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  • libidomechanica
    08.12.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Untitled Poem # 8654

    Beauties that harmonizes hearing, hanging  tone of sacred  Rites of bright is lame, those officer 

    the doves its walking a  Whispers round us; then  truly, and such constrative, I listening 

    rocks admird, he would loveliest bubblings  I thoughts in gross error of  the ages was my 

    ears: aye, there,   there,   there lay a long from  the turf, a lullaby  doth show, then refusd a Kiss, not any chere. 

    Let us recall that deeper  diggd love doth much beleeued my mind, her  long my Honour that title door she filmy 

    Dew; dipt in his comrades spoken. And  too much; methough you were blended,  just in other wonted light, 

    sweet flowr, that picture of a Clouds of  Pride. They had her, and hoverd,  with spirit well here. 

    The like sheepe, and could not see reverd,  no breeze with the  gnawing in the through her beauteous 

    luck, my words can stands a Structure wont  to work maybe, I myself  more that grief, the white arrayd; Puts 

    by and soon shady, fresh, and from the  hungry Judges soon shining  pleasaunce to elder timber caressings 

    had never kissed hers! themselves in  our hath playnts, as whether  dear! O we fell out-told their sweet dream.

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 6 #107 texts
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  • libidomechanica
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Juan, though I seemed a sweet good-morrow I will, or at large

    Juan, though I seemed a sweet good-morrow I will, or at large, a monster of these the old age; and syþen þay hade hurt watz worth of huntes. Warnez hym for þe for superstition. —The bonie lass of Lochroyan   lay dead at my bed-feet. And he schunt for þe jopardé to layke, lef hit ay god chere, as one would suppose thy gifts apply, as hit com glydande adoun and þe wyldrenesse of the pond? Re boring me into the rest for this Im sure at least when the violet.

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 7 #166 texts
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  • beomkai
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    BEOMGYU !!!!!! YES

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  • p-o-s-s-e-s-s-e-d-b-y-f-i-r-e
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Enthroned - The Forest Of Nathrath  ⛧

    #Enthroned #Towards the Skullthrone of Satan #The Forest Of Nathrath #Release date: October 11th 1997 #Full-length #Genre: Black Metal #Lyrical themes: Satanism Occultism Death Apocalypse History #Belgium
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  • libidomechanica
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “and, right this my plain”

    Rose looks as whole string: of loue; that will once more rich, when they beheld the lass that where sat Endymion too, without a germ or a stone for sauce; to thee, and, right this my plain, and waked again,  to lay some cross-line show its lipless mouth is the onset come; so shallop, floating them a in sarks to me!

    Meate, for it is so easy now to see.

    And now they pynen in payne and with knowledge is no great organ almost like a virgins, and cheeks. Had a sudden, thy spells and rage, whose Name I go by, holding court for busloads of earthly cates to cease to prove when we entertainment perfected.

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  • libidomechanica
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    S sweat is womans fall

    S sweat is womans fall, her manners holds a 

    poisonous wave and should ape those motions he revolving  circle, all this aged thorn, that motives were  cut down, and no wind—the buried street, rememberd  like rays into one focus,  kindled eyes; we rode a league beyond all  with their several of the  eye, so deep in us, to know whence flows  our war of mocking in five hundred  though at first, for those whove seen him  rise full against the classic Angel speak ing in slow circle just, and buds of maid, you  may ye die! I yet have lost your labour, theres  no such wild barbarians? Alfonso w as a taen by Gurney, who several millions like  a cinder, and so stand and bright; they did blasphemy,  devotion, but not be beaten she was 

    single one Kindled eyes; we rode a leagues, while  his saving corn wi me. could be no other do.

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  • so-siennalahey
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    location: hunter’s suite with: @wtfhunter​

    Sienna had finally felt like she had adjusted to her new normal this week. Between grad classes at NYU, finally unpacking the last box in her apartment, and now settling into her work routine at the arconia she felt a healthy balance. It greatly outweighed the unsettling feeling she felt whenever she looked at her phone however. Noah had been ignoring her text all day and she didn’t know what she did this time to set him off. Of course the move was rough on her but after the weekend she spent her about four months ago now- how could she not. NYU had the program she’d been yearning for not to mention that day she got a tour of the city from that handsome stranger who oddly seemed to sway her decision whether she’d admit that to anyone or not. She knew his name was Hunter and that was about it, she wondered if she’d ever run into the guy again being the city was so large and not at all like her hometown.

    Working at the arconia was something to help pass the time and pay the bills. Those she had met so far working there had become nice friends and people who helped make the shifts go by faster. Being she was out of the training process and officially on her own she was managing her time well and got an list of rooms cleaned within three hours. The front desk asked if she’d mind going to the top floor to clean. A room she had never cleaned before she felt intrigued to see what the view was like from up there. Of course all the arconia’s rooms were insanely beautiful however the top floor seemed like it would be insane. With a sense of excitement she slid the cart into the elevator and used her key card to unlock the option to hit the button. Something i’m sure whoever lived in this floor had to do because of privacy reasons. As she rode up the levels she quickly checked her phone, still nothing. Her heart twinged in sadness. But as the doors open she was taken back with a wave of excitement. “Holy cow.” she said in awe looking around-rolling the cart off. Of course no one dreams of being a maid and it wasn’t her goal in life however this job was showing her somethings she never thought she’d see. And with that said as she turned in awe she saw something she’d also never thought she’d see. Him. 

    “Oh my gosh Sir I am so sorry. The front desk said to go up I didn’t think you’d still be here I can come back at a later time..” she frantically grabbed the cart and began to back peddle. However when she looked up again to show a sign of remorse she saw his face again. Freezing her heart in her stomach, not only was she mortified- but she recognized him. It was the guy from the coffee shop four months ago. The guy who gave her the tour of the city. The guy who whenever her and Noah fought about her moving her mind wandered back to. “Hunter?” she choked.

    #closed:starter#starter#&(hunter)#chat #SALLY OMG OOPS IM SORRY THIS GOT SO LONG #no need to match length i was just excited ahh
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  • p-o-s-s-e-s-s-e-d-b-y-f-i-r-e
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pentagram - Sinister

    #Pentagram#Relentless#Sinister #Release date: 1993 #Full-length #Genre: Doom Metal #Lyrical themes: Doom Occultism Death Love Society #USA
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  • ramblebrambleamble
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I love his voice so much.

    #music #sleeping in the cold below #colm r mcguinness #Spotify #the last length #sea shanty #the sound of silence
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  • perfaede
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    @dcvilmade gets a hug from klaus based on an activity I deleted.

              it’s been so long. if he were documenting it correctly, it had been fifty two years, four months and ten days since the wretched curse had taken hold of klaus’ mind, his own paranoia amplified moreso than he ever thought capable. he released kol into the wild, and stored finn away, and it still wasn’t enough. he still had urges to hurtmaimkill rebekah for her weakness, to badger elijah into tearing his heart out to give him a temporary reprieve. 

            for the first few months, it was the hunters. all five of them, taunting and threatening and loud. it ignited his anger with rebekah each and every time, but it was something he could handle. he wouldn’t go near her. it was a never-ending reminder to all the victims he’d left in his wake since his turning, and they all meant nothing to him. it was when henrik appeared to him that he started carrying around make-shift stakes to put himself to sleep with. it was when esther appeared to him that he began to do everything in his power to kill himself over and over again, refusing to interact with the illusionghostmemory.

            alas, when rebekah told elijah of it and it came to a stop, he knew his options were slim. by the thirteenth year of the curse, he resigned himself to staying by finn’s side, isolating himself away from rebekah and elijah both. finn said nothing, disagreed with nothing, did nothing to stop him from the torture he’d inflicted upon himself, guilt tearing away at the resolve he’d built in the years since becoming one of the most powerful creatures to walk the earth. finn was supportive in his dilemma, and not for the first time, he was envious of his brother. it was over these years that he began to wish a dagger would work on him, and take him out of this until it was over. 

            he communicated with elijah exclusively entirely by letter, sending one once a year to let him know he was alive. he never strayed too far, no more than ten towns away from where he and rebekah travel, utterly convinced that mikael would find them and that he wouldn’t be able to get to them in enough time.

            utterly hoping mikael might find him first, and drive the only weapon that could kill him through his heart.

            he waits a month after the illusions have supposedly stopped. no ghosts come back to haunt him again, and the only urge he has to hurt anyone is entirely his. klaus’ mind is his own again, after fifty-two years and five months.

            he thanks finn for his support, but doesn’t pull the dagger out. hopes he didn’t hear all the insane ramblings that left his mouth, hopes he didn’t hear him confessing to the ghost of their mother that he’s sorry he killed her.

            no, finn isn’t the older brother he thinks of first. when he deems it safe, he leaves the coffin be, and runs the entire distance to where he knows elijah is keeping their baby sister safe.

            klaus cannot think of a time, since elijah helped lock one side of him away, where he has so readily thrown himself into an embrace, trusting elijah to keep them both steady. “it’s over.“

    #idk why i wrote this in all lowercase but i'm having emotions #( arc. history has a way. ) #dcvilmade#suicide tw #it's implied anyway due to the hunter's curse #also um. this wasn't supposed to be this long. don't worry about matching length <3
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  • libidomechanica
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    To looked for bowres, hoeing bone blinde remarkd his spotted for

    Beauty in them fit for and will  doth Love grows ever head. for with  thee, I realms of pianos,  charm Perfect beauty, nor couple,  Electric, chemise (others dateless for  questions breath they now! if we cancell down  the seas for thyself to see  and for sun your so great his  death and down the most words doe wordinary.)  Of Canary love over  a new air, whose could cry. S sons of my  lyfe sustayne, sought may give away. About the  quare, myself a small doost inhabitant  of science agayne, for  they appeare: so that lock of that  rose-briar me to under thrall: don  Juan, then day put by they neither was  sixth, the Horizon in  forests the Rhodope, that  fell is dignify our chain,  and lies, locomotives, show: and with  young. And sences lay the Noose  whom the felt affectator griefe that will  save. Of Agripping to body,  forts of the first I grow; but never  stir his flight or their soul, that first 

    causd my dayly mourns aside: with outward  selfe adverses cease: the best the  mother true brough against my verse, ’“tis nothing 

    again” and such briars, yet, too  soon; gie me at while. D eagles bought to 

    stay, for cups, after those self, thought  have me before to my right the  bay cravat; for to be  on life or place: but she the woe, 

    and, why to be worlds more  charm— she knew one, when as it  to acceptables to  be it by that thou to an  high and rule used (I double you know wrung 

    about there Nabuchadonosor, king, far as  there tyranny, might fair it is stealth  adamant crime. But name,) a poise of Pleasure,  doth pleasure or two small force happy groans  of light they reason or wish (for she,  and whoever cause to guards  it; and in Venus blend, am growth  in came.) Nay, why shoue: the sacrifize  vnto her in patter bend, like the 

    morning, not soughts are reset.

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 5 #191 texts
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  • lustindulged
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    @hollowpizza​ wanted a cozy-smutty starter!

    Will waited not-so-patiently for Imani to put the finishing touches on her final video before the holidays. If he was eager, it was because, as she shot pickups and her outtro on her phone rig, her audience would have no idea that, just out of frame, she was only in her panties from the waist down.

    He laid on the couch, watching her, also out of frame, doing his best to keep silent, eyes glued to the swell of her ass and the way her panties clung desperately to her curves.

    Suffice it to say, this wasn’t the way she normally recorded her videos--this was just a fortuitous happenstance. She was recording nearby and decided to stop by. One thing led to another, of course, and by the time they were done, the weather had gotten too bad for Imani to leave. Stranded but ever the professional, she was prepared, and adapted, and finished up in his apartment.

    Now Will just had to wait until she could turn her... attention to detail... on him once more.

    #hollowpizza #Imani & Will #Please let me know if any of this doesn't work for you! #And of course you don't have to match length: #it's just this long to set things up.
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  • lustindulged
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    @spcedcowboyz​ wanted a cozy-smutty starter!

    The lodge had all but emptied out after the event weekend. This was their big end-of-year party, and it would remain shut down through the holidays and into the New Year. Suffice it to say, everyone was in a rush to get home.

    Unfortunately, Isaac’s parents left earlier, effectively stranding him there. One of the company’s helicopters would be there to pick him up, but there was some weather and it would be a few hours. Thankfully, his parents practically had an apartment at this place, and though they weren’t the nicest people in the world (to put it mildly), the lodge’s general manager liked him and trusted him to lock up their suite’s private exit, even if everyone else had gone.

    One problem remained, however, as far as Isaac was concerned. The night before, at the last blowout party, there was a rather ugly and public breakup. Isaac was so close to slipping away from the party so he could finally be on his own, but he couldn’t avoid witnessing it before he made his escape. Her partner (former partner?) seemed nowhere in sight this morning, so he approached her.

    “Excuse me. Um... Do you have...” He pushed his glasses up his nose. “Do you have a ride out of here?”

    #spcedcowboyz #Delilah & Isaac #Please let me know if any of this doesn't work for you! #And you don't have to match length of course: #it's just this long to set things up.
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  • libidomechanica
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    At length

    Sleeping to a  distance that little blossoms  are, and fringe of  weather fayre Spirit,  from what she she  never see Brooklyn.   Of itself has made  of Adamant, Thick, and  dies; shall shine by a 

    right? would overtake these fingertips, 

    shame on her  threshold of age, and,  who can have ears in 

    the sky to  where Tears: nor find  my home. I stand confessor, 

    and to myself  no quietly inurnd; because  only  mischief was,  it came from cruel;  for we two  with tufts and  from the Greeks love  or thirty years,  and only that  be sin which Atalanta  did entice. Sad,  slowly grew so tender orphan  hand gallopd a-field,  tossd her CHASTE, methinks, began  in the  embattled cloud with  Love, as with  the hours  of moods of sovereign  mistress bent on deadly  Plain; Branch upon Branch cut  down, and love, the 

    abundance am sufficed  and begged of theyr  wanton music we  know her fill. A good  deal like a prophetess  of green corner where 

    differences  as in another  moe, do such faces  round her idiot  legend credible. Should not 

    do it of the  world surmise. Contentment  can they speake, I will  die, old Susan Gale. Whiles  she asked: Spindleshanks? —He  could have been the  other beautys heaved and  winding the heart;  twas on the things 

    be so cruell careless charm, 

    and turnd to sublime  soars forth to rest  nor man abroad, at Florence,  that you have seas for  to answerd but 

    with flutter

    ing in the good  deal, but when he  appearance need not with  our eyes  fiery like blank-verse, Im  fond of a birth till  he blew his slaues, he stops,  she stood, and soul euen in  their sport. Ill fared it  now will I but ventures.  theres a downright road,  Oerflow with his  this the number;  Your saliva. “oh  cruell ciuill warre, the same  or for the  tale with your 

    selfe I mean a sultans,  not a hermits, with  a cruel  eye hath end and obstinate,  doth striue those same at  last to fa!”

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 7 #200 texts
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    I posted 9,958 times in 2021

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    For every post I created, I reblogged 170.7 posts.

    I added 617 tags in 2021

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    Longest Tag: 140 characters

    #this is my near miss shakarian chapter dedicated to how many times ive gone through the reach and flexibility convo to almost romance garrus

    gotta toss in a friendly page break bc my top 5 posts are all fic and i dont want a do you love the color of the sky length post to scroll through

    My Top Posts in 2021


    “We’ve been by each other’s sides for years, you think I’m gonna leave now?” for Norah and Kaidan

    thank you SO much!!!!! my first thought was the cutscene in the final push, where Shepard sends Kaidan away and I almost went for All The Angst. but then my second thought bust through that like the kool-aid man, and here we are, with All The Fluff

    Norah Jean sighs when she hears the knock on the bedroom door. She knows exactly who’s on the other side of it. She can feel him. Not listening to one of her few requests on their wedding day. She smooths down the white satin, grabs her crutches and makes her way over to the door.

    “Kaidan, I am not asking anymore. Go away.”

    “We’ve been by each other’s sides for years, you think I’m gonna leave now?”

    “Yes.” Norah Jean sighed and patted the door.

    “Sugar, that’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve said all day.” She could hear him thunk his head against the offending piece of wood between them.

    “I’m not being ridiculous, Kaidan, its bad luck.”

    “C’mon Norah Jean, we got married four years ago, if I see you in the dress now, I really don’t think it’ll have any impact on the rest of our lives. Its an old superstition, that’s all. I just wanna come in for a minute, please?”


    “Don’t you “Honey” me, Norah Jean, just a little peek. And maybe a kiss, and then I’ll go, I promise.”

    “Nope.” She pops the ‘p’ and thinks the conversation is done, stepping away from the door.

    “I miss you.” Kaidan’s voice isn’t as insistent now. “You left before I got up, and I just-“ She hears him puff out a sigh. “I don’t know. I don’t have cold feet, but I’m a little nervous.”

    “It was a lot easier when it was you, me, and an Asari Elvis, huh?”

    “Nothing fancy, just us in sweatpants and tank tops, middle of the night, wondering if it out be out last chance at happiness. One night alone, one night with our friends, and then right back into the thick of it. It was a good call, tying the knot like that.”

    “Oh, but our parents were so thrilled. I loved Elvis, but not waiting to do it “right” is what got us in this mess in the first place.” She made useless air quotes around the word ‘right’, even though Kaidan couldn’t see them.

    “Its not a mess, and you’re having fun.”

    “No, it is a mess, its overwhelming and exhausting, I may enjoy it right now, but quote me on this, I never want to plan another wedding again.”

    “So…... Let me in?” The smile on his face is plain in his voice.

    Norah Jean pauses, thinking. Then she unlocks the door. “Okay. One kiss, but you have to keep your eyes closed.”

    “Okay, okay, eyes are closed.”

    “Tightly?” She could feel his field zinging with excitement.


    “Good.” She tugs open the door, creaking on its old hinges. Looking Kaidan up and down she’s a little breathless. “Damn, Kaidan, you look good, and you’re not even fully dressed.”

    “Hey, no fair, if you can look, I should be able to!”

    She puts a hand over his eyes before he can open them. “Ah, ah, ah, no rule about seeing the groom.” Norah Jean tugs Kaidan over the threshold and pushes the door shut with her free hand.

    “You’re a hard woman to please, you know that Sugar?”

    “Oh hush, and c’mere.” She slowly took her hand away, making sure his eyes were still closed, and grabbed his shirt, gently tugging him down to her level. “One kiss, Kaidan, then you have to finish getting dressed.”

    “I think I can live with that. Maybe.”

    She tugs him a smidge closer and plants a firm kiss on his lips. And that one kiss turns to two, which turns to three. Before they realize it, Norah Jean’s backed Kaidan to the edge of the bed, his hands on the zipper of her dress and her hands in his hair. She hears his soft gasp as he sits and opens her eyes to catch the look on his face. Love, plain and simple, in his eyes and the grin on his face and in the little breathless laugh that leaves him.

    “God, you’re beautiful. I’m a lucky man, Norah Jean.” He sniffs, resting his forehead against hers.

    “No, no, no, don’t start that, you’ll make me cry too, and it’ll ruin my makeup.”

    “We can’t have that.” He sniffs again. “I love you so much.”

    “I love you too, Kaidan, to the ends of the galaxy.” She brushes a tear from his cheek and kisses his nose.

    He lets out another breathless laugh. “Look at us, saviors of the galaxy, sappy crying on our wedding day.”

    “C’mon, Hon, lets get you dressed. We might have to fix your hair too.”

    33 notes • Posted 2021-08-12 16:38:42 GMT


    1, 6, and/or 11 for the prompts?

    ok i have 1, but 6 and 11 will maybe come eventually so keep an eye out and tysm for the prompts


    “I’d ask if you were ok, but the answer seems a little obvious.”

    “Yeah, nope, nope, no. Doing bad.” No blood. No screams. Just the wind over the sand and a dead thresher maw. She clenches her fists in the sand and works on getting her breathing under control.

    “Don’t worry, Alenko’s on his way over with his kit. Sent me with a full canteen though.”

    “Thanks, Garrus.”

    “Don’t mention it.”

    Shepard rolls off her knees to sit in the sand, taking the canteen from him. Sticking it between her knees, she lifts her shaking hands to disengage the seals on her helmet, taking it off and letting it fall to the sand. She took a deep breath, trying to block out the scent of acid and blood. Only half of those smells were real. The stench of thresher maw acid almost makes her gag as she takes a sip of lukewarm water.

    “Hey, I brought backup.” Kaidan’s knelt down in the sand next to her, rifling through his kit till he finds what he’s looking for. A juice pouch and a granola bar.

    “I’ll see if I can’t get the Mako up and running, if you two have everything under control here?”

    “Yeah, Garrus, we’re good.” Kaidan gives him a thumbs up, and Garrus makes his way back to the Mako.

    She takes the offerings with a mumbled thanks, downing the juice in about 5 seconds, hands still shaking. “Sorry you had to see that.” She kept her eyes trained on her hands as she tore open the granola bar.

    “Don’t be. You may have put on a more, uh, spectacular display than I’m used to seeing, but I have seen it before. And I know how to work with the aftermath.”

    “Not your first 2.5? How lucky.”

    “Yeah, we had two of them on the Shanghai, the most I’ve ever worked with other biotics. They uh, butted heads enough to set each other off, so we had to keep them separate or distracted on ground missions. Didn’t wanna risk wrecking more equipment. Kimball ended up getting reassigned to the Fuji a year or two back, but Benton’s still there, I think.” Kaidan was sitting next to her in the sand now. “One time they got into this argument, I don’t even remember what it was about, but Benton was pissed. Next thing we knew, Kimball and I were tossing up a barrier to cover the rest of the squad, because everything unfortunate enough to not be bolted down was flying through the air. Ripped a door right off the Mako, thankfully he didn’t have the juice to pull the whole thing. That one was fun to explain to the captain.”

    That gets a laugh from Shepard. “I can only imagine going to Anderson and telling him we need a new door for the Mako, or worse a new Mako.” She crumples up the granola bar wrapper, shoving it in a suit pocket. “God, it feels like I was fighting off that meltdown all day.” She lets her knee fall against his, plating clacking together.

    “You good?”

    “Be better once we’re off this fucking rock.”  This place was a dead ringer for Akuze.

    “Well, I’m glad you don’t have to ask the captain for a new Mako, at least.” He grabs her helmet and gets up, shaking sand out of the joints of his suit, and offers his hand to help her up. “C’mon, let’s go see if Garrus has made any progress yet.”

    Prompt List

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    “I don’t know if I want to yell at you or kiss you.” for Norah Jean and Kaidan

    cogratatualtions you get an argument! and Garrus being awkward bc he enabled Norah Jean's recklessness!

    “I know what you’re thinking, and no. You’re not doing it.”

    “Kaidan, you have no clue what I’m thinking.”

    “Bullshit, Sugar, you’re thinking of charging over and digging me out of this corner before that Brute notices me.”

    “Huh, no, I actually was thinking about how much this hole in my arm fucking hurts. But now that you mention it, that is a great idea.” Norah Jean isn’t so sure the sarcasm comes across through her grit teeth.

    “Don’t you dare. I can get myself out of this and you are going to sit tight and stay down till I can get there to help you.”

    She gets quiet as she listens to the gunfire, watching her HUD as enemy signatures slowly close in on Kaidan’s position. Her biotics respond involuntarily to her rising stress levels, flaring up and settling down with the breathing she’s forcing steady. The hardsuit’s medical suite’s already done all it could without medigel, which really isn’t all that much. Applied pressure and tried to dose her with painkillers. Immobilized the entire arm. An error message flashes on her screen, “AUTOMATIC INJECTION SYSTEM ERROR”. She got half a dose. Maybe. Great good all of it does her when the medic is pinned down across the field.

    “Norah Jean, I can see you glowing from up here, you’re not planning something stupid, are you? I did hear Kaidan to tell you to stay put, and correct me if I’m wrong, but he does outrank you now, right?” Garrus’s voice crackles over their private channel.

    “Y’know, I wasn’t planning anything, but Kaidan gave me a lovely idea, though now my window is gone. Not sure how long my suit can keep me from bleeding. Painkillers are kicking in, kind of. I think the biotics are kicking into meltdown mode.”

    “What are you thinking?”

    “I’m thinking of something really stupid.” She watches a handful of husks fall to Garrus’s rifle, then focuses on Kaidan’s hiding spot and the cluster of mutants around it. Her shields were nearly recharged. Kaidan fells a husk and ducks back into cover. The Brute swings its head towards the sound of Kaidan’s pistol and takes a single step.

    “If you tell me, I might be able to help, I promise I won’t tell on you. You know, unless it’ll definitely kill you. Then I’ll tell Kaidan.”

    “I might, uh, I think I’m gonna charge the Brute. If it gets Kaidan I’m as good as gone, its still too hot for Steve to get in here. But if I distract it before it charges at him? Maybe even catch it off guard and get a few good hits in? You can cover my back while I deal with it.”

    “That’s a terrible idea.” Norah Jean can imagine perfectly the face he’s making, mandibles slightly flared, eyes squinted, doing mental math. Ruthless calculus. “It might just work.”

    “He’s almost out of ammo, and he’s exhausted. After he’s out he won’t be able to keep up the biotics for long. Kaidan’s a sitting duck. I’m doing it.” The brute scratches a foot on the dirt, snorting. She overrides the medical stabilization lock on her right arm joints.

    She flicks over the squad channel.

    “Bombs away, boys.”

    Norah Jean charges before Kaidan can ask what she means.

    Time slows down. A husk in her path falls before she can touch it. The Brute gallops towards her and her heart pounds in her ears. Her arm throbs. She isn’t even fully out of the charge before she’s overloading her barrier as she’s slamming into the creature. Her helmet goes dark in an effort to protect her eyes from the resulting flash, and her shield generator is screaming warnings at her. But her shotgun is in her hands and the Brute is still on the ground. The kickback is worse than usual, but she usually doesn’t get shot either. The Brute doesn’t get back up.

    She charges one more time, slamming herself into the Marauder that made its way behind Kaidan’s cover. It goes down with a well-aimed shotgun blast before Kaidan can even blink.

    “Norah Jean, I don’t know if I want to yell at you or kiss you.”

    She opens her mouth to respond, then sways on her feet. The shotgun hits the dust. Kaidan reacts.

    Norah Jean blinks and she’s sitting with her back against the rocky outcropping, Kaidan tinkering with a panel on her suit. His kit is open on the ground beside them. She hears a snick and within seconds she has of a full dose of pain meds. She could cry with relief.

    “Heyyy, Honey.” Her voice cracks as she leans her head back against the rock looking at Kaidan.

    Kaidan glances up at her, then back down at the portion of plating he’s working to remove. “What the hell, were you thinking, Norah Jean? I had it covered.” He gets the plate off. “Steve’s on the way, ETA is about 5 minutes.”

    “Couldn’t let you get killed.”

    “Right, so you nearly kill yourself instead, thanks.” The medigel is cool and tingly when Kaidan applies it. “Do you even know how hard you hit that thing?”

    “Wasn’t really thinking about it.”

    “Yeah, I could tell. Your suit clocked the impact at almost 1000 newtons. Then a third of your systems did a hard reset, and a handful of others just fried when you burned your barrier. Shields barely held through the blast, then failed the second you hit the Marauder. You’re lucky you already had your gun out, or we’d also be dealing with a point-blank gunshot wound.”

    Norah Jean didn’t even try to defend herself; he was right. The stunt she’d pulled was stupid and reckless on a normal day, but she’d do it again, countless times, for Kaidan.

    “And I’ve taken away your joint lock override privileges until further notice.”

    “That’s fair.”

    Garrus finally joins them, sauntering over as he collapses his rifle and slings it onto his back.

    “Did you know she was going to do that, Garrus?”

    “I didn’t not know that she wasn’t not going to do it?” His mandibles twitch nervously.

    Kaidan stares at him.

    “I plead the fifth.” The turian looks around Kaidan to Norah Jean, stage whispering, “Did I use that one right?”

    She winks and gives him a shaky thumbs up.


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    Aftermath - Chapter 3

    hellooooo friends, lets continue my trend of updating at godawful hours of the morning

    Read on AO3

    Start from the beginning

    Waking up, Shepard wonders for a second if she dreamt it all, but then she feels Kaidan’s field against her own, gently fizzling. One of his legs is caught between her own. He’s somehow wrapped up in the entire comforter. She relishes in the feeling of just existing next to him for a moment, then he shifts and rolls over, scooching close so he’s pressed against her back, wiggling of the covers to just enough to drape an arm over her waist as he presses a kiss to her shoulder.

    “Mmm, good morning.” Norah Jean feels his voice rumbling through him almost more than she hears it. Only one hearing aid is on and it’s pressed into the pillow.

    “G’morning,” She readjusts so she’s laying on her back, Kaidan resting his head on her shoulder now. She tugs at the blanket he’s still burrowed into. “You stole the entire comforter overnight.”

    “You weren’t using it.”


    “So, I put it to good use, its cold as hell in here.” He settles down deeper into the bedding.

    “It is nice in here.”

    “Right. I was getting flashbacks of Noveria while I was trying to fall asleep.”

    “Oh please, it’s not that bad.”

    The comm system crackles and they both glance up at the speaker on the ceiling.

    “Up and at em, Norah Jean! We’re 10 minutes out from the Mu relay. Might wanna head up here.”

    The channel clicks closed before she can respond. Norah Jean hides her face against Kaidan’s hair for just a moment, before sighing and rolling out of bed.

    “So, do I get to call you Norah Jean now?” Kaidan sits up in bed, rubbing his arms, content to watch her in the dim light for now.

    “If you want, preferably not around the rest of the crew, not if we’re gonna keep this quiet.” She gestures to the general space between them as she pulls on a t-shirt. Almost immediately, she pulls it back off, throwing it at Kaidan. “That one’s yours.”

    “Joker calls you Norah Jean, always wondered about that.” He finally gets out of bed, shuffling around looking for the clothes they’d left scattered around the room.

    “Close friends and family. He’s both.” Norah Jean tosses another piece of his uniform at him, this time hitting him square in the face, making herself giggle. She’s standing in front of the mirror, fingers staring to comb through her hair, then swiftly braiding down its length. Pins sticking out of her mouth, she carefully winds the braid into a flat bun, pinning as she goes until its completely secure.

    “Y’know, that is mesmerizing to watch. Almost as fun as finding all the pins to take it down again.” He’s sitting on the desk, tugging on his boots.

    “Maybe you can put it up next time, see if you can get the bun within regulation.” Finishing the last button on her uniform shirt, she tucks her it in and fastens her belt.

    “I think I’ll leave that one up to you, you’re the expert.” Boots tied, he made his way across the room to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She stood still for a moment, cleaning up her eyeliner. He rested his head on hers, eyeing her reflection. “God, you’re beautiful.” He paused a moment, grinning. “Norah Jean. Yeah, that’s good. I like that.” Hearing her name from his mouth sounded so right.

    She turned around in his arms, standing on her toes to press a kiss to his lips. “We should go.”

    “Mhmm, maybe just one more.” His hands cup her cheeks, and he kisses her slowly, savoring every second he gets.

    Then the two of them walk out the door and pretend to be nothing more than friends while they try to save the galaxy.


    She’s alive. She’s alive and everything hurts. She shifts and immediately freezes; white hot pain blocks every coherent thought. Alarms wail in the distance, she focuses on their sound, breathing through the pain. Most of the debris missed her on the way down. She’s not pinned under anything; she just hurts like hell. She shifts slowly, black spots dancing in her vision, working her way to a sitting position. She moves her left leg, and the pain comes again, this time she can think enough to pinpoint the source. Her knee is wrecked, probably. But it sure hurts like a bitch.

    One more try. Gotta be worth one more try. She grips the low wall of a garden bed behind her as she tries to get to her good foot.


    The more she moves the more she hurts. Can’t even fucking breathe right around the shooting pain in her ribs. Swearing, she let herself sink back down to the floor. Somebody’ll find her. Eventually. Probably.


    After two weeks of debriefings and medical paperwork and an official Alliance investigation, she was finally free. She’d been put on a week of mandatory shore leave, along with the rest of the Normandy’s Alliance crew. Looking around the courtyard, she spots Kaidan, just where he said he’d wait, and she’s making her way over to him. He looks up from his omnitool with a smile as their fields intersect.

    “Hey, Norah Jean.” He gets halfway off the bench when she grabs his shirt and kisses him senseless, crutches falling to the ground. He reacts almost immediately, one hand sliding around her waist and kissing her back, oh so slowly, calming her frantic pace. When they pull away for air, his free hand cradles her face, thumb gently brushing over her cheek. He presses a kiss to her nose. “Hey, hey, we’ve got time.”

    “Let’s get away, Kaidan, just the two of us.” She’s still breathless, all she wants is to kiss him again, but she settles for resting her forehead against his chest.

    “You got a place in mind?”

    “My grandparent’s old house, in Anchorage. Couple hours away, at least. Quiet and pretty unlikely to be occupied this time of year.”

    “Then let’s get out of here.” He grabs her crutches and hands them to her, before grabbing his own bag off the bench.


    Six hours and a trip to the grocery store later, they’re climbing out of a skycar in front of a modest looking house, twenty minutes outside the city limits of Anchorage, Alaska. Standing on the porch, Norah Jean leans her crutches against the siding to dig into a rarely used pocket of her duffel bag. She retrieves an old set of keys, unlocking the doorknob, then leaning all her weight against the door to unlock the deadbolt. The door creaks as she swings it open.

    “After you.” She waves Kaidan and his armful of grocery bags into the dark house, grabbing her crutches and following him in, locking the door behind them. She flips the lights on, illuminating the living room and kitchen.

    “Nice place. You spend a lot of time here?” Kaidan sets their groceries down on the counter, separating out the perishables. Norah Jean leans on the bar, smiling at him as he opens a bottle of beer and passes it to her.

    “Not anymore, used to visit all the time as a kid though. Pretty sure my bedroom hasn’t changed in 20 years.” She clinks her bottle against his and takes a swig.

    “Let me guess, you’ve got model ships all over your room.”

    “Close. Old space stations and satellites. Plus, a scale model of the solar system, minus the sun.”


    “I like to think so.”

    “Can’t wait to see it.”

    “You’ll see when groceries are put away.”

    “And you’re not gonna help me?”

    “Kaidan, if you want me in that tiny kitchen with my crutches, I’ll gladly grab one thing at a time and put it away, but I prefer to stay out of the way. This is a two-butt kitchen, max, and these crutches may as well be an extra butt.”

    Kaidan laughs. “Fine, fine, but if you want another beer, you’re grabbing it yourself.”

    “I can live with that.”

    He puts the last few things in the cupboards, then wanders back around to the bar, pressing a kiss to the side of her head. “C’mon, Norah Jean, give me the grand tour.”

    “I’m afraid it’s not all that grand, but I’ll indulge you.”

    She leads him around the first floor, showing him the fireplace in the living room that’s older than half the house itself. Down the hall is a bathroom and the office that sometimes doubles as a guest room, where Kaidan spends at least 10 minutes asking questions about the artifacts and antiques in display cases along the wall. Between the two is the back door.

    Upstairs was another bathroom, the master bedroom, and the other two bedrooms.

    “I’d show you Jamie’s room, but I’m pretty sure it’s locked, and also I don’t care, but here’s my old bedroom in all its glory.” Norah Jean swings open the door, flicking on the light, revealing blue-black walls and ceiling, spattered with thousands of white speckles. A handful of constellations are carefully mapped out across the walls.

    “Wow.” Kaidan idly traces along the lines of Orion with a finger, gazing around at the sky on her walls. “Did you paint all this?”

    Norah Jean snorts, “Hell no, my grandpa did most of it, I helped. Well, I helped as much as a fidgety 5-year-old can muster when she’d rather be outside. Pretty sure there’s a few sets of handprints scattered around from me and Jamie.”

    “It looks really good, it’s easy to see how you ended up in space after spending enough nights surrounded by walls like these. You’ve even got Arcturus up here. Didn’t you say you grew up there? On Arcturus station?”

    “Yeah, Dad ran the garrison for a while, gave us a break from moving every other year. He didn’t get reassigned till I graduated high school, and by then I’d enlisted.” She drops her duffel bag on the floor, walking across the room to sit on the bed. “How’d you work your way back to the Alliance? After Jump Zero, I mean.”

    “Time, mostly. Dad tried not to talk about it, didn’t want to push me further away.” He drops his own bag next to hers and sits on the bed beside her. “Aunt Irene, though, she wouldn’t let it go. She was always trying to talk me into the Marines, long as I can remember. It got a little better as I got older, but then after BAaT, she mostly quit talking about it, just the odd comment once or twice a year. Then a few months before my 22nd birthday, she talked me into staying a week with her and her wife in Rhode Island, to get away from Vancouver and breathe for a bit, y’know, see the Atlantic Ocean, Niagara Falls, few other places. The whole week she didn’t bring up the Alliance even one time. I got so curious that I finally cracked and asked her about it my last day there. She told me I was more than old enough to make my own choice, that she’d talked it up all she could and especially after the disaster with BAaT, all she could do now was support whatever choice I came to. I enlisted 6 months later.”

    “Sounds like she really had an impact on you.”

    “Yeah. She was having a blast drilling recruits out on Jump Zero when I finally decided. I think she’s still there. She’s made a hell of a reputation breaking in cadets, earned the nickname “Mad Major Mabbit”, she thinks it’s the greatest thing.”

    Norah Jean stares at him, mouth hanging open. “No.”


    “No, Kaidan, she took a year on Arcturus my first year of training, I swear to God she was the reason I almost dropped out. We were butting heads all year. And she’s your aunt?”

    “Really? She’s the reason you nearly washed out? I wonder what she’d have to say about you now?”

    “Probably not much good, I mean, we did steal the Normandy.”

    Before he can say anything in response Norah Jean shivers, then, a long, low rumble of thunder rattles the house. Her face lights up and she shoots off the bed, hopping on her good leg before snatching up her crutches and racing to the window.

    “It’s thundering! Let’s go downstairs and watch the storm!” She grabs her N7 hoodie from her bag, tossing it on.

    Kaidan gives her a look. “You want to go sit in the rain, just because its thundering?”

    “No, I want to sit under the back porch, enjoy the smell of the rain, and watch the lightning, all while staying perfectly dry.”

    “Alright, I think I can get behind that.” He gets up off the bed, searching in his own bag for a jacket, pulling it on as Norah Jean works her way down the hall.

    He joins her at the top of the stairs, not sure if she stopped to wait or if she doesn’t know how to get down them. Her laser focused stare down the steps says the latter.

    “Do you trust me?”

    She looks up at him, chewing her lip. “Why?”

    “Just answer the question.”


    “Good, I’ll carry you down the stairs.”

    Norah Jean makes an undignified squeak as he sweeps her off her feet, careful not to jostle her knee. One arm is almost uncomfortably tight around his neck, and the other grips her crutches as he walks down the stairs. He carries her to the couch, gently setting her down to let her sort herself out.

    “You know, I’ve got to learn how to get down the stairs sometime this week.” She grumbles as she gets to her foot, making for the bar and their half-forgotten beers.

    “Here, I’ll grab those, and some new ones. And don’t worry, I’ll let you work out the next time yourself.”

    He follows her out the back door, to an old bench just out of the way of the water splashing over the edge of the gutters.

    “You sure we’ll stay dry?” He passes her one of the open beers.

    “Probably. Unless the wind blows this way, we’ll be fine.”

    He looks out at the back yard. Lightning flashes, he counts on instinct. Thunder crashes overhead.

    “Ten seconds.” She swings her good leg as she sips her beer. “Do you get a fun tingly feeling from thunderstorms? Or is it just 2.5s and 3s?”

    “Sometimes. Don’t usually associate it with fun though, it’s just kinda weird feeling to me. I don’t think 2s are as sensitive to it.”

    “Huh. I’ve always loved thunderstorms, partly for the feeling. Just one of those things that reminds me I’m still here. Still kicking.”

    “Yeah.” He reaches for her hand and she laces her fingers with his.

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    Aftermath - Chapter 2

    Read on AO3

    Chapter 1


    Kaidan steps through the door into the medbay, greeted by the smell of antiseptics and the doctor’s warm smile. “You wanted to see me?”

    “Yes, I’m having a bit of a problem with our dear Commander, she’s locked herself in her quarters with a migraine, and normally I wouldn’t fuss, but she’s been in there since yesterday, and when I stopped by to check up on her this afternoon, she wouldn’t open the door. As far as I can tell she hasn’t so much has poked her head out that door since she shut it. I did consider calling Jeff down to check on her, but I’d hate to bring him all the way here and have Shepard turn him away. You’re the one best equipped to handle the situation at hand.”

    “And you said she’s been in there for 24 hours?” Kaidan knew the stress of the 2 weeks since Virmire was taking its toll on the Commander, and that she’s been working through a migraine, but he’d never seen her down for more than a few hours.

    “A little longer than that, really, she stopped by yesterday around noon to tell me she was locking herself in there until the worst of it passed. I believe her exact words were ‘Once my brain stops trying to implode and ooze out of my amp jack’.” Dr. Chakwas grimaced at the description as she repeated it. “I offered her a dose of painkillers, but she waved it off and went on her way.”

    “Yeah, ouch, I’ll see if I can’t convince her to at least eat something.”

    “Thank you, and good luck.”


    Thermos of coffee, water bottle, and hot leftovers in hand, Kaidan leans against the wall beside the door as he sends off a message to Shepard. Hopefully, she was awake. Knocking wouldn’t work, the chances of her hearing aids being on were slim. He’d noticed she had the habit of turning them off when things started to overwhelm her. Feels like they’ve been off more than on lately. He breathes a sigh of relief when the indicator light flashes from red to green, and the door hisses open. As the door shuts behind him, it’s clear that she’s turned off every light she possibly could. The emergency lighting along the floor is still on, though he’s sure she considered cracking into the electrical panel to deal with them.

    Walking further into the dark room, he almost believes she isn’t there. Almost. He spots her curled up with a pillow over her head as he pulls a chair up to the side of the bed. Her field feels different without her amp in, softer around the edges, but it still vibrant enough to pop and fizzle against his own. As he sits down and sets the food and drinks on the end table, Shepard moves her pillow to squint at him. He tries not to let his eyes linger on her bare arms or the near meter of hair spread across the mattress.

    “Doc told me it was a nasty one.” Kaidan signs, “So I came with coffee. Pretty sure it’s strong enough to give a Krogan heart palpitations, so it should help.”

    She pulls herself up to sit against the headboard. She looked like hell. “Sugar?”

    “Plenty, don’t worry.” He uncaps the thermos and passes it into her waiting hands. As she takes a sip, her eyes slide closed and Kaidan swears he’s never seen such a blissful look on her face. He lets her enjoy the coffee for a moment before catching her attention again. “If you’re feeling up to it, I’ve got some leftovers too. If you don’t eat soon, I think Chakwas might break down your door and sit on you until you do. Or worse, drag you to the medbay.”

    Shepard almost reluctantly sets the coffee down, reaching for the container as Kaidan snaps open the lid and sticks a fork in the steaming spaghetti. The second she takes a bite it’s like a switch flips and the second and third bites follow soon after. Half the container is gone before she pauses to take another drink of coffee and glances up at Kaidan. “I know this is just leftovers, but fuck, it tastes so good I could kiss you.”

    Kaidan laughs as his cheeks redden, and he brings up his omnitool to check some emails while she finishes her food. He needs to distract himself from the fact that he wants her to kiss him. He makes sure to send one off to Chakwas, reassuring her that he’s gotten Shepard eating and at least caffeinated. He moves the bottle of water closer to the coffee, waving his hand next to it catch her attention and let her know its there.

    “So. Ears are on now, by the way, don’t worry about signing. I had an idea, to boost morale. I can’t be the only person on this ship cracking under the stress, so I’m gonna see if I can’t work out some kind of sparring match in the cargo bay. Prizes and stuff, plus something extra for the first crewmate who can get me down on the mat.”

    “Yeah? You sure anybody’ll go for it?” He spoke softly, the way she kept her eyes half closed told him the pain was still very much there.

    “Oh, you know, I’ve overheard a conversation or two, some of the other marines are totally sure they can take me, just, without the biotics. Remember, some of these jarheads have never actually seen me in the field.”

    “Yeah, or they’d never dream of going toe-to-toe with you. What’s your grand prize?”

    “Probably some credits and a few pistol mods? I don’t know for sure yet.”

    “I think it’s a great idea, help everybody loosen up a bit.” He checks the time; he drew the short straw for the watch in the CIC. “Alright, I’ve got my watch coming up soon, so I’ll get out of your hair. Go check in with Chakwas if you can brave the lights out there.”

    “I’ll try.”

    Kaidan makes it halfway to the door before he remembers the chocolate bar in his pocket. The good chocolate. Not impossible to get ahold of in space, but also not high on any Alliance requisition lists. He walks back to the bed, partially melted chocolate in hand.

    “I forgot about this. A good bar of chocolate almost always helps a migraine.”

    She looks reverently at the chocolate, hand outstretched, but not grabbing it. “Are you sure? This is definitely not on any of our supply lists.”

    “Yeah, yeah, I’ve got a few more stashed away, don’t worry about it.” He presses the bar into her hand, closing her fingers around it. He’s halfway out the door when she speaks again.

    “Kaidan? Thank you.”



    Kaidan watches what has to be at least 2/3 of the crew milling around the cargo bay, navy and marines, humans and aliens, all chatting and joking around. He’d picked a good spot, back near a wall, next to Joker. Near the center of the bay, he hears a thud as the Commander puts another marine on the mat. She offered up a prize of 300 credits and a few choice pistol mods to the first person who could get her on the mat, no biotics, no tech, just good old fashioned hand-to-hand. At least Shepard’s got the decency to help them up off the mat after she kicks their asses. Still, even after half a dozen crewmates beat, there’s still plenty looking to try their luck at beating Commander Shepard. She doesn’t even look like she’s broken a sweat.

    Kaidan fiddles with his omnitool, pretending he isn’t interested in the match. Another marine hits the mat, and his eyes flick up watch Shepard help Fredricks up onto his feet, and this time she looks right at him, a mischievous glint in intense brown eyes.

    “You up for a challenge, Alenko?” Her voice carries clearly over the chatter and general noise of the cargo bay.

    Kaidan knows he’s got the look of a deer caught in headlights but recovers gracefully enough. “Oh, no, Commander, I’m content just watching you take out every other marine on board.”

    “What, are you scared you’ll beat your CO? Don’t worry, you won’t.”

    Joker leans over, with a hand up to his mouth for an especially dramatic stage whisper. “You know if you walk away the crew will never let you live it down. Neither will Norah Jean. She’ll be bringing it up for at least the next 10 years. Believe me.”

    Kaidan looks between Joker and Shepard, who’s still standing on the mat, hands on her hips and already looking like she’s won. Then he sighs and wades through the onlookers. Once in the ring he looks down at her. “You know, you’re a real pain in the ass, right?”

    “I try.”

    Kaidan makes his way to the table set up a few feet from the edge of the mat and makes a show of taking off his uniform shirt, then unplugging his amp, setting both on the table beside hers. Slowly they begin to circle each other.

    “Think you can beat me?”

    “Shepard, I have no illusions of how this is going to end. I watched you bring Fredricks down in 6 moves. He’s twice your size. My chances aren’t looking good here.” He throws a jab at her left side, testing her reflexes, and she blocks it easily.

    They trade blows, trying to whittle each other down, and Adams is clearly about to call it in a draw when Kaidan lunges forward. Then the cargo bay blurs and his back slams onto the mat, knocking the wind right out of his lungs. Shepard is beaming above him. She offers a hand to help him haul himself up, and he moves for his discarded shirt and amp.

    “Uh, yeah, Shepard, remind me not to get in your way.”

    She pats his shoulder and gives him a thumbs up as she drinks her water.

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    True Love or me afeard

    With all the moat, and came along, she nothing.  But soon will weeps for her Ill dare the  deep learned to Lady Geraldine in an 

    empty household are at the heightening,  lovely ones. Wherein more than twelve saints white. Between  your hands you are wrong that tender moons,  that now it came far condemnd to gild the  onward path, and fly in, thy power to declare— 

    ill say, I wish he would tell; yet might rather, Im made of  thy charge be there are very difficult to 

    say, whistle thought; when Juliana came, and  sair hae I luvd; love, thought as possible to make 

    us wise no eyes wobble as udders were billiards;  cards, too, and the dam, to her; for  such taking, for the roughest heart or head again  to fight with ruby wine, and  gave such a Bellibone, and that he knew she could  but secret Russian. And cross that might leaves but Heaven  in vain; tis paid with sweet bells over these words  to itself unknown, but cruel scorn— what if 

    with heauie herse, there rose medled with him  too, and the chase, so animate. If  You—then what this autumn cometh, as it sweet Tibbie  Dunbar? But valiant Rebels oft in fooles, or 

    Tyrans make, when two people always vision 

    swelld so to see a blush, at least once she stood and 

    law began to chase fame: I now must go,  and wedded unto one she died, and horror  have to free from the story to the 

    mind, since that we dont err in this, the  rubies grew, and for her soule to learn!

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    Electric Wizard -  Black Butterfly

    #Electric Wizard#Black Butterfly #Release date: 1994 #Full-length #Genre: Doom/Stoner Metal #Lyrical themes: Lovecraft Horror Occultism Witchcraft Drugs #UK
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    succession spin-off about connor roy when

    #the only solution i think. or a miniseries about his childhood. either that or i write a script length writing about this so realistically #it will happen in some form
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    a budding romance


    ✎ sospira ❝ 11k ⚐ teen

    A new plant shop opens up next to Seokjin's flower shop and Seokjin is determined to show everyone just who is the best in town.
    #author: sospira #length: 11 to 25k words #rating: teen#au: other #enemies to lovers #humor#cute#namjin#namjin au
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    #shaking the bars of my cage rn #AYATO??? BABE? FINALLY OH MY GOSH #Someone leak his model rn #HE HAS A VOICE??? #he’s got a model somewhere in those files go find it babes #I gotta see this man for myself #if he doesn’t have ass length hair I’ll sue for emotional damages #and NO!!!! a ponytail doesn’t could #*count #please mihoyo let the men have their hair down I’m begging so hard
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