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    Felix X GQ Korea

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    ✨Lix’s Freckles✨

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    I have a question: i still have one drabble/short story/one shot in my Google docs files. Should I post it when it's finished?

    It's a little angsty and sad..

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    felix for gq korea
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    Pairings: Lee Felix x Female Reader
    Genre: VictorianAU!
    WARNINGS: 18+, marriage, adultery, (Warnings vary on chapter.)
    Word Count: 4.1K
    prologue | two


    London, 1963

    The sound of the magazine pages  flipping slowly and the static of the small radio playing “Sally Go ‘round the Roses” was all that could be made out in the moment as the two girls laid in the bed opposite each other. 

    “I’m bored Susan!” Margaret moaned and threw a pillow at Susan’s head as Susan turned and scoffed. 

    “Margaret quit it! You almost ruined my Beatles magazine!” Susan grabbed the pillow and threw it back to Margaret who huffed.

    Susan returned to flipping through the magazine as Margaret began to stare at the ceiling, pondering on what activities the two teenage girls should do on their Tuesday afternoon.

    It was the beginning of their winter festivities. School had been out for not only a few days but Margaret and Susan were inseparable. Having been best pals since birth, the two had spent many hours laughing and crying and being incredibly mischievous as well. Which brought Margaret to her brilliant idea.

    “Let’s go to your grandmother’s library.” Margaret sat up quickly as Susan turned to her friend in disbelief.

    “You must have gone mad.” Susan responded, in any manner but excited at the idea. “You know we are not allowed there.”

    “And why not? Because it is your grandmother’s wing of the home? She will never know this house is so incredibly large, how would anyone know?” Margaret cocked her eyebrow and Susan bit her lip. 

    A more luxurious life of those in the upper class. That’s the world that Susan was born in.  Born into a family that had wealth and status, Susan had been exposed to every part of luxury. She lived in a comfortable home and it was large enough to house many people, which her mother always utilized for their large gatherings. But she knew ever since she was young that her grandmother’s library was a place that she was not allowed in alone. Her grandmother cherished her collection of books and always wanted to preserve them. But as much as Susan wanted to say no, the seventeen years of curiosity of what lied behind the doors of her grandmother’s den could not hold her back. Especially being one who cherished books and fairytales, what could be behind those doors would lead Susan into a world she always dreamt of.

    “Come on Susan, your mother is out and your grandmother is taking a nap, they won’t know!” Margaret persuaded and Susan groaned.

    “Fine.” Susan threw her legs over the side of the bed as Margaret shot up 

    Susan and Margaret walked down the hallways of the large home, cocking their necks at every turn to be sure no no one knew of their whereabouts. The home felt so empty with each passing corridor, and the tall windows had their curtains drawn to keep the winter air away. The two girls turned the corner of the hallway to enter Susan’s grandmother’s wing of the home. Almost immediately could one see the large Kona dark wooden doors that led to a world unknown. Susan halted in her tracks and Margaret looked back as she had stepped ahead. 

    “Are you okay? Do you want to head back?” Margaret asked and Susan shook her head. Both girls could feel the error in their choices to be here.

    “I am just nervous, my heart is pounding in my ears.” Susan laughed unconfidently and Margaret sighed, trying to stay with the plan.

    “It is a library, not a death chamber.” Margaret grabbed on to Susan’s hand and pulled her friend towards the large dark stained wooden doors. As they approached the library, Margaret outstretched her hand to the door handle and pushed her hand down to open only to find a sturdy opposing force.

    “It’s locked!” Margaret groaned and Susan looked at her friend who was upset about the failed mission. But then fear ran through her veins when she heard the sound of a far too familiar snicker behind her.

    “Of course it’s locked, dear…” Susan and Margaret turned around to find the owner of the voice, “I wouldn’t leave my library open when I am not present. I may be old, but I am no fool.” 

    “Grandmother!” Susan exclaimed nervously to the elder woman, “I thought you were taking your afternoon nap!”

    “The universe has a funny way of working, doesn’t it girls?” Susan’s grandmother spoke and walked further to the girls, holding keys in her hand.

    “We weren’t meaning to be sneaky Grandmother, we were only curious.” Margaret spoke and Susan’s grandmother chuckled.

    “I suppose young girls' curiosities get the best of them.” Margaret watched as Susan’s grandmother took the key to the library and inserted it into the lock. “I suppose it is time to share a bit of my world with you.”

    Susan and Margaret watched as Susan’s grandmother pushed open the door, and the enchantment of how beautiful the library was struck the two girls. A scale so grand and modern. Books high up and two levels that overlooked below where a small dark wooden desk sat. Loose paper scattered across the desk with dull pencils nearby. Susan thought about the many days and almost nights her grandmother spent in her library and what on earth she must be studying.

    The three ladies walked further into the library and Margaret gasped in awe.

    “It’s so beautiful here.” Margaret sighed and Grandmother began to chuckle. 

    “It’s my life’s work in one place, a sacred thing. Something two mischievous girls should not be around.” Grandmother smiled at the girls who smiled back. 

    As the women slowly stepped further into the room, Susan’s gaze never retracted from the busy desk. Her eyes locked in on a very rubbish looking journal that sat open. Margaret and Grandmother carried on their conversation as Susan drifted off to the desk. She rounded the edges and dragged her fingertips along the dusty wood. Tilting her head to look at the journal clearly she saw a damaged old photograph of a young boy. Susan reached out to grab the small photograph and bring it closer to her eyes. He was standing not too far from the camera, it was hard to see the background but one thing that was clear was his smile. He had a beautiful almost breathtaking smile, it stole Susan’s breath for a mere minute. His hair, laying across his face, made it unable to see his eyes. But Susan could tell he was a gorgeous man. 

    “Grandmother,” Susan called out and looked at the photo one last time before she turned her attention to Margaret and her Grandmother, “who is this boy?”

    “Oh.” Grandmother’s voice hinted of sadness when she saw the photo, “his name is Felix. A young lad from many years ago.”

    Grandmother walked closer to Susan and Susan looked down at the journal that had been opened. 

    “Was he your friend?” Susan asked as she scanned over the words that were written in the journal. 

    Grandmother stood next to Susan and she sighed as Susan looked back at her grandmother.

    “He was not.” 

    “Then why do you have a photo of this boy? Who’s journal is this?” Susan carried on in her curious mind as her Grandmother began to sigh as Margaret walked over to Susan to look at the photo of the boy.

    “Inviting you into this room comes with the responsibility of telling you stories of years far before you.”

    “A love story?” Margaret asked simply and Susan looked at the journal that was lying on the desk. Tracing her fingers over it.

    “The journal belonged to a young maiden, who lived in this very home years ago.”

    “Tell us about her.” Susan reached over her grandmother’s hand and her grandmother sat in the chair at the desk as the two other girls sat on the floor staring up at Grandmother.

    London, 1898

    The streaks of the sun splashed on the skin, as you laughed. Picking your feet up and trying not to tumble in the large field as you two ran. Your vision, covered in the hues of green and yellow, matching the weeds on the ground and as you look down you saw a hand in yours. Gripping you in the most odd mixture of gentle and security, wanting you to be free and yet holding you near. His hand was the softest, skin almost an illusion for there were no imperfections. At the edge of his wrists sat the ruffles of his shirt, white and stained with dirt and sweat. You trailed your glass beaded eyes up the clothes arm that is pulling you into the fields. Once you came to the collar of his neck you admired the length of his blonde locks as they rested near his shoulder, blowing softly in the air. You heard his faint deep chuckle and he turned softly to the side to take a glimpse of you. You saw his eyes connect with yours, feeling the intense spark fuel you and almost stole your breath. If this was love, you never wanted anything less.

    If this.. was..

    The deep rich smell of smoke ran through your nostrils as you fluttered your eyes open to the small lit candle resting on your night stand. The sharp light of the morning sun struck the room as Adelaide, your maiden, drew the curtains for you.

    “Good morning Milady” Adelaide spoke cheerfully as she pulled in the window to lock. You peeped at her and smiled as you rose up and yawned.

    Your day typically always began at 7:30am. Adelaide was no stranger to being on time, especially during weeks like this. 

    “Good morning Adelaide. How did you rest?” You asked as Adelaide grabbed a pitcher of water and walked over to your bedside where a large bowl had been placed. Rosemary leaves had been placed at the bottom and you watched Adelaide pour the hot water over, feeling the steam hit your face and sighed in pleasure.

    “I rested well, thank you. Did you sleep well with everything going on?” 

    Adelaide walked behind you and went to grab the toothbrush and can of homemade soap and sat it down near the bathing rack.

    “I tried at least.” You mumbled as you watched Adelaide keep moving to finish her morning duties.

    “It isn’t an easy week I suppose. I will go and fetch your cup of tea this morning while I let you freshen up on your own.” Adelaide smiled at you as she made her way out your door and you went back to freshen up.

    You grabbed the towel and soaked in it the water as you felt the warmth of the water relax you. Squeezing the excess water off the towel, you pulled the sleeve of your undergarment and wiped the skin.

    Adelaide’s reminder of what this week meant for you was excruciating. For the past five years you had known this day would eventually come, but you had always hoped that if you had believed hard enough, it would never come. Time could pause and you could live happily.

    You grabbed your hair and bent down to lay it in the water as you coated your hair in the warm liquid. You heard Adelaide’s footsteps approaching the door and you squeezed the water off your hair. 

    “Your mother is awake.”

    You rolled your eyes in annoyance “Lovely. How does she seem?”

    “Refreshed.” Adelaide shook her head in a sad way to you. 

    You turned to her quickly, “Is it too late to run away? You wouldn’t say anything, would you?”

    “You know I wouldn’t.” Adelaide grabbed your hands, squeezing them.

    “Where to run is the issue.” You sighed and looked at yourself in the mirror. 

    “Would you run to the states?”

    “It would be fun. Imagine working and making my own money. Choosing my own life. Anything would be a more rewarding life than this. To be brought up to wed and bear children? To have a mind for everyone else besides your own?” You went on as you fumbled with your fingers as Adelaide began to help you stand to dress. Slipping your garments off as she helped you step into your gown.

    “It’s the idea of feeling free, to do what I want, not what others want of me.” You continued as Adelaide turned you around and pulled the strings of your corset.

    “To bear a day where I dress myself” You mumbled to yourself and Adelaide puked in the strings tighter making you yelp as she laughed.

    “Are you stating that you do not want me to dress you?” She smiled and you sighed as she finished.

    “It is your job to do so, but you were created for more do you not think?” You turned around to face Adelaide and she shrugged a bit.

    “I suppose. I enjoy my job and I have a place to sleep and eat.” She softly said and you bit your lip in agreement.

    “I will head down while I give you time to awake.” She smiled and began to head for the door.

    “Thank you Adelaide.” You smiled as you turned to the mirror. 

    “My lady” you heard Adelaide call out one more time.

    “Yes? “

    “I know this is a difficult week and things may not be the way you want them to, but know that I will always be by your side, as you are for me.” 

    With that Adelaide left you to be alone in the room. Her words made you sad and yet filled with content. Marriage wasn’t a plan you had set yourself up for. It wasn’t something you wanted. You craved the feeling of being loved by someone not because of status and wealth, but because they say you and all your flaws. But you held a responsibility as the eldest, as your father’s daughter, to do what is necessary for the family and for your country.

    But your mind drifted back to your dream. The boy. A man so unfamiliar but you felt as if you’d known him for years. Your heart ached feeling like you had fallen for an image of a man, created by your mind. But it felt real, he felt so real to you. 

    A knock at the door brought you back to reality as you cleared your throat. “Come in!”

    “Milady, your mother is requesting you for breakfast.” Adelaide peeked in as you looked at her and nodded in understanding.

    As the door shut you turned to the mirror and took a deep breath in.

    “Be strong, Y/N.” 

    The halls of the home were long and made one weary as they strolled down. Your heart panicked with the unwanted anticipation that waited beyond the doors to the dining room. You could smell the aroma of the feast that called for you, already knowing that your mother has planned a rather larger gathering than you were expecting. Closer and closer as you approached you heard the laughter of people you knew the sounds of and once you reached the door that was guarded by your family's security men, you saw the faces of those you wished to not see.

    “OH! My darling! The bride to be, you look marvelous this morning! Just GLOWING!” Your mother exclaimed and wrapped her arms around you squeezing you tightly in a hug. 

    “Good..morning.. mama..” you tried to choked out as you were wrapped in her tight embrace. She pulled back and tidied up your dress and hair. 

    “Beautiful as ever.” She smiled and you half smiled back before you noticed your father and your future in laws chatting a bit behind.

    “Father, Sir Thomas and Mrs. Thomas, what a lovely surprise. I was not aware you would be joining us this morning.” You courtesy politely to them.

    “Oh dear please, call me Lois.” Mrs. Thomas outstretched her hand to you, waving to tell you to stop your courtesy. You lifted your gaze to your future in laws and then to your father who was smiling at you in a sense of pride.

    “I wasn’t aware you’d be back to join us this week, sir.” You quaked our to your father who smiled.

    “I couldn’t miss my daughter’s wedding. Sir Thomas and I came back for the engagement ball tonight and the ceremony this weekend.” Your father spoke as he turned to his elder and you smiled softly in understanding.

    This marriage wasn’t for you. It was for them. To raise your father’s rank by providing a woman to wed the son of the Field Marshall. An eligible bachelor that many women would have died for and yet you have known him your whole life. This arrangement has been in motion your whole life. 

    “Is Gregory here?” You asked in more of a trembling tone. Mrs. Thomas chuckled a bit.

    “Oh she’s nervous. Yes dear, he should be back soon.”

    You mentally rolled your eyes as you had a keen feeling where your loving fiancé could be. You smiled and pulled a chair from the dining room table. 

    “Please sit, Lois.” You offered as Mrs. Thomas sat.

    You walked over to your mother where you reached out to grab a chair and one of the servant lads grabbed it before you.

    “Here, Milady.” The man said and you looked at him and smiled. 

    “Thank you James.” You whispered as he smiled softly to you, his dark hair falling towards his face. Sitting down you watched as the servant lads went to through the kitchen doors to grab the meal for the morning.

    You knew it wasn’t normal for the young lady in the house to know the names of all you served, but you did. You never looked at the workers as being below you, they were people who deserved respect. So you treated them as such, like a friend. Like Adelaide, who is only a ladies maid but she is your closest friend.

    You heard the sound of a child laughing running to the dining room as you saw your mother exhale frustratingly. Soon the young girl ran into the dining room, hair a mess and her dress not tightened. Barely had her shoe in her foot with a stocking while the other foot was bare. You giggled to yourself as the young girl ran past your mother who tried to fetch her and you heard Adelaide’s voice from afar.


    Clarissa halted in front of you and you smiled at her, “Good morning y/n!” 

    You embraced your young sister and kissed the top of her head as she pulled back and you noticed Adelaide had entered the kitchen standing next to your mother who was fuming.

    “Now Clarissa, what did I tell you about your morning routine?” You started and Clarissa sighed and looked down at her feet.

    “To respect Ms. Adelaide’s request and help.” Clarissa mumbled and you smiled gracefully.

    “That is correct, now run along back to your room to finish your routine so that way you can join us for breakfast.” You ruffled her hair a bit as she looked up at you in admiration, smiling before turning back to Adelaide and retreating to her room.

    “AND she’s good with children, oh dear, imagine.” Ms Thomas exclaimed to her husband implying a future where you would bear her grandchildren. You smiled most uncomfortably at the thought.

    “Oh Gregory is here!” Your head snapped to the left side of the room as you spotted the man who you had to wed in a weeks time. His skin was flushed but glowed at the same time as you noticed his hair was a tad bit ruffed up. He wore his military uniform and presented himself in a poised matter. He was attractive, you could not betray that your eyes enjoyed the sight of him. But his heart was not as beautiful. You knew where his intentions were and were completely aware that they had been four inches deep in another woman just now. 

    “I hope I am not late,” Gregory began as he turned to you and played his act most perfectly, “how honored am I to have the most beautiful fiancé,” 

    Gregory spoke as he walked towards you and you stood from your chair to greet the man as he rushed quickly. “No need to stand my love, you have all waited long enough,”  he turned his attention to a servant lad, “Boy! Bring us the food at once!” 

    Gregory sat next to you as you watched him. The smell of sweat and perfume reeked off his hair and neck and it made you boil with disgust. He looked at you for a moment and smiled. His orbs shined a sinful mixture of blue and grey as his dark strands of hair laid on his head miraculously well. He was a painted god, a devil in disguise as you knew. 

    “You look beautiful.” He whispered close before placing a burning kiss to your cheek and you smiled at him.

    The background noise of your elders conversing and the aromas of the food being brought out caught your attention. You took hold of the glass of water that sat across you as you took a sip from it. You felt the presence of a servant lad behind you as he placed your plate in front of you. You swallowed the water as you looked up to the boy and smiled.

    “Thank you Langston. Do you mind grabbing a simpler plate for Clarissa as well? Oh! And some juice instead of tea?” You requested and the servant lad smiled and nodded.

    “Will do Milady.” He said as he retreated back to the kitchen. 

    You looked down at the plate, loaded with eggs, beans, ham, bacon, fish, and bread. There were sweeter treats placed in the middle of the table for all to share. This was typical, this meal was typical. You knew that there were less fortunate people in the country and you were living in a world full of the rich and selfish. 

    That’s why you cared for the workers here. You saw the world differently than your family. You didn’t want life to be handed to you but rather felt pride when you worked hard for the things you wanted. That’s why this marriage was something you loathed. Gregory’s status and your father’s would blossom. More money, more luxurious parties, more of everything. The price to pay was your hand. You knew it wasn’t uncommon for some women to wed a man they do not love. But you wanted to fall in love. Something Gregory could not provide you.

    You came from your thoughts when you heard the sound of Clarissa’s heeled shoes running towards the room once more. She was in a much better state than before and she hurried next to you as you and a servant lad helped her into her seat.

    “Thank you Harry, but I can handle it from here!” Clarissa stated as a matter of fact and you giggled looking up at Harry who laughed a bit. 

    “I can’t believe you all started eating without me!” Clarissa exclaimed at you crossing her arms.

    “I had to request that the kitchen make you something special! I haven’t started eating quite yet.” You leaned to her and she smiled as she rolled her eyes. Before the both of you knew it, you saw a small hand with a plate of food placed in front of Clarissa with a side of freshly squeezed orange juice. 

    “Here you are milady.” 

    The voice of the lad hit a nerve in you that rushed your blood cold and skin so hot.. It was a deep, husky, charming voice. Something that could scare you but in a stranger way made you feel safe. Clarissa smiled at the boy and you took the opportunity to look up at him to thank him. But your eyes were met in a sudden pause to reality. 

    Hair a soft pale blonde, skin soft to the look and to be more when touched. All you could see was the side of his face as he retreated away. Much like the dream this morning. Much like the boy you saw in your mind. 

    Your heart beat was pounding in your ears as you fell completely in awe as the boy retreated back into the kitchen. You didn’t know him and you knew everyone in this home. Was he real? Was that the boy? Is your mind playing tricks on you? All you knew was that your body felt on fire, but your heart was aching. Who was that boy?


    Your mind snapped back to where you were again, and all eyes on the table were on you. You looked at your mother who had called your name.


    “Love, are you alright? You look like you have seen a ghost?” Your mother exclaimed and you inhaled deeply to yourself remembering what you just witnessed and felt and you thought to yourself.

    I might have just did.

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    Author’s Note: Hello everyone, after a much needed hiatus I have returned with my second series! I know I am posting on a Friday but I will be posting on Thursdays as usual!  Also THANK YOU for 400+ Followers!!! I am genuinely shocked by the love I have received from all of you! I am so excited for our new journey together and I can't wait to read your responses!! With love- KMY

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    okay so it’s been a while since i posted, but i’m back and i’m thinking about felix. okay so, i know we have all seen the mullet he has going and i-

    it’s stuck in my head. because the first time i saw it my brain just,,, i wanna braid his hair. LIKE IT WOULD LOOK SO PRETTY. so anyways yea i was thinking about that and then i was like, what’s cuter than felix with braids. the answer is braids with flowers in them, you know like how rapunzel has her hair in tangled, with the flowers all in the plait. yes i just wanna sob because flower felix is so, yea.

    so yea imagine just being sat with him, in a park, i’m picturing like a flower garden (in my head i am seeing the rose garden in hyde park because it is gorgeous there) and yea he has his head on your lap and you are just running your hands though his hair and he is just giggling completely blissed out, kissing your wrist whenever your hand slides down his neck to reach the ends of his hair. and then you have an idea and ask him to sit up. you already have a small bundle of flowers that you picked earlier and you get to work braiding them into your hair while felix is all giggly because you are so mf cute braiding his hair with flowers for him. and then once you are done,,, this man looks mf ethereal. and he just squeals when he sees his hair because he loves it and literally tackles you, showing your face with kisses.

    anyways yea maybe i’m going a little feral in isolation but omg my heart,,, felix pls love me <3

    #lee felix#lee yongbok#felix #stray kids fluff #stray kids headcanons #stray kids x reader #stray kids smut #stray kids imagines #stray kids#skz #skz x reader #skz fluff#skz smut#skz imagines#skz felix#felix headcanons#felix fluff#felix smut #felix x reader #felix x y/n #felix x you
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    (200802) felix ♡ dream concert
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    felix on bubble “i saved this photo to show to you y/n”
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    Felix GW KOREA wallpapers

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