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  • Author’s note: You people have no idea how happy I am to write this story and I’m so glad to do it during Kinktober. This happens on Book 3, Chapter 12 right after the interrogation. [All characters are owned by Pixelberry Studios]
    Book: The Crown & The Flame (Book 3)
    Pairing: Kenna Rys x Raydan Lykel 
    Rating: E
    Word count: 2051
    Summary: Unsure of what to think after Raydan returned to Stormholt, Kenna demands answers from the spymaster.
    Based on the prompt: CFWC Kinktober - Day 28: Licking


    Once each one of the warrior queen’s loyal companions left the chambers where the spymaster rested, Kenna closed the door and scrutinized the man before her as she sat down. She couldn’t deny she has mixed feelings about it. She was aware he was mysterious and close-guarded. He always hid in the shadows, he was known for gathering information about influential people, including herself. He was persuasive and smart, traits that were useful to her when it came to strategizing battles. But when he stayed at Azura’s side for a while, it hurt her. It may have been a way to find out how to defeat her, but even if it wasn’t truly a betrayal, it didn’t hurt any less. What could he have said to her to make her trust him? She needed answers.

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  • Recent Acquisition - Ephemera Collection

    BASKET Brand. Grown and Packed by Lemon Cove Association, Lemon Cover, Tulare County, California. 

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  • Citrus Chicken full recipe no ready for you over on my main food channel - Tumblr #afirtatiousmarriage 

    Such a special little number, one to make new memories over as you enjoy each flavorful mouthful. 

    If you make it, hope you enjoy, as I and my family did xxooxxoo

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    Day 17 || Stockings || Read on AO3

    While Adriene could uphold her part of a conversation thanks to Varric’s lessons - or rather continuous ramblings about the Merchants’ Guild - it did not mean that she enjoyed those conversations.

    Something else could be said about the way Anders’ hand was wandering up her leg beneath the table, though. He had started to caress her knee, and a moment later, she felt the whisper of fabric against her legs as he pulled up her skirt.

    Taking an unintendedly large gulp from her wine, she looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but Anders didn’t even spare her a glance as he asked his neighbor on the other side to pass the salt — all while his hand had slipped beneath her skirt and moved up her thigh and over the satin stockings she wore.

    Oh. An excited shiver ran over her skin. So this was how he wanted to play it?

    Adriene discreetly cleared her throat and put her glass down before she picked up the cutlery again, seemingly very much interested in her food while she opened her legs wider to give him better access.

    His fingers brushed over the inside of her thighs, eliciting another shiver before he closed his hand more firmly over her leg. Anders seemed content to take his time teasing her, and as she threw him another sidelong look, she could see the smile hovering in the corner of his mouth, the slight blush crawling up his neck and into his ears.

    His fingers had resumed their journey upwards, unerringly now, until they reached the upper end of her stockings and the garter that held them. For a second, she saw his gaze become unfocused as his fingers caressed the rim between satin and bare skin, and Adriene bit her lip at the tingle of heat in the lowest part of her spine before she caught herself. She knew exactly how much he loved those stockings — especially paired with nothing else — and had put them on deliberately to have something to look forward to at the end of the evening. 

    Of course, one of the guests chose that moment to involve Adriene in their conversation.

    “… do you agree, Lady Hawke?”

    Adriene forced her thoughts away from the growing heat traveling up her body as Anders’ hand caressed the inside of her thighs just short of touching her most intimate area.

    “Agree with what, Ser Paulo? Forgive me, I didn’t quite follow,” she said with her sweetest smile, hoping nobody noticed the way she held her cutlery more tightly than necessary. Underneath the table, long, sensitive fingers found her center, ascertaining that she was indeed not wearing any form of underwear, and started to softly stroke her.

    “Ah yes, it was a bit convoluted, to be sure,” the man agreed good-naturedly and laughed. “Agree with the motion by the Merchants’ Guild to take an official stance against the Knight-Commander since the—”

    The rest of his words got drowned in the rush in Adriene’s ears as Anders’ fingers parted her lower lips to find the first signs of heated wetness and started to circle her clit.

    Read the rest on AO3

    [[Art (cropped) by @faelavellan​ | @ashalle-art​]]

    #kinktober#kinktober 2020 #anders x hawke #handers#anders smut#lemons#da2 #dragon age fanfiction
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    • Phill: Offer them to drive in Lola.
    • Fitz: Make a nickname and finish her sentences. As well as cross space and time.
    • Ward: Try to kill her team.
    • Mack: Discus robot movies.
    • Deke: Lemons
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  • #i googled novelty dildos and that was the first thing to come up #lemons#steve harrington#billy hargrove#robin buckley#heather holloway#harringrove#yikes headcanons #yikes headcanon tuesday
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  • Prompt: “I never wanted anything else”

    Fandom: Dragon Age

    Rating: Mature

    Characters: Ana Faber (OC): Gereon Alexius; Orsino (Ana x Alexius x Orsino)

    Warnings/Tags: Sexual themes; very (very) mild hints of D/s dynamic; inappropriate use of a bathtub; sexytimes get interrupted by Feelingstm

    Word count: 2445 words

    There was, perhaps, some foundation to the speculation that mages from the Circles were all kinky perverts.

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    #oc: ana faber #gereon alexius#orsino #first enchanter orsino #dragon age #dragon age inquisition #fictober#my writing#lemons
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    Lockdown means they are stuck together for the foreseeable future and Penelope can’t think of anything worse. Garvez. Smut/Lemons.

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  • First lemon i will be reviewing: target lemons.

    I judge lemons on taste, sourness, bitterness, juiciness, and yellowness.

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  • Vincent van Gogh - Grapes, Lemons, Pears, and Apples (1887)

    #art#visual#art pieces#paintings #Vincent van Gogh - Grapes #Lemons#Pears #and Apples (1887)
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  • Summary: Watching Hotch on the case gets you hot and bothered. Things end up boiling over for the better after a bet with Morgan.

    Genre: Smut, Humor

    Word Count: 3518

    Pairing: Hotch x Gender-Neutral Reader

    Characters: Hotch, Reader, Morgan, Unsub, Emily

    Kinktober Prompt Nineteen: Strength Kink

    Warnings: Unprotected Sex against a Wall, Typical-Canon Violence and Gore, Smut, Dirty Talk, Degradation Kink, Dom Hotch, Sub Reader, Brief to Little Aftercare, Inappropriate Work Relationships, Motel Sex, Squirting, Vaginal Sex

    Author: @genevievedarcygranger

    Author’s Note: I try to be as gender-neutral as possible so please correct me otherwise!

    Tagging: @sammy-babes @davidrossi-ismydad @idreamofboobear

    Can also be found and read on my AO3 and Fanfiction. Do not repost.

    “I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon.

    There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs,

    And if you wanna go to heaven, you should fuck me tonight.”

    -      “Young God,” Halsey


    Watching Hotch pin the unsub’s hands behind his back and cuff him should not have been as hot as it was. Hell, if that suddenly became the hardest part about your job, you would be grateful. Honestly, you could watch Hotch work all day.

    There was just something about him brought out the most primal parts of you. Your job required that you be able to handle yourself, but sometimes you just wanted to turn it all off. If Hotch could just do the heavy lifting for you in parts of life – including the decision-making process – you’d be all set.

    God, did it make you sweat when Hotch did get physical on the job. It didn’t happen often since Morgan usually did those tasks, in which case you drooled a bit over him, too, but sometimes interrogations required someone play bad cop. That was always Hotch. Then Emily would play good cop, and you were left to watch on the other side of the glass.

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    #my writing#genevievedarcygrangerwriting#genevievedarcygranger#lemons#cm fanfic #cm fan fiction #cm fanfiction #criminal minds fanfic #Criminal Minds Fanfiction #hotch x you #hotch x reader #hotch/reader#hotch/you #aaron hotchner x you #aaron hotchner x reader #aaron hotchner/you#aaron hotchner/reader#kinktober#sammyskinktober#kinktober 2020#day 19#day nineteen #day 19 kinktober #day 19 kinktober 2020 #day 19 sammyskinktober #day nineteen kinktober 2020 #day nineteen kinktober #day nineteen sammyskinktober #prompt: strength kink #strength kink
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  • When life gives you lemons… you squeeze a little on your baked salmon, plant the seeds, and grow yourself a damn lemon tree 🌳

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  • For @mysme-fictober 2020

    Day 26: Who’s Your Mummy

    LEMONS…under the cut…short and sweet…

    “Can you help me with this?” MC asked as she tried to zip up her mummy costume.

    “Sure.” Saeyoung answered then proceeded to unzip what she had already zipped.

    “Saeyoung!” MC rolled her eyes.

    “Yes?” he said, while pushing down the mummy costume, leaving it in a puddle around her bare feet.

    “You…we’re going to be late.” She laughed as he pulled her against him and pressed his lips against her neck kissing her tenderly.

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    #my posts#mysmefictober2020 #Saeyoung X MC #Saeyoung Choi#mysme#mystic messenger#lemons #not sure i like that last line #lol #very abstract use of the prompt
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  • People who don’t know me: That’s Cass. She’s an innocent girl who has no dirty mind and loves reading, writing, learning, and being a nerd. She’s the innocent cinnamon roll of the grade.

    Me, knee-deep in Wattpad fanfictions: Yeah…sure…totally

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