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  • Incomprehensive list of valid lesbians

    Lesbians who are solely attracted to other women.

    Lesbians who are dating a bisexual woman.

    Lesbians who are attracted to women among other genders, but don’t identify as polysexual.

    Lesbians who also identify as bisexual (or similar), but who revolve their lives around femininity.

    Lesbians (specifically femmes) who are solely attracted to butches.

    Lesbians (specifically butches) who are solely attracted to femmes.

    (y'all aren’t “imitating straight relationships”)

    Lesbians whose gender is lesbian rather than woman.

    Lesbians who don’t care about the gender of their partner, and are just attracted to people with vaginas.

    Lesbians who don’t care about their partner’s genitals.

    Asexual lesbians

    Aromantic lesbians.

    Transgender lesbians.

    Lesbians who are trans men, and don’t identify with other women, but still feel a connection with the word.

    Lesbians who thought they were trans and have retransitioned/detransitioned.

    Lesbians who prefer he/him or they/them or neopronouns.

    Nonbinary lesbians, regardless of their agab.

    Intersex lesbians.

    Lesbians who have faced compulsory heterosexuality.

    Lesbians trying to escape abusive relationships (regardless of their abuser’s gender).

    Single lesbians.

    Non-monogamous lesbians.

    Black lesbians.

    Indigenous lesbians.

    Lesbians of colour.

    Disabled lesbians.

    Lesbians who are “too young to know”.

    Lesbians who took a while to figure themselves out.

    Lesbians who figured themselves out instantly.

    Lesbians who are still figuring themselves out.

    Lesbians who thought they had figured themselves out, but then realised they had more to learn about themselves.

    Lesbians who will never figure themselves out.

    Lesbians who are okay with that

    Lesbians who aren’t.

    Lesbians who have been with men in the past.

    Religious lesbians.

    Skinny lesbians.

    Fat lesbians.

    Lesbians who have fallen in love with someone who now identifies as a man.

    Bisexuals who are only lesbians when dating women.

    Closeted lesbians.

    Lesbians who still harbour internalised lesbophobia (/any other patriarchal hatred) and are working to better themselves.

    Lesbians that are different to you.

    Lesbians whose lesbianness means something different to what your lesbianness means to you.

    People who identify as lesbians.

    Comprehensive list of invalid lesbians

    People who do not identify themselves as lesbians.

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    Your fav Chili Pepper Cookie from Cookie Run is a lesbian!

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  • if the people closest to you can’t accept your truth, why are you working so hard to appease them with the lie?

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  • someone get me to stop comphetting over fictional gay men i hate it here

    #its a double whammy of unattainable man #stupid little lesbian brain goes 😍😍😍😍 #i am talking abt gerry keay and peter nureyev #lesbian
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    Anyone wanna be friends?

    #talk to me #ask me anything #cute dork#girlswholikegirls#lesbian #need new friends #i need friends #be my friend #friendship#friends#lets talk#lets chat #lets be buds #lets be pals #lets be friends #bpd#bpd recovery#quiet bpd#bpd blog#actually borderline#actuallyborderline#actuallybpd#actually bpd
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  • picnic!!! 

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    #me#lesbian#gay #girls who like girls #lgbt #girls who love girls #girls who kiss girls #girls with tattoos #california lesbian #lesbians with tattoos
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  • Alisa beams at her through the mirror. “How do I look?”

    “Beautiful,” Miwa replies, then smirks, “I’m your stylist after all.”

    Alisa giggles. “Of course!” She turns to Miwa and clasps her hands in hers. At such close proximity, Miwa is finds herself noticing just how bright Alisa Haiba’s smile was.

    - Your Hands In Mine

    Found out Miwalisa was a thing today so I had to~ 

    This is very self-indulgent, and I’ll probably write a longer + more detailed fic for these two soon because they definitely deserve it. Till then, enjoy!

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  • Why is my anxious ass so bad at texting

    #wlw#lesbian#anxious#lgbtq+ #i will never get a girlfriend #lonely
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    Lesbian Molly and Nonbinary Bi Gabi Gif Icons

    Requested by @bokay​!

    Feel free to use! Credit isn’t needed but is very appreciated~

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    found this on pinterest, and all i want to say is, WHERE CAN I SPEND MY MONEY ON THEN

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    Fall in love with me, if even Just a little ❤

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  • He/him lesbians??? Fucking valid. :)

    Bi lesbians??? Fucking valid :)

    Trans lesbians? Fucking valid :)

    Lesbians? Fucking valid :)

    Cis lesbian who use their lesbian label as an excuse to spread radfem /terf rhetoric? Not very valid :(

    #transmeds and truscum and radfems and terfs DNI :) #anti transmed#anti radfem#anti terf#lesbian#positivity
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  • When you & your girlfriend talk for 6 hrs and the next 10 minutes was spent arguing who needed to hang up first.


    I believe I fell more for her last night. She is my baby. My girl. My everything. @pearlchu

    #@ my girlfriend #@savi #@sav #lesbian#gay girl#wlw#gwlg#gay girls#tumblr #girls who like girls #girlswholikegirls#sapphic#lesbian couple#lesbian goals#lesbian dating #long distant relationship #long distance #long distant romance
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  • Yo ya te solté ¿sabes? Ya no espero volver contigo, ni pienso en sí algún día pasará, pero hay días como el día de hoy donde me preguntan por ti y respondo como si fueras mi tema favorito y me sorprendo siendo tuya todavía.


    #K#pasado#love#amor#desamor#notas#pensamientos#frases #frases en español #love is love #lesbian #amor es amor
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  • My dream is to meet the woman of the dreams, the woman I’ve been waiting for since I started dating 7 years ago. I want to move out of my parents house and move in with her, in my dream home (of course my girlfriend will haha input on the house too), finally escaping this hellhole that I’ve been in since I was born. I want to start estrogen, then from there I’ll finally be able to start bodybuilding and become the swole, dumb lesbian jock I’ve always wanted to be. I want to start my own YouTube channel with her to vlog our lives, to show my transition & bodybuilding progresss, and especially overall, to just be another lesbian couple on YouTube. I want to become a model and a photographer. I’ve also been highly considering making an OnlyFans (only if my girlfriend agrees and is willing to do if with me) since I see so many lesbian couples have one on Twitter, and it makes them a lot of money (not easy money though of course, sex work is not easy at all), plus I always dream of me posing for pictures to post there with my girlfriend. I want to buy all the butch, masculine clothes that I can’t wear right now because I’m forced to identify as male, and wearing those clothes now makes me dysphoric. I want to get a bunch of tattoos, piercings, necklaces, in general just have a style I’ve never been able to have as a boy. I want to get my dream car: the Kia Soul (even though I have a fear of driving, so whoever my girlfriend ends up being is gonna have to drive it). I want to get a husky (I love wolves but I can’t get one legally, so this is the next best thing), a cat, and a hamster or guinea pig. And finally, I want to start collecting Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Dragon Ball Z toys, along with Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, which I can’t do here for multiple reasons.

    Overall though, I just want someone to enjoy life with. I want to finally find the perfect woman for me, whether that’s a fellow butch, femme, or neither. I want to be someone’s Korra, Sailor Uranus, Brigitte, etc. I want to be just like the powerful women I see in anime or on social media, and I want the perfect partner to spend my life with. I want to do all the things I’ve never been able to do before, like go to the beach, go to a sporting event, etc. I don’t want to be alone anymore, and I don’t want to live in this nightmare anymore. I want someone to spend the rest of my life with and never have to focus on the first 18 years of my life, but instead, to focus on making the next 18 years and more the best that it possibly can be.

    I know this is a pretty unrealistic dream, hope, or expectation to have. I’ve kinda run out of expectations at this point, but I still do want this to come true. I want to be myself and live my life. I want a girlfriend to spoil and spend the rest of my life with, and even though I’ve been screwed by so many that I’ve lost all hope for that, I still really want to meet that someone and just have my life take off from there.

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  • My new aesthetic is the world may be ending but at least I die gay and sarcastic.

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