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    17.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    䕽⇉ ☇ like ֶָ֢ reblog if save!!﹚𖥻credits me. 🎋

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    17.01.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    Coming soon…

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  • skyxskywlkr
    17.01.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Umm anyone wanna play dead by daylight 😂

    #leon kennedy #dead by daylight #dbd#dbd sucks #but I’m additced #dbd myers#wraith#dbd wraith #dead by daylight clips #slasher community#slasher fandom#slashers
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  • ninasrandomships
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    he told me to not post this, but i just needed to share it with y’all-

    he looks so adorable here🥺 hdkdhdjsj the cat filter makes it even better. i just love him so so much :( <33

    #nina is comforted #⚔️; you’re everything i want #🗡; leon kennedy #not my art!
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  • tirsynni
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Better Dead, chapter three: my Nivannedy horror fic continues on BMC! I think I have enough now to start posting it on AO3. lol

    Piers thought there was nothing more awful than losing Leon. One last radio message, one act of destruction, and the future he dreamed of with his lover was gone. Nothing could be worse than this grief. Piers was wrong.

    #nivannedy#re au #leon kennedy is so pretty when he bleeds #have some horror au #and mild metaltango #with more krauser coming up soon
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  • dcvinepurpcse
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    @nights-fear​ ( Leon Kennedy ) : [ CHALLENGE ] : after the receiver teasingly suggests that the sender is a terrible kisser, sender immediately and fervently proves them wrong with a long, passionate kiss that leaves the receiver taking back what they said. | Claire Redfield

    Maybe she had taken it a little bit too far. Usually he was quick to bite back at her quips, never letting her have the last word in the situation without her at least looking like a flustered tomato. Apparently dissing his kissing skills had been the final straw and that smirk had disappeared off of his features completely. Well shit.

    He doesn’t give her the chance to respond before he had already crossed the small distance between them. In that spilt moment, she had never seen him look so intense in her life  His hands fell straight to her waist, pulling her in towards him and capturing her lips together. Seems he had a point to prove and Claire couldn’t argue with his method of doing so. Her hands ball into his shirt, fists grabbing onto the material as she returns the kiss. 

    She’s so focused on him that she doesn’t even flinch when her back hits the wall, kisses only growing more intense with each passing moment, stealing her breath as she is trapped underneath him. They are addictive, he is addictive and with every touch he gives makes her feel more and more wound up. It’s then that she understands why people describe kissing as melting, every square inch of her body feels like it’s melting into him, melting into his touch and she has no intention of stopping it.

    Claire attempts to move things forward, hands sliding down towards the top of his pants but he didn’t seem to agree with that and within seconds her hands were pinned to the wall. Her breath catches in her throat at the sudden movement however her mind is too worried about other things to care.

    Then he suddenly pulls away, breaking the kiss and a small whine escaping her as she tries to chase his lips. Mossy orbs flutter open to see his blue ones staring back, a smirk now formed on his features that sends all the blood rushing to her cheeks. Bastard. Flustered and extremely worked up, Claire can’t help but bite her lip as she looks up at him. Her gaze is glassy and full of desire, maybe he wasn’t so bad at kissing.

       ❝ Okay- I’ll shut up now~ ❞

    #ミ★ muse | claire redfield #ミ★ interactions | ask answered #ミ★ nights-fear | leon kennedy #ミ★ threads | suggestive #[ ohohoho #[ a lil bit of spice
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  • hidingoutbackstage
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Literally only six is correct here this image is the funniest thing to me

    #sid rants#resident evil #leon s kennedy
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  • nights-fear
    17.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    ◆  ━━  @noonegetsleftbehind​  |  Chris Redfield comments:

    ╰►   ❝「  ‘ you’re letting your emotions control you. ’ - leon  」❞

    'Yeah no shit.'

    He was well aware that he was traipsing the thin line between losing it completely and keeping it all held together. The brink was apparently a lot closer than he’d thought initially, and the safety net keeping him from leaping over was a pathetically thin strand of logic that nagged him relentlessly from reacting.

    He only narrowly avoids lashing out loud at the man through some miracle. His fingers clench together tighter, knuckles burning white as his fists tremble faintly at his sides, and with a slow shaky inhale, Leon holds it for a few quiet beats. It releases in a quiet hiss of air, slow and measured.

    His eyes press shut and normally, he'd hate to be so vulnerable in front of someone else. He was supposed to be more composed, more collected and in control, but it was hard to retain it when he was so tired. Stressed. Overwhelmed. All of the above all at once - it was no wonder things were finally started to grate away at his patience.

    He can feel eyes on him, watching him to make sure he calms down, and although he knows Chris means well, his anger is vitriolic and bitter, refusing to be quelled so easily. Yet still, he tries.

    Counting the beats of his heart, the tremble in his limbs finally subsides, though the anger remains. At this point, he doubts it'd ever truly leave. Least it wasn't as present to worry anyone else. Scoffing with a shake of his head, his shoulders sag, but his fists ease up as he reopens his eyes and meets the other man's stare.

    "I'm fine." He doesn't quite believe it, but he feels the urge to get away, to leave soon, before he can question it anymore than he was already. “You can stop worrying now, Boy Scout. Don’t you have business elsewhere?”


    #Muse: [ Leon S. Kennedy ] #◆  ━━  Answered IC #◆  ━━  Interactions #chris redfield#noonegetsleftbehind #// sorry for him aaa - he doesn't handle feelings well fjdjdkjd
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  • albertweskerxchrisredfield
    17.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Never knew in Resident Evil 4 when you fight Krauser you can just knife him a couple of times and he dies You know how much ammo I just saved. My mind is blown

    #resident evil #resident evil 4 #re#re4 #leon s. kennedy #jack krauser #the knife is op #never gonna disrespect the knife again #Krauser fight#Youtube
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  • sugakoni
    17.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    . *     ✦ .  ⁺   .⁺    ˚

    .  ⁺   .

    .     ⁺ ⁺

    “the lesson you need to learn right now, can’t be taught with words… only action.”


    welcome to my blog!

    requests: open


    meet the admin!

    name: allie, she/they

    time zone: central standard

    i am a silly little college student who writes when she isn't stressed about everything going on around her. i try to get requests done when i can, but sometimes life is a pain and they can be sort of delayed. i also have a part time job and some other things going on right now ;-;





    will write for

    resident evil

    final fantasy (specifically vii)

    star wars

    harry potter


    attack on titan

    five nights at freddy’s



    ★ i will write for every character i know of, and they are mentioned in the masterlist that i have linked to this post. i will write for whatever is stated above, and might add more in the future.

    ★ please do not spam me if i do not get to your request in a time you deem reasonable. as i have stated above (general information) i am a first year college student and i really don't know how hectic my schedule will be once college actually starts. please bare with me.

    ★ when it comes to nsfw works, i will do them if you request them, or just on my own whim. i will not however do any kinks that i find immoral (e.g. consent non consent). i get uncomfortable with some things and i will let you know if i find it bothersome in your request.

    ★ i will need to know if what you want is a headcanon or a one shot, so i can write it based on what YOU expected. i don't want to accidentally write a headcanon for something meant to be a one shot in your eyes and vice versa. it just helps me out a lot.

    ★ this is my account. i will post, reblog, and do whatever i want. if you do not like it then leave.


    current comfort characters

    karl heisenberg (reviii)

    leon kennedy (reii-revi)

    claire redfield (reii-rev)

    ethan winters (revii-reviii)

    jerry smith (rick&morty)

    princess peach (super mario)

    luigi (super mario)

    kylo ren (star wars)

    cloud strife (ffvii)

    loki laufeyson (marvel)

    ron weasley (harry potter)

    luna lovegood (harry potter)

    levi ackerman (aot/snk)

    erwin smith (aot/snk)

    glamrock freddy (fnaf)

    nightmare chica (fnaf)

    #masterlist#resident evil #welcome to my blog #welcome to the internet #attack on titan #levi ackerman#eren jaeger#erwin smith#leon kennedy #resident evil village #karl heisenberg #resident evil 8 #shingeki no kyojin #hange zoe #levi ackerman x erwin smith #allie rambles#historia reiss#aot#snk#harry potter#star wars #five nights at freddy's #fnaf#glamrock freddy#final fantasy #final fantasy series #imagines#fanfics#stories
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  • myristicisms
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago
    @rcpdrookie says;;
    "I wanna kiss you so bad but there are too many people here."
    - for Piers

    Plush lips purse for a second as he raises his left eyebrow, a subtle hint that the statement was intriguing yet irritating at the same time to the barely shorter lieutenant.

    "And people being around stops you from kissing me how?" His head tilts slightly, fingers gently squeezing Leon's hand. "You want me but won't show it in public? Is it out of fear I won't enjoy it or just because you don't like PDA?"

    Fondness oozes in his voice even with the rather harsh expression on his face. "Kiss me then if you want it so damn bad, who gives a shit about what strangers think? That's an order, by the way."

    #muse;; piers nivans #• answered ic! #interaction continued? #rcpdrookie #leon s kennedy #“ i'll die in your arms. ” leon s kennedy | rcpdrookie
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  • emmaflag17
    17.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    What is with me and men in tactical gear 😍🥵

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  • tomgoestothemayor
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #im going to pet them in tomodachi life rn #update they arent even friends ingame still in fact erics bff is leon kennedy LMAO
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  • biscoitorecheado
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Just a funny idea that i had a while ago about my genderbend version of Resident Evil, where Leon (Lara? Lana?...) really likes piggyback

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  • batsgetscensored
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    Leon x gnc reader
    In which Leon and yourself take to a little bit of friendly competition.
    A/N: Just a short drabble cuz this idea came to mind.

    "I saw that."

    "Saw what?" Leon asked, playing it completely innocent. He knew EXACTLY what he had done and he had no regrets. Would he admit what he did? No.

    You turned back to look at your boyfriend incredulously. "You were checking out my ass-"

    He tilted his head and blinked at you slowly, a lazy smile gracing his features. "Was I?" He retorted.

    Oh he was going to play that game, hm? "You were. Yes." You confirmed, jutting your hip to the side and crossing your arms.

    "I have no idea what you're talking about, babe." The smile turned to a wicked smirk. He knew what he was doing, and god he seemed to enjoy your reactions too. Of course he did. He was a smug bastard.

    Shaking your head in disbelief, you rolled your (e/c) eyes and uncrossed your arms before going back to what you had been doing before all of this.


    Leon was pouring himself a cup of coffee- his second of the day when you made your move, walking past him and moving to give his arse a light pat.

    You weren't anticipating him spinning around and trapping you against the cupboard before your hand could even make contact, but that was exactly what happened.

    "How did-"

    "I've spent years keeping an eye on my surroundings, I think I can hear you stalking up behind me, besides... I've noticed you keeping an eye on where I was leading up to now. Not exactly subtle.

    You open your mouth and then immediately shut it, pouting. You look up at him and get another idea, walking your fingers up his chest before pulling him down to your level by the collar of his shirt, kissing him deeply.

    He doesn't argue, kissing you back eagerly, his hands now resting on the small of your back to hold you closer to his body. "Now where'd this come from?" Leon teased, leaning down to kiss your neck softly before you tangle your fingers into his hair and pull his head back.

    Almost immediately you notice the look in his eyes, the one where his pupils are blown wide with lust, the one that means so far you have him exactly where you want him.

    You look up at him innocently, smiling sweetly before leaning in and presing kisses to his neck, nipping and sucking a few hickeys into the soft skin. Hearing his soft huffs of pleasure almost made you feel bad for what you were going to do, but no. You wouldn't give in.

    The moment he went to pick you up- presumably to carry you to the bedroom, you pulled away, leaving him staring at you like a lost and confused puppy.

    And then you sat back down and picked your book up, going right back to reading.

    Leon stared at you with disbelief for a moment before snapping out of it and stalking over to you. "What are you doing?"

    "Reading, you've seen me read before." You answered innocently, resting your chin on your free hand, looking up at him through your lashes.

    You could have swore that you saw his eye twitch.

    "Yeah but-"


    Leon huffed, about to say something else when it finally clicked. "Oh you son of a bitch-"

    The smirk you offered was cocky beyond belief. "Pardon?" You tilted your head, setting your book down and leaning back in your chair, eyes twinkling with mischief.

    "Oh you are so gonna get it-" He muttered, leaning in to kiss you.

    You were benevolent, you kissed him back.

    Leon then smirked, kissing back and scooping you up. Of course he would take your moment of generosity as a moment to try and win you over.

    "Now what purpose could you have for picking me up?"

    "You know damn well what, you little brat." The man chuckled, pressing kisses over your face and... okay maybe you'd give in, just this once.

    "You started it." You muttered, reaching up and smoothing your hand over his jaw, the stubble there rough against your palm, but you didn't mind. You liked how rugged it made him look.

    When he realized you were done taunting him, Leon kissed you. "And I finished it, didn't I?" He replied, cocky as ever. The man easily carried you to the bedroom, practically tossing you onto the bed. He laughed at your shriek of surprise.

    You looked at your boyfriend in disbelief, chuckling a bit yourself. "You're lucky you're cute."

    Leon laughed whole heartedly. He was down bad for you, and fuck- he loved it when you tried to outdo him with the taunting. You won sometimes, but when you played dirty the way you just had? Good luck.

    He told you that you were going to get it, and he meant it.

    #leon x reader #leon x gn reader #canon x reader #canon x gn reader #x gn reader #gn reader#leon kennedy#drabble#suggestive
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  • sevythebeanqueen
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Idk why but this is soo accurate

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  • batsgetscensored
    17.01.2022 - 17 hours ago
    A/N: Trying my hand at one of these since I've never written one before. I hope you all like it.
    Leon x gn reader
    "I lied to my parents saying I had a date, please be my fake date-!"

    Okay. Okay everything is fine. You had told your parents you had a date for the gala, but of course, you were just lying to get them off of your back.. in hindsight that had been a dumb move.

    You completely forgot to find someone to be your date.

    So for the past half hour of the event you were avoiding your parents as much as humanly possible and then using the casual excuse of "oh, he's busy talking to some people, wouldn't want to bug him-" every time they did manage to ask.

    This was one of the hiding and avoiding moments.

    You quickly swerved through the crowd of people, having seen your parents approaching. Your heart was beating loudly in your chest as you surveyed the area, looking for somewhere good to hide before your parents managed to find you again, because oh yeah, they were very good at that- or at least it felt that way tonight.

    And then you saw the buffet table... the tablecloth on that went all the way to the floor and it wasn't exactly crowded...


    Hearing your father call for you, your eyes widened and you looked around, thankfully you didnt see them, which meant they couldn't see you- you hoped.

    Darting into action, you quickly speed walked to the table, swerving around it so you were kn the side closest to the wall before dropping to the ground, not caring if your outfit got a bit dirty as you moved to hide directly under the table.

    What you failed to notice in your haste was a man watching you in disbelief and amusement, and now that you thought you were well hidden, He looked around for whatever had you running to hide and then shrugged, walking over and leaning down slightly, guiding the table cloth up so he could get a good look at you. "Nice spot you found yourself?" He inquired.

    You had panicked when you saw the tablecloth being pulled up and had frozen in place, but the moment you realized this wasn't your father, or your mother, you relaxed. "Yes-" you began, pausing when you realized that his leaning down to talk to you like that had to appear a bit suspicious to onlookers, so you moved swiftly, grabbing him by his arm and pulling him under with you, shuffling backwards to make room. "But you're going to draw attention to us."

    The man chuckled at your antics, surprised at being pulled to the ground like that. "And that's an issue? We aren't doing anything wrong?" He pointed out, sitting uncomfortably as he had to lean over more than you did as to not to bump his head.

    Sighing, you stared at him with tired eyes, shaking your head. "Maybe not, but I don't want my parents to find me." You whispered, suddenly pausing in your tracks. This man before you could be your ticket to getting your mother and father off of your back...

    He was tall, had a soft face with an annoyingly permanent smirk, and the softest blue eyes you had ever seen... Clearing your throat, you adjusted how you were seated and offered him your hand. "I'm y/n.. and you?" You asked kindly, even offering him a sweet smile.

    "Leon-" The man narrowed his eyes slightly, making note of the sudden attitude flip. "Why don't you want your parents to find you?" Leon inquired, head tilting slightly to the side.

    "I lied to my parents saying I had a date so they would quit trying to set me up with their neighbour- please be my fake date for the night-" You asked bluntly. "I forgot to actually find someone- just- please help me out?" The explanation was a bit rushed, but you wanted to get this over with.

    That drew a quiet chuckle from the man before you. "And you decided I was the perfect candidate?" Leon quirked an amused brow, brushing a hand through his soft brown hair.

    "Yes, you're exactly my type, which makes the whole thing more believable-" You blurted, grimacing at yourself immediately afterwards.



    "I'll be your fake date, but what's in it for me?"

    You couldn't believe your ears, he had agreed? Instinctively you began to fiddle with part of your outfit. "You'd.... get to have a fun date?" You offered pitifully, not really sure what else you could offer. It wasn't like you really had the money to be paying him for something like this...

    Leon thought for a minute. "Well, I couldn't possibly pass up that opportunity, now could I? Not when the person I'm on a date with is as good looking as you- fake date or not."

    Well fuck... that had gone a lot easier than you thought it would.


    Oh, here it comes.

    "I need to know your boundaries for this."

    You looked surprised, glancing back up at him instead of at your hands which were still very much fiddling with some of the detailing on your clothing. "I- well... No kissing- not on the mouth anyway- cheek is fine- hand holding, light flirting..." You didn't think you would get this far so you hadn't really thought about what boundaries to set for this.

    Leon offered a smile, nodding as he listened to what you had to say. "So first date boundaries." He hummed, he could work with that. "Got it." He watched for a moment as you fidgeted, reaching forward and taking your hand lightly as a friendly form of comfort.

    Nodding, you took a deep breath, grateful for the contact. "We should get this over with-" You spoke up suddenly, drawing your hand back and using it to push the tablecloth up. Thankfully no one appeared to be on the other side of it so you crawled back out and slowly stood, holding the cloth up for Leon, who followed you out with ease.

    Now that you were both in better lighting, it seemed you had the same idea, looking each other over and coming to the same basic conclusion. You both found each other rather attractive.

    In truth, Leon had noticed you earlier on at the event, during one of what seemed to be few calm moments where you could just sit and talk with some of the other guests.

    He had been intrigued with you, but had decided against approaching you then- it didn't help that the friend who had invited him to this gala had forced him to meet some people he honestly didn't care much about meeting. That was all besides the point now. He had gotten his chance to talk to you and got a date- of sorts- out of it too.

    You cleared your throat lightly, snapping Leon out of his thoughts. "Thank you for this-" You muttered, watching as the brunet shrugged it off.

    "It's no trouble."

    Chuckling, you shook your head, nudging him to start walking with you, though his crooked tie caught your attention before you could move. You reached forward and straightened it with ease, hands steady as you made sure it looked just right and then smoothed it down, your hands lingering just a bit too long on his broad chest.

    Leon reached up and softly placed his hands on yours. They were warm, calloused from years of hard work, but still somehow soft. He spoke gently, "I mean it, you know. I don't mind helping out someone in distress- that's kinda my job from time to time." He teased, offering his arm which you took almost immediately before you two began to actually walk around the party hall, weaving through people with surprising ease.

    You blushed, shaking your head. You could already tell that this was going to be an interesting night.

    Then you heard it again, your parents calling your name. You glanced to the side, halting your steps as you saw your parents drawing near. You had to face the music sooner or later.

    Taking this moment to speak, you glanced up at Leon. "Don't oversell it- act natural." You couldn't tell if you were actually telling Leon that, or if it was directed at yourself, either way... good advice.

    "Sounds to me like you've done this before." Leon mused, slipping his arm from your hold to wrap it carefully around your waist, touch gentle.

    "More times than you'll ever get me to admit."

    "Well let's hope this time is the last, hmm?"

    "I- wha-" This man was quite forward wasn't he... You blushed darkly, moving to speak again, but before you could make out another word, your parents were in front of you, looking at you with expectancy. You straightened up.

    "Are we finally going to be introduced to your date?" Your mother inquired, eyes crinkling up slightly with the smile she offered in Leon's direction.

    Opening your mouth again, you huffed, your father now cutting you off. They both had made a bad habit of hardly letting anyone but them get a word in.

    "He's a lot taller than the other guys you've had us meet." He mused, his eyes a perfect reflection of your own, but brighter despite his age.

    Leon glanced from your parents to you, his jaw set firmly. It seemed he didn't like that they had interrupted you, but he wasn't about to pick a fight, squeezing your side gently.

    You bit your lip, breathing in deeply. "Yes- this is Leon." You replied, leaning back against said man's arm. "Leon these are my parents-"

    "Pleasure to meet you both." He replied, a confident smile gracing his lips as he held you just a bit closer to his side. He could tell his touch was offering you a sense of calm and that made him feel pretty good.

    The three shook hands and eventually began chatting a bit. You occasionally chimed in, but chose to simply observe quietly. It seemed he was a hit with your parents- and admittedly, the more you learned about him, the more he was a hit with you.

    After a while, your parents parted and left Leon and you be. His arm didn't budge though, and you didn't seem to care at all.

    Leon turned his head, locking eyes with you. "They seem interesting-" He was genuine, of course, but was still a bit taken aback by how... forward they were and how loud their personalities were. It wasn't a bad thing, he just hadn't been expecting it with how laid back you were compared to them.

    You shrug. "They are, though I think they've had a bit much to drink tonight, they're not normally that bad." A gentle laugh escaped you and Leon's eyes softened. "I think they liked you, which is a good sign that it went well."

    The man nodded in reply, bringing you to a quiet corner of the room. "Think your dad would give me his blessing?" Leon joked, letting out a laugh of his own when you swatted him. "I'm only kidding."

    "Never." You responded, equally as joking. Though amusing as it was, the topic had brought your attention back to something he had said earlier.

    "So... you hope this is the last time hIave to have a fake date?"

    End note:
    Still in the learning process for this, so please be kind, and let me know what I can do to improve.
    #Not the best thing I've written #kinda jumps all over #but it was a good first for me #leon x reader #leon x gn reader #x gn reader #canon x reader #leon kennedy#drabble#one shot#fake date
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  • lilacmel
    17.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    ...was supposed to be Leon Kennedy 😅

    #rebhfun#rebh#resident evil#residentevil#RE #resident evil art #resident evil fanart #fanart#sketch#digital art#digitalart #leon scott kennedy #Leon Kennedy #leon s kennedy #mine#lilacmel
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