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  • Is it just me or did the Percy Jackson Fandom wake up from the dead about a year and a half before the adaptation is actually going to be fully, physically on Disney +

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  • Leo - digital drawing


    #artists on tumblr #leo fanart#leo#leo vixx#vixx fanart#digital art#drawing#digital drawing#sketch#kpop fanart#kpop#jung taekwoon #i kno this isnt gr8 but i like that 2nd version a lot lol
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  • Solar: Piscis  Lunar: Cáncer  Ascendente: Escorpio  Mediocielo: Leo.

    Pedido por: @soy-la-verrrga

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  • image

    After setting up my alter after the ritual bath for Caer, I began to paint scales all over my legs and arm. I drew a lotus-like flower on my wrist. This was after I had finished my painting for Caer.

    The following is my alter, finished for the night, and dedicated to Caer in the hopes for her aid in my on-going month-long ritual:


    I put the roses in an old water bottle (recycle magick, something I need to practice more, admittedly), set three candles down in front of my Book of Shadows, and one sat atop my offerings of sushi to Caer Ibormeith (Goddess/Fae of Dreams, swan song). I have one of my favorite seashells on my Book of Shadows and placed the finished picture of Caer in her swan form in front of my Book.

    I incorporated things like the harp, an instrument Caer is fond of, the constellations of Leo (my star sign) and Capricorn (my boyfriend’s) in the background.

    I also tried to make the background more galaxy-esque and dream-like in color. The circles around Caer represent moon-like phases and dream-like states.

    I also lit my black forest candle, the smell reminding me of my boyfriend. I hope Caer will appreciate the bond he and I have, something that may make her think of Angus, her lover.

    Feel free to reblog, sorry for ranting. And feel free to ask questions/DM me for more info :3

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  • Finally getting vendic astrology and i’m a mars dominant with a mercury in the 1st house. I look so much more like this than only my leo rising.

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  • 2/2 OF Just Trying To Relax

    The sun beamed through your poorly made curtains, as loud car horns could be heard disrupting your sleep. A groan was released from your throat as your eyes slowly blinked open, you gradually started to lean up from your couch and glanced around the place. Pizza boxes and two large bottles littered the floor as well as some CDs and cushions, you groaned again at the mess and rubbed your forehead in pain. I’m never drinking again you promised to yourself.

    You steadily made it to your bathroom and stared at yourself in the mirror, god you looked awful. Your hair was shooting out in different directions, some dried drool was down your chin and partially on your shirt, you didn’t get all your makeup off apparently as some black mascara was smugged around your eyes like a panda. You shivered as you continued to gawk at yourself, pushing yourself away from that disgrace you shuffled into your kitchen and poured yourself a cup of water from the tap.

    Rummaging around in one of the bottom cupboards for some magical hangover pills, ass in the air you failed to notice the looming presence behind you. “Well, this is a strange hello.” The voice said, in your startled state you hit your already throbbing head against the cupboard standing up straight to face the perpetrator. Leo, who was just smirking, quickly frowned and came over to you apologising over and over again for scaring you. You pushed it off as though it was nothing and apologised for your appearance “No need to apologise, I am definitely not complaining.” He teased, your face flushed pink as you eyed him and sipped your water.

    “So,” he started walking around your living room flicking open the pizza boxes “How was last night?” he said with a smile, your eyes widened “What did I do?” you asked already embarrassed. He chuckled and picked up one of the empty bottles on the floor, inspecting it like you tried to do last night, he glanced at you then back at the bottle “Well, it’s not so much what you did than what you said.” Your breathing started to pick up while you followed with your eyes every movement the red-stripped turtle made. You placed a hand on your hip trying to look calm and collected when really your brain was overheating like crazy “Okay then what did I say?”

    He waited for a few minutes, carefully going over his words. Okay just tell her you know who her crush is and then when she says the name you can either be disappointed or happy, yeah let’s do that-

    “I know I’m your favourite turtle.”

    -Idiot! Did I really just do that, come on man you had a plan how do you mess up that bad! Leo scolded himself mentally while awaiting some sort of response from you. You stared off into the carpet a smile breaking out onto your face at least it wasn’t the other thing you praised. You waltzed up to him “Well, of course, you’re my favourite turtle doofus” you flicked his forehead. You plopped yourself on the couch “Gee if that’s all I said I must be a pretty bad drunk.” You joked. “Yeah, well that’s not everything.” He continued.

    You looked at him confused “What do you mean, there’s more?” Leo sat next to you rubbing the back of his neck nervously “You maybe also sorta told me who your crush was.” He was lying of course but you didn’t know that he just needed the name; your face darkened rivalling Raph’s red mask. You began to stutter and jumble your words, not making eye contact with Leon “I’m sorry you had to find out that way,” Leo looked at you confused, what were you on about?

    “Well, what do you think?” You asked him, he looked alarmed for a minute. He glimpsed at every object in the room trying to avoid your gaze, his throat was suddenly very dry. “I-I-what?” He questioned, still very confused by what had just proceeded. You stared blankly at him “Leo, I like you.” You stated, his mouth was agape as his cheeks turned to a bright red matching the stripes that adorned his face. At least it wasn’t any of his brothers.

    Leo had been quiet for a few minutes and that worried you, he was never quiet. His name had softly fallen from your lips bringing his attention back to you, “You probably hate me now right? I made it weird between us.” You pitied yourself. You really shouldn’t be having this type of conversation when you’re still hungover. “Hate you?” Leon laughed, a hand place over his eyes as he rolled onto his back in full hysterics. “How could I hate you when I like you too, doofus.”

    “Wait, really?” You asked, hopeful. Leo nodded his head repeatedly smiling at you, even in your current state. “So there’s nothing weird between the two of us?” You gestured with a finger the space between you both, Leon simply shook his head as he shuffled closer to you “So there’s going to be a movie in the park tonight, pretty sure it’s a Lou Jitsu film. Would you like to go with me to see it?” You pondered over his proposal, you were obviously going to say yes but seeing this confident, cocky turtle become a puddle of anxiety-ridden mush was kind of amusing to you.

    “I’d love to Leonardo.” Using his full name brought a smile to his face, he leaned in closer to you, you copying his actions. “Is this okay?” He whispered you hummed a response as your lips connected in a sweet embrace.

    Later that day Leo went back to the lair, a proud grin on his face as his brothers stared at him in confusion. “What’s up with little miss sunshine?” Donnie asked sarcastically, Leo turned and finger gunned Donnie “Nothing, can’t I just be happy dear brother of mine?”

    “Oh, something good happened! What happened? Tell me everything!” Mikey launched himself onto Leon, grabbing him by the shoulders. Leo laughed “Okay chill guys, I’ll spill, I’ll spill.” He shoved Mikey off of him and leaned against his sword, a smug look on his face. “Who’s got two thumbs and a date tonight? This guy!” He pointed at himself, Donnie groaned “Seriously? Who would date you?” Leon turned to face Donnie “The most beautiful woman in all of New York City.” He gushed.

    “The statue of liberty?”


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  • I have a boyfriend but I might also have an official girlfriend after today! Big excited gay vibes for me today …


    #polypotato #my boyfriend is meeting my current love interest #leo#aries#date day#polyamory#pansexual #ethical non monogamy
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  • VIXX MBTI types part 1


    1st of all: happy B-day to Hyuk! 🎁🎂🥳

    So three out of otp6 have taken the MBTI personality test and the results are as follows

    • Taekwoon is INFJ (advocate),
    • Jaehwan is ENFJ (protagonist) and
    • Hyuk ISTJ (logistician).

    I’m quite interested what the types of the remaining members are…

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  • Have you ever stopped to think what’s unique about Leos?

    Leos are not small-minded or hopeless as most people think and there is a lot more to this personality that you have never heard of.

     So today I am going to share with you the 21 personality secrets that can help you pick out a Leo from other Zodiac signs.

    1. Leo loves freely and is compassionate towards everyone

    Leo makes the world a better place by giving intense compassion, kindness and genuine love to others.
    They are always ready to make sacrifices for the sake of the happiness of their family and friends.

    2. But don’t mess with the good heart of a Leo because you’ll face their wrath

    Just because Leo is nice doesn’t mean they can be a doormat for the less savoury characters. 
    There is a lion inside of them that’s ready to attack when you bring them trouble.

    3. When Leo set their mind on something they go for it with their heart and soul

    Leo is too determined to give up on something when things get tough.
    They are always up to any challenge and will give their best to achieve the impossible.

    4. Leo knows the true meaning of being loyal

    Leo knows how to give all their loyalty without holding anything back, especially when it comes to their trusted friends.

    5. Leo is protective and brings a sense of security to those around them 

    Leos are the best protectors of their friends and loved ones. When facing difficulties, you can look up to a Leo for support.

    6. Leo has exceptional leadership qualities and performs well when in control

    Leo likes to boss people and lead teams to deliver the best results.
    They don’t have to move mountains to become leaders since they naturally find themselves elevated to positions of power.

    7. Leo doesn’t beat around the bush and only gives facts

    Leos are two timing individuals and always give evidence and facts to support their claims. They are also honest when giving an opinion and are not afraid to voice them.

    8. Leo is a social creature who loves to connect with others.

    Leo love having company and will be up and about trying to make new friends.
    You can easily notice them in parties giving life and meaning to interesting talks.

    9. But Leo also spends time alone to rejuvenate themselves

    If you don’t see a Leo around, they are somewhere having alone time and allow their mind to wander freely. That way they have time to recharge their brain.

    10. Leo loves to be shown compassion

    Leo appreciates attention and affection from those who are close to them. They love it when people take notice of them and need them.

    11. Leo can be your tower of strength in difficult situations

    Without a doubt you can lean on Leo for support if you are trying to overcome a challenge. Their unfailing and honourable character ensures that they fulfil promises.

    12. Leos are positive thinking individuals with a rosy outlook on life

    Instead of complaining about issues in their life, Leos choose to be hopeful and have great expectations that things will change for the better. They always look at the bright side of life.

    13. Leo can be incredibly pleasant

    Leo has a silver tongue that comes in handy when they want to make a good impression. They can easily influence people to do what they want with their oratory skills.

    14. Leo prefers to forgive and forget rather than hold resentment

    If a Leo is back-stabbed, they let go off the pain as soon as possible and forgive the person. They don’t want to be a mixed bag of emotions due to hate and pain.

    15. Leo appears confident from the outside but are sensitive from inside.

    Leo often comes across as confident and cool headed, but most people don’t realize that they can be very sensitive on the inside. They can hide their hurt feeling with perfection.

    16. Leo is fun-loving and being around them can lift your spirits

    Leos are good-natured which helps to keep those around them in full of high spirits.

    They show and inspire liveliness among friends, making interaction fun and cheerful.

    17. Leo thrives on the thrill of extreme activities and is not afraid of the risk involved

    Leo has a ravenous thirst for real life and they relentlessly look for the next daring adventure.

    They can’t stand living a boring life and are constantly looking for ways to make life interesting.

    18. Leos effortless cool demeanor makes everyone crave to be like them

    Leo presence is easily felt due to their aura of personality that makes them so sparkly.

    They can brighten the dullest party with their charisma and infectious smile.

    19. Many times Leo use humour and emotions to pass on messages  

    Leo is good at using spontaneous humour to make a point and make their audience more receptive to their message. They also use humour as a tool for dealing with a difficult situation.

    20. Leo has an insane desire to win in everything

    Leo uses their competitiveness to emerge, win, when facing a problem or challenger.
    Underrating them in any competition can make you eat a humble pie.

    21. Leo is good at keeping the spark alive in love

    Leo’s unpredictable nature helps them in love matters. They like taking their dates by surprise and excite them with something new in their relationship.
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  • “When you reach parenthood, you can only see the wonder who open his eyes in front of you. It’s just a little ball of fur who’s purring with delight, without even knowing what life is for real. You won’t always see his differences which scare the others. On the contrary, his blue wings will be the strength which will lead up in the air. His little horns whill give him the power to ovethrow his enemies. His poison will save him from the demons. He will be strong. He will be king.”

    Another big illustration here! This time we attack… no, we’re going to create a new myth ! We have chosen to combine the legend of the Lion of Nemee and the legend of the manticore.

    Nemee’s Lion was tired of heroes coming to him to try to kill him. Another test that Heras had certainly given him. He parted from his forest to travel, and so he came across a clan of manticore. They are known to be most dangerous. But what was most surprising was to hear the little squeaks of a frightened little one. That’s how he became the parent of a little manticore whose the parents were undoubtedly killed under the blows of spears and heroes who returned tirelessly to prove their glory.


    Peter Robins as Lion of Nemee and Pheist Thompson as Manticore © Zonbi

    Do not repost/steal without asking and credits.

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  • image

    Cooking with LG & GP: Lemon Bars! Leo was a fan, chasing down kitty cat Maddy for a bite.

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  • Good Vibes 🖤✊🏾✨ #summer #chilling😎 #issavibe #leo #vibin #blacklivesmatter #july4th #leogang♌️ #summervibes #breonnataylor #georgefloyd🙏🏾 #robertfuller #summershit #baltimore #teamleo♌️ #leonation♌️ #maskup #staywoke👁 #fucktrump🖕 #leosweupnext♌️🤟🏾♌️✨

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    Leo McGarry – Type 5(w6): The Investigator

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  • I love my dog but he needs a BATH. He is stinky and has some of that dog grease on him. I am going to wash him tmmr 😑

    #it’s also hot so he has that hot dog smell #leo
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    • Leo: ¿Podemos hablar? ¿De un 10 a otro?
    • Libra: Soy un 11, Leo. Pero está bien, continúa.
    #leo#libra#ths #tell me horoscope-sama
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    • Leo: Acabo de descubrir que el mundo no gira alrededor mío.
    • Leo: Estoy asombrado y molesto.
    #leo#ths #tell me horoscope-sama
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