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  • vampcocoabydusk
    27.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    I’d like to explain that Blood Eclipse and Blossoming Wars are different alternatives of the LMK universe. Blood Eclipse has more cyberpunk themes while Blossoming Wars(hopefully) is less cyberpunk, preferably steampunk or Akita: Battle Angel themed. HOWEVER, it’s still in the show universe soooo I’m still figuring things out.

    OCs from Blood Eclipse are not in Blossoming Wars! So Marisol, Artemis, and Camellia are NOT part of Blossoming Wars lore. They’re strictly in Blood Eclipse lore. Blossoming Wars will have a different storyline and different OCs.

    Ships are different for the AUs as well as familial/platonic relationships.

    I’m still trying to write Blood Eclipse but I’ll take a break and do Blossoming Wars before I stop and TRY to do Ninjago stuff.

    #lego monkie kid #lego ninjago#lmk au #monkie kid au #au: blossoming wars #au: blood eclipse #lmk ocs#lmk ships#dusktalks
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  • iannbfyt
    27.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Someone who has never watched Ninjago please caption this image

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  • transtitaniumninja
    27.01.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    so this is the first time i’ve ever seen an emotional scene play out through the use of vore

    #i.e. movie lloyd telling garmadon all that emotional stuff while garmadon is… inside the cats stomach i guess #vore canon in lego ninjago movie universe??? #ninjago#lego ninjago
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  • e-ninjago-su-time
    27.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Same this and-

    #lego ninjago#cole brookstone#nya smith#jay walker #ninjago season 3 #ninjago season 4
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  • yells-of-the-not-so-danged
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    NINJAGO ( mainly fsm family)HEADCANONS BB!!

    - lloyd volunteers at cat shelter; he and the cats cry whenever he has to leave

    - the FSM is the perfect 50/50 dragon and oni mix, wu is 70% dragon and 30% oni, garmadon is 70% oni and 30% dragon, and Lloyd is 30% human, 30% dragon, and 40% oni.

    - garmadon, wu, and lloyd can't donate/ receive blood transfusions

    - wu and garm don't have a bio mom, the FSM one day just thought it would be neat to have kids and just made em'

    - garmadon used to play a game called 'is it yogert or is it shampoo'.

    - wu would always lose. he hates that game.

    - garmadon eats shampoo like a FREAK

    - ask about his opinion on sunscreen

    - kai is secretly the kai that goes to my sister's school who shela hates because he called shela's sister a bitch

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  • randomfandomdork
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Art dump for a plasmashipping au I've never even mentioned here before

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  • anonymous-blanket
    27.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Lets talk about Vex...

    !!SPOILERS FOR SEASON ELEVEN OF NINJAGO!! !!TW: Mentions of Death, Mass Murder, and Enslavement. If any of those trigger you please scroll past. ------- (Note: I am going off of my recollection of Season Eleven, and the Ninjago wiki. If my facts aren't all straight, please lmk respectfully ^^) So. In my opinion, Vex is by far the darkest ninjago villain that we have seen so far (I have not seen season 15 yet, and I skipped season 12, so I don't have anything to say about either of those villains) followed by The Skull Sorcerer, Nadakhan, and then the Chen/Clouse duo.

    When I say darkest, I don't mean evilest. Pure evil would be evil just for the sake of being evil, and we have the Overlord for that. No, when I mean darkest, I'm talking about which villain is the most....well, dark. Which villain just makes your skin crawl the most due to how fucked up they are. That's what I mean by dark.

    So, lets start off by talking about his various war crimes.

    So, lets start off with his treatment of Zane, one of the most beloved characters in the entire community. Upon learning of Zane's ice power, he was willing to go out of his way to obtain them in whatever way possible. He then made Zane lose all of his memories, and manipulated him into becoming the Ice Emperor, who then went on to commit atrocities that Zane would never even think of doing, even in his darkest of thoughts. He took Zane, the kindhearted, heroic, and lovable Zane, and turned him into an evil dictator emperor.

    Now, lets talk about what happened after that.

    I do not blame Zane for anything that happened while he was the Ice Emperor because he was under the influence of Vex, and the Scroll which had corrupted him. While Vex had Zane under his control, he manipulated him into committing FUCKING GENOCIDE, both attempted, and actually committed. Vex succeeded in killing off the entire Yeti species besides Kraig, who was the only yeti alive after the murder. He attempted to murder the entire People of Great Lake by putting out their fire, and having them starve/freeze to death. If it wasn't for Kai, they would have probably slowly frozen to death. Aside from that, he also overthrew the current monarchy, and basically enslaved them (Blizzard Samurai, Blizzard Warriors), he held both Akita's brother and Lloyd hostage in the freezing cold dungeon, (he was originally going to kill Lloyd) and he also tried to manipulate the monarch before him, Grimfax, to attack the innocent Formlings.

    All because of his paranoid delusions.

    Now lets move onto his motivations. Vex, as you know, is formless. He abandoned his people, the Formlings, some time prior to not finding his form. He was driven mad by his insecurity, falsely believing that his people had begun to turn their backs on them, and he abandoned them some time after. He swore "revenge" on his people, despite them not actually hating Vex, and stopped at nothing to get that revenge. Before he tried manipulating Zane, he tried his hand at Grimfax. Luckily, he refused.

    Lets just unpack this...

    There is no doubt in my mind that the events of season eleven severely traumatized Zane. All of what I mentioned above (except for that last paragraph) was technically committed by Zane, who was being manipulated by Vex and the Scroll. Absolutely nobody would come out of that unscathed, especially someone of Zane's character. Zane's character has been established from the very beginning as the soft spoken, kindhearted ninja who's main goal in life is to protect others who cannot protect themselves. This character had his memories forcibly erased, and was forcibly corrupted by an evil scroll and "royal advisor" who then forced him into committing all of what I listed above. It's just not realistic or even possible for Zane to come out of that completely 100% fine. It's honestly a shame that Ninjago really didn't touch on that much after season 11 ended. It would have brought forth a great character development opportunity, and it would have provided a much more realistic aftermath to the season.

    There's also no doubt in my mind that this would have been traumatizing for the other ninja as well. I mean, imagine having to see one of your loved ones being manipulated into being a horrific monster, who was responsible for some of the most horrific events you had ever heard. It would certainly fuck with your psyche at least a little bit.

    However, back to Vex...

    Vex (very possibly) gave so many people severe trauma. I mean, he enslaved the people working under Grimfax, the ruler who came before the Ice Emperor, he corrupted Zane against his will, he killed off Kraig's family in one night, leaving him completely alone, he terrorized the entire area for DECADES, and he launched a huge attack on the people of the Lake Village.

    In conclusion, Vex no shit severely damaged and traumatized an innocent fucking nindroid with a heart of pure fucking gold, by erasing his memories, and manipulating him into committing fucking atrocities such as GENOCIDE AND SLAVERY all because of his thirst for revenge, that was sparked by a paranoid delusion based off of pure insecurity. Vex is by far the darkest, and in my opinion, one of the most evil ninjago characters/villains in the entire show. I am not at all surprised as to why the fandom hates him, I do as well.

    Anyways, that was my analysis on Vex and his character. If you would like to add anything or criticize me, please talk with me in the comments or DMs! But please be nice, and please use tone tags! I am very sensitive, and I can't read tone over text that well!!

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  • diisdoodles
    27.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    “If things get out of hand, we’ll put him down.”

    Just a concept video, this won’t actually happen, I wanted to explore the idea.

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  • pajamas-of-doom
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago


    with that in mind i guess it's not surprising he didn't know there were fortunes in fortune cookies his whole life

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  • pajamas-of-doom
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    forgot that when the ninja were in prison iron baron threatened to take apart zane for spare parts and referred to him as an "it." yikes.

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  • pajamas-of-doom
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    why does Cole always think that his super strength is not gonna be affected by things that affect his powers lol

    like buddy do you think that you are the master of earth and then also got super strength like,, separately??

    in s4 he's like "YEAH SURE YOU TOOK MY POWERS BUT YOULL NEVER TAKE MY SUPER STRENGTH" and then he tries to use it and *big surprise* it's gone

    and then in s6 he's in vengestone handcuffs trying to break them while yelling that they won't stop his super strength and again. big surprise. they stop his super strength.

    #cole bucket#cole brookstone#lego ninjago #actually i think there was maybe one time where he didnt have powers but did have super strength? #OH WAIT #no that was s3 #so it wasnt that he didnt have elemental power #he just didnt have a way of accessing it without the golden weapons #but the super strength was still usable as it had been before #but every other time his powers are limited by vengestone or stolen #his super strength is also taken #and yet he keeps thinking it wont be lol
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  • doodle-phoenix
    27.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I'm sorry if I will be less active again. My mental health is getting worse with every hour since I got my covid diagnosis but I tried to think less by drawing so yeah I guess that art is not perfect but I like it ❤️

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  • pishybowl
    27.01.2022 - 12 hours ago


    Here’s baby! @ninjago-oc-appreciation​

    This is River! A wandering artisan/seller who looks after Lloyd way before the events of the main plot. River journeys through different lands in search for both money and a thrill while taking care of the children they come across on their journey.

    read under the cut for more info:

    River comes from a long line of skilled craftsmen and performers from her mother’s side while her father is the current master of sand. She is quite alienated by her other siblings from other mothers making her extremely defensive and often closes off themselves from contact.

    River’s family has been cursed with reincarnation where selected members of the family would gain the memories and the scars of their past lives, River is one of these cursed members though the one on her face is a genuine birthmark with no relation of any of her past lives.

    As a child, she was drawn to creating from the things she could steal from the other members ; old clothes to priceless jewels, nothing was safe from her grabby hands. Once her father found out, instead of scolding her, he told her to broaden her view on creation thus heavily supported her new found love of creating and soon followed her mother to the stage.

    She met young Lloyd on the road who just escaped from his bullies, she would drag him in a box then patch him up thus sending him on his way to which he replied with several uninvited break ins into the room she had rented for the night, begging for her to let him join.

    After several break ins, River made a promise with the young Garmadon ; A week before his birthday, they would go on a trip around Ninjago and few other islands to which he responded with delight!


    - River’s family practices polygamy, currently her father has 7 spouses; 4 wives and 3 husbands
    - River is the 32nd child of 51 children and the shortest in the family, outside of ninjago however she towers Cole easily.
    - Although without elemental powers, she can hold off on her own quite well with the artifacts she collects as well as her practice in escrima/arnis.
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  • pajamas-of-doom
    27.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    almost done with this stupid paper. then i can go make rice and watch ninjago. literally all i want rn.

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  • cuddlywumps
    27.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    new ninjago short!

    what are your thoughts? i've got a silly bruiseshipping comic in mind after watching

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  • sand-ia13
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    ⚡ VS 🐍

    I'll start practicing backgrounds and how the characters interact in them!

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  • ice-emperor-zane
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Thinking about post ice chapter Zane not wanting to repeat what happened and so he decides to program into himself something that deletes any thought that isn’t moral to a point of extreme strictness and because of it sometimes he’ll stop mid sentence and not remember what he was just saying, it likely wouldn’t have been a particularly bad thing but just in case, he deletes it anyway

    #lego#ninjago#lego ninjago#zane julien#zane ninjago #the ice chapter #ice emperor zane
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  • harumi-love-club
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    rip every normal regular blog that’s centered around an age appropriate franchise getting actively interacted w by a bitch w a ninjago pfp aka me

    #danganronpa fanartist ilysm and i’m so sorry #lego ninjago#ninjago
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  • harumi-love-club
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    ok r y’all ok w me rambling abt my ninjago oc?

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  • floppyfishi
    27.01.2022 - 17 hours ago


    #omg im back from the dead #ninjago#lego ninjago#jay walker#jay ninjago#ninjago art #lego ninjago fanart #ninjago jay #cat boy jay walker #catboy #catboys run the world #also jay has a snake tongue
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