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  • 559 days left until Taekwoon’s return ‎♡

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  • Another sketch of my oc Leo, a warm up before a big project B) I really want to draw him in his costume for the play that he acts in, but I can’t quite decide the part that would suit him best. He’s definitely going to be playing a sailor of sorts though!
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  • image
    1. Leo

    2. Aries
       Shoulder bag

    3. Sagittarius
       Knitted hat

    4. Gemini

    5. Libra

    6. Aquarius

    7. Virgo

    8. Capricorn
       Cooking with eggs

    9. Taurus

    10. Scorpio

    11. Pisces
       Milk tea

    12. Cancer
       Bus stop
    #oha asa #oha asa horoscope #oha--asa#lucky item#lucky color #kuroko no basuke #kurobasu #kuroko no basket #leo
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  • “Fix your attitude or leave”

    Fire signs:


    “Put your personal life before your work or leave”

    Earth signs:


    “Stop crying about someone you made eye contact with once or leave”

    Water signs:


    “Stop being existential or leave”

    Air signs:

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  • image

    Zoo days. I remember so clearly that there was one visit - after many visits - where Matilda finally “saw” the animals. I don’t know if Leo has reached that point or not.

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  • ΛΕΩΝ (23/7-22/8)

    ΜΑΡΤΙΟΣ 2020

    Απώτερος σκοπός του πρώτου μήνα της άνοιξης είναι να αναδειχθείς μέσα από τη δουλειά σου. Δε σε τρομάζει να δουλεύεις σκληρά, αλλά επειδή θέλεις να αναγνωρίζονται οι κόποι σου, φροντίζεις να βλέπουν όλοι πόσο σκληρά δουλεύεις (και ίσως να δουλεύεις ένα τσικ σκληρότερα, όταν είναι μπροστά.) Κατά μία έννοια, έχεις βάλει λυτούς και δεμένους, για να πάρεις αύξηση / για να βγάλεις χρήματα από την επαγγελματική σταδιοδρομία σου, για να αναγνωριστεί η αξία σου και να ανέβεις όσο πιο ψηλά γίνεται στην σκάλα της κοινωνικής καταξίωσης. Βέβαια, με Άρη στον Αιγόκερω, όσο αφοσιωμένος και να είσαι στη δουλειά σου, η τελειομανία σου σε βάζει σε ανοιχτή αντιπαράθεση με τους συναδέλφους σου (λες και αυτοί φταίνε που δεν μπήκε η υπογραφή σου στο email / που ξεμείνατε από καφέ στο γραφείο και για όλα τα δεινά του κόσμου.) Το καλό της υπόθεσης είναι πως ο Μάρτης είναι ένας μήνας έντονης κοινωνικότητας, αφού ξέρεις ποιον να συναναστραφείς, για να προωθήσεις τους στόχους σου. Δεν αποκλείεται η σύναψη σχέσης με ένα άτομο κύρους (Αφροδίτη στον Ταύρο, γαρ) το οποίο μπορεί να σε αναδείξει στην επαγγελματική σου αρένα (αρκεί να μην καταλάβει τον έναν και μοναδικό, κρυφό σκοπό της ζωής σου: να ανελιχθείς κοινωνικά κι επαγγελματικά, τώρα που Αφροδίτη και Ουρανός κόβουν βόλτες στο ζενίθ του ωροσκοπίου σου.) Γενικά, ο Μάρτιος είναι εκείνος ο μήνας του χρόνου, όπου ερωτικά - οικονομικά - επαγγελματικά δείχνουν να δουλεύουν ρολόι, ενώ εσύ (με Ερμή ορθόδρομο στους Ιχθείς από 10/3) τρώγεσαι με τα ρούχα σου, αφού οι υπαρξιακές αγωνίες και το υπαρξιακό άγχος (εκδηλωμένο με ερωτήσεις τύπου “τι έχω καταφέρει στη ζωή μου;” ) έχουν χτυπήσει κόκκινο. Cookie fortune: η πιο δύσκολη στιγμή δεν είναι η ανάβαση αλλά η κατάβαση από την κορυφή (της επιτυχίας) καθότι, ως γνωστόν, ό,τι ανεβαίνει κατεβαίνει (αφού έχει ο τροχός γυρίσματα.) 

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    Hybrids are something I made for my world in Kyle’s Story. They are half-vampire, half-werewolf, and depending on whether they were human or werewolves when they were turned, they will take more after the vampire half or the werewolf half. Here is how the signs would be if they were hybrids…


    If Aries was taking more after the werewolf half (were turned when they were human), they would go exploring in spite the splitting headache they would get from the sun. They would go to parties, though they would avoid ones with strobe lights, as strobe lights are debilitating for hybrids.


    If Taurus took more after the werewolf half, they would relax at home a lot. They would only travel to see the different types of people all over the world and to try the world’s food. They would buy all of the luxuries life has to offer and would sleep in sheets of silk (or similarly soft materials).


    If Gemini took more after the werewolf half, they would go to parties at night and would be very active in the nightlife. They would spend their lives meeting other hybrids and making lots of friends with all different people from all different walks of life.


    If Cancer took more after the werewolf half, they would, much like the Taurus, spend most of their time indoors. They might teleport from their house to like restaurants or other things, but they would mostly spend their time at home with close friends and family that they choose to be around. They would be the people that surprise their friends with how cocky they become because they really weren’t so cocky as humans, but when they became wolves, they became the cockiest of hybrids.


    Leos as werewolf-enhanced hybrids would be very charismatic and charming. They would bounce from party to party and would have fun getting to know all different types of people. They would spend their time people watching and striking up conversation with random people, whether they know them or not.


    Virgos as hybrids that take more after the wolf half would be very confident. They would love to be around the people they’ve built strong relationships with and with their new-found cockiness, their friendships would be strengthened, because instead of saying “oh, no” when people compliment them, they’d just smirk and be like “oh, yes, I know.”


    When Libras become hybrids (with emphasis on their werewolf half), they become even more bubbly and friendly. They love to bounce from social scene to social scene. They LOVE to party and sometimes will even go to raves with strobe lights, though they tend to sit in the back with some friends while waving around their glow sticks and dancing when they can.


    Scorpio as a werewolf-emphasized hybrid would be very, very cocky. Like, all hybrids are cocky to an extent, but these guys put a whole new meaning to the word. They would wear a smirk on their face that says “I know I’m hot shit” basically all the time. You know how some people have resting bitch face? These guys have resting cocky face. They would also love to travel outside their homes and see the world.


    Sagittarians as werewolf-enhanced hybrids would be really friendly and silly. They’d be the ones that would go out of their way to make everyone laugh, and the fact that they’re hybrids already make them really confident and cocky, but hearing people laugh at their jokes only make it worse. These people would be really lovable and charismatic and loved by all.


    Capricorns as werewolf-enhanced hybrids would be really confident, as all hybrids are. They would go out of their way to make sure everyone around them understands that their timeline is most important, but that they are also willing to put things to the side if it’s really important. They would probably be great travel bloggers, since travel bloggers tend to work 24/7 but also have fun, entertaining their followers & subscribers while doing so.


    Aquarius would be odd hybrids. Kinda like how vampires require blood to survive, hybrids need raw meats to survive. Aquarians would try to save the world. They would travel the world as philanthropists and while saving the world, they would also be eating the creatures they’re saving - but only enough to keep themselves alive.


    Pisces as hybrids with their werewolf half enhanced would be very caring creatures. They would be very empathetic still, as becoming a hybrid tends to magnify certain aspects of people’s personalities, but they would be better at taking a step back and putting space between themselves and others’ problems. They would try to bring peace among the world by traveling the world and speaking against violence.

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  • Aries

    Keep an eye on your money today. It could quickly come in, or it could suddenly flow out. Your job is to pay attention. If it brings you pleasure (whether it’s saving or spending) it’s worth it.


    The way you communicate today starts a fated journey. It’s all about expecting surprises. It’s also about listening to your intuitive genius.


    Dreams (and daydreams) showcasing your genius show up for you today. Know that you can face your fears by being clever and embodying the trickster today.


    Make a wish that you believe will help align you with your desired destiny today. Listen to your friends for advice, but overall listen to your own gut. Your intuition today helps you get messages from the Universe.


    Career shaping ideas are coming to you in abundance today. The more out of the box and unique the better. Let these new concepts speak to your spirit.


    Usually you’re very detail oriented when it comes to gathering knowledge. Today it feels like you’re getting downloads of knowledge from out of nowhere. It’s your own genius knocking, listen in.


    A sexy day for you. When you’re not having a explosively passionate love scene, you’re a mad scientist in your lab concocting something brilliant that the public isn’t ready to see yet.


    There’s an incredibly powerful energy when it comes to relationships today. It’s the kind of energy when expect surprises. Contemplate what freedom means to you. It can be being in relationship or out of relationship. It’s your call.


    Expect surprises in the parts of your life where there are usually no surprises at all. The best way to be prepared? Go with the flow.


    You’re getting hits of creative genius today. If this startles you, make sure to go toward what brings you pleasure and you’ll find your grounding after the earthquake.


    You may quickly realize the ground that you stand on, what you consider the pillars in your life, aren’t letting you lead the beautiful life that you’re meant to live. Follow the hints of beauty to guide you toward what feels true.


    Sudden words from friends give you a clear view of who they truly are, they no longer hide behind a mask. You’re also silver tongued. Speak your genius.

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  • Tight by Leo haunts my dreams in a not good way

    #god help me #leo#vixx#jung taekwoon #i miss him #also canvas is his best album
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  • hug the fam


    I love all of them. Also, here’s the speed-art video/review: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is ACTUALLY awesome [speedARTicles]

    see the art on deviantart

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  • LMAO,  saw this on twitter and I think it deserve to be here too,tag the original poster on twitter if they are on tumblr ♥

    @taylorswift @taylornation

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  • so h fell! Leon;
    crabby, sarcastic, scarily smart. will pretend to compliment you but talk shit the minute your back is turned

    he’s rude now
    fell au belongs to @creepychippy

    #my art #super mario brothers #luigi's mansion 3 #lm3#lm3 oc#ghostsona#leonardo#leo#fell au
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