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  • moonshineboyz
    21.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    The Boyz as tumblr posts

    a/n: this is purely made just for humor
    masterlist ♡

    ◇ Lee Sangyeon

    ◇ Jacob Bae

    ◇ Kim Younghoon

    ◇ Lee Hyunjae

    ◇ Lee Juyeon

    ◇ Kevin Moon

    ◇ Choi Chanhee/New

    ◇ Ji Changmin/Q

    ◇ Ju Haknyeon

    ◇ Kim Sunwoo

    ◇ Eric Sohn


    ◇ Moonbae

    ◇ Moonbae in that vlive

    ◇ Members about Sunwoo

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  • stealanity
    21.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    the boyz's reaction to watching a horror movie with their s/o

    genre : angst & fluff
    warning : mention of blood
    request : can you do how the boyz would react to watching a horror movie with their s/o? thank you 💗💗

    ✩ sangyeon !


    in the first place, he doesn't want to watch one

    telling you it's not a movie for children

    you end up looking at him 🤨 like that

    « okay sorry, you're not a child anymore. »

    but he pats your head like you're his kid

    laugh when you hit him before carrying you to the living room to watch the movie

    he wants to play the big boy™ but he is probably more afraid than you in the end

    play with your hair staring at the screen

    his shaking hand in yours

    you take the advantage of this situation by scaring him

    making him scream, very loud

    when he looked at you, you started to giggle

    running away from him immediately so as not to give him time to catch up with you


    spend the rest of the evening trying to catch you through the apartment

    ✩ jacob !

    scared cat number one

    he spent the afternoon begging you to watch something else than a horror movie

    « let's just watch titanic, PLEASE. »

    pout when you said no, again and again

    take several blankets in the living room to be able to hide in them

    to comfort him, you baked cookies and hot chocolates

    when the fateful hour has come

    he rolled up in a blanket like a sushi

    clingy you by placing his head on your lap

    your hand stroking his hair in a reassuring way

    « the movie hasn't even started yet but i already have goosebumps. »

    think the blanket will protect him from the creatures of the night

    he categorically refuses to go anywhere without you during the whole movie, and even after

    never let go of your hand

    you end up stopping the movie, leaning towards him to kiss his forehead

    he blushes when you say you are going to protect him

    « yes please honey, you are my life savior. »

    clingy baby all night

    ✩ younghoon !

    he is the calmest and the one who never screams

    obviously, sometimes he is a little scared of the screamers

    but otherwise you are both surprisingly calm

    because the two of you are way too focused to try to find the killer, that you don't do anything else

    you are focused from the start to the end, your head on his shoulder

    his fingers automatically stroke your arm

    while you put in a lot of hypotheses to understand the unfolding of the film, before watching it

    « im sure he's the killer, he's way too nice to everyone to be clean. »

    five minutes later

    « or it's her, she looks... weird. she seems to know a lot. »

    it often ends up being the total opposite

    proving once again that you would be awful detectives

    but the most important in the eyes of youghoon

    is to have been able to spend a night with you

    in a good mood of course, making his heart warm

    « you are my favorite partner. »

    before kissing your cheek

    ✩ hyunjae !

    he loves the idea of ​​watching a movie with you

    because, let's be honest

    you never watch the whole movie ^^

    but it's different when it's a horror movie

    obviously, there are always times when you don't watch tv

    kinda busy making out lmao


    you focus again quickly

    but at the same time, a screamers appears on the screen

    startling you both screaming in fear

    causing the bowl of popcorn to jump too, putting it all over the couch

    you suddenly become calm again, looking at the mess you have put in the living room

    you lift your heads up to each other, before going into a fit of endless laughter

    but your lazy bodies don't want to clean it up

    so you just sat on the floor to watch the end of the movie

    before going back to your bedroom as if nothing had happened

    not forget to double close the door

    to avoid being woken up by an angry boy the next day

    ✩ juyeon !

    scared cat number two

    but he doesn't show he's scared

    he wants to play the big boy

    so he settles quietly on the couch, pulling you into his arms instantly

    « don't worry, i will protect you. »

    you hold on to his arm to make him think you're scared, when you're not at all

    when the movie starts, you take turns picking the popcorn

    you felt him jump slightly when his hand accidentally touched yours

    making you laugh lightly, as he gave you a light shoulder toss

    he is silent and focused

    very talkative on the other hand

    insulting the characters on how stupid they are all (or almost)

    « but why is she leaving alone at three in the morning after receiving this message? she's stupid. »

    acts like a dramaking in the face of their disastrous behavior

    but jump at the slightest screamers while hiding behind you

    ✩ kevin !

    he don't care about the movie

    during the whole movie, he just talks

    about all and nothing

    which initially doesn't bother you

    but when he start to laugh and tells you jokes

    you do your best to keep calm

    you know he does this to hide his fear of the movie

    but it bothers you anyway

    and his favorite joke is to turn off the television at the worst time

    which makes you enter into indescribable anger

    you practically throw yourself at him to retrieve the remote control, which he ends up giving you immediately

    and at that moment you wonder if he is more afraid of the film or of you

    but that doesn't stop his talking

    and blablabla, and blablabla

    until you get so fed up that you end up silencing him with a kiss

    you can see his cheeks flushed and his face getting stuck

    « what was that for? »

    when you explain to him that it was to silence him, he starts all over again

    and you know he's doing it on purpose to get another one

    ✩ chanhee !

    he doesn't particularly like horror movies

    but he doesn't mind to watch one

    especially with you

    watching a movie with chanhee was synonymous with seeing all the expressions on his face about the different situations

    for exemple, with a scene with a lot of blood, you can see his features stretch in an expression of disgust

    « i know it's not real, but blood it's very hard to wash off clothes. what a waste. »

    when the characters act like idiots, you can see the misunderstanding on his face, followed by a raised eyebrow

    he is the king of judgment

    but sometimes, he finds certain moments funny

    making him laugh

    he likes to talk about the film with you afterwards, to find out what you both thought about it

    it often ends with a bored chanhee but happy to have spent the evening with you

    « let's just watch something more interesting next time. »

    ✩ changmin !

    he's so happy!!!!

    you couldn't make him more happy

    you were the perfect person to watch horror movies with him

    obviously, he had planned everything

    pop corn, soda, annabelle and chucky

    the latter two installed on the sofa by your side

    you might not be afraid of horror films, you were still glued to your boyfriend

    and he loves the way your hand squeezes his every time something makes you jump slightly

    obviously, he takes the opportunity to scare you from time to time

    slowly moving his hand on your hip, causing you to literally climb on top of him

    he starts laughing when he sees you hanging on to him

    « i thought you weren't afraid? »

    laugh a second time when your fist hits his shoulder after that

    he ends up stopping, for fear of spilling all the popcorn

    but he keeps caressing the back of your hand in a reassuring way

    he's the type of boyfriend to say « another one? » when you have already watched three horror movies

    ✩ haknyeon !

    since you know he has a role in a horror movie

    you have decided to watch a horror movie at least twice in a week

    you want to try to be as little afraid as possible for the day you see his movie

    and haknyeon decided to watch it with you

    he is very happy to do it elsewhere

    because it allows him to have you constantly in his arms

    because you're scared

    or at least, that's what you want him to believe

    obviously you are a little scared, but not as much as you pretend

    but you know he likes to know you feel safe in his arms

    and its true, because being with haknyeon is like being at home

    you always end the evening asleep in his arms

    and he takes the time to observe you for a long time, cherishing the smallest moment in your company

    with his busy schedule, your movie dates were the only moments you two have alone

    ✩ sunwoo !

    scared cat number three

    he is actually the most scared

    hanging his hands on your shoulders while camouflaging himself behind you

    for his information, he agreed to watch a horror movie with you, only to please you

    but he never said he would watch it all

    this idiot just hid behind you almost the entire duration of the film

    exploding your eardrums with each appearance of screamers

    what made you laugh

    but what made him sulk, until he had tears in his eyes

    so he simply let his face hide in the crook of your neck

    his arms clinging tightly to your waist

    refusing to look at the screen for a second longer

    he was so scared that he had a heartache

    so you end up turning off the tv, to make him feel better

    « im sorry, i promise to make an effort next time, to watch a whole one with you. »

    clingy cat all the night

    his hand hanging on your top, not letting you get away from him for a single second

    you don't blame him because he's absolutely adorable

    ✩ eric !

    god that kid

    nobody wants to watch a horror movie with him anymore

    so you dedicated yourself to do it, absolutely wanting to see the new conjuring

    both installed on the sofa, you calmly watched the movie

    despite eric kept talking

    but you weren't listening to it, too focused in the movie

    but with an attentive ear, because you knew eric

    he will find the slightest opportunity to scare you

    so you put a plan in place, to scare him before he does

    then in a moment of absolute silence

    you turned to him, screaming, knocking him off the couch

    you started laughing as he pretended he was scared to death

    ......he just pretends, right?

    you started to panic when you didn't see him move

    so you threw yourself on the ground, climbed on him, shaking him like your life depended on it

    when he suddenly started screaming, causing you to be scared to death too

    he laughed out loud as you hit his chest repeatedly

    before sliding his arms around you to pull you into his arms

    « you thought you could have me like this, baby? »

    you started to pout and he placed a butterfly kiss on your lips

    ending up watching the end of the movie lying on top of each other

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  • lsangyeons
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    how many votes for a dad!sangyeon au?

    was actually planning it for a collab that discontinued, but why not give it a chance

    #the boyz scenarios #the boyz imagines #the boyz drabbles #the boyz sangyeon #lee sangyeon#sangyeon scenarios#sangyeon fics
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  • xkpopxmultifandomx
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • mendozaristctle
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

                                       a altura nunca fora um impedimento para sangyeon, mas alguns centímetros a mais foram bem vindos quando, com um braço, o vocalista empurrou hyunjin contra a parede sem muita pena, fazendo o amadeirado da superfície estourar num barulho estrondoso; mesmo preocupado em seu âmago com a força que usou, por fora riu divertido. — de novo... — segurou ambas as mãos do marido para cima, entrelaçando os dedos ao mesmo tempo em que a ponta do nariz se esfregava contra a bochecha gordinha do amado. — e dessa vez não vou parar... — usou o próprio corpo para prensar hyunjin ali, deixando seu rosto à centímetros de distância do de cabelos compridos. — as crianças estão descansando... tá ouvindo esse silêncio? — mordiscou de leve o ínfero do dançarino, sorrindo pequeno ao prender ambos os braços dele sobre a cabeça, usando uma mão só, firme ao pulso, apertando um pouquinho só pela aventura. — te amo, danguinho... — sussurrou contra os lábios gordinhos, ameaçando várias vezes um beijo que só veio quando o próprio sangyeon se cansou de brincar e usou a mão livre para segurá-lo pescoço, firmando o polegar e o indicador nos pontos certos, invadindo o espaço de hyunjin com a língua e suspirando aliviado quando finalmente sentiu o contato quentinho que fazia o mais velho se arrepiar.

    #⋆ characters  —— lee sangyeon ; #⋆ will you let me follow you wherever you go? —— sangyeon & hyunjin ;
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  • flxwerlee
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    some originally black and white pics of the boyz with colour<3

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  • bloomdeobi
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    [bloomdeobi drabbles]: SANGYEON

    happy father's day *wink*

    Sangyeon fell on his back on the soft mattress propping up his elbow, witnessing you slowly unbuttoning your top. Your laced bra which cups your tits perfectly had him drooling, lust visible on his eyes as he brought himself up to sit pulling you on your wrist. You are now standing in between his spread out thighs, both of you giving playful smirk at each other. You leaned down giving him a close up view of your cleavage while you held on his neck tie tugging him closer, his face being buried on purpose when you did that.

    You felt his tongue slip in between your tits, your hand automatically gripping on his shoulders. His hand clasped your bra while the other zipping down your tight skirt along with your panties, while you simultaneously untying his tie and unbuttoning his shirt as well.

    Sangyeon tugged your wrist making you sit on his thigh, his arm around your waist supporting you. His hand rode up and down your leg until he finally touched your already wet pussy. He inserted a finger, gently fingering and curling in you earning him a moan from you. You threw your head back and him proceeding to lean down as he brought his lips on your tits, leaving marks while his tongue swirls around your nipples. Your hand found his belt, unbuckling it then slipping in his boxers freeing his needy shaft. Your hand wrapped around his, thumb on the tip then you started pumping him.

    You felt his fingers start to go faster and you matched his pace with your hand too, feeling yourself about to squirt with how Sangyeon found your sweet spot.

    "Fuck...." you cursed making Sangyeon stop from sucking your tits, staring at you with such annoyance. You've only noticed it when he stopped fingering you when you're about to squirt.

    You're whining and frustration is obvious on your face. Until you were startled by how he carried and threw you down the mattress. He immediately crawled and hovered over you.

    "That's not how it goes, you fucking whore." he said. You heard a slap and you winced when he hit your pussy making you squirt.

    His hand went to your neck pressing on some pressure. "Did I even tell you to squirt?". Unable to answer, he aligned himself in your entrance and started off roughly.

    "Ugh.... daddy— hngggg—" you can only mumble. The mixture of pain and pleasure surrounded your system right away. You didn't mind Sangyeon choking you, in fact you enjoy it when he goes hard on you. He's often soft and gentle with you so to see him like this turns you even more.

    "Now you're addressing me right." He said as he removed his hold on your neck yet his pace is still constant and rough, hitting on your spots, feeling the obvious stretch he is doing in your walls that's equally clenching around his dick.

    "Goodness you're so fucking tight." he said, leaning down to your neck as you gave him access to mark you down.

    "Does daddy feel so good right now?" You asked but instead of answering you, he went in you deeper. His pounds got stronger in you making your back arch.

    "You feel so fucking good. You're mine, my pretty fuck slut." He said.

    "I'm almost there daddy.... hnggh please go deeper daddy..." you said, Sangyeon's pace went in faster and deeper. You felt his dick twitch in you and his tip aggressively hitting off your sweet spots in you, making you moan loudly. You felt warm inside as his load shot in, coating in your walls. He gave you few more pumps before he released himself from you while he stares you dripping. He smirked at himself proud.

    Sangyeon's sweaty glory only made you more needy for him, drips sliding from his hair down to his chest and trailing down his hands had you salivating for another round.

    "Okay daddy let me make up for you, which hole would you want to fill next? My ass or mouth?

    [happy father's day here's a gift daddy!sangyeon, lemme know what you think about this! also yeah quite posting a lot before i go busy again and just clearing my drafts one by one.]

    #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #tbz drabbles#tbz smut #the boyz smut #the boyz drabbles #lee sangyeon imagines #lee sangyeon smut #sangyeon smut#bloomdeobi drabbles
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  • ahgaboi
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    damn now it happened,,,,,,i pulled sangyeon aND juyeon in the stealer albums SKBXSJXBSJX😭😭😭

    #tbz#the boyz#juyeon#lee juyeon#sangyeon#lee sangyeon #gotta wait another year to pull this move SKXBSKXNSJXBSJX
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  • l-sangyeon
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    mafia chef ep.1 ♔ sangyeon
    #lee sangyeon#tbzinc#tbznetwork#the boyz#sangyeon#idolsincedits#idolnexusedit#kpopccc #i hope these don't look to washed out on other monitors :(( it's literally my biggest fear #too**
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  • sangyus
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    infinite sangyeon gifs: 25 - 27 ↳ mafia chef ep. 1

    #kpopgfxnetwork#tbzinc#tbznetwork#sangyeon#lee sangyeon#tbz#the boyz#mine#gifs #i will refrain from commenting before i embarrass myself
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  • bloomdeobi
    18.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #tbz smut #the boyz smut #sangyeon smut #lee sangyeon smut
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  • simplyadoretheboyz
    18.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    The Boyz for “SPUR Magazine” and it’s mentioned that their concept for this photoshoot was inspired by Stanley Cubrick’s “2001 Space Travel” released in 1968 📸
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  • cobiehaven
    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Make Your Own Glory —Lee Sangyeon

    PAIRING; sangyeon x reader
    WORD COUNT; 2.3k
    TAGS/WARNINGS; sangyeon x reader, make your own king au, childhood friends au, y/n and sangyeon had the typical popular boi and loser girl relationship, sangyeon is hella stubborn, both have hella feelings for each other but won’t confess, mild language, really light fluff, and probably more that i can’t think of off the top of my head-
    AUTHORS NOTE; for a first one, this is intentionally made to be short! i’m planning to do a the rest of tbz based on all of their make your own king characters! i’m sorry if this one is rusty and not good ): to tell you the truth, i’m having trouble coming up with interesting plots for all of them so i’m really wondering how they will turn out.. oh! the brain dead and i love you fics are also on their way don’t worry! i’m working more towards the brain dead one since everyone seems to be more interested in that one. so don’t worry! i haven’t thrown myself off a bridge yet (,:

    “how do you even expect to get 100?” you raised a brow and crossed your arms. “you literally suck at basketball.” sangyeon just laughed at your words before continuing to shoot rapidly at the goal. the dim lighting, excessive neon lights and loud music was enough to give you a headache if it wasn’t for your highly competitive best friend who would mainly be the source of your pivoting stress. “correction, i used to suck. i promise i can do this! i’ve done it before.” you just rolled your eyes, “i literally saw you shoot at the court like two days ago, you got hammered by jacob. i don’t wanna hear it.” 

    to be fair, the both of you were standing there at the arcade machine for about 45 seconds and he only managed to get 14 in. 

    once the timer ran out on the machine and it was no longer taking his points, sangyeon scoffed and turned to you. his brows furrowing and his lips pulling back into that face he always made when something didn’t go his way. “that was two days ago! don’t talk about the past. it was just a good day for jacob.” “you literally played against a professional!” you always found it amusing to get on sangyeons nerves, he was such an easy person to piss off and always gave the best reactions. 

    if he wasn’t so engrossed on his own glory.. you would say that he was cute too. 

    sangyeon sucked in a deep breath before turning back to the machine and swiping his card. going for another round of failure. “just wait, i’ll be better.” a small snicker came from him as he smirked away at his last hope. 

    you weren’t exactly sure what it was about sangyeon that drew you in. maybe it was just his captivating beauty that made perfect eye candy for you. or maybe, as annoying as it was, it could have been his obsession with winning. granted it was irritating when he would push himself to the limit just to become better than someone at something, it always put you at peak stress because you would watch him just break himself and there’s nothing you could do to stop him. but part of it made you feel happy for him when he succeeded. especially when you got to see his adorable toothy smile. back around two weeks ago, you remembered when sangyeon shot his winning shot in air hockey against younghoon. the happy eldest started to jump around and scream at the top of his lungs in victory. many complaints were made which you had to deeply apologize for, but it wasn’t until he had suddenly lifted you into his arms and spun you around, that you could barely recall anything else that happened that night. the feeling of sangyeons strong arms around your waist and your arms wrapped around his neck just felt so euphoric to you. 

    you wanted it to happen again. but that was a one in a lifetime thing. he was just happy in the moment and nothing more. 

    you were snapped back into the world of arcade games when you heard the buzzard go off on the basketball game. hearing a deep growl come from the older. “this game is so stupid! there’s no way i could have only gotten 8 in one minute!” watching him pout afterwards sparked butterflies in your stomach. “pfft, i told you that you were bad. you just won’t believe me.” a small giggle coming from you. he had swiped his card on that game about 20 times since you got there. 

    “it was worse than the first time..” this time he added on a whiny tone to his pout and you swore your heart was about to explode from the amount of cuteness this man was giving you. 

    one minute he’d be hot as hell doing things like ripping his shirt off just to compare bicep sizes with the boys and the next he’d be pulling cute shit like going to the nearest pet shop and sitting in the visiting areas to play with the puppies for hours. 

    “my god you’re so cute..” you mumbled, words that you didn’t realize you had until sangyeon turned to you with a confused expression. “what was that?” your face lit up like fire. how could you say such a thing out loud? “nothing! i-i’m sure you’ll get better. i mean.. you always find a way to improve. but i don’t think this machine will help you practice very much against jacob. maybe you could get juyeon to help you out?” you said, fixing yourself on your stutter. 

    you’ve been slipping up like that for a while now, seemed like your crush on him was only getting worse as the days go by.  

    couldn’t really say you blamed yourself though, it was his fault for making you fall for him. 

    “i want to do it myself. juyeon is great and all but this is something i wanna do myself. i already signed myself up for a game with jacob this friday.” friday?! that’s in 3 days. basketball could take years to master and even the most famous players aren’t at mastery level, the ones who spend their entire lives playing. there wasn’t any way that he could just get good over night. 

    “sangyeon.. you cant-“ “hush y/n, i got this. piece of cake! you’ll see me win that game.” 

    there was no way he was going to win that game. 

    jacob would destroy him. hopefully juyeon could save him during the game, good thing they were on the same team. “if you say so..” you knew he’d get mad at you if you pushed him to just give up so you didn’t say anything. maybe it would be better for him to accept his fate when it comes to it…

    for now, all you can do is cheer him on like you always do. 

    “i’m sure you’ll do fine. if not, then i’ll always be here to support you either way.” you smiled. though, you weren’t sure if you could see it correctly or not because of the dim colored lighting, but you could have sworn the tips of his ears flushed a light red. 

    you watched as sangyeon shot about 5 more rounds before finally giving up for the day. you could see the disappointment on his face start to grow more and more depressing as the minutes fly by. it hurt to see him like this. but there wasn’t much you could do, in the end, he would be sad anyway. unless he could magically whip out the skills in 3 days notice.

    “you still wear that?” you followed the elders line of vision, you must have subconsciously started to play with the bracelet around your wrist for him to notice. you usually did it out of habit when you were in deep thought, one of the things you only recently picked up on. “mhm,” you nodded, “why?” the first time you got this bracelet was back when you and sangyeon were around 10. his family was on a business trip and because it was mainly for work overseas, along with sangyeon having to go to school, he was forced to stay at your house until his parents got back. it was also around the time when he was really popular at school—not that he wasn’t always popular, but with everyone knowing that the cool kid in school was living this some kind of nobody like you, it really got people talking. rumors started to spread around and it really left you in a dark place at that time. you always found yourself awake at night and as much as you wanted to get back on track with your studies, your mind always found a way to drift away from the things that mattered the most. all because of some stupid rumors that started because sangyeon was temporarily living with your family. eventually, sangyeon noticed the bags under your eyes and the constant smack talk you were getting from some of the bitch squads around school. being the only close friend to you at that time, he gave you the bracelet. he claimed that he had won it at some kind of convention he went to around when he was 6, he always kept the object on him because it was really important to him in the sense that he spend a lot of time training to earn it and it always gave him hope to keep moving forward with his life even when bad things happened. he gave it to you because he wanted you to know that even if you feel like everything is hard now, the more you try and push yourself to your goals, you will eventually feel happy. even if you don’t exactly end up where you want to be. ever since then, the bracelet easily became a comfort item for you. one that you would cherish forever. so much so that you almost smacked anyone who dared to take it from you. 

    you must have been in your head for too long again because you barely even caught what sangyeon was saying, “no reason.. it’s just been a long time since i gave it to you. i didn’t think you’d keep it.” sangyeon kept his eyes on the small object a couple of seconds longer, the unreadable expression on his face leaving you in a wondering mind. what could he be thinking about? was wearing the bracelet he gave you when you were kids that weird? in all honesty, you would say you’ve never taken it off if it wasn’t for the times you set it to the side for long showers and hectic party nights with the gang. you were always too paranoid to get it damaged. “of course i kept it, its special to me..” you mumbled, turning your gaze away as you felt your cheeks start to flare again for about the hundredth time that night. it didn’t help when he reached out to grab your hand, his fingers lightly fumbling with the charms on it. the air from your lung suddenly deflating and you couldn’t tell if you heart was skipping because of the close proximity you both were in or because he was technically holding your hand right now. probably both. “do you like it that much?” he asked softly, you had never heard his voice so mellow and calming before, you enjoyed it even over the booming sounds of bass and background chatter. “well, you gave it to me.. and its special to you. so i want to make sure nothing bad happens to it.” this time your eyes slowly trailed up to his, meeting his chocolate brown orbs. if you looked closely, you swore you could see small sparkles in them. it wasn’t until you saw his eyes drift down to your lips that you really wanted to just melt into his arms and let him take you away. god, you had to get out of this situation, you were literally gonna go crazy in front of so many people. was anyone even watching? you hoped not. the way you would never be able to look at sangyeon in the eyes again if that happened. quickly, you tried to think of something else to change the mood. “clearly you just aren’t good at paying attention because i wear it just about every day,” you playfully rolled your eyes, hopefully that being enough to flip a switch in his brain. 

    and hopefully yours.

    sangyeon stayed quiet for a second or two, probably trying to process the sudden change in the atmosphere. but after realizing just how rosy the tips of your ears were, he seemed to understand why you were trying to change the mood.

    but he wasn’t having it, he enjoyed seeing you almost melt in front of him. apparently. “i pay attention enough to know you sleep naked,” your cheeks flushed at the sudden words, pure shock and embarrassment was plastered all over your face. “w-what?! when did you- how- ??” you just watched as sangyeon eyes widened for a brief second before he busted out into laughter right in front of you, so much so that he had to hunch over to try and catch his breath. he found your embarrassment funny, wow, what a great friend you had. 

    “wait are you serious?? i was just joking! i didn’t actually know!” there was no way he could have guessed that so accurately.

    reaching your hand up, you grabbed the collar of his shirt to pull him down to your height, him being just a couple of inches taller than you. with a long stare in the eyes, you brought your free hand up and gave him a nice smack on the back of his head. hearing him yelp out a small “ow!” before you spin on your heel and leave him rubbing the back of his head. “wait y/n! it was just a joke! don’t leave me!” 

    even though he claimed it to just be a joke, there was no way in hell you were sleeping without clothes ever again. not even just a sports bra and underwear would do it for you.

    oh, and about friday, let’s just say sangyeon really did meet face to face with failure. but it was a win-win for you. either way you were gonna get a smile or a cute pout that you could go on to tease him about forever, just to see him back at the court the next day trying to shoot some real hoops instead of dumb arcade ones. you swore you were in love with this man and with each passing day, it was only gonna get stronger and stronger. 

    by the looks of it.. it seemed to be going in the right direction too. you only hoped. 

    © cobiehaven 2021

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    #dri.mp4 #the boyz#lee sangyeon#eric sohn#kevin moon#lee juyeon #thank u twt user theboyzjournal for uploading this #i need to immortalize this on my blog #i was gna gif it but #i looked at the quality n decided to love myself <3 #tag urself im juyeon holding on for dear life
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  • tbzxnight
    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    *all my works are nsfw and contain smut.

    lee sangyeon

    late studio nights

    jacob bae

    *chef's kiss*

    kim younghoon

    higher love

    lee hyunjae

    soft, sensual desires

    lee juyeon

    look at us

    up against a wall

    kevin moon

    blissful mornings

    choi chanhee

    bathtub fun

    ji changmin

    kitchen affairs

    ju haknyeon

    fun with games

    kim sunwoo

    hotel room service


    eric sohn

    shower escapades

    feel it, don't see it


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  • stealanity
    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    the boyz's reaction to their s/o having a habit of sitting on their lap

    genre : fluff & suggestive
    request : @minsikluv hii, can you do a reaction where you have a habit of sitting on their lap? (they're friends but both have feelings for each other) group: tbz and you can make it fluff like they're shy or suggestive, your choice!! btw, love your work!!

    ✩ sangyeon !

    you developed this habit a few months ago

    once there wasn't enough chair to sit, so you had to sit on sangyeon's lap

    not to displease him

    since that day it's quite common that you find yourself sitting on his lap

    you like the way he always has a hand around your hip, to keep you from falling

    sometimes his fingers even caress your skin under your t-shirt

    making your cheeks blush

    and you know he loves making you blush, thanks to the smirk on his lips when he notices it

    since he knows how to make you blush, he does it even more

    sometimes whispering in your ear

    « am i comfortable enough? »

    making you blush like crazy again

    causing you to punch him in the shoulder, making him laugh

    ✩ jacob !

    he's the sweetest

    you started to develop this habit when one day, he didn't want to let you sit on the dirty floor

    so he pulled you on his lap

    you can't really tell if he blushes slightly because of embarrassment or shyness

    but he never asked you to stop

    he often lets his head rest on your shoulder

    and you take the opportunity to gently stroke his hair

    he kinda like it a lot

    sometimes you just stay here, talking about random things

    he especially likes it when you're just the two of you

    you sitting on his lap, looking at the stars

    he just watches you with adoring eyes

    thinking how tiny you look on his lap

    but so dazzling in front of the stars

    ✩ younghoon !

    the sweetest part. 2

    just younghoon and his love face hanging on you

    you started to sit on his lap, because one day he told you that he wanted you to always be glued to him

    so you answered his request by finding a place on his lap

    who is now your main chair

    and he is always glad to have you sitting on him

    his arms are always hanging tight on your waist

    his face in your neck, camouflaged behind your hair

    talking about your hair : he always plays with a lock of your hair

    sometimes he hums songs in your ear

    rocking you from right to left gently

    his fingers clinging to yours

    « i don't know if you know, but i love you, a lot. »

    obviously, you're blushing, and so is he

    especially when you approach him to kiss his cheek

    he's shy now aw

    ✩ hyunjae !

    he is the one who enjoys it the most

    he often asked you to come and sit on his lap

    because it implies a certain intimacy between you two

    which he greatly appreciates

    when it's in front of the other boys, he stays calm

    leaving one of his hands resting on your thigh

    caressing your skin casually

    but when the two of you are alone

    ^^ he forgets to be calm

    he often kisses your neck

    in a friendly way, he said, lmao

    he is not very friendly when he leaves his two big hands on your thighs

    making you blush like crazy lol

    « why are you blushing so suddenly, you want me to stop? »

    he knows full well that you don't want him to stop

    but he likes to ask, just to tease you

    fucking lee jaehyun

    ✩ juyeon !

    he. absolutely. love. it.

    there can't be a moment without him pulling you to his lap

    and if you don't sit on his lap, he will sulk

    he acts in an adorable way, even disinterested in front of others

    his hands on your hips, his chin on your shoulder

    pretending to listen to his friends talk, when he only cares about you

    only worried about your body who just moving on his thighs

    sometimes making him hold his breath

    and you absolutely know that you have a special effect on him <3

    when you feel his fingers clinging a little more to your hips, you know he wants to slip away elsewhere with just you

    but you prefer to play dumb, and ignore his silent signals ^^

    discreetly, you can feel his lips kissing the back of your neck, and another on your neck

    taking advantage of a moment of inattention on the part of others to turn to him

    kissing the corner of his pretty lips before resuming your conversation normally

    making his heart beat way too fast for his liking

    causing him to giggle nervously as he approaches your ear

    « mhh, wait a bit until we are nothing but the two of us. »

    are you two really still just friends?

    ✩ kevin !

    the first time was an accident

    changmin tripped you up unintentionally

    making you lose your balance, and make you fall on the first thing next to you : kevin

    oddly you found the floor comfortable, realizing right after that it was kevin's lap

    since that day, you no longer take any risks and always stay on his lap

    and it doesn't seem to bother him

    it's even the opposite

    he likes it a lot, he even says that you are now his walking blanket

    no matter where you are, he always pulls you to his lap

    his arms around you, and his head against yours

    he is not shy, and he doesn't blush

    but when it happens when you're just the two of you

    it's chaos in his head

    he doesn't know where to put his hands, he doesn't dare to move, he doesn't know how to act

    so he just stays straight as a stake

    making you laugh because of his strange behavior

    hearing you laugh immediately relaxes him

    making him get clingier than ever

    « dont mind me, you keep making my head spin, until i didn't even know what to do. »

    and now, you are the one who blushes

    ✩ chanhee !

    the first time you sat on his lap, it was because you asked him to make you braids

    since that day, chanhee has always volunteered to do your hair

    he really likes having you on his lap

    he likes to think he has this privilege

    you're his baby after all

    he likes to be able to observe carefully the features of your face

    with this closeness, he can see every detail of your skin

    the rays of the sun bringing out the radiance of your skin

    making him think how beautiful you are

    « you are exceptionally gorgeous, you know that? »

    he's blushing after that

    realizing what he just said out loud

    but you smile at him brightly, making him fall in love

    he blushes even more when you run your hands through his hair

    placing a kiss on the tip of his nose

    ✩ changmin !

    this boy

    he plays shy, but he's not

    you've been on his lap since day one

    because of a stupid game

    you were at a party, and your friends had the wonderful idea of ​​playing truth or dare with strangers

    and obviously, you had the misfortune to tell dare

    and after that, you must have spent the whole evening sitting on changmin's lap

    anyway, he absolutely loves it

    because he already had his eyes on you during the party

    since this day, you spend your days, evenings and nights together

    you almost always sit on him, even if there is something to sit elsewhere

    he plays shyness and indifference in front of others, simply propping his head against your back with one hand on your thigh

    but when it's just the two of you, this guy is ^^

    kissing your jaw, biting your skin (always)

    his hands under your top, brushing your skin

    he always approaches your lips, never crossing the line

    even if your hands are desperately hanging on the collar of his top

    « you want me to kiss you so baaaad.. »

    he laughs when you angry frown, he pulls away when you try to kiss him

    but only the stars know that in the half-light, your two faces are red with shyness to cross that line

    ✩ haknyeon !

    the sweetest part. 3

    he just wants you to always be comfortably seated

    if that means he's your walking chair

    then he will be.

    he is so caring that it makes you want to always be sitting on his lap

    and he will never complain

    he used to sing you songs every time

    while you look at him with adoring eyes

    his hands always intertwined with yours

    he finds this gesture reassuring

    as if he was afraid that you would go away

    sometimes he even reads you a book or poetry

    making it easy to fall asleep on him

    you are his soft spot

    and seeing your peaceful face asleep against him, makes him think you feel safe with him

    so he just look at you tenderly, gently stroking your hair

    he sometimes leaves a reassuring kiss on your forehead, watching the little smile that appears on your lips right after

    « sweet dreams baby. »

    he doesn't know it but you don't sleep

    just enjoy the lullaby that his heartbeat plays to you

    ✩ sunwoo !

    big flirt part. 2

    he is the one who initiated this habit

    he's kind of possessive, so one day, he just pulled you to his lap to get your full attention

    since that day you forgot what a chair or a sofa was

    you only know sunwoo's lap

    and he likes this fact

    especially when he can put kisses on your shoulder

    especially on your neck

    his protective hand is often placed around your waist to keep you close to him

    he's always flirting, so you flirt back

    sometimes making him blush from shyness

    he flirts twice as much after that

    making you blush when his face is like, two millimeters from yours

    « this position makes me want to kiss you. »

    and you're losing your mind again

    fucking flirt kim sunwoo

    ✩ eric !

    listen, my baby is shy

    he's really talkative, but still shy

    so since you developed this habit, he's always a blushing mess

    but he really like it

    he likes to put his arms around your body and keep you close to him

    he often rests his head against your back

    closing his eyes just to enjoy your closeness

    you're his personal pillow

    his hand clings to yours all the time

    he thinks when you sit on his lap, you're his home

    like turtles, they carry their house on their back

    he's the turtle, and you're his home

    « don't go away from me, okay? »

    he's damn cute

    you just kiss his cheek, promising him that you're not going anywhere

    and god, he's a blushing mess again

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