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  • Lost In Time

    My soul is but a candle set to sea.

    It may never return back to me.

    Not aflame, not burning brisk.

    Why does everything feel so hopeless?

    I still await,

    For my prime -

    Least thy wither time through breath,

    Beckons the clock chime…

    Nothing’s there,

    Nothing wrong,

    What is reality?

    Who was I? I ask to my past.

    My past replied, “I don’t know, Who are you?”

    I replied ever so deeply, “I haven’t a clue.”

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    Damn seeing all these amazing albums coming out makes me feel like I should return to music again. But it’s weird without the band and I never thought of going solo. Congrats girl, on both the album and the role in Phantom of the opera. Wished I could have seen it.


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  • Do you ever get that feeling like you could leave a conversation and nobody would notice? Kinda feeling like that in my life lately. I could walk out on a lot of stuff right now.

    #this isn't a suicide thing #just feeling a lot of emotions #a lot of being left behind #left out #chose second or last or not at all
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  • So I’m in like,,, a pretty weird mood

    Like, I’m having one of those super hyper highs while being really tired and sad, but at the exact same time I’m overly excited

    Also I saw something that two of my best friends we’re doing that I was left out of and I can’t tell if I feel upset because I was left out or if I’m feeling jealous, but either way I’m being selfish.

    Anyways, does anyone else have those kinds.of moods frequently?

    #anxiety#whoops#oops#mental health#mood#emotions#jealous#jealousy#left out#friends#friendship#upset#hyper#sad#weird #had to talk guys #I had a weird ball of emotion in my throat #it sort of hurt and I would have blown if I didn't do something #I'm going to go hug a pillow #please answer#thanks guys#doctor#pyschiatrist
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  • Is anyone else the one in your social group who always gets dragged along to do boring shit like go to the post office or something because the person doesn’t wanna go alone but then isn’t even considered for an invite when something actually fun comes up?

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  • #jordan pruitt #outside looking in #outcast#left out#isolated #lonley and friendless
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  • Things I’ve missed out on because of my ed:

    • Lunch dates with friends
    • Family gathering
    • Birthdays
    • Christmas dinners
    • Thanksgiving
    • A healthy relationship with food
    • Learning new things in the nutritional units
    • A normal childhood
    • My favorite foods
    • Getting treats with my sisters

    And obviously a lot more but this is a starter, feel free to add on your personal bulletpoints

    #eating disoder things #just ana tingz #rexi#ana#ana tips#calories#eating desorders#ed#ed memes#mia#left out #skinny by 2020 #skinny for chistmas #skinny#weight plateau#lose weight#thinspo
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  • Feeling left out….

    Ok so I literally never post anything on here but I needed a place to vent and what better place than this??

    I’m 27 weeks pregnant and honestly, I’m hating every minute of it. The pregnant part is fine but everything else?!…not so much

    Everyone is excluding me from things and I feel so alone. I brought it up to my S/O and he made me feel as though I was overreacting. How I feel is how I feel and I cannot believe he had the audacity to tell me it’s in my best interest.

    I just need everyone to stop worrying about my health and what THEY think is best for me. I can handle myself and I can make my own decisions about what is best and how much I can handle.

    I’m genuinely not a social person so for me to actually feel as though I’ve been left behind and that I’m lonely is a HUGE deal to me. I just wish people understood.

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  • Outcast

    There’s this someone

    Someone who’s cheerful but can’t blend

    She’s sweet but moody

    And mysterious but trustworthy

    She’s so tired of being sad

    Don’t know if that would make her mad

    She’s so tired of hating the way she look

    For she is nothing but a complete mook

    She’s trying her best to fit in

    Seems like there’s no use, she won’t win

    She only want to feel at ease

    But technically, people are too hard to please.

    Having plenty of friends was a waste of time

    So sad, they can’t even trust her

    Despite those many years of being together

    She thought she is only a bluff

    She thought, she is not good enough.

    She feel so lonely, so sad, and lost

    Sometimes, she feel like she’s a ghost

    But do you know what hurts her the most?

    It is being left out and being ignored.

    She isn’t ordinary, not average, not boring

    It’s just that others are just plainly choosy and demanding

    I must say we have the same story,

    What a shame, what a pity

    But it turns out this girl, this girl was me

    I can’t escape from the reality

    No matter how hard as it could be

    Maybe this is really my destiny

    An outcast and a nobody.

    -Hanna Edurise, 2019 (HUMSS 12)

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  • I pick myself up just to watch myself fall…

    #falling #pick u up #fake smile#falling apart #i’m not okay #done#im done#left out#sad#anxiety#deppression#loner#antisocial #suffer in silence #heartbreak#listen #let it sink in #in my feels tonight #big mood#current mood #they dont understand #no idea
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  • I’ve always thought standing out would be better than fitting in but tbh nowadays idk anymore.

    Fitting in makes me feel insecure and weak. However standing out makes me feel unapproachable and alone.

    Is it just me or am I the only one with this struggle?


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  • The world exists outside
    Pavements dozing under a thousand footsteps
    City lights blooming bright
    flashing their sequin shine
    in a hurry to blur the human eye
    concealing starlight
    Roads swallowing streams of noise
    The city is alive
    under the canopy of midnight velvet
    the dreams of a sleepless sky
    A soul would warm itself in the night
    another would heave cold sighs
    The darkness would die as the dawn arrives
    as the world exists outside

    The moon will set
    it’s milky white breath
    would fade in the morning light
    Seeds would open
    sprouting leaves in motion
    Nature would rise into life
    Souls would wake
    ripples caressing the lake
    the ocean would glide with its tide
    Bees sing in their hives
    a worthy life to live by
    in the world that exists outside

    Here I lie
    in my silent space
    with my lone and unmet gaze
    Nursing my wounds
    scrubbing my purple bruise
    smothering my youthful days
    Stitches to seal
    Band-aids to heal
    Catching the wildest of sun rays
    The world outside
    is a reverie in the mind
    Life slowly drifting away

    The infinity lies
    with its thousand skies
    trapped inside the walls of my head
    A beating heart
    a cage to tear the wings apart
    give me the blood and the rust instead
    The sun to rise
    My torn soul to fly outside
    The fire to burn bright red
    The pulse on my skin
    life, a patient flow within
    my hope still lives undead.

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  • So Donald omitted part of his Corruption phone call transcript with the president of the Ukraine.

    Not surprised.

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  • It happened again. I didn’t think it would happen here at uni but it did and once again I log onto social media and see all my friends at a party I didn’t get an invite to.

    I don’t know if it’s worse that they forgot about me or didn’t want me there.

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  • I would be so happy to talk. I would gladly answer any question and listen to any story. I could smile from ear to ear.

    But I’m just invisible. It’s so painful when people don’t look at you. I don’t feel like myself.

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  • #mine#depression#anxiety #feeling left out #left out #can you see me? #i miss my brother
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  • “Pwede ba tayo dito sa obem?”

    “Yeah, of course, why?”

    “Then why is her face like that?”

    i was just surprised, n really shy, unsure if i should go or turn back, bc half of the people there dont know me, and the other half don’t like me

    god why am i so ugly

    #i need to finish on time n get out of here #i hate it here #ive no friends left #theyre all leavimg #i cant leave #im so out of place
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  • one day im going to loose all my followers for shitposting

    #i.....actually had a nightmare abt this #IOADSIASDJAS.. #i said something stupid & all my followers just left #◜     💥     out of character       →       katsuki bakugou stole my heart     ◞ #do i eat...........do i sleep.........or do i suffer? #its option c fellas
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