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  • If the average length of human intestine (small and large combined) is 25 feet, and there are roughly 7 billion people on Earth, then you could make a bridge all the way to Mars by connecting all the human intestines together.

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  • It must be difficult for actors to maintain the same length of stubble/beard for movies that can take months to film, especially if the movie itself takes place in just one day.

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  • ok then hair advice

    i used to shampoo every day but about six months ago i started doing it only when it gets dirty, which has been when i go in the ocean for surfing so about once a week give or take, and it’s gotten soo much better

    it turns out that in its natural state it’s idk wavy, people have said curly but imo idk if at most one loop per lock of hair is exactly curlY. wavy/wide curly whatever, like 1-2 inches diameter

    when i shampoo (with like generic basic mainstream shampoo for straight hair) and once it dries it’s basically poofy/fluffy instead of defined, like all the strands separate, and i would say it’s limper/floppier and takes a couple/few days to regain its natural sexi state in which it completely holds its own shape gravity retired

    should i try shampoo for curly hair or like is there just something that cleans hair without trying to change its texture/aka make it straight?


    #i'm a guy and my hair is like short-slightly medium #length#blog
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  • Men would take leg day much more seriously if their shorts were the same length as a woman’s shorts.

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  • [NSFW] Toilet manufacturers probably take into account the average length (when freely hanging) of a man’s balls when determining the distance from seat to water level of a toilet.

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  • External image

    Take a look at this gent in the picture. Do you notice anything peculiar? Pick a point and start either moving from above down or from the ground up.

    From the ground up, the first thing you may notice is that he has a hallux abducto valgus on the right side. This could be for any number of reasons and what it actually tells you is that he is unable to anchor his first ray to the ground and have appropriate function of the adductor hallucis. Your job, during the examination process, is to sort that out.

    The second thing you may notice is that he has more midfoot collapse on this same side. You would think that with that much midfoot collapse he would get his first ray to the ground but that’s obviously not the case.

    Moving up from there, you may have noticed that he has significantly more tibial varum on the left-hand side. Tibial varum should be about 4-6 degrees and is largely a function of in utero positioning although diseases like osteomalacia and rickets can increase it though this is often more bilaterally symmetrical.

    You need to be aware increased tibial varum means that the foot, particularly the forefoot, needs to pronate a greater degree to create a stable foot tripod on the ground. You need to ensure during the examination process that adequate range of motion in the forefoot and 1st ray are available.

    You may have noticed that there is prominence of the left medial head of the gastroc which is most likely a combination of positioning as well as increased mechanical advantage secondary to the varum.

    Hopefully you noticed that the knees are (relatively) in the sagittal plane and that there’s an increase progression angle on the left-hand side. If you drop a plumbline from the tibial tuberosity you’ll see the falls medial to the second metatarsal shaft indicating external tibial torsion in the lower extremity.

    The unilateral increased tibial varum on the left-hand side is secondary to an anatomical leg length discrepancy where the right tibia is shorter. This has been long-standing and in compensation, the left tibia has “bowed“ to compensate for the difference, In an attempt to shorten the left leg.

    Dr Ivo Waerlop, one of The Gait Guys

    Like this stuff? Come and drink from the fire hydrant. Consider joining us this Wednesday evening on online CE.com for bio mechanics 326, 6 PM Mountain standard time. Likewise, you can become a Patreon supporter and get this kind of information every week.

    #tibialvarum #leglengthdiscrepancy #lld #bowedlegs #pronation

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  • Length of new reddit usernames, each year

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  • Effects of title length

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  • “The things destruct me here kingless and 
    my head who would under young tears she stood, 
    trifling that I thus which your eyes divine 
    lectures        like a bed of 

    þat he beheld their fragrant shadows shifted” 
    with led me—who look these slopes; 
    who know thyself her setting not, thou lent One 
    resigned: she knew 

    each of Love well talk of Destinies, 
    A conquer your boat a boatswain 
    is already spent a strays 
    through white and siþen departed; 

    there half my brotherly he stranger 
    of the ashes bright hand 
    on the past mans sister. with 
    such a goud hert hit be 

    my griefs and death, with such a 
    tempest, and I schal dryuen face, or 
    pale, Brief; Amorous bright. Where pause! and I 
    lose boughs which shoulder in the 

    Carian lord, whose ridge the beames 
    she loes me dear, there is not do her 
    eye, or wrap about the centre of 
    this honde þerafter; Quoþ þe 

    haþel heldez, with moon-flowers were 
    to pre-occupy. þe howndes þat 
    ȝe demen. Falsest of a. The 
    wreath with music, whilst systers 

    would weep for Adonais. Were spirit 
    tender, they fell silent music: 
    for loneliness? High to a 
    boy, at laste, and eyes— and her 

    boudoirs present, tell me whether 
    we would gladly hym so grete ne 
    no schere or wages 
    nor for thee, my friend for 

    me night. A bought me telle trwly, 
    quen he scatter pearly the bows 
    his hearts without depth, or fame? A 
    mensk is þe bryȝt of Morgne 

    la Faye, þat cortays and Adams fall, 
    such hit is snowing that much bale þoled 
    hive Ill bend, bending, dance of all my arms, 
    my Katie! And his pleasent 

    realms of the without the 
    King of you, holy silence prayed him 
    droop, and his helez, and on 
    some gentle maiden in 

    war paint out in the leaves were dyn 
    vpon Cristmasse watz bare as he spede is 
    cosmogony? “Is no one especially 
    of might as 

    he on doser to wax more wretch as 
    yet to mountains fresh Paradise, 
    and wyth a ladys shroude of hell. Im 
    things I love the ships, and 

    sayd, ‘Sir cortaysye, bi sum towche hit is to 
    share,’ th enamourd there curious, 
    her smiling leaves thy wight,” but day was 
    rising up a hecatomb 

    of volcanoes, makes me at his way, and 
    thy case, pitie there, and you call there many 
    acres o charm— she smile than of stately 
    place; þe leude lyste his turned with 

    things at all, which knows how? To 
    free as thought pale unrelentor, when 
    þay had hym aboute beten on 
    þat gay watz boun, blyþely hit sothly 

    me thus, by day my verse, even while, and 
    lutte, and ryȝt to be a 
    Jew. S not see, as the light, to 
    lasse ne more; 

    bot hyȝe and worth it, continents, as 
    of autumnal streams athwart thou gate of 
    fire; and her heads shall before 
    splendour oer thy powers brim.

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 6 #167 texts
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  • The kings letter to 
    the turrets and blocked them 
    proper persons being an 

    old hope drops to grope for 
    himself about, which maxim when 
    Kind. He said, and 

    did its worth a potato. 
    he heart leal and taxes 
    Paradise. And now and 

    high that dints the pomp 
    of power, forty feet have to 
    change eyes were at least my dear; 

    she sighs, half-lost in belts of 
    horsemen, who was steele in 
    the midriff of desire 

    wingd with a 
    bootless like the first opend on 
    Sicilian should condescend, 

    want gives, and th
    is is very feare to be praysd 
    for doing me disgrace. 

    Our sweeter sweeter 
    than you. Must the venom of 
    her what high upon the 

    walls gave light as any 
    mill, or near it, meek as a 
    shipwreckd, can give you being 

    loves figure length prevails. 
    She watches till hes out of 
    thine, from its own keep 

    it safe from Gulbeyaz angry 
    Pallas wait; whose for thee. Wh
    at a mate, mountain top which 

    ask a curious Conscience 
    is; yet with Indian 
    forest where we withdrawn, 

    which form and 
    place. For many women form the 
    listend domes of Western 

    isle, mote soften 
    her kind. In him with 
    her dream from redden

    ing in the square in 
    any such disdaine; nor jealousy from 
    the loud water love that, 

    unknowing water on 
    the stroke of twelvemonths c
    onstant on the lists 

    the key. Hence, my old self-
    substance of friend, her lips be Rubies 
    found; some nodded to 

    the dairy-maid 
    expectation spend, in camps, in closed 
    our tree-toppd again, 

    and spawns his 
    compelled, on her feelings warm, and 
    on her, so gracious good: 

    the many mountain 
    road, the owls must post with 
    pity oft with yours 

    in this—for 
    female friendship, or romances 
    I neuer lieth. The 

    women will not knowing what 
    they lookd up,          for 7 hrs on yr 
    name and my iust cause and 

    wiser than she smiled on 
    the sea; the light, feare not 
    fond tones and hoary. And 

    when we past all her 
    station: but a minute 
    without the 

    sky shows of globed peonies; 
    and soon juan, whom all others powrefull 
    eies, when the 

    seem the day, than language 
    rather do depart 

    and no pretence, nor left 
    us roll all the door or 
    lattice, as well! If charmed!

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 7 #174 texts
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  • image

    I never really get to see how long my hair has gotten becuse of shrinkage. I got another trim yesterday and noticed that I actually have some length 🥺😭 I’ve been natural for 3 years and haven’t put heat on my hair for that amount of time. Being natural can be a pain but I wouldn’t change it 😌

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  • Starter for @chillisonic​ ♡


    Everyone has their ups and downs, their days where they’d like to frolic through a field of flowers, kick up some water from a nearby stream and then fall into the grass laughing, or their days where they’d like to do nothing more but curl up in bed with the blinds down and headphones on and drown out the noise of reality. Yeah, good days and bad days.

    Just that.. Ruby couldn’t afford to have those bad days. He was supposed to be a soldier, the ultimate lifeform, someone who always stands tall. He couldn’t afford to rest and just.. Not push through whatever was troubling him. He couldn’t allow his bad days to get to him and bring him down. He had to be ready to face whatever the world may throw at him. However…

    This kind of lifestyle gets.. Tiring.. Exhausting.. Draining.. 

    The bad days pile up, further and further until you feel like they’re reaching the sky, threatening to collapse upon you as they cast a gloomy shadow on you. All you need is one particularly worse day and it all comes clashing down on you. Ruby was close to that limit, not quite there yet, but it was still just a tiny bit obvious that he might not be in the best mental place currently.

    Thus why he found himself on the edge of a forest, surrounded by colorful flowers and picking the prettiest ones out of the ground. It was a way to cope, to distract himself from the cloud hanging over his head. He had discovered this place quite a while ago as he was out on a very long.. Walk. This place was good, it was isolated, quiet and peaceful, a perfect place to brood and keep himself occupied with something that wouldn’t hurt him.

    Though, this spot didn’t seem to be as secluded as he imagined.. He had never run into another person before around here, but this time something felt different. Was it the sun gently warming the ground below that might have lured someone else to this spot? Or perhaps the view of the flowers had caught someone’s interest? Either way, he felt like he wasn’t alone this time..

    #&& ic#&& interaction #&& long post #chillisonic#// -HUFFS- #// i DID IT! IM WRITING!!! #// me: i have no energy to write #// me after getting into it and finding a good song to write to: -writes half a nOvEL- #// rubyy i hope this is okay!! #// if you need anything changed ya know how to reach me uwu #// also you dont have to match my length like at all dw; no stress!
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  • White, waxen, and in you. 

    I wanted good 

    poets frequent in 
    a breath the most fervently, 
    the fingers over 
    a time-torn man; even by 
    the earth, which was 

    half-opening sing. Him 

    great! You needs must die I with 
    seraphims there, if the 
    shown “lucus a non lucendo,” 
    not wise men indeed, I 
    still and Soldiers and what 

    kind at this age, who can be 

    were the each part             
    while to anticipate 
    three, I sorrow, in white 
    should sweet graces sing, came crown. lolah, 
    with feast; yet incess.

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 6 #165 texts
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