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    22.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    📸HABIT📸||In my room

    KinkTober Week 3. Day 13

    NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes extreme vouyerism, edging and overstimulation, minors—dni. (1.8k)

    Inspired by: Insane clown posse

    You waited patiently for him to come through the window, like always. Head over heels for this strange being, and unable to understand why he liked you. Fiddling with your hands as time passed, feeling a tap tap at the glass to tell you he was there.

    Opening and welcoming him with open arms, eager to feel him embrace you. Resting your head on his broad chest, nuzzling into his black shirt that smelled like lavender and iron- he told you not to ask. Giving a deep rumble of a laugh as you clutched onto him, afraid he might disappear. Knowing he had his eyes glued on you right now, it was a bit creepy sure. But he was kind to you, not to mention protective and possessive.

    You tried to ignore the fact that the people that had wronged you in the past had gone missing one by one. First the ones you talked about, but then it was that one guy who wouldn’t stop asking for your number four years ago…things you had never told anyone. It probably was him, but you were in complete denial, it felt like he had done his research. HABIT hated the idea of anyone messing with you, especially in a romantic aspect. Perhaps that prominent mindset was what made that night’s events come to fruition.

    “Hey rabbit” he purred, so greedy to take you by your sides, squeezing skin between his fingers. Tilting your chin up forcefully to meet his lips in a rough kiss, giving an “mmhm” of satisfaction as he tasted you. “I missed you” he breathed in between strides, towering over you to edge you against the bed frame.

    “I got you something” he told you, letting you sit back against the mattress as he turned to your computer “it’s a surprise”. You trying to look over his shoulder in curiosity while he pulled up a site you had never seen before. It was a camera facing you, the dimly lit room reflected by the bright screen. HABIT taking his phone to hook it up with the device, pointing the second camera at a weird angle. Tilting your head to observe what he was doing before he turned back to you, taking you by the hands to pull you up.

    Giving a dark chuckle as he brushed your hair back with his hand, twirling you around and making you lean on your torso against your desk chair. You didn’t even see where he pulled handcuffs out of, too focused on the clink as they locked you in place to see the blinking live button that counted down until you were on air. Feeling yourself throb as he traced figures on your back, lowering down to your ass and thighs, getting lost in the moment until he spoke.

    “Welcome to our show”, his eyes staring at the red light as you realized what exactly was happening. So overcome with shock you couldn’t speak, your mouth hanging open as he peeled off your shorts and panties to give you a hard spank on the ass. “Forgive them if they get…bitchy”. Feeling the sting burn as you looked into the monitor, with thousands of viewers that got pulled from all other streams just to look at you. “It’s their first time on cam ” A whimper flailing from your lips as he soothed the aching area with a soft touch of his hand, “and they’re camera shy”

    Turning your head to him to give you another kiss, sloppy and needy as he showed the audience how passionate your act was. Squeezing your neck to control you and pull you back, a string of saliva connecting you. In a trance at what had just occurred, the kiss leaving you without oxygen. Feeling him spread your legs with his shoes, uncomfortable and straining to keep standing like that.

    The other camera lens focused on your cunt from the side, puffy and red as he slapped it. Aching, your jaw tensing as you bit your lip from the pain, your eyes rolling back at the feel of a vibrator pressing into your clit. Ghosting over your pearl just barely to make you whine for him, desperate for him to give you more. He wasn’t one to give in, and he was getting off on you writhing under his touch like this in front of viewers. Building up your pleasure as he switched the vibration setting, harder pulses of buzzing ringing in your ear as the knot in your gut tightened.

    Pleading and begging HABIT to let you cum, to give you the satisfaction you craved; but he was a cruel thing. Coaxing you right to the edge, enough to make your legs tremble and your thighs tense, pulsing as you tried to grasp the delicious pleasure he waved in front of your face. Like a dog, like a fucking puppy. Laughing in your ear as you whimpered, broken sobs racking your figure when he ripped it away. “Aww rabbit don’t cry” he said sarcastically, “you’re gonna have to work a little harder”. So carried away by the shivering sensation that you had to heave, head hanging low in shame, rising to see the thousands of people in a chat commenting lewd things. But the worst part was, the utter embarrassment and shame of it all turned you on.

    Knees trembling and struggling not to give out as you felt his fingers tease your hole, recently died down with the taste of release on the tip of your tongue. Obscene expressions gracing your face when he traced your slit from behind, cunt all slicked up and puffy from sexual abuse. Gathering your juices and pulling his two fingers apart in front of the second camera lens to let the audience see the string of essence in between his digits.

    Your cheeks settling in a heavy blush when he went back to the end of your slit, inching a finger in with your own lube to fuck your hole. Static in your head from the denial and quickly getting there again, each pump of his finger reaching your spongy spot so good you couldn’t help but groan. “That’s right” he purred, “show them how well you take my fingers”. His shameless comments sending waves of heat to your core, positively buzzing at having so many people witness your undoing like this. Being reduced to the point of nothing just because he liked seeing you this way.

    “What do you think?” He asked the followers, “should I let them cum?”. Watching the people respond eagerly in chat, messages getting lost by more and more new ones. Deciding that it was finally time for you, but he had ulterior motives. Slipping in another and curling his digits to stimulate your muscle, making you cry at the wet noise you made as he fingered you. Pressing in just the right areas to get you to squeal, the blinding white of beautiful release filling you blissfully. Washing over you in relief, so much stronger than you had ever felt before.

    Pulsing into the camera that HABIT had pointed at you, all of those eyes on the other side of the screen following each push of your muscle, glistening with slick at the phone light. “I bet you liked that, didn’t you rabbit?” Watching your own fucked out reflection in the monitor, unable to keep up with all the messages getting drowned out in chat, blushing and tensing as you started to come down from your orgasm. No time to process him entering you again, squeezing tightly around him as you hadn’t fully recovered.

    “Fucking love being watched don’t cha?” Rolling knuckle-deep inside your cunt at full speed, your brow scrunching in delight. Whimpering when he put the vibrator wand up to your clit again, making you jerk your hips forward in need. Using all the strength in his arm to reach the most delicious parts of your hole. “Greedy slut who wants to cum again”

    Rubbing your wet pussy messily to get you to quiver and release again, rattling in your bones as you strained from the effort. Absolutely exhausted and forced to stay pulling on the handcuffs after you came the second time, having thousands of viewers bear event to you getting overstimulated by your supernatural lover.

    Him nreathing heavily in your ear and giving it a harsh nibble as he whispered, “all these fucking people know you’re mine”, applying that exhilarating vibrating device so perfectly it make you groan shakily, disturbed by the intervals of the buzzing. “Taking me like this, and enjoying it? he asked with a mean chuckle, “you must be one sick fuck”. Hair falling over your face and sticking to your skin, cunt throbbing, all of the lewd show on display over the internet.

    Pulling yet another screaming high from you as he pumped at such a speed, making you lose sight and sense that came overwhelmed with bodily pleasure, so much that it became pain. “I know you’re getting off on this” he told you knowingly, throbbing in his pants but living to see how long you could stay standing, how long you could go until you gave out completely. Already completely subjecting to his will, vulnerable and tender for him to manipulate at touch.

    “So many people watching you cum all over my fingers right now rabbit”, and he was right. You couldn’t stop creaming, dripping down your shaking thighs, clit all sensitive from how good he touched you, from the overbearing sensations. Swimming you so hard you lost count of the amount of orgasms you gave. “Watching me fuck you so good, nobody can ever make you cum like this again”

    Still throbbing, not enough time to spare before he ripped them again and again, as if they were free. All the people glued to the sight of you clenching around his digits and wetting them so good. You were lucky those handcuffs and his hand on your hip kept you standing, face straining and red as he gave you another. “Filthy whore, nobody can use you again after me”, filling your head with possessive delusions that only kindled to his ego. “You’re mine, my fucking toy” he spat as he pushed one last time. Curling past your juices and squelching walls to make you cry and whimper in excruciating ecstasy.

    “There we go” he cooed as you calmed down, uncuffing you and holding you up by your hair. Pulling you close to the front camera to show them your open mouth, sticking his fingers coated with your juices into your mouth and fucking you with them. “Show them how good you are for me, and only me”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#slenderman#lemonaid#nsft#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft text #jeff the killer smut #creepypasta hcs #ben drowned x reader #creepypasta fanfic#creepypasta headcanon #creepypasta x y/n #creepypasta x you #creepypasta x reader #habit emh#habit creepypasta#creepypasta habit#HABIT #jeff the killer #jeff the killer x you #eyeless jack #eyeless jack smut #jeff the killer headcanons #slenderverse #jeff the killer creepypasta #♠️
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    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    KinkTober Week 3. Day 12

    NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes, very heavy gun kink, throat fucking, intruder role-play, size kink, minors—dni. (1.6k)

    Inspired by: Rihanna

    Every night you had gone to sleep peacefully, trusting in the lock on your door to keep you safe, not thinking you would need extra precautions- naive enough to believe nothing would happen to you.

    Waking up in the late hours of midnight to a clatter in another room, knowing that for sure you lived alone. Stupid enough not to call the police, going straight into the danger believing it was just an animal that got in somehow. Rubbing your eyes as you walked into the kitchen, looking around for the light switch tiredly. The oven light the only source of illumination as you walked around trying not to trip on something. Passing the man who stood silently in the corner of the room.

    Breathing labored through the mask, you borderline oblivious to the danger you had stepped into. Not realizing the heavy figure behind you until it was too late, a big hand slapping over your mouth, pulling you into a broad chest to restrict your movement.

    “Don’t scream” he told you quietly, dark eyes watching you heave, still in shock. Starting to squirm when you realized what was happening, nails digging into his strong arms to try to get him to let go. Protesting into his palm through with muffled noises. “Shut the fuck up” he spat, something solid pressing into your head. Urging out a whimper as he clocked the weapon further into your hair “or else”

    Nodding reluctantly as he brought you to the oven light, tears prickling at your eyes as you felt him breathing down your neck. “Good” he praised, you tensing strangely at the feel of him pressing a hot kiss on the back of your shoulder, for some reason it felt so nice. “You’re behaving”. Maybe it was delusion, or the change of tone, but he was really turning you on. Questioning how in the world you could be getting horny at the murderer who just broke into your house.

    He turned you around to face him, looking up and your breath catching as you saw his features. Face covered by a white mask with black tracings, eyes dark and glaring at you through the holes. Tall and handsome, with a stare that made you weak at the knees.

    “Let’s clarify” he started, pulling you close to his chest with his big hand pressing tightly at your back. “Do what I say and you live”. Moving his grip to your arm and grasping hard, “Don’t.. and well” he raised his gun and shook it. The bullets rattling and making you tremble, “you get the point”.

    Cocking his head and the gun down, “now get on your knees”, coaxing your legs to start to give out. Lowering yourself just like he said to come face to face with his bulge, watching him unzip and take out his cock. He was so big, thick with a reddened tip and pretty veins, slick pooling in your panties as he pumped himself in front of you. This must have been the most disturbing situation you had ever been caught in, and yet…you had never been this aroused.

    You wasn’t sure if it was the intimate nature of the situation or something else, perhaps the adrenaline feeding into the steady pump of blood to your heart, wanting nothing more than to indulge in a lustful act with him, to succumb to his raw desires. Held at gunpoint to suck him off and make him feel good, not caring about just how wrong this was.

    Gulping as he neared his tip to your lips, “open wide” he told you. Following his instruction and letting him in your mouth, salty with precum as he pushed into your cheek. Watching himself press gently from the side, appearing and disappearing, keeping your mouth open making you salivate. Coating his cock with drool and giving a single crude chuckle at the face you were making.

    Lewd without even knowing, convinced you were being subjected to this by his will, and not that -you wanted it. Tapping his dick on your face to mess you up and dirty you. Delighted by the sight of his shaft dripping with saliva. Shoving himself back in, not giving warning before pushing to the hilt. Your nose scrunching at the loss of oxygen, thinking that you must be insane for liking this, sick in delusion at the thought.

    “You’re being so good for me”, his praise going straight to your cunt. Lips wrapped beautifully around the base of his length as he continued. Dark eyes watching closely as you sucked him of. “Obedient little whore” he said in a groan, heat crawling to your core and tightening in a knot. Not wanting to disobey or get distracted, so all you could do was press your thighs together in longing.

    Trying so hard not to gag as his tip touched your uvula, holding for a minute before releasing with a pop. You shifting in position to grab onto his thighs, squeezing affectionally to tell him to slip in again. Eager to thrust slowly into your mouth, you hallowing your cheeks to let him feel the slippery walls of your mouth. Hot and tasteful with each roll of his hips, so savory he had to weave a hand through your hair. Pulling and keeping you in place as he fucked your face. His head back and Adam’s apple bobbing beautifully as he throbbed, closer to release by the second.

    Gasping as he removed himself again, going too fast for you to keep up. Struggling as he filled you time and time again, you couldn’t help but close your mouth when he let out the next round. Shaking your head no when he tried to break open your lips because your jaw hurt too much. Giving you a scoff and pressing the glock against your head.

    Scared in a whimpered expression as you reluctantly opened your mouth again, inviting him in. “Thats right” he urged, thrusting again to feel you clench uncomfortably around him, “fucking take it”. The weapon digging into your scalp, knotting in your hair as he jerked off in your face.

    Shaking at the attempt to breathe, not able to rest because if you complained you could die. Feeling him stuff your face with his big cock, the tip kissing the back of your throat while you heard the bullets clink right there next to your ear. “Fuck just like that” His pace picking up as handsome moans fell from his lips, saliva falling from yours and dripping on your chin.

    Using your mouth as a means to get off, a hole for his amusement. His finger pressed comfortably to the trigger while his other hand grabbed the back of your head. Encouraging to get closer, to feel all of him fill up your wet sticky walls. Trying to swirl your tongue around him to get him to feel each delicate touch, a little too much because he wouldn’t stop thrusting.

    The gun touched cold to your scalp, your heartbeat accelerating at the imminent danger. Pulsing harsh thumps in your head, heavy dreading feeling melting down to your cunt deliciously, trembling with anxiety and beating with arousal. Gagging as he rolled into you mercilessly, cheeks puffed as he bottomed out and shot ropes into you, giving staggered groans until you had milked all of him.

    Breathing through your nose as he calmed, still with his cock inside your mouth. His release warm on your tongue and spilling from the corner of your lip. “Swallow or I shoot”, he said, as if it were funny. Completely serious, his eyes glued to yours as he pulled out and watched you gulp it down.

    Head so heavy because you lost so much air, fucked you so hard your vision went blurry, on the verge of unconsciousness. His rough hands picking you up and holding you up, “can’t stand?” He asked, pushing his mask to the side to kiss your swollen lips in a fiery passion, “fine”.

    Grabbing onto your sides and walking with your body into a wall. Hoisting your legs around his and meeting chest to chest, pressing his pelvis flush against yours as he pulled your panties down and entered you with a grunt. “Fuck you feel so good” he moaned, giving harsh slams into the wall as he filled you up. Stuffing you so full your eyes rolled back, “so tight”, he was so big compared to you that you felt his bulge each time he bottomed out.

    The thought alone making you stir and fall against him as he rolled his hips into you, thudding so messily into the wall that your back ached, each thrust making a hard thump sound, rattling pretty picture frames so they came close to falling. Your throat so abused you could hardly rasp out cries of pleasure. His hand coming to rub at your cunt, flicking your clit to overstimulation as he demanded you to cum. You almost started sobbing when you saw a flash of silver near your pussy, a chill of cold to your pearl when he pleasured you with the gun.

    Coaxing you to heavy release and pressing into you so nicely you curled your toes, lewd squelches hidden beneath his heavy breathing under the mask. “I think I’m- I’m gonna” you whined. Your eyes flickering to see him watching you intensely as he thrusted gradually and hard, finally releasing again and filling you to the brim. Struggled gasps falling from your lips as you clamped around him, squeezing him so deliciously and milking his seed.

“Did I scare you tonight?” he asked, leaning in and sliding his mask to the side again. Panting hot air in your face and mixing breath with you, kissing you passionately with his cock still plugging you “I won’t apologize for not playing nice”. Laughing in between heated kisses “I think I might just steal you instead”

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    18.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    🎆Slenderman🎆|| MORE

    KinkTober Week 3. Day 11

    NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes maid reader, tentacle fucking, size kink, belly bulge, minors—dni.(1.5k)

    Inspired by: K/DA

    Living as a maid in the mansion was no easy feat, cleaning floors worth of blood and trash the residents didn’t pick up. A few dumb fucks wolf whistling at you when you bent over to examine a stain on the floor- it was a trap, obviously, you should have learned that by now. The only person that stuck up for you was Slenderman, or maybe it was just him reprimanding the residents. Beyond annoyed that they were so messy he had to kidnap hire a maid in the first place.

    Even with months of working there, you got nervous seeing him. Telling yourself that it was fear at first, denying that it could be excitement. Finding excuses to knock on his office door and have him adress you, wanting him to praise you and ask you to do things. The words he said in your head vibrating in your core, buzzing with delight as you got sent to do another task.

    It was obvious, you had developed a little crush on him, perhaps thats why you bought that dildo in the first place, white and large, in the shape of a tentacle. Hiding it under a pile of clothes on the lowest cabinet drawer so he would never find it and connect the dots. Using it only when you were sure you were alone, muffling your cries with a hand. As pleasurable as it was, it wasn’t real; you wanted your bosses’ cock, he must have been so big and filling- you craved him.

    Brushing off the desire as you cleaned each obscure corner of the mansion, waiting all day to get back to your room and rest. Pulling down the maid outfit that BEN insisted you wear, not knowing that Slenderman was in your room at that very moment. Snooping around like a good boss does, having a suspicion that you were hiding something, or just acting strangely.

    Opening up all your belongings and flipping pages from all your books, neatly going through every shirt and pants. Quickly speeding through your underpants to not disrespect your privacy too much and stopping at the feel of a foreign object at the bottom of the last drawer. Picking it up in curiosity but unable to determine what it was. Waiting for you impatiently as you completed that day’s cleaning rounds, bouncing his leg and furrowing his brow in frustration.

    Hearing you shut the door and you gasping as you saw him sitting on your bed, startled beyond belief as you clutched your heart. “Sir, you scared me” you laughed. Eyes glancing to the dildo in his hand and gulping guiltily, thinking ‘fuck fuck fuck’ in your head and averting your gaze.

    Slender not even responding to your statement and asking “what is this?” with annoyance in his tone. Watching you squirm in discomfort as you tried to find an answer to his question.

    “It’s a toy” you tried, standing your ground away from him in nervousness.

    “A toy?” He repeated, twirling it around in his hand to try to find how it could possibly be used, acting as if he genuinely didn’t know what it was. If you couldn’t tell any better you would say he was being serious, blush heavy on your cheeks because you thought he was actually innocent. “What do you need a toy for? You’re an adult”

    “Well” you shuffled your feet and stared at your shoes “…it’s an adult toy”

    Realization slapping him in the face and presenting him with a beautiful opportunity, “I see” he said, standing up and straightening himself out “I don’t like this” he told you clearly in your head. “Working here should provide you with all your nessesities”

    A pulse set in your cunt at what he might be implying, “I don’t want you going out of your way for this”. Slick in your panties as he walked over to you “as your employer, I will cater to your needs”.

    “What do you mean?” You asked, tingling at the possibility.

    “You will no longer be using this” he told you sternly, throwing it to the side and closing in on you. “I’ll give you something else you can use”

    Nodding reluctantly as you accepted, “so what is it?” You inquired.

    “Me” he said obviously, letting lose some of his tendrils to snake them over to you. Tracing affectionally at your skin, softly over the outline of your clothes and gripping your curves, motioning his hand to the bed.

    “This is what you wanted wasnt it?” Heat pooling in your panties as you told him ‘yes’, feeling him snap the straps of your outfit to tell you to take it off.

    Removing your clothes layer by layer, feeling ashamed that you had to do this in front of him, that he had even found the dildo in the first place. Stripping down to your bra and panties and pressing your thighs together as you walked over to the bed, wet and throbbing as you sat on your knees, waiting.

    One of his tendrils eager to stand on the mattress and take the place of your monster sized dildo. “Pretend I’m your toy” he purred, leaning on the bed side comfortably. Watching you near his tentacle with lust, beyond aroused that he was letting you do this. Looking up at him for instruction that he gave with a one word command, “play”

    Knot in your core building deliciously as you bent down and gave it a lick, swirling your tongue around it to coat him in saliva. He was so delightfully smooth, tiny rough patches of texture where you touched. Popping the tendil in your mouth and bobbing your head up and down, releasing it with a gasp and looking up at him. You had never seen your master so flustered, with his head hanging and composure failing.

    Smiling softly as you leaned down again, sucking him off and getting him nice and ready for you. Pooling saliva in your mouth to wet his tendil, so disheveled from pleasurable surprise that he didn’t care if you heard him groaning. It was so nice hearing it in his own voice, not just in your imagination. Latching your lips around him again and drooling to cover him, moaning around so he could feel the vibrations of your voice.

    Letting him go and sitting up straight, moving your panties to the side and placing your slit on him. Rubbing yourself on him with a sigh, the coarse surface creating a lovely stimulating sensation. Sliding on his length as his gaze stuck to you, watching your every move greedily. Lust pouring as he admired you trying to get your essence on him.

    Deciding he was slick enough for you, you removed your underwear and edged his tip at your entrance. Hovering over him with your knees holding you up, opening up your cunt with two fingers and sinking down with a shiver. Legs shaking and trying hard not to give way, only able to fit the first bit of inches and trying to acomodate. It felt so hot, throbbing and heated against your velvety sides. His tip easily pushing into your spongy spot, walls closing in around him and encasing his tendil in a warm goey delight. His body tensing with each clench you gave, your hand rubbing at your clit as you started bouncing.

    Finding you needed to squat instead, so big that you couldn’t get off properly without spreading your legs and bucking up and down. Giving your boss full view of your cunt getting stretched wide by his tentacle. Your muscles burning from how you pushed to feel him inside you, stuffing you and filling you up. Mouth hanging a-gap in ecstasy as sweat made your hair stick to your forehead.

    Using your hand to circle your pearl and bring you closer to the edge. Tits slapping against your skin, his gaze unable to focus on one aspect, your obscene expression, the noises, your body, your cunt. “Oh lord” he sighed, “is this making you feel as good as it’s making me feel?”

    You cried out “yess’s” as you used him, fucking your hole so blissfully. But his tentacle was so huge it stopped at a certain point and couldn’t get through; whining while you tried to open up more. Edging him to get further up your cunt with stick wet sounds of you getting off on him.

    Body twitching when you felt him move inside of you, thrusting in your hole to urge you closer to release. A bulge pressing into your stomach as he pounded into you, letting you sob shamelessly as you rubbed harder and harder to finally see white, release filling into the heat of your skin, vision blurry and legs weak. Enabling you to sink down further when you couldn’t hold yourself up any longer.

    “I bet your stupid toy never made you cum this hard” he said, lust dripping from his tone as he tore of layers of his suit, “now that you have me, you won’t need more -ever again”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft#nsft text#creepypasta headcanon#creepypasta hcs #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta fanfic #creepypasta x you #creepypasta x y/n #slenderman smut#slender brothers#kinktober#slenderverse #slenderman x y/n #slenderman x you #slenderman x reader #♠️ #Jeff the killer smut #jeff the killer x reader #tenticles#tenticle kink #laughing jack smut
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  • bowtied-pasta
    16.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    So it’s looking like my kinktober fic for the Alien Encounter au is not turning into smut like I thought it would.

    That being said, I’m doing my best to get another fic out this month regardless. I’m also writing something for Splendor’s upcoming birthday. 🥰 …Now that may turn into smut, idk

    That being said, if I get another fic out I have no idea who it’s going to be of though it could likely end up being Fen. 👀

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    16.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    ✖️Eyeless Jack✖️|| Lights Down Low

    KinkTober Week 3. Day 10

    NSFW||~ Drabble afab gn!reader, includes sensory deprivation, slight fear play, blindfold, gag, handcuffs, vibrator, caning (spanking//whipping) minors—dni. (1.6k)

    Inspired by: Bei Maejor

    There was nothing you could feel, just darkness all around you. Your body unable to move, mouth failing to form words. The last thing you remembered was taking a nap with Jack by your side, you wondered if the lights had been turned off but it actually felt like there was something restricting your vision.

    He stood in the corner of the room, watching avidly as you turned your head frantically. A blindfold covering your eyes, your hands and legs pried apart by handcuffs that were attached to the ends of the bed frame. You looked so appetizing like that, all spread out and uncovered, sweat beading at your chest as it heaved. Jack couldn’t help but breathe heavily at the sight, his mouth watering at the thought of having you.

    The only thing you could sense was the breathing, it could have been Jack but you had never heard him so desperate, so hungry. It felt like a wild animal, you gave a whimper through the ball gag; you couldn’t help but cry at the uncertainty. Tears getting soaked up by the fold, his heart clenched.

    Torn between wanting to devour you and letting you sob into his chest. Approaching you and letting out a growl of annoyance. Finally taking control of the cannibalistic beast inside and taking out his hunger in a different way. “You look so tasty” he spoke, you relaxed at the realization that it was in fact Jack. “Wanna have you so bad” he purred.

    His tone sent shivers down your spine, a wave of heat to your core. Sultry ambiance setting in within the darkness, your blood pumping so fast you knew he could feel it, adrenaline rushing at the thought of being restricted, scared that he might lose control. “We’re gonna have a bit of fun, is that ok pet?” All you could do was nod, swallowing pooled saliva in a visible gulp as he chuckled darkly.

    Now, you couldn’t feel anything other than the beat of your own heart thumping in your ears and the anticipation bubbling in your gut, slick pooling between your legs. “Are you getting wet?” He asked, nearing his face to your cunt and watching your inner thighs tighten. Hot breath fanning over your clit and making you groan around the gag, partly in response to his question. “Pathetic”

    “You’re getting off on this” he said teasingly, “fucking whore who likes the thought of being hurt”. Jack grabbing the wand vibrator on the nightstand and turning it on, holding it close to your ear so you could hear the buzzing. Your pussy throbbing when he brushed it on chest, placing the tip on your nipple but just barely. Enough to get your bud hard as he licked the pad of his finger and swirled it around the heated area. It felt so good when he took it in between his fingers and squeezed.

    An unintentional moan making its way around the gag at his gentle touches. Flicking it between his fingers and admiring how red you got. Bringing the vibrator down your stomach to press it on your pelvis, nearing your pearl so dangerously that you tried to jerk your hips forward. Big mistake, he pulled away and tutted, “if you don’t behave you won’t get to cum”.

    Legs so far apart, letting him open your sex and pulse at how your lips stuck to the sides. He wouldn’t fall easy, you trying to hold back with he put the toy to your skin again, this time working from the bottom of your slit to your most heated area. Unable to hold back when he got to your clit, jerking forward again with a whimper. This time he didn’t take the vibrator away, instead giving you a slap across the face so hard he left a print. “I said behave”. You moaning around the gag at the stinging sensation, at the harder press of the vibrator for you taking it so well.

    The burn so harsh that you couldnt stop clenching your teeth around the gag, saliva dribbling down the corners of your lips. Resting the toy on your clit and drawing circular motions to stimulate you, your mind lost in a lustful wonder as he drove you further into sinful indulgence. Not able to see, speak, or move, Jack had all the power to please you. A monster, a demon, that you were letting jerk you off. Your clit swelling at the hazy feeling that surrounded you.

    Wanting to close your legs together so badly, it was too much, a wave of pleasure washing over you between every interval of the vibration. But you couldnt, forced to the edge of your orgasm before having it stripped away from you time and time again. Your cunt red and puffy from the abuse he was putting you through, your body in pain at the constant denial.

    Crying and squirming at how he was treating you, hot all over and mumbling into the gag. Wanting to scream at him to just fuck you already but all that came out were whines, but Jack seemed to get the message. “Did you want my cock already?”

    Giving just an ounce of girth with his fingers, slipping two inside your hole. Running the vibrating wand up and down your pearl as he curled his fingers inside you. Strokes and coaxes so languid that you sobbed for more, making you so wet that his finger fucking made a lewd squelch. Your senses so restricted you heard all the obscene noises.

    “So needy for me all the time”, he complained. Stopping abruptly to uncuff your limbs and turn you around, your face scrunched up against the sheets as he re-tied you the other way. This time, your legs hoisted a full 180, inner thighs stretching painfully as you almost did splits. Hands clenching in fists because you felt so helpless, at complete mercy for him to do whatever he wanted.

    Humiliating you when he pulled out the cane, obviously you couldn’t see it; but you sure as hell felt it. When he started with one, then two then three, on your ass, all vertical to your body, the sting never subsiding before he gave you another whip. Kindly placing the vibrator underneath you at your entrance so that with every slap you unintentionally leaned into it, teaching you to like the pain because with it came pleasure. “This is what you wanted wasn’t it”

    “Whore” Leaving the cane to the side, jerking himself off with one hand and manning the vibrator again with the other, you trying to tilt your ass up so he could get to your clit. He strayed a bit too far on purpose, wanting to see you work for it even if you were tied up like that. Hearing him chuckle at your futile attempts, giving in just a bit to hear you whine around the gag when he denied release.

    Laying it steady underneath you to build you up again, grabbing the cane again. Tilting his head to the side as he changed direction, whipping you another four, five, six times and watching the red burning lines appear. In pretty little checkered patterns as he slid his tip up and down your slit, so wet you shivered. Teasing you horribly when he only managed his head in, hovering over you and giving another seven, eight and nine canings. Filling in spaces of red with each slap that faded your natural skin tone.

    You moaning words around the gag that he couldn’t understand, begging a “give it to me”, pleading “please give it to me”. At the end resulting in you whimpering as you let out tears of pain, turned on beyond compare when he finally bottomed out inside you.

    Jack tingling at the sounds you were letting out, so desperate for your orgasm that you had no shame getting off on him. He didn’t even have to move, relishing in the way you were devaluing yourself, humping back to clench around him even though he was still. His mouth hanging open at how wet you were from being coaxed to the edge so many times, deliciously warm from spanking abuse, hot in the space you shared with him.

    “Feels s’ so good around me” His balls pressed flush against your pearl, you mewling around the gag as you tilted your hips up and down, his skin rubbing against yours each time you did so. “Tight and wet just for me, isn’t that right?”. You nodded, hoping he could see even though you couldn’t. Thrusting steadily, but he was so filled, ready to burst just from seeing you like that that he couldn’t hold it.

    Pulling out to jerk himself red, his empty sockets large as he watched you restrained. Brown hair falling sweatily over his face as he grabbed the vibrator again. Then, finally pushing just hard enough to let you go, the knot snapping deliciously and the sensation of burning pleasure steaming through every inch of your skin. Pussy throbbing and clenching in full sight so Jack could fist himself red and cum on your ass. The white beads of his fluids decorating you so prettily on the reddened skin.

    “Let’s get you out of these” he told you out of breath, his stamina unrelenting as he removed your blindfold. You had never seen him so disheveled, “let’s go again” he panted, “this time you’re riding”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft#nsft text#creepypasta fanfic #creepypasta x you #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta headcanon #eyeless jack cp #eyeless jack creepypasta #eyeless jack headcannons #eyeless jack smut #eyeless jack x y/n #eyeless jack x you #eyeless jack x reader #kinktober#♠️#demon kink#sensory deprivation #jeff the kiler x reader #jeff the killer smut #marble hornets hoodie #masky smut #Ben drowned smut
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    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Doing doodles of ideations.

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  • bowtied-pasta
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Scene and Sarcasm

    A late night simpery chat brought to you in fic form. 😈

    It was a peaceful night. The moonlight streaming through branches that stretched far above your head, blocking portions of the night sky. Crickets chirping and an owl could be heard making its distinct call in the distance.

    That was until you ran into the area. Your breathing heavy and your heart pumping hard as it could be heard beating in your ears. The crunching of the leaves under your feet doing nothing to keep you any quieter as you ran.

    What were you running from exactly? A tall creature. You took him for a human at first, built like one, and even acted like one from a far. But that changed when you realized he didn’t have a face. To be fair he had a mouth, but that mouth had twisted into a wicked grin when he had spotted you. A wicked, sharp grin.

    The teeth were nothing to sneeze at. Sharp. Very sharp. The tendrils that sprouted from his back moments later weren’t very human either, and it had made you freeze as you took in exactly what you were looking at. That’s when he had taken a step towards you.

    You bolted, weaving around trees in the hopes that he possibly wasn’t good at maneuvering tight turns. With legs as long as his, if you ran in a straight line, he’d catch up no problem. It sent shivers up your spine when his laughter could be heard behind you. Deep and playful.

    This was funny to him. Like he thought your efforts to get away were pointless. He would catch you anyway. He would get whatever it is he wants from you one way or another. It sent a thrill up your spine and a smile spread over your lips, breaking your character as you purposefully tripped over a root that had been in front of you.

    He takes this in stride though, possibly thinking you had tripped accidentally and seemed to take a moment to see if you were actually hurt before advancing slowly again, smirk back on his face as he flicked his cigarette down and stepped it out as he moved to stand over you.

    He opens his mouth to speak, probably something snarky or teasing, but you cut him off before he could get anywhere. “OH! OH PLEASE SIR! PLEASE do not hurt me!!!! For I am just a poor little human and your hands are very big and could do horribly wonderful things to me!”

    He freezes, standing over you in what could only be astonishment. If he had eyes you were sure he’d be the epitome of shock. He seemed to brush your bad acting off quickly though, opting to try and continue the scene even if your acting was horrible.

    “I caught you, little m-“

    “OH NO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SIR! I BEG OF YOU! You are so BIG and DANGEROUS and I am but a weak little human. PLEASE don’t grab me by the neck and raw me against a tree! That would be so depraved! So embarrassing! How would I survive?!” You interrupt him as he goes to speak. His attempt to guide you both back into the scene being valiantly ignored by you as you mock him and yourself.

    He deflates, his posture sagging as he sighs and looks up at the trees. You swear you hear him grumble about the audacity or something like that, only leading you to giggle as be looks back down at you. “Babe, I thought-“

    “OOOOHHHHH PLEASE OH PLEASE SIR! Please DONT absolutely destroy me in every way possible until I crave nothing but you! That would be horrible! To not be capable of loving another because I got fucked into the perfect cock sleeve for you and only you!” You toss your head back, a hand on your forehead in dramatic fashion as you giggle.

    You hear him sigh as his feet shuffle, scooping you up before tossing you over his shoulder. You squeal as he does, going flying for a good second or two before his hand on the small of your back steadies you and helps keep you secure. You wriggle, putting up a bit of a fight as you laugh at the outcome of your bratting, only to yelp when his free hand smacks your ass.

    “Stay still, little mouse. I caught you, remember? That means I can have my fun now.” This made you giggle at first, glad your shenanigans had made him smile too. Then he continued. “Of course, my plans have changed a little bit, but I always have a few tricks up my sleeve for brats like you.”

    His tone was promising. A promise of punishment, but only the best kind. The kind that was never really a punishment to begin with.

    Maybe you should play with your scenes more often.

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  • smutty-ki113r
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    🌪Jason the Toymaker🌪|| Verbatim

    KinkTober Week 2. Day 8

    NSFW||~ Drabble x amab gn!reader, includes—friends jerking eachother off, mutual masturbation, frotting, switch reader, minors—dni. (1.6k)

    Inspired by: Mother Mother

    It had been weeks since you saw Jason, you missed his flamboyant outfits and flashy smile. Excited for evening time when he would return, setting up snacks and blankets for the pillow fort you planned to surprise him with. Sure, it was childish, but this was Jason—for sure he would love it.

    Charging your computer for the movie you wanted to watch, you had never seen it, but Jeff had recommended it. You were sure it was a slasher or something along those lines, downloading it and waiting patiently for Jason. There was a knock on your door, your got up and ran excitedly to it, opening to find nobody there. An expression of confusion gracing your features until you felt a tap on your right shoulder, missing the person who beckoned you and turning again to see a wide smile and jazz hands.

    You have a surprised gasp, clutching your heart as Jason laughed. “Ta da!”. Eyes still wide as you caught your breath, crossing your arms and telling him he scared you. “Sorry dear, I used the other entrance” he pointed at the little blue door that miraculously popped up when he arrived.

    “I have a surprise for you too” you told him “and it might be scary too”, watching his golden eyes sparkle with curiosity. He jumped up and down in joy, clapping his hands, pushing you impatiently to reveal what it was. “I guess you’ll have to wait and see” you said, shutting down any nagging attempts by trying to tie a blindfold to cover his line of sight.

    “The makeup the makeup!” He pulled, retreating in full fear to avoid the destruction of his masterpiece. “I’ll just use my hands! You don’t have to be cruel” he huffed, letting you lead him to the fort. Blinking a few times and turning to hug you in delight, “A pillow fort! You shouldn’t have”. His arms wrapping around you a bit too long before letting go. A deep red blush almost as dark as his hair heavy on his cheeks, tucking his hair behind his ear. Diverting his attention to the fort so you wouldn’t notice, just a friendly interaction from an old friend.

    Both of you settling in the comfy mattress with only pillows separating you. You clicking at the laptop and forgetting to give Jason warning that you didn’t pick this movie, jeff did. A smile creeping on the man’s face as he layed back peacefully, watching avidly as some storyline about a badly scripted set up date. Figuring that the toymaker was into chick flick like content, so it wasn’t all that bad.

    Almost losing your mind when the protagonist and the love interest started making out. Something about watching this scene with Jason right there next to you turned you on. Pressing your thighs together as you saw the characters fall back onto a bed and collide against eachother, kissing each other sloppily and making you crave for the same. You didn’t know what came over you, succumbing to the urge to touch yourself, snaking a hand between your pants to palm your dick.

    The scene lagged, showing all the eager kisses the girl placed on his chest, the exaggerated faces of pleasure as her back arched. You slowly unzipping your clothes to stroke your length. Jason’s eyes glued on the screen in astonishment, a clear sign for your to reaccomodate and fluff the pillow in between you two, a barrier for your obscene actions.

    It was a meek attempt- he could still hear. Beyond the dirty talking and bed creaking of the movie Jason could make out your quickened breath that you attempted to muffle, the fap fap noises of you tugging at your dick. Blood rushing south fast at what you were doing, and if you could do it, why couldn’t he do it too?

    Perhaps it was telling him that you loved him too, the toymaker caught on his feelings for months. Temped to tell you, to even come out to you, but not wanting to lose your friendship. Just imagining you asking “do you have a crush on me?” With a gaze of pure repulsion. His musical heart throbbing in his chest at how you treated him, devout with affection and devotion, wanting nothing more than to finally kiss you.

    Peeking a glance at the subtle movements you were making, clenching the pillow in sexual frustration. Unable to make noise and trying to focus on the movie but knowing that Jason was right there. Imagining his mouth on your tip, the corners of his lips turning into a smile as he sucked you dry. That pretty eyeliner dripping down his face in a disheveled state of lust as you fucked his throat.

    Buckling your hips and praying he didn’t see. The cushion in between you not letting you view how he too was fisting his cock to you. Responding accordingly to your actions, focusing cautiously on you and getting to see your tip angry and beading with precum. His breath staggering as he slowly jerked his own, length heavy in his big hand, wrapping around his thick girth and stroking.

    Nobody paying attention to the screen anymore, making a mental note to yell at jeff for recommending you a porno. Abandoning the idea as a shiver of delight rolled through your body, blaming Jason instead. It was his fault for being so attractive, for making you want him so bad.

    The sex scene ending and not giving any more excuse for what you were doing, but you couldn’t stop, you needed to finish. A strangled whine gracing your ears, unintentionally giving a full 180 to find him jerking himself off as well. Silent mutual agreement as you inched closer to him, both of you taking a second to discard clothes, belt buckles chinking as they removed. Nobody acknowledging how you got there. Eyes meeting in passion, disguising embarrassment as you throbbed, his gaze softening as he observed you.

    Side by side as you both satisfied your desires, like close friends were supposed to do. Pretending that this was normal, and not an act in between lovers in denial. Sweaty and sticky in the heat of the blanketed cave, the movie long forgotten as you only focused on each others panting. The toymaker making a bold move and grabbing onto your thigh, tracing his finger on your skin and squeezing. You couldn’t help but jerk your hips, taking his hand and leading him to your dick. His fingers eager to touch you, wrapping around your length as your hand fell to the side, reaching to grab his own cock. “Fuck you’re big” you told him.

    He gave a stiff grunt, you could feel how hard he was, tracing your thumb over all the veins of his lengthy dick. Both of you jerking each other off beautifully, sensations of pleasure and heat spreading like a wildfire over your chest. His balls slapping hard against the back of your hand, making you crave him inside you, clapping against your asshole. “Nghh Jason” you cried out, “that feels so good”. Long red hair falling in strands over his face as he pumped you, twirling his palm over your tip. His jaw muscles tensing as he tilted his face to yours, heavy breaths mixing in unison.

    Your hand straining at the angle you were in, giving a little whimper at how close you were. Jason’s mouth open and drooling, fisting you hard and fast to bring you to euphoria. “Yeah you like that?” He took initiative, facing you finally to grab your length and his, jerking both of you off. “How does this feel?” Putting both your dicks in one fist to tug, your head falling forward to press against his as your abdomen tightened, struggling to breathe steadily.

    Tip against tip, shaft against shaft. Putting both of you standing straight to frot. In the casual sensation, a predicament of his unprofessed love. Two pairs of eyes falling open the lewd sight that only produced those slimy squelching noises. Both of your heads popping out from his fist with each thrust.

    “God I’m gonna cum” you said, breath quickening and your vision torn to his big calloused hand pulling and tensing, pressing and squeezing so nicely. “Jason please help me cum” you pleaded. Feeling his fingers pass by your band, caressing your head and coating you to the edge with his dick right there touching yours. Those pretty groans coming from his lips and invoking your own whimpers.

    “I love it when you beg” he rasped, spitting on his hand to continue fucking both of you. Quickening his movements and sliding over your knob, so precise with his movements, it must have been because of his work. “Go on~ beg bitch.”

    Pleads giving way as whimpers in your throat “please I need it”, humping against him as much as you could to chase your release “I need you”. Frotting you and him closer to delicious orgasmic pleasure, slipping together and out of rhythm as things got desperate and you teethed on the verge. His skilled hands distinguished just right to get you to heave, pressing against his forehead while you came.

    Letting Jason milk you and then himself, riding out your high as you rutted greedily against his dick. Wanting all of him, letting out breathy satisfied moans as he painted over your stomach.

    His voice in quick breaths of love, no longer waiting to pull you into the kiss he longed for. “I’m pan” coming out to you in a ramble of affection, “and I’m in love with you”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#♠️#nsft post#nsft#nsft text #jason the toymaker headcanons #Jason the Toymaker smut #jason the toymaker x reader #Jason the Toymaker x you #creepypasta headcanon#creepypasta hcs#creepypasta fanfic #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta x you #creepypasta x y/n #kinktober#kinktober halloween #jeff the killer smut #laughing Jack smut #eyeless jack smut #masky smut #ben drowned smut #ben drowned x you #creepypasta event
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  • bowtied-pasta
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Happy Birthday to me from me and Happy Kinktober to you, from me 💖🎃


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  • smutty-ki113r
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    🚺BEN🚺||Hello Kitty

    KinkTober Week 2. Day 7

    NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes— in-story genderbend, lesbian sex, tibbing, innocence kink, interchangeable she/he pronounces for BEN, pet names, minors—dni. (1.7k)

    Inspired by: Avril Lavigne

    As far as he was concerned, it had been a completely normal evening, playing video games before he went to bed. He should have noticed something was off when the controller passed an electrical current and shocked him, brushing it off with a hiss- BEN should have been paying attention.

    Waking up the next morning with a high pitched yawn, clearing his throat thinking he must be sick. Rubbing his dark bleeding eyes and washing his face in the sink, not registering that the image in the mirror wasn’t his own. Giving a shocked gasp at the picture of his changed face, sunken cheekbones and long eyelashes. Touching her cheeks to confirm that it was in fact real, looking at her tits in the mirror.

    Tits, real tits. Grabbing them in two handfuls to feel their fullness, not very large but they were there. His hands flying to the area where his dick used to be, sensing nothing there. Eyes wide as he pulled out the band of his pijamas to see his pussy. Panicking and locking the door, unsure of what to do in this predicament. Deciding to call you for help, after he rambled and explained you brought her back to your room- a blanket over his head so nobody would recognize him.

    Scolding him, “what is this?” You asked, scanning his body. BEN was preoccupied grabbing her tits, which you slapped her for. “What did you do to end up like this?”

    “Hey! Why are you blaming me? I didn’t do this!” She defended, sighing and falling back on your bed in despair. “Fuck if I know, this is some freaky Friday shit”. Sitting up to feel you take a place next to him on the foot of the bed. Reading your anxious expression and deciding that putting the issue on you was stressing you out. “I mean it’s not all that bad”. You looked at her to elaborate, waving a hand motion to ‘go on’.

    “Well, I have tits” he said with a ‘hejeheje” laugh, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You rolled your eyes, pushing him with a dark chuckle. “But I look so different…” her face darkened, shoulders slumped in helplessness.

    Worried about what would happen, “I’m sure this is just a temporary thing” you tried. BEN looking at you for reassurance, you scooched closer to him, tucking a loose strand of blonde hair behind his pointy ear. “Besides, you’re really pretty as a girl”. His mood seemed to lighten, breaking out in a wide smile at the compliment. “For some reason, you seem even more attractive”

    Eyeing those plush pink lips of his, they looked softer than usual. Glancing back and forth between his mouth and his hooded black eyes, with pretty eyelashes. Subconsciously both of you leaning towards eachother, slow paces of breath quickening at the tension. Attention lingering a bit too much, about to turn away but before you got the chance he kissed you.

    It was so savory, an instinctive gentleness to the passionate embrace. A sweet tinge of strawberry mixing between you thorough saliva and tongues, he was so inexperienced as a woman you laughed into the kiss. Feeling her struggle to contain this girlish excitement, a heavy blush setting on his cheeks as you pulled away.

    “Please touch me” he breathed, reaching for you again impatiently. Giving a strangled moan as you went for her neck, placing soft marks on his skin and sucking. Your hand crawling up to his breast and groping, she let out a gasp at the pressure. It felt so different, so strange, but for some reason it was turning him on. Her body reacting, throbbing in his underwear at the slick gathering. Taking her shirt off to let you see her tits for the first time. A tingle of heat vibrating through her body at the pure embarrassment, knowing that this was his body. Lips pressing together in a tight line of pleasure as you grabbed them in handfuls. “Oh fuck” she groaned in surprise, he couldn’t help herself. It felt so good.

    Eyes fluttering open as you latched onto her nipple, jaw dropping at the shiver of lust that washed over him. Your tongue lolling over the bud and leaving it covered in saliva before giving the other equal attention. BEN pulsing in her pants as you ravaged him, squeezing in all the right places to feel an unmatched sensation of joy. Groping each on separate hands, pulling back to watch her come undone. You could tell it was her first time, especially in a female body, capturing every raw reaction while you lapped at her chest.

    Slapping her tit to watch it bounce back, a string of heaves falling from her mouth accompanied with a whimper. A slight red mark appearing, burning hot on his chest as she looked up at you with big pleading eyes. “Use your words” you told him, watching him squirm in your grasp “what do you want?”. Sucking at the fading pink print left by your hand, twisting her nipples to hear her give a whine.

    “I wanna know how it feels” he expressed, chest rising up and down violently. Perky tits so beautiful on his body, a little pout on her face as she spoke again. “Wanna know how it feels to cum like a girl”. Heat crawling to your cunt at her mere expression, barely having done anything and yet he looked so disheveled. The hair that used to be up to his ears had grown to her shoulders, unkempt in desperation, she looked perfect. Rewarding her with a quick kiss on the lips, tucking all the hairs that had come undone while you made out to see his flushing pink elf ears.

    “I’ll show you”, you promised, dragging down the rest of his clothes. Losing your mind at the sight in front of you, BEN with her back pressed against the mattress, elbows holding her up to watch as you ghosted a movement over her pearl. His legs trembling from anticipation and nervousness, biting her lip as you spread her open. Cold air gracing her cunt and making him clench around nothing, so horny for you that he started panting.

    Your finger tracing her slit and covering it in slick, pulsing at how wet BEN was for you. Holding him open with your index and thumb of one hand, resting your other to flick her. “This is your clit”, rubbing her bud lightly with your finger “it’s the pleasure center of your body”. Tight, beautiful, pink pussy on display just for you, sending you into overdrive at the whine he let out. Drawing small circles on his pearl, slapping her pussy a couple times to get her to mewl. Rubbing more intensely with two fingers, using the others to edge inside his hole.

    “Does that feel nice?” You asked, watching him nod vigorously at your question. “Yeah you like that kitten?”. A chant of ‘yes god yes’s’ falling from his pink colored lips, throwing her head back in pleasure. Clenching virgin cunt that clamped around your fingers as you pumped into her, curling them upwards to reach her spongy spot. Massaging his abdomen where the knot started to tighten, coils wrapping around his body as he approached climax.

    A gushing, wet sound coming from where you fingered her. Giving his pearl equal love with your light presses of affection. Her clit swelling from them, getting fat at the blood rushing through his body. You couldnt resist the urge to try him out, lapping at his sopping cunt to taste the juices pouring down his shaking thighs. Her pussy red and abused from the intimate action, stripping away her virginity with your fingers and mouth. It was strange to see BEN like this, but it was so pleasurable.

    A cocky grin on your face when you went down on him, tongue fucking her innocent walls, and she was so tight too. Switching between sucking, lapping, sucking, lapping. Breathing heavily on her pearl, warm as it graced him and sent him into a blinding sensation that took over the surface of his skin, twitching as her eyes rolled back and she came all over your mouth.

    Riding down from his first high, you weren’t done with him. Bringing your fingers covered in release up to her mouth, she eagerly took them. Kitten licking her release from your digits, sucking them whole through gargled groans that only heard “mmhmm”.

    Being at a proximity only girls could be at, close as you got hot and bothered over her. Throwing off your clothes and hoisting her leg to stretch her out. Sitting down on his pussy and rubbing, creating friction with each roll of your hips. Fast approaching your orgasm, fucking and over stimulating her beyond compare.

    BEN’s face tensing as your clit rubbed on his, thighs sliding up and down from how slick ridden you were. Wet in between your legs, cunts drenched in release and arousal. Chasing your high quickly as you tibbed her, panting as his body bounced back and forth, small tits jerking from the force with which you thrusted. Looking down at her face a-gap, bleeding eyes clouded with lust and face on the verge of red. That raging smell of sex, colliding in the sinful forbidden pleasure of lesbian love.

    “Cum” you told him, “cum kitty”. Purring for her to reach a second high with your hot pussy on her, bringing her to euphoria. The knot in your core snapping and shaking your body in a delightful wave of white, creaming over her as she screamed his voice raw with pleasure.

    Calming down in aftershocks of sexual desire, ransacking every bone in your body in trembles. Nothing compared to BEN- her face pink and fucked out, no energy to move, pointy ears red and tingling, cunt throbbing from the release. “I don’t” he let out “I don’t think I mind being a girl anymore…”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft#nsft text #ben drowned genderbent #genderbent creepypasta#creepypasta fanfic#creepypasta hcs#creepypasta headcannon #ben drowned x you #ben drowned x y/n #ben drowned x reader #kinktober#kinktober halloween #ben drowned smut #slenderverse #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta x you #creepypasta x y/n #♠️ #ben drowned headcannons #ben drowned headcanon #sub ben drowned
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    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    🔻Jeff the killer🔻|| Shameless

    KinkTober Week 2. Day 6

    NSFW||~ Drabble amab gn!reader, includes vouyerism, bully jeff, slur usage, edging, minors—dni. (1.3k)

    Inspired by: Camilla Cabello

    There was no way you could tell him, hiding your feelings even if it pained you more than anything else ever had. The forbidden guilt bubbling in your stomach and clawing at your neck whenever you saw him. Forcing yourself to swallow it down, not wanting to put your friendship in jeopardy.

    It was impossible to stop it, each fleeting glance and swift touch driving you to the end of your limit. Denying it because you knew that admitting it would only make things worse, hating yourself for letting him consume your mind. Terrified that if you ever did tell him, he would hate you, his best friend. That he would be disgusted, your mind formulating an image of his lips in a scowl; a look in his eyes that burned and sent you to hell, where you belonged for loving a man.

    You couldn’t stop the heartache though, and that’s how you got here. Sitting in bed with your cock in your hand, the tip red and swollen, throbbing as you fisted it. Unable to think about anything other than Jeff, picturing him over you, pressing hot kissed along your neck, on your chest. Grazing his teeth over your nipple and lapping as he traced your skin.

    Mirroring what you wanted him to with your own hand, it would never satisfy like he would. Little clapping sounds that were barely heard as you heaved, eyes rolling back as you swirled your palm across your head. Unaware that Jeff had picked the lock, hoping to tackle you from behind and play fight but faced with this lewd predicament. His lidless eyes unsuccessfully prying away from the image of you so vulnerable, blood rushing south fast. Straining in his pants as he got hard, hearing your chocked gasps and whimpers as you fucked your fist.

    Murmurs of pleasure falling from your mouth, eyes closed and missing the sight of Jeff creaking your door open further to watch you clearer. So convinced that you were alone that you let taboo words slip. “Jeff” you called out, hips jerking at the nearing of your release, “Jeff fuck” you cried “feels ‘s so good god, more more”

    Fear gripping your body when he entered the room, an unreadable expression on his face as he spoke, “you called my name?”. Not sure if you should apologize or cry, run away but it was too late, you couldn’t hide it any longer.

    “Jeff it’s not what it looks like” you tried, voice wobbly as tears formed.

    “So you weren’t just touching yourself to me?” He asked, tone dark and taunting, laced with a hint of something you couldn’t distinguish. Motioning his chin to where you tried to hide your bare dick. Tilting your head down in shame, curious eyes peering up to see the hard on in his pants. The outline of his bulge making your mouth water, almost forgetting the situation you were in.

    “Fucking fag” he spat, crawling up the bed and leaning down to look you straight. “I didn’t know you were a slut” he said with a staggered, angry breath. It seemed like he was furious, but his actions said different. Heat radiating from his body that was easily mistaken for rage because you had never seen him lustful. “And a slut for me”

    Shaking as you tried to discern whether or not he was going with it. Jeff inching closer as you attempted to gather your thoughts. “I’m sorry” you managed. Avoiding his gaze as you looked into your hands.

    “Idiot” he breathed, his tone softer then you ever heard. You were so afraid, paralyzed as you looked up. Glancing at the scarred lips that stood centimeters away from you. He was looking at yours too, distracted by your proximity. Tension high as he breathed softly onto you, fanning on your skin. Meeting your lips in a passionate prolonged kiss that captured your breath, he took it within himself and opened his own to take you full.

    Everything else drowning out while he granted you what you craved for. His knee blocking you from closing your thighs. Better than you ever imagined, his hand tracing your chest lightly.

    Crawling down to the throbbing area that you held hidden, his fingers treading cautiously over your tip. Taking a firm grip on your head and swirling the bead of precum you gathered over it. Sharing sloppy kisses as he started pumping your length, heavy breath as he fought his feelings. Biting your lip and drawing blood, iron taste rich on your tongue when he pulled away.

    “Pathetic” he said, jerking you off and watching you come undone. Strands of hair fallen over your forehead, eyes pleading when he looked up at him. How could he resist? Masking genuine feelings with a bully cover, degrading you as if it were an insult.

    “moaning out my name like that”, heat in his pants at the reminiscence of those sweet sounds, hidden between whimpers and cries. “Do it again” he demanded, needing so badly to hear you again. Your mind too far hazy with how good he was making you feel that you didn’t respond. His hand slipping from you, ripping away the brooding orgasm on he tip of your tongue. “Say my name again”.

    Salty and red as you swallowed a wad of desperation down. “Jeff please” you choked out. His hand tugging you back into the chase for release. “nngh please Jeff I need you”. His lips parted and curling into a cruel widened smile as he pumped steadily.

    “you must really love me” he laughed darkly “god look at you”. A wave of heat shocking your core at his tone, at the wet slippery sounds that separated you. “I’ve barely touched you and you’re about to cum”. You couldn’t stop, eyes rolling back and toes curling as your face tensed, about to release.

    “Jeff Jeff, fuck Jeff “ His name coming out like chants, mummers of sin that were only his to hear. Him giving into carnal desire, nearing his lips to your stomach and trailing kisses to your shaft. His whole fist wrapped around your base and jerking you off, his long tongue sliding agonizingly slow up your dick. A thick blush settling on your cheeks at the sight, at the thought and the reality.

    Pressing a hot kiss to your abused tip and giving a one word command. “Cum” Getting you spasming as a delicious white engulfed your vision, pulsing and racking through your body as he carried out your high. Jeff entranced in the way you made a mess of yourself, your seed spilled over his lips and hand.

    Not wasting a second to rush and kiss you again, letting you taste yourself as he savored you hungrily. Hushed words only serving to pull you closer to desire, to need. A tinge of humor as he spoke, coated with false anguish, “how dare you let me fall in love with you”.

    Your hair caught in his hand, saliva and your fluid fresh on your palette as he placed both knees around you, trapping your figure further underneath him. Leaning down to stare at you lustfully, unbuckling his pants to take out his cock.

    Giving you one of his infamous smiles as he pointed his length at your mouth, “My turn”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft#nsft text #jeff the killer smut #jeff the killer x y/n #jeff the killer headcanons #jeff the killer creepypasta #jeff the killer x reader #jeff the killer x you #jeff the killer headcannon #ben drowned creepypasta #creepypasta hcs#creepypasta fanfic #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta x y/n #creepypasta x you #kinktober#♠️#mlm#gay #gay jeff the killer #masky smut
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  • smutty-ki113r
    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    🚩Eyeless Jack🚩|| Ready for it

    Kinktober Week 1. Day 5

    NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes—somnophillia, wet dreams, period sex, minors—dni. (1.5k)

    Inspired by: Taylor Swift

    Jack looked so beautiful while he slept, his mouth a-gap as little snores passed in exhales. His chestnut hair so soft when you ran a hand through it, pushing it back to watch his peaceful expression. Smiling to yourself as you turned back to your phone, dimming the bright light and going through tumblr.

    Sitting up with your back on the pillows, a warm ambiance in the air from the early evening, little freckles of dust flying in the illuminated orange sunset. Your attention caught by a noise the demon made, something so quiet you could have sworn it was a whimper. Shock pulling at you to get off your phone and pay attention to him. He was still for a while, until he let out another unintelligible noise, this one louder and more obvious than the other.

    “Jack?” You whispered, wondering if he was awake. With silence as your answer you turned to him fully. Picking up on the little wiggle of his hips as he turned belly down, his face now buried in a pillow. Muttering into the plush as he started to roll his hips up just to press against the mattress, letting out groans every time he did. Then it hit you- he was having a wet dream.

    His breath picking up as he rutted, his pants tight around his girth and preventing that friction he needed. Your panties soaking at watching him have such an intimate thought, it felt illegal. Still, you pulsed, pressing your thighs together in silent ache for him.

Jack himself lost in a false image of lustful craze, picturing you underneath him. Convinced that he was inside you, his hands trailing your curves and his claws digging into your skin, leaving marks of his heat. Mouth pooling with saliva as he lapped at your neck, biting your chest hungrily. The blurry picture somehow reasonable, changing from bending you over a desk to pinning you on the wall, in front of a distorted mirror to watch your expression and pounding you on the floor till you couldn’t move. Legs twitching as they gave out and faltered, rendering you helpless to his primal desires.

    Your eyes wide as he called out your name in a haze, grumbling about you being so tight, how you squeezed him so good, cursing fuck yeah, growling you want it harder don’t you, slut. His leg bending to get a better thrust angle, giving you the chance to intervene. Knowing he wouldn’t mind you touching him when he was in such a needy state. Your hand gently caressing him through his jeans, rubbing his length and letting him pant into you. Disheveled in a sleepy state of greed, thrusting into your touch.

    Unzipping his pants to pull out his cock, stroking it while he groaned. Fisting his heavy length in your hand as you neared him, swirling your thumb around his bulbous head and coating him in precum, coaxing him to release. Feeling him pant harder, taking your hand away right as he was about to cum. Him stirring and waking up from the frustration.

    “Oh you’re gonna pay for that” he tutted, quick to grab your hands and restrain you. Pulling them over your head and holding them by the wrist “fucking whore”. His chest rising up and down in fast paces, still with a lidded look from the abrupt wake up call. “You think you can just do that?” Going straight for your neck, wanting to recreate each thought his mind formulated but better. “Touch me when I sleep and then not let me cum?”

    Ripping off your clothes to ravage you, his hands shamelessly taking parts of your skin and squeezing. Lining himself up and giving little warning before thrusting into you like an animal. Your body bouncing back and forth through every “yeah yeah yeah”. His balls pressing warmly with a lewd squelch and a slap, fucking your tight cunny so good your toes curled.

    Every inch of your body on fire as he stretched you out, stroking the deepest parts of your walls as he filled you up deliciously. Your hands on his grey skin, hooded eyeless gaze on you. Sharp teeth flashing as he pounded into you, reminding you of how he scared you when you first encountered him. A monster, a murderer, and here you were taking his cock like a good little pet, docile and bending his every desire.

    So far up your hole that you felt him twitch when he came, felt him. His cock covered in cum as he fucked it back inside of you, uncaring of the obscenity, his stamina so high he didn’t have to wait to fill you again. Your eyes wandering down to where you connected, almost having a heart attack at the sight of red glistening from the drooping liquid.

    “Jack!” You cried “Jack please”, sobs raking your body at the embarrassment. Hoping he wouldn’t hate you for turning him off. “I just got my period” you whimpered. Turning away your eyes and thinking he would stop, that he would yell at you or take away that pleasure he had been building up since he slipped inside you.

    “I don’t give a fuck” he spat, thrusting harder and more rigidly, “I need to cum”. What you didn’t know was that he was enamorated with you, so tangled up in your body that the blood only heightened his senses. The iron smell making him twitch and fight to hold back his true animalistic side. “And you feel so good around me” he groaned.

    Stepping off the bed for a cleaner position, hoisting your legs above his shoulders and holding your thighs with his strong arms. Your back arching off the mattress as he relentlessly slapped your cunt, rolling his hips back with momentum to clap into your ass. Realizing that he didn’t care if you made a mess with your cycle, he would make one too, with you. “It feels so nice Jack” you gloated, cheeks red from the act. “I love how you know everything I like”. Only your shoulder blades sinking into the mattress as he hit your g spot, lifting his heels to angle down into your cervix. “And how deep you get” you told him with a breathy moan, “And how hard you feel”

    Him moving your lower half up and down in slow tasty rolls that pressed you into the most wonderful sensations. His arms hooking under your knee and flattening both of you into a mating press. “This is my favorite position” he confessed, “cause I can kiss you”. Meeting your lips in a passionate lust driven kiss that fueled the fire in your loins. “And I can breed you”

    “fuck you’re so so” you tried to form words, everything failing you because you could only focus on his fat cock splitting you open, sinking through your core and tightening the coil that wrapped around you but relieving the pain of your cycle. “So deep”

    Rolling his hips slowly into yours, shutting you up with another slap. Claws digging into your upper chest to pull you back onto his dick. Going at such an inhuman speed you couldn’t keep up, his head thrown back and his Adam’s apple bobbing as he gulped. Using you as his own personal fleshlight, your walls clamping around him delightfully.

    Your face turning red from the lack of oxygen, not wanting to stop because of how his hand touched your cunt, palming it in the space between you. Pulsing into you so beautifully you couldn’t deny him, his eyeless gaze peering straight at your blushing expression. He didn’t care that you were bleeding on him, he knew it was the perfect time to breed you. Your body tender and sensitive to every flick of his movement.

    Two of his fingers rolling circles so lightly on your clit, halting your breathing to let you cum. Sending you into an overdrive of arousal and sex, his length molding into your walls from how many times he thrusted. Clenching him and keeping him buried in your hole.

    Jack letting out a long moan as he came again, stuffing you so good and letting you ride out your orgasm. You encasing him so tightly, milking ever last drop from his balls. Legs shaking at the stretch position he put you in, jerking your hips up to keep him at the base and let him unload.

    “Did that help with the pain?” He asked, still fully stuffing your hole. Watching you give a little nod, chest heaving as you failed to speak, “next time, just let me fall asleep inside of you”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft#nsft text#♠️#eyeless Jack #eyeless jack headcannons #eyeless jack headcanon #eyeless jack smut #eyeless jack x y/n #eyeless jack creepypasta #eyeless jack cp #eyeless jack x you #eyeless jack x reader #creepypasta headcanon#creepypasta hcs#slenderverse#kinktober#kinktober creepypasta #jeff the killer smut #monster smut#somnophilia#somno kink
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  • bowtied-pasta
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Okay, so in regards to Kinktober

    I have two fics I will post. One is on a specific day, the other is whenever I finish it. I have completed the one that is scheduled, but the other one is tbd.

    Oct. 11th - Stuck in a Rut (Splendor/True)

    TBD - Alien Encounters (Splendor/True)

    Both are smut. The first one is a heat fic and the second is an Alien au that I’m honestly really proud of.

    If you’re surprised they’re for Splendor and True then I don’t know how to break this to you but that’s really all I write about.

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  • smutty-ki113r
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ♠️BEN♠️|| Forever

    Kinktober Week 1. Day 4

    NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes— virginity loss, breeding, yandare themes, minors—dni. (1.8k)

    Inspired by: Danger Inc.

    He had been in love with you for years, hiding his feelings even though it carved a hole in his undead heart. He could have sworn you made his blood pump again, with each smile you flashed at him, with each hug you gave. It had ached for way too long, waiting for so long to find the perfect moment to tell you, never finding the right time. But tonight he was going to change that, refusing to ever let you go ever again.

    He wasn’t thinking clearly, tired and lingering on the verge of romantic insanity. Fumbling with his phone as he paced in his room, reason slipping away with every restless minute. Adoring you so much that it became borderline obsession, wanting nothing more than to have you all to himself.

    Even being a close friend wasn’t close enough, he wanted no space in between you. Skin to skin as his body met yours, feeling every inch of the surface of your neck, your chest, your cunt, everything. Unbreaking from your lips for moments at a time so that you forgot to breathe, so you could feel like you made him feel when you were around him. BEN couldn’t help but slip into lustful thought, his mind so consumed by you that you started to appear in his dreams.

    They weren’t just any dreams, lewd with a vivid imagination of taking you. Wanting nothing more than to be your first and only, forever. A constant replay of how you would react to his touches, of the sounds you would make while he stretched you out. With your eyes rolling back and your walls clenching around his girth. Buried deep inside and never wanting to separate. Waking up with his boxers cum-stained and sticky. It was bliss to conjur the moment, but getting up without you by his side was torture. He wanted the real thing, unwilling to let you go and unable to wait any longer.

    Traveling to your room through your phone, undetected as he came from the screen. Walking over to the foot of the bed to see you bunched up in the blankets. Debating waking you up or just watching you breathe peacefully, sinking his knees onto the mattress to crawl to you. Hovering over your sleeping face, your muscles relaxed in a deep state of tranquility. Closer and closer to you, admiring your lashes and your cheeks, breathing on the lips that looked so, so soft, wanting to touch so bad…

    Getting so carried away that eventually there was no gap between you, serenity in the silent tension of the kiss you shared. BEN savoring your taste as he finally seemed to exhale, the longing need to have you in this proximity momentarily quelled. Stirring you out of the sleepy state, you blinking at the sight of him right there. Breaking from the kiss to process, “BEN?!” You whisper-yelled “what are you doing here? What do you want?”

    Dark dripping eyes had never looked so lidded, boring into your soul and sending shivers down your spine as he spoke in a husky tone. “I want you” he laughed, “I fucking love you…I have since the day I met you”. You were taken aback, not because you didn’t reciprocate but it was just so hard to believe. For a while you too had been terrified of telling him, figuring it was better to just live as friends than end as failed lovers.

    A smile creeping on your face as you instinctively pulled him in again, latching onto his lips to convey everything you hadn’t been able to before. Kissing him in quick strides, impatient to make up for lost time you were too naive to face. You could hear him heavy breathing and it made you feral, his hand holding onto the back of your neck as he kissed your neck, trailing spots of affection over the lines of your collarbone.

    The sharp of his teeth grazing your skin so lightly, pulling your head back so he could appreciate you better. Your core throbbing at the way he felt, coated in arousal but anxious about the experience. BEN nibbling as he panted down your chest, removing your shirt along with his. His hands fast to grasp your tits and squeeze, letting you falter a whimper as he sucked on your nipple. Rolling the bud around in his mouth and separating with a pop just to go on to the other.

    Pressing another passionate kiss on your lips, sloppily meeting your strides as he rushed to take off your panties. You stopping him with a yelp of “wait!”. He had to refrain, looking at you unsurely. “I’ve never done this before” you confessed, believing he would be turned off by your lack of experience.

    The gears turning in his head until it hit him, “you’re a virgin?”. Turning your head away in embarrassment as you nodded, a wave of unbridled lust tingling through his body at the realization that he would be your first. Your body was only his to touch, only his to take, and nobody could ever take that way from him. Saliva pooling in his mouth at the idea of just how tight you would squeeze him, clamping around his fat cock as you came. “Do you trust me?” he asked, you responding with a quiet ‘yes’.

    “I’ve wanted to do this for so long” he admitted, “I’m gonna make this the best fuck of your life” he started, slowly but surely pulling down your panties to see your bare cunt. Slick pouring from your slit as you pulsed, jerking your hips forward at his gentle drawing touch on your clit. Teasing circles that ghosted over the plump of your pearl, making you rasp at the feeling, your eyes wandering elsewhere in warm distraction.

    “Look at me” he hissed, tearing your vision to him so he could finally give in to your needs. “Thats right” he praised, rubbing you deliciously for the first time. Fingers twitching at the fact that he was touching you like this. Legs sprawled out in attempts for him to go harder. “I make you feel better than anyone else” he repeated, words echoing as he slipped a finger into your hole. “Only me”

    Lubing you up and feeling how wet you were, warm gushy virgin walls that had never been invaded before. His long fingers filling you up so perfectly, heavy breaths and kisses on your pelvis as he stuffed you. Not letting you shift your gaze away from his, he wanted to see you quiver and shake underneath him, so see you flush as he stimulated you.

    Flicking your clit right to the edge but not letting you have it, forcing you to beg without having to ask. “Please, please”, your body racked with sobs as your legs trembled, throbbing to the point of release but not getting there because he wanted to have his way. “Fuck BEN I need you, please”

    The blonde eager to take out his cock and pump it a few times, rubbing it over your slit and coating himself with your juices. Holding back from cumming on spot from the hot fluid dripping on his tip, catching on the band of his head and glistening with his precum. He had such a pretty dick, decorated with thin veins that would soon be molded into your hole, angry red tip brushing past your clit. “Ready?”

    Taking a shaky breath in as he eased in, slow and difficult to fit inside. You biting your lip raw and still unable to hold back the broken moans of pain. The sting fading away as you accommodated, feeling him throb inside you sending you into sensations of technicolor and flashing pleasure. The way his mouth hung open at your sensitivity, at your innocence. Stripping away your purity as he started to thrust, gradual claps loud and sticky as he overwhelmed you with pleasure.

    His attempts to hold back futile as he felt the way you stretched around him, encountering the primal need to breed you and get you pregnant with his children. All he ever wanted was you all to himself, what better way to do that than with a family? “God you’re so tight” he protested, “not gonna let me out”. The rolls of his hips speeding up as he slammed into you, bruising your pelvis from the harsh movements but both of you not wanting to stop because it just felt so good.

    Then all of the sudden he couldn’t stop himself, hot and heavy as you panted together, “who fucks you so good?” He asked with that smug, devious grin of his, stroking deep inside your walls, “Who?”

    You choking on every breath that he cut off with a hard slap to your hips, managing to wail out for his satisfaction. “You” you cried, voice gone and broken from how much you sobbed. “Only you BEN”, knowing it would send him deeper into the haze of lust you caused.

    Carnal urge overtaking his body as he panted, sweat beading at your forehead and chest when he cursed “fuck yes”. Trapping your body in his embrace and hugging you tightly as he rutted at your figure, his finger sliding over your clit as his tip broke into you “just me”. His fat cock pounding faster and faster into your cervix and bumping your g spot. “I need to cum inside” he whispered to you, making it seem like there was no other option because nothing else would be right.

    So it did, it pulsed inside you in a way you never thought possible, a bit of him immersed in you, passing his love, his affection, his obsession to you through the intimate act. Two bodies intertwining, joining a collective rush of adrenaline with your hearts beating at the same time. With each thrust heated and nessesary for him to spill in you.

    “Wanna make babies with you” he rambled, groaning through the approach of his high “gonna give you my kids”

    Bottoming out at the base to still, twitching as he groaned, painting your insides white with each rope of hot cum that splashed. The sensation filling you to the brim and triggering your body-shaking intense orgasm, fragmented breaths on his face and yours with a last kiss.

    Carnal urge only satisfied for tonight, resting as he got off you, nuzzling in the crook of your neck and biting lovingly. “Now we can be together” he told you longingly, a dangerous glint in his eye as he traced his hand on your tummy “forever”.

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft#nsft text#kinktober #ben drowned smut #ben drowned headcannons #ben drowned headcanon #♠️ #ben drowned x you #ben drowned x y/n #ben drowned x reader #creepypasta fanfic#kinktober Halloween #Jeff the killer smut #masky smut #eyeless Jack smut #slenderverse#kinktober smut #jeff the killer x y/n #jeff the killer x you #jeff the killer x reader #marble hornets#creepypasta hcs
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  • smutty-ki113r
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    🛐Masky🛐|| Religion

    Kinktober Week 1. Day 3

    NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes— nun role-play, pecattiphillia, corruption kink, breeding, minors—dni. (1.9k)

    Inspired by: Lana del Rey

    He always sat at the back, probably the last row where you could hear the priest’s cries through the echos in the walls. You had a raging curiosity for this man, with dark eyes and an expressionless face, never accompanied but always present. He had caught you looking sometimes, you hoped you were quick enough to avert your gaze and pretend like you were listening to the sermon. Excited for Sunday beyond belief every week just because you knew he was coming, although you would probably never act on it he was your first hallway crush.

    There was no harm in looking, after all you couldn’t touch. Being a nun and all you couldn’t exactly get in a relationship, much less indulge in sinful action. Giving the handsome brunette longing glances, pressing your thighs together under your robes, a perfect disguise for the ounce of friction you craved. Imagining a world where you and him could get married and have kids. A nice fantasy where the night of your wedding he laid you down and took your virginity. You crying while he slipped inside you for the first time, your blood staining the silk sheets in red droplets as a reminder of the intimate action.

    Guilt boiling in your core as you shook the idea, knowing it could never be true. Shame, a tight sensation rooting in your stomach when you remembered you were still listening to the sermon. Not reading that the feeling wasn’t guilt, it was desire. Unaware that the man was noticing you, admiring how attractive you were. Bidding his time until the Sunday service was over, you rushing to your room to repent.

    He trailed after you, cutting you off at a far corredor. Your cheeks flushing in pure embarrassment, as he had caught you right after you had thought those things about him. Biting your lip, unsure what to say or do except look away and try to get by him. Nervous beyond belief at the look he was giving you, it sent warm tingles straight to your cunt. Trying to stay silent and walk away, but he wasn’t letting you.

    Cautious with his tone as he spoke, calmly, “Why were you staring at me?”

    You were at a loss for answers, hating youself for making it obvious. Saliva choking at your throat, giving a gulp so hard you could have sworn he heard it. Clawing at your voice with each word you tried to say. “I don’t know”

    “Do you like me?” he asked, his sentence so childish but he said it so coldly. Terrefied as his figure towered over yours, backing you into the doorway of your room. For a second you thought he was going to hurt you, your lips quivering as you started to cry.

    Nodding through the tears, closing your eyes in fear. Being met with the most pleasant sensation you had ever felt, a warm kiss pressing on your lips. A salty taste from the drops that had fallen to your mouth, colliding in a breathy passion when he pushed into you. Heaving as he pulled away, never wanting to separate from the delicious heart ache.

    “Then let me give it to you”, you were so entranced that you couldn’t refuse. Even though you weren’t supposed to, weren’t allowed. It went against everything you believed in, and yet- that’s what made it so tempting. Glancing between his eyes and his lips, that were still warm and tingly from the kiss. The tension so high, heated in your heart as you panted, desperate to touch him again.

    Getting so close that you both melted into another act of lustful romance, your hand going for the door knob, pacing backwards into the space, lips never breaking for air. His hands reaching for your veil to pull it off, running his fingers through your unkempt hair. Tracing them down to your neck as he kissed it, biting and marking you. Pulling back to watch your rosy cheeks and tear stained face, heated as he hooked his finger to the neck of your cloth and pulled it down.

    Tantalizingly uncovering your chest to press sloppy kisses, taking a handful of your tit and massaging. Your mouth falling open in a gasp when he swirled your nipple with his thumb, latching with his lips and sucking. A rush of electricity coursed through you at the foreign feeling, a shiver accompanying the delightful sensation.

    Tim pushing you onto your bed, holding yourself up with your hands from the back as he kneeled. He looked marvelous, lidded eyes with his hair slightly messy, coming down to his sideburns that just fit him so perfectly. He really was handsome, you couldn’t help but get flustered at how he chose you, at the way he was touching you. Sliding his big hands over your curves greedily, living for the way you would react at each sensitive press.

    Lifting your robes slowly, reason slapped you in the face, there was no way you could go through with this. You were a virgin, you took a vow. “Wait!” You cried out, stopping him at your calves. “This is wrong” you told him, but it felt so right. Unable to deny the way he made you feel, how enjoyable those kisses were. Letting out a whimper as you tried to avoid eye contact, he made it so hard when he was kissing you legs like that.

    “This isn’t exactly a sin is it?” he breathed, giving you a devious and playful smile, exhaling puffs of air just high enough to get you to feel something. Harmless kisses, they always led to more, tumbling into bodies colliding together. You had to agree, it wasn’t that wrong to let him touch you, it wasn’t sex after all. Losing yourself to the carnal desires of the flesh.

    Hiking the cloth up your knees and settling them over your hips. Massaging your thighs as he got closer to your cunt, heat throbbing in your core as he touched you where nobody else had. Nervous beyond belief as to how it would feel, or if he wouldn’t like your body. Thoughts stripped away as he pressed a finger to your clit over your panties. Letting out a whine at the bit of pleasure, pulsing as he slid his thumb down your clothed slit. An outline of your mound tracing as the cloth tightened around you, pushing it into each line and crevice and letting it stick from how wet you were. Going all the way down with his digit and pinching your clit in between two fingers, rubbing you and letting you feel all the lines on the pads of his fingers. Every inch of you tingling, the surface of your skin electrified.

    “You’re a virgin” he said, watching you come undone like that. Your face tinted in rose at his words as you gave labored breaths, Tim pulling your panties down. It felt so strange to be uncovered in front of a man, his hands holding you open as he neared his face to your most intimate area. His nose brushing your pearl and exhaling air onto you, inhaling the heavy, raw smell of sex he craved.

    Playing with your bare clit with two of his fingers, a thick pressure forming on your abdomen. Tightening inside you as you neared release, so easily swayed with his gentle movements. Cunt puffy from the stimulation, throbbing as he licked a stripe up your slit. Giving your pearl kitten licks and coating his tongue in your juices. Focusing only on you, the spread of his hands opening you to watch your hole clench. Licking and sucking harder, those wet noises driving you mad.

    Edging his finger inside you while he lapped, coaxing you closer to orgasm as you tried to close your legs around him. “Does that feel good?”. He was so strong he held them open, curling his tongue around your pearl as he passed you a glance. Hazy brown eyes looking up at your figure, head thrown back, lips parted, a heavy blush present on your cheeks. Unfazed by your expression and going right back to enjoying his meal.

    “Yes sir” you whimpered. Loving you gushing around his fingers, crying with a hand slapped over your mouth. Needing to keep silent to continue enjoying this, crying as your legs shook. It was heavenly, ironic, with how dirty it was, as you felt your soul in a vibration you had never experienced. Cunt runny from how much slick you were making, just for him, his saliva delving into you when he fucked you with his tongue. Masky so hard in his pants, he couldnt wait to feel your pussy around him, clenching him and taking him deep into your virgin hole.

    Your clit swelling when he sucked it, jerking your hips forward on the verge of release. Noting every rough bud on his tongue while he swirled your pearl in his mouth, drool pooling down his chin, uncaring just to see you mewl as you came. Panting as the most tasteful sensation overcame your body, foreign and delicious heat wrapping around your core just to burst in pleasure.

    Sticky when he pulled away, your taste on his tongue. Kissing you passionately as he discarded his own clothes, knowing you should stop but not wanting to. “It’s a holy action isnt it?” he panted on your skin, sliding his length on your throbbing pussy. Confused until he prod his tip into your hole, a huge gasp caught in your throat as he stretched you out. “To have a child”

    “God please” you cried “sir I need you to spill inside”. With no hesitation as he bottomed out inside you. Morals thrown to the side as you indulged in the beautiful sin of sex. Legs intertwining as loud squelching claps rung around your room, “I want your children” you whispered to him. His gorgeous body hovering over yours as he thrusted, breaking your limits and molding your soft walls.

    Breathing heavily as he slammed into your abused cunt, “Lets make an almighty sacrifice for the church then”. Entangled in an abstract love built on lingering glances and forbidden acts of passion, in that spark caught between you. His thick girth splitting you open and cumming deep inside you, filling you up so snugly that your eyes rolled back and your toes curled, yet another orgasm being ripped from your body.

    His dick still inside you as you calmed down, realizing the severity of the coming consequences. “Lord please forgive me” you sobbed, “nobody can know” you told him. Your legs still trembling from your high, hating that you still wanted more.

    “I guess we’ll have to keep it a secret then” he said in between a kiss, peppering them on your tear-tainted face. Pulling your cloth over your neck to cover the marks that proved your sin. “This is just between me, you, and god”

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