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  • the-night-writer1
    27.11.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #red son of the dead au #lego monkie kid #lego monkie kid au #monkie kid
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  • kai-keda
    27.11.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    My name is Sun Wukong, King of Kings;

    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare

    The lone and level sands stretch far away.






    #lmk sun wukong #lego Monkie kid #lmk#meme #the image of that pic showing up after the look on my works ye mighty and despair #line was really funny #and it wouldn’t leave me alone #so here #the latter half of the ozymandias poem #with me trying to be funny
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  • instagozilah
    27.11.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    bouquet she had to build by herself, but no water required 💐 . . . #lego#bouquet #legoplants #flower#plant#bricks#legomania #legofan (at Brooklyn, New York) https://www.instagram.com/p/CWwto7Ntj3L/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • hisui-no-senshi
    27.11.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    why is my phone more accepting of me than my own mother tf

    #no this is not projection i promise /s - mod forrest #ninjago#lego ninjago#lloyd ninjago#lloyd garmadon
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  • mr-nauseam
    27.11.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I used to think that Livanov Holmes' version had the best HOUND adaptation but then I discovered the legos movie 👁👄👁

    #this a joke #but at the same time no #I mean russian's version is still my favorite #I adore to Solomin a lot in that movie and I really really love their Sir Henry and my god Stapleton #BUT the movie in legos is fucking great #the creator have so much talent #amazing things that I discover in discord servers #john watson#sherlock holmes#dr watson #the hound of the baskervilles #lego #old russian holmes #russian holmes#russian watson#vasily livanov#vitaly solomin#lego holmes#lego watson#SH-IKA
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  • legoloft
    27.11.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Medieval Metropolis https://www.flickr.com/photos/164955516@N06/51707211345/

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  • the-night-writer1
    27.11.2021 - 36 minutes ago
    #red son of the dead au #lego monkie kid #lego monkie kid au #monkie kid#lmk mk #lmk red son #lmk dbk#lmk pif#lmk wukong
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  • hiphopcherrrypop
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    their outfits in the city of lanterns set are soso cute i had to doodle them

    #monkie kid #monkie kid fanart #lego monkie kid #lego monkie kid fanart #lmk#lmk fanart #MK monkie kid #qi xiaotian #mei monkie kid #long xiaojiao #im so excited for s3...... #i seriously cant wait til it comes out #the sets have me so hyped!!
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  • permo2003
    26.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So... This explains why red son does not appear in any of the new sets??


    #lego monkie kid spoilers #monkie kid spoilers #For those of you who don't know Eric works at Flying Bark #lego monkie kid
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  • skellebonez
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #monkie kid #lego monkie kid #sandy#theory
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  • yodawgiheardyoulikemecha
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "Rascal" R-Type


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  • gay-gay-monkie-kid-gay
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I feel like everyone is saying that the skull macaque monkie are going to fight wukong but what if they dont.

    #lmk #lego monkie kid
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  • chthonicshipping
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ,,,if I ever get back into my old main hyperfixation from middle school it's over for you hoes

    #u thought me bein in love with cookies was bad? i used to be in love with LEGOS #sci speaks
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  • balerionthedead
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I was thinking about Cladistics and then I was thinking about the serpentine and now I’m trying to work out how a phylogenetic tree would work with the serpentine. Like, are the different tribes considered breeds or species? There’s enough genetic variation for them to be considered separate species but that just makes more questions. Like, what would be the serpentine common ancestor? Is it the Devourer or was there a great snake that came before her? Even weirder question, did serpentine common ancestor have legs like real world snakes did?? I think that’d be funny. Imagine Pythor but with a set of legs assdkjdk that’s so cursed.

    I have so many questions about the serpentine and I’m just never going to get answers.

    #need to stop applying real world biology to lego snakes #but at the same time I like biology and I like the serpentine #as if real world cladistics wasn’t painful enough #I wouldn’t classify the maaray as serpentine tho #like they’re retextured pyrovipers and lego got lazy with them but they’re obviously eel-based #it’s in the name maaray sounds like moray but with flair #so they’re not really serpentine because eels are fish not reptiles #I need to stop rambling #I’ll go now bye bye
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  • zehecatl
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    you know, considering Wukong spent 500 years stuck under a mountain, with one of his only stimuli being pain (being stuck under a mountain must hurt, plus that’s not even mentioning the whole ‘being fed molten lava’ thing), i feel like Wukong would have an absolutely fucked up relationship with pain, and affection?

    like. 500 years. that’s such a long time to be stuck with one feeling, and it was likely constant. no way to escape it, so i can’t imagine he wouldn’t eventually just. become numb to it?

    plus, any kind of soft touch would likely feel so weird after that. so would he even let anyone close like that? would he even be okay with it? can you imagine, Wukong who used to relish attention, who’d curl up with his monkeys just because, who’d fall asleep in a pile of them, soft and warm and secure, and then after that- after 600 years of nothing but pain, the mere idea of any of that makes him want to tear at his skin

    like just. 500 years. 500 years stuck under a mountain, alone, with nothing but two earth spirits there to feed him molten lava and iron pellets, like there is no way he came out of that okay

    #lego monkie kid #i'm going insane #i cannot figure out if 'feeling little to no pain' is actually accurate to jttw but honestly- #maybe it's just him being used to pain. what's a little beheading compared to five hundred years of torture?
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  • ninjas-that-go
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    finally some good bald rep <3

    #ninjago#lego ninjago#master wu#wu ninjago #ty ninjago wiki for my life and also one of the funniest fucking images #i am constantly set back by the fact that ibis doesn’t have impact font for some reason
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  • crimson-cring-art
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A Flower in the Emperor’s Palace

    Chapter 13

    Normal Life

    Credit to @dannydarzuski for commissioning my story


        A few hours later Hangi and Chappo, Wukongs personal butler, had everything placed into their respectful rooms. Hangi looked over his mistress's room and realized just what sort of life she must have led as a child. From the long spear on the wall to the small straw doll on her bed. Even the tiny paw print on the wall near her bed. 

    He wondered if she knew how to fight? Unless the spear was just for looks. An ornament? At least that's what he thought until he saw the impressions on the handle. They were small fingers, as if for a child. His heart went out to her wondering just what hardships she had to endure over the years out of his majesty's eyes. 

    Placing a thin blanket onto the bed he placed Ming Yue’s journal and quill onto the nightstand he didn’t change the room much. Although he wanted to put all her things out for her. Okay perhaps another pillow...he just didn’t want her to feel that he was trying to change her childhood room into something more lavish. He knew she liked things this way. 

    Chappo however looked over the High Emperor’s room and realized just how hoe hum it was. A single bed, a small ten by ten room, and there was even a god from another religion on the wall. Just what were they getting into with an empress from a totally different religion? Buddha would be disappointed in them. But...that seemed to be normal coming from Wukong. He certainly liked to piss people off. 

    With a pillow on the bed and a blanket over the food of the bed he left the rest the way it was. Wukong was trying to impress the parents not to take the house. If he wanted to take over he would have. He definitely had the army to do it. 

    Wukong sipped the coco tea as he sat back. The lemon pie all but eaten save for one slice that was said would be for the father upon his return. It was remarkably sweeter than he thought it was going to be. It still had a lovely tart taste to it, but it was a good flavor. One he hopped Ming Yue ventured upon their return. He wouldn’t mind her giving the recipe to the kitchen for a once and a while treat for them. It would be a lovely memory for them. 

        Mostly Wukong looked around the room. Many different rugs, and furniture that looked hand made adorned the room. He loved the colors, it looked as if they were done with reds and browns in mind. 

        He turned to look back at Ming Yue who was slowly finishing off her pie. Her mother lightly spoke to her about small things that had happened while they were gone. One of them was a small flood that invaded the lower lying valley. Luckily the homes were in the trees down that way. So no one was hurt. 

    “Ming Yue told me you grow your own food. How much do you grow?” He inquired while sipping the tea and smiled. Ming Yue smiled knowing this is a strong point in their culture. They grew their own food, and they were very proud of being self-sufficient. 

    The cold glare her mother gave to him was anything short of stoick. She slowly sipped her tea as she turned her attention back to Ming Yue. 

    “I uh...well Ming Yue has been growing food for our kitchen at the palace. She didn’t have to as we have our own fields. She just likes to do things for others.” Wukong said proudly. Clara just smiled and patted her daughter's hand proudly as well. 

    “Look at my little doll. Trying to start her own garden. She’s always done so well in the fields. But I worry that she works too much, and doesn’t get enough to eat.” She shot Wukong another glare as she wiggled her finger at him. “I hope you haven’t been taking advantage of her.” 

    “Quite the contrary. Our fair leader has ensured that she takes breaks, eats well, and sleeps when she is supposed to. Although...I have caught her out of bed some nights in the garden.” Hangi said as he poured more tea for them. Clara looked almost shocked and looked at Ming Yue. 

    “This is Mr. Han Gi. He’s my personal butler.” Ming Yue told her mother. Clara looked up at Hangi and cleared her throat. 

    “Just as long as she also gets the chance to do her own thing. I’d hate for her to get too complacent in people doing her work for her.” Sipping her tea and throwing Wukong another glare. He looked incredibly uncomfortable. 

    The sound of the front door opening and heavy foot falls could be heard. Wukong turned to see a large gray male standing in the doorway to the room. Both Hangi and Chappo bowed respectfully as he was suspected to be the owner of the home. 

    Wukong sized the male up, the clothing he wore looked dirty from working in the fields, he had sweat and dirt on his face. His hands looked worn and used from years and years toiling the fields. There were holes in the knees of his pants, and his feet even looked to be worn down as well. His claws were so short they probably would have needed help to climb a tree. Although to him he didn’t look as angry about his existence as Clara had. 

    “¡Ah, mi bebé ha vuelto!” He called out while walking over, kissing Ming Yue’s forehead. He seemed like a kind hearted monkey and looked as if he were going to hug Ming Yue. At least until Clara announced Wukongs presence. 

    “Honey, this is Ming Yue’s Fiance`” The male turned to look over Wukong and smiled, clapping his hand while shaking it. Wukong couldn’t help but smile, at least he was kind. Unlike Clara who looked as if they were going to take his head off, and then her mates.

    “Well hello there. Good to see you two made it here in a timely manner and safe as well. She seems to be happy too, healthy as well. Perhaps a bit more muscle in those arms.” He chuckled, patting Ming Yue’s arms. Ming Yue blushed and pulled away from her father. Her father just laughed. Of course it was just a dad joke to embarrass her in front of her soon to be husband. 

    “I’m Sun Wukong.” Wukong introduced himself. The father smiled and nodded. 

    “I am Fernao. If you haven’t noticed all of Ming Yue’s good looks come from me.” Fernao laughed, clapping Wukong on the back. 

    “Querido, necesita pasar por las pruebas.” Clara announced. Fernao’s face broke into a smirk as he looked at Wukong as he crossed his arms. 

    A very tiny shoe hit his head. He didn’t flinch much, but the point was driven in. He needed to ensure that these trials were good. He of course had some ideas as to what he should do. 

    Both Ming Yue, and Wukong looked at each other as the shoe hit the fathers head. They looked at each other, and Wukong asked in hushed tones. 

    “Is that normal?” 

    “Sometimes...it's what women do here to get their point across. I’ve had that shoe on my backside a few times.” So it was a discipline measure? 

    “I hope I don’t get that…” Wukong whispered as he turned to look at the mother as she pointed out that work still needed to be done while Wukong was there. No excuses. The other shoe was in her hand. 

    Wukong seemed a bit uncomfortable about it and cleared his throat. 

    “Sweetheart, I think you are scaring our guest.” Fernao whispered. Clara turned to look at the look on Wukongs face. She just scoffed and turned back to Ming Yue. 

    "Though I do believe a husband should be put to the test, I also believe that they shouldn't have to do all the work. Especially if my husband can be lazy." Fernao flinched, but chuckled knowing his wife was just making sure he continued to do his work properly. 

    “One must be able to help when they can. Although, as much as my wife wishes for me, I am getting old.” He sighed and looked at his wife. “We won’t be around forever. It is one of the many reasons why we wanted Ming Yue to find someone. Not only would they be able to help, but the children. Securing our families legacy and the stability of the village. It would be lovely to hear the sound of tiny paws again.” Clara’s went from glaring to almost soft. Yes they were getting old, and they wanted what was best for the village and their daughter. Plus whatever children may come. 

    “You’re so like your father.” 

    “So how many children are you two planning on having?” Fernao asked with the biggest smile on his face. The other shoe hit his head. 


        There was a harsh growl coming from Wukongs room. Two guards stood outside to ensure that no one interrupted the general. Things flew around the room. Clothing and papers pittered the floor. 

    The cabinets within the bathroom were now bare, and the floor was littered with their contents. Macaque strode into the sitting area of the room. Pulling down books. Reading the titles and ripping pages out. He was obviously pissed off about something. 

    He reached out, picking up something from the large bookshelf. The name struck him, knowing the man was a magical scientist. He skimmed the pages. His eyes flashed a purple color.

    “ Lao Tzu...a one horned bull demon, a diamond tipped spear, and a furnace that can incinerate...anything? Now this...sounds promising.” He closed the book and made for the door opening it. He looked at the maids who were waiting. 

    “I found what the emperor needed. Clean that up.” He ordered as he walked down the hallway. The biggest smile stretched across his face. His rival would soon be at his knees begging for his life.

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