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  • “Quien lo diría, que según tú, no te gustaba el drama, pero ahora eres partícipe de una telenovela”

    - León Solitario

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  • Does Leon remind anyone else of Viktor Nikiforov???


    Lovable dumbasses who are probably really smart

    Absolute best at what they do

    Undefeated Champions

    The same thing they love has pretty much shaped their identity, since they’ve been the best at it since a very young age.

    Their bf’s really want to beat them at the thing they’re the best at to be the best, or just because they’ve been chasing after them for so long.

    #leon#viktor nikiforov#pokemon #yuri on ice #viktuuri#raileon#truerivalshipping #listen.... #theyd absolutely get along.
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  • I was thinking about the fact that if you mix Galar Champion’s english name (Dandel) with his italian version (Leon) you obtain something really similar to “Dandelion”.

    #pokemon#pokemon swsh #idk if this was made on purpose but i can't stop thinking about it #pokemon leon#leon#dandel #me saying stuff #edgy senju
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  • Leon isn’t sure exactly how it came out, or how he learned of it, but he remembers the moment he heard the rumors about Bede.

    He cancelled all of his appointments, shut down the battle tower, and made a special visit to Ballonlea gym, to visit.

    He could tell Bede was startled by his appearance and probably more than a little worried, Leon had heard all about how he had treated Hop and he had been mad, of course, but he knew it was just because Bede didn’t have any good figures or stability in his life.

    And now, Leon would make sure to change that.

    Bede doesn’t say much, he seems quiet, distracted, maybe a little upset. Leon is kind, and gentle, tries to find a way to approach the subject gently.

    “I know how hard it can be, when no one seems to understand you.” Leon started. “When the rumors start flying and people say cruel things…”

    He had gone through it too, when he started on his Pokemon journey. Most people didn’t dare deadname him anymore, he was a respectable public figure and had saved all of Galar, after all…

    Bede was not so lucky.

    “You don’t know anything! Nobody knows anything!” Bede had snapped, and Leon could feel the fear behind those words. The desperation, the loneliness.

    Leon didn’t let it get to him. He smiled, dug in his pocket, found what he was looking for and sent a small lapel pin skittering across the table.

    “What is this.”

    Leon pointed to the pin on his jacket, who’s colors matched those of the gym, the same pin he had given to Bede. He attempted once more to make a connection, make a joke, do anything to help him.

    “Welcome to the club, kid.”

    Bede stared at the pin in confusion. What was Leon trying to say? He couldn’t be implying…

    He looked back up and felt his cheeks heat up, Leon looked as if he had tears in his eyes.

    “I know. They might not understand, but I know.”

    #bede#leon #pokemon really said trans rights didnt they #pokemon sword and shield #headcanon #leon adopts bede as his new baby brother
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  • This is mainly Leon centric. had to get this out of my head before it gets buried under all the other ideas. 

    In unmeiverse canon, Leon became champion exactly a year after Red did, precisely because he was inspired by him. 

    Leon had always aspired to be a great Pokemon Trainer, even before he was allowed to do the Gym Challenge. Hearing about the Kanto League’s first two official Champions, who were both just 11 made him (and, once upon a time, Sonia as well) even more excited. It became one of his goals to surpass them, especially Red. He developed a bit of an obsession with Red for a while, and tried to emulate him in some ways, he even went to the point of asking for a Charmander as his starter! After becoming the Galar Champion he hoped he would get a chance to have a battle with Red, only to be crushed by the news that he went missing later that year.

    9 years later, he watches the live broadcast of the 5th PWT. He sees the familiar red figure and his heart soars and aches.

    4 years after that, the Galar League is participating in the PWT for the first time ever, and its being hosted by the Indigo League of the Kanto and Johto regions. The first exhibition match is between the Champions of the current and former host leagues; Champion Iris and Champion Blue. Leon is aware of the rumors and gossip about him and Iris being related, but he’s honestly more interested in Blue, primarily for her history with the two now known as Battle Legends.

    But before he could meet either of them he has to battle the first Champion of the most recently founded Alola League, Moon. She’s just as young as he was when he became Champion, and he feels more than a little nostalgic during the battle.

    He wins, of course.

    [this got too long so the rest is under the cut]

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    #unmeiverse #idk if this made sense #as usual #trying to write a summary but i tend to get carried away #one day ill get things done properly #bah it is late for me anyway #drabble text#Leon
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  • image

    Let’s be real, out of context we’d all think what Leon probably thought they were really up to :P

    #merlin#s05e03 #the death song of uther pendragon #leon#poetry#yeah right #is that how they call it these days #great excuse though #totally not suspicious #lol
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  • Imagine Merlin giving one of his neckerchiefs to Arthur, Gwen or the knights. Just the cuteness alone would kill me.

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  • image

    I’m so sorry

    #raihan#leon#my art #pokemon sword and sheild
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  • Leon: Raihan, I’m so happy I could kiss you!

    Raihan, flustered: U-um…neat



    Nessa: That’s nothing, remember when Sonia confessed to me?

    Raihan: Didn’t you thank her?

    Nessa, looking blankly off into the distance: I thanked her

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  • @theartofmelrose

    Pearl had agreed to meet with an artist named Leon at the man’s home loft. It had been a long while since he’d had any sort of professional session with an artist, and the freelancer was eager to see what Leon had envisioned.

    Arriving a bit early, Pearl ran a hand through his hair before knocking on Leon’s door, his hand hitting the wood a bit roughly to alert the artist that Pearl had arrived. He folded his hands anxiously as he waited.

    #Leon #//I hope this is okay #closed starter
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  • Piers, Leon and Raihan

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  • He loves his bestie

    #piers#leon#pokemon #I just like drawing his hair #And another pen picture
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  • image

    A moodboard for the idea that Leon and Martin get together and make Lee and Lev do a Swan Lake themed photoshoot together. Martin and Lev belong to @untilthepainstarts​. 

    #this lonely barricade #LGM series#lee#lev#martin#leon #fucked up photoshoots #swan lake
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  • It’s been 3 days and Leon’s wink still got me like

    #anipoke #pokemon sword and shield #pokemon swsh#champion leon#leon #I'm still giddy inside 😔😫🥰 #i really do love this gif
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  • I kinda fell in love with my Leon edit

    #pokemon#swsh#leon #mega charizard x #kulawave
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  • image

    I’ve been playing a lot of Resident Evil 2 so here’s Leon from Resident Evil 4? Also I’m very excited for Resident Evil 3.

    Anyway ignore the explosion in the background, I hate it 😎😎

    #leon #leon scott kennedy #leon s kennedy #resident evil #resident evil 2 #resident evil 4 #resident evil 3 #survival horror#art#artist#video games #video game art
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