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  • Title: Innocent Kiss
    Warnings: Lemon, sex on the first meeting, sexual harassment (minor)

    You walked into the Auction Hall, you turned every head as you walked through. You felt a bit self conscious of yourself, since every guy had their eyes on you. Your face heated up a bit as you looked for an open seat. You didn’t want to sit next to any weirdo who would hit on you. Once you found a seat, you realized they weren’t even looking at you. You took a shaky breath and made your way to the open seats.

    “Uhm, excuse me. Is someone sitting here?” You asked in a quiet voice, the blonde male turned his head to you, along with his friend. The blonde shook his head motioning for you to go ahead and take it.

    “No mam, go ahead.”

    “Thank you.” He seemed nice enough and not as weird. You sat down, placing your purse on the floor next to your feet. You looked down at your lap, since you could feel eyes on you minus the guy whom you were sitting next to you. Right as the auction was about to start another guy took a seat next to you. He was rather greasy and old looking, and the way his eyes trailed your body made you shudder. You refused to meet his eyes, by focusing on the auction.

    It wasn’t even ten minutes in and the guy who was staring you down, moved his hand to your exposed thigh. You let a small squeak and pushed his hand off, you hoped no one heard you. Unfortunately for you, the blonde on your side heard it. He glanced at you before going back to watching the auction. The old man, moved his hands back to your thigh, and you bit your lip. You pushed his hand off again, but it only went back to it’s original spot on your thigh. He went to push it under your skirt, but the blonde caught glimpse at what was happening and decided to act in the most natural way.

    “Hey babe, are you okay?” He asked wrapping his arm around you. Your eyes widen and you looked at the guy. At first you thought, he was another weirdo but you soon picked up what was happening.

    “Y-Yeah… thanks.”

    “Okay…” He said removing his arm, and went back to the auction. His friend was confused but decided to stay quiet. The greasy guy went back to trying to lift your skirt, and you grabbed his hand but he wouldn’t move it. Just then the blonde intervene again, by grabbing the guys hand almost breaking it.

    “I don’t appreciate you, feeling up my girlfriend. Babe, do you wanna switch seats?” You looked at the guy again, before nodding your head.

    “Please, thank you.” He nodded and you both quickly moved seats so you wouldn’t interrupt the auction. His friend looked at you and his friend again but avoided questions. The rest of the auction was quiet, and no one was feeling you up. You relaxed a bit, the blonde made it point to prove to the old guy you were dating him. So he wrapped his arm around your shoulders which you decided to lean into. Just in case any other weirdos were around.

    When the auction finished the three of you got up, and the blonde handed you your purse. He escorted you out, moving his arm around your waist. You stayed close until you three were alone.

    “Thank you so much. Sorry to be a bother.” You told him, and he waved it off.

    “It’s fine… My name is Phinks, this is Feitan…”

    “It’s nice to meet you, my name is (Y/N)…”

    “Did I miss something?” Feitan asked and Phinks shook his head.

    “Just some creep harassing her. Go ahead without me.” Feitan nodded and Phinks smiled at you.

    “I am fine now… you don’t have to stay with me.” You said, but he waved it off.

    “I don’t mind, plus if you don’t mind. I rather stay with you a little longer.” You smiled and nodded. He offered you his arm, and shyly took it leaning into him

    “You are absolutely breath taking by the way.” Phinks said and you blushed slightly looking down.

    “Thank you…”

    “You are welcome. So, what made you want to go to the auction?”

    “Just to get out of the house, and do a little bit of socializing.” He nodded and fell silent, for once his eyes trailed over you but not in a lustful way…yet.

    “Uhm, Phinks… how can I repay you for helping me earlier?” You asked, wanting to do something for the male that helped you.

    “Well, you are already providing me your time.” He said and you looked away.

    “So nothing really…”

    “But there has to be something…”

    “Nope…” He said and you puffed your cheeks slightly. You thought about it for a moment. Suddenly you got an idea, and you looked up at Phinks. He met your eyes for a moment confused and you had a smile gracing your lips.


    “It’s nothing…”

    “Okay… anyway which way to your home? It’s dark out, I rather get you home safely.” You nodded and led him to your home, it was about a fifteen minute walk before stopped outside of your door and unlocked it before opening it. You turned to face him with a smile and he smiled back.

    “Can I… see you again?”

    “Definitely….” You said and he nodded and was about to leave. You quickly grabbed his jacket, and he turned to face you with a confused look.

    “Something wrong?”

    “I don’t normally do this with people I first met, but because you helped me. I will make an exception.” He was confused, and you leaned up and pressed your lips to his gently. His eyes widen in shock, but he quickly responded and wrapped his arms around your waist. You let a small sigh out as he instantly deepened the kiss, you didn’t expect the kiss to get heated. But it was definitely heating up… You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he gently led you into your house. He kicked your door shut before pushing you against the wall.

    Your lungs burned for air, but when you tried to part from the kiss he followed your movement. You tangled your hands into his hair, before he finally parted. You both were panting, and your blush was evident on your face.

    “(Y/N)….” He trailed off looking at your smaller form. Phinks wasn’t one to take things slow, and you could tell. His hands trailed to your ass, and groped it. You let a small moan out before feeling his lips attack your neck.

    “Ahh, Phinks…” He bit down before sucking on the tender part of your neck. You whimpered and he unzipped your skirt making it fall to the ground. He parted from your neck, and unbutton your shirt exposing your bra.

    “S-Should we continue?” You asked, and he looked at you nodding his head.

    “If you don’t mind.” He said, and you bit your lip. You were never one to move this fast with someone you just met. But Phinks was so hot and you could barely think straight. What was wrong with moving fast just once? If it turned out to be a mistake, at least you were young enough to make them once or twice maybe even three times.

    “Yeah, we can continue.” He smiled and pushed your bra above your breasts, before capturing the left nipple in his right mouth. You gasp and moaned, as your head leaned against the wall. He moved his knee to between your legs and began to rub your heated core.

    “A-Ahh… Phinks…” You gripped his hair tighter, and he tugged on your nipple with his teeth. He used his free hand to push his fingers past your pants and teased your clit. Your breathing increased, and he could tell that you were semi nervous, but extremely turned on. He pushed on finger in, past your lips and curled it a bit. The foreign feeling made you arch your back off of the wall. He soon added a second and third finger before thrusting them in at a fast rate. Your moans and cries only got louder and he smirked as you shook underneath him.


    “Please what?”

    “I want more…” You said and he nodded his head in understanding before ripping your panties off. You stripped the rest of your clothes off and he admired your form as he stripped himself. You blushed, seeing his muscles. Much like he was staring your naked form down, you were doing the same. He was huge, and you got even more nervous, lifted your leg off the ground wrapping it around his waist.

    “This will hurt a bit.” He said capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. You thought you were prepared, but in one swift motion, he pushed himself into you, forcing you take all of his dick. You cried out in pain, but it was muffled because of the kiss. He used his free hand that wasn’t holding your leg around his thigh to stroke your waist. He parted from the kiss and licked your tears away.

    “Sorry, it’s better to do it quickly then doing it slowly and painfully.” He said and you nodded as he froze. He didn’t move until you adjusted completely. He pecked your lips multiples times and you were shaking underneath him. It wasn’t long before you began to beg him to move.

    He started of slow but soon began to thrust at an inhumane pace, and you held onto him tightly as moans continuously escaped your lips.

    “So tight…”

    “Phinks… oh yes right there! Please harder.” You moaned, your breasts bounced with every thrust and he was mesmerized by them. He buried his face into your neck before mumbling.

    “Jump.” You did as you were told wrapping both legs around his waist which made him go deeper. You continued to cry out as he pounded into you, and you pressed your chest against his.

    “I-I am close.”

    “Hold out a little longer.”

    “I-I don’t think I can.”

    “Just a little longer okay?” You nodded and he watched your face twist in pleasure, such lewd expressions. He enjoyed every moment watching you.

    “I am going to cum inside.” He said, without thinking you nodded. After a few more thrusts, he buried his face in your neck and began to suck hungrily on your neck as he filled you with your juices just as you tightened around him and came hard. You cried out from esctasy and clung to him for dear life. His thrusts slowed down and parted looking at the hickies that littered your neck. He smirked seeing his art work that littered your neck. He kept you against the wall and you were panting leaning against the wall while he held you up.

    “I… could get pregnant.”

    “You could… yes…” He said chuckling softly as you got worried but the look on your face didn’t show regret.

    “That’s not good.”

    “It is… it means I can take you with me… and you could be mine.” He said, he had a point. You were definitely already addicted to him, and you laid your head on his shoulder.

    “Where is your room?”

    “Down that hall on the left.” He nodded, pulling out of your core. Cum dripped onto the floor and you whimpered at the loss of him. He chuckled before carrying you to your bedroom, leaving your clothes in a pile on the living room floor. You knew he marked you, so you decided to give him a small hickey in return. You sucked gently on his neck and he hummed.

    “Careful, unless you want round two.”

    “You marked me, I wanted to do the same.” You protested and he laid you on the bed, before laying beside you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to his chest.



    “That kiss was suppose to be innocent.”

    “Well couldn’t control myself.” He said and you shook your head but he pecked your lips. You smiled laying your head on his chest and began to drift into a deep sleep.

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  • #lemon#fennec #fennec x lemon #episode 6
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  • Please - Shame (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1019115618-please-shame?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=Shoshin0&wp_originator=n9q8PMv0RoeDEmTpLV78oG0eOgQK8GS7zOc5VsRG9C6LWN%2BCKCIhgFviXjJul1vdMvUaVWkkTTBotsYTELXfsI8EV9xnr%2Bw7RgS%2FPfUdkAu37b%2BX7rYze1G3S%2Faa5vGn Please arriva per caso e per fortuna, un treno ad alta velocità nella nostra quotidianità. Sono arrivate fic inizialmente indipendenti ma che nascevano l'una sulla scia dell'altra. Stavamo raccontando i mesi della gravidanza di Sana restando fedeli a Deep Clear, ma con i missing moments necessari a capire meglio le scelte e l'allontanamento di Sana e Akito. Please, perchè è una preghiera di pace. Una supplica che ritorna sotto punti di vista diversi. Per favore non farlo nascere. Per favore smetti di chiederlo. Demoni diversi che si gravitano intorno, a volte si scontrano, a volte implodono. E infine, una nuova vita che guarisce le ferite. Innamoratevi di Please.

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  • I get drunk and post gross smut WIPS undercut but anyway uhhhh bottoms your Devil arcana ???

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  • this is just a little something because I haven’t done anything for her.

    I’m still on my hiatus but I had to share this.

    In-between; Mikasa Ackerman x fem! reader {NSFW}

    Song; Slumber Party

    Word Count; 1.8k 

    “Eren, I know how to make a woman cum and I plan on making your girlfriend squirt all over my couch so shut up and listen how I make her beg my name.”


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    #Mikasa Ackerman#Mikasa smut #Mikasa x reader #fem! x reader #Attack on Titan smut #smut#Mikasa imagine#Mikasa #Attack on Titan #Attack on Titan imagine #Attack on Titan x reader #shingeki no kyojin #attackontitansmut #Mikasa x fem! x reader #lemon
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    Anime: Shaman King

    Rating: M

    Pareja: Horo Horo & Anna

    Sinopsis: Para él, ella era la mujer más hermosa, fría, pero fina y frágil al mismo tiempo, misteriosa e inalcanzable, única. Su amor imposible, ella era Anna Kyouyama… ella era su todo.

    Advertencia: Lemon (NSFW)


    Por: Maeda Ai.


    .:: Capítulo 4: “Tiempo compartido” ::.



    Tomaban un baño juntos en el jacuzzi y él acariciaba su bello cuerpo por debajo del agua.

    Horo Horo no paraba de besarla; creía que después de aquella noche, Anna ya no querría absolutamente nada con él, y sin embargo, aquí estaban ahora, acariciándose mutuamente mientras el agua se mecía en un sutil oleaje que los relajaba y excitaba al mismo tiempo.

    Entonces, la rubia dejó de ser pasiva y en un inesperado movimiento, se sentó sobre las caderas del peliazul, quién la miraba embelesado y con satisfacción.

    ““Me preguntó… ¿por qué será tan posesiva?, y… si lo ha sido con otros hombres o solo conmigo?.””

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  • lemon ice cream

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  • #obi wan kenobi x reader #obi wan kenobi x you #obi wan kenobi smut #obi wan kenobi lemon #obi wan kenobi reader insert #star wars prequels #obi wan kenobi imagine #star wars prequels reader insert #star wars prequels x reader #star wars prequels imagine #star wars lemon #star wars smut #padawan#smut#lemon#forbidden love
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  • Okay, but imagine MC strip-teasing their cosplay for Levi, with POP/STARS playing in the background. Poor boy would have a heart attack.

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  • Anyway, I finally got around to posting some actual drawings as a roundabout way of supporting the following statement:

    I am drawing Nadia and Portia absolutely obliterating Valerius. Thank you for your time.

    @bottomvalerius , this is entirely* your fault.

    #nodio#portcullis #the devil's stressball #lemon #*ive been wanting to do this anyway you enabler
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    Lemon photo by Quinton Cruickshanks.

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  • #star wars#boba fett #boba fett x reader #lemon #lazy afternoon thots #late night thots
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  • #lemon #lazy afternoon thots #late night thots
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    • Stan: When life gives you lemons, call them "yellow oranges" and sell them for double the price.
    • Dipper: When life gives you lemons, extract the juice and use it to draw a treasure map in invisible ink. That really works! Seriously!
    • Mabel: When life gives you lemons, draw faces on those lemons and wrap them in a blanket. Ta-daaa! Now you have lemon babies.
    • Ford: When life gives you lemons? Don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what the am I supposed to do with these?! Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Stanford Pines lemons! Do you know who I am?! I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!
    #Bill: Burning people! He says what we're all thinking! #Gravity Falls#Portal#Portal 2#Ford Pines#Stanford Pines#Cave Johnson#Stan Pines#Dipper Pines#Mabel Pines#Stanley Pines#Lemon #Surely this has been done before?
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