roll up the black screen, halfway hoping she could pretend she didn't hear the knocks and he would just leave.

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    3 louder knocks cause her body to jolt in surprise, left leg kicking out spastically and slamming her pinky toe into the leg of her end table. "God dammit!" She yelps, standing up from her position on the couch and limping off the pain towards the door.

    Minho is leaning casually against the railing leading up the 3 concrete steps to her front door, eyebrow cocked in amusement as she opens the door with a grimace. "I know you said you hated me, but I didn't think you were gonna look like I just killed your first born child." He says with a small grin. "May I come in?"

    "Yeah, yeah." Y/N stutters as she steps to the side slowly, letting him in. "I stubbed my toe when you knocked, you startled me. Sorry for uh," she quickly gestures to her scowl. "the face I guess."

    Minho stifles a laugh with the back of his hand as he watches her. "You should apologize for that every day, not just right now."

    "Ha!" She laughs obnoxiously at him, very obviously not amused by his comment. "Wow Minho, less than 24 hours and I thought I forgot how funny you were." She reaches out quickly to playfully punch his shoulder, but putting a little more force behind it to cause him to step back slightly. "You can leave now if you're just gonna do this the whole time."

    Minho laughs again, not hiding his smile this time and the butterflies in her stomach start to wake from their slumber, the fluttering shooting straight to her knees and she has to lean back against her kitchen counter so they don't buckle under her.

    "You didn't honestly think I wasn't gonna have a little fun, at least when I first got here." He says, grinning at her. "I said we were gonna get shit done and we are, but I can't help myself sometimes."

    Y/N scoffs, rolling her eyes at the taller man before she turns to grab the small stack of books that was set on the counter behind her. "Then let's get to work."


    Y/N takes a deep breath as she tries to calm herself, tapping the screen of her phone to check the time. 8 o'clock. It had been 3 hours of nearly nonstop nitpicking and teasing and not even half of their work was done.

    "You need to relax." Minho states as his fingers tap against her laptop, the screen illuminating his face in the best ways, which she convinced herself were also the worst ways.

    She swallows the tight lump that had built up in her throat from staring at him. "And how do you expect me to do that when you've been doing nothing but tormenting me?" She questions, eyes looking down to her textbook quickly as she writes down a few more notes. He catches her gaze at the last second and he smiles lazily at her, eyeing her slowly.

    "I know a few ways..." Minho trails off, eyes traveling directly to her cleavage that was currently exposed in her sports bra as the zipper on her hoodie was unzipped just too far.

    Her eyes widen in anger, eyebrows creasing as she drops her pen and lifts the zipper back into place. "Are you fucking kidding me, Minho?" She snaps, pushing her chair away from the table they were sat together at with such force it nearly shoves the table into his chest. "You're offering sex instead of just being a decent partner, because at this point I wouldn't even bother ask being a decent human, and get this project done so we don't have to torture ourselves by being around each other longer than we have to?!"

    "Listen, I'm just trying to help," Minho sneers, throwing his pencil down on the papers that are splayed out on the small kitchen table. "Don't be such a bitch about it."

    "Help me with what, exactly? Because last time I checked trying to fuck me won't get me or us a good grade on this project." She snaps back with a roll of her eyes, fingers coming up to her temples as she paces back and forth.

    He giggles to himself mostly, running a hand through his hair as he sits back into the chair. "Getting that stick out of your ass for starters." He says, eyeing her up and down. "You're too stuck up for your own good and that's why no one likes you."

    "People like me!" She shouts, looking at him in pure disbelief, as if someone who bullied and bothered damn near everyone could convince her no one liked her. "Just because you and your friend's don't like me doesn't count as everyone."

    "Name one person other than your roommate who willingly hangs out with you outside of things for class." Minho dares, leaning an arm on the table and resting his head on his hand he looks at her with a condescending grin.

    Y/N opens her mouth...and then shuts it. Was Minho right? She knew she liked to keep to herself, but she almost couldn't believe the fact that the only people she really interacted with was her roommate (if she was ever there) and her classmates if she was assigned to be partners with them. 2 whole years on this stupid campus and she just now realizes she's failed to make friends and it's Minho of all people to help her with that.

    "We're done tonight." Y/N says flatly, keeping her eyes on the tiled floor as he slowly stands from his seat. "We can either work on these separately or at school. I don't want to have to see you outside of their anymore."

    "Awe-" Minho babbles at her, that shit eating grin still working the corners of his lips. "Don't let me get your feathers ruffled just because I'm the only one willing to tell you the truth! At least I can do that!"

    "You're such a dick." She mumbles as she walks into her living area, blinking rapidly as her eyes start to sting like she's about to cry. She will not cry in front of him, because of him.

    "And you have no friends." He says, his words stabbing her directly in the gut, especially as he says it with zero emotion behind those 5 words.

    "I fucking hate you." She trembles. A breath hitches itself in her throat when he stalks toward her, power and desire radiating off him. He backs her into the wall, trapping her completely with both arms positioned just above her head. A gasp escapes her lips when his nose softly brushes against her cheek as he leans in.

    "I know you do," He coos, "but maybe this will make you hate me a little less." His lips cover hers in an instant, desperate hands come down to cup her face, her body pressed up harder against the wall.

    Y/N wants to fight him off, she wants to push him away, but her body refuses to listen to her brain. One hand tightly tangled in the hairs at the base of his neck to pull his face away, but she keeps pulling the strands tighter and pulling his face closer. The other hand gripping the front of his shirt to push his chest away, but she finds herself clawing at the fabric towards his back to push her chest flush against his.

    "And you say you fucking hate me." Minho snickers through ragged breaths as he wills her lips away from his, letting his travel down the column of her throat. "I don't believe it." He whispers against her hot skin, hand traveling up to tangle in her hair and pull it backwards so she has no choice but to look him in the eyes.

    "I do." She attempts to say confidently, but to his ears it comes out more like a whimper and he smiles at her in satisfaction.

    "Then say it, doll." Minho challenges, his gaze darkening at her weakening front. "Tell me you hate me and that you want me to stop."

    Y/N gulps thickly, shifting her weight from leg to leg as she tries to ease the growing need from within her. The growing need for Minho that she has been so adamantly denying to everyone including herself. "I fucking hate you." She says through gritted teeth, refusing to unlock her gaze from his.

    Minho nods, egging her to finish what he had asked her to. The seconds that passed felt like hours as neither of them moved, his hand still wound tightly in her hair. "Tell me you want me to stop, Y/N"

    She licks her lips, the thought of those words escaping her already tasting so sweet, but her voice somehow fails her. She opens her mouth and no words come out, causing Minho to tilt his head to the side. He leans into her again, soft lips ghosting along the side of her neck, leaving goosebumps in their wake. "Do you want me to stop?" He asks genuinely against the crook of her neck, placing a delicate kiss where it meets her shoulder.

    Y/N barely shakes her head, but Minho feels her hair shake against his face. "No." She actually whimpers out this time, heart beating so loudly in her ears she almost doesn't catch the growl that erupts inside Minho's chest.

    Their lips find each others once again quickly, a battle of teeth and tongue as he squats slightly to grab the backs of her thighs and hoist them up around his waist. She lets out a squeal against his lips at the sudden movement, both arms instinctually wrapping around his neck to help hold her weight.

    "Minho." She groans, her teeth biting at his bottom lip and gently tugging back. She leans her head back against the wall as his dark gaze matches hers. "My room."

    He wastes no time walking down the short hallway with his lips attached to her neck, sucking subtle dark spots into her skin proudly. He kicks her door open with his foot and shuffles them quickly into the room and sits himself on her mattress with her on his lap.

    "How'd you know which one was mine?" She asks breathlessly as she leans back, staring into his glossed over eyes and trailing to his kiss swollen lips.

    Minho shrugs as he gently bucks his hips up into hers, rolling her clothed core over his hardening cock and he breaths slowly. His eyes looking everywhere but her own, fixated on every detail of her face so hard that he can't believe he hadn't realized up until right now how beautiful she actually was. He finds himself blushing and he quickly pulls her face back to his and connects their lips. "Only room I haven't been in." He mumbles between pecks.

    By now Minho would've had any other girl bent over the bed working on her third orgasm, but he finds himself at a loss. His hands tightly yet softly grabbing the flesh of her hips to continuously roll them against his deliciously. He can't find the courage to move his hands, to undress her, to caress her, and he almost panics before her tiny hands find their way under his black t-shirt in an attempt to slowly pry it off him.

    He flashes back to reality and almost instantly flips her body underneath him, standing back from her small frame to peel the fabric from his torso and reveal his toned body to her for the first time, earning him a stare from her resembling that of a deer in headlights. His hands find her hips again, this time sliding up to the zipper on her hoodie and pulling it all the way down, taking his time sliding it off her as he takes note of every curve and dip around her waist and up around her back down to her arms.

    He reaches down slowly, the pads of his fingers rubbing her clit ever so gently through her panties and shorts. She lets out a quiet moan, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth as she looks down to where is hand is laid. "Look at me." He deadpans.

    Y/N's eyes quickly glance up to his, pupils blown so wide his eyes look almost black. She lets out another moan, this one a bit louder as he presses harder, "I bet you're so wet right now, bet you're soaked through your panties." He croons, leaning down to capture the flesh of the top of her breast that was exposed and biting down hard enough to leave his teeth marks when he pulled away.

    Her thighs clench involuntarily at the mix of pain and pleasure, a soft cry breaking in the back of her throat as he lets go. "See for yourself." She whispers, reaching for his wrist to guide his hand into her shorts.

    He groans at her actions and again as he buries his face into her neck as he feels the drenched material between her legs. He swiftly moves them to the side with his thick fingers and slides them up and down between her folds, eliciting a breathy moan from the woman beneath him. He lifts his head up as he rests his forearm against her head, watching her face as her eyes softly shut and mouth hung open slightly.

    "Ahh!" She whines as he slides 2 fingers into her hole with ease, teasing her walls while bringing his thumb up to press against her clit. He wishes he could take a picture of her face like this or find a way to remember it forever, eyebrows furrowing in pleasure and bottom lip tucked tightly between her teeth again as he moves his fingers with fervor. "Fuck Minho."

    His normal lazily lopsided smile has found its way back to his face as he watches every reaction, pressing his fingers up into her roughly and wiggling them in that usual 'come hither' motion to press against her g-spot. His own lip is now wedged between his teeth so hard he's concerned he might draw blood, but he can't help it as he works her towards her first orgasm. Her cries and moans echoing through the small room like music to his ears before he muffles them with an aggressive kiss, feeling her walls clench around his fingers and legs shake and lock around his arm.

    She tries desperately to push his hand off, crying out hopelessly at the immense pleasure coursing through her body. His other hand grips the inside of her thigh tightly and forces it down to the mattress, lifting his leg to press his knee against it to hold it to keep her legs open to continue his torture with his magic fingers. "I'm gonna cum!" She wails, nails digging into his thigh and forearm.

    "Yeah, you're really gonna let someone you hate make you cum so hard?" He keens, licking from the top of her breast up to her neck and leaving and cool trail of spit behind on her searing skin. "Cum for me, doll."

    White flashes behind her eyes as her body shivers in pleasure, his name tumbling out of her mouth like it's the only word she knows between incoherent cries. Her toes curl uncomfortably tight as her orgasm rocks through her so hard her ears begin to ring. All the while, Minho has not stopped his assault on her pussy, fingers now rubbing quick circles around her clit to get her legs shaking again. "Please-" She gasps, pressing her hand against his to stop him.

    And he does, he knows what he's done to her and he plans to do it again, but he'll give her all the time she needs to prepare. "On your knees then." Minho states, smiling smugly as her eyes pop open and she shoots him and incredulous look.

    "After you've done that to me?" Y/N asks through a laugh, chest rising and falling rapidly as she tries to catch her breath. Minho doesn't move and inch, fingers tapping the waistband of his jeans as he eyes her expectantly. "Jesus Christ." She mumbles as she shuffles off the bed and onto her knees in front of him.

    "Bra off." He states flatly again, his fingers working slowly on the button and zipper of his pants. She smiles sweetly up at him, almost mockingly as she rids herself of her sports bra and exposes her now hardened nipples to him. As he slides his jeans down his thighs he reaches forward to cup her breasts, gently toying with the sensitive buds for a moment to bring another moan out of her mouth before he stands straight up again.

    Her hands find his thighs and work their way up, rubbing up along the outline of his cock teasingly, earning a soft moan from the man above her. She looks up to him as she continues to rub him, watching as his chest begins to rise a little faster with his head lolled back. She reaches up to the waistband of his boxers and pulls them down slowly, freeing his thick member to her and she can't help but stare in awe as she grips him in her hand.

    Knowing Minho, if she doesn't make quick work he'll snap and he does just that as she strokes him with no real intention. "Are you gonna put it in your fucking mouth or do I have to do all the work now too?" He spits, eyes glaring down at her as he strokes the side of her face and smoothly runs his hands through her hair just to grip her by the roots. "Get to work."

    She opens her mouth, tongue out and guides his head into her mouth, wetting his tip as she looks up at him again. This time he's staring back down at her and she instantly closes her eyes as she takes him in her mouth a little deeper. "Tch," he tuts, moving his hips forward to push himself farther into her mouth, nearly touching the back of her throat. "keep your eyes on me," He grunts as he begins to take control of the movements of her mouth. "and keep your tongue out."

    Y/N does as she's told, settling her hands against her thighs this time as she opens wide and sticks her tongue out farther, eyes now locked on his. She can barely see him at this point, tears clouding her vision as he begins to fuck her throat. She breaths deeply through her nose in attempts to fight bag her gag reflex, split dribbling down her chin and onto her chest as she chokes around his cock. Her noises and the squelch of his cock hitting the back of her throat only drive him crazier, bringing his one hand down to clutch her throat with his palm facing her chin.

    Feeling her throat expand every time he pushes his hips forwards causes a deep whine to escape him, breathing roughly through his nose as he watches her tears spill down her cheeks. "God, you look so fucking good." He gasps out, another whine spilling out of him as his reactions now causing her to moan around him. The vibrations in her throat sending shocks through the tip of his dick and he lets out a broken moan, pulling back quickly as he jerks himself off quickly in front of her.

    Both of them panting as Minho's thighs tremble and with one final stroke his orgasm hits and he covers her chest in ribbons of his cum, dripping between the valley of her breasts and over her nipples.

    Y/N trails a single finger through the cum on her chest and pops it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the digit as she looks at him with wide innocent eyes. He moans at her actions and quickly leans forward to grab her by the back of her arms, lifting her easily onto her feet and pushing her back towards the bed. One hand reaches out for her hoodie lying on the floor to wipe her face and chest off and she knits her eyebrows together in irritation.

    "That was my fucking hoodie." She nags, grabbing for the garment before he shoves her back onto the bed and bundles up the hoodie, tossing it into the corner.

    "And you have other clothes here, I on the other hand have to walk home from here and I'd rather not be covered in cum if I had the choice." Minho quips, sitting himself on the edge of her bed and scanning around her room trying to find any one little thing he can use to his advantage.

    A full length floor mirror.

    He pulls her onto his lap facing away from him, one eyebrow lifting in confusion until she meets her own gaze in her mirror. His hands are sliding down her waist to her stomach, grabbing the band of her shorts and sliding them down her soft legs along with her panties. His hands gently trail back up her legs, feeling her muscles flex under his touch.

    "Relax." He says softly to her, lips placing gentle kisses along her shoulders. "Just watch yourself for me." She nods at his odd request, but continues to watch the scene unfold in the mirror. He lifts her hips slightly to line himself up with her entrance and watches himself disappear inside of her as she slowly sinks down onto his lap with a quiet whine.

    Minho leans himself back on one arm, the other sliding up her waist to grip the skin tightly, legs planted on the floor as he begins a steady rhythm, watching Y/N watch herself in the mirror from behind her. One of her hands is gripping his knee tightly while the other slides up her body to grab her chest, fingers teasing her nipples the same way Minho had done earlier.

    He groans at the sight in front of him, hips speeding up enough to elicit a moan from her mouth with every thrust. "God, you feel so fucking good, Minho!" She cries out, struggling to keep her eyes open as he brings the hand at her hip around to toy with her sensitive clit. "Mmm, fu-!" She cuts herself off with another wanton cry as he pounds into her from below, both hands now digging into her hips hard enough she'll sure she'll have marks for the next several days.

    And as quickly as the pleasure took over her body it was gone, he had stopped moving his hips and was staring at her through the mirror. She fixes her gaze back on him and whines, moving her hips in slow circles to feel him inside of her, but he grips her hips tighter and this time it hurts. "Ow, that really hurts." She says softly, pulling at his hands.

    "Then stop moving." He growls. "You closed your eyes, now it's your turn to do the work." She continues to look at him through the mirror, eyebrows screwed together yet again before he sits upright and snakes his hand around her throat, gripping tightly around the sides. "I said it's your turn, Y/N."

    Y/N moans at the feeling of his hands on her neck, but quickly shoves it to the back of her mind as she begins to lift her hips up and down on his cock, attempting to work herself up to her own orgasm on Minho's cock while he simply sits back and enjoys the show.

    "Faster." He demands and she turns her head around to look him directly in the eye, mouth open ready for a smart remark before he legs go of her throat and roughly slaps the inside of her thigh. "I don't need your back talk, I said faster." She whines painfully at the new stinging sensation on the inside of her leg, but continues to do what she's told and bounces herself faster on his cock.

    Her eyes find the mirror again, this time connecting with Minho's sultry stare as he wraps his arm around her midsection and cups her breast, his breathy moans fanning across her back and she bounces herself harder on him instead of faster.

    She slams herself down a little too roughly on is lap and he reaches her g-spot, her knees now trembling at the sudden sensation, she gasps as he bites the skin on the back of her shoulder roughly. "You're so fucking tight, Y/N." Minho moans out louder than he wanted, but at this point he's too lost in his own pleasure to care. "Feels so fucking good."

    "Mhmmm." Y/N moans back in agreement, sliding up and down against his length again slower than he had demanded and he clapped his hand back down on the inside of her thigh, releasing another painful yelp from her lips. "Fuck, Minho!"

    "Do you need me to do everything, Y/N?" Minho questions with annoyance laced in his words, pulling her off his lap to push her towards the mirror on wobbly legs. She pouts at the loss of him between her legs, but he roughly pushes her face against the mirror so she is now bent over directly in front of him. "You're so goddamn helpless."

    Y/N isn't even sure how to respond, her brain now working on overdrive as she feels him sink back inside of her, hands brought behind her back quickly as her faced stays pressed up against the cool glass of the mirror. Minho picks his pace back up, hips slamming against her ass with such forced it forces her to push the mirror closer against the wall.

    One of his hands holds both of her hands behind her back while the other slides down her spine, closer to her ass before he delivers a sharp spank to her behind. The impact instantly leaves a welt in the shape of his hand and he rubs the hot skin with his hand in admiration and she squeals in pleasure and pain.

    "Harder, Minho." She begs, eyes looking over her shoulder back at him innocently.

    He grins back at her, letting go of her hand to reach for her hair and pull her back flush against his chest. "Such a slut for me, who would've known." He coos in her ear, grabbing her jaw to force her face forwards once more and lock eyes with herself in the mirror. "Watch yourself cum, I can feel you clenching around me."

    Y/N sputters on her words, hands now gripping his forearms that are wrapped around her to keep her upright for dear life, watching herself get fucked stupid with a dumb grin on her face by the man that she loves to hate and hates to love.

    Her legs start to tremble in that all too familiar way as Minho drills into her from behind, he captures her lips as she turns her head to look at him, moaning into his mouth as her orgasm washes over her. Knees buckling so hard it forces her forwards against the wall to keep her balance. "God, yes yes! Please don't fucking stop!" She screams, his cock hitting her g-spot repeatedly as he shows her no mercy and no intent on slowing down.

    Minho's eyes dare to roll into the back of his head at the way she clenches around him, so fucking tight,  but he could feel himself on the brink of another orgasm himself so he couldn't find it in him to stop even if he wanted to.

    "Get on your knees." He demands again, pushing her off his cock and jerking himself off as she kneels in front of him, mouth open. A string of curse words leave his lips as he pushes his head into her open mouth, cumming directly onto her warm tongue and he can't stop the moan that escapes him quick enough at the feeling.

    "You're so hot." Y/N says from her position on the floor as she swallows his load, licking her lips teasingly. Minho smiles lazily at her, his mind in a haze as he lifts her to her feet and drags her towards her bed with him. "We still have a project to finish."

    Minho ignores her statement, pulling her naked body on top of his as he pulls a throw blanket over them, his eyes slowly drooping as his body slowly got more comfortable next to hers. "We're still relaxing." He says to her with another soft smile.

    She had never seen him so soft, so vulnerable, and she couldn't help that familiar flutter of butterflies she felt in her stomach as he laid next to her half asleep with his arms wrapped around her naked frame protectively.

    Maybe she did love him.

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    I did this some time ago and I'm pretty happy about it hehe.

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    Brb sobbing-

    #NO HONESTLY IM SOBBING #lee know#lee minho#minho#skz minho #skz lee know #skz#stray kids #stray kids memes #skz memes #lee know memes #kpop#kpop memes#memes
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    ~ Lee Know Lockscreens ~

    ✨Like/reblog if you save✨
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    ~ Lee Know, Felix, & Hyunjin Lockscreens ~

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    #mine#kpop#kpop lockscreen#lockscreen#lee know #lee know lockscreens #lee minho lockscreens #lee minho#Felix#felix lockscreens#lee Felix #lee felix lockscreens #Hyunjin#hyunjin lockscreens#hwang hyunjin #hwang hyunjin lockscreens #stray kids #stray kids lockscreen #stray kids lee know #stray kids minho #stray kids felix #stray kids hyunjin #skz#skz lockscreens #skz lee know #skz minho#skz felix#skz hyunjin
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    am i the only one who has to put skz's names in order from oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest whenever im writing their names down or is that just me

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    stray kids lee know x han layouts

    do not repost please! like or reblog 💗

    #skz layouts #stray kids layouts #skz headers #lee know layouts #lee know icons #lee know packs #han headers #han jisung headers #han jisung layouts #han packs #han jisung packs #minsung layouts#minsung packs#minsung icons #lee minho packs #lee minho icons #lee minho layouts #han jisung messy layouts #han icons#skz han #skz lee know
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    yo can skz release all the songs they covered or made on kingdom bc i need those on my playlist..right after they bring hyunjin back

    #it hurts to be without our 8th angel #stray kids#skz #skz world domination #skz fluff#skz drabbles#skz blurbs#skz angst #i hate putting tags sometimes #i hate it here #jay why pee #god's menu era tingz #bang chan#lee minho#lee know#seo changbin#hwang hyunjin#han jisung#lee felix#lee yongbok#kim seungmin#yang jeongin #i.n #god's menu#side effects #god's effects- make it happen @jyp #skz icons#skz memes#skz questions #BRING HYUNJIN BACK
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    Bang Chan As Your Boyfriend

    Boyfriend!Bang Chan
    Stray Kids Masterlist Here

    He really a sweet man, but don’t you dare to mess with his girlfriend a.k.a you

    Because he look so scary when he is mad.

    When he spot you from afar, he’ll waving his hand like a crazy giving you a sweet smile of him.

    He open his hand widely to let you jump into his bear hug.

    This man learn everything about you, hobby, favorite things, something you hate.

    He like to give you attention, shower you with his love.

    Bang chan can’t stop smiling around you, you give him so many inspiration. You give him a positive energy, you know him really well.

    He don’t tell you that he love you so often but believe me you will know how much he love you with all attention that he give to you.

    “You should stop smiling like an idiot”

    He will shook his head, give minho a pout. He’ll tell him the reason why he smiling like that and it obviously because of you.

    He will tell the member how amazing you are, and the member will tell you to stop him.

    But he will never stop, never stop loving you like that.

    #stray kids reader insert #stray kids masterlist #stray kids imagines #stray kids au #stray kids#bang chan #stray kids bang chan #lee know #stray kids minho #lee minho#lee felix #stray kids felix #hwang hyunjin #stray kids hyunjin #han jisung #stray kids han #seungmin #stray kids seungmin #jeongin#yang jeongin #stray kids jeongin #i.n stray kids #stray kids changbin #seo changbin
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    I think my cat's bias is Lee Know. I was showing her each member using the photo book in the album and she stared at him longer than anyone else. She also seemed to like Seungmin. ☺️☺️

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    Han Peter Jisung Instagram Aesthetic ✨🌈📷

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    The Enemies to Lovers Project - dating your enemy [18k]

    Youngblood - he crashes at your apartment 24/7 [17.4k]

    Haven - sometimes a real family isn’t just blood M [16k]

    Too Early But Not Enough - grim reaper Minho [11.6k]

    Love Equation - minho’s ideas are dangerous [11.5k]

    And They Were Roommates - torn shower curtains M [11k]

    How to Win Over the Ice Prince - annual Xmas party [10.3k]

    Between the Lines - late fees and a missing love letter [9.7k]

    Felines over Flowers - feeding the alley cats [8.5k]

    Kisses - his kisses evolve and so does the relationship [8k]

    Misfits - there’s no hope for people like you [7.6k]

    Playing with Fire - descendants of the sun AU [7k]

    All I Want for Christmas - driving with enemy Minho [5.4k]

    Big Brother - he doesn’t know why ur acting like that [5.4k]

    All on Me - the star soccer player is interested in you [4.5k]

    Who Are You - a college dropout and a detective [4.3k]

    Strawberries - an impulsive trip to the tattoo parlor [4.3k]

    7 Days - confessing but he doesn’t take it seriously [3.7k]

    Wounds - you always knew he was your soulmate [3.7k]

    Something’s Gotta Give - can’t stand Jisung’s friend [3.4k]

    Pawprints - no pets allowed in the student dorms [3.4k]

    Black Magic - you knew a love potion was risky [3.3k]

    Sign of the Times - apocalypse, everything was fine [3.2k]

    Nude - didn’t expect to draw a nude model so soon [2.9k]

    Rewrite the Stars - “see you next week, lover boy” [2.8k]

    Even a Fool Knows - I might fall apart by myself [2.6k]

    Of Ramen and Duck Slippers - keep running into him [2.4k]

    Be Okay - 2 kids knowing nothing abt the real world [2.4k]

    Ready or Not - the new addition looked familiar [2.2k]

    Somewhere Like This - after being cheated on [1.9k]

    The Morning After - hooking up w campus fuckboy [1.5k]

    More Than Anything - “cute but gross” [1.4k]

    The Anatomy of Loving You - a beard of bubbles [1.3k]

    The Things I Do With You - he wasn’t feeling the best [1.2k]

    The Aid of a Body Pillow - Minho isn’t a cuddly sleeper [1.1k]

    Dance First, Think Later - choreographing with him [1k]

    Coffee, First - “because you’re too slow” [1k]


    [main masterlist] [stray kids masterlist] updated 6-11-21

    #lee know#lee minho#stray kids#skz #lee know fic recs #stray kids fic recs #lee know oneshots #stray kids oneshots #lee know fluff #lee know angst #lee know imagines #lee know scenarios #lee know fic #lee know fanfic #lee know x reader #stray kids fic #stray kids fanfic
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    Something Like That | Lee Minho

    pairing: Lee Minho x Reader

    genre: Best Friend!AU, Fluff, Comedy

    warnings: Brief mention of the pandemic

    word count: 685

    synopsis: Minho has an unhealthy obsession of changing your phone wallpaper because he knows it drives you crazy, but after one particular swipe of your phone, he finds that he doesn’t have the heart to change it after all…

    A/N: Now I know what you all are thinking: “kITTy, ANoThER bESt frIENd!AU????” And yes, you’re very much correct... soory not soory oof

    “Would you stop eating all of the red-ones!? You know those are my favorite!” 

    You glare at Minho as he tosses another handful of your beloved gummies into his mouth before flashing a rather unattractive grin of halfly-chewed candy and saliva.  He ignores the invisible daggers you throw his direction and chuckles deeply: 

    “Sorry? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of how delicious these things are…” 

    “First of all, that made zero sense.” You roll your eyes, leaning forward to snatch the treat package from his grasp. “Second, you literally bought your own snacks, so why the heck are you putting your grimey, gremlin hands all over mine!” 

    Minho shrugs, the usual mischievous smirk etched along his face. Before you can react, he lurches forward and snatches another handful of gummies, leaving the bag borderline empty. A blend of what seems to be a frustrated scream and a sour whine leaves your lips. You toss the evidence of your ravaged snack onto the coffee table before rising from the sofa. Your companion watches as you let out a noisy huff, then make a beeline for the kitchen. 

    “Going to plot murder against your devishly handsome best friend…?” 

    “Something like that.” He snickers at your pouty response. “Please allow me to drown my sorrows in the buttery goodness of microwave popcorn… and try not to be too much of an incompetent troll while I’m gone.” 

    “I prefer the term, ‘charming trickster’!” 

    Minho offers your fuming self an innocent smile before you disappear into the safehold that is the kitchen. Without your presence, he finds himself bored, unable to focus on the trashy reality show playing on the TV. He turns toward the coffee table to retrieve his phone, but instantly receives a better idea to pass the time at the sight of your own cellular device laid so precariously alongside his. 

    “Oh, (Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)...” His cackle is quiet enough so you have no chance of hearing it from the next room. Like a toddler excited over a new toy, Minho grabs your phone, enters your passcode, the same one you’ve had for as long as he can remember, and prepares to solidify his role as jokester of the century with your most favorite of all his tricks… 

    He knows exactly what he wants to change your wallpaper to—some stupid, obscene meme Felix had sent him a couple hours earlier that will definitely make you want to wash out your eyes with bleach—and he’s pumped and ready to do it too—until he sees your current background:

    It’s a selfie of you and him from the last concert you two attended before the pandemic hit. The lighting is complete trash, and you both resemble sea monkeys with your sweat-ridden hair and skin, but Minho’s chest can’t help but tighten at the bright, carefree smiles adorning his and your faces. He completely forgot you even snapped the picture all that time ago, much less thought you’d actually save it. But here it is in all it’s blurry glory—and for the first time, Minho has no desire to change your wallpaper at all. 

    He powers off your phone and sets it back on the table just in time for you to enter the room, a giant bowl of over salted popcorn in your grasp. You plop down next to him and immediately grab your cellular device. A shocked expression overtakes your face when you discover everything as how you left it—not even your brightness had been tampered with! 

    You raise an eyebrow at your companion, “What? Couldn’t find a worthy enough picture to give me nightmares?” 

    “Something like that.” Minho shrugs, holding back a smile as he grabs a handful of popcorn. You slap his hand away with a hiss before settling yourself into the furthest corner of the sofa away from your thief of a best friend. 

    As you’re protecting your precious snack, you fail to notice Minho glancing at the discarded bag of gummies on the table, silently promising to buy you another bag or five the next time he has a chance. 

    #stray kids imagines #stray kids x reader #stray kids fluff #lee minho imagines #lee minho x reader #lee minho fluff #kpop imagines#kpop fluff
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