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  • fandomlife-confessions
    02.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #Anti real life shipping #Shipping #fandom life confessions #(it's Reggie getting married to someone in japancommercials4U2 let's play; thought I had screenshots of my mii accidentally marrying #Miyamoto but I couldn't find it)
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  • thegothicviking
    02.12.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    The songs you liked best in 2021

    And look who's on top! 😎💕

    #gonna send this screenshot to my dad and to my sister #because they dont believe me when I tell them that I honestly love never gonna give you up #its mah jam you know the rules and so do i #a full commitment is what Im thinking of #you wouldnt get this from any other GAL #guy #I I I I just wanne tell you how Im feeling #gotta make you understand #NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP #NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN #NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND AND DESERT YOU #NEVER GONNA MAKE YOU CRY #NEVER GONNA SAY GOODBYE #NEVER GONNA TELL A LIE #AND HURT YOU #we have known each other for so long #your hearts beeen aching but #youre too shy to say it #inside we both know whats been going on #we know the game and we are gonna play it #a a a a a and if you ask me how im feeling #dont tell me youre too blind to see #NEVER GONNA SAY GOODBYE E E E
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  • imagine-arcadia
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The same day, late in the night Jhete heard noice outside the cave. After coming outside she notices a familiar naked 🍑, coming closer she speaks out

    "Look what the cat dragged in. Literally. You smell worse than you usually do, what on earth happened to you?"

    Lying down on his stomach her brother replies, grunting

    "Ugh. Please dont ask. I'm not even sure what happened myself. All i know i woke up like this in a puddle of barf."

    Jico insults the smelly slave


    "Well. Whatever then. You probably ate something weird. Did I ever tell you not to eat anything you don't know ?"

    "Yes. Yes you did."

    She continues

    "So who's right 90% of the time?"

    "You. You are..."

    "That's right. You neanderthal that has fish for brains."

    "Does this part of yours ever functions? At all?"

    She then turns around as heads back into the cave begore adding

    "Stay out of the hoise until you handle your little situation. Im leaving some clean clothes here. Hopefully It'll rain at night, you'll be able to wash off all of "that" with some soap herbs. Good night."

    Todays accomplishments:

    •Joddug returns home safely +30mood

    •Jhete is glad of brothers safe return & and is disgusted with the revolting smell +15mood

    //part VI and Joddug has finally made his way home//

    #simstagram#simblr#sims stories#simsfamily#simslife#sims3 #sims 3 gameplay #sims#my sims#sims pets#sims 3 #sims 3 edit #sims 3 simblr #the sims community #sims 3 lets play #sims 3 story #the sims screenshots
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  • parasitoidism
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Emporio is so cute in the anime also

    #I want to play Mario party with him and let him win #arakis children usually look kinda fucked up but emporio is like 🥺
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  • thesaintofnevergettingitright
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I didn’t think anything of this until I told my roommate and he said his top song had been played 72 times…

    ANYWAY this is healthy and fine, probably.

    #this gives me big GET RID OF THE LONGING!! WE CAN’T LET PEOPLE KNOW WE YEARN vibes #I made top 0.05% for TAD babeyyy #god someone used the line *you make me ache you bastard* well in one geraskier fic a year and a half ago and now here we are #other fun Wrapped facts: all of my top 5 most played were TAD and my aura was ~affectionate and yearning~ #which feels like an attack. like they’re clearly not wrong but still #the amazing devil
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  • spun-in-a-million
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Seriously tho!

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  • rimurutempest
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    byleth eisner on their first day as archbishop: god didn't nerf me, someone nerfed god.

    seteth, scrambling for the mic: NNO!!!!!!

    #fire emblem#three houses#fe3h#setleth #let me play m!byleth/n!byleth & fuck seteth you cowards
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  • rimurutempest
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    when you're not totally sure which BE route you're on yet

    #fire emblem#three houses#fe3h#setleth#byleth eisner #let me play m!byleth/n!byleth & fuck seteth you COWARDS #just gimme 1 more fucking patch with updated supports im bEGGING you #like silent raindrops fell #my sweet serenity #comfy#minors dni
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  • specialk-18
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I see you’re feeling naughty...

    Warning!!! You should NOT be reading this before you’ve read the first part. Don’t interact yet, start here!

    “Home alone Christmas Eve, make believe, it's time to play
    So let's flow on this snow with a sack on my back
    'Cause Santa's tryin' to mack in his (Cadillac)
    Ridin' and a ridin' but when it gets to decidin'
    He's a slippin' and a slidin' in his own sleigh ride”

    “Are you fucking serious right now?” You uttered, forgetting your little niece was still standing by your side.

    “Tee tee, you said a bad word.”

    Peering down, your eyes raked over Trinity’s face. You could tell she was disappointed, but she also looked as if she wanted to go before she started crying like many of the other children in line behind her.

    The logical part of your brain was telling you to reel it in. You didn’t like making a fool of yourself in public, but you apparently left your filter outside in the car. It didn’t help your rising temper that the man who got to call himself Santa for a day was peering at you – those cerulean blue eyes holding a twinkle of mischief. 

    He thought this was funny.

    Now you didn’t feel bad about the words you’d had for him. 

    You grabbed Trinity’s hand before you did anything else, making sure that you wouldn’t lose your niece before popping off. Stepping away from the line and closer to the actors, you started speaking in a steady voice. “We’ve been standing here...for hours. And like – I get the mall has to close, but you really saw this long ass line and let the people earlier hog up a bunch of your time? What kind of shit is that?”

    “Excuse me, ma’am, we understand you’re upset, but –” one of the elves began their rehearsed speech. “Santa” cut them off with the raise of his hand, stepping closer to you and Trinity. His eyes flickered down, and he noticed Trinity staring up at him in awe, so he put on the Santa voice despite speaking directly to you. 

    “Now, sweet girl, no swearing in front of the kids. You don’t want to make my naughty list, now do you?” To add insult to injury, the man added a hearty chuckle – a ho, ho, ho, if you will – causing your glare to settle on him.

    Rolling your eyes, you responded to the man. “Oh, please, she knows what not to repeat. I wanna know what makes you think this situation is funny. You’ve got loads of disappointed kids wandering around the mall now because you couldn’t establish boundaries with some overzealous adults.”

    “So I guess you have been more naughty this year, little girl,” the man said, and now that you were focusing on his voice, you could hear that his accent was slipping through every once in a while. The little flip your stomach did made you sick. “You must really want a picture on Santa’s lap as well.”

    He was teasing you. You wanted to pull that fake beard back and watch it snap against his face. However, you refrained from the desire to inflict slight pain on the man. You weren’t in the mood to be the one to tell Trinity that Santa Claus was fake. That was your sister’s job. 

    Biting back another snide remark, you only replied with, “shut up.”

    It was ridiculous. You didn’t even know this man, and he was already pressing your buttons.

    “You can’t tell Santa to shut up!” Trinity exclaimed, and the man laughed, neglecting to put on the Santa laugh. He was loud and boisterous, and you knew outside of the suit he was probably a big lug. 

    “Santa” leaned down in front of Trinity, sending her a bright smile, and you got to see how perfect his teeth were.

    Huh, dick. 

    “Thank you. I see we have a member from the nice list in our presence. I may not be able to get you a picture, Little Lady, but how about you tell ole Santa here what’s on your Christmas list. I’ll make sure you have it first thing in the morning.”

    Glancing down at your niece, you spotted Trinity’s eyes light up as the man spoke to her. You frowned, not knowing what was going to come out of her mouth. “I really want...the Barbie styling head and the CoComelon baby doll.”

    You thought about the conversation you’d had earlier this month with your mother and sister. You knew that her mom splurged on the CoComelon doll already from “Santa”, but you’d got the Barbie styling head and a few other things – your name included on the gifts. You made a mental note to remove the name tag once you got home. 

    “Those are wonderful gifts, little girl. I’ll see what me and my elves can do for you, okay?”

    Trinity nodded, “Thank you, Santa!”

    “Of course,” the man simpered, standing to his full height again before focusing on you. He crooked his finger at you, urging you to come closer. 

    Perhaps dumbly, you stepped closer to the man, eyes widening when he leaned down to whisper to you. He was so close that you could smell his cologne: musky and woodsy. He was doing things to you, and you didn’t even know what he really looked like. 

    “You’d better get on that, sweetheart,” You felt a chill run down your spine at the deep timbre of his voice. So this is what he sounds like when he drops the act...“She seems invested in those gifts. I think Target is still open.”

    You frowned, and it deepened when the man backed away from you and smiled. Without another word, he turned and left, leaving you standing in the middle of the mall with Trinity. 

    “I’m hungry,” Trinity told you, and your attention snapped back to her.

    “Yeah...let’s go. Grams and gramps are waiting.”

    A mix of loud cheers and boos emitted through the bar that evening. It was nothing like a good old trivia night to get the blood pumping. You and four other old friends got together whenever you all were back in town at the same time – and that was usually during holidays. 

    Trivia Night with the gang was your favorite, although you all never won a match. Some of you were better than others, and it was apparent when you’d had a few drinks in your system.

    “Cordell, are you fucking forreal. Six?” Khalil bitched as the team realized they missed out on another round of points.

    “Whatchu mean, Cordell,” Cordell mocked, “I told y’all I’ve never seen A Christmas Carol. How was I supposed to know how many ghosts were in the movie?!”

    “I told your ass it was four!” Deja shot back.

    “I ain’t hear you!”

    You snorted, sharing a look with Nia as the three of them bickered. It was always them taking trivia the most seriously, but you couldn’t complain. It was entertaining. 

    “I need another drink,” you announced, standing from the table. “Anybody want anything?”

    Everyone but Deja declined, but she held up her glass to ask for a refill. Smiling, you nodded at your friend before making your way back to the bar. 

    It wasn’t too crowded, thank goodness – you didn’t need a repeat of the mall. But there were enough people to make the trivia night at the local pub more lively. Leaning onto the countertop, you called out to the bartender.

    “Hey Larry,” you drew out his name in a sing-song voice. “Can Dee and I get a refill? Same drinks please.”

    Larry approached you, pulling two glasses from under the countertop as he began mixing your drinks. “You ladies running up a tab tonight?”

    “Please, I’m running up Cordell’s tab. He’s making us lose tonight so it’s the least he can do.”

    Larry laughed, shaking his head, but his attention turned to the person who slid up to you by the bar. Cranking your head to the side, you saw a large man with silky brown hair and a nice, full beard. Your mouth watered at the sight of him, and you weren’t sure if it was because you were a little tipsy or because his strong cologne started to fill your nostrils.

    Hm...weird. He smelled oddly familiar. 

    “What can I get for you, man?”

    The long-haired man slid a five into the tip jar to Larry as he spoke, and you could help but focus on his large hands and his strong arms. 

    God, you needed to get laid. First the “Santa” man, and now this. 

    “Just another pitcher, thanks man.” The mysterious man spared you a glance as Larry slid you your drinks before getting another pitcher to fill. You couldn’t help but glance up into the man’s eyes, and my God was he attractive. Something about his blue eyes was familiar as well…

    He seemed to notice you, and he broke into a large smile. That’s when you recognized him. The perfect teeth. The gorgeous blue eyes. That scent drove you a bit crazy. This was the “Santa” man from earlier. 

    Fucking hell.

    “No, shit, if it isn’t my little firecracker.”

    Since he was off duty, he allowed the accent to slip through, and you could tell he was born and raised a Boston boy. 

    What a shame...that was just your type. 

    Rolling your eyes, you grabbed the drinks. “I’m not your anything, I don’t even know you.”

    “Please, sweetheart, I know you recognize me from earlier. I saw the little glint in your eyes. If it helps to put a name with the face, I’m Ari.”

    “And I’m leaving. Thanks–” before you made a smooth exit, Khalil called your name, adding an impatient hurry up before focusing back on the screen. You grimaced, and Ari’s smile grew as he’d inadvertently learned your name. He repeated it, testing the name on his tongue. “Pretty name. It’s fitting.”

    “Shut up.”

    Ari laughed that deep-bellied laugh that you heard earlier, and you couldn’t help but feel a little giddy from the sound. He reached over to pick up the pitcher that Larry scooted towards him. “You keep telling me to shut up, sweetheart, and I may think you’re starting to dig me.”

    Sending him a glare, you weaved back through the crowd to your seat. You plopped down, handing Deja her drink before sitting yours a little too roughly onto the tabletop. 

    “What the hell is wrong with you?” Cordell questioned at the same time Nia asked, “Who was that fine ass white boy?”

    “It doesn’t matter,” you huffed, jolting forward when you felt someone bump into you from behind. 

    Glancing over your shoulder, you saw Ari turning in the seat behind you to face you. You found yourself having to lean back some, as he was so close to your face. Now, you knew you didn’t recognize him earlier, but you were damn sure he wasn’t the one sitting behind you initially.

    “Sorry, sweetheart. My buddy Joel wanted to switch seats so he could see the screen better.”

    Sure he did, you thought. 

    Choosing to ignore Ari, you turned back to your table, noticing everyone staring at you: the men in confusion and the women in interest. 

    “Can we focus? They’re starting with the next question.”

    Now that you knew at least one person from another team in the building, you suddenly felt more competitive. Perhaps it was the drink, or maybe it was the fact that Ari was grating your nerves for some reason, but you wanted to at least do better than his team.

    Unfortunately, there were some trivia gurus on his team, and they were apparently big fans of Christmas. They were a group of rowdy winners, and you couldn’t help being annoyed as they took a top-three position. Your team was currently at five, but you couldn’t let them come out on top ahead of you all. 

    During the short intermission, you couldn’t help but turn around and let Ari know how you felt. It was a shame, too, you’d only known him officially for an hour, but he was getting you all worked up like you’d known him for years. 

    “Please stop leaning back into me and shut the hell up. You don’t need to be so loud.”

    Ari’s eyes flickered over your face, and you could have sworn they lingered on your lips for a moment. “That mouth, sweetheart. That how you talk to strangers?”

    You sent him a smile, but it was anything but sweet. “Only the ones that press my buttons.”

    “You haven’t had your buttons pressed by me. Trust me, you’d know it.”

    You couldn’t help but note the sexual implication from his tone of voice. Your breath hitched in your throat, and you hated that he seemed to notice – that smile gracing his features for the umpteenth time that night. 

    “You alright, sweetheart, or is the competition getting to ya?”

    Raising your eyebrows, you crossed your arms. “‘Getting to me?’ Absolutely not. And it’s not like you’re winning anyway, so get off your high horse.”

    “I’ll get off when you do.” Oh, boy. “You seem very sure of yourself, though. You wanna make a bet or something?”

    You paused before responding. Anytime you made a bet with a man – especially one you were attracted to – it never ended well. Let’s just say you often ended up bent in some weird position while they proved their point. 

    You didn’t need that right now with Ari.

    But then again, the drinks were getting to your head. And the way he was looking at you had you blurting out:


    His blue eyes bored into yours, surely trying to think of something to put on the table. A flash of something you couldn’t quite label passed through his eyes, but before you could question it, he said, “If I win, you cover my tab. If you win, I’ve got your whole table.”

    You felt like he was holding back from what he was really wanting to put on the table. Perhaps it was the crowd you were in, but you weren’t going to be the one to press it. 

    “Fine. Game on.”

    Something about a competition had you on your A-Game. You’d taken the lead on answering most of the questions, telling your friends that free alcohol was on the line. But really, you knew there was something else up for grabs. 

    It was the last question, and somehow you and Ari’s table were now tied for first. But you didn’t accept a tie, and you were sure Ari wouldn’t either. You never thought you’d be thankful for a specific part of your upbringing, but the question was related to religion. You’d have to thank your parents tomorrow, but right now, you were dead set on getting the gold.

    What gifts did the wise men bring to Jesus? The announcer spoke, giving you all time to write down your answer. As it was the last question, they didn’t want each table reading their answers aloud. One of the MCs came around to collect the responses.

    “Fuck, I’m out,” Deja said, leaning back in her seat. 

    Khalil scoffed, “That’s because your ass was out skipping Sunday School being fast.”

    Deja flipped him off, and you shook your head. Cordell passed you the sheet and paper, knowing you would know the answer for sure. 

    “I figure the virgin Mary of the nativity play would understand what gifts people got her son.”

    “Shut the fuck up,” you laughed, scribbling down your answers and folding the paper. 

    You waited patiently as the MC collected all the answers and as they recounted the score. Ari leaned over and whispered into your ear, the low rumble sending a chill down your spine, “You nervous?” 

    You cranked your head to look at him, lips mere inches away from his face. “Are you? This is my bread and butter.”

    “Same. My team assigned me as team lead for this one.”

    “Ooh,” you said mockingly, turning to the speaker as they began to announce the winners.

    So...two teams submitted the correct answers. We have table three, who answered: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

    Your table whopped and cheered at your correct answer, but the announcer continued. 

    And we have table five with gold and tree resins.

    Your smile dropped as you heard the table behind you – Ari’s table – excited over the call. 

    “Wha–that’s not even the same thing!” Deja protested. Before Nia leaned over to whisper in her ear, the last two things were tree resins. Deja poked out her lips before going. “Never mind, carry on.”

    You rubbed the spot between your eyebrows, understanding that this meant both you and Ari’s team tied for first. You sighed, turning in your seat to face Ari. He was already staring at you. 

    Without saying a word, you held out your hand to him, “GG.”

    “What, are we gaming now?” He teased but took your hand anyway. His large hand engulfed yours – the feeling of him sending warmth throughout your body. 

    “Well we did just play trivia, so…”

    “Fair, fair. Looks like neither one of us has to pay for the other.”

    “Looks to be that way…”

    Ari’s eyes stayed on you, and you couldn’t find it in yourself to look away. He was irritating you all night, so why were you so interested in staying in his nearest proximity? 

    “You know, I’m really not a bad guy, right?” 

    “I figured as much,” you began. “I was just annoyed earlier and you caught the strays – although it didn’t help when you started teasing. Then I just found you annoying.”

    “Found?” He joked, sending you a wink.

    “Don’t start, dude.”

    Ari threw up his hands in mock surrender, “Hey, it’s fun to play with you. You get that look in your eye. It makes me wanna keep going.” You hummed, playfully narrowing your eyes at him. “Well...I know you were expecting a win, and since I’m such a good guy, I’m willing to offer something that’ll soften the blow.”

    “And what is that?”

    “Let me take you out to breakfast tomorrow,” Ari suggested, his voice lowering so only you could hear the next phrase. “Although you would’ve made the naughty list, I’m still in a giving mood.”

    You scoffed, trying to resist the urge to roll your eyes. “Somebody has a complex.”

    “And somebody has a smart mouth.”


    Shrugging, you cocked your head to the side, a smile playing at your lips. “We’ll see about breakfast. But how about you take me home tonight.” Ari’s eyes widened, and you had him right where you wanted him. “Hey, who said I wasn’t in a giving mood, either?”

    The door to the condo burst open, flinging to hit the back of the wall. Ari barely pulled away from your lips as he reached for the door, quickly closing it shut after pulling you inside. 

    “Somebody’s excited,” you joked, making quick work to remove your outerwear and kick off your boots. Ari stood across from you, mimicking your behavior.

    “There we go with that mouth again.”

    Ari continued to remove his clothing after his outerwear was gone. You were pleased with the sight of him. By the end of it, he was left in his boxers, and you got to see how built he really was behind the Santa costume. Who knew you’d struck gold earlier today with the guy who was so intent on pissing you off?

    You only shrugged in response to his comment, stripping down to your underwear. Not even a second later, you were pouncing back at Ari. Your lips were on his in a flash, and he immediately parted his lips to let you slip your tongue inside. 

    Ari bent down, grabbing the backs of your thighs as you jumped into his arms – legs wrapping around his waist as he carried you to a different room of the house.

    He didn’t stop kissing you until you’d reached the bed, where he tossed you onto the mattress. You couldn’t help but laugh. He really wanted rough tonight? Well, he was going to get it. 

    He disappeared for a moment to the adjacent bathroom, and you’d heard the running of a faucet. Thank goodness he remembered to wash his hands because you’d surely forgotten to tell him. Hell, it would probably do you one better to follow his lead.

    Slipping from your spot at the bed, you crept into the bathroom, watching as he dried his hands on a paper towel. You slid near him, using your hip to bump him aside as you washed your hands. He only watched in amusement, ripping an extra paper towel for you.

    He let you leave the bathroom before him, and he gave a simple command, “lay at the top of the bed – by the headboard.”

    Playfully rolling your eyes, you did as he asked, leaning back against the headboard and planting your feet firmly on the mattress. Your knees were bent, and you spread your legs so he could get a good look at you from his spot across the room. Slowly, Ari climbed onto the bed, making his way between your legs.

    “You’ve been naughty today, Miss. Scrooge.” Ari emphasized this by grabbing your calves and pulling you towards him. Your back hit the mattress, and you were soon directly beneath him. Your thighs rested on his, and you suddenly realized how intimately close you were with him. 

    “‘Scrooge?’ Excuse me? Do you think you’re Santa, or one of the ghosts from A Christmas Carol?”

    “Exactly what I mean,” he laughed. “Do you often get bratty when you’re looking to get stuffed full of cock.”

    Your eyes widened at his talk. He didn’t know that dirty talk usually got you going. But with the way he was acting, it was almost like you two had the conversation. Was it a vibe you gave off? Either way, you were pleased he was playing into the role. And since he was so intent on coming off very dominant, you had no issue playing your favorite accompanying role: the brat. 

    “I wouldn’t call knowing what I want bratty.”

    Ari hummed, reaching down to rub your clit through your panties. The pressure from his thumb caused you to bite your lip. You knew it’d been a while, but you refused to let him see he was getting to you so much already, and you’d just started. 

    You kept your eyes locked on him even as he continued to apply pressure. You’d admit, you almost lost it when his fingers slipped lower and started teasing at your hole through the fabric.

    “Try and give me lip all you want, but this…” his voice trailed off as he pressed his finger inside. The panties created a barrier from him fully delving in, but the sound of your wetness was hard to mistake. “Tells me all I need to know.”

    “Stop teasing…” you said, bucking your hips against his hand and wishing he’d just slip the panties aside. Instead, Ari did something worse.

    He pulled away. Looking at your curiously before asking, “You want my cock, sweetheart?”

    “Why else would I be in this position if I didn’t?”

    Ari smiled as he leaned over you, grabbing your face and resting your chin in the space between his thumb and index finger. Your head tilted to the side out of habit, but he forced you to look at him. 

    “You want my cock so badly, but you’ve been giving me shit all night, and I feel like you’ll continue to do so if I don’t bring in a little reinforcement.”

    “And what is that?”

    Ari’s eyes raked over your face before asking, “how do you feel about being tied up, sweetheart?”

    You didn’t like how your body reacted to the suggestion. Heat pooled in the pit of your stomach as you thought about what Ari planned to do with you once you no longer had use of some of your limbs.

    “With a rope? No. I don’t think that would be too appealing either. If you have handcuffs...are they fuzzy?”

    “No. No rope, no handcuffs. Just ribbon.” You mulled over the thought. It would be a good introduction, albeit a horrible cliché. But hey, you were always down to try things at least once. “I won’t bring them out if it makes you uncomfortable.”

    You raised an eyebrow at Ari, surprised at how soft he was being. You could tell what he was getting at was all in good fun, but you appreciated him taking the time out to check with you.

    “Get the ribbon and show me what you got.”

    Maybe you’d been too hasty. 

    Ari was a little too excited when he came back into the room with several thick, red ribbons (and a condom, good for him). The playful glint in his eye tipped you off to him being up to something. What – you weren’t sure. That was until he tied each one of your wrists to the headboard. 

    When you saw the fabric, you didn’t think it would be as sturdy as it was. But your arms were tied firmly into place. You even tugged at the restraints to check – and yep – you weren’t getting out of these so easy.

    You needed to ask him where he got these from. Nia asked you where she could buy better quality Christmas decorations earlier in the bar.

    “Something tells me you get grabby during sex,” Ari said, pulling you from your thoughts. “How accurate is that, sweetheart?”

    As far as guesses went, he was pretty on the mark. But who didn’t enjoy touching and holding their partner during sex?

    “I see someone had mostly been with starfishes and pillow princesses – although I can’t really blame the latter. I love when a man gives me what I want.”

    Ari snapped his fingers before parting your legs as he took his place on his knees between them. “That right there is exactly why you’re tied up. You’re gonna have fun tonight, sweetheart, but best believe you aren’t gonna be the one running the show. You're not gonna be able to think straight when I'm through with you."

    You raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for the punchline. But when you realized he was dead serious, you scoffed, “yeah, sure. We’ll see.”

    “That we will.”

    Ari didn’t say anything else, instead choosing to push your bra up over your breast. He kneaded the soft flesh in his hands before trailing his hands down your body. His fingers linked around the bands of your panties, toying with the lace before ripping it – splitting it down the middle.

    “Uhm, hello?” You asked, staring at the torn fabric in Ari’s hands. “Those were new.”

    “I’ll pay you back,” Ari brushed you off as he tossed the torn panties beside him on the bed. He licked his lips as he got a glimpse of your pussy outside of the panties. 

    “I hope you mean by giving me some mind blowing head. That’s the only thing I’m accepting as payment right now.”

    Ari chuckled, eyes flickering up to meet yours again. “You have a hard time following directions, sweetheart. I told you that you weren’t running the show tonight.” 

    Your lips parted as you saw Ari reach down and palm himself through his boxers. He sat back, slipping the underwear off before assuming his previous position. Your eyes fell to his dick as he stroked himself, and your mouth watered at the sight of it. His penis was just as pretty as the rest of him, and you wanted to get your hands on him.

    Until you realized you couldn’t. The bastard knew what he was working with, and he knew you’d be thrown when you realized you couldn’t touch. 

    “Something to say, sweetheart?”

    “No,” the convection you aimed for was lost, and you couldn’t find yourself to throw anything back at him. 

    “Wow,” Ari drew out, rubbing the bulbous head of his dick between your folds. “Finally speechless – well – almost. By the end of the night you won’t be saying anything coherent.”

    “That’s big talk,” you said, breath hitching in your throat when you felt his tip prod at your hole. “But what was the condom for if you weren’t gonna use it?”

    Ari didn’t respond. He only continued to rub himself through your folds, smiling to himself when the sound of your arousal was glaringly obvious. You pulled your knees up and rested your feet on the bed, determined to get a little more friction from the teasing he was making you endure. But Ari’s hands were on your calves fast, pulling your legs back to rest flat on the bed. 

    He only tsked, shaking his head at you in response. You pouted, but your frown soon turned to a confused, hesitant smile when Ari crawled up your body – straddling your chest as his dick bobbed in front of your face. Your slick coated the top of his penis, adding a sheen to his thick member. 

    “Open up, sweetheart.”

    You stared defiantly up at Ari, a smirk playing at your lips. Ari seemed to be too amused when he thought he had you where he wanted you.

    Absolutely not. 

    “What if I don’t wanna suck your dick?”

    Okay, it was a lie, and you were sure your pupils told on you right now. But you couldn’t help but push the envelope. It was fun playing with men like this, and you found yourself having a ball pushing Ari’s buttons. 

    His eyes narrowed at you briefly, but he smiled his big ass smile, exposing his pearly whites to you. “Sure...you’re wet as fuck and your eyes got wide as hell as soon as you saw my cock...but I’m misreading signs.”

    “It’s not my fault you think you know everything Santa,” you said the name mockingly. “But since I’m so nice I’ll do you just this one favor.”

    “I don’t know about ‘nice’ sweetheart,” Ari scoffed, rubbing the tip of his dick along your bottom lip. You stuck your tongue out, meeting him in the middle. He took the opportunity to slip into your mouth, his eyes closing as you took him further in your mouth. 

    Ari’s left hand grabbed a fist full of your hair, guiding you up and down his length as he fucked your throat. Ari was a big man, and that transferred to even the most intimate parts of him. On a regular day, you wouldn’t have thought that you’d be able to accommodate someone of his size. But something in you wanted to prove yourself wrong. He may have had a bit of leverage right now, but you were still inadvertently the one who would decide if this was good for him or not.

    Or so you thought.

    You wouldn’t have expected Ari to be a multitasker – a lot of men weren’t. They took one bedroom act at a time. But Ari surprised you when he reached behind him with his free hand and started playing with your pussy. 

    “Somebody’s dripping,” he teased, rubbing in circles and spreading your slick around. “You like when people fuck your throat sweetheart?”

    You moaned around his dick when you felt two of his thick fingers slip inside of you, pumping fervently. Your legs spread further, arching as he crooked his fingers in just the right way. Your mind was all over the place, trying to focus on your breathing while also acknowledging the familiar feelings bubbling up in the pit of your stomach from Ari fingering you. 

    “You close, sweetheart?” Ari asked, slowing his thrusts so you could hear him. He chuckled when your eyes shot open to glare up at him. “I know you are, I feel you clenching around my fingers.”

    If he kept going at the rate he was, you’d be pushed over the edge. But it’s like Ari knew that. He slipped his fingers from you and pulled your mouth off him. You gasped, finally able to catch a proper breath. A string of spit fell from your mouth and landed on your chin. You were a mess, and you just knew your mascara was running down the sides of your face. 

    Ari crawled back down your body, settling in the nook between your parted thighs. As he reached for the condom, he took a moment to observe you. Your brows were furrowed, and you had an annoyed look on your face. Orgasm denial was never fun – for the person being deprived. Ari, however, was having a ball. 

    “How you feeling, sweetheart?” He asked, lining himself up with your entrance. 

    “Fuck you,” you said weakly, turning to look at the lamp on the nightstand. 

    Ari smiled at your antics, “aw, but I’d rather fuck you,” he taunted, sinking into your warm, wet, heat. 

    Your mouth fell open, and a breathy gasp escaped you. Ari was stretching you out in the most delicious way possible, filling you to the brim of his beautiful dick. Your legs wrapped around his waist, and the new angle allowed him to bury himself deeper inside of you. 

    “Look at me,” Ari commanded. When you didn’t comply, he grabbed your chin. Ari turned your head towards him, forcing you to make eye contact. “Where’s all that lip you were giving me earlier, huh?” He asked, delivering a sharp thrust and causing you to cry out. “Hm? That question wasn’t rhetorical sweetheart. Talk to me.”

    “Shut the fuck up,” you whined. “Stop talking.”

    “I told you once, sweetheart, I’m not accepting requests.” 

    Ari settled into a brutal pace, snapping his hips against you like he was trying to prove a point. Each time he rammed into you, you felt yourself pulling at the restraints of the ribbon. The damn things were damn near indestructible, it seemed. The fabric hadn’t budged once, despite your desperate attempts at loosening yourself.

    You needed to hold onto something – the bed, a pillow, Ari, for fucks sake – but all you could do was brace yourself as he pounded into you over and over again. 

    He knew exactly what he was doing when he asked you for permission earlier. 

    A string of curses fell from your lips as you felt yourself falling apart at the seams. Ari licked a strip up your neck before sucking a mark onto the sensitive skin. He was insatiable – not letting up even as your moans turned into needy whimpers. 

    Perhaps you’d finally met your match in a man. 

    “Ari, please,” you begged.

    “Please what?” he panted, kissing along your jawline.

    ‘I need to touch you, please.”

    Ari leaned back on his knees, unwrapping your legs from around his waist before pushing them towards your chest. He whirled his hips – once, twice – before snapping into you again. You whimpered, turning your face in an attempt to hide your face. You were almost embarrassed at how wet you sounded as he slid in and out of you, but Ari only seemed to take more pride in it. 

    “I don’t think so sweetheart. Remember what I told you. You’re not going to be able to speak coherent sentences when I’m done with you. And since you’re still talking,” he pulled out slowly before slowly sinking back in. You bit your lips, unwilling to let out another desperate moan so closely to the last. “I think I’ve still got some work to do.”

    #heed the warnings #I hate to think I write notes and y'all completely disregard them #:/ #not safe for what? work #hey siri play rope burn by janet jackson #I've never met a ribbon this strong but for fic purposes let it ride lol
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  • v-a-l-k
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago


    #as expected coming of age playing when they hold hands at the end fully got me #in the mv for it when they let of each others hands and go their separate paths #as the lyrics say 'just that we never let go of each others hands' #i mcfreakin lose it it gets me so bad #and it really bothered me that at the end of the mv #when theyre literally at the beach in the outfits where they get back together #they dont hold hands again #so im glad to see the full circle in the show itself #anyway i cried WAY more this watch through #i went through so many tissues and my head hurts #but i do overall feel better about the story this time i think #i gotta get on watching the documentary eps #blaseball starts back up next week and i will NOT have the emotional capacity for both that and this adfslj #pointless post
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  • coolspacequips
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    im an adult but can one of these sugardaddy bots pls just buy me a rock band set, because i dont see myself living a life where i can justify that expense anytime soon

    #finally let my fam trash the ol guitars a few years ago and... regret... #we still enjoyed playing it as a fam #my bro and i had loose plans at the time to pool our resources and buy another set someday #our drums were busted our guitar was old as hell but there was STILL MUSIC IN IT OK-- #*stubbornly ignores real guitar in the corner* i dont want to make music i want 2 play a rhythm slash dressup game #text posts #any lonely eccentric rich hotties want 2 sponsor me for video games and medicine expenses lmao
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  • meowmeowcongregation
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i havent been this fucking unbridled insane rabid about oasis since highschool today i had like an unknowable amount of tabs open ONE. was the liam/noel ao3 tag and every other single one was oasis lyrics i am going through it to perhaps the most severe degree i ever have in my life

    #my levels of mental illness go like: 1. oasis comes on shuffle and i skip it #2. oasis or adjacent music comes on shuffle and i let it play and maybe even play more on purpose #3. i start out by looking for oasis or adjacent music to listen to on purpose. its all im playing #4. i actually listen to beady eye and enjoy it #5. im in the fucking trenches im putting on my lyrical analysis hardhat im pulling up the genius page for bsides. unrelased demos. #bonus final level is when i convince myself noel is singing 'with him' and not 'within' in the bhn untitled demo
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  • fitzroythecreator
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    we all know kris can play the piano. but consider the following: 

    noelle plays the guitar. she’s been playing since she was little because her mother wanted her to learn an instrument and noelle wanted to learn the same instrument her sister was playing (dess learned guitar from rudy). she inherited her father’s old acoustic guitar after everything with dess goes down, but she doesn’t really feel comfortable playing it because of all of the Emotional Baggage. so, as a christmas present, her parents get her an electric guitar and an amp. she usually only plays when her mom isn’t home because she knows how noise travels through the house, and she teaches herself a lot of metal songs (to impress susie, mostly, but also bc she’s genuinely a metalhead and has been for years) 

    susie starts to learn the bass when she becomes friends w kris. not like they know how to play, but the dark world provides a plethora of musically-inclined people that susie never would’ve known before. specifically, i think it’d be funny if ralsei knew how to play string instruments? he probably plays some form of a lyre, but once you know one vaguely-guitar-shaped instrument you know them all. the reason susie picks a bass, rather than a guitar, is because she likes how it sounds. low and funky; the bass lurks in the background of every song, providing ample support to the much louder guitar riffs and vocal performances. and, in finding herself in this friend group she is starting to slowly accept as family, she realizes she rather likes not having to always be the loudest person in the group and that supporting can actually be...pretty badass. (plus she finds a bass for cheap on Monster Ebay, so she’s working with what she got) 

    berdly is a percussionist. this is HIGHLY indulgent because i used to play the drums, but i also feel like drums work surprisingly well for berdly? they’re more tactile and reliant on rhythm, which berdly would have more of an affinity for (being an avid gamer; a hobby that requires tactile use of your fingers). if hometown highschool had a marching band, berdly would be the drumline captain. he just has that vibe. he just screams percussionist in the high school band to me, i really can’t explain it. i also think it gives berdly the opportunity to really let loose in a way that he doesn’t allow himself to do. being the “smart kid” doesn’t allot for a lot of opportunities to go crazy or goof off, but sitting in front of his drumset for an hour or two a night gives him the privacy to really spread his wings (both literally and figuratively). he picks up a pair of drumsticks from the school when they Attempted to have a band class, and just...kept them when the course ended up falling through. his one and only School Crime. eventually, his father notices berdly drumming beats on everything and decides to buy him a snare, which then spirals into berdly being gifted a full drumset for his 15th birthday. it sits in the half-finished basement, along with a lot of the family’s storage, and berdly takes care in making sure his drums are the nicest thing in that room. 

    ALL OF THIS TO SAY: lightner gang garage band au when

    #deltarune#kris dreemurr#susie deltarune#noelle holiday#berdly deltarune#kris deltarune#noelle deltarune#berdly #ignorance cloud on #PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. HEAR ME OUT. COME ON. #WHAT A GREAT WAY TO BOND!!!! TO PLAY SHITTY MUSIC IN A GARAGE!!!! LIKE ALL THE MOVIES!!! #but also i just like the idea of them all knowing how to play an instrument. not just kris. #noelle being the guitarist (and lead vocalist) is such a heelturn but it feels SO RIGHT FOR HER #like literally chap 2 was all abt her conquering her fears and standing up for what She wants. and to be CONFIDENT!!!!! #WHAT SCREAMS CONFIDENCE MORE THAN BEING THE GUITARIST!!!!!! #also i just think a bass works for susie. sorry but im right. im never wrong abt anything #and berdly being a percussionist is just :-) i want it :-) let him have hobbies #he learns game osts and plays them on the drums like that one streamer #also sing he has wing-hands or some shit i didnt wanna have to figure out how he'd pluck a guitar string or somethin. so drumsticks. #ANYWAYS if u have ANY thoughts or questions please bug me abt this #yes i do have other asks in my inbox to answer that are deltarune-related. yes i Will ignore them :-) #ill answer them eventually i swear i am just so stressed and sad and stress-sad
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    Did you bring a rubber ducky? 🦆

    Message me to see 👀

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  • redirectedchannel
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    Today we learned something very shocking. The simple fact that there is not a single Walmart in NYC, crazy right? https://youtu.be/qD597uQPpcc
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  • wildrozenfan
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Siren? Silent? Siren.

    Siren Hills

    An atmospheric, psychological horror game inspired by the Silent Hill series.


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  • play2fun
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Watch "Tom and Jerry Android Game" on YouTube

    #tom and jerry mouse maze #tom and jerry mouse maze game #tom and jerry game video #tom and jerry fight #tom and jerry #tom & jerry #tom#jerry#gaming#youtube#let's play#play2fun#3d game#android games#kidgames#trending video
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  • play2fun
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    Watch "Legendary Characters (all)- with Legendary Skates in Sky Roller Game" on YouTube

    #sky skating #sky roller game #sky roller #legendary characters in sky roller game #sky roller game video #sky rolling#youtube#play2fun#gaming#android games#let's play#3d game#kidgames#trending video
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