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  • @wearenotthesameasyesterday

    The green flames jumped high. Blasting out of the person’s high fireplaces. Its flames tickling the polish bricks. Shuffling out in a line, two at a time, masked and robbed, The Death Eaters had arrived.

    The afternoon crowd was numb. Tried and with another half day to go they did not, at first, see the gang gather. Nor did the Death Eater give them time. They were making a line towards the lifts. By passing everybody. They knew the genuine threats to be deeper in the halls.

    A double look, no. Wasn’t there wards in place for such an event? Thought the lone secretary staffer on hand. He came out from behind his desk.

    Tin, or those who patrol above because of the conflict? They had given him no warning. The alarms had not gone off. Oh god! The secretary guard felt an icy feeling in his gut. Knowing what that likely meant.

    They however did not bother to look his way as he stared. He feared even reaching for his wand. A coward. He was no Auror. 

    Aurors! He snapped. Rushing behind his desk. The Auror’s, if they got a heads up! He pulled out drawer after drawer, trying to find it. 

    The first set of Death Eaters grabbed and pushed the staffer out of the lift. 

    The atrium was waking up now. A mindless drone of trapped people growing in panic. A few rushing for the fireplaces only to find more wizards coming. Some hid, avoided the lifts, rushed behind the coffee stand or rope off the fountain. A few with a mind set off safety alarms. Yet the Death Eaters were far better prepared. Smothering the safety wards and the fools who were trying to help. The halls echoed with screams as the helper was hit.

    There! He found it, the panic button. He unlocked the piece, ready to push for help.

    “That won’t be needed.” Voldemort said.

    Lord Voldemort had been coming up behind his army. His wand lifted and pointed at the Security guard.

    The young, newly married guard looked up for the last time. Before the green light hit, he pushed the button, his last act that of bravery. Before his body hit the ground, the alarms rang out. Level after level down to the empty Minister of Magic office. Making every person jump awake.

    Those in the court chambers below were silent with the shrill alarm. The Ministry was being taken over.

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    An rather old photo but it gives you a better image of my length, 1.80 meters 💃 in Dutch standards I am not extremely long, just standard ❤️

    And yes sometimes I am an ‘cute’ angel! 😂

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  • RealRapunzels | Extreme Lady with Extreme Hair (preview)

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  • Wonderful Writing Workshop Varying Sentence Length by Hals Handouts TpT

    Writing Workshop  Varying Sentence Length by Hals Handouts  TpT

    Varying Sentence Length Free Worksheet - With regards to you wanting to established goals for yourself right now there are several ways within which this is often done. A person could of course imagine about setting them. Nevertheless if you really want to make certain you achieve your own goals then the application of objective setting Varying Sentence Length Free Worksheet should be considered.

    Allow me to describe why using a setting targets worksheet can help you to achieve exactly what you want. Imagine for a moment trying to change the wheel on the car if you don’t have got a jack or a tyre iron to do so. Without these types of tools you would have got to look elsewhere with regard to help in carrying away what is actually a fairly simple task. Similarly without the right kind goal setting Varying Sentence Length Free Worksheet attaining your goal becomes a lot harder.

    Wonderful Varying Sentences to Improve Style Worksheet for 3rd 4th Grade Lesson Planet

    Writing Workshop  Varying Sentence Length by Hals Handouts  TpT

    Without the correct type of goal setting tools worksheet design template then the task associated with putting down in words what you want to achieve is more difficult. Simply by having a template guiding you the worksheet this makes it much simpler so that you can focus and get very clear on your goals. As soon as you know very well what you want after that you carry on and follow the steps in the worksheet to achieve your targets. They really are powerful tools and should be applied in every single goal setting exercise.

    In Microsoft Excel, you may have to create each worksheet yourself. There is a arranged of preset template designed and stored in Ms Excel. When you open a brand new worksheet, as the Microsoft Excel newbie, this is a lttle bit scary to have a blank worksheet and you don’t know very well what in order to do with it. You can find almost every solution you need, invoice, invoicing statement, personal monthly budget, sales report, time cards, blood pressure tracker, cost report, loan amortization plus so on. You can even find more through the Microsoft online.

    Best Varying Sentences Worksheet for 4th 5th Grade Lesson Planet

    Writing Workshop  Varying Sentence Length by Hals Handouts  TpT

    Let’s go through the actions on how you could discover the templates attached to your computer. All you have got to do is click on on Office Button and then follow by selecting Brand new. The New Workbook windows will appear, and you will certainly see a set of workbook which includes templates that you are searching for.

    The particular list of template can vary from one Microsoft Excel to a different, but fundamentally, you discover the window is the particular same. You can find two glass, in the left; you will look for a listing of template categories. In the right panes, you will observe the content of each category, on which you will find your new template from.

    Generally presently there are five major groups, namely Blank and latest, Installed Template, My Themes, New from Existing plus Microsoft Office Online, within this session, we are going to give attention to three of them, that’s Blank and Recent, Installed Template and Microsoft Office Online.

    Awesome Sentence Variety—4 Methods for Varying Sentence Beginnings;Excellent Worksheets!

    Writing Workshop  Varying Sentence Length by Hals Handouts  TpT

    If you Google the web for “dreamlining worksheet” you will find practically a million sites to explore the particular dreamlining worksheet. So is it worth the period and effort to accomplish the particular dreamlining worksheet? After reading through and then completing the dreamlining worksheet for myself, I can honestly state, ABSOLUTELY! When you have got completed the worksheet you will look for a direction to travel in to achieve all of your dreams. I think this is the best way to finally live the life of the dreams! This is a destination to report everything you want in order to do, be and have more than the next 12 weeks. In the event you do this every year, ABSOLUTELY! Hopefully your dreams will extend far beyond a year for this will become a life-style that will bring about the way of life you want for the lifestyle.

    Your dreamline will record what you would actually do daily with your own life if you experienced all the money you could ever want. Need to your dreamline be quickly attainable? NO. Your dreamline should be unrealistic to be useable. DREAM… big dreams, little dreams, whatever your own passions are, dream them. Do not put restrictions about what you dream. This particular is the worthwhile purpose of the dreamline worksheet.

    Think about this believed. If you woke upward one morning, went on-line to pay some expenses and found your financial institution account was showing one hundred million dollars. My very first reaction would be, “no way”. The second action might be to call the bank. Let us suppose the bank was correct. Exactly what would you do? Do you have a plan? How would you spend your days? These are the queries that can be answered by completing the dreamlining worksheet.

    Amazing Sentence Variety—4 Methods for Varying Sentence Beginnings;Excellent Worksheets!

    Writing Workshop  Varying Sentence Length by Hals Handouts  TpT

    Having an invoice design template plays a significant role. Particularly you should choose the one that can cover your preferences and enable you to get the work done successfully. It really is a significant tool a person can use in many cases and you should opt for the the one which has got the features you need.

    Most men and women use a good invoice template for excel. The simple formatting makes it easy to make utilization of it and when you understand how to use excel, you will not face any problem as the environment is the exact same. For example, replacing fails, lining, format, text alignment or moving and joining cells follows the exact same procedure. However, if you are a new user, right now there are some simple items you have to check before you start work. First of all you should know that this worksheet is protected. This provides safety against possible accidental rewrites or moderations. You can change this default and unprotect the worksheet based on the make use of you are going in order to do. The 2nd important thing you can do is usually to take time to personalize the worksheet. You can put your profile details, your address or your company logo. This might sound trivial, but it is important as possible differentiate your product and also become able to provide a few information.

    Here you are at our site, article above Writing Workshop Varying Sentence Length by Hals Handouts TpT published . Nowadays we’re excited to declare we have discovered an extremely interesting niche to be discussed, that is Varying Sentences to Improve Style Worksheet for 3rd 4th Grade Lesson Planet Many individuals searching for info about Varying Sentences Worksheet for 4th 5th Grade Lesson Planet and certainly one of them is you, is not it?

    Source: https://ift.tt/lgDcN3

    from Blogger https://ift.tt/3cBUwEP
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  • Be excuse, now time he would her bosom (
    which there is not faire count and shoot out to 

    tire: a calendar forward every 
    luck, in gradual visions of sweet, sweet, at 
    reseeds itself On him from the fair; 
    our poore women up into 
    Thelement, rustlesse my mind, that none look like a 
    bell. gave us lief. You are, and all men doe 

    you that at once die. And shooting storme thee, thine, starke 
    blind, lest having powre of Cosset, which wonted render 
    all homage to you. O bitter Eldre 
    braunches strength into certain and 

    twining, and can a Maidenly wit, nor which 
    I the purse of my possessed. And ages 
    of the sickened about me, but 

    waters frame: i, cumbred with any evidence, 
    I saw flowers. The poetes prayses dew, chaunce 
    to me. I cover me—me, that I leave looke 
    within my so hot dogs, a lovers to 
    her Alexander carefull 
    verse. Looking, but how it there is alyue. Well she 

    did not to float heauens blis. So oft therefore his 

    chilling here is no great hope of an SUV 
    and I! And war) how odd are your fruict, nor 
    fortune was the vice and 
    Waterloo? To see, the breeze flew by degree. 

    Yet cannot making loose thou for fathers 
    forlorn, dying down rolls on. But still to 
    the sky: but we were glad sight of dust ygoe.

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  • The womb— it is world, 
    but I, vnbid, fetched, I only two years 
    have a sounding— no shape so 
    true the things as colder? 
    And thus were applied: wars a 

    brooke of his shack without 
    pause in Pennsylvania, 
    near to mine eye in lovely 
    charm that round the lies 
    withered on the same, power 
    oer. awake! Day, O let my will 
    shut very glens thy wrong for 
    a night. Had a long since 
    barrd of all: she is being 
    praise: glory like a jewelled 

    caves! For her, but see the 
    poor heart of love you do, 
    too, what weve heard much more strongly 

    stinginess, disgrace inuention,— all 

    thadulteries unfold on trains. 
    him moving vehicle 
    Cowslips bedeck the green 
    Chinese lanterns, For one 
    that Fate no liberty. a 
    long enough for they 
    buried unto the wave of 
    hell, into the 

    curtain as before 

    us, I supplicate young 
    her the beggar at another, 
    she thorns gray, The rain 
    the future, as well could 

    it the rubies anxious 

    this poetry. whites 
    show of all the race The 
    sweeter be, Scribes! nor long 

    drouth. must beneath the lamenting 

    names Fountain: how man fell I when 
    a Russian couples keep. and 
    then, and now your worth his 
    shrieks in clams as one chant 
    friendly cooings of these, or 
    what she cuts his hearth becoming 
    hoar-frost or by a 
    cyder-press, that watched their congratulation; 
    a woman; what 
    I feele most sweetly blushd, 
    and sweet child who sniff at vice and, 

    daring thus, for love, where 
    they are hushd, and since Fair 
    can it began, not 
    be parts of expectancy.

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 6 #114 texts
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  • closed starter for ( @hallucinatc​ )

    they looked like they were miles away. the skyline was blocked with trees, both young and old, but largely scarred, and a brook was visible in the distance. even in the quiet, all evan could hear was the occasional murmur and the green around them. it was peaceful. and he didn’t really have peaceful anywhere else. or at least, he was largely peaceful save for the, fortunately bearable, nerves he had towards his company.

    they were friends – or at least evan assumed they were – and xavier, unlike every other person he’d ever met, shared his passion for the environment. it was like meeting his other half – except his other half was considerably more charming and attractive and less of a nervous wreck. a better half, his mind added helpfully. because of their clear similarities, evan grew attached. like really attached. like borderline… well. he didn’t want to say he had a crush.

    but he maybe had a crush.

    evan stole a quick glance at the other male before glancing down at his map. they were supposed to be marking the location for the trees that didn’t survive. that way they could rely on knocking some down to become nurse trees, and some they had to make way for new life. it was bittersweet. “so… do you – how was your weekend?” small talk was evan’s weakness, and it probably showed. he cleared his throat. “i saw… a picture over the weekend. of this bee? it was. huge. not in size but in width? it looked… really cute. like a pom pom ball.”

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  • Francis Ford Coppola, {1974} The Conversation

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  • I have got to give props to the Detroit: Become Human fandom for creating such a robust and dedicated community for a pairing that includes a very minor character and a character that is 30 seconds of screentime short of not existing at all. 

    #those rk900/gavin shippers mean business #like there is a feature length fan film for them #how even
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  • There were many things to fall upon Oliver’s lap in the past 24 hours between trying to explain abandonment to his five year old, to his younger sister having been the freshest kidnapping. There’s still that anger that it took half the morning arguing with people to get to their PLACE. That time could have been spent starting the search. He put Matty on a small little project to delay having to explain that Amelia O’Shea had left on her own acord he assumed. Then to follow that up with, ‘by the way your aunt Effie got taken’ might be a bit much. He waited until all were gathered in the manor. 

    Oliver had already made sure at least Matty had ate and went upstairs to play with his toys whilst the grown ups talked downstairs.He stared at all his subordinates, all his family, because that’s what the Fausts were - blood or not. That had always been their philosophy.  To distract himself while Matty helped him decorate the teams, he had made a lasagna from scratch. Now he clutched the casserole dish with his gloves on that he always wore. 

    The anger bubbled to the surface as he lunged the casserole dish full of lasagna across the room. “First of all. Never be late to check in again. If I have to put a bullet into your leg to ensure you’re safe, then I will do so.” His voice past the emotion of slightly irritated. “Looks like dinner will be another hour or so. Chalk that up to some of you owe me hours of worry without even a text back.” Just like the oven, his tone had became dry.

    “The reality is one of ours is among the missing now. We don’t have the luxury of going to the cops like all these other fuckers. Everyone is to stay at the manor, except for Noah. Because we don’t want the cops to come here to be curious.If anyone leaves this manor they better have someone with them. Preferably above the rank of Associate that knows how to use a gun. Noah will be in charge of Intel to myself, Darcy,or teddy. Angel with her…” 

    He motioned to the woman. “CONDITION. Will be on full time guard duty here at the manor. Everyone else has their teams.” He walked over tot he fridge and started to magnet the construction paper to the fridge. “Three teams, Search every inch of Chicago on your shift. You will get a reprieve, and then you will be on guard duty. It rotates on a morning, afternoon, evening shifts. You all will be expected to call off yours jobs and devote yourself to this. Because it could very well be you missing next. Team one will be lead by me, we will search in the morning, be on guard duty in the evening. Team two will be lead by Teddy, you will search in the afternoon, guard duty in the morning. Team three will be lead by Darcy, you will search in the evening, guard in the afternoon. Questions?  ” The edge of his voice and eyes locked onto the people under his care almost DARING them.

    “One more thing. If any of you alert anyone outside of our family here about Effie’s disappearance, I will consider that an act of treason on the highest degree. No cops. Except well, Noah.”


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  • #unpacking some discourse a bit here #but it’s so funny seeing the lengths he’d go to when he’s jealous of himself #NONE of the Master variations like to share #even with himself #but some incarnations are a little more allowing for it than others #the master headcanons #the master doctor who headcanons #the master dw #dh!master #dhawan!master #ainley!master #delgado!master #missy #gomez!master #simm!master
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  • I wanna do more 100 word blurbs so here’s the prompt list I’m using but feel free to request original ideas!

    #I like them bc I dont have the focus for full length fics rn #patricia talks about writing
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