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    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Dune (2021) dir. Denis Villeneuve

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    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    leto ii has the same energy as that holding a gun to a mushroom post. "you cannot kill me in a way that matters" is absolutely something I can see that weird 9 year old saying

    #maybe even alia and ghani exude some of this energy as well tbh #preborn children be like [recites a prophecy] #leto ii #leto atreides ii #dune #children of dune
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    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #leto atreides #leto atreides x reader #leto atreides x you #duke leto x reader #duke leto x you #duke leto#oscar isaac#dune
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  • nonpoppin
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    -Bury a friend: As far as Paul knew, you were dead, but your ‘ghost’ claims otherwise and you refuse to let him sleep.

    -Sand in the Breeze: If Fear is the mind killer, Doubt is a slow acting poison that worms it's way into the hearts of the strongest men.

    -Little cakes: You panic as your wedding date draws near and a trip to a famous sex planet doesn't help with these growing emotions. Thankfully, Paul is there to distract you.


    Do NOT copy, translate or reproduce my work in any form or matter. Thank you :)

    #dune imagine#dune fic #paul atreides x reader #paul atreides#leto atreides #leto atreides fanfiction #leto atreides x reader #dune 2021#oscar isaac#timothee chamalet
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  • hellfre
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    I've read barely nothing of children of dune yet but all I know is that we need to applaud Harah's commitment to raising not only one but THREE pre-born Atreides children and not flipping out on them

    #like. that woman really had to sit through alia pointing at her and going “haha she's a ghanima” and then deal with leto and ghani #with leto - local 9 year old - telling her that if she was younger and not married to stilgar he'd marry her #only for her to tell him to eat his fucking breakfast #the real hero of dune is harah and her eternal patience #also would like to have an hc where she's the only one the twins actually respect #children of dune #dune #leto atreides ii #ghanima atreides#alia atreides #from my own head
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    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I think that in terms of giving, Leto’s love language is more often than not physical touch unless he’s told otherwise BUT I think his own love language is.....Acts of Service.......

    Like don’t get me wrong he will melt if you touch him but if you take care of something for him that he was stressed about during a day already crammed with another 200 tasks??? It’s his kryptonite.

    #Duke Leto Atreides x Reader #Duke Leto Atreides x You #Just a thought™ #A tipsy thought but a thought nonetheless
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    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Dune Masterlist

    Paul Atreides


    In a world between House Atreides and Arrakis, Bene Gesserit and Fremen, Paul has many grievances, and he’s horribly lost. But you come along, as a Bene Gesserit student of the Suk School, and everything becomes clearer for him. Angst, fluff, and not a completely canon storyline, but it mostly is. Lots of hugging (Have you seen House Atreides? Touch is their love language). A Cry For Help

    Paul needs to make a quick decision when your life is in danger from the Sardaukar. Mostly angst. Alliance

    After the Harkonnens threaten you, the daughter of Duke Imred and House Khumali, Paul becomes protective and has a plan against it. Fluff and angst.

    #masterlist#dune masterlist #paul atreides x reader #paul atreides x you #paul atreides x y/n #paul atreides #paul atreides imagine #duke leto atreides #leto atreides x reader #leto atreides x you #duke leto x you #duke leto x reader #duncan idaho x reader #duncan idaho x you #duncan idaho x y/n #dune x reader #dune imagine#dune oneshot#new masterlist #duke leto x y/n #reader insert#fanfiction#fluff#self insert#angst#fiction#lady jessica#house harkonnen#house atreides
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  • winter2468
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Leto’s fangs in the Children of Dune miniseries weren’t book canon but they were such a good bit of character design. He deserves it. If he’s got to live 3500 years while his body transforms then the least he can do is have cool fangs while he does it.

    #this is not a dune quote #leto ii #leto atreides ii #dune miniseries #children of dune #dune
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  • estellaestella
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    James McAvoy, Son Of Dune, Has Advice For His Father, Dune Star Timothée Chalamet

    "I was in an adaptation of the second and third books. He is in the first book. And he's playing a character who ultimately becomes my father, in terms of the character dialogue. So, no. I've got no advice for him. And he doesn't need any advice from me, he's a cracking actor.
    But I'll tell you what's one really good piece of advice that was given to me once, was by the cast of ... what was the show called again? Farscape. And it was at the L.A. premiere of Children of Dune, and they said to me, that the thing with this sh*t, i.e. science fiction, is that you have to believe it more than you believe good writing. Good writing, you can just do. It's easier. But this stuff is hard, because it's so bonkers, you know what I mean? And I've really, I've always remembered that advice and taken it to heart. It's so kept me going really, through a lot of science fiction and fantasy work that I've done. Because it was Claudia Black that said it. And I think that's just good advice for any actor doing any kind of science fiction and/or fantasy, you know?"

    full article from slash film (october 2021) is under the cut

    Frank Herbert's "Dune" is a dense, monumental sci-fi tome with several feature film disasters to its name. David Lynch's 1984 "Dune" was such a critical and commercial bomb that the filmmaker disowned it. Alejandro Jodorowsky's failed attempt to adapt the sci-fi classic was so infamous that the entire thing was chronicled in an acclaimed 2013 documentary by Frank Pavich. For a while there, it seemed like "Dune" was destined to be given the label "unfilmable" and left to rot on the shelves of Hollywood's never-made productions. That is, of course, until Denis Villeneuve's upcoming "Dune," which has already racked up heaps of praise and hype through the film festival circuit.

    However, unbeknownst to many of the American public, Syfy (back then known as the Sci Fi Channel) had already done it — they had made a successful adaptation of "Dune." Actually, they made two successful adaptations: the 2000 miniseries "Frank Herbert's Dune" and the 2003 sequel, "Frank Herbert's Children of Dune." Both three-part miniseries won several Emmy Awards and were some of the highest-rated programs to ever be broadcast on the network.

    Notably, the latter miniseries, "Children of Dune," which adapted Herbert's two sequels "Dune Messiah" and "Children of Dune," starred a young, baby-faced James McAvoy before his Hollywood breakout in films like "The Chronicles of Narnia" or "Atonement." And he remembers it all, though "that was a long time ago," he told me in an interview to promote the audio drama "The Sandman Act II." And though he's far removed from the days of playing one of the titular "Children of Dune," McAvoy could not be more excited about Villeneuve's take on the film, or for Timothée Chalamet's performance as his character's father.

    From Son of Dune to Fan of Dune

    James McAvoy knows a thing or two about donning those piercing blue melange-laced eyes and doing some crazy fight choreography in the desert. He starred as Leto II Atreides in the three-part miniseries "Children of Dune," which aired on what was then called the Sci Fi Channel. The miniseries has some of the limitations of a sci-fi cable show (it doesn't look nearly as epic in scope as Villeneuve's film does), but the TV adaptation was mostly praised for turning what a dense, complex story into something a bit more palatable. Even so, as with any sci-fi or genre project that the actor has tackled, McAvoy said that, "this stuff is hard, because it's so bonkers, you know what I mean?"

    But even while he doesn't have any specific advice for Chalamet as a former "Dune" star ("He's a cracking actor," McAvoy gushed) he does have advice for starring in a heady sci-fi project like "Dune." McAvoy explained:

    "I was in an adaptation of the second and third books. He is in the first book. And he's playing a character who ultimately becomes my father, in terms of the character dialogue. So, no. I've got no advice for him. And he doesn't need any advice from me, he's a cracking actor.

    But I'll tell you what's one really good piece of advice that was given to me once, was by the cast of ... what was the show called again? Farscape. And it was at the L.A. premiere of Children of Dune, and they said to me, that the thing with this sh*t, i.e. science fiction, is that you have to believe it more than you believe good writing. Good writing, you can just do. It's easier. But this stuff is hard, because it's so bonkers, you know what I mean? And I've really, I've always remembered that advice and taken it to heart. It's so kept me going really, through a lot of science fiction and fantasy work that I've done. Because it was Claudia Black that said it. And I think that's just good advice for any actor doing any kind of science fiction and/or fantasy, you know?"

    "It's dead exciting."

    For the time being, McAvoy is content to move past his days as a son of "Dune" and become a fan of "Dune," particularly of Villeneuve's upcoming adaptation of Herbert's 1965 classic novel and, hopefully, their "bonkers" sequels.

    "It's dead exciting," McAvoy said. "Those were a bunch of books, I mean, I've read them all cover to cover, and I love those books. They're crazy. As they get into their final two or three books, I mean, the level of bonkers is unparalleled. But I love them. And so I'm dead excited to see what he does. He's a brilliant filmmaker. A brilliant maker of science fiction. And I do love my science fiction, as well as fantasy. So yeah, I'm whetting my lips."


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    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I had a dream that Piter was trying to get into my house.

    No context.

    I was trying to stay quiet as he knocked on the door and looked through the window saying "I know you're in there". The whole time Oscar Isaac (as himself) is dancing on my stairs.

    In the end, it was Stellan Skarsgård as Bootstrap Bill that broke down my front door and put me in a chokehold.

    #i have no clue #maybe because im reading the books?? #david dastmalchian #piter de vries #oscar isaac #duke leto atreides #stellan skarsgard#the baron#bootstrap bill
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  • ophelialoveshandsomemen
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    A december writing challenge that I will try. If you want to send me one of Oscar Isaac’s characters and a day to write for, go ahead! If I don’t get any prompts, I will be writing my own choices. Ask me if you wanna be tagged!

    Female reader or GN reader only please!

    I’m more comfortable with female reader, but I can easily write gender neutral. Male reader, however, I am NOT comfortable writing for too many reasons to state here.

    Just a warning, I’m not big on cities, so this will feature mainly rural/country settings.

    Warning. There may be religious themes in some of these, which I will tag accordingly.

    ** indicates smut, both light and heavy.

    Day 1 - Baking || Vanilla, sprinkles, and chocolate flavored kisses. (Richard Alonso Munoz x fem!reader)

    Day 2 - Frozen Lake || Cold hands, Scarves, and Snow.(Duke Leto Atreides x fiancée!fem!reader) **

    Day 3 - Hot Chocolate || Marshmallows, warm hands, and soft smiles.(Abel Morales x fem!reader)**

    Day 4 - Cozy Cabin || Patterned rugs, soft blankets, and warm baths.( Santiago Garcia x wife!fem!reader)

    Day 5 - Fire Places || Fuzzy socks, soft rugs, and hands intertwined.(Pt.2! Duke Leto Atreides x fiancée!fem!reader .sequel to You’re handsome with snowflakes in your beard.)

    Day 6 - Blanket Fort || Fluffy pillows, movies, and snacks(Modern!Poe Dameron x pregnant!fem!wife!reader)

    Day 7 - Catching a cold  || Tissues, savory soup, and cuddles.(Llewyn Davis x fem!reader)

    Day 8 - Snowed In || Candles, snow drifts, and quiet.(Mikael Boghosian x fem!reader)

    Day 9 - Sledding || biting wind, cold noses, and laughter(Laurent Leclaire x fem!reader. Canon era.)

    Day 10  - Winter Market || Murmuring crowds, rows of stalls, and the smell of food.(Blue Jones x gn!reader)

    Day 11 - Snowball Fight || Heavy breathing, footprints in the snow, and warm hugs.( Richard Alonso Munoz x fem!reader. Part 2! sequel to Kisses of Chocolate.)

    Day 12 - Lonely  || Gloomy skies, soft blankets, and a warm fire.

    Day 13 - Warm Bath || Bubble bath, soft music, and gentle hands.

    Day 14 - Homemade Meal/Cooking || Savory spices, hot meals, and family.

    Day 15 - Sleigh Ride || Sleigh bells, foggy breath, and the smell of cedar.(Nathan Bateman x fem!reader)

    Day 16 - Mistletoe || Warm lights, smoke, and friends.(Jonathan Levy x fem!reader)

    Day 17 - Gingerbread || Icing on their cheek, smell of cinnamon, and playful kisses.

    Day 18 - Sunsets || Golden hour, towering pine trees, and warm coats.

    Day 19 - Movie Nights || Laughter, snacks, and cuddles.

    Day 20 - Hiking || Rough ground, crisp morning air, and sunrises.

    Day 21 - Sweaters || Cozy feelings, goosebumps, and comforting hands.

    Day 22 - Unique Traditions || Smiles, acceptance, and making memories.

    Day 23 - Proposal || Nerves, candles, and a tasty meal.

    Day 24 - Holiday Traffic || Car horns, comforting words, and snow.

    Day 25 - Lazy Mornings || Soft blankets, familiar arms, and the morning light.

    Day 26 -Furry Friends || Shining eyes, the pitter - patter of paws, and that fuzzy feeling in your chest.

    Day 27 - Roasting Marshmallows || Roaring bonfires, laughter of friends, and gooey marshmallows.

    Day 28 - Huddle for Warmth || Warm bodies, steady breaths, and comforting feelings.

    Day 29 - Holiday Lights || Holiday music, bright colors, and joy.

    Day 30 - Fireworks || Loud booms, sparkling light, and a breathtaking kiss.

    Day 31 - Wild Card || write anything you want!(Victoriano ‘El Catorce’ Ramirez x fem!reader)

    #aerynwritesdc21 #richard alonso muñoz x reader #jonathan levy x reader #blue jones x reader #nathan bateman x reader #santiago garcia x reader #victoriano ramirez x reader #laurent leclaire x reader #mikael boghosian x reader #llewyn davis x reader #duke leto atreides x reader #leto atreides x reader #duke leto x reader #poe dameron x reader #abel morales x reader #sfw. #nsfw.
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    21.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #paul atreides x reader #paul atreides x you #paul atreides x y/n #paul atreides imagine #paul atreides#fanfiction#fluff#self insert#angst#timothee chalamet#reader insert #paul atreides one shot #dune 2021#dune movie#female reader #x female reader #duke leto atreides #lady jessica #dune x reader #dune#house atreides#house khumali#fiction#dune imagine#dune fanfiction
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    21.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    these two pictures of oscar isaac are giving off ‘i just flirted with another coworker in front of him over zoom and hes pissed’ vibes

    #… someone please write this blurb #oscar isaac thirst account #oscar isaac #duke leto atreides #duke leto #duke leto x reader
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    21.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    why does the moon knight costume look like a stillsuit. i can't be the only one who sees it right?

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  • javisjeanjacket
    20.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    All I Ever Wanted - (duke leto atredies x fem!reader)

    A/N: This was a request I received awhile ago and I’m so happy I was able to finish it! I don’t really write for Leto anymore, but the story around this one really tugged at my heart strings!! I hope you all enjoy, thank you anon for requesting!!

    Word count: 2.3K

    Warnings: kissing, pussy eating, female orgasm descriptions, theres (1) boob squeeze, reader has feelings of being unworthy, theres a past relationship that hurt reader and there’s vague allusions to that but nothing specific. 

    Ships had been taking off from the landing strip all day long. Your things were packed and being loaded onto the Duke’s private ship as you spoke, but as you looked out across the vast horizon, you couldn’t help but feel hesitant for the new beginning. Things deep in your chest held you back from the hope of a fresh start- one of them was sitting across the table from you. 

    Duke Leto Atredies took a drink of alcohol from his cup and licked at the droplets that were left behind on his lips. 

    You followed the voyage of his tongue across his skin and then averted your eyes when he looked back at you. 

    The Duke smiled softly, “So how is uh…” He began before shifting a hand up to his beard to ponder the name of your most recent lover.

    You took in a deep breath and swirled the liquid in your cup a few times before interjecting, “We broke it off.”

    Leto turned his head and his eyebrows pulled together softly. “Mmm, I’m sorry.” He reached a hand across the table towards yours. He squeezed it softly and then asked, “Why?” His dark eyes pierced yours.

    “I don’t know…” Heat rose in your chest and your throat grew dry. You looked down at your joined hands on the table below. “Can we talk about something else?”

    The Duke’s expression grew into a smirk as he shifted his chair closer to yours. His grip on your hand tightened and his knees met yours. “In all the years we’ve known each other, you’ve never hidden things from me before. What’s wrong?”

    The warmth in your best friend’s eyes melted and found its way into your heart. It wrapped your beating, broken, vulnerable, heart in a warm glow and emotion rose in your throat. Your eyes flitted over the laugh lines in his face and the grays in his hair and you thought that if you pondered long enough, you could probably remember the date he gained each of them. 

    “They…” You cleared your throat and tried again, “Well…I don’t know-”

    “Did they hurt you?” Leto’s features grew serious, closed off, dark. 

    You looked over his face and let out a deep sigh, “There's nothing that could be done about it now anyway.”

    The Duke huffed to himself and released your hand from his grip. He leaned back in his chair. He shook his head and took another frustrated sip from his drink. He scratched his beard and then looked to you once more, “Tell me.”

    Leto had always been your friend first before he was your Duke; he was your sparring partner, your self-defense teacher, your favorite pain in the ass, but in moments like this-he was a Duke. He had a side of him that he rarely showed to you, a side that craved control. 

    Bending to his will, you said, “I cared about them and…they hurt me.” You looked down at your lap and suddenly the sounds of the ships taking off outside seemed to grow ten times louder. “Now I just…I don’t know.”

    Leto shifted to put his elbows on his knees and look into your eyes. He didn’t have to say what he wanted; his big, warm, eyes did that for him.

    “I don’t think I ever want to be seen…that way ever again.”

    “What way?” He pressed. He took your hand again and wrapped his around it, the steady presence helping to calm your heart.

    “I don’t want anyone to fall in love or lust with me ever again, I don’t think.” You pulled your hand out of Duke’s grip and reached for your drink on the table beside you. You threw back a swig of the liquid and shook your head as the burning liquor ran down your throat. “It only brings me pain.”

    The Duke nodded his head solemnly and sat back in his chair, crossing his legs. He took a drink from his glass and then ran a hand down the length of his thigh. “It doesn’t have to only bring you pain.”

    You didn’t dare move your eyes from where they rested on the hand on your glass. “I don’t know if that’s possible.” You whispered; half hopeful that he wouldn’t hear you and half hopeful that he would. 

    Leto’s dark eyes studied your face, but you kept your eyes averted from him. He reached a large palm out to cradle your cheek. The palm of his hand pressed against your skin and your lips parted. He had touched you before-in combat, in jest, in warm hugs, but never; never with such tenderness. “Can I show you?” He whispered.

    You look over to him with your terrified heart pounding and jumping and screaming in your hands. 

    “Before we leave for Arrakis, you should know how beloved you are.” He added. He leaned even closer to you, the heat from his body encircling you and enticing you towards falling forward and into him. 

    You reached a hand up to grab his wrist and looked up at him through timid eyelashes, “Okay.”

    He shifted forward in his seat and guided your cheek closer to him. 

    Your heart yelped and rioted and panicked in your chest, and it was the best you could do to close your eyes and allow his plush lips to press against yours.

    He kissed you slowly, learning your every shape before digging out more. His lips were soft and his mouth was tender, and the hand on your cheek kept you from melting completely into him. 

    Your body shook with nerves and violent vulnerability.

    Leto’s heart broke as he realized just how broken your idea of love had become. He ran a strong hand down your side that beckoned you back, back, back. ‘Be here now.’, he hoped to convey. 

    The tenderness in his heart and in his touch pulled you closer to him, and gave you a freedom that’s only found in complete acceptance. 

    You melted into him, running a timid hand up his chest and moaning softly into his mouth. 

    Leto’s eyebrows pulled together in focused passion and the hand on your side squeezed softly. He pulled away and whispered, his words hot and inviting on your lips, “Are you okay with going up to my chambers? They haven’t packed up my bed yet, I don’t think.”

    Your now swollen lips smiled and you answered, “Yes.”

    He ran a hand over your cheek and he gave you one more peck before standing and taking your hand in his. “Follow me.”


    Excitement and anxiety flooded your nervous system. You sat on the edge of Leto’s bed, soft silken sheets underneath you and the only light in the room that from the glowing orb hovering in the corner of the room. 

    Leto’s gentle hands untied your boots and pulled them off of you, one by one. They clunked to the floor loudly. 

    “You don’t have to do that.” you whispered

    He smiled as he ran his hands tenderly up your leg to the hem of your sock. He pulled it down your leg and answered, “But what if I want to?”

    Your heart leapt up into your throat and you swallowed harshly. 

    His mouth was on you then, kissing the path the soft pads of his fingers had followed, warming you where he had just placed goosebumps. 

    Your breath ruminated hesitantly in your chest, for you were unwilling or maybe just not ready to accept what was happening as reality. 

    Once both socks were off, Leto ran a calloused hand down your leg, over your knee, and across your inner thigh. 

    Your soft skin tensed reflexively when the warmth of his hand neared your core. 

    He moved your leg up and over his shoulder gently, then mimicked the motion with the other. Moving with reverence, he pushed your skirt up and collected it around your ribs, exposing your panties to him. 

    He could feel your body tremble with a mixture of anxiety and want and it broke his heart. The Duke shifted up and gently sucked a sweet spot onto your collarbone. “Just breathe, darling.” He whispered, one of his big hands running back down your leg to squeeze your thigh softly. 

    You tried to breathe and let yourself relax, but all that replayed in your mind was the pain and hurt that had intertwined itself with love. 

    Leto’s lips found yours and he kissed you softly. One of his hands found your breast and it spilled out around his grip. His knees pushed on either of your sides, keeping you safe and boxed in underneath him. 

    “Do you know how beautiful you are?” He breathed. The words were hot and tempting on your lips and you stifled back a moan. You had forgotten what it felt like to be worshiped.

    He carefully unbuttoned your top and placed soft kisses down your skin as he went. “You don’t believe me?” He asked, his mouth in the middle of your stomach and his bead scratching playfully at the fabric of your panties. 

    Lifting your head from where it had lulled back on the pillow, you responded, “I don’t know…I don’t know what I am.”

    Leto let out a humph and ran a warm hand over your pussy. He bent down and kissed it softly through the fabric of your panties, his dark eyes locked onto yours. “You want me to tell you who you are?”

    Breathless, you nodded yes.

    Leto’s thick fingers pushed aside the fabric of your panties and he laved his tongue over your glistening folds. 

    Your head fell back against the pillow and your eyes fell shut. Your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach. 

    “Such a pretty pussy.” He whispered. Reaching a hand up to your abdomen, he pulled you back towards his mouth, licking into the folds and then sucking hard at your peak. 

    You moaned and your back arched as he licked harder, up and down and up and down, a feeling that was only interspersed with sucking kisses on your clit. He pulled away from you, his lips glistening, his hair falling from it’s place on his head, and his thick fingers rubbing up and down over the length of your cunt. “You’re such a pretty girl.” He said. 

    You whimpered at his words and your lips parted when he turned his face downwards and spit onto your cunt, rubbing it in with two of his fingers. He teased your clit with his saliva, rubbing up your pussy and pushing hard at your peak, right when you lost your breath, then moved his fingers back down and up again, over and over.

    As he bent over you, you reached up and pulled at the back of his neck, signaling that you wanted a kiss and he obliged you, his fingers teasing your entrance as you did. His tongue wound it way around yours and you moaned into his mouth. 

    Your head dropped from his kiss and you whimpered, “Fuck me.”

    Leto smirked and gave you one last peck before wiggling back down your form again. “You’re mine, darling. That’s who you are.” He kissed your folds softly before parting them with his fingers and sucking at them.

    You reached down and wrapped his hair in your hand, your mouth falling open and a wanton gasp escaping you when he pushed two fingers inside of you and began to suck on your clit at the same time. He moved like this, eyes closed, moaning softly, while waves and waves of pleasure rocked through you. 

    It had been so long since someone had loved you like this, had taken the time to care for you and only you. 

    Leto brushed his nose back and forth, back and forth, over your clit as he sucked and you thought you may rip his hair out of his head. Your back arched and you cooed loudly, pleasure like a tsunami taking over you, washing away any idea about who you had made yourself out to be, about who anyone else told you to be. You were made to be loved and this, with him, this was it. 

    Leto looked up and saw you writhing and whining above him and hummed contentedly into your dripping folds and that slight vibration sent you up and over the edge. 

    The weight and the tension you had been carrying in your chest broke all at once and it came out of you in a holy, tender, orgasm. Your body shook with all that you felt and Leto pulled his mouth away from you, but kept his fingers rubbing back and forth over your clit, pulling as much love as he could out of you. “You’ve always been my girl.” He whispered as he now shifted up to hover above your lips. 

    Your eyes met his and you let out a loud moan. Your body shook as he moved his hand from your pussy to lick your juices off of his fingers. He shifted his leg over you, then wrapped you in his arms and began to kiss a hickey onto your neck. 

    You couldn’t comprehend much as you came down, it had been so long since someone made you cum. All you knew was that Leto, your Leto, had somehow reached a place deep inside that you thought you had buried so far that no one would be able to find it again, and he had allowed it to blossom. 

    You ran a hand through his hair and tried to regulate your heavy breathing with his calm, steady ones.

    “How was that?” He asked after a few moments in glowing silence.

    You chuckled and ran a hand down his back. “It was perfect, Leto.”

    “Mmm.” He responded, nosing at your neck gently. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

    Beaming, you ran a hand across his cheek. “Why didn’t you?”

    “I suppose, I was a bit afraid myself.” He smiled and you could feel the scratch of his beard on your skin.

    You chuckled. “Afraid of me? Leto…”

    The Duke smiled and twisted to lay on his back. “I know, I know…”

    “Well…you have me if you want me.” You said as you turned onto your side, holding yourself up with your elbow so you could brush a hand over his chest. 

    “That's all I've ever wanted.” He responded.

    You leaned down and gave him a soft kiss. “So have I.”

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    Dune, part 1 (2021)

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    Oscar Isaac

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    If you are out of trouble, watch for danger

    I. Jessica survived the assassination attempt. Barely.

    The baby she carried did not.

    It had been a girl, just past quickening, almost certain to be named after Leto’s dead mother Thalia, which Jessica had hadn’t minded terribly as she had no one of her own to honor and it was a name easily pronounced in all of the five tongues of the Imperium, unlike her own.

    She had been conceived in accordance with Jessica’s orders to bear the Duke of Atreides daughters only but not to begin upon consummation of the binding, which might render the pregnancy less valuable in the eyes of the Duke as well as allowing Jessica insufficient time to assess her status in the House. She had waited for three months, not so much because she worried about Leto as the reaction of his inner circle; his ambivalence about taking her a concubine had left him almost diffident when he came to her in her private chambers and she wondered who had orchestrated their binding and how long it would take her to discover. He was a man used to command, that was clear, but it was also apparent he was deeply uncomfortable making any demands or any requests he felt might be so construed. He offered her the compliments due to her as his pledged Lady but he was not easy in her presence, determined to perform his duty and equally determined to allow her as much liberty as he could.

    She had thought she might need to come to him on her knees as a handmaiden in the Koranjiyana when he had told her she must decide how it went between them, but that he could not use her; he would not touch her unless he gave her satisfaction first. She had almost despaired as she agreed, sure she would need to pretend to be transported by his mouth, his hands, his beard rough against her throat and belly and thighs, but his principled morality was no indicator of his skill as a lover and he had waited patiently for her to catch her breath to tell him he might proceed. She suspected no one had ever been so deftly rid of their virginity and she had tasted herself on his lips as he kissed her mouth and then her cheek before he left her to return to his own quarters. She did not love him for what had passed between them, but she could not help a certain fond appreciation for his gentleness and his acuity, the roughness of his baritone as he bid her a safe journey through the vale of sleep, a custom particular to his House and his people.

    This was how it went between them over the next weeks, Leto coming to her when she gave him leave, his manner to her respectful if not trusting, protective, though he guarded himself from her. She grew accustomed to his touch and he to her voice, her enjoinders to leave off from his work to join her for a glass of mulled wine, her inquiries into the reports from his vassals. There was nothing extraordinary about the night she conceived, nor the week she waited to make sure her initial assessment had been accurate and the pregnancy was a healthy one, but the smile he gave her when she told him was as well as his request to share her bed only to sleep, hand laid against her flat belly. Once assured of both her interest and comfort, he came to her for the pure pleasure of their congress, his own found as much in her eager response to him as in his achieved climax; as the child grew, so did a true and reliable friendship between them, though neither would have considered it love.

    As the child grew, so did Jessica’s sense of peace, of acceptance to be found on Caladan along with the performance of her duty to the Sisterhood. Perhaps this was the right and expected progression the Bene Gesserit had orchestrated, perhaps Leto’s desire for a healthy heir would be satisfied by the girl-child she carried. Perhaps all was as it should be, though Jessica was still troubled by the calling of the wind, the darkness of early morning before dawn broke over the sea.

    Perhaps, she thought, until the knife was thrust into her back and the poison began to consume her.

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    Leto Atreides Custom Bingo Masterlist

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