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    I was tagged by @taeminsstars to do this tag game for multis - Post your ✨ ult biases ✨ (from different groups) to see if you have a type!

    I chose just these 5 guys because they are the ones I feel most things for, and from just looking at the pictures... Do I have a type?? I don’t know, it’s difficult to tell haha (^^;) But I do know that I fell for them because they’re responsible, soft, dorky and passionate about what they do, so I definitely have a type when it comes to personalities 💖 

    Thank you for tagging me! ♡ I’d like to tag anyone who is a multi stan and wants to do this~ 

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    𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐁𝐀𝐃 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋! ― han seojun


    ▓ ⁀➷ ꒰  001 ❝ HE'S BACK! ❞꒱♡¸.•*'


    masterlist of this book can be found here

    "So, how are you liking our school so far?" you questioned the transfer student. She patted powder onto her face in concentration, gazing into her compact mirror so intriguingly. To be frank, you had no intention to interrupt her little session there but it got awkward just walking towards the school building in utter silence.

    Especially when she didn't exactly know her way around. Her friends were not here yet, you were forced to show her the way to the classroom when she looked at you expectantly from across the school, upon recognising you were from her class.

    "O-Oh! Yes! It's really good! Um, the students are friendly." she answered with a widely stretched grin.

    Well, that's because you're pretty.

    "That's good. I'm happy you're getting settled," you said with your own smile.

    She looked at you for a second, staring at your face. You recognised it was a blank stare but were incapable to figure out why she was looking at you from the way she was.

    "You good?" you laughed, hands shoved in your hoodie pocket. You remembered him again. How could you not? His scent was practically wafting over your nose so easily.

    You wore your best friend's hoodie over your school uniform, his scent drifting around you and creating a warming sense inside you. You missed him a lot. This was one of the many ways you would cope while he was gone for the short time.

    "Y-Yeah." Jugyeong looked away, flustered.

    The silence was back again.

    "Y/N! Y/N!" a voice called ahead of you. You searched the sea of students for the pipsqueak of a voice even though you knew who it was. And there she was, Choi Sua, running over to you in her feminine fashion. You continued to walk with Jugyeong, waiting for the other to catch up.

    She stopped right in front of you, catching her breath as she had her hands on her knees. You exchanged a glance with Jugyeong.


    Motorbikes revving.

    "What?" you asked, furrowing your eyebrows. You don't really interact with your classmates so you were unsure why she would speak to you and so informally?


    Fangirls screaming.

    That was enough for you to get it.

    A cheerful smile painted on your face and before you were allowed to act on the happiness, long arms wrapped around your waist.

    "You still didn't return my hoodie?"

    You gasped and turned around, naturally breaking the skinship. "Han Seojun!"

    Your handsome best friend smiled back. The happiness washed over you, drenching you in it. His whole form brought excitement to you, a grin breaking free on your face as you revived the memories of him.

    Nothing changed. He still looked the same, badass like you. But the softness in his eyes when he could finally see you for the first time in a while was evident. Seojun opened his arms and you jumped into them, almost toppling the both of you the other way.

    "You're back," you whispered, hiding your face in his chest.

    It's been so long. However, you couldn't get mad at him for why he had to go.

    You knew he had business to take care of, specifically an ill mother. He took more of a hiatus from his social life in that time, to help take care of his family. You could barely see him during that, he didn't let you offer help either. He was so closed in. But on a greater note, you were glad to see him again.

    "I'm back." he chuckled, patting your head.

    You pulled out and gave him your signature smile. It seemed that the fangirls and the shock on Jugyeong's face were dispersed into the celebrating air. You didn't mind them when he was finally back. You could solely focus on him and his attractive face.

    "Ah, now it feels like our whole class is here." Sua said. She finally caught her breath.

    You two ignored her and continued smiling at her. Then, his attention shifted to beside you. His face changed.

    "You!" he shouted, pointing at Jugyeong.

    You glanced over at her to see the colour fading from her already pale face as she shrank slowly. Questions flooded your head since Seojun shouldn't know her. She literally just transferred.

    "Do you know her?" you asked him.

    "She's the one I told you about. She stole my fucking helmet!" he huffed.

    "S-Sorry! I'll bring it soon." Jugyeong managed to squeak.

    "Soon? Do you know who I am?"

    You pursed your lips so you wouldn't giggle. His go-to line was used yet again. You felt like he was truly here and that your life was put together again. You didn't realise how much you needed him until now when he spoke in anger.

    "I apologise!" she bowed at him. "I'll bring it tomorrow for sure."

    "You better." he scowled, then began walking away. You hid your laugh once again before following him. Seojun had his hands stuffed in his pockets and his eyebrows furrowed, the frustration quite evident on him. Thought it was quite childish in your opinion.

    It wouldn't be good for anyone to talk to him at this time but you.

    "Hey. Chill out." you said, tugging his arm.

    He rolled his eyes. "She stole my fucking helmet."

    "It's okay. She said she'll give it, didn't she?" you asked him, casually linking arms with him. Seojun let out a huge sigh, releasing the pressure he had on his face. Then, he turned to you.

    "Sure. But if she doesn't—"

    "Han Seojun, relax."


    Class was more exciting, seeing that the guy you had the biggest crush on was sitting right beside you. Han Seojun, however, was casually trying to fall asleep with his head on the desk and not attending the class.

    You tried your best to stay awake too, hand moulded against your cheek as you stared boringly into the chalkboard. But then you felt a piercing gaze amidst it all. Turning to the right, you saw Seojun's face.

    "Hey." he mouthed.

    Seojun's face was sideways on the desk as he smiled at you tiredly. You knew what that meant. So you formulated a plan quickly to help you and him escape the boredom, all while staring blankly at him.

    Then, you stood up, gaining attention of the whole class because of how the chair scraped the floor loudly.

    "I need the bathroom."

    The teacher didn't get to answer. You walked out of your classroom, gathering amazed sounds from your classmates. Like you never walked out of your class before? You've done it countless times and get the same reaction from them all those times.

    Rolling your eyes, you walked down the deadened hallways, waiting for Seojun to get out. The sign he gave you with his eyes was to simply skip class. And both being badass, it was a perfect thing to do now that he was back.


    He finally caught up, hitting the back of your head with his hand.

    "Hey, where are we going exactly?" you questioned him.

    "Um, rooftop?" Seojun suggested, tilting his head to see what you were going to say.

    "Race you there!"


    "No, I won!" he argued.


    "Fuck you too." he growled, closing the door behind him.

    You scrunched your face at him and then walked over to the bunch of lightly-coloured wooden crates laying around messily. To your convenience, most of them were flipped upside down too so you straightaway sat on one.

    You felt butterflies in you stomach that you were with the guy you liked and alone. The lumbering sun shone on you as you extended your legs out on the ground. Seojun took a seat next to you, casually looking up.

    The sunny silence was nice as you looked at your feet, stuffing your hands in your pockets like so. That's when you remembered. You swifted your head to the right.

    "How's Mum? Gowoon?"

    He turned to you as well.

    "They're doing okay. Mum might get discharged from the hospital soon." he answered.

    You nodded, remembering that she would.

    "Oh yeah, I remember." you said.

    "You remember?"

    "I went to go see her the other day." you giggled.

    Seojun double took your features, shocked obviously from the way he stammered in his actions. But you turned your head back, knowing you would get flustrered if you held eye contact for too long. Looking into his eyes was a different feel, something you were too coward to face yet. They felt intimdating, the hairs on your skin would simply rise up like zombies in a graveyard.

    But you wouldn't let it show, despite the number of people telling you guys to date. You were too much of a friend to him.

    He was quiet again—quiet in a grateful way. You didn't say anything about it, instead, you rolled your head onto his shoulder. He was seated in such a gangster way, a leg propped up on the crates and his arm hanging of it.

    You didn't mind it, you tried to relax some way.

    But it just felt so empty.

    "It would be better if he was still here, huh?" Seojun succeeded to read your mind once again, being the best friend he is. But that might not be the case. It was most-likely that he felt the same way.

    You lifted your head up to confirm what you were hearing was right. It was. The agony was still evident in his eyes and you felt yourself about to tear up too.

    He told you before he went that you should date Seojun.

    "It would be..."

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    𝐒𝐔𝐇𝐎 𝐋𝐄𝐄:⠀  •̀ ᴗ - 𝗂 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐲 🐻

    #suho lee#true beauty#icons#aesthetic#suho icons#webtoon #true beauty icons #true beauty suho #true beauty suho icons #true beauty suho lee icons #suho lee icons #beauty secrets #beauty secrets icons #true beauty webtoon
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    -True Beauty (2020-2021)

    True Beauty icons by me 💕 Like & reblog if use 😌 (sorry for the low quality)

    #true beauty #true beauty kdrama #lim ju kyung #lee suho #han seo jun #moon ga young #cha eunwoo #astro cha eunwoo #hwang in yeop #kdrama icons#kdrama edits #edits by me #tvn true beauty #tvn#kdrama
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    사랑 𝐈𝐧 𝐒𝐞𝐨𝐮𝐥 {𝐇𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐞𝐨𝐣𝐮𝐧 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫}

    Closing her bag, Y/N slowly got up from her seat walking out , scrolling down Spotify to find a perfect song , BØRNS - Electric Love , even if it was released in 2015 , it's still catchy and always light someone mood , suddenly the feeling of her phone vibring , snapped her out of thoughts. staring into space, drawing a blank look . Y/N wanted to block them completely , They pissed her off and are the reason , her and Suho's friendship isn't the same anymore , not even a SINGLE bit , scoffing to herself to the popping message in front of her , it said : - Mister L/N- Y/N i want you to tell Suho to come to dinner tonight , at our restaurant ! at 8 : 30 read 10:39 wrote back on her father phone as he was fuming in anger , Y/N didn't even bother to answer back , she always left them on read , expect for her maids . Not wanting to risk any unnecessary confrontation back home , she moved toward the place she mostly hated , the cafeteria. Sure she liked to eat , but not when people are around especially after the 'little' disagreement that happened today morning , finally finding him sitting down with a group of friends , she walked toward him putting her phone in front of him , as he suprisingly stared at her , getting up to say something , she already took her phone and walked away , " i'm no here to listen to deal with bullshit , Dad want you to come to the restaurant tonight at 8:30 , that's it , that's the only thing i want to say" she said trying to sound serious but is holding down her cracking voice , walking away she ran up the stairs to the rooftop. Meanwhile Suho tried to call out for her but it was no use , sitting back down , said Seojun "do you want me to go check on her ?" asked the handsome boy , suho looking back at him he answered "yes it is better if you did , she won't talk to me..." doing as told , he pushed his chair , following the girl , she was listening to music , with a tear falling down her eye his head tilting to the side , but still kept his SWAG self , hands in pockets he walked toward her leaning on the railing , he cleared his throat "the hell do you want ?" she said wiping her tears away , looking to the opposite direction , earning a chuckle from "what a bad wat to greet someone who just wants to talk" "i don't want to talk to you , i don't even know you !" she said finally turning to him , "you don't know me , i'm Han seojun !" this fucking dumbass she thought shaking her head "does it look like i care ?" she said crossing her arms in front of her chest , "well you-" "-shouldn't , i know" Y/N cut him off with a sarcastic smile
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    01 - new friend

    series: invisible strings

    pairing: han seojun x female!reader (suho’s twin)

    warning: none

    true beauty masterlist // main masterlist 

    a/n: its' been a while since i uploaded anything on here so idk how good this is since everything i write sucks now but enjoy it :)

    It wasn’t usual for Suho to be up before your alarm even went off. The late night study sessions the younger boy would submit himself to usually kept him up until well past midnight, making it hard for him to wake up by himself.

    It’s amazing how fast things change, how Suho loved to sleep more than anyone else on their house. How once upon a time you’d have to scream at him and hit him with the pillows for him to wake up for middle school. Now, the feared sleep more than death itself. He was afraid of the dreams, of seeing him again.

    “You came home late last night.” You smile, stealing the bottle of juice from him. “I’d tease about a secret girlfriend, but neither of us believe in miracles.”

    “I wasn’t tired.” Suho answers shortly, not even acknowledging the teasing. “Why weren’t you sleeping?”

    “I was on a video call with Soo Ah and Soojin. We were studying for the math test. You should come to the study group, we could use one more brain.”

    “I already told you no.” Suho replies, walking towards the shoe rack and opening the door.

    “And I already told you that you need friends.” You sigh, grabbing the bag from the couch and following him.

    “Why would I need friends when I have you?”

    “I hate you sometimes.” You say, smiling when you catch a faint smile brightening you brother’s face, knowing he had won the argument for now. “Text me next time you stay out late, alright?”

    The boy nods shortly, opening the door and offering you to walk before him. That was how the Lee twins took care of each other. You checked on each other the way lonely people did, knowing you didn’t have anyone else but each other.

    You would check that he didn’t overwork himself with study, while he made sure you took breaks at the dance studio. They would make sure the other wasn’t alone for a long time, yet never overstepping their boundaries. You would remind him to eat the leftovers on the fridge, while Suho would stop you form ordering take-out every night, filling the fridge with more left-overs. You had a set dynamic. A familiar path they felt comfortable in, one you two worked hard to keep.

    The twins walked side by side into the school, mixing with the loud senior students and giggling younger girls. The noisy hallways growing louder as they walked into the building, walking the familiar halls to their class.

    “Lee (Y/N)!”

    “Choi Sooah!” you reply, smiling at her enthusiasm. “So energetic in the morning, how much coffee did you drink already?”

    “Taehoon got me an iced Americano this morning, but he drank most of it. There’s a new girl in the school. She looks like she’s very nice, and she might be on our year.” She says excitedly, linking their arms together. “We need to befriend her.”

    “A new student? Why would she start in the middle of the year? That’s unusual.”

    “Exactly! She’s pretty and mysterious. Just like you, you’ll like each other.” You roll your eyes, an amused smile gracing your face.

    “Have you seen Soojin yet?”

    “She’s in class already.” She says before turning to look at the other twin. “Did you get Professor Han the writings already?”

    “No yet.”

    “Perfect.” Sooah smiles, giving him the paper she had neatly holding on her right hand. “Here, thank you!”

    “I thought you already wrote it?” You ask, walking into the class and to the back as they leave Suho behind. A smile plays on your lips when you hear him sigh, annoyed at your best friend.

    “I redid it last night. My mother was nagging me about how “poorly done” it was. She won’t let me go to the school outing if I don’t get a higher grade than last time. It wasn’t even that bad!”

    “It was bad.”

    “It was very bad.” Soojin adds, joining the teasing as Sooah rolls her eyes. “It was only bad because last time you did it one hour before it was due. Focusing a little more on school and a little less on boys won’t hurt you.”

    “It was Taehoon’s birthday week! I had a lot of preparations to do!” The shortest girl defends herself, crossing her arms annoyed. “You’re just jealous because you don't have boyfriends.”

    “We don’t have time for boyfriends. You should focus on getting into college.”

    You nod at Soojin’s nagging. The tallest girl was the smartest in the class, only second to Suho. They had been friends since they were little, always staying together. Countless sleepovers and late night studies together, always trying to keep one another awake when sleep crawled around. You had always looked up to her, admiring her strength, but you also pitied it, knowing all too well that half of it was a façade. You both understood each other, and it was only the two of you, until Sooah came along.

    The cheerful girl, even as a little girl, was easy to adore and love. Where Soojin was disciplined, she was laid back. She held a pure innocence, a playful aura that sometimes made people think she wasn’t the smartest. A naivety that sometimes made you feel envious of, but at the same time made you want to protect her.

    Five minutes passed, after taking enough nagging from her friends Sooah decided to go and take pictures with her lover, while Soojin moved to review her notes again. The Lee girl smiles at Taehoon’s failed attempt to befriend Suho once again, the boy never gave up no matter how many times Suho ignored him. You knew deep down that Suho acknowledged him as an acquaintance, which was more than anyone else but you was to him.

    Followed by Suho, who had a sightly more annoyed expression than his natural one, appeared Professor Han and a girl. You identified her as the new girl Sooah had been talking about. Lim Jugyeong was her name, and you couldn’t help but let an endeared chuckle at her awkwardness.

    “Take a seat. The one next to Lee Suho is empty.” Professor Han kindly says, but Jugyeon is fast to refuse, explaining how bad her eyesight was. Judging by her expression and Suho’s death-like glare, she’d had the displeasure of crossing him.

    “I see. The seat belongs to another student on a break, but sit behind Sooah.” Jugyeon nods shyly before taking the seat.

    You look away from her, knowing well whose seat that was, as you try to ignore the sound feeling of guilt, anger and pain. He had been in break for two months now. Two months and three days since you had last talked to him. Two months and three days since you had even seen him. You remind yourelf that it's better this way, nothing good would come from him coming back, even if you knew one day it would happen.

    Professor Han’s class passed fast, and even before he had completely walked out of the class, Sooah had already turned to talk to Jugyeon. She truly was the social butterfly of the group. You get up from her seat, sending a knowing smile at your brother, who seemed more annoyed than previously. That boy’s manners would never improve, just like his social skills.

    “And this is Lee (Y/N)." Sooah introduces, grabbing your hand as you approach the girls.

    "It's nice to meet you."

    "Likewise. Sooah isn’t harassing you much, is she? She’s very enthusiastic, makes a big first impression.”

    “Hey! I make a fabulous impression.” She replies, not bothering looking away from her phone. “(Y/N) and Soojin are my best friends, and as you can see they both think I am annoying you.”

    “I didn’t say annoying, buy you talk a lot more than us.”

    “Soojin said annoying.” Sooah replies, exaggerating a sad pout and earning a chuckle from Soojin, who apologizes smiling. The short haired girls smiles at her friend before turning back to the conversation she was trying to set with the new girl.

    The following two classes go by painfully slowly. Maths was never something you enjoyed. It wasn’t particularly difficult, and since you had grown up with the best tutors in Seoul, you were third on top in the school ranking. But it was simply not interesting enough. The only reason you kept your grades somewhat matching your brother’s was because of the agreement you twi had made with your father months ago. As long as you didn’t get in trouble or fall behind in school, you were allowed to live on your own. And since none of you wanted your father near, perfect grades weren’t up for choice.

    As soon as the bell rings and the teacher leaves, students start to move around the class, desperate to talk between them or leave the classroom.

    “I am starving. Dumplings?”

    “You read my mind.” Sooah nods, calling Soojin over to leave the class and go look for Jugyeon, who had been one of the first ones to leave the class, apparently. “I like her. We should invite her to hang out after class.”

    “Fine by me.” Soojin says, getting a hum in agreement from you.

    As the three girls reach the girl’s bathroom, you see Jugyeon and Suho talking. Well, Jugyeon talking and Suho walking away from her, ignoring her as he did with the rest of the student body. There was no way this boy would ever get friends acting like that, but you knew that was the whole reason of his act.

    “Jugyeon, what’s with Suho?”

    “I got something on his jacket, and he told me to throw it away.”

    “The jerk’s at it again.”

    “That’s how it normally is. The handsome psychopath.” Sooah replies, linking her arm with the new girl.

    “Don’t call him a psychopath.” You scold her, making her softly apologize. “Don’t mind him much. He’s always in a mood.”

    “Really?” The three girls nod, knowing how cold Suho usually was perceived.

    The four girls walk to the cafeteria, you and Soojin liking arms like Sooah and Jugyeon, who talk between them about their love for spicy food. Soojin and you look at each other and shake their heads laughing, knowing Sooah had already adopted the girl into the group.

    “You know, Suho and Soojin always compete to get the best grades in our year. She’s not only pretty, but she’s also smart. (Y/N) too, but she doesn’t talk about it.” Sooah says, making Jugyeon turn to look at them, clearly impressed. “Don’t tell me you’re smart too.”

    “I have bad grades.”

    “That’s perfect.” Sooah cheers, making the other two girls chuckle. “Just be a pretty girl like me.”

    “Even pretty girls like you two need good grades. Specially you, Sooah, or you will miss the outing.” You remind her, making the girl pout.

    “Exactly. You need to study. Let us help you.”

    “I’m not interested.”

    “You should be.” You back Soojin up uselessly, they had this same talk at least three times a day.

    “Jugeyon, let’s study together.”

    “Yes, join our study group, we could use another brain.”

    “Okay, I will.” The girl agrees, making Soojin smile victoriously as Sooah rolls her eyes dramatically.

    You get off the taxi, tapping a quick reply to the chat room, letting the girls know you had arrived home safe. After school ended, the four of you decided to go eat together to celebrate Jugeyon’s first day with them and to get to know the girl a bit better. It had been nice, as it always was with Sooah and Soojin.

    You talked about many things and about nothing at all. That’s what you enjoyed about your friends, you didn’t need to think much with them. You could allow yourself to be silly, even if you still had a protective eye over them. Nothing felt like it had changed when you were with them, and for that you cherished them like gold. Now Jugeyon included.

    You step out of the shoes before walking into the apartment, leaving the bag on the aisle of the kitchen and walking to sit on the couch next to Suho. The younger twin holds a comic book, reading it without much trouble until he puts it down, sighting he turns to look at her.

    “You know, if I have to tell you when I’ll be out late, so do you.”

    “It’s not very late, and I thought you’d still be at practice.” You defends yourself, grabbing the control and turning the TV on. “Besides, I’ll be late a lot when the dance showcase week gets closer. You know that.”

    “I know. Still, I called your friend to know if you were at the studio.”

    “Choi Jimin? I thought you hated him.”

    “I don’t hate him.” Suho says, snatching the control from you and changing the channels without much interest.

    “You dislike him.”

    “I dislike everyone.”

    “You do. And talking about disliking people, what happened with Jugeyon and your jacket? When we crossed you, she said you told her to throw it away. You still need a uniform jacket Suho, winter’s approaching and if you get sick I’ll have to hear you complain.”

    “I have more jackets, and I can buy more.” Your twin replies, finally setting the channel on some new’s report. “She stained it with make-up. It annoyed me.”

    “Selena and I have stained your clothes with make-up a thousand times.”

    “Yes, but you’re my sisters, I can’t be mean to you. You’ll shave my head like when we were children.” Suho says, a teasing smile faintly lighting up his face.

    “I never shaved your head. I just cut your hair a little.”

    “I had a bald spot for months.”

    “You broke my toy!” You remind him, hitting him on the arm for reminding you of how he had torn the arm of your favorite teddy bear when you were six years old.

    “And you made me have a bald spot for months. You vengeful overachiever.” Suho laughs, flicking you on the forehead.

    The twins fall silent, only the faint news report on the background stopped the house from being as silent as it had recently come. Suho rests his head back, staring at the ceiling. You lean against the couch, yout head touching the soft material.

    “Do you remember how mom punished us for that?” You break the silence, your words nothing more than a fragile whisper.

    “She made us sit on the couch together, looking at each other and staying silent for five minutes before apologizing.”

    “You kept crying. I felt so bad seeing you cry that I ended up crying too.”

    “Mom bought us ice cream after that. She gave you a new teddy bear and bought me a baseball cap.” Suho remembers.

    “I miss her.”

    Suho turns his head to loom at you. He nods sightly, not needing to say out loud that he missed her just as much. You both knew. You always did. Suho reaches for your hand, giving it a soft squeeze and earning an equally soft smile for you.

    “I’m going to the comic store. You want to come?”

    “No, I don’t like horror things. Seeing you in the morning is enough for me.” You tease him, making the boy roll his eyes and let go of your hand. “Be careful. Don't walk there get a cab.”

    “I will, don't worry. And don’t order take out, there’s still kimchi and some sushi on the fridge from yesterday.”

    “Alright. Don’t come late.” Suho steps out the door and you call after him.

    You mumble to yourself, knowing he would spend at least two hours there before he realized what time it was. You was the same -if not worse- when you spent late nights at the studio. It just worked for you both. Focusing, evading their reality just enough to avoid thinking about it all, but not enough to forget. You couldn’t. Guilt, sadness and pain made hard to forget the shame.

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    Jug still being surprised Suho likes her cuz he is “handsome and talented” while she already dated someone who is exactly that and who still loves her the same way…

    #this bias is so obvious it hurts #yes here i go again talking about true beauty cuz i love making myself suffer #true beauty#lim jugyeong#lee suho#han seojun #true beauty webtoon #moon rambles
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    Suho you smooth motherfucker

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    The Choice Is Yours

    F!Reader x Vampire!Yuta

    Genre: Vampire Dystopia

    Warning: Blood, Fangs, Needles, Anxiety

    Words: 4K


    One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Epilogue (Coming Soon)

    Prompt: Good behavior goes a long way when a new world order is established within hours and humans wind up at the bottom of the food chain. As luck would have it you were claimed by a vampire named Yuta, so you’re saved in a sense. Many would say you’re in a rather unique situation, and despite its perks it wasn’t really something you asked for.

    “What happened?”

    Sitting in Taeyong’s office again, it felt like deja vu. The subject matter was similar but you were different, and the information he wanted was different as well.

    “I wasn’t… really myself when I was taken… and I didn’t want to be there… I was putting everyone in danger.”

    “Why did you stay?”

    “Jinwoo wouldn’t let me go… and he said… maybe he could turn me human again… since I’m not a real vampire…”

    “That’s stupid.” Yuta snorted.

    “…” You made no comment on that. “I was growing hungry so… I hurt myself so I wouldn’t be a danger.”

    “And did Jinwoo hurt you at all?” Taeyong asked.


    “Bullshit, he stabbed her on his way out to make sure she wouldn’t fuss.”

    “Calm down, Yuta.”

    “You weren’t calm either when you found out.”

    “This isn’t about us. Is that all y/n?”

    “Yeah… do I… are we gonna… meet the seven…”

    “I’m afraid so. Usually any issues we have we deal with on our own, but right now me and Jinwoo are at odds, so the others from the seven need to resolve this.”

    “And I need to go.”

    “You’re a witness and at the center of all this, so yes. We’ll leave later tonight so pack what you’ll need.”

    “We will.” Yuta took your hand. “Come on, let’s go.”

    You didn’t say anything and quietly followed, letting this information sit with you. He led you to the kitchen and sat you down on the counter. You were about to ask but he answered before you could ask.

    “You’re probably hungry so I’ll make you something. Also…” Yuta handed you a blood bag from the fridge. “You can have this.”

    “I don’t want… that…”

    “We just talked about you starving yourself, which is never a good thing. You’re hungry, you know it, so please, eat. You can have more after you have some normal food.”

    You didn’t bother arguing, knowing he was right, so you just started drinking from the dag, like a juice box. Although the taste was familiar.

    “This… it tastes-”

    “Good? I know. It’s my blood.”

    “Yours? But… it’s in a bag?”

    “Taeyong likes to keep our blood around, for when he misses us.”

    “That’s weird…”

    “Perfectly normal in the vampire world I assure you. Everyone tastes differently, so you can always remember them by their blood. It’s how we ID humans, remember.”

    “You mean… oh right… I’m not…”

    “You’re better.”

    “I’m not… I didn’t…”

    “We can talk about that later.”



    “You don’t want to hear it?”


    “What? You forced this on me! You-”

    Yuta stopped what he was doing and pulled you close, pressing his lips to yours. You froze, shocked by the affection that made your heart flutter. He pulled away slowly, and you realized his eyes were closed. As he opened them, gaze not meeting yours, you could see he was a bit shy.

    “I didn’t want to lose you… not after-”

    Despite your own feelings, and the way your heart was beating, you couldn’t just give into him. So you shoved him back, to his own surprise.

    “Fuck you! Do you think that means something? After you kept me in some dependent mental state! I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t anyone! Just some toy to you!”

    “That’s not-”

    “True? All the servants here are halfbreeds and mindless slaves to their sire. How would I be any different!” You got off the counter. “If not for Jinwoo getting me away from you, I’d probably be your obedient pet right now!”

    “Is that what you really think?”

    “Do I have any evidence to the contrary?” Yuta was silent. “See, don’t pretend to care.”

    You didn’t want to be in his presence anymore, you needed to be alone, but he wasn’t going to let that happen.

    “Stop.” A strange feeling overtook your body and you stopped. “Turn around and sit back down.”

    “What the-”

    “Shut up.”

    Your voice caught in your throat and your body moved on it’s own to follow Yuta’s orders. You wanted to be alone for a reason, but with this happening you couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. Yuta was pissed but his eyes softened a bit when he saw the tears you had. He took a step forward and you shut your eyes, feeling embarrassed. He didn’t say anything more and continued making you some food.

    You held back as much of the tears as you could, you probably looked so pathetic. You kept your gaze away from Yuta. While looking elsewhere your eyes landed on the knife near you. There was no hesitation to grab it and then quickly press it up against Yuta’s neck. He wasn’t phased, merely watching you. Your arm was shaking, you wanted to cut him, make him bleed, but you couldn’t do it.

    “You can’t hurt me, you can’t hurt your sire.”

    You grit your teeth and then tried to turn the knife on yourself, but Yuta figured out your move and knocked the knife out of your hand. You let the rest of your tears flow, and when Yuta tried to provide comfort you shoved him away. You fell to your knees and cried, you couldn’t even scream in this state. Despite your protests Yuta still pulled you into his arms, rubbing your back and trying to calm you down.

    “If I was really going to make you some toy… I could easily turn you into one. You’re young… I still have power over you… as you can see, but I’m not going to do that… I like you for who you are… it’s why I chose you, remember?”

    You let out all your tears, everything stressing you out finally getting some relief. Once you had finally started to calm down Yuta pulled away. He offered you his wrist and you took it before he made you. His blood definitely tasted a bit better when it was fresh, and you had your fill. He gently ran a hand through your hair.

    “Just get some sleep, we have a long trip ahead of us.”


    You woke up with a jolt, taking in your surroundings. You weren’t in a house and you could feel movement below you. It finally registered that you were in a limo and had been wrapped up in a blanket and sleeping on the floor. Yuta was sitting in front of you, he had his eyes closed and was probably sleeping too but woke when he heard your commotion.

    “You’re up early.”

    “Where are we?”

    “On the road. It takes about a day to get to the Capitol from Taeyong’s place. We’ll get their by nightfall.”


    “I packed some sandwiches, since you didn’t eat before, if you’re hungry.”


    There was a picnic basket at your feet and you grabbed some food, eating quietly. You could see the sun up in the sky through the windows, seeing the tops of trees just pass you by.

    “Can you…”


    “Change me back?”

    “No.” Yuta took a moment. “I wanted your body to settle into the change, and then for you to understand the basics instinctively. Then I would have… gotten you out of that state… I didn’t want you to hurt yourself those first few days. So, yeah, I can’t change you back.”


    “And before you get worried, we’re not traveling alone. Taeyong is a few cars ahead, and we do have a security escort.”

    “That’s good to know.”

    There wasn’t really much to do on a roadtrip like this, so you laid back down and would watch the sky from the windows. At one point Yuta opened up the sun roof too so you could see the sky directly above you. As you watched the clouds go by and see the birds flying it was easy to forget how the world had changed, how you had changed. There were a few stops along the way, and at times Yuta would try to make conversation with you, but you weren’t open to them.

    When you arrived, late in the afternoon, you got up to see where you were. You seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, driving up to this gate. As you passed through you recognized your surroundings a bit, the place looking like a gated community. You also realized there were no humans in the area, that scent was practically non-existent here. The limo came to a stop and Yuta got out, waiting on you. It took a second to get up and out since you hadn’t been on your feet the whole trip. The place was so quiet and peaceful and you couldn’t help the look of awe on your face.

    “This place has been around for millennia.” Taeyong said. “It’s home to me.”

    There were others to greet you upon your arrival. It was late in the day so you were welcomed to have dinner and then retire because the hearing would take place tomorrow morning. You could use some food and the others agreed.Afterwards you were all placed into these nice cabins. It looked like you were on a vacation you never took. You didn’t want to share a room with Yuta, but he wasn’t going to leave you alone. Although he let you fall asleep in bed alone and it wasn’t until later that he snuck in under the covers, being careful not to wake you.

    In the morning he wasn’t there either, but you could tell he had been in the bed, his scent lingering. You got out and followed the smell of food, finding breakfast at the table. Yuta was nowhere in sight, so you couldn’t even ask what was going to happen today. You ate and you waited, you were there for a reason, so someone would eventually come for you. Yuta found you in the living room channel surfing when he finally came back to the cabin.

    “We should go. The hearing will start soon.”

    You had questions, but you felt it best to bite your tongue. You followed Yuta to a building at the center of the town. There were others around too, the place truly looking like a gated community, so it only made you wonder what went on around here. You wound up in what you could only describe as a courtroom with a panel of seven judges. Taeyong was already there, in his own little boxed off area, inviting you over.

    As you went to take your seat you saw Jinwoo come in with his group of people. Your eyes met for a moment but you quickly looked away, unsure of how to feel about them now that you knew the truth. It wasn’t long then when five others entered and took their seats on the panel, five of the seven seats occupied. One of them explained the situation at hand, the conflict between Taeyong and Jinwoo, and that the goal is to resolve all grievances.

    “Jinwoo, you can begin.”

    “Thank you, Onew. As you all know, I befriended a human resistance group with the intention to study their behavior and habits. The goal was to use the knowledge to track down other resistance groups. You all knew my location in case of emergencies, and knew to leave me alone. Yet, days ago Taeyong came storming in and took down my whole operation! He ruined my research and his actions warrant punishment.”

    “Very well. Is that all?”


    “Then Taeyong, you may speak.”

    “Thank you. The first point I would like to make is that the only reason why I stormed the place was because Jinwoo had knowingly abducted a fledgling, days old I might, and endangered their development. Furthermore I didn’t ruin his research, I was close to naturally discovering his location and would have taken action then. By taking a fledgling from my sire line, I was forced to act. He brought this upon himself.”

    “I was trying to help her! I met her when she was human and she certainly didn’t want anything to do with this life!”

    “She wasn’t under your care!” Yuta spat. “She was none of your concern!”

    “Yuta.” Taeyong hissed. “Quiet. Another point I want to make besides the interruption is that I found the fledgling in question half-dead and starving, suffering from a stab wound.”

    “I didn’t do anything to her!”

    “That’s enough!” Another judge stood. “Both of you, silence. At this point the situation is well understood, and there is no need to argue. The fledgling that’s here, is she the one in question?”


    “Then she can testify on her own circumstances.”

    You certainly didn’t want to go over this again, but you didn’t have a choice. It was a bit nerve-wracking to talk about this in front of strangers, so you stumbled with your words.

    “You weren’t hurt then?”


    “That’s not true.” Yuta said. “In order to get her off my property he stabbed her and bled her out.”

    Yelling insued and your anxiety was quick to blow everything out of proportion. The noise was all blurring together and just getting louder and louder for you until you couldn’t take it. You screamed and collapsed to the floor, covering your ears as if that would help. Yuta was suddenly in your field of vision, you could see his mouth moving but it was just noise.


    “I know, I know sweetheart, just deep breaths.”

    You could see Yuta mimic the motion of breathing and try to follow along. It wasn’t really working as the shouting continued around you. This was all too much and Yuta was well aware of it. There were probably better ways to go about this but in the moment he panicked. Your eyes shot open when Yuta bit your neck, the panic melting away, a pleasant feeling slowly filling you up. You relaxed into Yuta’s arms, although the moment was cut short.

    “Yuta!” Taeyong pulled the other off you. “What are you doing?!”

    “I… I was just-”

    “It seems another conversation needs to be had after this matter is settled.” A judge said. “Now, Jinwoo, given the testimonies, you recklessly endangered a fledgling. Do you have anything to say to possibly explain your reasoning?”


    “An explanation, not excuses.”

    Jinwoo sighed. “She didn’t want this so I was wondering how she’d take the change… I was curious.”

    “Matters regarding our kind is Onew’s responsibility, not yours. If anything, you should be the one suffering punishment.”

    “I was just helping her out. She’s not even in our records yet, is she?”

    “That’s hardly-”

    “Don’t punish Taeyong, fine, I can deal with that, but I should be given the chance to start over, and this time to be left alone until-”

    “Oh please.” Taeyong cut in. “I was already on my way to finding your little hideout, so your research was coming to an end anyway. Besides, in your little check-up pieces you make note of how these little rebellious groups are nothing more than survivors who without proper guidance wouldn’t be capable of opposing us.”

    “You read those?”

    “Of course I do! By your own words, the number of rebellious groups will dwindle down naturally. I doubt you’d even find a group at this point.”

    “You should have left me alone!”


    “Enough.” Onew spoke. “You’re just talking in circles at this point. Jinwoo, you want to redo your study? Is that it?”


    “I am against it.” Taeyong added. “You’ve been gone for months, Jinwoo. You need to stop pushing off your responsibilities on MJ and actually do some work.”

    “I agree with Taeyong here, but his vote doesn’t count. All in favor of having Jinwoo return home?” It was a unanimous decision. “Very well, Jinwoo, you have a week to catch up on your responsibilities, and provide your final report.”

    “What! That’s hardly-”

    “We’ll give you more time if you prefer to accept your punishment for endangering a fledgling.”

    “Which would be…”

    “Do you really want to know?”

    “No… fine… I’ll have it done… what about Taeyong?”

    You weren’t really present at the hearing anymore, merely curled up in Yuta’s arms, dazed and relaxed. The boy was holding you close, very much so worried but unable to do much at the moment. He still wasn’t so sure why he had been scolded either.

    “The matter with him regards his sire line. The fledgling isn’t registered.”

    “She’s still adjusting, Suho, and matters were complicated because of Jinwoo.”

    “Clearly, and it seems like one of your own isn’t capable of-”

    “He’s new to this as well. They’re my sire line, this is my problem.”

    “Indeed. When she’s better, have her return for an examination, and the paperwork should be done before you leave.”


    “That’s all then, we’re done here.”

    Yuta carried you out, following Taeyong. You were in another cabin, Yuta sitting down on the couch and having you rest your head in his lap.

    “You can’t just bite her to calm her down. She needs to learn.”

    “I know… she just…”

    “You also don’t go around biting your halfbreeds in public.”

    “You don’t?”

    “Biting a human is just eating food but… one of our own… that’s something… that’s more intimate. I understand you were trying to help her, but that’s not the way to go about it.”


    “Yeah. How have you been anyway? Both of you?”

    “It’s… complicated…”

    “She’s upset.”

    “I didn’t really ask…”


    “I know, I just… I didn’t want to lose her.”

    “She cares about you too, you know.”

    “How do you know?”

    “Love has a certain smell. She’s probably conflicted on her own emotions. Being mad at you but also hurting.”

    “How do I even fix this?”

    “You need to figure that out yourself. Feed her, the sooner she gets her examination the better.”

    “Thanks. Any idea when we can go?”

    “If you do the exam today, then hopefully tomorrow morning.”

    “Got it.”

    Once you and Yuta were alone he had you sit in his lap, letting you drink from his neck. He didn’t need to tell you anything, it was just instinctual to bite him and drink. With every gulp you felt your strength coming back, and when you stopped to catch your breath Yuta’s lips met yours. You leaned into the kiss, blood mixing between your lips. You felt hot and started grinding down on him until your sense of self returned and you jumped off Yuta.

    “What the hell!” You wiped the blood off your lips. “What is wrong with you!”

    “I didn’t do anything! You were just drinking my blood and things… got interesting…”


    “You were freaking out at the hearing so I… drank your blood to calm you down. You needed to get your strength back so I offered you my blood.”

    “You couldn’t give me a blood bag?”

    “It was easier to drink from the vein.”

    “Whatever.” You sighed. “So is everything over now?”

    “Yeah. Jinwoo needs to get back to his responsibilities and you need to be registered.”


    “Your records need to be updated now that you’re not… human…”

    “Oh… that makes sense…”

    “It’ll be easy. They’ll just draw some blood, check your strength and your fangs, it’s like a physical, just making sure you’re healthy.”

    “Right… right… will we leave after that?”

    “If we get it done tonight, Taeyong said we could head out tomorrow morning. You wanna go home that bad?”

    “I just don’t wanna be here… I feel so out of place.”

    “This is more home than-”

    “For you… I’m still… like a kid… and not used to… everything.”

    “In time you will. It’s not all that bad.”

    “It’s not like I have a choice.”


    “Can we just get his over with?”

    “Yeah, yeah sure.”


    You went with Yuta back to the center of town, this time going to another part of the building. You definitely felt like a kid going to the doctors office, and once again nervous. Yuta walked up to a desk, the attendant asking him questions.


    “Registering a halfbreed.”

    “Sire line?”

    “Lee Taeyong.”




    “Mine. Nakamoto Yuta.”

    You shot Yuta a look, which he did not return. Before you could even question him you were asked to come along to another room. The sooner the better so you went off to get this physical over with. Just as Yuta said, they drew some blood, checked your fangs, even had you do some quick tests to check on your reflexes and strength.

    “Alright, we’ll update your status, and congratulations.”

    “On what?”

    “Upgrading. I suppose it’s better to say welcome.”

    “Ah… thanks… I guess…”

    You didn’t say anything afterwards, not even mentioning your supposed status as his partner. He gave you the space too. At night you didn’t find it easy to sleep, so you wandered around town. It was peaceful, and you could actually let yourself feel safe. One thing lingered though, and that was you. The world was moving forward, moving on, and you were just falling behind. You didn’t know what to do with your feelings, let alone how you were supposed to live your life. While wandering around you ended up bumping into someone, one of the seven.

    “What are you doing out so late?”

    “I… uh… I just needed some air…”

    “It is a lovely night.”

    “You… you’re one of the seven, right?”

    “Suho, yes. And you’re very young.”


    “How are you? Things have certainly been complicated for you.”

    “Tell me about it. Is being one of you this weird?”

    “Once you’re a proper vampire it gets weirder.”

    “Wait, I’ll be a vampire?”

    “That’s between you and Yuta.”

    “Oh… can I… can I ask you something?”


    “This town… Taeyong says it’s existed for millenia.”

    “It has. This is the birthplace of our kind. It’s home.”

    “You live here?”

    “Yes, I do, the others have their own places.”

    “So how did you become a vampire? How do you exist?”

    “A story for another time perhaps. Can I offer you some words of advice?”

    “I don’t think I can refuse…”

    Suho chuckled. “I understand you’re new to all of this, so you could use a reminder.”

    “About what?”

    “Time. You have all the time in the world now, which certainly means you can wallow in your pain, but you can get lost in that for decades if you let yourself. Perhaps a small downside to feeling things more deeply now.”

    “You’ve had years to figure out your emotions, I’m not so sure what to do with mine.”

    “My advice is not to get swallowed up in the bad. The whole world is yours to explore, in fact you’re lucky.”


    “Before our kind lived in hiding, and now we’re free, as are you.”

    “But… that’s not…”

    “Yes, you’re concerned about humans. I mean it when I say we did this with good intentions. Trouble only comes from those who cause it, but we’re not out here hurting humans. They’ll be alright, as will you.”

    “I just don’t know if I’m ready to… change?”

    “You already have.”

    “Well I’m not sure I’m ready to accept it…”

    “It’s not something you have to do alone. You’re fortunate to have someone.”

    “You didn’t?”

    “Being one of the first vampires in existence means you learn on your own. A lot of trial and error and self discovery.”

    “That must have been fun.”

    “To some extent. You should get back, I’m sure Yuta is worried about you.”


    “I do hope to see you again someday. Don’t cause trouble.”

    “I’ll try not to.”

    You made your way back to the cabin, when you walked in you could hear shuffling around, realizing that Yuta had stayed up waiting for you. There was nowhere else to go but the bedroom, so you went up.

    “Where were you?”

    “I got some air.”

    “That’s good. So, we’ll be leaving in the morning after breakfast.”


    “You should get some sleep, you’re probably exhausted.”

    “What about you?”


    “Are you coming to bed?”

    “I… I could…”

    “I wouldn’t mind.”

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    사랑 𝐈𝐧 𝐒𝐞𝐨𝐮𝐥 {𝐇𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐞𝐨𝐣𝐮𝐧 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫}

    𝓜𝓸𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰 ; 7:30

    ---------------------------------------------------✦.*ೃ✧₊˚.❁ ↷.*ೃ✧₊˚.❁ ↷.*

    Y/N slowly opened her room door after making her routine , walking out she went down the stairs quietly , only to be greeted by the maids , smiling brightly at them , she bowed even tho they were supposed to respect her for being their young mistress , bowing back they leaded her out of the house toward the back yard , where her parents sat drinking coffee , smiling fading as she finished her conversation with Areum , one of the maids , not feeling well to eat breakfast with them , she said with no expression on her face , bowing slightly as her mother glared at her while the dad didn't seem to care "i'm going to school Mother , have a good day at work" bowing once again she walked out of the gates , not even bothering to look back , she suddenly heard the sound of Areum calling her back , turning around she said "oh hey did you forget something ?" "no young mistress- i mean Y/N here i got this cheesecake this morning , and got one for you too , here you can have it ! don't worry i have one too , have a good day on your first day of school !" she said with that beautiful smile of hers , the H/C haired girl smiled back pulling her into a hug as a thank you , before continuing her way toward her new school .

    Finally reaching to what looked like a bus stop she walked in , 'Aish , there is no seat left..." standing up , she took out her phone , playing her Favorite hype song AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST ~ 마지막럼 by Blackpink , tapping her leg on the ground she looked around only to be straight met by a Familiar boy looking at her , narrowing her E/C eyes , she finally recognised who it was , eyes wide same as his , she immediatly told the driver to stop at the next station , giving him one last glare , she ran down the stairs , down the road , putting her hoodie over her head trying to forget him . Meanwhile Seo jun and Ju kyung were confused at why Suho eyes are still wide as a ball , his girlfriend tapping his making him snap out of thoughts "babe , are you alright ?" "o-oh yes don't worry baby !" he said kissing her forehead while seojun was still watching the girl who ran away as soon she saw Suho "yah ! who's that girl it seems like you know each other ?" said seojun looking back at him , a little jealously on Ju kyung eyes which of course he noticed , and god how he was going to tease her for being jealous when suho isn't around anymore , smirking to himself he waited for the answer "that was the girl i told you guys about , Y/N , Y/N L/N" that was the moment both their eyes widened larger than Suho 5 seconds ago.

    Finally reaching , Y/N looked so done , she hated school from her birth , but have too go , walking inside still listening to her Playlist , she didn't care about those drooling boys who passed by her , especially the popular Jerks , the girls on the other side were so Jealous of her , the phone she held looked expensive , her earrings , the little necklace on her neck , walking inside the classroom , she sat down on one of the last chairs , to become invisible , but it seemed like students soon came in , as everyone sat down in their respected places , she looked beside her , the boy who sat beside Suho back in the bus was beside her , 'so that means Suho is here , god i wish he don't see me and talk to me' she thought only to be called by one of those perverts "Hey Y/N let's hang out sometimes , you know in a date" said the boy smirking still looking at her , chuckling softly she gave him her middle finger , before turning around with a smile , as everyone congratulated her for roasting him "fuck off , thank you very much" but seems like it was a bad idea , the boy slammed the door open , grabbing her by the collar , as she darkly laughed before grabbing his arm , throwing him on his back , picking him up , she put slammed his head on the table "listen pervert , when i say fuck off don't mess with me , i'm not an easy target...GO IT !!" that yell at the end made everyone flinch even Han Seojun , Suho smiling proudly at her as he watched the way she grabbed him from the his armd twisted as he yelled in pain , letting him go everyone started whistling and clapping for the girl who sat back down not caring about those people around her .The teacher opened the door walking in looking around "Miss L/N can you please come up and introduce yourself ?" groaning as an answer , she got up standing beside the teacher "i'm Y/N L/N , but please don't call me by my last name , it's annoying..." "g-great , which class are you going to be in , Dance or Music ?"

    "music class"

    "okay then , you're gonna team up with , Han Seojun"

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    𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐁𝐀𝐃 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 ― han seojun masterlist

    ┆ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ °❀ ❀° ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ☪; ☪; ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊. .┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ⁕ ˚♡ ⋆。˚ ˚ 。⋆ ♡˚ ⁕ ┊ ✽ ⋆ ┊ . ˚ ° .┊ ⋆ ✽ ˚❁ °❁

    ➸ in which you are very much in love with han seojun but he seems to be into someone else

    ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ * ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩ ┊ ┊ ┊ ✫ * ┊ ┊ ☪⋆ * ┊ ⊹ ┊ * * ✯ ⋆ ┊ . ˚ * ˚✩ *




    ┆ ┊ ┆ ┆ ┊ ┊ ┆ ┊ ┊ ┆ ┆ ┆ ┆ ♡༊ ┊ ┊ ┆ ┆ ┆ ✮°。 ┊ ┊ ┊ ┆ ✧・゚ ┊ ┊ ┆ ✬°。 ┊ ┊ ✧・. ┊ ✮°。 ✬・。

    ――❛ RIDING MOTORCYCLES under the sunset was a bland, passing memory for seojun, but for you it was moments you relished so hard. especially during heartbreaking moments like this. . .while he was crushing on another girl ❜

    𝘾𝙊𝙉𝙏𝘼𝙄𝙉𝙎! fluff, angst, comedy, badass!reader <3

    01 ― HE'S BACK!


    03 ― PROBLEM?

    04 ― BALLERS

    05 ― RICH GIRL!

    06 ― CUTE GIRL

    07 ― OH, MARIA!



    pls comment if you would like to be in the taglist

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    Lee Suho
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  • jvgyeong
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    “Stay with me for next year’s snow. I am not going far anymore. I’ll be there for you no matter what”
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    Back to You | True Beauty

    🌸Summary: Chaewon and Seojun used to be best friends with Lee Suho before tragedy struck and everything changed. They all changed. But now the Han Twins are back at Saebom High and Chaewon must deal with her feelings for her former friend. But will those change as well?

    🌸Pairing: Lee Suho x OC

    🌸Genre: fluff,angst,romance,comedy

    🌸Table Of Contents🌸

    Coming soon. . .🌸

    A/N: I’m so excited and nervous for this! I have no idea when I’m going to post the first chapter, I’m honestly really giddy to even just post this. But besides all of that, I’m a perfectionist so I’ll probably constantly edit this post to make it more “legit” and “professional” so don’t mind that lol. Even just this note, I’m just really eager to post this so… yeah. I’ll do better tomorrow lol.

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    Fanfic: É assim que acaba

    User: Emy_Moon(Fillinmoon)

    #fanfic#exo#mark lee#suho#kai #capa para spirit #capa de fanfic #capa divertida#yxsuun#design #pedido de capa #Red Velvet#wendy
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    the way suho looks at jugyeong
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    the difference
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